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pauljathome's page

FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Venture-Agent, Canada—Ontario—Toronto. 1,730 posts (2,491 including aliases). 27 reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 46 Pathfinder Society characters. 11 aliases.

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Very good scenario with an atrocious ending

**( )( )( )

The scenario as a whole is excellent and I would have happily given it 5 stars. There is a good mixture of intrigue, role-playing, skills, interesting combats.

Once again, we are in the Year of the Skill Monkey. But, since I like to play skill monkeys, that is a GOOD thing :-).

There is atmosphere galore and an interesting set of intermixed puzzles.

The ending, however, dropped my rating from 5 stars to 2 stars.

Do NOT read the Spoiler if you're playing this. It will ruin things

DO NOT READ if playing:
So, the entire mission of the Pathfinders is to build good relations with Cheliax. But in the final encounter there is no way to succeed except to murder hobo your way through. No diplomacy option is allowed. The characters are presented with a choice of really bad options and are supposed to realize that the best solution is to kill the lawful authorities who are quite legally arresting them.

We chose to flee which seemed like the lesser evil. Surrendering seemed a really bad idea, diplomacy wasn't an option, killing legal authorities seemed really bad.

I guess we overthought things. Clearly, one should just murder hobo anybody who looks at you askance. Killing the authorities is obviously the correct answer. Too bad if you're a Chelaxian (one character), a paladin (another character) or somebody else who wouldn't do that.

We lost close to half our loot and our secondary success condition due to not being murder hobos.

Shame on you Paizo

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Far too much prep and far too many errors

*( )( )( )( )

If you are not an expert on Occult Adventures expect lots of lots of prep time on this. Far more than its worth.

And then you run into the issues that, once again, Paizo just doesn't follow its own rules. The stat blocks are wrong, an entire encounter relies on a creature doing something that it cannot legally do, etc.

I enjoyed playing it but I am NOT enjoying prepping it. If there was time, I'd back out of running it.

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Too many effects that you can't do anything about

*( )( )( )( )

Based on playing the module.

At its core it isn't a bad module. Some interesting mysteries, some interesting fights. Very little role playing, you're basically just going in to kill things.

However, the author used WAY too much of "make saving throws or start to suck. A lot" effects with no reasonable ways of avoiding the situations and no in character ways of even knowing that you were affected.

Poison effect:
The memory loss poison, at least the way that we interpreted it, is just a killer. Its kinda amusing a little at first but quickly gets really silly. Interpreted as written, a character is essentially worse than useless for 8 hours (worse than useless since they SHOULD be burning through consumables and spells)

mind affecting affect:
The last session was certainly fun for the player of the character who was confused all session. NOT. Fortunately we were playing on a VTT so he just went home but this is NOT goood dungeon design

Despite being a character down and playing in Core more we'd have succeeded except for some really bad luck. But those negative effects add up a lot.

Hmm. Writing this convinced my to lower my rating to 1 star. A person not getting to play for a session is really, really bad design

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Superb Scenario that actually has a real twist


This review is based on playing at low tier and then reading it afterwards.

I thought that this was an excellent scenario. There were lots of opportunities for roleplaying which always gets at least 3 stars from me.

The scenario has a great deal of atmosphere and back story, and even provides reasonable means for the players to actually figure out the back story. Our GM probably went a little beyond what was written (which was a VERY good thing for her to do) in allowing our diplomacy checks to get some information but that added greatly to our enjoyment and we
1) did roll well
2) did roleplay well

What I really liked about the scenario is that it actually had a twist that actually surprised us. Do NOT read the following spoiler if you haven't played this, it WILL ruin things

Do NOT Read if you haven't played:

The whole set up made us all think it was the normal moderately hackneyed evil cult has taken over the town and doubtless sacrificed the Pathfinder we were sent to investigate.

But that turns out to be only sort of partially a little bit right.

And it was that ACTUAL back story that makes this a 5 star scenario.

I won't get into more detail even behind the spoiler tag, but if the author is reading : bravo.

Partly a sandbox, partly the normal railroad, the investigation phase was decently done as we pieced together what was happening.

It is a bit hard to gauge the combats since we got quite lucky with crits and enemy saving throws and had a pretty strong party for L1-2 (I think at least 3 of us were L2 characters).

So, good story. good roleplaying opportunities, excellent twist to the story, lots of atmosphere. 5 stars.

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excellent use of occult Adventures


I really enjoyed playing this scenario. There is a lot of roleplaying to do, a great back story, excellent tie ins to the world, some very flavorful and creepy encounters and a good use of the material from Occult Adventures.

Unlike some of the other season 7 adventures the Occult stuff felt very natural and unforced and really fit into the world of Golarion. Tying it all in with an older scenario helped a lot.

I really liked the

way that they made the characters take a stand one way or the other on how they feel about a certain very corrupt figure.

One potential downside for some players is that it is possible to avoid a lot of the combats. That is a big plus for me but your mileage may vary

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