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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook (OGL)

nogoodscallywag's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 313 posts (461 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 5 Pathfinder Society characters. 3 aliases.


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Grand Lodge

My submission

Male Halfling Rogue 1
NG Small humanoid (halfling)
Init +6; Senses Perception +6
AC 17, touch 14, flat-footed 14 (+3 armor, +3 Dex, +1 size)
hp 11 (1d8+3)
Fort +4, Ref +7, Will +1; +2 vs. fear
Speed 15 ft.
Melee rapier +1 (1d4/18-20) and
rapier +1 (1d4/18-20)
Special Attacks sneak attack +1d6
Str 10, Dex 19, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 12
Base Atk +0; CMB -1; CMD 13
Feats Two-weapon Fighting
Traits chance savior, resilient
Skills Acrobatics +7 (-1 jump), Climb -1, Disable Device +6, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +4, Knowledge (history) +1, Knowledge (local) +4, Perception +6 (+7 to locate traps), Stealth +9, Use Magic Device +5; Racial Modifiers +2 Acrobatics, +2 Climb, +2 Perception
Languages Common, Halfling
SQ hero points, trapfinding +1
Combat Gear oil (3); Other Gear studded leather, rapier, rapier, backpack, bullseye lantern, pathfinder's kit, thieves' tools, 28 gp, 7 sp
Special Abilities
Chance Savior Fate smiled on you and Professor Lorrimor one day in the not so distant past. Through a matter of pure chance, you were in a position to save the late scholar's life and did so. His gratitude was effusive, and he promised that he would never forget y
Fearless +2 racial bonus vs Fear saves.
Hero Points (1) Hero Points can be spent at any time to grant a variety of bonuses.
Sneak Attack +1d6 +1d6 damage if you flank your target or your target is flat-footed.
Trapfinding +1 Gain a bonus to find or disable traps, including magical ones.

Shush hails from Egorian. His actual name is Drais Rakerrusk. His slave name was Bit. He now claims a home outside of Almas in Andoran, preferring the quiet countryside to living in a city.

Shush was born to Halfling parents in Egorian, living on the streets until caught stealing at a young age. He was then sent into slavery, owned by a middle-rank autocrat and his wife. He served them until the age of 22, at which point he quickly tired of that life.

Always curious and never satisfied, he began to realize the benefits of living under the foot of a slavemaster did not outweigh freedom. He engineered his escape and his masters’ demise, fleeing Cheliax and ending up in Almas. He took with him only a few objects, a small pile of gold, and the clothes on his back. He currently works for an Andoran bureaucrat, having good working knowledge of government administration. On the side, he makes money gambling and doing odd jobs.

Shush is a utility rogue that will fight when he needs to and stab an enemy in the back when he wants to. He received word concerning the Professor's death and has traveled to Ravengro.

Grand Lodge

I also just thought of this one: what if someone is charmed?!

If someone fell under the spell Command, this technically removes their "movement" and gives it to another... hence the slippery slope of a broad, RAW interpretation.

Does anyone happen to know what the 1st and/or 2nd edition ADnD described the spell as?

I'm having trouble even finding a spell called FOM in those editions, yet I remember a spell doing this similar thing.

Grand Lodge

Ipslore the Red wrote:
nogoodscallywag wrote:
Sindalla wrote:

You know, at first, I thought, "this is ridiculous, your players are trying to abuse the system."

I went ahead and read the whole spell to see if something was missed and here you go.

PFSRD wrote:
This spell enables you or a creature you touch to move and attack normally for the duration of the spell, even under the influence of magic that usually impedes movement, such as paralysis, solid fog, slow, and web. All combat maneuver checks made to grapple the target automatically fail. The subject automatically succeeds on any combat maneuver checks and Escape Artist checks made to escape a grapple or a pin.
Daze and Staggered are as much a debilitation to your movement as paralysis, on an even lower scale actually. I guess a case truly can be made here. Good find!
However, Staggered doesn't impose penalty to movement, RAW it says nothing about it. As Staggered, no movement his hindered. A character can move his full speed if they want.

Yes, it does. There is no way to say that it doesn't, since FoM specifically counteracts slow. What does slow do? This:

slow wrote:
Creatures affected by this spell are staggered and can take only a single move action or standard action each turn, but not both (nor may it take full-round actions).
Slow makes you staggered. Slow impedes your movement. FoM specifically makes you immune to slow because it impedes your movement. Staggered impedes your movement. FoM makes you immune to staggered.

Ipslore, some cold hard facts are necessary here:


An affected creature moves and attacks at a drastically slowed rate. Creatures affected by this spell are staggered and can take only a single move action or standard action each turn, but not both (nor may it take full-round actions). Additionally, it takes a -1 penalty on attack rolls, AC, and Reflex saves. A slowed creature moves at half its normal speed (round down to the next 5-foot increment), which affects the creature's jumping distance as normal for decreased speed.

Slow specifically reduces SPEED with this sentence: "A slowed creature moves at half its normal speed..."

Hence the reason FOM is usually good for defense vs. this spell, along with Hold spells...which specifically state the victim gains the paralyzed condition...which in turn FOM specifically provides for in the text.

The staggered condition does not REDUCE SPEED. You still have your normal speed.

FOM does not say anything about immunity to staggered condition.

So if you are arguing that anything which "impedes" movement is negated by FOM, then literally anything which impedes movement is negated by FOM! Thus, all the above events I mentioned are negated by FOM. Think about that. I'm pretty sure that's not what the spell in intended for, and that is is intended for effects that REDUCE SPEED (Speed being the actual modified base speed listed under race and modified for weight, etc.). Also, intended for the actual listed items in the spell.

Otherwise, going by your idea, a humanoid with both legs broken has the ability to move at his normal speed because his broken legs are reducing his SPEED.

Grand Lodge

Any chance of this game picking back up?

Grand Lodge

Sindalla wrote:

You know, at first, I thought, "this is ridiculous, your players are trying to abuse the system."

I went ahead and read the whole spell to see if something was missed and here you go.

PFSRD wrote:
This spell enables you or a creature you touch to move and attack normally for the duration of the spell, even under the influence of magic that usually impedes movement, such as paralysis, solid fog, slow, and web. All combat maneuver checks made to grapple the target automatically fail. The subject automatically succeeds on any combat maneuver checks and Escape Artist checks made to escape a grapple or a pin.
Daze and Staggered are as much a debilitation to your movement as paralysis, on an even lower scale actually. I guess a case truly can be made here. Good find!

However, Staggered doesn't impose penalty to movement, RAW it says nothing about it. As Staggered, no movement his hindered. A character can move his full speed if they want.

Grand Lodge

I'm not sure FOM cares whether the limitation on actions, attacks, movement, etc. are mental or physical. But that's not the point and doesn't change the issue at hand.

I think FOM means DIRECT movement or attack limitations, not indirect. Using this key phrase would make sense to me and to the list, above, because there is a plethora of indirect limitations on attack and movement that occur to a character or monster.

Grand Lodge

RAW, which I do not think should be the case says :

enables you or a creature you touch to move and attack normally for the duration of the spell,.

Therefore, RAW, *anything* that hinders, impedes, etc. "normal" (how to define normal?!) are negated. Thus, the following, per RAW (which I've stated I do not believe is the intention of the 4th level spell), the spell negates things, no matter the source of the effect, such as:

Being buried in any substance
Moving with catastrophic broken legs, etc.
Armor penalty reductions
Any environmental effect that could hinder movement like wind, water, rough terrain (does this then include solid stone for those without burrowing?)
Squeezed penalty
Negate all conditions which impose any sort of attack or movement impediment such as daze or staggered or prone
Spells like Power Word Stun or other mental effects
What about a creature that is in your way???
Condition modifiers to attack and movement like prone.
Any effect that would cause the loss of even one attack in a full round action.
A zombie who has a natural condition of staggered…

Per RAW, *anything* which renders a character unable to move or attack IN ANY way would be negated by FOM.

That's why I believe the intention of the spell is not RAW, but more intended for things that impose attack or movement reduction DIRECTLY, not indirectly.

Therefore, if we read FOM as RAW we need to read Staggered per RAW as well, and Staggered DOES NOT PER RAW limit normal movement, it only limits actions; it can certainly be argued that a double-move is not normal movement and thus it does not impede normal movement and FOM wouldn't do anything for staggered per RAW- hence the importance of clarifying what the spells can and cannot do with all situations and making sure RAW is being adhered to in both instances.

Grand Lodge

Agreed with Pauper, but it does so indirectly. I'm not so sure FOM protects againstindirect movement impediment.

Grand Lodge

staggered condition doesn't directly impede it, however. You are able to move.

What if someone is squeezing? would the penalty to movement be the only effected thing?

Grand Lodge

That's what I tend to think, but players are saying the spell :

"This spell enables you or a creature you touch to move and attack normally for the duration of the spell, even under the influence of magic that usually impedes movement, such as paralysis, solid fog, slow, and web."[/b]

So it would appear the language is very vague. Even if the effect is mental, FOM may negate it?

Grand Lodge

Hmmm...I tend to agree except my players are making a good argument. The first part of FOM does say: "This spell enables you or a creature you touch to move and attack normally for the duration of the spell..."

Grand Lodge

But, can it not be argued that daze does indeed impede movement?

"The creature is unable to act normally. A dazed creature can take no actions, but has no penalty to AC."

It restricts the movement by making the dazee unable to take actions...

Grand Lodge

The Suicide Demon has:

"Gaze of Despair (Su)

A seraptis’s gaze fills the minds of those within 30 feet with overwhelming and soul-crushing despair. Anyone who fails a DC 22 Will save upon being exposed to a seraptis’s gaze immediately takes 1d6 points of Charisma drain and is staggered for 1d6 rounds. If the Charisma drain would normally reduce a creature’s Charisma to 0, that creature instead succumbs to overwhelming suicidal urges and attempts to end its life by the most convenient method at hand, subject to GM discretion. (In most cases, this effect causes a creature to make a coup de grace attempt on itself, but if a more dramatic method of self-destruction is available, the creature takes that action.) Once a creature reaches this suicidal state of despair, it remains in that state until its Charisma score is restored to its normal maximum—if methods of restoring lost Charisma are not available, the suicidal victim must be restrained at all times to prevent attempts to kill itself. This is a mind-affecting effect. The save DC is Charisma-based."

I do not think casting FOM will remove the staggered condition of this ability.

The staggered condition actually doesn't impede movement, because it does still allow movement!


A staggered creature may take a single move action or standard action each round (but not both, nor can he take full-round actions). A staggered creature can still take free, swift, and immediate actions. A creature with nonlethal damage exactly equal to its current hit points gains the staggered condition."

Am I correct?

Otherwise, wouldn't a character that had broken legs...i.e. unable to move, now be able to move about normally?

How about it a wizard was completely tied up except for his hands...if he were tied up with rope and iron chains and such but could cast FOM on him successfully.

I would say he could NOT simply get out of the bonds. He of course could always make the regular escape or strength checks, but I do not think the spell is meant to give a free pass out of mantacles, etc.

What about the exhausted condition? If a character just got that condition as a result of simply over exerting himself...does FOM remove the movement penalty from this?

Grand Lodge

Can a large creature squeeze into the space between his ally and an enemy and stop there? Enemy is E, Large creature is L, and ally is A; X is empty space.


X L X is this the correct positioning?

Grand Lodge

Greetings, fellows.

Cato Taldinus

Full hit point rolls for level 2,3:

1d8 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 1 = 6 and 1d8 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5

Grand Lodge

PM'd ya Tobaris...

Grand Lodge

Just call me bard "ordinaire" from now on!

Grand Lodge


Grand Lodge

Good evening, sir.

My name is Cato Taldanius. You may have heard of me. I am a story-teller extraordinaire with some, ahem, additional skills mixed in.

I was born in Oppara in 4677 AR and lived most of my life there before venturing out into the world at the ripe of old age(for adventurers) of 25.

I have been to many distant lands and seen many strange things. I enjoy documenting my experiences and relating them to folks orally and with the written word. I possess excellent oratorical skills- in fact, I can relate a tale so stunning that my fellow compatriots well up with passion and fortitude even during a battle with beasts.

Many wondrous things exists to be found for those able to find them. I have the skills to find them, while at the same time noting every minor detail of our adventures for future recitation. I would be a valuable asset to any group of adventurers seeking treasure, glory, or even death itself.

So, sir, Restov, I will not disappoint you. I am no front line warrior, but rest assured I have valuable political skills to compliment those front line brutes. If you shall have, I would be honored. If not, please take a free copy of my most recent chronicle on the dangers of Opparan Women's Societies.

Tobaris, thanks for reading the intro. I have never played PbP and have been watching the boards for a good AP. I currently run a house game with 6-10 rotating players. Played DnD for over almost 20 years through high school and college. Just recently converted to Pathfinder in 2010. So far so good; run the Golarion game at home, play PFS at cons, local stores, and at home. I have never played Kingmaker and never played a Bard. I plan on making the Bard a half-elf from Taldor. No special stat quirks or anything, just a basic orator-performance jack of all trades guy, good charisma for politicking.

I wasn't sure if you wanted acceptance before a roll for stats or not, but here goes if so. Appreciate the time.

1) 2d6 + 6 ⇒ (4, 4) + 6 = 14
2) 2d6 + 6 ⇒ (4, 4) + 6 = 14
3) 2d6 + 6 ⇒ (3, 1) + 6 = 10
4) 2d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 1) + 6 = 13
5) 2d6 + 6 ⇒ (4, 2) + 6 = 12
6) 2d6 + 6 ⇒ (2, 4) + 6 = 12

If accepted, I would take the middle gear choice: B: 4,000 gold to buy any gear.

Grand Lodge

My name is Cato Taldanius. You may have heard of me. I am a story-teller extraordinaire with some, ahem, additional skills mixed in.

Just PMd ya, Tobaris.

Grand Lodge

I'm new to this whole pbp thing. also to warhorn. Registering is a bit confusing- I only see two games of blackros matrimony, one has 4/6 the other has 0/6. But they don't say GM Alice...

Grand Lodge *

This was my 3rd year at GenCon. I thought the mustering was a dramatic improvement, as well as the acoustics in the hall. I have difficulty hearing as it is and I heard everything I needed to.

What are the chances the games could begin at 9am rather than 8am? I'm begging!

It was my first Gen Con special, too. I will certainly be doing those again.

All my GMs were great. My GM for the special, I think his name was Trevor, was great, too.

I did find it strange during the special that generics weren't allowed in but there was an entire table empty with a GM sitting there by herself...

I'm a GM at home for a group of folks, and every time I go to GenCon and play PFS I learn a new interpretation of the rules I was doing wrong. I think that's great. This year, I learned that, as a player, if the GM was not in "voice" of a character, I found it difficult to tell whether or not a character in game was speaking or whether it was the GM. I find myself slipping into my natural voice as well, so I vowed to pay attention this.

The GMs really put up with a lot. I find that at my table at home if there is more than 6 people it can get frustrating, especially when they aren't paying attention. Doing this for 8 hours is enough for me. Now skip to GenCon, when the GMs do this for 3-4 days...hats off. I would GM at GenCon, but this is the only time I get to really play a my characters, as my players never want to GM :(

Was the boon dice loaded in favor of the players? ;) I rolled 20 twice!

I played Bonekeep both nights; went in nervous the first time but we succeeded, feeling very accomplished after hearing horror stories. Second night I got stuck with a Cavalier who had to bring his horse with him...not so good. Our alchemist died but rest survived. We didn't finish. GM was great then, too. Fair and balanced (but not like Fox news).

I didn't think the generic ticket holders were a problem...we practically begged for one in Bonekeep 1 with a small group. Unless a ticketed person didn't get into an event, what's the big deal with generics?

I will say none of the games I attended began on time; this due to even split between table being filled or GM not ready. Just so much going on. No big deal unless it was for timed event like Bonekeep. Bonekeep 2 we lost maybe 30 minutes or more due to "stuff." As a GM you got to put your foot down and begin. And players, don't get to the hall at start time, get there BEFORE the ticketed start time, sheesh. And dont blame the muster folks, either. They are bombarded, literally. I'
m surprised they aren't smoking and gulping down vodka.

Grand Lodge *

I played Bonekeep level 1 at GenCon and contracted the Red Ache. It states:

Bonekeep Malady: You suffer from a lingering malady after your exploration of Bonekeep. While any diseases you contrcted there (below) seem to have faded upon leaving the dungeon, you still seem to suffer from sporadic coughing fits and fevers. You take a -2 penalty on any Fortitude save against disease.

When I played Bonekeep 2, the GM told me the penalty only applies while in Bonekeep. However, the text seems to imply otherwise.


Also, does this need to be removed with prestige? I also gained the boon Personal Physician, and was wondering if this would remove it if I pay the costs.

Grand Lodge *

Benrislove wrote:
LazarX wrote:
Sure. you can. what you do is buy scrolls and note the purchase. And then use the standard rules of learning spells from scrolls and note the costs of scribing those scrolls into your books.

This is no longer true, check the link jiggy posted. You only need to pay to "borrow" an NPCs spell book, the cost paid to do this is half the cost of scribing the spell into your own spellbook.

it costs effectively 1.5xthe cost to scribe the spell normally.

IE a first level spell is 10gp to add to a spell book, and an additional 5 gp to borrow an NPC's spellbook to scribe from. Costing a total of 15gp.

I cannot find in the rules where it says a 1st level spell costs 10gp to scribe into a spellbook...

I see a table in creating magic items that says 25gp for 1st level...this table: Table: Scroll Base Costs By Scriber's Class

Grand Lodge

If my level 4 wizard equips a headband of vast intelligence +2 and he has a greensting scoprion familiar, does the scorpions intelligence rise? I don't think so, but a program I am using is computing the base INT of - of the scorpion to a 7...

Grand Lodge *

I had the same issue. The Free Section box works. The First Steps series is being taken out of play.

Grand Lodge

A wizard in a group summons mummies via tomb legion spell. The mummies have an aura. Does this aura affect the wizard's friends? Are the mummies considered allies?

Grand Lodge *

I bought Tide of Morning at a local game shop but realized there was not a Chronicle Sheet with it...

Is there somewhere I can download a copy? I have searched for it but have come up empty...

EDIT: It isn't the Chronicle sheet that is missing; it is the GM reporting sheet that is missing. guess this isn't necessary after all!

Grand Lodge

My two main questions were whether or not the wraiths would "have the knowledge" that they -could be- encased. The player says no that this is metagaming. I ruled it is not metagaming in this case since it is an effect of the spell and they need not know the spell itself- only that they could be frozen if they didn't do something.

That being said, Gilfalas shows the ice wall created would not be substational enough to prevent the wraith from moving, due to their incorporablity.

The rules DO state: An incorporeal creature can enter or pass through solid objects, but must remain adjacent to the object’s exterior, and so cannot pass ENTIRELY through an object whose space is larger than its own.

This would suggest they can still pass through

Grand Lodge

I forgot about the immunity to affects requiring fortitude does say:

Immunity to any effect that requires a Fortitude save (unless the effect also works on objects or is harmless).

Wouldn't "effects" involve being encased, then- meaning they would not be encased?

Grand Lodge

A player wants to use Polar Midnight on several Dread Wraiths.

He says the wraiths, can be affected because of this line in incorporeal rules:

"An incorporeal creature can enter or pass through solid objects, but must remain adjacent to the object’s exterior, and so cannot pass entirely through an object whose space is larger than its own."

I tend to agree, since the spell encases in a wall of ice, but how big is the wall.

Second, the player says the Dread Wraiths wouldn't know the spell would freeze them unless that knew what spell was cast. I said it is likely they would know they were being frozen, since it takes roughly a round or so for the encasing to begin. It would seem if one were starting to freeze they would attempt to move away from the area. Using the player's argument, I would relate that to: if a player was on fire, he would have to know he was burning in order to put it out...

Spell below...

Polar Midnight
School transmutation [cold, darkness]; Level cleric/oracle 9, druid 9, witch 9

Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S

Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Effect 30-ft. spread
Duration 1 round/level
Saving Throw Fortitude partial; Spell Resistance yes

Paizo Peripheral

This content is from material published by Paizo Publishing, LLC, but is not part of the Pathfinder Core Rules.
You plunge an area into the brutal chill of the arctic night. Illumination conditions are dropped by two steps (though only to darkness, not supernatural darkness), and all creatures in the area take 5d6 points of cold damage and 1d6 points of Dexterity damage per round. A successful Fortitude save each round negates the Dexterity damage but not the cold damage. Any creature that doesn’t move on its turn becomes encased in a sheath of ice equivalent to wall of ice, is helpless, and cannot breathe. Corpses in the area for longer than 1 round are transmuted into solid ice; reviving the icy corpse requires true resurrection, miracle, or wish. As a move action, you may move the area of effect up to 10 feet in any direction.

Grand Lodge

wraithstrike wrote:

He did say it cost a lot of gold. How much does the 3rd party tattoo cost?

The 3rd party book lists the cost as 2,500 GP. *Cringe*

Clearly, after using it in a game, it is very powerful. It is from the 3rd Party Inkantations book.

Grand Lodge

Redneckdevil wrote:
Apparently u as the dm arent having fun anymore and EVERYBODYs supposed to be having fun. How are the other party members doing? Are they having fun being outshined by this person?

With this character, he plays by himself, since there is only one other person with a level 20, and he rarely plays. So I actually created hirelings for him to use, decent hirelings that could easily be played as characters with great equipment. Maybe I should just disallow the use of these, too, since they aren't in the rules?

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Pauper Princess wrote:
It sounds to me like the DM is upset that the player has a high AC and BAB, not just that he combined Vorpal with the Flash of Insight tattoo. It seems that the DM is begrudging the player for making smart moves and steering the PC in a direction that caused him to have high stats. What's next, only being able to heal a certain amount of hit points per day?

LOL. It seems to me the GM allowed 3rd party items in the game when he shouldn't have. They will be promptly removed. It's too bad this GM was so generous to even allow such a thing and the player took advantage and still blames to GM, even after the GM was willing to compromise to make things balanced. Talk about arrogance...

Grand Lodge

Kirth Gersen wrote:
Combat at 21st level SHOULD be nearly instantaneous. Once enemies learn his his super-move, they'll kill him in ways that don't bring them within melee range. This is part and parcel of DMing epic-level campaigns. Combat at 21st level should not run the way it does at 1st, or something is very wrong.

But this would imply that all future enemies know the character...and know his strengths and weaknesses...isn't that GM metagaming?

Grand Lodge

Claxon wrote:

Sorry give wasn't the right word, you shouldn't have allowed him to have it.

I am realizing that now. I was being way too generous but have to fix the situation in a way that doesn't make the player storm off in a temper tantrum.

Grand Lodge

Claxon wrote:
As a GM you should have known not to give a player such a magical item, whether its a magical tattoo or a crafted wondrous items. Some items just aren't suitable for players.

I didn't "give it" to the players, he purchased the item with his money. He is level 21 and can craft, but can't craft tattoos. He has many connections in the game as well as rogue Black Market talent, so he is able to get any wondrous item (except artifacts) within a reasonable period of time.

That's why I allowed the wondrous tattoo, using the 3rd party book Inkantations. I'm not a big fan of tattoo magic myself, preferring to stick to those in Core, much like I am with wondrous items. But if he is able to craft, which he is, virtually anything, why not allow him, per rules, to make a +10 Headband of Mental Superiority?

If he had Craft Tattoo, why not allow him to make the tattoo giving him Flask of Insight? As I said, I am not a big fan of the 3rd party stuff (and may have to limit 3rd party from now on) but a lot of 3rd party things are fun and interesting. Obviously, having a CR 20 devil killed in one shot isn't fun for a GM, though.

If a crafter can make a magical item and sell it, why can't a tattoo be sold? This is where I was coming from from he obtained it.

-blackbloodtroll- Of course, it would seem to reason that if he can kill easily such high level monsters, why would I bother to GM? If I'm not having fun, it ain't worth it. I can seek to balance it out, though- by giving him, as mentioned, enemies with add-ons, like fortification, or even an enemy with the same tattoo and sword. But this would be sort of powergaming and metagaming on the GM's part...

-Icast- he purchsed the Vorpal sword.


In the case of the character, it IS pretty much an auto-decapitate. With a BAB of +31, the character can almost hit any creature with a head. NO SAVE...

Going by the bestiary, there are 2,099 monsters that could be hit with AC 32 unless the character rolls a 1 on the critical confirmation hit.

There are only 2,297 creatures listed on the database. That means a use of the Flash of Insight and NOT rolling a 1 on the confirmation basically auto-kills 91% of all creatures listed!!!! The highest AC creature listed is something called a Pizuzu at AC 49.

Take a look at some iconic high level creatures:

Great Wyrm Red Dragon AC 39 Dead on a confirmation roll of 8+
Pit Fiend AC 38 Dead on a confirmation roll of 7+
Tor Linnorm AC 37 Dead on a confirmation roll of 6+

Not many creatures a character encounters will be able to do anything whatsoever.

Pointing out that it can only be used once per day is a red herring- who cares. Typically there is only 1 encounter per day anyway, and if you kill the big bad boss, of which there are usually just one, the encounter is over anyway. Plus, most creatures players encounter have heads, so that is moot. Unless the GM powergames and only has the character face those without a head, or ads 2 or more big bad bosses to negate the effect of vorpal...

Higher initiative doesn't matter at all since the enemy doesn't have a one-shot kill ability. All the player would have to do is move in, use flash, vorpal, dead. Initiative order has no bearing in this case.

Attacks of opportunity is a concern, but not when the AC is 47. And especially not when the enemy still doesn't have autokill.

Rolling to confirm the critical is a joke when all that is usually needed to fail is a roll of 1.

The 4 goals to accomplish you list are very easy to do.

1. Usually only one encounter per day, one bad boss per encounter. This point is moot.

2. Initiative doesn't matter unless the enemy can kill you with one shot, which isn't possible 99% of the time (because this would be unfair to players and a game breaker like the tattoo has become).

3. Attack of opportunity doesn't matter- read above.

4. Confirming a crit is easy when all you have to do is roll not roll a 1.

Grand Lodge

The character paid handsomely to get this tattooed on him. Same as crafting magical items...

Grand Lodge

A character in my world has a Tattoo called Flash of Insight. It allows him to:

Flash of Insight (Su)

Once per day as an immediate action, a cyclops can peer into an occluded visual spectrum of possible futures, gaining insight that allows it to select the exact result of one die roll before the roll is made. This effect can alter an action taken by the cyclops only, and cannot be applied to the rolls of others.

He also has a vorpal weapon.

He has been using this to one-shot kill opponents, such a a CR 20 devil.

He says he can choose to roll a "20" on the first hit then simply roll to confirm the critical. As a high level character himself with a large BAB, he only misses on a 1-5 mostly.

My question is: does the Flash of Insight for the tattoo allow him to roll a "natural 20" that needs to be used for the vorpal to work?

Grand Lodge

Ah I see. We were doing it all at once, but not doing each bonus one at a time. Bunch of retards we are.

Grand Lodge

Well my question wasn't answered...

The +6 Belt of Mental Superiority states the GP worth is 144,000.

If you take the chart:

Ability bonus = bonus squared x1000

This would seem to be, since the headband gives +6 to 3 different abilities, that is should be

ability bonus is 18 squared, then times 3.

This equals 324,000. But wouldn't you also use this price feature, too:

Multiple different abilities Multiply lower item cost by 1.5

Not sure how 144,000 GP was computed...

Grand Lodge

A wizard wants to create a portable hole with an alignment restriction and make it to where a user must use disable device, too. He wants the 40% discounts from these restrictions.

He wants to make some, then sell them, then keep one for himself.

My question is, how to adjudicate the skill portion. Can he pick the DC to be added on disable device? Will this increase the cost or the cost to create? Or does simply putting a skill restriction on an item mean it to be a simple skill must have ranks in it?

For instance, say he want to put a skill restriction of acrobatics. This doesn't make much sense, since everybody has acrobatics but not every has a rank in it. What would a skill like acrobatics have to do with using an item anyway, unless it was specific to motion and movement or something.

Could he place the disable device skill use on it, making it DC 100?

Grand Lodge

A caster in my campaign wants to craft a +10 Headband of Mental Superiority, rather then the listed +6.

He is caster level 21, but also has Profession, Master Craftsman, with 20 ranks.

In trying to compute the cost and caster level, we have run into issues.

The +6 belt is listed for 144,000 GP. The rules in magic item creation don't show the price as being this; therefore we are having trouble computing the price of the +10 headband. I'm not even sure +10 is allowed, but can't find anything RAW restricting this, especially since weapons and armor can be +10.

I figured we could take the +6 belt and divide by each bonus (6) and then multiply that times 10 to get a price for the belt. In this case a +10 belt would be 240,000 GP.

Assuming caster level is 21, does the weapon and armor bonus restriction (caster must be 3 times bonus)the wizard may not be able to make it anyway.

Grand Lodge

Does the slime automatically fall on characters when they enter a room? The text doesn't say there is any save or attack roll...

Green Slime CR 4
XP 1,200

This dungeon peril is a dangerous variety of normal slime. Green slime devours flesh and organic materials on contact and is even capable of dissolving metal. Bright green, wet, and sticky, it clings to walls, floors, and ceilings in patches, reproducing as it consumes organic matter. It drops from walls and ceilings when it detects movement (and possible food) below.

A single 5-foot square of green slime deals 1d6 points of Constitution damage per round while it devours flesh. On the first round of contact, the slime can be scraped off a creature (destroying the scraping device), but after that it must be frozen, burned, or cut away (dealing damage to the victim as well). Anything that deals cold or fire damage, sunlight, or a remove disease spell destroys a patch of green slime. Against wood or metal, green slime deals 2d6 points of damage per round, ignoring metal's hardness but not that of wood. It does not harm stone.

Grand Lodge

Tinkergoth wrote:

The third option, if they continue to argue, is that I will agree to run the game as per RAW. Exactly as RAW. I'm curious to see how they react when they realise that all the clever little tricks I've let them get away with only work because I think "Yeah, that's pretty cool, I'll run with it".

I've run this game as fairly as I can, and tried to use my discretion when it comes to Rule 0 to keep things fun for the players and give them a fair chance. I've worked with the players to help them develop their character concepts, and bended things a bit for them to help them meet these ideas. So the fact that this is getting thrown back in my face the first time I make a call that doesn't suit this player is more than a little irritating.

This seems to happen quite a bit... GMs giving players break left and right, but when one break isn't given, they complain. Threatening them with going to RAW usually clears them up, especially when you make them realizes all the breaks they have been receiving. GMs create this problem, however, by not sticking to RAW in the first place- players and GM alike get used to breaks being given, thus the players get used to a certain style of play. it's like a football game where both teams get used to referees who let the players "play" by roughing up one another despite penalties which should be applied. When one penalty appears too egregious, the flag is thrown, and the players are like wtf, we have gotten away with this before but now this?

Players get used to these breaks and expect to keep getting them. The GM just looks bad by not allowing certain breaks; believe me, I know, it's happened to me many times. It's like if you loan someone money and they don't pay you back, you are the jerk for trying to get your money back.

Grand Lodge

Nefreet: could you provide a better explanation? Plenty of spells cast by corporeal creatures could affect the incorporeal just because a corporeal creature casts a spell it doesn't necessarily surmise that the spell is corporeal.

Grand Lodge

Would banishment work on the incorporeal azata?

Incorporeal: Corporeal spells and effects that do not cause damage only have a 50% chance of affecting an incorporeal creature. Force spells and effects, such as from a magic missile, affect an incorporeal creature normally.

Banishment doesn't seem like a corporeal spell...

Grand Lodge

A Pitfiend is trying to hit a ghaele azata who is in light form and incorporeal.

Does the fiend count as magic to bypass the incorporeal aspect of the azata?

Grand Lodge

Here is how this ended up laying out.

The rogue began the round flanking the devil with a clay golem on the other side. Several feet away stood a ghaele azata and hound archon.

The rogue began the surprise round by throwing the breakable flask of sovereign glue at the devil. The devil was predetermined to be standing, weapon sheathed, arms away from body but legs together, hands open. Rogue is unaffected by fear aura.

The rogue succeeded and the flask broke on the devil. The golem took no action, the hound archon moved within 15 feet from the devil, who is unaffected by the aura of menace. The Azata moved to within 25 feet of the devil and zapped him with a light ray attack.

Initiative for the actual rounds is:

1. Rogue 24
2. Devil 23
3. Hound 22
4. Golem 16
5. Azata 10

At the beginning of the Rogue's turn, the glue hardens. The Devil's weapon is stuck fast as well as the devil's chainmail. Thus, he cannot teleport now. His legs are also stuck closed so he cannot walk.

Hands are open and arms free, however. I have removed his dexterity bonuses.

Rogue attacks with full round action, sneak attacking for gobs of damage. He failed his last attack and took the devil down to 8 hit points!

The devil then didn't have many options... needless to say he perished.

Grand Lodge

I would think the encounter would play out thus:

Surprise Round:

1. Clay Golem grapples devil, succeeds.
2. (Devil doesn't act in surprise round)

Round One

*If initiative was Devil 17, Golem 12
1. Devil- take a move action to separate (no roll necessary)
2. Golem- glue sets on golem
However, this brings up another possible question. Can the devil actually take the move action to separate while being grappled? I would assume this would be allowed, since he isn't advancing his position but just keeping the glue from being set; just like a roll doesn't need to be made to attack with natural or light weapons or take other actions while grappled.

*If inititative was Devil 12, Golem 17
1. Golem- the glue would set; thus the devil and clay golem would be attached.
2. Devil- would try to teleport- but here is where the greater teleport listing concerning 50 lbs comes into play. Since the golem would now be a permanent part of the devil, would the extra weight be considered part of the devil now and not applicable to the 50 lb limit of the ability? This is where clarification of worn items during teleport is needed- can a wizard teleport himself without stuff he is wearing? Can he, for instance, simply teleport his body away and leave his gear to fall to the ground?

Since the devil is wearing chainmail, and he is large, it would seem it would weigh 80 lbs... but why would greater teleport be included in his description if he couldn't use it. He would have to take it off to teleport...does the description concerning 50 lbs mean 50 lbs of unowned, unheld objects? For instance, the devil could teleport with all his carried gear, but not grab an enemy who weighs 150 lbs, or he could teleport away with all his gear and not grab a magical anvil or something...

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