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nosig's page

FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 8,045 posts (8,910 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 33 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.

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The Exchange

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Two things...

This should be on the rules forum.
This is like a fighter & barbarian both having martial weapon proficiency.... But a fighter/barbarian doesn't get Exotic because he has it twice.

The Exchange ****

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Curaigh wrote:


I agree what's-beyond-that-door can be useful, but summoning is not as convenient as other ways....

But I do applaud creative uses of spells, as BretI showed. :)

My wife tends to use invisibility on the door for this.... Along with the comment "now be sure to look surprised..."

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MisterSlanky wrote:
Sees-Far-Ahead wrote:
Flutter wrote:
So clinical. They should just be called friends.

So emotional. The term is "livestock."

You should never give a name to something you might eat later.

No, no, no.

The term is "fodder".

"Luke, I am your fodder..."

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I keep getting the image of someone communicating with intelligent creatures summoned by someone else...

PC #1 to newly summoned earth elemental: "so, Rocky, we meet again?!"
Rocky: "Ha! You again?! What is dis, like 2 times this week?" Takes swing, misses...
PC #1: "Yeah, been busy lately." Uses wand to cast Prot. Evil, "And how's your lady? and the little one... Chip isn't it?"
Rocky: "You still got dat wand t'ing? T'aught iddud be use't up by now... Chip's doing ok, starting up his own Rock Band!" moves on to attack another PC.
PC #1: "Hay! that's great! always good to have an artist in the family." glances down at wand in hand, and following Rocky to the next PC to tap him with the wand, "Well, it does come with 50 charges - and I don't get much use out of it any more, what with moving on to Year of the Serpent and not so much World Wound stuff..."
PC #2: "Dang it! Would you stop chatting up everything we meet?! That's the problem with having a Bard in the group... changing every good fight into a 'diplomacy encounter'... "
Rocky: "sheesh, w'at's wid dis guy? 'E's way to serious!"

Yeah, I can totally see this encounter.

Or one where the Andoran PC keeps asking the summoned monsters if the are "compelled" to attack... and then swings harder to kill "the evil slaver spell-caster"!

The Exchange ****

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Heck, by this logic I could just tie two (or more) maces together to increase damage output. Or heck, why stop at 2? The new terror weapon becomes 6 clubs roped together.

I (as a player) do not want to have my PCs face this sort of thing from authors. Goblin ties 47 flasks of acid together and drops them on a group of PCs in a 15'x15' room. 47d6 on the center guy and 47hp splash on the others... Really?

Shush... Time for me to go back to bed.

The Exchange ****

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You know, even more than "gamer funk", I've encountered "Smokers Aura" as a problem.

Bugs me a bunch. Someone who seems to have smoke linger around them at a 5' or possibly 10' "aura".

I'm normally to bashful to mention it though. If I'm stuck at a table with one of these guys (almost always male), I just tend to sit as far from them as possible. And avoid them the next game.

The Exchange ****

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I have been trying to ignore the urge to post on this thread - but I finally missed my Will save and so I am sure I am going to regret this...

let's add in another twist to this...

Picture this:

DM says, "the magic item your PC just put on is cursed, but it's a minor curse."
Player: "Arg! What's the bad news?"
DM, "It makes your eyes glow red in the dark, and dogs and small children of all races are afraid of you."
Player: "Ok, got that. But what's the curse? what's the bad part?"
DM says, "It makes your eyes glow red in the dark, and dogs and small children of all races are afraid of you."
Player: "But, what's the curse?"
DM: "that's the curse"
Player: "Huh?"

In the example above the Player thought the curse was Cool. Just think about it! Your character has glowing red eyes and dogs and small children of all races cower in fear of you!

The DM thought it was ... well, a curse.

Sometimes curses are all in the eyes of the viewer...

Two schools of RPGs:

For years I have noticed two general kinds of Players (and we are players on both sides of the DM Screen) – which I refer to as falling into the “Two Schools of RPG Gaming.”

School 1: RPG’s are games that pit the skill and wit of the player against DM (and her skill and wit).

School 2: RPG’s are games in which the players (the DM being one) have adventures together.

For myself, I’m in School 2, which is why I often show my "gimmicks" to the other players (even the guy running the game). I mean I may never use them in the game, but if I share them we can all enjoy them – or looked at it another way I “use” them each time I show them to someone. I like to think I’m playing the game WITH the other players when I do this, not AGAINST them. And the guy/girl running the game is (to me) just another player so why wouldn't I show them the cool thing too?

But there are lots of players (again, both sides of that DM screen) who are in School 1. When we (School 2 players) show them a cute trick they are driven to try to counter it, perhaps spending hours or days coming up with reasons why it wont work (often keeping these secret so they can spring them in a "gotcha!" moment) – sometime saying it will not work for this or that reason, or even “not in my game!”. Sometimes these can be real stretches of reality or game mechanics. But you see, they are playing against the other players and a gimmick is something they have to counter to "win". They assume everyone is trying to "take advantage" of them.

Personally, I try to avoid the School 1 types – both Judges and players (I think there are lots more players then judges in school #1. IMO School 1 types don’t often make good Judges.) Mostly I do this because I seem to have less fun in games with them. And they often have less fun playing in a game with me (I don't seem to "fight against" them - it's no challenge to "beat" me in the game).

This is not to say that a School 2 Judge (or player for that matter!) will let something slide – good ones don’t. But if we are “talking shop” they will often say – “that might not work because of X” and some might even add “but if you did Y also…”. (School 1 types would say) We can then sit down and ensure to "balance" it to make it "fair" to "both sides".

School 1 - Confrontational - "It's US vs. THEM" or "It's YOU vs. ME".

School 2 - Conspiratorial - "We're playing this game TOGETHER".

School 1 - "We need to limit this, otherwise 'they' are going to 'take advantage' and 'game the system'."
School 2 - "But what is 'fair'? How can it work 'against the players' both ways?"

the conflict here comes from the "two schools of RPGs"

The Exchange ****

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I had a judge for a game I was going to play send out the following in an email... and I found it very "Awesome!", so I thought I'd share it with my friends here (and the rest of you too!).

(in the email sent to all the players before the game):
I will remind you to be prepared for the basics.

Ability damage (potentially drain)
Invisible opponents
Incorporeal opponents
Extremes in temperature
Being grappled
Religious extremists who do not like you
Travel in an area where Pathfinders are not legal

Then you leave the venture captains office...

The Exchange ****

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Chess Pwn wrote:

So if you have a disruptive player doing disruptive things in game is causes disruptions? WHOA!!! REVELATION HERE!!!

But seriously. That's more to do with the players than any "character concept"

a thousand times this.

It's not the PC that is the problem. It's the player.

And it normally isn't a player that is unfamiliar with PFS. If it was just ignorance (the player doesn't realize what the Society is about), we can fix that OOC by just telling the player. Right there when he starts down that path. "Hay guy - we need to be able to talk to this guy to do the mission. You aren't going to 'win' by killing the target!"

No, the biggest offenders (in my experience) is the guy who plays "anti-social" knowing full well what he is doing. Who builds a PC intending to be as disruptive as possible.

The guy who, while running an Investigator, with the party facing a 300 ft climb, checks to be sure that everyone has only 50' of rope and then casts monkey fish to do the climb - taking his rope with him. That way the party has only 250 feet of rope. Yea. Been there, done that. NOT going to play with that guy again.

So, how do we fix this?

To quote the OP: "... That is not what PFS is about. If you want to play that way, fine, go find other like-minded individuals and make that group. When you sit down at a PFS table, you have agreed to play by their guidelines. They are fairly open and unrestricted, but when you openly disregard the rules, it isn't fun for anyone..."

How do we fix this problem? How do I fix it when I encounter it? I note who is doing this. (put them on "the list") I tell my friends (other gamers). We avoid this guy. Maybe for weeks, maybe for years, maybe forever.

"Playground rules." We don't play with people we don't like, who don't "play right". People who aren't fun to be with. Burn me in a game, and I'll think twice about playing with you again. Burn my friends and they have the same issue. Do it enough and no one will sit with you. It's not nice, it's not pretty, - it's just the way people are.

Maybe, in time, the problem player fixes their issues. Maybe someone comes back and says "Hay, I'm not sure what your problem is with Jo, I sat with them and they were ok..." - "Really? maybe I'll try sitting with them again...". Same way we did it in grade school.

The Exchange ****

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Ok, heck, you got me on this thread.

I got the popcorn out, pulled up a chair to ringside and got ready to watch the fights... And not one mention of anything flame worthy.

No mentions of;
Animal companions/mounts,
Take 10 rules,
Grandmaster Torch,
Buying a cure wand,
infernal healing spells,
Race boons,
Or anything to do with evil spells...

What's up?
Did I miss something? I even pulled off my Ignore filter and don't see anything...


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Oykiv wrote:
Skeld wrote:

[...], personal hygiene is important. Don't do it for yourself; do it for the rest of us. take one for the team, Pathfinder.


Are you suggesting Quiterjon should bath is VC personally?

I think I´m not so close to my VCs to do it if needed, but I´ll applaud anyone so brave to try it. If was needed, fortunately that is not the case ;D

There were/are advantages to being Shadowlodge. At least we know our VC has had a bath!


The Exchange ****

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I have been lobbying for a "Shower re-roll" for years now - but mostly for that rare player mentioned above...

I'm tempted to tell players at my table on the 3rd and 4th day of a Con that I'll let them take a re-roll if they have had a shower (and put on clean clothing!) in the last 6 hours.

I'm sure someone will object that it's against the rules... but hay! it's a good idea. Oh! and maybe had a breath mint too.

I have gamed with someone that had an adverse reaction to my aftershave (eyes running, sneezing, etc.) - when they mentioned it I switched brands (and went without the second day of that CON). Heck, they were a lot of fun to game with, I wouldn't want something easily changeable to get in the way of gaming with them.

The Exchange ****

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Matthew Morris wrote:
Auke Teeninga wrote:
nosig wrote:
so, back to the OP... "what animal (that can be a familiar) is proficient with a bow?"
** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **

Might be a fishy build...


The Exchange ****

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TOZ wrote:
Yes, #11-11 Whips and Midgets IS a silly idea.

... a Chalaixian comedic opera, set in the Oppara/Talden court of Stephan the III...

Scarab Sages ****

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hay, I'm a Cleric of Nivi Rombadazzel specializing in Channels - so that's sort of a CHA based caster right?

no wait, I'm a Gnome so never mind.

Buba is a Dwarven (though he claims to be a Gnome) Cleric. Green hair (dyed), disguised (Skill +15?, -12 for size and race difference) as a Gnome.

The Exchange ****

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Lord Twitchiopolis wrote:

I see you, Big Norse Wolf, and Kalindlara in nearly every thread. Black Blood Troll and RavingDork too.


Even then though, how often do you see us with the SAME opinion?

heck, whenever I agree with them I rush off to be scanned for enchantment magic...

The Exchange ****

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when I first started looking at playing a gunslinger my first choice was going to be dwarf...

I just got the following image in my head for starting each game...

"A dwarven adventurer walks into town, up the dusty street, an exotic saddle over his sholder and pistol at his belt. He glances over to where the other adventurers are gathered... "Well son, wha'da'ya do when they shot chur mount outta underneith ya? Ifin it's a Dire Bat, yah learn the true value of this here 'Ring of Feather Fall'. Yep, that or try to learn to fly REAL FAST."

(then the best part) - Going from adventure to adventure - never admitting that he's afraid of heights and has never owned a Dire Bat, much less flown on one.

Scarab Sages ****

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Be a dwarf. No problem.

(anyone that has a problem with that can go brake rocks!)

Sovereign Court ****

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In one game, we ran a bluff that we were an Aspis Team posing as a Pathfinder team - which explained why we had a few Wayfinders with us, and no Aspis badges.

"It would blow our cover to be carrying our Badges - so we left them back at Base.
"And we didn't have enough Wayfinders to go around, so we are making do with the ones we could get ahold of. Now, we need you to help with the cover story... remember, a gang of Pathfinders came to talk to you..." {wink-wink} "...totally not an Aspis team."

The funniest part was one of the players kept getting mixed up and saying she was a Pathfinder and the NPCs would just say something like "Yeah, I got that"...

Yeah - we were Pathfinders, claiming to be Aspis agents posing as Pathfinders...see we have a couple Wayfinders...

The Exchange ****

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Alexander Augunas wrote:

To summarize, here is what GMs currently get:

1. They get to GM! You know, tell the story, play the monsters, be the bad guys, and bring Golarion to life for the players. Same number of hours of fun the players get, or more (depending on how much prep you do and whether you enjoy that or not).
2. They get a free Chronicle, which can be applied to any of their PCs (making it much likier that any special class-related boons are applied to the right PC), with max gold, max prestige, all items, and any or all boons, with absolutely no risk to their character - no risk of death, no CLW charges used, no expendables. This is already better than a player gets, since as a player you can lose prestige, boons, etc through no fault of your own.
3. They get a chance to get the same Chronicle benefits twice - once from playing, once from GMing. No player gets that either.
4. They get GM stars which give bonuses to re rolls. Players don't get that.
5. They get a stronger community, which benefits everyone.

So, GMs already get more than players. A lot more. If you can't attract GMs with the existing rewards, adding more isn't going to change much. If you don't think GMing is "worth your time", don't do it.

#1: Being a GM is rewarding, but its not a reward. Put another way, being a GM often provides immense satisfaction to the GM, but it does not provide anything tangible to the GM that she couldn't have gotten from sitting at the table as a player.

#2: As above. Yes, you get a risk-free chronicle. But the only reward here is the "risk-free" part; if you sat at the table as a player, you would have gotten a chronicle too. Getting XP is not a reward; it is a basic right for being a player at the table. (And in Pathfinder Society, the GM is a player. Maybe not at the current table, but unlike a home gaming every single person in PFS is both a GM and a player simultaneously, even if they choose to never occupy a given role at the table at any point during their lifetime.)

#3: This is a true...


I have a stunningly different opinion on these five things I get for judging.

My #1 is #1. Far and away more than the others. This is very different from the the experience I get playing. And you seem to count it as "not a reward ".

My #2 is #5,the other one you discount a as not even a reward. Heck, it's why I'm a coordinator, why I help run events.

YMMV I guess...

#2, 3 & 4 are just icing on the cake. If they took those away I'd still be out there running and organizing games.

The Exchange ****

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I'm watching this thread, and not sure if I have anything to add one way or another...

Want to "reward" me when I'm running the game?
1) Pay attention
2) Do something entertaining - make me laugh
3) Don't cheat
4) Tell me the parts you enjoy, and the parts you don't
5) Try to have fun

Those are the best rewards I can get for running the game. Anything else is bonus...

Link to old story


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Drogon wrote:
FLite wrote:
Drogon wrote:
Fromper wrote:
Right now, if you don't use the faction card, it really doesn't matter what faction you're in.
Which is doubly frustrating because you still have to choose a faction for your PC. If there was a "factionless" option, this would make more sense.

That's kind of what grand lodge is.

You are devoted to the pathfinders as a whole, not to any one subfaction. Sure, if you rise high in that faction it may mean you are more devoted to the leadership than to the average pathfinder, but the rank and file grand lodge member is just someone who doesn't care about all these other groups trying to use the Pathfinder Society for their own, petty, agendas.

Sort of.

If "Grand Lodge Member" meant "perform your duties as a member of the Pathfinder Society (i.e., play through the scenario and do your best to accomplish what needs to be accomplished) then I would agree with you.

Instead, "Grand Lodge Member" means you have to select that faction at the beginning of each adventure and (assumed) means you are promoting the goals of the Grand Lodge Faction. Which is inherently different than simply doing your job. NOT promoting those goals makes you an inactive member of the Faction(tm). It's subtle, but there is definitely a difference.

...several Pathfinders in the Shadows nod in soundless agreement...

The Exchange ****

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Gary Bush wrote:
rknop wrote:
Drogon wrote:
And every purchase on an ITS still has to be signed off on if it's over 25gp,


First I've heard of it.

On page 10 of Season 7 Guide:

Guide wrote:
An Inventory Tracking Sheet has been included at the end of this document and is to be used for tracking all purchases of 25 GPs or more, ... and any consumables used.

Same language was in season 6. I can't say about any earlier than that because I have only been playing since season 6.

I think the question on this is the "has to be signed off" part.

The Exchange ****

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The Fox wrote:

I hear that, Drogon. I was skeptical too. I haven't seen any abuses in any of the games I've been involved in. Here, players generally ask the GM if they qualified for a checkbox off the card anyway.

There are many ways to cheat in this campaign if someone was so determined. But the vast majority of the players aren't going to do so. I feel we are better off engendering a culture of trust than distrust.

The novels chronicles are a good example of this. If a player brings me a novel and a chronicle for me to sign off, I have no way of knowing whether they read it or not. But I have enough things in my life to worry about—more important things. I'm happy to trust that they read the book; I don't need to quiz them.

LOL! Fox, they don't need to read it. Just OWN it. 'course it might be a book they borrowed from a friend...

(edit: I have found that many of them are good reads - and give a lot of background for when you are playing your PCs in an area.)

The Exchange ****

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I have actually been using the Faction Journal cards for each of my PCs. Back when they were introduced I even used them to settle on which faction several of my PCs should join/switch too, and for 2 of my PCs I went looking for another PC that could sponsor them to change factions.

funny story about faction recruiting:

I have a PC that I introduce as "a dog delivery system" - meaning my PC is mostly a support character for his mount/animal companion/riding dog. When I (in character) said I was no longer happy with my faction and was looking for other options I had two different PCs try to recruit me into their faction. It was sort of a sub-plot for that entire game. One of the PCs even cast speak to animals so that he could try to recruit the "primary part of the team - the dog".

Now, when I am creating a new PC, I will pull out the Faction Journal cards and "fit" the PC to his faction (personality/background/skills). It really helps to have the PCs goals match up better with his faction goals.

The Exchange ****

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
On a more general note, something should not use the same name as something else. Its confusing as all heck.

are you on the level with this?

The Exchange ****

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"What brings you to a convention?"

for me, I would have to say often it's my wife. Unless I drive - but normally I am catching a nap and I just let her do the driving...

The Exchange ****

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I played with a judge that does him as Elmer Fudd.

The Exchange ****

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Now time to run away

The Exchange ****

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CBDunkerson wrote:
Pathfinder doesn't really have 'fumble' for simple actions (e.g. walk and hold keys). Sure, it can happen... but the odds are so low (way below the 5% limit set by using d20 for most actions) that the game just ignores it. The 'Take 10' limitation was presumably intended to simulate the fact that it becomes more difficult to complete routine tasks when you are in danger/under stress.

This ruling also allows the judge to assume the player is T10 in moments when it works better "for drama".

So, if the PC falls in a 10' pit and needs an '11' to climb out... He fails.

Judge: "you're stuck in the pit and can't climb out..."
Player A: "Hay guys, throw me a rope or something..."
Player B (a Druid): "I cast SNA-1 to drop a viper in the pit"
Player A: "Hay! Not funny! My guys afraid of snakes! I'm climbing again!"
Judge: "... Wow! That's stressful. Guess you need to roll it."
Player A: "rolled a '17'- plus my '8' gives a '25'..."
Judge: "catching sight of the snake, you seem to leap right out easily!"

Yeah - feel the Drama!

The Exchange ****

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Kalindlara wrote:
UndeadMitch wrote:
Kalindlara wrote:
Also, the only "surge" of races would be those that get a scenario. It's not like the scenario boon would be "pick any race". We'd get more of that race.
True, but I know of many people that would find it pretty distasteful to be hip deep in a pool of catfolk (as an example) in the weeks following the scenario that opens it up. Also, Management would have to be exceedingly cautious on what they would make legal, because once they let the cat out of the bag there would be no way to put it back in. They would have to be comfortable with making the race effectively always available, because if everybody has the ability to make 2-3 of a given race it is pretty much the same as making it always available.

How can everybody make two or three? I thought you needed to GM a lot of scenarios before you got one replay...

And yes, they should - and would - be cautious. I feel like "we'll be up to our necks in catfolk/skinwalkers/androids!" is a bit of a strawman, to be honest. If anything, I see them opening up something like

-aasimar or tiefling, which was once open;

-one of the other Dragon Empire races, such as samsaran, which shouldn't be much rarer than kitsune or wayang;

-an all-new race with previous storyline ties, such as kobolds or ratfolk (who work best in multiples anyway).

And there might be a bit of a surge in the following weeks, but that will happen no matter how the race becomes available. By that standard, there was a surge in aasimar & tieflings at the start of the Worldwound season. ^_^

I like the Ratfolk idea. Play the two scenarios "Return to Round Mountain" and "Escape from Round Mountain" and you get to run one of the Ratfolk Refugees...

The Exchange ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

heck, I could see something like this...

Picture a set of 2 or 3 scenarios set in the World Wound. The Society encounters a tribe/band/village of Tieflings - say only one or two bloodlines. Maybe Demon-Spawn (Pitborn). The Society "saves" the tribe and get's them out of the World Wound (chance for lots of "redeemer" PCs to get kudos with this). Players can then run one of the "Refugee PCs" - you get the boon to run a Pitborn Tiefling. And it would even make sense to have a number of the suddenly start popping up in PFS games... and they would have a ready made background, that even made sense in the campaign setting.

And yeah, we'd have more Tieflings in the game... (eye-roll - not that I don't have enough of them now...)

The Exchange ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

this would result in race boons that couldn't be traded/given away. Would this be a problem?

The Exchange ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Also, we would need to define the Laws/Customs of slaves and slavery as they appear in the world setting.

Historically they have been very different...just compare a 17th century plantation worker in the new world with a 17th century Janissary - and that is just location!

What if the Qadirians (somewhat modeled after the Turks) actually have something like Janissaries?

Is it against the law in Qadira to enslave worshippers of Sarenrae?

Is the slave of a citizen freed in Cheliax a citizen?

Are Talden Serfs better treated than Slaves (often Serfs were treated worse than slaves)?

note on Janissaries:

The Janissaries were kapıkulları, "door servants" or "slaves of the Porte", neither freemen nor ordinary slaves (köle). They were subjected to strict discipline, but were paid salaries and pensions upon retirement and formed their own distinctive social class. As such, they became one of the ruling classes of the Ottoman Empire, rivaling the Turkish aristocracy. The brightest of the Janissaries were sent to the palace institution, Enderun. Through a system of meritocracy, the Janissaries held enormous power, stopping all efforts at reform of the military.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Often you can get some stronger member of the party you are adventuring with to carry some of your gear. Ah know Ah do!

It does lead to "interesting" mistakes when Ah need to get something mah from packs pockets, and get confused about which "pockets" Ah'm reaching mah hands into! Purely by accident Ah assure ya'll!

" where did Ah put that wand? Opps! sorry about that! didn't realize it was so 'fully charged'!"

The Exchange

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Mighty Glacier wrote:

Player: "Whew, I have just enough carrying capacity to hold onto this sword we looted. With 10 Str I can carry up to 33 lbs of stuff as light load: exactly 33 lbs with the sword!"

GM: "Hold on, what outfit are you wearing?"
Player: "Uh, I don't know? Some basic, explorer's outfit?"
GM: "AHA! That weighs 8 lbs! I bet you haven't calculated THAT!"
Player: "Well, you're right. I haven't taken my clothes into account."
GM: "Guess you'll have to be encumbered then!" *evil GM laughter*
Player: "So I take all my clothes off. There is no penalty to fighting in undergarments, is there?"
GM: "What?! Well, no..."
Player: "How much do my underpants weigh, GM?"
GM: "I, uh, don't know? 1 lb?"
Player: "Oh no, that will put me at 34 lbs. Guess I'll go commando. Or is there a penalty for fighting without underpants?"

this entire thread was worth this one line....

" there a penalty for fighting without underpants?"

The Exchange ****

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MeriDoc- wrote:

I'd rather pay day wages 1 or 2 silver per worker per day in most cases. A recent game DM asks me so you'll need to transport these items (weighing 1k pounds each) let's see some str checks.

No problem says I, 3 man work crew plus a foreman and a block & tackle. 2 teams in case of failure and to prevent. Cost a few gold when it was all done.

...and this is why in some districts of Cheliax it is against the law for freemen to do many forms of manual labor (cutting into the livelihood of slaves and slave owners).

Moving large stone blocks? Got to call the Stone Masons Guild.

Foreman: "Six 1,000 lb. blocks? Transported more than 30'? Got to have a team of 5 slaves, plus an indentured servant taskmaster. Guild rules you know plus standard equipment charges, plus overtime fees, union dues, body oil, insurance, extra stone dust, torches for night work - just incase we run long, transport duties, project license, district duties, standard bribes, extra for a rush job, additional duties, exception fees, equipment damage coverage - ware and tear on the whip if nothing else, donation for the retirement fund, ... altogether looks like 60 gp and we'll be able to fit you in next month on the 12th."

and now that it's a Guild job, there'll be a slip down to watch and make sure you don't try to get non-guild workers in to do it on the hush-hush. That's the LAW. Have a nice day.

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kinevon wrote:
Wei Ji the Learner wrote:
The Fox wrote:
DM Beckett wrote:
How does your Paladin feel about the Society ... hoarding all kinds of dark books, items, relics, artifacts, etc in one big place run by an evil temptress with a taste for blasphemous porn that seems extremely likely to fall into the enemies hands rather soon?
My paladin of Shelyn believes that the only blasphemous pornography is that which the artist did not put in their greatest effort into creating.

My bard who follows Shelyn actually has improved his Diplomacy rolls in two situations because he could see artwork in progress and when the person they were talking to stopped the pained expression on his face at 'stopping art' was exceptionally persuasive.

That and the 'Oh, please, go back to that, talk to me when you're done, Shelyn would hate me forever if I stopped you in your inspiration.' probably didn't hurt either.

Separate point, equally important. If the artwork is exceptionally good, does it become a holy relic, even if some faiths would argue it's very... unholy?

I dunno. I am still trying to figure out what would be considered blasphemous porn for Calistria....

Gilligan's Island?

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ewan cummins wrote:

A list of slave prices would be good. Is there anything like that in any of the books? Has anyone here written something like it up?

How much do ordinary laborers cost? Concubines? Tutors?

Of course prices would vary a lot based on the local markets, but the same holds true of many items that the books give 'standard' prices for anyway. It's convenient for gaming purposes to have such lists.

Slave markets offer an incentive for PCs to capture, rather than just kill out of hand, intelligent baddies.

PCs might want to get some human/humanoid baggage carriers for expeditions. Ditto slave labor force for building strongholds.

Adventurer's Armory, pg. 21

Slave - 75 gp
Slave, Hard Labor - 100 gp
Slave, Household - 50 gp
Slave, Slip (Halfling) - 100gp
Slave, Specialized - 500 gp

(edit: remember, there are likely a lot of specialized laws (written and unwritten) and rules concerning ownership and use of slaves and slave labor that are not addressed in existing rules... and this entire subject is very much subject to table variation. Added to this, what is "legal" in one place may be prohibited in another... YMMV.)

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
nosig wrote:

This whole thread reminds me of the take 10 threads... It even has many of the same actors.

it's a little depressing actually.

Moving on now.

Apple pie reminds you of the take 10 threads... :)

nah, people arguing about apple pie, and if you could cut a pie into 6 pieces or 7, that would remind me of the Take 10 threads... (esp. when it is common sense to see it's 3.14159 pieces...).

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This whole thread reminds me of the take 10 threads... It even has many of the same actors.

it's a little depressing actually.

Moving on now.

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I could see an NPC that is in two factions... Why not?

Recruited into both...

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Clearly you have a different definition of "power gamer" than most of the rest of us currently posting.

If you start your definition with "cheats"... Then clearly you have left my definition behind. I consider a power gamer to be VERY careful to always be inside the rules, otherwise they have left the game out of their play....

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My PCs are designed As optimized builds...I min-max....

Maximize the table fun with a minimum of non-fun stuff.


I'm always interested in things that do this.

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I agree with the fox.

My experiences are very much the reverse....

And this does not answer the original question.

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claudekennilol wrote:
nosig wrote:

If we had 7 different Attribute lists for different types (bloodlines) of Elves, and 11 different ones for Dwarves, we'd have LOTS more of both those races. Heck - if we had different Attribute lists for the different breeds of HUMAN we'd have lots more of those guys too.

At least ...IMHO.

Exactly this. It's just because they're so versatile in what bonuses they give so they work for a much wider range of optimized builds. Just like there are builds that need an extra feat earlier, they'll pick human.

Sure - but that means when people say things like "I was at a table full of Aasimar last game" I wonder if there were 3+ of the same bloodline of Aasimar... say 3 Azata blooded.

It would be like saying "I was at a table last week with 3+ humanoids (an Elf, a Dwarf and a Gnome)..." One a Wizard, one a Cleric and the other a Bard.

There are different breeds of Aasimar that would be good as all three of those - just as there are different breeds of humanoid...

Scarab Sages ****

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Hrothdane - your story caused me to remember something I often do during introductions at the table...

During introductions at the start of a game, I will, in a faux French accent, ask each other PC (often starting with any young ladies at the table) "Are you currently involved in a long term relationship?" I normally get stammers and blushes. my PC goes on to say "I am a Matchmaker by profession you see, it is my 'day job' (finger quotes) - so if you might be interested in such a relationship, perhaps we might discuss some of my other clients? My card - " and I hand out a business card. At this point I switch to my OOC voice and say ... "Role Play often suffers due to time constraints, and we only have a limited time for this tonight so..." Back in character voice "Sigh... It appears that we have got to save the world again now, perhaps after that we'll find your one true love, yes?"

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Necroing a thread I liked...

every now and again we should have a thread like this pop up on the board.

Share a story or two... something that made you laugh...

Last Con I was at, last day of the CON, the party was ambushed in an ally by a band of thugs. The Rogue in the party wins Init. and (played by a very shy young lady) wants to use Intimidate to bypass the combat encounter. So she pulls her dagger and says something like..."Ah, go away or, ah, I'll stick you." and says it real softly. And get's something like a 32 in the Intimidate (at sub-tier 4-5).

I was running a Diplomacy/Bluff focused Bard and was going next in Init, but heck - I'm not going to steal her moment so I just add "She'll turn you into a newt." Pointing at the snake AC in the party, "There's the last guy who got in her way..." using Bluff to support her threat.

We did have to wait thru the Initiative order for all of them to melt away...

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