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FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,426 posts (1,725 including aliases). 23 reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 45 Pathfinder Society characters. 9 aliases.


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Silver Crusade

At this point I am more or less assuming that this game is, at the least, on a long term hiatus. I'm going to stop checking it on a regular basis.

If it starts up again please send a PM to this account and I'll resume

Silver Crusade

One of my favourite bits in Pathfinder Unchained was the Background Skills. More or less mirrors a House Rule that I instituted about 10 minutes after 3rd edition was released :-). Seems to be very common in the recent PbP games.

Note that craft skills can be used untrained so technically one could still do something untrained without a rank spent. That is only a fiction I'd ever use if I just couldn't afford the skills that I wanted at 1st level.

Silver Crusade

The sincere innocent goodness came through quite strongly. It was why Shallya backed off earlier when fooling around with the disguise.

Do you as a player object if Shallya tries to manipulate Varg (ie, use bluff or diplomacy). I try to only ever do this with player permission (I just realized that I didn't actually get this when I earlier did the disguise thing. Should have done so. Sorry). If you don't want me to that is absolutely ok with me (some people find it fun, some hate it).

Silver Crusade ****

Wraith235 wrote:

1st off society scenarios are a 4-5 hour thing ... not 4 ... the guide even gives language to support 5 hour slots

For many places this is a fiction and the slot is only 4 hours long (or perhaps a bit shorter).

To take where I coordinate as an example :

We start at 6pm and people already have trouble making it from work in time. Starting earlier is NOT an option. As it is, we often don't start actual play until about 6:15 or so.

We used to have a hard stop time of 10pm as the store closed then. That has now gotten a bit relaxed but not too much. People want to get home at a reasonable time and many people have a 45+ minute commute

Silver Crusade

Megan Robertson wrote:


(Now back to marking. Why the heck did I give them a mid-term?)

Just give them whatever their current average mark is +1d6. Nobody will complain :-)

Silver Crusade

I'm building a Dwarven Forgemaster Cleric (worshipping Torag, of course).

Can I craft items that I start with to get them at a reduced price (assuming that a take 10 is sufficient to meet the Craft DC)?

Are you allowing the crafting of magic items?

Silver Crusade ****

I very much enjoy roleplay heavy scenarios but PFS is a timed event and running much over 4 hours just isn't an option where I mostly play.

So, I
1) tend to cut short the combats a little
2) try to keep the players focused
3) do as much roleplaying as time allows and then shift to dice rolls.

So, for example, in something like Blakros Matrimony the first couple of rounds of interaction will be fully roleplayed and the later rounds will be abridged to players just stating their approach and rolling dice.

This is one reason that I like modules, they give more time for just having roleplaying fun.

Silver Crusade

Are you allowing unchained rogues (obviously they would NOT have the extra improvement)? And how about background skills?

When are you planning on closing recruitment?

Edit: And are you allowing traits? There seem to be some quite interesting Campaign Traits.

Silver Crusade

I'd be interested in playing a weekend core PBS. Could pretty much guarantee to post twice a day on almost all weekends.

Silver Crusade ****

Contact your local Venture Captain. But yes, they should be recreatable.

Silver Crusade ****

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Um, surely the only practical answer is "whichever the player wants to use"? The player just brings the book he wants to use to the table.

Otherwise, you're penalizing the player for owning more books. Which strikes me as a REALLY bad business strategy

Silver Crusade ****

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Kalindlara wrote:

Besides, I was more referring to the "negative boons only" policy. If they've decided that eidolons can get potentially crippling negative effects, but can't benefit from positive ones, then that seems like a specific penalization of the summoner class.

As far as I'm aware, there is no such policy. There is one person who most certainly does NOT speak for Paizo (that is NOT a criticism, he has never claimed to speak for Paizo, just a statement of fact) strongly pushing that position and a couple of other people weakly pushing it.

Most people on this thread seem to be more of the opinion (which I share) that both positive and negative boons affect Eidolons in the same way.

Silver Crusade


Silver Crusade ****

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nosig wrote:

In the example above the Player thought the curse was Cool. Just think about it! Your character has glowing red eyes and dogs and small children of all races cower in fear of you!

The DM thought it was ... well, a curse.

The Girdle of Opposite Gender is the classic example of an item that is cursed but many people and/or characters don't.

Silver Crusade

If I was writing the game I'd take a compromise position that I believe best reflects something approximating reality.

Wearing armour would be a trick, not a feat. Animals CAN be trained to wear armour but that training represents a lot less than a feat does IMAO.

And yes, I clearly understand the above (and this thread) belong in a different forum. But the thread is here and I wanted to get my 2 cents in :-)

Silver Crusade ****

No idea how official it was, but I've got a couple of positive boons on my animal companion (given the GM was the local VC at the time nobody has called me on them).

This happened a couple of years back, mind.

Silver Crusade

If you want to have your cleric be "inspired" by Durkon from Order of the Stick then Cayden is pretty much perfect.

It provides wonderful in character comic relief at the table. It makes enough sense in world not to jar me out of things but the primary point is at the table in OUR world. His clerics are just fun to play and fun to be around.

Silver Crusade

I have a character concept but I thought that I should pass it by you before completely building it as it does some things that are posibly questionable.

The character is a VERY stupid paladin. Something like an intelligence of 5 or so.

Now, I absolutely do NOT want any points back for reducing the intelligence below 8. I have no problem is it says 8 on the character sheet as long as you have no problem if I roleplay him as much dumber than that.

He is NOT at all Lawful stupid. Ie, he does NOT attack all evil, refuse to negotiate, etc. In fact, almost the reverse. He KNOWS that he is an idiot and so looks to others for guidance at most times. Still very good, of course, but easy to "trick".

He also has little formal training. He was chosen by the God (almost certainly Erastil) to become a paladin as opposed to him choosing to become a paladin. He probably doesn't even realize that he IS a paladin although he more or less instinctively follows the paladins code.

Silver Crusade ****

Eric Clingenpeel wrote:
According to Cort, an RPG character in a core game does nothing to the other Core characters. Core characters in an RPG game changes them to RPG characters. So you just have to make sure that the scenario selected is Core and you'll be fine.

Are you sure about that? That is very different from how it used to be. Did they actually announce this change somewhere or just expect people to intuit it?

Silver Crusade ****

When I report a Core game do I still have to worry about Core Characters and the characters they play with magically becoming Regular Campaign characters if anything at all is wrong?

Two cases :
1) The character is registered as Regular Campaign. I'm pretty sure that this still completely screws up the entire table
2) If the character isn't registered at all, what happens? Does it matter if the character later gets registered as Regular Campaign/Core.

I was just entering a game and I could enter only 1 of the 5 PCs. It was a newbie game so quite likely some of the characters just aren't registered. Or, maybe the site was just slow in responding and the characters are registered but not being filled in (this definitely can happen). Or maybe I'm misreading the number.

[Don Quixote Mode]The fact that I have to worry about this is completely absurd and should be fixed. Its insanely error prone, especially since there is next to no feedback that there is a problem when the form is filled out[/Don Quixote Mode]

Silver Crusade

A few more questions.

Your Pathfinder Vintage document says you'll be using the errata when the module was printed. I have no clue what that errata was or how to find it. My CRB is something like 5th edition and all the online sites more or less keep up to date.

This raises one specific question. Can one use spell like abilities to qualify for Prestige Classes? I'm thinking of an early entry Mystic Theurge.

I presume that it is OK to create clerics other than of Erastil even though he is the only listed cleric mentor?

Silver Crusade ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I think that you definitely have a point.

There are a reasonable number of characters who wouldn't be allowed into the society in the first place or who would be asked to leave. If you were playing a home game with the characters as members of the society a lot of the shenanigans wouldn't be allowed.

But its not a home game, its Organized Play. Which means that the character rules HAVE to be quite permissive. Just look at any of the "is this evil" threads to see how much players disagree with what is reasonable, what is evil, etc. Any attempt to actually write down rules that were intended to stop characters from acting badly would almost certainly be worse than the problem.

In fact, I think that the problem has been significantly reduced with the new (I'm an old timer :-)) rules on secondary success conditions. The players know that if they act out too much it is likely to cost them prestige so they tend to behave better.

I've also found that some of the worse offenders are at cons. They have nothing invested in the character or the campaign so they're more likely to act out. Regular players can be influenced by social pressure, by threats of prestige, or by ostracism if it comes to that point.

Silver Crusade ****

I think there is also a con boon or two

Silver Crusade ****

Robert Hetherington wrote:

Fly spell doesn't give maneuverability based fly bonus.

CRB wrote:
A creature with a natural fly speed receives a bonus (or penalty) on Fly skill checks depending on its maneuverability.

I disagree. Its not clear but surely the fact that the fly spell specifically states that the flier gains good maneuverability strongly implies that this good maneuverability actually DOES something.

Silver Crusade

I'm interested. May I ask why you do not wish for the characters to have traits? I've found that they can do a wonderful job of enriching characters both from a roleplaying and mechanical point of view (mechanically, getting a skill as a class skill lets the characters at least slightly break out of their class stereotypes).

If you're worried about power creep, restricting things to just the list in the paizo blog (the list useable in the PFS Core Campaign) should be sufficient.

Silver Crusade

I admit to not being THAT concerned about this. As of yet, I haven't experienced any actual table variation. Everybody lets my Triple Time last an hour without issue. Everybody thinks my Symphony of the Elysian Heart stops all other bardic performances.

I'd rather this remains unanswered than that they decide that masterpieces become even LESS useful than they currently are.

Silver Crusade

I'd be interested but only if it is NOT PFS. To add to the excellent reasons above I wouldn't want to preclude playing the module locally.

Silver Crusade ****

Seth Gipson wrote:
FLite wrote:

Venture agent is basically what I do now.

Then I suggest contacting your VL/VC and seeing about making it official! ;)

If only that were an option. No local (most of Ontario) Venture Officers.

Silver Crusade ****

andreww wrote:

What is "twinked out" is really highly variable across the player base.

Absolutely agreed. But I bet there is actually reasonable agreement amongst most of us that some builds are brokenly powerful.

I think, for example, that most people would agree that the archer that took out Krune in a single round at initiative 30 odd isn't that much fun to adventure with.

Silver Crusade ****

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Mauljathome wrote:
And I firmly believe that most of the people who play twinked out characters do NOT actually WANT a challenge. Many say they do but I think that they are mistaken. So, making things challenging for the twinked out groups will pretty much satisfy nobody.
I think its a matter of perspective on where the difficulty or skill comes in. Most of the skill and challenge you overcome is when you build your character, not when you play (this goes doubly for martials, who don't have that perfect spell for that situation) . Clever play can nudge your character a little and not understanding some basic.. basics can tank it completely. But you can't get a silk purse out of a sows ear. People ARE looking for a challange, but its to their building ability, not to the oft vaunted playing ability.

A somewhat valid point. But many of the twinked out characters are cookie cutter builds (Dex based dervish magus, double barrelled pistol wielders pre Nerf, sleep witches, etc). Not much skill or challenge in that.

I do get the mental pleasure in coming up with a really cool build. I defibitely enjoy that part of the game too. But I think many of these should never be played or should be deliberately weakened if they prove too powerful in play.

For what it is worth I DO practice what I preach. My witch trained out of his sleep hex, my swashbuckler realized he was too good and so took a level of carnivalist rogue for humour and to gain skills.

Also, it is absolutely the right of players to build twinked out characters and it is a part of PFS to deal with them. I just don't think players who build these characters should expect PFS to provide those characters a challenge

Silver Crusade ****

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Ragoz wrote:
pauljathome wrote:
And I firmly believe that most of the people who play twinked out characters do NOT actually WANT a challenge.

It's like playing chess instead of checkers. I want a more advanced game but the sides are still equal.

When I got home after Sealed Gate Hard I found the product page and immediately gave it a 5/5. If Bonekeep 3 had a page for it I would have done the same because it's awesome.

I think being dismissive of what other people want isn't fair especially when my proposed solution (more hard modes) doesn't detract from the play experience of the whole campaign.

This isn't meant to be dismissive: then don't play in the organized checkers league. PFS is NOT meant to be particularly challenging, its primary reason to exist is as a marketing tool to get new players into the game. If you want a really challenging game then move to a home game. PFS is just not the venue.

Silver Crusade ****

3 people marked this as a favorite.

In my opinion the biggest problem that PFS faces is the frequently massive difference in effectiveness between characters that are twinked out monstrosities, well made, and made by casual players.

This difference increases with level and increases as the power continues to constantly ramp up (sometimes way up) with every release.

Heck, some of the pregens are now significantly more powerful than most PCs (I think the most egregious example is the level 7 arcanist).

There isn't a scenario out there that can stand up to 6 twinked out L7+ characters playing in sub tier. But if any attempt is made to up the challenge to fit that group then it will utterly eliminate 6 normal characters.

And I firmly believe that most of the people who play twinked out characters do NOT actually WANT a challenge. Many say they do but I think that they are mistaken. So, making things challenging for the twinked out groups will pretty much satisfy nobody.

Silver Crusade ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Tarma wrote:

May I ask why you feel that Mythic rules do not have a permanent place in the organized play campaign?

I obviously can't speak for John but I can guarantee that having Mythic as a permanent fixture would lose you at least some players and GMs. I think claiming that adding Mythic wouldn't make power issues far worse than they currently are is, at best, horribly naive.

Silver Crusade ****

Put me firmly into the "please, please, please no more mythic in PFS, not ever". There is already FAR too much power creep (more like power walk if not power run) at this point.

Silver Crusade

In a session I was playing today, I desperately needed my bird familiar to heal me. The GM (quite reasonably) ruled that a bird wouldn't be physically able to open and pour a potion down my throat.

Does anybody gave any other ideas how I could do this? Must be PFS legal and accessible to a level 5 character (no L7 improved familiar, no magic item costing several thousand, etc)

UMD is a last hope option. Roll really high ;-)

Silver Crusade

Are you still recovering? Or has this game died?

Silver Crusade

If you're looking for PBP then timezone doesn't make a huge difference,

If you're looking for VTT play I recommend you check out tarracon

Silver Crusade

Grab a pet class and put everything into the pet.

Chained summoner, druid, hunter, Sylvan Sorcerer, your choice.

Personally, I'd probably take hunter as they rock at low to mid levels.

Silver Crusade

I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to pass on this. I'm already in too many games and just don't think that I have the extra time right now.

I hope that you all have fun.

Silver Crusade

Downloaded and glanced at rules. Some questions:

Are you planning on doing collaborative character generation?

How are your going to handle magic?

How cinematic do you see this starting at and going to? Obviously, pathfinder Kingmaker starts pretty low, uh, level and the characters end up as basically demi gods. Do you see this still happening?

The game as written seems to have a lot of back and forth as players propose aspects, GM tempt players, etc. Do you foresee any potential issues with that in PBP.

Silver Crusade

I'd be interested, I think. What kind of posting rate would you be looking for?

Silver Crusade ****

Sister Tiller Venture Captain Ling Mao (yes, she has the titles in the order that she considers most important) is STILL in the Lantern Lodge as far as she is concerned. After completing Eyes of the Ten she established a lodge in Hisuikarasu (the capital of Kwanlai) since the Pathfinder Society in Tien Sha still has a sense of honour, unlike the honourless curs in the Inner Sea.

L18 Druid, total Fame is 99, probably around the order of 80 or so of that is as Lantern Lodge (at least as far as she is concerned although she still has some respect for the Liberty's Edge faction that considers her a member).

Edit: She has made 3 faction changes, only 1 at her choice
(Lantern Lodge - Andoran (forced) - Liberty's Edge (forced) - Lantern Lodge (her choice and not acknowledged by the Society :-()

Silver Crusade ****

In my opinion the biggest problem in PFS is how powerful some characters can get, especially when compared to other characters and to published materials.

Adding more power creep is a bad idea. I agree with Lamplighter that more powerful characters is a BAD incentive for GMs.

And, in my experience, the more GMing you do the less you care if a character actually dies because you usually have a stable of characters. And more experienced players tend to lose characters quite infrequently unless they're being deliberately played in dangerous ways.

Silver Crusade ****

EricMcG wrote:

As far as Enlarge Person goes, more than likely the character was medium encumbered after enlarging. Strength goes up by 2 points which increases carrying capacity by about 33%, but Large Everything doubles in weight. Given a light capacity of 100 lbs, armour, weapons and miscellaneous totaling 80 lbs, enlarging makes light capacity 133 lbs but total load becomes 160 lbs. If you like being enlarged make sure you know exactly what you are carrying.

Don't forget that a large creature has twice the carrying capacity AND the +2 to Str.

Now, large items SHOULD weigh about 8 times as much (square/cube law) but, in Pathfinder, they're only double (at least weapons and armor are).

Admittedly if, in fact, the square/cube law WAS enforced the result of enlarge person would be pretty much to break your legs as soon as you started to move :-).

So, in game enlarge person helps your encumbrance. As does reduce person (since weight is halved and you only lose 2 str for carrying capacity) :-)

Silver Crusade ****

No new ideas, but some that do sometimes work:

1) charge a fee and give the money earned to the GM. Even quite modest amounts can have an effect
2) explicitly tell the players that you are starting to burn out and the choice is that somebody steps up or the game stops
3) point out to players how selfish they are being. You want to play too.

Silver Crusade

Iňuksuk wrote:
Undetectable alignment is a different animal than nondetection. You don't register as any alignment at all

I thought that in pathfinder there wasn't a way to detect alignment any more. You can detect components but not actual alignment. So, a True Neutral and somebody with undectable alignment are indistinguishable.

Silver Crusade

He may buy a mithril shirt when he can afford one (unlike the wand can't use prestige on it).

But his strength is just too low right now. And likely to get lower when I rebuild him at Level 2 (his most important purchase is probably a handy haversack. He has LOTS of stuff he wants to carry). It is very likely that I'll use GM credit to move him straight to level 3.

Heck, if I wasn't replaying this I might well have cast mage armour this time out of combat. We knew that we were being watched and I might have decided it was worth the charge. But, since I KNEW that we were ambushed I decided that w

Silver Crusade

The following is my application for Ingweti. I'll create an alias if I'm accepted.

I haven't bought all his gear yet. If that isn't ok, let me know.

Ingweti is a Bonuwat from the Mwangi expanse who, although being a Shaman respecting and dealing with the spirits is also a dedicated servant of Shelyn.

What attracts me to this campaign:
I really like the idea of a role play intensive campaign that travels to many places and actually interacts with the people one meets in a way different from just killing them and taking their stuff. Many of my favourite memories in RPGS come from sessions where the characters just take part in a village festival or a marriage ceremony.

Visiting strange cultures and speaking to the people in them can be lots of fun. Fish out of water stories are often enjoyable.

This also gives me a chance to explore in much greater depth a character that is similar in some ways to one that I've been playing in PFS


Ingweti had a very good childhood. It was obvious from an early age that the Spirits spoke to him and respected him and he quickly became apprenticed to the village Shaman. As was traditional for a Shaman of his people he dabbled in a great many crafts and proved himself remarkably adept in quickly learning new skills. He entertained the spirits with his musical performances abd is quite proficient in them as well but was always more interested in crafting then performing musically.

When he was 14 slavers attacked his village and Ingweti was caught. Fortunately for him, his skills were sufficient that he found himself some relatively kind masters (worshippers of Shelyn who ran a business crafting fine art) and he was eventually able to buy his freedom from them. This has left him with a deep hatred of slavers who actively take slaves but an awareness that not everybody involved in the system is so evil that they should be slain on sight.

While never abandoning the spirits and ways of his people he has also embraced the religion of Shelyn. He believes that her gifts flow through him, that is was by her grace that he managed to escape slavery so comparatively lightly. He has dedicated his life to her service.

Since then he has wandered the world in pursuit of his goals, drawn into several adventures but NOT being a professional adventurer per se.


While a masterful craftsman he completely lacks that innate inspiration and vision that separates the great artist from the pedestrian. He is desperately searching for that inspiration, hoping that seeing many different things, many different art forms, many different cultures will somehow ignite that spark that he is sure lies in him somewhere.

That his real, very private, goal that he has so far admitted to only a very few very trusted people.

He has two other goals that he willingly shares

1) Learn from everywhere that he goes any new artistic or creative techniques that the people have learned. The most primitive tribe or the most esoteric advanced civilization may have its own techniques and all can be learned from. These techniques need to be learned, recorded, and shared with others.

2) Spread the joy that Art can bring to peoples lives everywhere. Art can take people out of their mundane existance, it can make people better, a shared appreciation can act as a bond between different cultures and hence help bring peace.


In general, he is a fun loving, cheerful man who makes friends easily. He is very willing to share his abilities with others and likes to learn from others. He is non violent where possible and prefers fights to end non lethally when possible.

In general he is a calm man and slow to anger. However, if he is angered he can explode in a great rage.

While he is aware of how masterful an artist he is in the mechanical aspects he is also aware (and deeply ashamed) of the fact that he is not really a creative person in some major ways. If he is praised for the quality of his work he will happily accept the praise but when somebody praises how incredibly creative he is it can set him off.

His other triggers are slurs against his ethnicity (either his Bonuwat heritage or the fact that he is human), forced enslaving of people,and destruction of great works of art.

He is a 26 year old man of clearly Mwangi heritage. Fairly short and slender he is reasonably attractive but certainly not handsome. He bears a few tribal tattoos

No, I am not an Asshat:
Its a little difficult to prove this when we've never met. I can promise you that I don't think of myself as one but, then, who does? I've been reasonably prolific on these boards, you can look at some and see if you think I'm reasonable. I'm currently finishing a First Steps PBP game where I'm playing Shallya.

Maybe the most germane thing is for me to briefly talk about my RPG philosophy wrt Power Level. I want my character to be able to at least contribute to most facets of the game. I like to have a niche where I'm quite competent but I also want to be reasonably broad based. I do NOT want to dominate the game, neither in combat or out of it. In the past I've deliberately nerfed my character when it was too powerful. That said, while I dislike being too powerful I hate being useless, I hate it when my character might as well not have been present at the table for all the impact that I had mechanically.

As I said earlier, I love roleplaying and consider myself reasonably good at it. But I'm not about to win any academy awards for my acting ability.


Male human (Mwangi) shaman 10 (Pathfinder Player Companion: Animal Archive, Pathfinder RPG Advanced Class Guide 35)
NG Medium humanoid (human)
Init +0; Senses Perception +15
AC 18, touch 12, flat-footed 18 (+4 armor, +2 deflection, +1 natural, +1 shield)
hp 85 (10d8+32)
Fort +8, Ref +6, Will +16
Speed 30 ft., lure of the heavens (fly)
Ranged light crossbow +9 (1d8+2/19-20)
Special Attacks hexes (arcane enlightenment, benefit of wisdom, chant, charm, evil eye, feral speech[UM], fortune, misfortune), wandering hex (lure of the heavens)
Shaman Spells Prepared (CL 10th; concentration +16)
. . 5th—breath of life (DC 21), dominate person (DC 21), summon nature's ally V; contact other plane[S] or overland flight[S]
. . 4th—blessing of fervor[APG] (DC 20), freedom of movement, summon nature's ally IV, wandering star motes[APG] (DC 20); legend lore[S] or rainbow pattern[S] (DC 20)
. . 3rd—call lightning (DC 19), dispel magic, fly, invisibility purge; daylight[S] or locate object[S]
. . 2nd—enthrall (DC 18), euphoric cloud[ACG] (DC 18), euphoric cloud[ACG] (DC 18), euphoric cloud[ACG] (DC 18), hold person (DC 18), suppress charms and compulsions; hypnotic pattern[S] (DC 18) or tongues[S]
. . 1st—ant haul[APG] (DC 17), charm animal (DC 17), charm person (DC 17), chill touch (DC 17), cure light wounds, entangle (DC 17); color spray[S] (DC 17) or identify[S]
. . 0 (at will)—create water, detect magic, guidance, stabilize
. . S spirit magic spell; Spirit Lore Wandering Spirit Heavens
Str 7, Dex 10, Con 14, Int 15, Wis 22, Cha 16
Base Atk +7; CMB +5; CMD 17
Feats Alertness, Deific Obedience, Extra Hex[APG], Extra Hex[APG], Extra Hex[APG], Extra Hex[APG], Toughness
Traits inner beauty, talented
Skills Acrobatics +2, Climb -2, Craft (alchemy) +16, Craft (armor) +12, Craft (bows) +12, Craft (calligraphy) +16, Craft (carpentry) +12, Craft (clockwork) +16, Craft (clothing) +16, Craft (gemcutting) +16, Craft (glass) +16, Craft (jewelry) +16, Craft (locks) +16, Craft (mechanical) +16, Craft (musical instruments) +16, Craft (painting) +16, Craft (pottery) +16, Craft (sculpture) +20, Craft (traps) +16, Craft (weapons) +16, Diplomacy +15, Fly +10, Handle Animal +10, Heal +12, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +7, Knowledge (engineering) +7, Knowledge (geography) +7, Knowledge (history) +7, Knowledge (local) +10, Knowledge (nature) +10, Knowledge (planes) +10, Knowledge (religion) +12, Linguistics +7, Perception +15, Perform (dance) +11, Perform (keyboard instruments) +7, Perform (oratory) +11, Perform (percussion instruments) +13, Perform (sing) +11, Perform (string instruments) +7, Perform (wind instruments) +14, Profession (cook) +12, Profession (driver) +12, Profession (herbalist) +12, Profession (sailor) +12, Sense Motive +15, Spellcraft +10, Stealth +0, Survival +18
Languages Common, Elven, Osiriani, Polyglot, Tien
SQ able assistant, automatic writing, monstrous insight, spirit animal (thrush (valet) named Umis), stardust
Combat Gear scroll of nap stack, remove fear, healer's kit, lozenge of the songbird[ACG]; Other Gear mwk lamellar (leather) armor[UC], mwk buckler, light crossbow, handy haversack, traveler's any-tool[UE], masterwork Drums, masterwork Flute, surgeon's tools[UE], 27,530 gp
Special Abilities
Able Assistant (Ex) A valet's master treats the valet as if it possessed the Cooperative Crafting feat and shared all Craft skills and item creation feats he possesses. This ability replaces Alertness.

Cooperative Casting
Your assistance makes item crafting f
Arcane Enlightenment (Su) Add Charisma bonus wizard spells to your spells known list.
Automatic Writing (1/day) (Su) Meditate for 10 min, creating writings which function as divination (90% success).
Chant (Su) As a move action, extend the duration of other hexes by 1 rd.
Charm +2 (6 rounds, DC 21) (Su) Improve attitude of humanoid or animal in 30 ft. by 2 step(s).
Deific Obedience Purify yourself daily to prove devotion to a deity and gain benefits.
Deliver Touch Spells Through Familiar (Su) Your familiar can deliver touch spells for you.
Empathic Link with Familiar (Su) You have an empathic link with your Arcane Familiar.
Evil Eye -4 (9 rounds, DC 21) (Su) Foe in 30 ft takes penalty to your choice of AC, attacks, saves, ability or skill checks (Will part).
Familiar Bonus: +3 bonus on Diplomacy You gain the Alertness feat while your familiar is within arm's reach.
Feral Speech (Su) This hex grants the witch the ability to speak with and understand the response of any animal as if using speak with animals, though each time she uses the hex, she must decide to communicate with either amphibians, birds, fish, mammals, or re
Fortune (2 rounds) (Su) Ally in 30 ft can roll 2d20 for an attack, save, ability, or skill check (and take higher) once/rd.
Inner Beauty (1/day) Once per day when you manifest your faith in your goddess, you gain a +4 trait bonus on a single Bluff, Craft, Diplomacy, or Perform skill check. You must choose to use this trait immediately after rolling the skill check but before the result is rev
Lure of the Heavens (float) (Su) Steps leave no tracks and can float 6 in. above the ground or liquid surfaces.
Lure of the Heavens (Fly 60 ft, +5, 10 minutes/day) (Su) Fly 60', +5 to Fly checks.
Misfortune (2 rounds, DC 21) (Su) Foe in 30 ft must take the lower of 2d20 for rolls (Will neg).
Monstrous Insight (6/day) (Su) As a standard action, attempt know check to ID monster and gain +2 to att & AC vs. that foe.
Share Spells with Familiar Can cast spells with a target of "You" on the familiar with a range of touch.
Speak with Familiar (Ex) You can communicate verbally with your familiar.
Stardust (6/day) (Sp) Foe in 30 ft sheds light, can't be invisible/conceal & -3 to att & perception checks for 5 rds.
Talented All perform skills are class, +1 to one
Traveler's any-tool Acts as masterwork tools for most Craft or Profession skills.


Thrush (valet) (Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Magic)
NG Diminutive magical beast (animal)
Init +4; Senses low-light vision; Perception +15
AC 21, touch 16, flat-footed 19 (+2 Dex, +5 natural, +4 size)
hp 42 (1d8-2)
Fort +1, Ref +5, Will +9
Speed 10 ft., fly 40 ft. (average)
Melee bite +6 (1d2-5)
Space 1 ft.; Reach 0 ft.
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 1st; concentration -1)
. . —prestidigitation
Str 1, Dex 15, Con 6, Int 10, Wis 15, Cha 6
Base Atk +7; CMB +5; CMD 10
Feats Skill Focus (Perception)
Acrobatics +8 (+0 to jump), Climb +6, Diplomacy +4, Fly +19, Handle Animal +2, Heal +3, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +1, Knowledge (local) +4, Knowledge (nature) +1, Knowledge (planes) +1, Knowledge (religion) +3, Linguistics +1, Perception +15, Sense Motive +9, Spellcraft +1, Stealth +22, Survival +11
SQ able assistant, deliver aid, improved evasion, teammate
Special Abilities
Able Assistant (Ex) A valet's master treats the valet as if it possessed the Cooperative Crafting feat and shared all Craft skills and item creation feats he possesses. This ability replaces Alertness.

Cooperative Casting
Your assistance makes item crafting f
Deliver Aid (Ex) At 7th level, a valet can move before and after using the aid another action, as long as its total movement does not exceed its speed. This ability replaces speak with animals of its kind.
Flight (40 feet, Average) You can fly!
Improved Evasion (Ex) No damage on successful reflex save; half on failed save.
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in low light, distinguishing color and detail.
Prestidigitation (Sp) A valet can use prestidigitation once per hour.
Teammate (Ex) A valet is considered to have all the teamwork feats its master has.

Silver Crusade

Under automatic bonus progression how are magic items for familiars and animal companions handled? I presume that we can still buy them magic armour, rings, etc if we so choose but it comes out of our cash?

Silver Crusade

Sir Haldern reporting. I'll go make an alias :-). Should have soon but first have to go and perform my civic duty (its election day up here)

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