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FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 725 posts. 15 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 22 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Silver Crusade

I expect Mike to be reasonable and to disallow this for PFS. Otherwise. I think that the number of people making "Not at my table" rulings will become legion. It is absurdly overpowered and is absolutely going to drag down the game.

Or maybe I'd just go Passive Aggressive. Give the person a reasonable amount of time (5 seconds sounds about right) then put the character on delay. And make sure that the person has the book, of course.

I'm more concerned about the power level, though. Free metamagic feats for wizards is just what they do NOT need.

Silver Crusade

That is absurdly powerful. And will take forever to adjudicate with players who are NOT particularly numerate.

I REALLY hope PFS disallows this

Silver Crusade

wraithstrike wrote:
pauljathome wrote:

Letting a fire elemental essentially have free access to the ignite cantrip and a water elemental free access to the create water cantrip is absolutely something that I'd allow in my games, including when I run PFS.

In PFS I'd claim it was allowed by both the "reward creative solutions" rule and the "don't be a jerk rule" (mostly a :-) on the second one).

How is saying no being a jerk in this case?

I did say that was mostly in jest. But it just seems SO obvious to me that a fire elemental could light flammable objects on fire that I actually would at least suspect that a GM who disallowed it was deliberately being a jerk as opposed to making what he thought was the correct ruling.

Silver Crusade

Letting a fire elemental essentially have free access to the ignite cantrip and a water elemental free access to the create water cantrip is absolutely something that I'd allow in my games, including when I run PFS.

In PFS I'd claim it was allowed by both the "reward creative solutions" rule and the "don't be a jerk rule" (mostly a :-) on the second one).

Silver Crusade ****

1 fairly minor problem I have with some scenarios is where an encounter lists gold lost if the PCs fail in an encounter but there is absolutely nothing explaining what the gold represents. There are at least 2 examples of this in the confirmation.

The link between "reality" and what players receive is often pretty tenuous :-)

Silver Crusade ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.
pH unbalanced wrote:

I love the class, but the most disruptive class that I've seen played is Druid. The pounce-kitty companion has wrecked games.

Summoners could undoubtedly be worse, but I haven't seen one built well enough yet for that to have happened.

The worst pet classes in my experience are Sylvan Sorcerers and, of course, Summoners. Not denying that my druid was VERY powerful when I pulled out the stops, mind (the druid was a crazy cat lady so most of the time the lion did literally nothing :-)).

As long as doubled barreled guns remain, my vote is for gunslinger. Just eliminating them would greatly reduce gunslingers efficacy

Silver Crusade ****

In general, I want players to politely and quickly point out rules mistakes that I am making. I especially want them to point out when I am inadvertently HELPING them (either by a rules mistake or by forgetting something).

If there is a dispute, they get a QUICK chance to correct me, citing evidence. If I still disagree, then we move on and discuss it later. Unless it is VERY important.

The exception to this is when I am "obviously" deliberately bending the rules. For example, I will not make a new player worry about all the minutae of cover, AoOs, etc if they are clearly already being overwhelmed by everything AND if they could accomplish what they want in a slightly different fashion.

Silver Crusade ****

nosig wrote:

wait - what if I have a PC that plays as a tiefling or aasimar, gains one XP - and then I want to train him into something else? Say a Nagagi. Can I use the 1st level re-write rules to do that? or is the PC "locked" into being a tiefling or aasimar?

or if he was a Tiefling can I change him into an Aasimar before I play him at Level 2?

Or if he was one kind of Aasimar (say Anglekin) can I change him into another (say Musetouched) before I play him at Level 2?

You're mostly fine. John made it clear in the other thread.

You can retrain out of Aasimar/Tiefling. You can change subrace.

You can NOT go from Aasimar to Tiefling or vice versa.

Silver Crusade ****

Jeff Mahood wrote:

I don't get to play outside of my local community, but I can comfortably say that I can count the number of players I've met with more than a half-dozen characters on one hand, myself included.

I think that you're wrong about that, Jeff. Most of the longtimers have more than 6 characters. Just look at the -? numbers that you report.

I just glanced at the 401 sessions from June 21 and later and counted 10 -7 or later characters.

Which, I admit, was less than I expected. Less than 20% of the total.

Note to others: Jeff and I are in essentially the same local community.

Silver Crusade

Don't forget that unarmed strike includes kicks, elbow strikes, etc.

It doesn't say that you need a free hand so you don't.

Silver Crusade

I think most of you are crazy :-).

The last thing we need is for any of the more powerful and versatile classes to be unchained. Arguing whether a wizard or arcanist or cleric is better than a sorcerer completely misses the point. They're ALL very, very powerful and versatile classes that need, if anything, MORE chains and not less.

Sure, like everybody else, I wish the sorcerer had more skill points. If only there was a way to get its spell casting to be based off intelligence. Oh, wait, there is.

Or a way to build sorcerers good in melee. Oh, wait, there is.

What you're asking for is a power up, pure and simple. And the sorcerer mist definitely does NOT need that.

Silver Crusade ****

Jeff Mahood wrote:

What's excessive? In my opinion, which in this case should not be taken as an official answer, having more than 2 characters of a given race - of any given race - is excessive. Personally, I'd have limited it to 1 aasimar and 1 tiefling character per player.

1 is definitely WAY too low, especially for those of us who like making characters and prefer low to mid level play. I have 3 "real" Aasimar (all well past legal rebuild) characters. I have 2 or more of several other races too (Tengu, Human, Kitsune).

And the math for total number of characters has to include GM credits and tier 1 replayables. I think I can get something like 15 characters to the levels I want.

My personal rule is that it is "played" if I have a character concept and have actually played that concept at least once. May still get rebuilt (at least 1 is likely to change when the ACG comes out).

I'll likely also bank one character just in case I get some fantastic idea later that can ONLY be done by an Aasimar or Tiefling. I doubt I'll ever run it but I want the insurance :-)

Silver Crusade ****

The Fox wrote:
Be sure to bring the character you feel is most qualified to lead armies.

Which is the one with the highest charisma and most ranks in profession soldier. NOTHING else matters.

Silver Crusade ****

Chris Mortika wrote:

(In any case, the date of the rebuild is easy to determine, because the player needs to submit the new version of the character to the GM for a check-over / audit. The GM should record that on the Chronicle sheet.)

Where is this specified? The only place I see this is in the playtests and errata section. It is not at all clear to me that this applies to level 1 rebuilds (in fact, I strongly believe that it doesn't).

Even if it theoretically DOES apply to level 1 rebuilds I'll absolutely guarantee that a significant portion of players and GMs don't do it. I can only speak for my own experience but I have NEVER been at a table where a level 1 rebuild was pointed out, let alone audited

Silver Crusade

As for encumbrance, did you make sure to NOT include coin weight in Herolab? It is turned on by default.

The backpack can be dropped as a free action. If you're willing to do that you can probably shave off enough weight to reduce your strength.

Its tough, but I know I've been able to get my bards down to Str 10 or so. Of course, a mithril chain shirt and a handy haversack then become EXTREMELY high priority purchases.

Silver Crusade ****

I wouldn't be surprised if First Steps gets retired at Gencon. The factions are changing enough that the faction introductions will be quite off.

Silver Crusade ****

Personally, I'm taking the safe approach.

I'm assuming that the character has to have actually PLAYED as an Aasimar or Tiefling. That is almost certainly pessimistic but it is the only absolutely guaranteed way to follow the letter AND spirit of the rules right now.

Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.

While I'll join in the chorus of people claiming that maouse is totally wrong on what the rule for DR says, I actually came here to cite my personal favourite for seldom applied rule.

Perception and distance modifiers.

In the dungeon, yeah they're pretty universally applied.

But outside? They're almost never applied. GMs actually let players see the city from a mile away and let them see the Sun despite it being probably thousands of miles away (its fantasy, I'm guessing its a chariot of fire or something :-)).

Silver Crusade ****

I'm finding that one effect The Confirmation is having on me is that my more recent characters are far more likely to have undergone training than my previous characters.

I like playing that as my first scenario and it just fits trained agents better.

The GM babies who start actual play at level 3 or so almost all got field commissions.

Silver Crusade

Ravingdork wrote:

I'm pretty certain, RAW, you need to be able to find and reach a vital spot AND need to qualify for sneak attack (such as by flanking).

One or the other won't cut it I believe.

I believe that you are wrong.

You can sneak attack undead and constructs. What vital spots do they have?

This was one of the significant changes in pathfinder, sneak attacks are far more common.

Part of why rogues are so overpowered :-) :-) :-) :-)

Silver Crusade ****

When I played the GM was quite open and explicit.

I think that this is the best approach. The players are already having enough difficulty trying to master a brand new system, hiding information just makes coming up with decent tactics and strategies harder.

Silver Crusade ****

SCPRedMage wrote:

Do you also make the halfling with 8 Strength carry all the gear, too?

Halflings are rarely THAT strong in my experience. Most have a strong of 6 (or even 5). Except the paladins or cavaliers with str of 14+.

Silver Crusade ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'll disagree with one common recommendation above.

Social scenarios are some of the easiest to run cold. It takes only a minute to get a basic feel for the NPCs and the sidebar will give you whatever weird rules this scenario has.

Admittedly, I always like the roleplaying side of scenarios more than the combat side.

Investigation scenarios are hard to run cold, especially those where the information isn't organized very well.

Silver Crusade

While I'd never accuse anybody of cheating, I will point out that unsupervised random characters have a VERY strong tendency to get significantly above expected results.

I admit that I get a bit tired of seeing all the 7 Str wizards and 7 cha fighters but I hate far more seeing characters being essentially a level or 2 higher than others because of dice rolls.

The best compromise I've seen is to use point buy but roll to inspire yourself. So, if you roll STR 14 for a wizard decide if you like the idea. If you do, you build an EK instead. If not, ignore it. Ie, encourage but don't force people to break the optimized norms.

Silver Crusade ****

One question. If one has a character with a single experience point does that character have to actually PLAY the scenario as an Aasimar/Tiefling? Or just rebuild it as an Aasimar/Tiefling before playing the second scenario?

It is not clear how the rebuild rules apply. I HOPE that the character has to actually have been PLAYED in its last scenario played as an Assimar or Tiefling and NOT just rebuilt to that after the scenario is played. If that is correct then the GM should presumably note that on the chronicle sheet.

Edit: And how does this work with GM credit?

Silver Crusade ****

Excellent news. Add me to the list of people who think both parts of this are great.

I also think you're handling retirement about right.

The timing is typical, though :-). I recently traded for a Kitsune but haven't created it yet since he'll be a swashbuckler and I wanted to wait for the actual book. And I got my first Tengu character started about 2 weeks before Tengus became generally available :-)

Silver Crusade ****

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I think people are overstating the difficulty. Maybe I'm deluding myself but I think that I do a reasonable job of running things cold and that players would rather play it with a GM running cold rather than go home.

Note, I am NOT saying that it is a good thing. I most definitely do a worse job than when I prep.

I do have lots of experience, mind. In home games I tend strongly to being an improvisational GM. And I have probably been GMing longer than most of you have been born.

I think some thing that help are:

Tell the players. It helps a lot if they know that you stepped in. Makes them far more forgiving.

Don't sweat the small stuff. I'll quickly apply templates, I'll quickly look at tactics, etc. But if there is a spell/feat/domain power that I don't recognize I just won't use it. If I get a template slightly wrong, oh well.

Try very hard to only do it with fairly simple scenarios. Some can NOT be run cold. Most can.

Take the time you NEED to read ahead. If this means an encounter gets skipped so be it.

ALWAYS read the summary carefully. NEVER skim it.

Ask the players to help. Get one of them to run initiative, have one of them look something up for you, ask them to keep the rules lawyering to a bare minimum

Silver Crusade

Zark wrote:
pauljathome wrote:


Another non-core book.

This is just a bonus on some skill checks. Hardly broken.
pauljathome wrote:

Bards are VERY good at doing what they set out to do.

You are not in a position to tell me or others what Bards are set out to do.

I don't care what you set out to accomplish as a bard. The bard is an extremely versatile class that can take on many functions and do them well.

Assuming that what you are trying to do is something the bard is good at (a wide range but a long way from a complete range. For example, a Bard is never going to be a very good summoner) you are provided a wide range of feats, magic items, traits and archetypes to accomplish your goal.

It wasn't at all clear that you were trying to restrict your argument to core books. I neither know nor care whether something is in a core book. Maybe you are right in that case.

Silver Crusade ****

It sounds like this group has gone overboard and needs to be reigned in. Whether or not they realize it they are showing significant disrespect for the other participants (especially the GM).

You should definitely bring this up with the event organizer and/or the local venture officers. It is unacceptable behavior.

Silver Crusade ****

Twice I've seen players do their very first PFS run as a cold run. Once at a convention, once at the local game day.

In both cases the GM failed to show up and no other GMs were available (before somebody asks, in both cases I was GMing another table). The choice was between a cold run and sending people home.

I think both players acted far above the call and both should have been rewarded.

Silver Crusade ****

wakedown wrote:

How is everyone handling army visibility?

When you are running an engagement, do you let all the players see all the enemy armies from the get go? Or do they need to get to a hex in order to discover an army has camped in an adjacent hex?

It is hard enough to learn a whole new game WITHOUT fog of war. And fog of war has to work both ways to be fair, which pretty much requires an independent arbiter.

In other words, let all the players see all the armies.

Silver Crusade

You should check out this thread

Short answer : not totally clear. Personally, I'd allow it to work on both cases above.

Silver Crusade

Zark wrote:

What I really hope is that the Skald will help the Bard getting some new toys. The track record so far when it comes to meaningful magic items for Bards is Zero. Meaningful perform feats is another problem. There is Discordant Voice and lingering performance, but beyond that nothing.

Nonsense. The bards get LOTS of toys right now. Harmonic performance, verstatile performance are wonderful feats.

this is arguably broken its such a cool bard item.

Various feats and traits (eg, Shelyns Deific Obedience).

Pageant of the Peacock is very definitely absurdly broken.

Bards are VERY good at doing what they set out to do. A wide range of characters can be built using the chassis, all quite effective.

Silver Crusade

Silent Saturn wrote:

If you just can't see your character as having any love for a Lawful deity, then Fortified Drinker is kind of funny on the other side of the coin, as long as you're willing to constantly carry a flask and convince your GM that yes, it's been less than an hour since your last gulp. I think if I were the GM, I'd want that player to start tracking his liquor budget though.

I've never had the GM question my Dwarven cleric. Of course, the fact that I find at least 3 or 4 opportunities a session to offer somebody a drink may have something to do with that :-).

As to tracking purchases, drinking jug . 3 gallons of brandy is enough for most purposes

Silver Crusade

I'd go ranger. Lots of very useful spells that you can get wands of are, for me, the deciding point. Well, that and the fact that I love skills.

Or possibly slayer from the advanced class guide if that is an option.

Silver Crusade ****

For Lantern Lodge I really liked The Way of the Kirin. Although, as written, this is the end of the Lantern Lodge arc you could easily change that for a home game.

Silver Crusade has lots of cool missions inn Season 5 if you don't mind the complete lack of Faction Missions. Stay aepway from Seasons 0 to 2 as tthe Andoran missions are often poor.

Silver Crusade ****

Andrew Christian wrote:

"hey, knowing what the creature is, its type, and that it has construct traits is fairly useful info."

One of my issues with knowledge checks is that sometimes just telling the players WHICH knowledge check to make gives too much information. Some monsters deliberately look like something that they aren't.

And even telling the players that (explicitly or implicitly by asking them to roll multiple checks) gives some information away.

Note:some players take advantage of metagame knowledge. Some try so hard not to that they harm themselves. None totally ignore it since they're humans and we pretty much can NOT just ignore information.

Its one thing I really like about online play. Most players have a know-stuff macro that automatically shows every knowledge skill.

One reason that many of my characters have identical skills in all knowledge's :-)

Silver Crusade ****

I'd like to see some form of reward for store coordinators. Over the long term a coordinator does a lot of work, an amount probably comparable to a VL and definitely more than a Paizocon or Gencon GM.

Asking for product (even some free scenarios) is probably too much. But maybe an occasional boon or the like.

But I see no way of differentiating people coordinating stores and people running home games.

And I see no way of differentiating people doing a good, active job and people more or less going through the motions.

Take myself as an example. On the one hand I took over an existing store when the previous coordinator left PFS (always easier than starting from scratch) and I get a great deal of benefit from the existing local infrastructure (thanks Jeff :-)). And I am NOT being particularly active in promoting play.

On the other hand I do spend a minimum of a couple of hours a week, I miss something like 2 games a year, I try very hard to make the game welcoming, and I play significantly less than I'd like to because I see it as my responsibility to be the GM of last resort.

How much reward does that "deserve"?

Silver Crusade ****

Michael Brock wrote:
So, from reading comments thus far, I assume no one really cares for the current GM boon we've provided for all 5 GM stars and we should consider something else? Is that an accurate assessment? It was specifically created for GMs who run consistently, earn stars, but can't get to a convention.

I like and appreciate it.

I also like the fact that it is NOT overpowered. I think you got it about exactly right

Edit: the star benefit that I like the most is the replay. I value that higher than most race boons. Please, please, please have that renew on an annual basis for ALL GMs. Or, at worst, make it a very easy to get Con boon. I can obviously speak only for myself but I will be seriously irked if renewal is restricted to 5 star GMs or tier 1 Gencon GMs or the like. It will FEEL like a statement that you don't value my contribution (I recognize that feeling is almost certainly factually wrong but we don't have complete control over our emotions).

Silver Crusade ****

Michael Brock wrote:

So it sounds like with that many new people combined with existing players, 15 tables over three days shouldn't be too difficult!

I wasn't actually trying to argue that the current situation should be changed. Just pointing out that just looking at new PFS numbers at large conventions is flawed. I should have been clearer on that.

We do have enough local conventions that anybody who wants can get the race boons eventually. Although imperfect, the current situation is good enough for our region. People who want can get boons, there are incentives to attend con's, GMs do get some significant bennies.

From my perspective it would be nice if there were more incentives to attract GMs. Getting people to GM is an ongoing struggle. But, it is one that we almost always manage to succeed at. It is very rare that we have to cancel a table because of lack of a GM.

Silver Crusade ****

Michael Brock wrote:

There have been at least 8 conventions this year that have given out at least 75 new PFS numbers over the course of the three day show. How much more rationale do you need that a regional convention attracts more new players than a local game day?

I haven't kept track but I'm reasonably sure that at least 75 players had their first session at the store I coordinate for over the last year. Note that a significant majority of these had their PFS numbers BEFORE coming to the store.

Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Adjule wrote:

I like the ability score cap. And using the "superior" point buy, your scores are capped at 15 and 8. So the highest you can have to start is a 17. If you want you coveted 20 at 1st level (which you can't increase higher without magic), you are going to have to roll and hope you get that 18.

A significant majority of the time one is going to be better off (often significantly better) by rolling dice.

At these values the standard array and point buy options really translate to "we expect nearly everybody to roll their stats".

Silver Crusade

Diffan wrote:
Hama wrote:
Diffan wrote:
To the comments about Next being "meh" or "no wow", I really have to laugh. On one hand, people fled WotC due to 4E's rules being too far from what people have accepted to be D&D. NOW that they have gone back to the basics, so to speak, its not enough or its vanilla or it doesn't compare to what PF already does. I just think its sorta funny and its why I have the perspective listed above.
I see. So opinions of other people are laughable because they differ from yours.

I laugh because I find the opinions ironic. A portion of the fan base left WotC because 4e departure from so many sacred cows proved to be too much and, to them, made the game very un-D&D like. WotC goes BACK to their roots and attempts to rekindle the old D&D feelings and beliefs but the same people claim that its nothing new or lacks a WOW factor. In a sense, WotC cannot win, regardless of what they do.


You seem to be assuming that because my reaction to this was "meh" that I disliked 4th edition.

Perhaps, just perhaps, my reaction to this game is based on this game and NOT on the games history, my opinion of WOTC, WOTCs stated goals, etc?

I found nothing that was both new and exiting to me in this. I found a reasonably functional reasonably rules light game that neither thrills or repels me.

In contrast, I found a lot more that was new and exciting in 13th age (admittedly a considerable portion in the setting).

Silver Crusade

Ganryu wrote:

Magic Jar is a confusing spell. I know how it works, but how do you handle it practically? You have someone carry your real body while you possess some monster?

How do you actually possess a monster anyway? It seems that you can't actually directly target a creature. The target is determined randomly, so you could just as likely target your own fighter?

Its one of those spells best discussed with your GM as its optimal use is very cheesy. Enough so that many will forbid it.

You put your soul in jar. Protect your body (bag of holding is good). Then take over the body of the hill giant/6th level barbarian/etc slave that your companions brought close.

Silver Crusade

For PFS you almost can't go wrong with a druid. They're that powerful and easy to build. So the key thing is to build the druid that you think will be most fun.

Tgat said, personally, I really like a fairly versatile druid in PFS. One with decent stats AND decent spell casting. The versatility more than makes up for the slightly diminished power. When your party is all melee types you become a blaster/controller. When they're all spell casters you're the tank. Sometimes you're even the healer. My druid filled all those roles over her career.

I recommend

Power attack
Skill focus - conjuration
Augmented summoning
Natural spell

The extra feat makes human attractive but Aasimar are, of course, the most powerful choice :-).

Note - do NOT spam the field with summons normally, keep that in reserve for when absolutely needed. Your GM and teammates will appreciate restraint

Animal companions are the way to go. Increases your versatility considerably. And its a class feature that can easily be underplayed if you're dominating a game but can be made powerful with buff spells if needed

Silver Crusade

You're at the point where hit points can matter a lot. Lots of AoE attacks.

If you haven't taken Toughness then I'd recommend that. And Con boosting items. Emergency Force Sphere as a spell.

Or if alignment, group and campaign allows maybe Magic Jar is your friend.

Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.

My reaction is a firm "meh". Nothing to get excited about. Some stuff to consider stealing but even that I'd do while making changes.

Its really only marginally simpler than the Pathfinder Beginner Box. Simple being one of its primary selling points.

Some of the simplifications I like, some I'm indifferent to, and some I hate with a fiery passion.

It is reminiscent of older editions in some ways. This isn't a good thing to me personally.

I think 13th Age is a better blending of 3rd and 4th editions and in some ways a simpler game.

I think Pathfinder is closer to matching my preferred play style.

It clearly leaves a lot more to the GM than does Pathfinder, 3rd or 4th. Something that many of the posters here will hate :-). Again, it goes too far in that direction in some ways and not far enough in others to match my personal tastes.

Definitely won't be buying it. If they make more available for free I'll check it out to see if enough changes to change my mind.

Silver Crusade

2 people marked this as a favorite.
LoneKnave wrote:
Seriously? A 3rd edition druid in ANY animal form, with ANY animal companion is more powerful than the core fighter. I'm sorry, but you don't get to pin that on munchkins. It was just broken design.

You're wildly exaggerating.

A druid wild shaped into a squirrel with his horse animal companion wasn't THAT bad :-)

Silver Crusade

I really don't get what you are trying to say.

Mechanically, there are a great many reasons to worship lots of different Gods. There is lots of interesting deity specific crunch out there.

From a flavour perspective there are even more reasons to worship different Gods.

Even if your character is sufficiently unusual that they're doing a purely rational cost/benefit analysis of which God gives the least inconvenient boons (which I think may be your point) the calculus is going to come out very differently for different characters.

Silver Crusade ****

Purple Fluffy CatBunnyGnome wrote:

Umm.. were unicycles even invented in this time period? Are they a part of this world's culture?

I have yet seen, and I'be been playing/Gming since season 0, a unicycle in a scenario.

isn't even going to touch the fact that earthworms and additional resources were mentioned in the same sentence

A bear on a unicycle is in the harrow deck.

I'm planning on building an Eiodolon around that at some point in a home campaign

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