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pauljathome's page

FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Venture-Agent. 1,541 posts (2,068 including aliases). 23 reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 46 Pathfinder Society characters. 10 aliases.

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excellent use of occult Adventures


I really enjoyed playing this scenario. There is a lot of roleplaying to do, a great back story, excellent tie ins to the world, some very flavorful and creepy encounters and a good use of the material from Occult Adventures.

Unlike some of the other season 7 adventures the Occult stuff felt very natural and unforced and really fit into the world of Golarion. Tying it all in with an older scenario helped a lot.

I really liked the

way that they made the characters take a stand one way or the other on how they feel about a certain very corrupt figure.

One potential downside for some players is that it is possible to avoid a lot of the combats. That is a big plus for me but your mileage may vary

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Lots of fun until the ending

**( )( )( )

I mostly quite enjoyed the scenario. An interesting location, a chance to do some roleplaying, an interesting set up and situation, a fight that was different from the norm

The puzzle got frustrating after awhile. There really seems insufficient evidence to solve it before you get some of the hints. And even then it is very easy to get it right but still not fail it. We were playing online, admittedly, that IME tends to make puzzles a bit harder.

The final encounter was awful. It felt quite unfair, especially since there wasn't a 4 player adjustment (which is clearly just wrong. By far the most difficult encounter without a 4 player adjustment?). Talking to the GM afterwords, it also felt like we were basically punished for not being murder hobos :-(. Paizo really has to learn that encounters where there is a very substantial chance that multiple PCs go down before they can even act with next to no chance of doing anything about it just are NOT fun. It was only by the grace of the GM that it wasn't a TPK.

What would have been a 4 or 5 star scenario barely made it to 2 stars because of that last encounter

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interesting but too long

***( )( )

This scenario did something that hasn't happened in a long while, it actually surprised me as it went in an unexpected direction.

The first 1/3 or so was fine. Fairly normal "do favor for a favor" stuff. Interesting encounters, a bit of roleplaying. Solid if not spectacular. Almost the entire group decided to NO WAY IN HECK to do the one gambling encounter but the gnome persevered so he did it essentially alone.

Then came the second part. Interesting idea but it definitely started to drag. We knew more or less what was happening but still had to stay on the tracks. It got a bit frustrating as nothing we did seemed to really matter. And, once you know what is happening

The encounters become boring and trivial. Especially with a Bard with Distraction in the party

While it was fine as a one off I do NOT want to see any similar stuff soon. Year 6 was known locally as "the year of the robot" or "the year of the adamantine sword". I really hope that Year 7 does NOT become
The Year of Weird Psychic Stuff.

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fun but LOTS of serious errors

**( )( )( )

I just played it and it was overall very enjoyable. But much of the enjoyment was almost in spite of the scenario.


The opening "follow the clues" was fine EXCEPT that the trail really made no sense. Most of the answers just led you to the next section of the city. So, if you visit the sections in a different order you just get to the end sooner? Its really not that difficult to have the clues be a lot more focused while STILL causing you to visit each neighborhood.

The cinderlands section was atrocious. Nothing the characters can do to avoid damage. Makes no in world sense as an area THAT dangerous would be totally devoid of life. Good thing the GM wasn't damaging our wagon hauling beasts (there are relatively few ways of bringing back a bulette on a trip lasting hours so most parties are going to be using wagons).

As long as the group has the resources and everybody survives that whole section is just "everybody lose 3d6 charges off your heal stick". But those damage numbers are silly. It is quite plausible for a level 5 wizard or sorcerer to go from full to dead. That is a REALLY lousy way to lose a character.

Wandering monster charts aren't great but this was much worse. Absolutely no player agency, just dice rolls that can easily kill characters at the lower levels. Guess that'll learn them to play a character with lowish hit

The final combat was a joke but we had 6 characters including a level 7 magus in tier 5-6 so easy combats are pretty normal.

I understand why they didn't include it (would likely take too long) but I wish there had at least been some random orcish violence visible.

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Excellent mix of encounters

****( )

This is an excellent scenario. It has it all. An interesting back story, several opportunities for roleplaying and some quite good and interesting combats.

I played in a group of 5 characters at high tier. It was quite challenging for this group but we managed to pull it out without any casualties (although it was close a couple of times). The group was probably a little less powerful than the average (5 being generally the worst number of characters) but not significantly so.

We managed some significant roleplaying which is always good.

The PCs get to actually make some decisions that actually affects things somewhat. And it wasn't crystal clear at the meta level what decision we were "supposed" to make.

The final fight was quite interesting and difficult. It is very, very nice to see a fight which lasts several rounds, where the characters are clearly endangered, but where reasonably decent play of reasonably decent characters pulled us through.

I've reduced my rating to 4 stars since there are apparently lots of things that the scenario doesn't specify which the GM has to make up. The most important of these is the time between encounters. At this level with the number of buff spells flying around this is pretty important information to reveal.

It was also a bit long to play. Took us 5 hours (online game).

The GM stressed the fact that it needs a prepared GM. From the end boss I certainly believe that to be true.

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