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Barnabas Harrigan

nighttree's page

1,314 posts. Alias of Marian Reinholtz.


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Constant Moment of Prescience ?

Asked this earlier...but it got lost in the potion discussion.

Does the Evangelist look like a good way to represent a Wizard/Priest of a god of magic (Nethys/Lissala) ???

Are their Deific Obedience for gods outside of the core gods ?
Like Groetus for example ???

John Kretzer wrote:
nighttree wrote:

So anything new or useful for followers of Groetus ?

Brigh ?

Groteus clerics get to prepare Fear as a 4th level spell and and those with the Madness or Void domain get to prepare Lesser Confusion and Confusion as 2nd and 4th level spells respectfully.

The both got religious traits.

Groteus got access to the new Stars subdomain.

The both may have got feats I did not see any though on my skim through.

Is Groetus trait just a reprint of Broken Mind ?

So anything new or useful for followers of Groetus ?
Brigh ?

John Kretzer wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:
I have to imagine (or hope) that the Eldest will get their own volume in the "Book of the Damned/Righteous/whatever name they choose for Neutral" series.
Yeah that is what I am thinking also.

I wish they would do it sooner rather than later....I have been waiting for more information for years it seems....

How about some spoilers on the new sub-domains ?

John Kretzer wrote:
nighttree wrote:

Anyone willing to give some spoilers for the poor slobs that are waiting for street date release ?

Anything new on the Eldest ?

Anything new on Lissala ??

Nothing much a paragraph on the Eldest as a group and a paragraph on Lissala. Plus details on the chart.

Well bugger.....I'm begining to think we will never get any more info on the Eldest :(

Wow...just WOW.

I don't agree with Sean's opinion in every case...or even the majority of cases.

And he is definitely blunt....a trait I appreciate in interactions with people....even when I don't agree with them.

But this conversation has gone WAY overboard.

Grow up.

Anyone willing to give some spoilers for the poor slobs that are waiting for street date release ?

Anything new on the Eldest ?

Anything new on Lissala ?? there any more info on Lissala ???

So would this Evangelist make a good option for a "Wizard Priest" of a god of magic (Nethys, Lissala) ???

Is there anything new for the Eldest ?

doc the grey wrote:

I'm really hoping they started to put more of the witch back into the mix instead of more druid. The shaman was starting to look the like the milk mans child of the druid and oracle rather then the oracle witch combo it was billed as.

Also I really hope they patch how it's spirits work. Right now as it stands if the mysteries get ported over more or less unchanged but you can pick essentially from the whole list at any given time it's going to leave the whole class really imbalanced.

Only if it's the RIGHT parts of the witch...

Witches and the specalists we refer to as "Shamans" have almost nothing in common, in either folklore or actual cultural traditions.

Shamans in most cultures function as the antithesis of witches...part of why the term "witch doctor" is used for someone who undoes the harm caused by witches.

There is a strong thread of folklore regarding a witch learning her art from a spirit guised as a mortal animal.

But a shaman should have an entire chorus of spirits working for him, and tied to the many "tools" they use (rattles, mirrors, hair whisks, etc...etc...)

brad2411 wrote:

Iconic Arcanist!!!! So want that one.

Arcanist was the class I was the most pleased with as it developed.

It went rapidly from being a mish mash of two classes, and instead became the love child of two classes with it's own personality.

REALLY eager to see the final product...and the Iconic associated with it ;)

nighttree wrote:
Cheapy wrote:

Which to me implies shaman.

Hope they got their own spell list though.

To me it implies New Ager...

I hope they got away from the Druid spell list, and "totem" familiar, and focused more on making pacts with multiple spirits.

Cheapy wrote:

Which to me implies shaman.

Hope they got their own spell list though.

To me it implies New Ager...

Well that just took the whole thing to being so situational as to be almost useless :(

The Shaman needs a LOT more work than that....if it's going to look anything like a Shaman...

Revan wrote:
Well, I'm no Dev, but it seems to me that Golems would still be immune, but there remain a wide variety of Constructs of varying power levels, from Homunculi and Animated Objects to Akaruzug's who are all now susceptible to your enchantments.

I may be way wrong here....but the way I read it a construct is treat as if it is not a construct...but a living creature.

So no immunity to any spell you cast on them that effects living creatures.

Would love to look at this...but alas Google Doc's doesn't seem to like me.

K177Y C47 wrote:
Spell scar.. just saying.. not that great...


Sorry....just been creating a Spellscarred Oracle for WotR :(

4 people marked this as a favorite.

I think it's somewhat short sited to assume you won't like what Paizo has done in this regard without looking at the material and giving it a chance.

As I have said before...historically I am not a fan of Sci-fi mixed with my fantasy.

I can actually be pretty snarky when it comes to my biases.

However I have come to trust what the developers come up with....even if it doesn't match my taste(for example...the way skinwalkers have been handled)

I suppose it makes sense to cancel subs if you are certain you are not interested in everything that might pop up...

I know I don't do the subscription thing for that very reason.

I completley skipped the Kobald book, because I knew it was of no interest to me "sight unseen"....we have always thought Kobolds where without a complete overhaul they are of no interest to me or my table.

However...this stuff, I will get simply becuase they MIGHT handle it in a way I like.....not likely....but they might.

But nothing "official" has been stated ?

I always hate the RAW vs RAI debate.

I find it strange that the wording would deviate from the norm so far...

Given the lack of anything positive said about it on the boards...I would guess Outer Rifts ?

Correct me if I'm wrong.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Evil Midnight Lurker wrote:
In-universe, I suppose there's nothing stopping Asmodean Hellknights or even signifer clerics from calling themselves paladins.

What a character is called "in-game" doesn't have to match the class they have taken.

It can just as often be a matter of ethnic/regional terminolgy.

No one knows ???

The Purifier Aasmimar Archytype lists "Bonus Spells" but makes no specific mention that they replace existing Mystery spells...

Is this an oversight ?
Or are they replacements for the cure/harm spells ?

This seemed like the most logical place to put this......

It sounds like the Iron God's have the ability to grant clerical domains to worshipers....

Will there possibly be some new domains ?

What about an Oracle Mystery ?

The idea of playing an Andriod gaining an Oracle Mystery (from the Iron God's) that they don't truly understand the source of sounds pretty interesting to me :)

4 people marked this as a favorite.

As one of those people who does not like Sci-fi mixed into my Fantasy settings....I must say, I am actually pretty interested to see what they have come up with.

As I have been thinking about the very drastically different views expressed....I have realized that at least for me...a lot of my resistance is in the execution.

I'm interested to see what the approach to blending the two genera is, and how technology is depicted in this fantasy setting.

I'll tweak or disregard things I don't like as needed....but I don't see the point in "turning a blind eye" just because I'm concerned that I "may" not like what they do.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Cheapy wrote:
Well, Mikaze is a dude, so unless there's some cybernetic augmentations that would give him lady parts...

Mikaze is a dude ???

Wow...I now have to completely wipe this image that has developed from reading, out of my head :(

I'm hoping some of the classes (ahem...shaman) got a major overhaul..

Really looking foreword to seeing the finale version of the Arcanist and Warpriest.

Generic Villain wrote:

Geez guys, do you want all of Golarion's mysteries to be revealed in this one book?


Yeah, me too.

I've been waiting for what seems like an eternity for more information on the Ulfen children that where sent to Frosts End as part of their bargain with the First World.....betting I'll be waiting longer :(

Thanks for that Praetorae....very nice insights, thanks for sharing ;)

Edlritch resistance, Magic penetration, Spell resistance, and Mystic null, all seem like no brainers (at least green).

Primal manipulation seems to have to few uses per day to really be worth it...

Not so sure that I see a whole lot of use in Trigger primal event, or Primal mastery.

The class guides don't really seem to touch on some of the newer I was wondering what peoples opinions on the Spellscarred revelations where...and how you would rate each ?

The only plant creature's I can recall EVER fighting are the...Mi-go (?) from the CC AP.

Wheew....I was getting a bit worried there.
I'm REALLY looking foreword to this one, based on the original hopefully not to much got cut ;)

Like I said...mechanics are not really a problem.
I already have it pegged as an Oracle mystery (and yes, the Spellscar mystery laid the groundwork...although it needed modifications to make a solid spellfire weilder).

The Mana Wastes are (IMO) one of the most logical and flavorfull base they already have traits associated with them that put you that much closer.

As far as previose additions versions, we used it a couple of times, and I always found the cries of "broken" to be greatly exaggerated.
Of course we are not "munchkin" in our it was a dramatic but limited ability many times.

Tirisfal wrote:
I'm really hoping that the Whispering Way is included in here :D

And the Night Heralds....

Liz Courts wrote:
Updated product image and description!

Now I'm concerned.....

Everything that I was actually interested in has been pulled from the description :(

I have always liked the idea of spellfire...raw..naked..magical energy.

Building mechanics for a pathfinder version is not a problem....what I'm curiouse about is how to re-invision it for Golarion, so I'm not just slapping a forgotten Realms concept into my Pathfinder setting...

So...what comes to mind when you think spellfire in the Golarion setting ?

Adjule wrote:
But I just do not like the pathfinder version of goblins/hobgoblins/bugbears. Though I believe those are due to Paizo and not so much Mr Reynolds. His art of the goblins is nice, but I just don't like the look of them.

I actually like what they did with fact the Paizo goblins are the only ones I have ever used.

Bugbears and Hobgoblins....REALLY need some work IMO.

But then...I hate the WOW style Orcs as well, and prefer something more like the LOTR Orcs. WR version of Orcs works fine for me :)

Kolyarut wrote:
The Kolyarut drawn by Wayne Reynolds for the 3.5 MM is part of why I love that monster.

His art has been the reason I have enjoyed many creatures I probably wouldn't have looked twice at otherwise ;)

I love Wayne Reynolds art, and often find myself wishing he would do a rendition of this or that character/monster....

If you could pick one creature or character from Golarion to see rendered by Mr Reynolds....what would it be ?

Mine would be an Uniila (AKA Cabal Devil).

Yours ???

doc the grey wrote:

I love that CN section gives you a trait that basically lets your crazy antics provoke a free surprise round for you and your party if you can pull the bluff check.

Now THAT is a must have for the Priest of Groetus !

FIRSTWORLD.....that would be my dream AP.

doc the grey wrote:
Umm that's tough, a lot of cool stuff has been spoiled here. There is a really cool pic of the iconic rogue battling a born. Also if you felt burned by bastards then you will be in for an excellent treat.

AAWwww....that could mean ANYTHING.....


doc the grey wrote:
nighttree wrote:
zergtitan wrote:
nighttree wrote:
Can we get a bit more info on the Prestige Class ???

*slides link over under the internet*

Thank you to decide if it makes sense for my Priest of Groetus....
Lol know your pain man. My first pfs character is a cleric of Groetus and now that I have the book I don't think envoy is the right prestige for him. That being said I do love the neutral summons feat in the back and am totally taking that on him (it helps that he is a summoner cleric ^-^).

LOL...I came to the same conclusion after some thought....

I love the PrC, and will find someplace to use it....but Jasper's not the spot.

Probably will make use of the Neutral summons feat for him though....and I'm hoping there will be other treats in here for him :)

Seth Parsons wrote:
sunbeam wrote:

Hey maybe someone can settle/find something for me.

I think I remember reading somewhere where Summoners are accepted or have a place in Kellid society, unlike just about anywhere else in Golarion.

Is this a mistake on my part? I mainly read the copies of books other people have, I only have the core books, and a couple of Pathfinders.

If I am not mistaken, can someone tell me which book this is mentioned in?

You are correct. Only they aren't called summoners. They are God Callers. They view and believe that the eidolons that they share a connection with are gods. The first reference I know off hand would be in Dave Gross's book King of Chaos, and I think they have a write up in the Inner Sea NPC Codex.

I don't know about Kellid tribes, but the Sarkorians numbered them among their Druid's under the title "God caller", along with Witches, Oracles, and Sorcerers (Lost Kingdoms pg 45).

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