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number6's page

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Looking for peoples thoughts/advice on music that is Orc Themed.

I'm building an Orc Campaign for a home-brewed Campaign (using Pathfinder System).
Definitely trying to immediately set the Orc Campaign up to be different than the previous human derived Campaign.
I've done the LOTR & Conan soundtracks to death.

So far I've been taking from the Book of Eli Soundtrack, 300 Soundtrack and Spartacus Blood & Sand but am looking for more.

Heck some non-lyrical "musical" heavy metal would be welcome.

Um, it is a no-brainer that this spell does not work as written for a good portion of the conditions.

I've read one thread and no official answer was given. Way to go on bad editing and even further failure to follow up Paizo-dudes. Tis fun to do world building, but mechanics count as well ;) :)

I figure the spell should be an Immediate Action.

My DM is a curmudgeon for "official" answers.
I've already house ruled this to an immediate action, but I deplore fixing books my players have bought.

Ok, so I'm going over my DM's head on this one.... this said I'm a DM so I never do this, and disdain the thought of it.

I'm playing a Cavalier. My DM is using the Horse Stats from the PF Core Rulebook. Should he not be using the stats AND Feats from the Bestiary?
I would think so. The idea is a Cavalier gets the Horse as written but with bonuses.

Now this said, add in the advanced template
Should this not be what a Cavalier starts with?!
A Heavy Horse, with bonuses so he is what the class is intended to be, a Knightly Horse Lord.
I'm playing according to my DMs ruling, and my horse with Chain Shirt Barding is almost so encumbered that it moves 35ft... less than a Barbarian. It is not nearly as strong as a heavy warhorse. so it is basically a wimp. Thankfuly it doesn't need feed to live.

It all seems so wrong for a class that does not cast spells like a Druid (uber-powerful) to suffer under pure druid animal-companion rulz :( :(

Hey look, I'm a Druid, my Horse is as good as yours Cavalier-horse-lord, and I cast uber-powerful spells.... u lose Cavalier.

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