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Runelord Alderpesh

nighttree's page

1,852 posts. Alias of Marian Reinholtz.


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2 people marked this as a favorite.

Only real problem I have with aeons is they all look much so that if I where to use them, I would completely alter their appearance...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It was actually seeing the route they were taking that pricked my interest. 3.5 psionics were never my cup of tea ;)

And I heartily agree with you on "Penny Dreadful"

Warlocks are already talent starved, as most of their talents are going to be taken up just getting sub-standard casting...
Having to take feats (Arcane armor training) and burning up your swift action each round to use it is also pretty much a deal breaker IMO.

So far...I'm seeing very little I couldn't do better with a Magus....

Luthorne wrote:
Occult Adventures Class Preview: The Occultist showed up on the blog today.

Didn't pay much attention to the Occultist during the playtest...but the Iconics story has gotten my interest...

See what happens when I place an order five minutes after getting up...somehow I was certain they released this week :P
Many thanks for taking care of that for me ;)

I just placed an order for the PDF version of three products, hit add PDF just like I do every month...but for some reason the confirmation shows print copies....and the PDF's are not in my downloads.

Can you please adjust my order to PDF version, add them to my downloads, and adjust the billing to my account accordingly.


I choose race and class based on the concept I'm working on. I don't really care if the race doesn't have the "perfect" stat bonuses for the class...I'm not min maxing...I'm enjoying a roleplaying game ;)

David Neilson wrote:
nighttree wrote:
Barachiel Shina wrote:
Why did they take away from noncasters and made an already broken class even more broken (the magus)? I can not understand still why the noncaster hate?
It doesn't really make any kind of sense, that non-casters would be able to effect magic in that fashion anyway.
Why? I mean its not like magic is real, or that we are violating some real mystic principal. It could be as simple as "Hit them right here and they go poof."

Fair enough...for me it just comes across as weird. As noted above Barbarians can already be built to do so...I just wouldn't personally build one to do's just not "in concept" to me....and I'm more interested in the concepts in trope, than min maxing characters to be able to do everything ;)

Now if a fighter or Barbarian had an enchantment on a weapon that does that ? no problem, that makes sense to me...or even if the feat required you to take a level of a magic manipulating class....again, then it would make sense to me. But just allow them to banish/sever a creatures tie to this plane because you happened to hit them "just so" ?, for me that makes no sense and goes into the cheesy realm...BYMMV ;)

I was thinking of playing a Strix...but I'm worried about how hard that will be if he is constantly having to hide from locals....

Barachiel Shina wrote:
Why did they take away from noncasters and made an already broken class even more broken (the magus)? I can not understand still why the noncaster hate?

It doesn't really make any kind of sense, that non-casters would be able to effect magic in that fashion anyway.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Many thanks Dragon78...I would say I definitely need to wait till this releases to solidify my build :)

Working on a Strix build...what kind of love did they get ;)

Given my relative lack of experience with this kind of build...building itself is a GOOD thing :P

First blush...Zen Archer seems to be a much better bang for my buck...but I have ZERO experience building or playing ranged melee...

Which would be a better route to go for an aerial assault build ?
Why ?

Build suggestions to keep in mind (feats, feat traps, etc...)?

Dragon 78...does it stipulate how big/small the region can/must be for the site bound curse ?

Dragon78 wrote:

The Domains are Ruins and Vermin.

The oracle curses are Hunger and Powerless Prophecy. Also it looks like you do not have to be a Cyclopes to use the new archetype or curses.

Does the Ruins domain look to be any use to followers of Groetus ???

And what's the Cyclops Archetype like ?

Jim Groves wrote:

Tomb Giants

Your question was kinda tricky. They are a new race of giant, but they are a corruption of another type of giant, specifically taigia giants. A certain runelord may be involved. They are not undead, but have neat necromatic powers. of my favorite Wayne Reynolds pics ever was the Death Giant....hopefully these guy's are something similar ;)

Thanks muchly...

Jim Groves wrote:
nighttree wrote:

Can anyone give a bit of a spoiler on the Tomb Giants ?

What do you want to know?

(I may mention the monsters too.)

Are they a new race of giant ? or are they simply existing giants that have become undead of some type....and if so, how are they described as looking and coming into being ?

Can anyone give a bit of a spoiler on the Tomb Giants ?

My changeling bloodrager took the abyssal bloodline as it best represented her shifting into an Anise hag on steriods...
I would like for her (in the future) to be able to spend much longer periods of time in Anise hag form....

Any bright ideas for making that possible ?

Yes...VERY nice cover ;)

Mystic_Snowfang wrote:

she's wearing tratan though. And a celtic style pin to hold the tartan cape around her shoulders. She might be from Molthrune or Nirthamas. I think they're the celtic type place. The pin looks similar to a triskelion.

As for the thing she's holding. Totally for a field hockey like sport.

I assume you meant tartan :P

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I have a "hulking" changeling/Bloodrager that turns into an Anis hag when's working fine for me ;)

James Jacobs wrote:
nighttree wrote:

James....any chance we will see an updated version of Cabal Devils ???



Updated? They're already updated. They've always been in Pathfinder stats.

Whether or not a cabal devil shows up in the AP, though... I can't say yet. It's certainly possible.

I meant a correction of some of the problems in the Stat's (incorporeal conflict if memory serves)....

James Jacobs wrote:
Turin the Mad wrote:
One wonders if there is the possibility to have the culmination / "Chapter 7" for each AP to feature the victors throwing down against each other. ;)
That possibility is very very very significant. I believe, in fact, that both Continuing the Campaign articles will touch on this for each AP.

OK...that's just AWESOME :P

Some VERY helpful points made above, thank you all very much for that.

At the beginning of play, I think he will definitely fall into the LN alignment....but as many of you pointed out, he's more or less already at the tipping point towards LE.

He more or less identifies "evil" as House Thrune...but more because of what's been done to his family, and how he's been raised to see them...not out of any real moral/ethical distinction between their actions and his own. His family did (when they where still influential)take the tact that they where "controlling" devils for their own....implied different... ends...but much of his attitude towards Thrune is based more on getting revenge, and regaining the power and authority he feels was his birthright....that was stolen from him as House Thrune rose to power.

He of course want's to see himself as "better than" house Thrune, both in his motives, and his actions...especially as he has lived a life of both poverty due to Thrune more or less demolishing his family holdings, and general abuse (he has Proteus syndrome, so many people are at least uncomfortable around him)in the culture.

But I don't think he really knows just what he's willing to do in the long run to achieve his goals.

I'll probably go LN....less work on the Cabal Devils part in the long run :P

Rynjin wrote:
Why would going against Thrune make you non-Lawful? Lawful does not mean you follow all laws.

Even if your native Chelaxian ?

I'm sure people hate these...but I'm having a hard time pinning down the alignment for a character, and could use some advice ;)

Character is for the Hell's Rebel's AP.

Character is Chelish, with the following trait...
Lost Nobility: Your family was prominent before the rise of Thrune, but that legacy is now forgotten by all but you. You hold every Chelish government official (including Hellknights) personally responsible for your lost glory.

and drawback....
Tainted Spirit: When you were a child, a parent or other person with authority over you made a minor pact
with a fiend on your behalf, stealing some of your vitality in exchange for a minor boon.

Character is a Pact Wizard, his pact is with a Cabal Devil (LE), that has been bound to his family for basically they are "stuck with each other" due to the pact his uncle put into play when he was a child.
He knows that she will try and influence him towards evil thus damning him...but is fully intent on using the teaching she gives him to gain revenge on House Thrune.

I am thinking LN....but I'm not sure I can rationalize being lawful...when I'm going against Thrune...

Thoughts ?

So I would be better off going just Neutral for the wizard it sounds like.

bigrig107 wrote:
I don't know how you can have a different alignment patron, but then have the restriction of shifting away from his chosen outsider alignment.

That's both what I like about the archetype...and what I'm having a bit of difficulty interpreting....

It would have been a bit clearer if they had said something along the lines of "A pact wizard whose alignment shifts further away from the chosen outsider subtype,"

There are a few things in the archetype, that I want to make sure I'm reading correctly....

#1 "Pact (Ex): A pact wizard enters into a bargain with an extraplanar being in order to gain increased wizardly powers. At 1st level, he selects a patron belonging to one specific subtype of outsider for which there exists an improved familiar option (such as devil or azata). The pact wizard can select a subtype of outsider even with a diametrically opposed alignment; in this case, the patron being offers the pact in an attempt to tempt or redeem the pact wizard. A pact wizard whose alignment shifts away from the chosen outsider subtype, who grossly abuses his familiar or any outsider of the chosen subtype,
or who commits egregious acts against the alignment of the patron loses all the benefits of this archetype (but keeps the additional opposition school) until he receives an atonement."

By my reading, the wizard can form the pact with any outsider...even one with a "diametrically opposed alignment" starting with a CN wizard with a Devil (LE) is fine...he only looses the benefits of the archetype if his alignment moves further from LE....correct ?

#2 This is just a question of clarification in how Aura's work in general...if said wizard is CN, but is pact bound to a Devil...he will read LE due to the Aura correct ? Or would they get a duel reading of some sort ?

F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
nighttree wrote:
Exactly my sentiment, that's why I wrote them. ;)

Please tell me you will have a choice of playing medium or small ???


1 person marked this as a favorite.

I hope we finally get an updated Cabal Devil....0-O

First World....YES....

Amanda Plageman wrote:
Generic Villain wrote:
They're a matriarchal druid circle that operates in the Verduran Forest. They have close ties to the fey of the First World, and are thus... a little weird. For example: they refuse to wear clothes at home, instead tattooing their life stories on their skin for all to see. But since that sort of - ahem - exposure could give outsiders too much - ahem - information, they cover themselves in clay while traveling. Although bloody weird, they aren't evil.

This is actually what I'm most interested in...just waiting for the PDF to become available on Wednesday.

Can you give a bit of information on what the feat does for you ?

Generic Villain wrote:
I loved the info on the fey-worshiping Primordial Ones druids,

WAIT....WHAT ???

More info PLEASE :P

brad2411 wrote:
It also has a new shaman spirit, Ancestors

That seems....odd, how does that look to interact with the speaker for the past ?

Wayne Reynolds wrote:

In my imagination, Duergar have pointed ears.

I find that pointed ears in conjunction with the grey skin and dark eyes, just makes them seem a bit more sinister.
It's also another anatomical variation that distinguishes a duergar from normal dwarves.

Well I hope other artist's pick up the trend ;)


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Not specifically regarding an Iconic...but I had to ask...
One thing I have noticed on your version of the pointed ears.
What inspired you to go that direction ?
And please don't stop....I really like it ;)

Gillmen, Strix, and Derro...SOLD!

I'm most eager for the Spiritualist....I have several character concepts I'm hoping I can bring to life with this class.

Valantrix1 wrote:
Could somebody give me a breakdown of the creatures in the bestiary section?


I was so hoping we would finally get Dream Wolves....

Gilarius wrote:
Taking each hex from the spirit costs you a feat. They replace the bonus feats you would otherwise get from being a wizard.

Yes it does...I misunderstood you.

So your suggesting I should look for a different hex...

It's to bad they must be hexes associated with the spirit (as opposed to general hexes). I'll re-look at the options and see if there is a better option among the Lore spirit...

I'm not spending a feat ?

The Lore spirit is the only one (so far) that fit's the theme.

I'm building a Spirit whisperer, and having a bit of difficulty determining how some of the abilities of the Shaman class would translate to a Wizard.....

"Spirit Hex: At 5th level, a spirit whisperer can select one hex from the list of those granted by his chosen spirit. He uses his wizard level as his shaman level when determining the effects and DC of this hex. In addition, he uses his Intelligence modifier in place of his Wisdom modifier for these hexes. At 10th and 15th level, he can select another hex from those granted by his spirit. Each hex selected in this way replaces the bonus feat gained at that level. This ability alters bonus feats."

OK, so far, so good....the difficulty is in interpreting the hex I would like to take. It's from the Lore spirit....

"Arcane Enlightenment (Su): The shaman’s native intelligence grants her the ability to tap into arcane lore. The shaman
can add a number of spells from the sorcerer/wizard spell list equal to her Charisma modifier (minimum 1) to the list of shaman spells she can prepare. To cast these spells she must have an Intelligence score equal to at least 10 + the spell’s level, but the saving throw DCs of these spells are based on her Wisdom rather than Intelligence. When she casts these spells, they are treated as divine rather than arcane. Each time the shaman gains a level after taking this hex, she can choose to replace one of these spells for a new spell on the wizard/sorcerer spell list."

By my reading....I could choose a number of spells from the Sorcerer/Wizard list equal to my Charisma Mod, to the list of spells I can prepare that day....

The save DCs would revert back to my Intelligence Mod ?

The spells would remain Arcane (rather than Divine) ???

Am I getting this right ?

Because the "baseline" morality bar is set such that killing other sentient beings for money/employment is evil.

James....any chance we will see an updated version of Cabal Devils ???



Lorekeeper/Haunted/Ancestor mystery Oracle could work...and was the direction I was going for a while. The versatility in spells is what sold me on trying the Shaman build...

Magus, just didn't really carry any of the "I have voices in my head" feel that I got from some of the material for the Spire Elves...and ya, I know about the Spire Defender ;)

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