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FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,215 posts. 20 reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 41 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.

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fun but LOTS of serious errors

**( )( )( )

I just played it and it was overall very enjoyable. But much of the enjoyment was almost in spite of the scenario.


The opening "follow the clues" was fine EXCEPT that the trail really made no sense. Most of the answers just led you to the next section of the city. So, if you visit the sections in a different order you just get to the end sooner? Its really not that difficult to have the clues be a lot more focused while STILL causing you to visit each neighborhood.

The cinderlands section was atrocious. Nothing the characters can do to avoid damage. Makes no in world sense as an area THAT dangerous would be totally devoid of life. Good thing the GM wasn't damaging our wagon hauling beasts (there are relatively few ways of bringing back a bulette on a trip lasting hours so most parties are going to be using wagons).

As long as the group has the resources and everybody survives that whole section is just "everybody lose 3d6 charges off your heal stick". But those damage numbers are silly. It is quite plausible for a level 5 wizard or sorcerer to go from full to dead. That is a REALLY lousy way to lose a character.

Wandering monster charts aren't great but this was much worse. Absolutely no player agency, just dice rolls that can easily kill characters at the lower levels. Guess that'll learn them to play a character with lowish hit

The final combat was a joke but we had 6 characters including a level 7 magus in tier 5-6 so easy combats are pretty normal.

I understand why they didn't include it (would likely take too long) but I wish there had at least been some random orcish violence visible.

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Excellent mix of encounters

****( )

This is an excellent scenario. It has it all. An interesting back story, several opportunities for roleplaying and some quite good and interesting combats.

I played in a group of 5 characters at high tier. It was quite challenging for this group but we managed to pull it out without any casualties (although it was close a couple of times). The group was probably a little less powerful than the average (5 being generally the worst number of characters) but not significantly so.

We managed some significant roleplaying which is always good.

The PCs get to actually make some decisions that actually affects things somewhat. And it wasn't crystal clear at the meta level what decision we were "supposed" to make.

The final fight was quite interesting and difficult. It is very, very nice to see a fight which lasts several rounds, where the characters are clearly endangered, but where reasonably decent play of reasonably decent characters pulled us through.

I've reduced my rating to 4 stars since there are apparently lots of things that the scenario doesn't specify which the GM has to make up. The most important of these is the time between encounters. At this level with the number of buff spells flying around this is pretty important information to reveal.

It was also a bit long to play. Took us 5 hours (online game).

The GM stressed the fact that it needs a prepared GM. From the end boss I certainly believe that to be true.

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very well done scenario


I played it with a group of 6 players, almost all of whom were L5. So, high tier but with the 4 player adjustment.

The scenario has good amounts of roleplaying, interesting flavour, story and good combats. When you combine that with the several moral and tactical decisions the characters have to make that feel like they probably significantly affect things you get a superb result and a scenario that plays quite differently from most.

It caused my character to take advantage of the free faction change and join Liberty's Edge. He now REALLY doesn't like slavery.

While players with particular hot buttons relating to slavery and captivity should take care it is NOT graphic in its portrayal of the evil of slavery. Probably far less disturbing than movies like 12 Years a Slave

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great scenario


I played this as my 33xp scenario with my Champion of Irori. Great retirement scenario (I've already played Eyes :-( with a different character). It felt like a very fitting ending to his regular PFS career.

As others have stated, the scenario oozes flavour and has both interesting roleplaying opportunities, interesting moral dilemmas, and interesting combats.

For a moment another player was trying to tell me how my paladin "must" act but the GM was very quick in squashing that and allowing me to play my character in the way that made sense to me. Which was a lot of fun :-)

The final fight was one of the more interesting I've had. A real challenge without being overwhelming. The group were quite well built but weren't twinked out monstrosities and the final victory was definitely a group effort. I quite enjoyed the fact that my character was half convinced he was fighting on the wrong side :-). He kept trying (in character, NOT as a player) to convince the others to flee.

It was reasonably apparent that not fighting the last fight was possible but unfortunately sometimes the diplomacy dice just don't cooperate (we tried fairly hard and probably used a good approach, but I rolled something like a 3 followed by a 2 on my reroll :-( )

My only caveats are
1) I've heard from 2 different GMs that this is VERY hard to prepare
2) At least when we played it, there is at least one fairly serious ethical dilemma. Don't play this with a GM who is very strict on what he considers alignment infractions. Some of the GMs one hears about on the net would likely autofall a paladin. That said, with a reasonable GM and with a good handle on your characters motivations the dilemma was a lot of fun and one of the highlights of the game for me.

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Quite entertaining adventure but too long


I played this at high tier with the 4 player adjustment

Full marks for the setting, the story, the chrome and the combats.

I nearly died once but it was totally reasonable (ie, we got careless).

Its a very entertaining mostly sandbox adventure with the potential for lots of role playing, combat. and just visiting a really interesting location.

The downside is that it is significantly too long. I know Paizo likes to entertain the fiction that we all have 5 or 6 hours per session but the reality. at least up here, is that we are lucky to get a full 4 hours in.

Although I was a player it was very obvious how much preparation the GM had to do. He'd drawn several maps.

Several of the battles were fairly interesting with opponents with a different feel to them.

The final battle potentially involved well over 20 combatants. We had little time remaining so the GM, perforce hand waved a lot of it. As a result it felt more anticlimactic than epic. NOT blaming the GM, we were all having LOTS of fun in the earlier bits and I'm glad he shortened the battle as opposed to some other stuff.

So, 5 stars for the scenario as a whole. But I'm taking off a star for the length of it (missed stuff as a player). I suspect that I'd take another star off as the GM for the sheer amount of work involved in running it.

So, 4 stars.

I think that we need more 2 part scenarios (like the Kaer Maga ones). This adventure could easily have been expanded to fit 2 scenarios and, if they both had this quality, I'd have very likely rated them both as 5 star.

Edit: it has been pointed out to me that the scenario specifically stated that 90 minutes should be left for the final battle. I believe that the GM acted correctly with this particular group in not doing that as were all greatly enjoying the other stuff. But it does mean that my comment about the final battle should be taken very much in context.

I've changed the stars. Its now 4.5 and I chose to round up :-)

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