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nosig's page

FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 7,255 posts (7,788 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 15 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.

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Qadira ****

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Black Waters. Nothing else beats it for creepy settings - this is a true haunted scenario (and it doesn't have HAUNTS!).

Carrion Hill would be good - but it runs 8 hours, (it does split easily into two settings though).

Cheliax ****

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Mattastrophic wrote:

Here we go...

The minimum-required-combat-ability challenge!

It's funny how the linked thread is from 2011 and the same issues expressed by this thread's original poster were around then.


from your thread linked above...

"What has been your experience with noncombat-focused PCs in Society play? Are such PCs viable? What makes for effective ones? Or am I a lunatic for even considering making one?"

I have played many noncombat-focused PCs in PFS - I would in fact say MOST of my PCs are focused outside of combat.

"What makes for effective ones? " - I concentrate on the other parts of the game and leave the combat to the other players. So I "min-max" to get the most out of being the party "Face", or the "Skill monkey" or the "Professor of all knowledges" or "Trapsmith" or ... so many other things.

Such PCs are very viable - and are the ones I normally play.

This game we play is at it's base a story about a group of specialists who each have a part to play in the adventure. Each PC should have something he really shines doing - be it having the knowledge (local) to tell the rest of the party where the bathroom is (Knowledge monkey), or cutting monsters in half (combat), or talking the barmaid into giving up that little bit of information (face), or finding & disarming that Hot Fudge Death trap (Trapsmith), or whatever.

If you walk up to a table I am at and say, "Lord Chopsalot is a good tank, and he can handle the knowledge skills." I am not going to pull a front line fighter out, or a Knowledge weenie. I'm going to leave that to you. When I sit at the table I'll ask what else we have. After we cover that and I pull a PC out, I'll tell you want I cover, and my worst failings. ("Hi, I'm Katish. Call me Kat or Tish, never Kat-tish. I'll handle all the social skills, and I'm pretty useless in combat.") I am not likely to have a PC to cover an ability/skill/role that someone else said their PC brought that to that table.

I don't care if your PC has a 7 INT or a 20 INT... if you're running "the tank", I expect you to tank. If your PC does that thru smiling at the monsters and offering them Flaming Fudge Death - hey, maybe I'll take notes and build a PC like yours!

I don't know if I can tell you how to do this for yourself, to tell you what works for you. I am often amazed at how different people build their PCs. Everyone enjoys this game in different ways. What would be fun for you might not be fun for me and vice versa.

Osirion ****

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the Sorcerers only 4th level spell is Detonate

the GNOME Sorcerers only 4th level spell is Detonate

Cheliax ****

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the new player at the table is looking at the tracking sheet and says:

"what are these factions? Taldor? what? Where's Dark Archive?"

Yeah, had that happen already...

Qadira ****

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almost two months and no one has posted to this?

ok, Tread Necro!

You know you're in trouble when you get to the table and ....

everyone is wearing "Take 10 T-shirts!

yeah, I gave a bunch of them away at the last CON I went to... so we got a couple tables with all (or almost all) players in one.

Qadira ****

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TOZ wrote:
nosig wrote:
Last year, at the behest of Venture-Captain Adril Hestram, a group of Pathfinders went into the shadow to find out why it keeps returning. Unfortunately, they never returned.
Gee, I wonder why...

shhhh! snicker

Grand Master Torch will be checking into this...

Qadira ****

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Burning it down wouldn't stop the madness....

Future Scenario...
"PFS 8-03 The Returning Blackros. Every year, on the vacant lot that once housed the museum, by the light of the full moon, a ghostly specter of the building returns..."


PFS 9-06 The Shadow of Blackros -- "As every Pathfinder knows, the Blackros Museum was the center of dark events, culminating in a group of Pathfinders burning the place down one year in a fit of pique. Every year, on the anniversary of that date, the shadowy image of the museum appears in the still vacant lot. Last year, at the behest of Venture-Captain Adril Hestram, a group of Pathfinders went into the shadow to find out why it keeps returning. Unfortunately, they never returned.

This year, at the behest of Venture-Captain Drandle Dreng, you and your fellow Pathfinders are being sent into the shadow museum to see if you can find and rescue the missing Pathfinders. Good luck!"

- and because it's VC Drandle Dreng - you're awakened and briefed at 11:00 PM (this is the first you have heard of this mission), and expected to be at that museum at midnight - no time for questions!

Silver Crusade ****

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Funny story for Unnatural Lust

My witch cast Unnatural Lust on a Mook - sending him after the PC Druids Big Cat companion... He scrambles over and hugs said kitty, and I then slumber hex him...

This means that later, when he wakes up, he remembers unnaturally lustful thoughts (and actions), just before he blacked out. Only to come to some time later, (and because we searched him while he as asleep) with his clothing in dis-array, with a happy lion sitting next to him purring.

Yah... what happens in Almas, stays in Almas...


3 people marked this as a favorite.

I only skimmed this so sorry if someone else pointed this out... but...

If the item is just allowing the user to cast the spell on himself, and then has a limited duration... does that mean he can remove the item and have the spell still be in effect?

So a party of adventurers could make themselves invisible by passing a Ring of Invisibility around? Each putting it on, activating it, removing it and passing it to the next player?


I alway figured it was more limited than that...

Qadira ****

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Mark Stratton wrote:
KestlerGunner wrote:
This year we've had Bonekeep. A scenario which you yourself admit to having no interest in playing.

How about we try not to twist what I said, or claim I said something I didn't.


I've never played Bonekeep, Greg. :) (Not sure that I want to, either!)

That isn't admitting to having no interest in playing. It means I'm not sure, and my hesitance is based solely on not wanting to lose my favorite character.

I understand you don't like their decision, but please do not twist or manipulate what I said to try to make your point.

I actually started to post yestorday when I first read (or mis-read I guess) what you said. I actually have no interest in playing any of the Bonekeep scenarios. I have played Bonekeep I when it was new, and from the experience I had with it decided not to play any others. So I would have been posting in support of the "no interest in playing" any of the Bonekeep scenarios.

The way they are presented are not my style of play - and I have no interest in repeating the experience, or inflicting it on people I play with. (and just to note - there were no PC deaths at the table I played at, so no, it is not because of loosing PCs that I feel this way.)

As I am working on my 5th star now, I guess it will just limit those Specials I can run... but I can live with it. The 5th star gets here when (if) it does. And I intend to enjoy "the trip" more than "getting there". And from what I have seen, the Bonekeep series is not enjoyable to me.

Qadira ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hay, you know, maybe someone will read this and think of producing a Boon for running a Gnome-Aasimar or maybe a Tiefling-Aasimar... that would be a new twist to making Aasimar Boons

Qadira ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I notice no one has pointed out the problem of Reading Lips with a speaker who is a Tengu...

Qadira ****

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BigNorseWolf wrote:

The quote as i remembered it was

Actor "Whats my motivation mr Deville?"

Director: "Scale"

Which gets really interesting with the economics of buying mooks and adventuring. One adventure had someone holding an important hostage for... 50 gold. My second level character ducked into the kangaroos pouch, took out 100 gold pieces and tossed it to him. "Have a nice day, thank you for your help, we'll take it from here"

Back in the days, I can recall playing in a Rune Quest game where the hostage is being ransomed for ... 2 bottles of grain alcohol. The Mooks were a race called Trollkin (picture goblins) and the grain alcohol just made them drunk. When the PCs found out the cost of the alcohol (something like 2 gp - REALLY cheap) they just went to the ransom meeting with 4 bottles.

Problems ensued. The payoff was so going so easy the Trollkin suspected a double cross... and told PC A to drink some of the grain alcohol.

PC B: "He can't do that!"
Trollkin: "Ah-ha! I heard of stuff called poison before! I not so stupid!"
PC B: "Nah, he can't drink it 'cause it's Fireday! Against his religion to drink firewater on Fireday."
Trollkin: "oh... ok. Wait! you drink some!"
PC B: "sorry, can't do that... same religion!"
Trollkin: "wow! sorry dude, dumb religion!"

Qadira ****

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If a group is disfunctional enough to be shafting each other... maybe they shouldn't play together?

Obscuring Mist and Darkness builds? Silence casters? Barbarians with low Will saves? there are so many potential problems I can't even begin to list them....

IMHO we as judges don't - in fact CAN'T - police this. Not effectively. We as players can, and in fact always have. If a player is a real pain to play with - we don't play with him. "Playground rules." In time he fixes his problem (whatever it is), or he goes and plays Warcraft or something (not meaning to imply Warcraft players are less that fine people - just picking a random other part of the hobby).

It's maybe not real nice, it might not be pretty, ... and I may out of the kindness of my heart try to "fix the problem" ("hey guy, don't cheat on dice rolls - yeah, we can all tell..."). But I don't have to fix it. And I don't expect the someone else, some "authority figure" to fix it, or "control it".

In the end, life is to short for bad games. Play with friends. Talk to people. If you want to pull some great gimmic, don't keep it a secret, share it with your "friends" that the table. Enjoy. PLAY!

"If it's not fun, don't do it."

sheesh, now I need to go wash my face... sorry about that

Cheliax ****

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Secane wrote:

Given that an animal companion that can talk still needs to use tricks in combat, I don't see this item as broken.

There would likely be some headache for GMs when players start assuming that just cos their pets can talk, those pets can also follow complex commands in combat.

wait... we already have that problem now! even when they CAN'T talk.

I often see players/judges assuming the AC can do all sorts of complex things. At my local shop, persons running PCs with ACs normally just avoid playing them at my table - otherwise they have to do things like create a list of "tricks" and all that...

But having an AC that can talk?! think of the Role Playing chances!

Judge as AC: "Does this saddle make me look fat?"
Druid player: "...there is no safe answer to that question..."

Qadira ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Prethen wrote:

Perhaps the player will chime in here, but I've run and played with a character who has a Wand of Obscuring Mist and he wears a Goz mask (allowing him to freely see through any such obscurity) and uses the combination quite liberally causing all sorts of grief for the bad guys. It's a very clever combination and very powerful in certain situations.

Also, I'd have to put my vote in for Gloves of Reconnaissance as incredibly useful (and possibly what some might call "scenario breaking").

I play with a high level group (played most of EotT with this) that used to use the Goz mask (we all had one) with an Eversmoking Bottle... until the Judge asked us to quit using it as we were breaking the game to much (and it was less fun for him). So we put it away, and promptly had our first KIA in the next meeting...

Qadira ****

3 people marked this as a favorite.

heck, meeting the same guys in different scenarios can be fun... even if they are only "bit NPCs"

During a scenario with a "local thug" encounter, where the PCs are confronted by "hired thugs" intended to warn them off of their research, we captured several of the thugs and were questioning them. My PCs tend to do this a lot... Our judge had run another scenario the week before where I had much the same encounter... so he and I (with several "new" Players/PCs) went thru the "interview" something like this....

Me: "So Mook, we meet again!"
Mook #417: "Yeah, if'n I'd knowed it was yous, I might not've takkan dis job".
Me: "and how's the wife? and the little mooks? three isn't it?"
Mook #417: "same oh-same oh, off visitin' her mum again in Durma, and the lil ones is growin' like weeds..."
Me: glancing at the other mooks - stablized and waiting thier turn at interigation "So, does the local Thugs Union have ok Medical benifits? Looks like you guys will need it. Wait, you're Rent-A-Thug aren't you?"
Mook #417: "Not w'at it used ta be, w'at wit da cut backs and all. Had to switch over to Thugs-are-Us."
Me: "Tell ya what Mook, I'll pop for a couple charges off my happy stick when we're done here..."
Mook #417: "Hay, you're all ri't! T'anks!"
Me: "No problem! Least I can do. Now, about the guy who hired you..."

All this while the other players just watched and enjoyed. After all, I said my guy was the "Face"...

Qadira ****

4 people marked this as a favorite.

"I think my GM unintentionally "cheated" and TPKed, what do I do?"

This is just my opinion- realizing that I was not there and am not likely to be able to effect this in any way...

#1 - Talk to the judge to express the issues. Always give them a chance to know and understand your feelings on the job they are doing. Feedback is important, it is often how bad judges improve, and good judges become great.

#2 - if you aren't satisfied with his response to your concerns...Never play for him again. If you don't think he will improve... don't waste the game time with him. Life is too short to waste on bad games... and the number of scenarios are limited.

"If it's not fun, don't play"

something to think about:

A senior monk and a junior monk were traveling together. At one point, they came to a river with a strong current. As the monks were preparing to cross the river, they saw a very young and beautiful woman also attempting to cross. The young woman asked if they could help her.

The senior monk carried this woman on his shoulder, forded the river and let her down on the other bank. The junior monk was very upset, but said nothing.

They both were walking and senior monk noticed that his junior was suddenly silent and enquired “Is something the matter, you seem very upset?”

The junior monk replied, “As monks, we are not permitted a woman, how could you then carry that woman on your shoulders?”

The senior monk replied, “I left the woman a long time ago at the bank, however, you seem to be carrying her still.”

It is best to try to leave the bad games behind you... leave this judge at the river (if you can).

Qadira ****

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The Human Diversion wrote:

Here's what I do for custom PFS maps (I.E. non-flipmats/non-mappacks)

1) Right-click on the image in the PFS scenario and select "copy"
2) Go to your favorite image editor and select "paste" (I personally use a 90's version of Photoshop that I have a legit key for)
3) Adjust the size of the image until the squares are exactly 1" - If you crop away the partial squares on all edges, you should be able to just make the image exactly the size you need in inches
4) Save that as something Windows Paint can open, .jpg, .png, whatever
5) Open Windows Paint and then open your new image. Under the file menu, go to "print --> page setup" and make sure you select under Scaling "Adjust to: 100%"

It should print just fine now, If it's an adventure that I think I'll DM more than once, I personally use one of those large paper cutters to carefully remove the margins and then paste it on posterboard.

or print on cardstock, leaving an edge to hole-punch and drop in the binder with the scenario. I did this for the maps for First Steps - the Warehouse is two cardstock 8X11 sheets taped together so they fold on the tape crease and hole-punched on one side. The allyway and the Para-Countesses rooms etc. the same.

Qadira ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I can foresee the use of "Tech" traps in the future - in NON tech related scenarios. This is after all an "undetectable" trap that can't be disabled by most rogues.

Locks that can't be picked... wow...

Maybe I shouldn't have pointed this out where scenario writers will read it.

"...using his connections within Numeria, the villian was able to install a techological trap on his secret lair ... that can only be detected/disarmed by someone with the Technologist Feat..."

Qadira ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Comments about playing on line...please take them in the friendly way they were intended...

I play RPGs to interact with a real breathing person, in the same room with me.

I think that at it's core PFS is a face to face social game; no matter how involved the internet may be in the game, it will (for me at least) never replace sitting down with people that I consider "fellow gamers" and rolling dice. I think I could have fun in an online game (I have before in other kinds of games), but it seems like there would be a diminished level of involvement for me as I'm not as totally immersed in playing with my friends as I would be in person.

And I don't think I'm the only one that feels that way...

Qadira ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Arkos wrote:
pauljathome wrote:

Yes, there is a reason to worry.

I'm trying to build a tech friendly character. I'd kinda like to know if I NEED the feat or if it is essentially USELESS. Kinda affects the build.

I'm also planning on running this. I need to know if I should let people know stuff or not.

It is very clear that this scenario expects the rules in The Technology Guide to NOT be applied. It isn't clear if that is to be expected going forward

I'm planning to run 6-01 and 6-02 tomorrow, and I'm going to apply the Technologist rule. I think it's very possible to succeed at the scenarios even without making every skill check, and I hope that players get a kick out of the idea that this is just stuff they can't possibly know about without investing in a feat.

Personally, I'm excited about the idea of adding a little mystery to a PFS game.

will the players know this before they come sit at the table?

I have PCs who have taken every knowledge skill - and regularly max out the skills (it's part of the PCs Schtick to be a "know it all"). It would be kind of a let down to sit down at a table and be told that my guy can't "do his thing" because of a rule I had never hear of in a book I didn't own.... and that I couldn't fix at the table by buying the book online - because it took a feat and all my feats were already selected.

Qadira ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Raphael Valen wrote:
i was thinking devil-born with like a bone-devil parent lol

what would you need the transparent skin etc for? Here's my description from my table tent...

Female Tiefling, Black hair, Yellow Cat’s Eyes, Veiled face
Unnaturally thin, picture "walking skeleton" here, she is normally dressed in dark silk clothing (blacks, grays & brown), with a veil & headscarf. She has only 3 fingers (and thumb) on each hand.

No tail. No horns. Really.

add in the continual flame spell on a tongue ring, so whenever I smile (or talk) flames flash thru my teeth... so I wear a veil... though it still flashes whenever I talk ... ;)


2 people marked this as a favorite.
Da Wander wrote:
Netopalis wrote:
No, I would like clarification on whether a construct counts as "most objects", since the energy attack rule does not appear under hardness, but rather under damaging objects.

Yes, Netopalis, I think I see many problems ahead...

I recall so many spells that can't be cast on creatures because the target is defined as "object" and not "creature".

I am now going to have to go back to look at them with a new light...

Can I shrink item on a robot to reduce it's size 4 catagories? And "...change its now shrunken composition to a clothlike one"?

I'm still wondering - For those people that think a robot is an object,

Can I cast shrink item on a robot to reduce it's size 4 catagories? And "...change its now shrunken composition to a clothlike one"?

and now I need to know, can a Dimuative clothlike compostion robot still function as a robot? (I have visions of being attacked by diminutive robotic rag dolls. any chance we will see these things as swarms?)

Qadira ****

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I often play for a judge who has 6 extra (still sealed) folios that he often hands out at the start of a game...

"here, you might need this later... give it back at the end of the game"

Qadira ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.
BigNorseWolf wrote:
Its somewhere you can show in public right? Because we're not taking your word for it.

if it''s not where he can show it in public, I DON'T want him to show it to us...

Cheliax ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I stepped into this thread hoping to see some hints on using make-up as weapons, or in combat situations... you know, things like;
- throwing flasks of Tinted Moisturizers as splash weapons,
- face powder for locating invisible creatures,
- Mascara & Eyeshadow for a bonus to Perception,
- Eyeliners & Brow Pencils as improvised weapons (perhaps used with the trait "Rough and Ready")
- makeup brushes used as the weapon Iron Brush
- Lipstick & Lip Gloss as a Masterwork Tool for Diplomacy
- Nail Polish Blanches to get through DR when using claw attacks

you know, "Cosmetic Weapons" - that sort of thing.

sigh... life is just full of disappointments I guess.

Qadira ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Michael Hallet wrote:

But in the case of playing an AP in a home campaign, it is entirely possible the player could have been playing an aasimar or tiefling if the GM allowed it.

EDIT: Another thing to consider is that John's ruling really isn't really enforceable because PC race is not recorded on a chronicle. All I need to play an aasimar or tiefling is a chronicle dated prior to August 14th and a character sheet with an aasimar or tiefling PC with the same name. Unless there is someone at the table there to say "Hey, was Rock Rockcrusher a dwarf last week?" How are you going to prove that the PC wasn't an aasimar or tiefling to begin with?

the point is not to "prove" it.

If someone wants to "cheat", they can just as easily just pull out a chronicle and write up the sheet themselves - never having played it or anything. No one that I know is going to check.

We're not going to check on you guy. That's the point of an honor system. I am not your mom, or a police man or anything like that. I don't check to see that someone is honest.

I might (and do) check for MISTAKES.

SO... what's legal, what's allowed, and what's not. I need to know this so that I can inform the players that ask me for help.

SO... legal questions now...

1) If a PC has been played before today as an Aasimar - can the 1st level re-write rules be used to convert the PC to a different type of Aasimar?

2) Can they be used to convert the PC to a Tiefling?

3) Can they be used to convert the PC to a Nagagi? (not a legal choice before the 14th - so it wouldn't have been legal when the chronicle on it was awarded).

Thanks for your input!

Qadira ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Finlanderboy wrote:

So if someone is the meat shield for the group, and goes first taking the hits. He should pay for all of his own healing?

Now someone is going to get hurt for the group. Shouldn;t the group pay for the healing? Including the meat shield and everyone else.

Or should we play every man for themsevles ignore the cooperate part?

are we going to do this again? didn't we do this last month?

we can have one side getting upset because they think everyone is saying you have to pay for all your own healing, and the other side thinking that the other side is saying the party has to pay for all the meatshield healing (he get's a free ride)...

That is not what is being said.

Everyone chips in. Everyone contributes to the healing at the table. Even the girl getting the stuffing kicked out of her (be she the meatshield or the squishy).

Qadira ****

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Mark Stratton wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
That you are a horrible PC-killing monster?

Yes, as my run through of the Confirmation last weekend with 5 new players nearly proved. You know, a certain monster ** spoiler omitted ** got crits on Kyra AND Merisiel. Nearly two dead characters.


but in the end, the monster died...

now, in a later game...

"my name is Kyle Baird killed my monster... prepare to die."

Qadira ****

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just to grab the 500th post spot!

Cheliax ****

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Meatshield: "This guy just hit me for 24 HP! Need some healing here!"
Bard: "I can heal you for 1d8+3 or cast Hideous Laughter and likely put him down for 3 rounds so you can beat on him... which do you want?"
Meatshield: "Gimme the Healing!"
Bard: "Yeah, somebody dumped both INT and WIS..."

Qadira ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Kyle Baird wrote:
Sammy T wrote:
redward wrote:
Far too often I see players present these things like they're getting one over on the GM. Remember, the GM is not your enemy. They're there to run the adventure as written. They want you to succeed
I will always be your sworn enemy.
Prepare to die!

you forgot the first two lines....

"I am Kyle Baird - "
"you killed my monster - "
"Prepare to die!"

Cheliax ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

This is going to sound snarky, but it isn't ment that way...

perhaps we should go back to the first option?

"Will not run a game with Pageant of the Peacock...", check to see if anyone at the table has this Masterpiece. If they do, don't run.

At the very least, determine how they think this Masterpiece works, and if it disagrees with your view, tell them how you rule it works before play so they have the option to switch PCs (or to drop the table).

Cheliax ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.


I'm a bard (Street Performer: 11th level right now)

I don't have Pageant of the Peacock (yet, and with the Table Variation it has I am not likely to take it...), but I do have...

Versatile Performance:

Versatile Performance (Ex): At 2nd level, a bard can choose one type of Perform skill. He can use his bonus in that skill in place of his bonus in associated skills. When substituting in this way, the bard uses his total Perform skill bonus, including class skill bonus, in place of its associated skill's bonus, whether or not he has ranks in that skill or if it is a class skill. At 6th level, and every 4 levels thereafter, the bard can select an additional type of Perform to substitute.

The types of Perform and their associated skills are: ... Sing (Bluff, Sense Motive)...


SO... because I sing really good, I have a +34 Sense Motive... How is this possible? I have a WIS of 7 and one rank in Sense Motive... But you know, I can really sing! The NPCs can't lie to me, 'cause I can sing good!

The fact that I can sing sort of trumps other PCs who put lots of resources into Sense Motive, ... so I guess I should start checking with Judges at the start of each game to be sure I can use this ability, right?

Qadira ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

a friend of mine was handed a Barbarian PC to play during a game, one that had been drawn up by someone not at the game and not strongly reviewed by the players.

Getting into the character, she began "speaking like a barbarian" things like "Thog hit monster with big ax" or "Thog say - that best you got?"

This goes on for several hours into the game, everyone having fun and the story comes to an area where everyone needs to anounce their INT (I think there was an INT check for something) and she glances down and notices that this barbarian has a high INT... something like a 16. Everyone but her is speechless and takes a second to look at her. She just glances around at everyone looking at her and says..."W'ut? Thog not stupid, Thog just have speech im-ped-a-mint."

great line...

Qadira ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

First, let me make a clear statement. A judge (and a player) always has the option to leave. Always. Whatever the reason. We are all friends here (I hope) and friends DON'T force friends to do things they don't want to. So whatever your reason for leaving a table, you always have that option (IMHO).

BUT...Having the judge decide who is or isn't allowed to play at a table... I personally think (again IMHO) this is a bad idea.

the players police this now the same way we always have. If the guy is a jerk, we don't play with him. Each time we sit at a table, we look around and see... is there anyone here I'd rather not play with?

I do not want the judge to take that ability away from me as a player. Perhaps I like playing with Jo and her over-the-top bardic knowledge machine... and perhaps I don't. I sure as heck don't want to judge to make that decision for me by saying "you, Jo, play something else... or leave my table."

Are you saying you "Will not run a game with Pageant of the Peacock", even if all the other players are fine with it? Did you ask, or just assume you knew what was best for them?

Qadira ****

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my biggest problem with the many cute things mentioned on this thread is that often (some at least) judges we encounter will view anything "no one else seems to know about" with the view that the player is "trying to pull something". It boils down to the issue of player/judge trust - and some judges/players have been burned on this and have negitive responses built in about new things.

The only way to avoid this type of response from a judge is for each "gimmick" to be discussed with the judge before hand, so as not to "spring something" on him/her in the middle of the game. And even then it will sometimes "frost" the judge-player relationship.

Thread with example of this.

But discussing each new thing with the judge before the game will result in "burning game time" (if you are at the game table when you do it - and you always are with judges you haven't played for before, you often only see them as the game slot starts). If every player at the table does this, 5 minutes of game time for each player results in half an hour of play time lost from the scenario...

Several other people on different threads have expressed this view by advising us to "avoid grey areas" when we play or build PCs. Yet this is not a lot of fun either... who wants to be the same ol' thing? Just like everyone else?

I don't really have a fix for it - just felt someone needed to point this out ... Now let's get back to the kewl stuff!


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A flesh golem with potions of shocking grasp....

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wait - what if I have a PC that plays as a tiefling or aasimar, gains one XP - and then I want to train him into something else? Say a Nagagi. Can I use the 1st level re-write rules to do that? or is the PC "locked" into being a tiefling or aasimar?

or if he was a Tiefling can I change him into an Aasimar before I play him at Level 2?

Or if he was one kind of Aasimar (say Anglekin) can I change him into another (say Musetouched) before I play him at Level 2?

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Sammy T wrote:
Kyle Baird wrote:
Thanks Nosig! Totally picking that one up for Garble.

Dead Garble or Confused Garble.

Not sure which is worse.

well, let's look at the possiblities...

25% "act normally" (this is Garble - please define normal)
25% "Do nothing but babble incoherently" (see note above for act normally)
25% "Deal 1d8 points of damage + Str modifier to self with item in hand" (some people would pay to see this)
25% "Attack nearest creature (for this purpose, a familiar counts as part of the subject's self)" (is this another act normally?)

I need to put in a disclaimer here and say I have not (yet) played any games with Garble - and have formed my opinion from hear-say...


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Jeraa wrote:
But do note that it says "bonus", not "modifier". Not the same thing. If you had a Dexterity penalty (from a Dex of less than 10), that would still apply.

which just makes me wonder -

If he WANTS to get hit, how come the klutzy guy with the DEX of 4 is better than the (DEX 10) average guy at doing it? and way better than the dancer with a DEX of 18...

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Kyle Baird wrote:
Thanks Nosig! Totally picking that one up for Garble.


the difference is, most of my PCs have real problems doing any damage - unlike Garble...

not that it is a requirement to get the boon, but can Garble read? and would he take a boon for owning a BOOK?

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The Pathfinder Tales chronicles...

My favorite one has saved the life of two of my PCs...

Desperate Bargain:

Desperate Bargain: Presented with a choice between damnation and domination, you chose the latter and might choose it again. As an immediate action when you are reduced to fewer than 0 hit points, you gain a number of temporary hit points equal to 2d10 + your character level that last for 3 rounds. During these 3 rounds, you are confused as per the confusion spell. Each round, you may attempt a DC 18 Will save to remove the condition. At the end of 3 rounds or when you successfully save against the confusion effect, all remaining temporary hit points are lost and you resume dying if your hit point total remains below 0. Once you have used this boon, cross it off the Chronicle sheet.

You get to assign these chronicles to your PCs if you own the Pathfinder Tales novel...

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MrRetsej wrote:

They quickly become less useful when you reach mid levels but Stingchucks are just glorious at low levels, particularly when playing an Alchemist where you can apply your Int to damage as they are splash weapons.

Interestingly, they're priced exactly like clubs and slings; i.e., free. Add to that they can make the target Nauseated for 1d3 rounds if they fail a rather easy DC 11 Fort save. Again, not too useful as you progress in levels but at levels 1-3, I've effectively dropped a few BBEGs in the first round of combat.

The only real downside to them is that they weigh a hefty 9 pounds each. That and some players find them a bit icky. You can find them in Adventurer's Armory.

Also, every Calistrian should keep some Bachelor's Snuff or Night Tea handy, "just in case."

linking for other comments about StingChucks.

my comment about StingChucks in PFS

James Jacobs about using StingChucks - I esp. like the comment "Also, keeping your stingchucks fed and taking care of them is important, and if you ignore that, your GM has the right to have your stingchucks escape and get in your hair or pants or whatever."

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"Take 10"

ok, I'll go back to my cage now... but it's true. I'm often amazed at how many people DON'T KNOW when you can take ten....

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I like the cheap things.

Like sunrods. It's always amazing how many people don't have a sunrod. Lasts for 6 hours. AOE is 30' (bigger than the 20' for light or for a torch). and it only costs 2 gp. Area is larger than a light spelll/torch/everburning torch/Ioun Torch etc.

but the best is the Whetstone (AA Pg9), gives a +1 damage for a normal weapons for the first time it hits after you sharpen it. Cost? 2 cp. Yeap, 2 COPPER PIECES! What 1st level PC (or 2nd for that matter) Can't afford this? And the RP of sitting around, sharpening a blade while the "Face" PC is doing an Intimidate roll...

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I have nothing useful to add to this discussion - but I feel compelled to say.... "Bravo Bruno! I stand in honor of your skill as Gym Teacher at the Academe! Bravo Sir!" ... skill mastery should be recognized

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Ok, here's a different spin on this (at least it looks different to me)...

Let's say on the 15th I sit down at a table and pull out my 3rd level PC, glance around and introduce myself as a Nagaji (spelling?) Warpriest... being built with Judge credits all from last few years. Without a race boon.

Would this PC be legal?

At the time the chronicles were assigned, the PC could not have been a Nagaji - and maybe not even a Warpriest for part of those chronicles.

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Greyling wrote:
...Nobody else is playing a muscle wizard

everyone else is playing a muscle wizard....

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