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number6's page

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Alignment is soooo sticky that I say toss out strict/definite rules.

Myself I have players designate realms their character originate from.
I then ask players their character ethics or codes of conduct based on class, using the realms as a reference point.
It opens doors for players to self regulate themselves.

E.G. A paladin who seeks to battle and destroy red dragons should not be penalized for using red dragon scales for armor.
Conversely a Monk of Animal Love will not likely be a meat eater with hide armor.

Alignment and its parameters are sooooo subjective that it really requires a solid game world concept and adjudication.

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First off Deadmanwalking, pls do not even try to respond with thine Min-Max examples to what I'm about to type.
Some of us do not play the game with expectations of a 15th level character having a +5 Gary Gygax Vorpal sword they bought at the small town magic shop.

Now that my disclaimer is out of the way; I'll suggest a way to have some potential for a mundane lady like a Rogue to be able to Acrobatics her way past a big baddy monster.

I like the Thanis Kartaleon suggestion, but that may not be enough... I guess it depends on the beasty.

A simple solution might be making the check for half move -5DC and +5DC for full move? As opposed to +10DC on a full move.

Another thought was with "mundane" classes such as Monks, Rogues & Fighters they might be able to gain a half level bonus to Acrobatics to avoid AoO. Much like a Ranger Tracking bonus.
With Fighters it could be an Archetype.
This might prevent dipping into a class for uber benefit.

I say "mundane" as Spells are so potent/versatile that any spellcasting class needs no love imo.

I enjoy encouraging non-spellcasting classes.

Lambast me as u will.

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