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Runelord Alderpesh

nighttree's page

1,941 posts. Alias of Marian Reinholtz.


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Mechanically the only thing a mithral weapon does is bypass DR/Silver. So same difference. But granted, mithril benefits armor far more than weapons....

Can't find a spell that can be used later to transform the material composition either :(

Ah well....back to the drawing board....

Gisher wrote:
nighttree wrote:
Anyone seen a trait that allows you to start with armor made of special the one for weapons ?
Which trait lets you start with a weapon made of special materials?

Ancestral Weapon: You have inherited a sacred tribal weapon wielded by your forebears since the days before the Rain of Stars, and you were trained in its use from a young age. Select either cold iron or silver.

You begin play with a masterwork melee weapon made of the material of your choice. You must be proficient with this weapon, and its combined cost cannot exceed 500 gp. You gain a +1 trait bonus on attack rolls with weapons made of the selected material.

Anyone seen a trait that allows you to start with armor made of special the one for weapons ?

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....scratches flying pink elephant of off equipment list.....

Weirdo wrote:
nighttree wrote:
My thinking, is that usually when a class ability gives you an item, it states specifically that it "can't" be of a special material (if that is the case)...

"Wizards who select a bonded object begin play with one

at no cost. Objects that are the subject of an arcane bond
must fall into one of the following categories: amulet,
ring, staff, wand, or weapon. These objects are always
masterwork quality. Weapons acquired at 1st level are not
made of any special material.
If the object is an amulet or
ring, it must be worn to have effect, while staves, wands, and
weapons must be wielded."

Of course the Wizard has the option of switching to a different bonded item later....which the Battle Host does not.

My thinking, is that usually when a class ability gives you an item, it states specifically that it "can't" be of a special material (if that is the case)...that combined with the fact that your bonded to that item permanently (so no upgrading later when finances allow) why I was inclined to think it may be acceptable.....

Can a Battle Host choose an item made from special material (example Mithril armor) as his Panoply Bond item at first level ?

I'm inclined to think he could...but nothing stated one way or the other in the ability.

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Very excited to see that Wayne is doing the cover art for this AP as well, and that "evil" iconics are being released....can't wait to see the rest of them ;)

HOLY!....Wayne is doing these covers as well ??? That's AWESOME !

So they spiked gauntlets provide no bonus to unarmed strike damage ?

How would I determine the damage of an unarmed strike while wearing spiked gauntlets ?

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All in all I'm good with the art, and the content. I was most excited and happy to see the Caligni...I have been wanting a playable Dark Folk for years...the art was a bit disappointing...what with the pointed ears and all....but in general It's a win bestiary ;)

Just make sure the Caligni get some generious love Owen....and I'll be a happy camper :P

I'm getting to play in this one, and we just wrapped up the first module last night. So far, I'm REALLY enjoying fact I think I'm enjoying it more than any other AP.

CBDunkerson wrote:

The Memorize Page and Hypercognition spells also help with this.

The psychic Lore discipline and Pathfinder Field Agent prestige class 'eidetic memory' ability are other options.

After looking at those...none really seems to actually shorten the time needed to read something.

Character is an Investigator, so making checks to recall information is not really the issue. I'm looking more for something that for example allows me to read a book that is supposed to take an hour to fifteen minutes (or less).

There are several feats that allow wizards to prepare/study spells in a much shorter period of I was hoping there was a non-spell focused version....

The difficulty is I'm not a spell I was really hoping for a non-magical means....

Speed read, as in shaves off research time, or allows you to memorize a map at a glance and such ?

Kalindlara wrote:
Valantrix1 wrote:
Kalindlara wrote:
nighttree wrote:
What language options does it list for the Caligni ?
Hmm. It doesn't seem to list any - not even the "anything but Druidic" that humans get. The sample statblock has Common and Dark Folk, though.

Ok, that is getting a tid bit annoying. They didn't list the languages for the Ganzi in distant shores either. I hope this is not a trend I'm seeing.

After double-checking, it appears that the caligni are the only race to be missing this info - all others, new or reprinted, have the Languages section of their racial traits.

So at least it's just the one. ^_^

But the Caligni are the MOST IMPORTANT ones! .....:P

What language options does it list for the Caligni ?

Feros wrote:
doc the grey wrote:
Ohh also what are the calingi dark folk like?
** spoiler omitted **

My dark folk shadow caller is so close I can taste it....SQWEEeeeeee

No racial skill bonuses ?

Lord Gadigan wrote:

Primal Magic events can do all sorts of nifty stuff. Heal/Harm, unluck zones that use the Pugwumpi double-roll-take-worst effect, morale bonus to attacks and saves if you join a chant that fills the air, magic jar body-swap, etc. They're random, but I can see someone wanting to take the power to do all sorts of crazy stuff.

The school on Jalmeray gets 4 pages and the Lashunta city gets one.

Just how does one gain access to these alternate keneticist abilities ?

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Kalindlara wrote:
nighttree wrote:
How's the Caligni art ? and how are they described as looking ?
** spoiler omitted **

Pointed ears ? really ? that seems odd....

How's the Caligni art ? and how are they described as looking ?

Lord Gadigan wrote:
Caligni Darkfolk are seen as as positive omens / individuals with the potential for a great destiny by other Darkfolk, who see them as having aspects of their ancient past before the Owbs took control. The Owbs tend to dislike them for much the same reasons, leading to Darkfolk society ultimately being hostile towards them and tending towards their deaths before adulthood.

THANK YOU far, they are sounding great....

Can anyone share how they are physically described as looking ?

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Luthorne wrote:
nighttree wrote:
So anyone willing to share info on the Caligni player race ?

I don't have my copy yet, but a friend who does has shared a few tidbits.

** spoiler omitted **

Any mention of where they fit in the hierarchy of the society ?

Happy Dance that their medium.....
What is the physical description like ?

And THANK YOU for posting info on them ;)

So anyone willing to share info on the Caligni player race ?

Could we get some info on the caligni ?
How's the fluff ? what size are they (please be optional small or medium...please please please) Abilities ?

^^^ that's more or less how I'm inclined to look at it as well.

Well at least I'm not the only one confused....:(

What seems logical to me (keeping in mind that I sometimes suffer from a lack of suspension of disbelief)...

Is that in the case above (Invisibility Alarm) you would drink the potion...and then you would act as the "point of origin" for the duration.

Drinking an extract/potion in order to "cast" a spell just seems kind of silly to me....

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THE WITCH MARKET !!! Oh hell ya....

Are any of the new spells available to Alchemists ?

My Self wrote:

Can't be made from a spell that requires a focus component. Can't learn spells that aren't on the Alchemist list. Alarm isn't.

Not sure if there's anything on the list that requires fixed points that aren't yourself.

Invisibility Alarm....functions "as" alarm....which is normally a fixed point. At least to my mind, it seems logical that the alchemist counts as the point of origin of the effect for the duration. However, since the alchemist is mobile...does that make it an "aura" type effect ?

Does the Alchemist count as the fixed point for extracts that emanate from a specific Alarm for example ?

Or does the point they where standing when they drank the extract count as the point of origin ?

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That is one NICE looking Strix.....Wayne does it again ;)

DM Sothal wrote:
Sarkorian God summoning: only mentioned in a small paragraph.

Oh PLEASE tell me your kidding...that was what I was most looking foreword to :( <stomps off to have a tantrum>

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Valantrix1 wrote:
I love the idea of teamwork feats, I unfortunately think they really lack in their implimintation. Out of all the teamwork feats, only about 5 to 10% of them are worth bothering with in the end. IMO at least. Over all though, I like this book. Its not the best one in the line, but it is nice to have most of the flavor in one location. I'd give it a solid 3 of 5 myself.

I wish they had handled the idea differently. Although I like the idea of a group learning to do special things through's way to much of a feat tax to expect all the players to take the feat in order to do so. Most builds that we come up with can't spare the feat slots to all take them.

I would rather have seen them do a skill system....with ranks determining what characters can do.

I liked the fluff information, and there are some really nice new racial abilities....only peeve is the glut of team work feats...they are the most useless waste of space IMO :(

1 person marked this as a favorite.

What I would REALLY like to information on how different ethnicities and races vary in their views of various gods.

For example, Elves, Dwarves, and Orc's are all likely to view Pharasma from their own cultures mindset...

It would be interesting to see information like this ;)

Only preview I'm interested in is if it's of the new Dark Folk race....

Groetus ???.....SOLD !!!

But PLEASE come up with a good Oracle Mystery and curse for his Oracles !!!!

I would have to say I'm on team mythical as well...I prefer the creatures pulled from ethnic lore over creatures created whole cloth from contemporary imagination.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm not a big fan of the kineticist...but void has gotten my interest ;)

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Kalindlara wrote:
Cthulhudrew wrote:
ErisAcolyte-Chaos jester wrote:
On the topic of God summoning, could this mean that theoretically we could have a group aligned with the dark tapestries dropping Cthulhu or Dagon into the mother of all fights with the tarrasque.
I doubt it. I imagine the "god summoning" will be something more along the lines of channeling an aspect of a god, some kind of much weaker version of it, and probably only for very limited purposes.

Given that it's referred to specifically as "Sarkorian god-summoning", it likely has something to do with eidolons or similar creatures.

(Compare to "god-caller", the Sarkorian name for members of the summoner class.)

The Sarkorian definition of "god" is more akin to older (pre-christian) cultures, where it defines the nature of the relationship more so than a "type" of being. Any being of significant power, who the clan/tribe have a reciprocal relationship with, is a god. So some tribes may have called a Dragon "god"...others a Demon, and yet others may have even called an ancestral ghost or vampire "god".

I have been waiting for this to be addressed for a LONG time...I hope I'm not disappointed by the treatment....

Ross Byers wrote:
nighttree wrote:

EErrr....wait a minute...the PDF price is $31.99 ???

That's got to be a mistake :(
It's the same 30% off that most Paizo PDFs are.

I thought it said something like $15.99 just a few days ago....

Given It doesn't really seem to even touch on any of the races I'm interested in....I may just pass.
That's way to steep for a PDF.

EErrr....wait a minute...the PDF price is $31.99 ???
That's got to be a mistake :(

OK...three strikes and I'm out....

What about the Shabti ? Did they get anything ?

Samy wrote:

Regarding the Dark Folk, it mentions unmasked ones called caligni. Since I haven't cared enough about the Dark Folk to bother reading their Bestiary entries, I'm not sure if that's something previously known about them, or if it's something foreshadowing the Bestiary 5 playable race.

Incidentally, while I'm browsing the rare races chapter, are the fetchling and gillman full-body shots intentionally so thin? It looks like they've been hit with Scale to 50% horizontally.

Ya, the Caligni are the playable version that will be released in B5

Thanks Samy ;)

Do the Dark Folk get any coverage ?

Kalindlara wrote:
nighttree wrote:
nighttree wrote:
Is there anything for the Elves of the Mordant Spire ?
Nothing new, I'm afraid... just a few snippets of restated info. Sorry. ^_^

sigh........thanks for looking ;)

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nighttree wrote:
Is there anything for the Elves of the Mordant Spire ?


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