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Barnabas Harrigan

nighttree's page

1,498 posts. Alias of Marian Reinholtz.


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Skeld wrote:
nighttree wrote:
Can we get more details on the Blood Summoner ?

What do you want to know?


Well....would it be stackable with synthesist? And mechanically what do the new class abilities do ?

I'm playing an Andriod/Synthesist in Iron Gods, where the eidolon is "fluffed" as advanced nanites in his blood stream....just wondering if anything in here is worth delaying final choices on my build for ;)

Can we get more details on the Blood Summoner ?

Falantrius wrote:
I'm just thinking that if they expand the spell list and hex list for white/dark/green witches - then a player could play an actual witch

Except that what you are describing is not an "actual witch"'s a modern wiccan version of a witch...which has little to nothing in common with the historic witch of folklore.

The class, as written actually handles the traditional witch of European folklore fairly well...with the exception that a witch would seldom be considered to be anything but evil in alignment.

Actually the Night Hag comes closest to the earliest examples of a "witch" in European folklore, but later stories include humans learning "witch craft" it actually is the closest to an "actual witch" that I have seen in an RPG so far.

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I hope something like the 3.5 Binder makes it in here somewhere ;)

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The Witch class is based on the witch of European folklore and history, and has NOTHING in common with modern Wicca...which as is pointed out above, is a modern New Age creation.

The class is perfect as is...and would loose considerable flavor if re-tooled to appeal to wiccans. Leave it as is.

Thanks everyone...Dasrak..I think that was the point I was missing :) Makes more sense to me now.

I had thought it seemed like a fair trade to trade out my summoners SM 1-9/+Gate ability for the abilities from a sorcerer bloodline....another member of our group thinks that's not even close to I just being daft ?

Don't know anything about mass effect...but I'm building an Android Synthesist based on the idea that he has more advanced/magically enhanced nanites (probably a Technic experiment)....

Damn...I was hoping for domains and such...:(

Can anyone direct me to good sources of information ? All I have found so far are the mentions in the Axiomite entry...

WHO/WHAT is that on the cover ??? COOL FACTOR 10 !

No other suggestions ?

Hhhmmm....that's certainly a fall back...describing why they are effected by magic....I'm thinking I'm going to have the same problem with his spell casting....

It's not hard to explain how nanites could achieve most magical effects...but vulnerability to things like dispel magic etc...becomes problematic....

I of course don't currently know if the AP will have specific tech that effects nanites in a specific way either....

I suppose one option is to say that his nanites where altered by the technic league with "magic" they are no longer completely tech, but a hybrid of tech and magic....

I'm working on an idea for Iron Gods, and could use some advice....

The character is an Andriod/Synthisist...the Synthisist's fused eidolon is meant to represent "advanced nanites" that alter his abilitites far beyond what most andriods are capable of.

I'm running into area's that I'm not sure how to address, given the newness of tech, and the limited mechanics.

For example, I'm struggling with how to either render the eidolon which by "RAW" is an outsider, but in intent is tech...immune to things like Banishment and dismissal ?

Not really sure how to handle magic vs tech transparency ?

I sure hope Wayne Reynolds will be doing the cover art for this one ;)

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My biggest hope is that Cabal Devils get some love....I love Cabal Devils :(

This is for an Andriod Synthesist...where the eidolon is representing advanced nanites...what I want is for him to be able to infect robots and such with his nanites...and override their programming...

So sixth level or less spells.....that I can effect constructs with ;) It looks like I more or less will have to dip into sorcerer for one level :(

For those of you that have seen both this book and the Andriod article in the first installment of Iron God' the information just a cut and paste from one to another ? Or do they cover different material ?

Aside from the arcana in the Impossible bloodline....are there any other means of getting enchantment spells to effect constructs ?

A meta magic feat or such ?

Can we get a rundown on the Blade Adept ?

Oracle archetypes ???
Curses ???

Insain Dragoon wrote:

Glowing "tatoos" are addressed and explained. All Androids have them.

Hair varies as human.

@Russ Maximum fist bump! Great work.

LOL...I meant are the circuitry tattoos variable in color...or do they all tend to be the same (art so far would indicate they vary from individual to individual)...?

A couple more questions regarding the Android article....
Does it address color in regards to their glowing tattoos ?
What about hair color ?

All very good points ! Many thanks for giving me other angles to think about....

OK, question...the character is Neutral.
The evolution states " The alignment must be opposite to one of the alignments possessed by the eidolon"....

So by "raw" I would need to shift alignment to LN...not too sure how I feel about that....will have to give it some thought....OR...does the eidolon's alignment HAVE to match the characters ?

Could the character be Neutral...and the nanite/eidolons be lawful neutral ???

Ashanderai wrote:
nighttree wrote:

Can we get more specific information on the Spirit Summoner archetype for the summoner class, and Spirit Whisperer archetype for the Wizard ?

One of these has GOT to be warlock worthy :P

Not sure where you are going with "warlock worthy", but if you mean the 3E Warlock class by WotC, I don't see any similarities.

The Spirit Summoner gains a Shaman's Spirit ability and, except for the first spirit ability, basically lags a level behind the Shaman as to when spirit abilities are gained (greater spirit at 9th level instead of 8th for example); however, he does not gain manifestation. He can choose from his spirit's list of spells to add to his list of summoner spells known, but cannot get spells above 6th level. The Summoner's Eidolon must be an appropriate match to the spirit in description and cannot have any inappropriate evolutions (as determined by the GM). Starting at 6th level, he can gain a few hexes from the Shaman's list of hexes or from his spirit's list of hexes. He must use Wisdom for the hexes. He loses summon monster, aspect, maker’s call, merge forms, and transposition. No warlocky ray spells or abilities here. But, if you mean warlocky as in witch-like then I can see it a little, I suppose.

Basically, the Spirit Whisperer is to the Wizard as Spirit Summoner is to the Summoner. Spirit Whisperer must choose an arcane bond with a familiar (which works like a witch's) and gains a spirit from the Shaman's list of spirits. He gains the spirit abilities of his spirit, except for the true spirit ability (unlike the summoner). He also gains its manifestation (also unlike the spirit summoner). The nice thing with the Spirit Whisperer is that he can use his INT for these abilities. He does not gain access to any extra spells from his spirit. He loses the Wizard's spellbook, arcane school, and 20th level bonus feat. He can choose to replace bonus feats with hexes and he can use his INT for them instead of WIS. Also, nothing really 3E warlocky here as I see it....

No...I'm talking warlock more from a folklore angle of a "spirit caller"....not really interested in the "blasty" D&D 3.5 version....the Binder would actually be closer to what I'm thinking :)

And many thanks for the info....I'm getting more and more excited to see these next week ;)

Insain Dragoon wrote:

Don't have the pdf on me since I am posting from phone. Will come back later with more details if I remember too.

1. They are born as adults with a lot of basic knowledge and a high capacity for learning. Some knowledge from their past selves. Forgot about naming.

2. They have no idea. A lot of them spend their entire lives searching. Some go into religion so they can serve a greater purpose.

3. Lots on religion! I don't wanna spoil too much, but most importantly is that they can use divine magic.

4. Solely from their factories.

5. Varies. Their is a cool section on this. Some view themselves as the best parts of synthetic and organic life combined. Some are a bit jealous.

As for the AP. The metaplot that the GM sees has tons of potential based on the summaries in the book and the plot players see is pretty cool too. Book one has a lot of cool stuff.

Many thanks ID...I appreciate the details given....and will remind you for more details :P

1) with the concept I'm working on.

2) EXCELLENT....really works with my concept...

3) Interesting....and do you mean to imply they cannot work with Arcane magic ?

4) HAIL THE for that....

5) Good, it sounds like they have a varied palate to work from...

I'm talking about weapons that are also enhanced by arcane for example a Magus who has added enhancements to his weapon, or someone wielding a magical weapon ;)

Mundane, masterwork, and magical weapons created by divine magic wouldn't penetrate the DR....but magical weapons created by arcane means would ;)

Insain Dragoon wrote:
nighttree wrote:
Insain Dragoon wrote:
nighttree wrote:

Can we get a rundown on the Andriod article ?

It's highly informative and covers a lot of stuff an Android player should know before making an android. The thing it sadly doesn't cover is what exactly their troubles with emotions are. I wish it gave some varied examples of "troubles with emotions"

So can we get some details ?

I have a couple hundred questions :P
I'll answer 5 questions to the best of my ability.

ROFLMAO....CRAP....OK, some of these will seem like a waste of a question...but as I'm in the process of creating an Andriod character...they are relevant to me at the moment...

1) Naming conventions...If they are born "as adults" are they born with a name or what ???

2)Does it address just how much they understand about themselves, are they born with a set purpose, or do they figure it out as they go (like the rest of us) ?

3)Does it address how they relate to the more "spiritual" side of things...religion, gods, worship, etc ?

4)Procreation....are they born solely from the womb forges...or do they procreate ? (I'm hoping for the former)

5)What is their view point of non-synthetic races ?

Can we get more specific information on the Spirit Summoner archetype for the summoner class, and Spirit Whisperer archetype for the Wizard ?

One of these has GOT to be warlock worthy :P

I'm working on a character concept for Iron Gods that I need a bit of advice on.

Character will be an Andriod/Synthesist...who's Eidolon is re-flavored to represent advanced nanite's in his system.

So when looking at the Damage reduction evolution, choosing an alignment to bypass the DR just doesn't make a lot of flavor sense...nor has any material I have thought of so far, other than Star Metals...which are uncommon enough to seem like a bit of cheese....

It occured to me that the "opposite" of technology would basically be magic....but as that would render his DR useless most of the time...I was thinking of narrowing it to specifically arcane magic.

So that a fair trade off for an alignment that bypasses his DR ???

doc the grey wrote:
Just started reading the Android article and I have to say whoever wrote that intro paragraph needs a round of applause. It was both beautiful, moving, and exactly what I wanted to start stepping into the mind of that races. Even got me a little misty eyed.


Insain Dragoon wrote:
nighttree wrote:

Can we get a rundown on the Andriod article ?

It's highly informative and covers a lot of stuff an Android player should know before making an android. The thing it sadly doesn't cover is what exactly their troubles with emotions are. I wish it gave some varied examples of "troubles with emotions"

So can we get some details ?

I have a couple hundred questions :P

Can we get a rundown on the Andriod article ?

I may have missed something already posted....but can someone give a rundown on any Oracle archetypes ?
And are there any new Oracle curses ?
Mysteries ?

Skeld wrote:
nighttree wrote:
Can we get a rundown on the android feats ???

** spoiler omitted **


May the good folk bless you ;)

Can we get a rundown on the android feats ???

Kudaku wrote:

The Spirit Whisperer Wizard mixes witch and shaman elements - he gains a spellbook familiar like a witch, and a spirit link.

That there just might be the Warlock I have been waiting for....can't wait to see it :)

Can I get more details on it ?

Look at it this way....mistakes of this nature usually make things collectible ;)

AWWwww POOP...they kept the damn familiar :(

This was the class I was most excited to hear about at the beginning of the playtest...and the one I was most disappointed in by the end of the's hoping the final version evolved into something unique ;)

It's very nice to see a modern company be so "human"....nicely done folks ;)

VERY nicely done....I've enjoyed most of the character stories....but I think this is one of the best. Really nice art as well.

doc the grey wrote:

3. Nope. Basically she gets bonuses to make people distrust one another and on fear spells. Her big power though is that she can chose to drop a mind affecting ability (including hexes) from a target as an immediate action. What's worse though is that if an ally tries to hit is friend with a beneficial spell the witch can drop the ability they have put on the victim. This forces the guy throwing the beneficial spell to make a Will save, if he fails the effect is wasted and the poor bastard who they were trying to help takes 1d4 Wis. Ohh and eventually you can summon a Night Hag to come and help you a couple of times a week.

I think this is what I am most excited to see ;)

Personally...I feel that Hag's go with Orcs/Ogre/Giants like peanut butter and jelly ;)

Chaotic Fighter wrote:

Id rather have the Shaman....just sayin....

Skald just went from low on my interest right up there!

Galnörag wrote:
Lisa Stevens wrote:
Galnörag wrote:
I assume you fine folks are working with Reaper on sculpts for the new iconics. Any chance you might let slip, oh say at Paizo Con, when such miniatures might be headed to market?

Last I heard, Reaper was aiming to have all the new iconics available at GenCon.


That was a surprisingly more direct answer then I was hoping for, thanks!

/me squirrels pennies away for GenCon

God's I hope they have Werner do some of them....especially the Halfling and Dwarf...he's the only one who can do good Halflings and Dwarves...

Very nicely done...the only thing that seems a little off is her it just me or is something a bit weird about it ???

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