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Runelord Alderpesh

nighttree's page

1,694 posts. Alias of Marian Reinholtz.


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In general, sexuality seldom comes up during our game. The players are usually to busy killing things....

That said, I generally try to handle things from a varied stand point, based on what seems logical for the culture in question.

Who is the artist doing these giants ?
They are all very nice so far ;)

Dragon78 wrote:

Is she a mutant hill giant or some other kind of template?

She sure does look like something else is going on...the face looks....strange....

Liz Courts wrote:
nighttree wrote:
Liz Courts wrote:
Product image and description updated to final.

NICE...but is that an Orc ?

Or something else ?
If memory serves, that's a cave giant from Bestiary 3.

OH...I think your right

Thanks Liz ;)

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Skeld wrote:
nighttree wrote:
nighttree wrote:
Can we get info on the Pact Wizard and Spirit Wizard ?
Please....pretty please :P

Sorry, I've been swamped at work and home the past few days. Did Luthorne answer your questions sufficiently?


Yes he did....not what I was hoping for, but that's how it goes ;)

Thanks folks.

Liz Courts wrote:
Product image and description updated to final.

NICE...but is that an Orc ?

Or something else ?

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There are cultural examples of cannibalism that although to the modern western mind are repulsive...would not explicitly be considered "evil".

For example, eating the flesh of an honored tribe/clan member as part of the funerial rites.

Just sayin ;)

nighttree wrote:
Can we get info on the Pact Wizard and Spirit Wizard ?

Please....pretty please :P

Can we get info on the Pact Wizard and Spirit Wizard ?


So I might be better off just building two weapon fighting into the build and going straight Investigator ?

What I was really trying to improve by taking Student of war was iterative attacks...getting "base" BA up higher...

However figuring out the interplay between Studied Combat and Know your enemy seems a bit confusing..especially as Studied Combat becomes a swift action...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I am looking at boosting the melee capabilities of an Investigator Empericist...and was thinking of going Student of War as a PrC...

But I'm not sure that the abilities mesh as well as I originally thought they would...

Opinions ???

Thanks much folks...I think this gives me some ideas as to handling the Cabal Devils part in all of this :)

UnArcaneElection wrote:

nighttree wrote:
As all of the "Bastard" races are supposedly born to a human...they have an ethnicity that should be accounted for by language.

Except that this isn't universally true -- Aasimars and Tieflings have rules sidebars allowing them to be born of non-Human Humanoids, although unfortunately the same sidebars declare the differences in result to be only cosmetic. Some of the others (Changelings and Elemental-Touched, at least) SHOULD get at least this type of sidebar, but don't.

In those situations I would allow them to take the appropriate racial for example an Aasimar born to Elf parents would gain Elven as a language.

Character concept is for a Spirit whisperer/Wizard...who is from one of the noble houses that Thrune ruined....and who's "patron" is a Cabal Devil. He want's Thrune destroyed, just as his house was destroyed by them. Of course he wouldn't mind stepping in and filling the void either ;)

UnArcaneElection wrote:

Wow . . . where did this come from? Even seems to be a Paizo product from looking at it, but doesn't come up in the search for Paizo products. (Even looked at the beginning and end of the thread, but didn't see it. EDIT: Buried somewhere in the middle.)

I'll second that !!! Where did this come from OSW???

It's possible that I'm getting hung up on the "Lawful" aspect....I'm somehow associating lawful as working in unison towards common goals...

And unless I have missed something...the specifics of who is backing house Thrune, and why, have never really been spelled out correct ?

I'm rolling ideas around for Hell's Rebels...and it kind of came up.

Can a Devil have interests outside of House Thrune's goals, and act accordingly ?

Even to the point of assisting in the fall of Thrune ?

Lord-of-Boggards wrote:
Dark folk( I almost put these in my original list but wasn't sure about all the weird sub species but i like nighttree's idea)

I did a homebrew, using the race builder guide...created the race as small...with an alternate racial ability of medium (same RP cost).

And then just used the "Role" format for each sub-species ;)

Samy wrote:

Okay, then let's move away from Taldor/Taldane and look at a sylph who lived all her life in Lands of the Linnorm Kings, about on the exact opposite side of Avistan from Taldor. Her automatic languages are *still* Auran and Common (Taldane), and she can't pick Skald, her native region's language at all, unless she uses Linguistics.

We simply house rule that all characters gain their ethnic language.

As all of the "Bastard" races are supposedly born to a human...they have an ethnicity that should be accounted for by language.

Dark folk....
Although listed with racial Hit die in the bestiaries, these can easily be accounted for by the rather obvious class theme attached to each..
Dark Creeper = Rouge
Dark Stalker = Ranger
Dark Slayer = Sorcerer
Dark Dancer = Bard
Dark Caller = Cleric or Summoner

OK...since this book is clearly not what I was hoping it was going to be...and in an attempt to still put a positive spin on it...what would you like to see regarding the core 7 that has not covered already ?

So how would most people color grade the revelations in the Apocalypse mystery ?

Or even a Barbarian Wizard ;)

I guess I expected some information on how the core seven differed in the inner sea, but more expansion on races not so often used as PC characters (Drow, Changelings, Gillmen, Darkfolk, Strix, etc...etc...)
Between the existing race books (all of the core seven, + all of the "Blood of" books, and Bastards of Golarion), and ethnic information already spread through all of the other material.....they are already more than well covered.

Tom Rex wrote:

From the department of expectation management: This book is going to focus HEAVILY on the core races, and not so much on the other races. Just as Inner Sea Gods compiled and expanded upon the deity articles we published in Pathfinder, so will Races of the Inenr Sea compile and expand upon the earlier race books we published in the Player Companion line; things like Elves of Golarion and Dwarves of Golarion, which are close to or are now out of print and/or have some early material from 3.5 or early Golarion that wasn't quite on model with where we are right now in Golarion.

There WILL be plenty of new stuff in the book though—never fear there—but the book's purpose is not to provide hundreds of pages of content on obscure races like lashunta, catfolk, triaxians, monkey goblans, ghorans, androids, etc.. Some of those will have some info in the book, some won't... but the bulk of it will be focused on humans, elves, dwarves, halflings, half-elves, half-orcs, and gnomes.

Creatures with racial hit dice, such as dark folk, aren't appropriate player choices and won't be represented in this book at all, really.

Well my interest level just tanked substantially...

Don't get me wrong, I would love more information on...for example Mordant Spire Elves.....but all in all the core races are heavily covered by existing books...they hardly need yet another book.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

My two biggest hopes...

A)Playable Dark Folk

B)More Changeling options

Yours ???

There BETTER be a new and expanded version of the Cabal Devils in this one....or I will have a full blown TANTRUM !!!

Looking foreword to this one ;)

Zaister wrote:

Thanks to all involved parties for this new gift!

Oh, and our first glimpse at the Inner Sea Races cover. Nice!

VERY NICE....what's the chick in the middle though ? Teifling ???

captain yesterday wrote:
So what a girl cant be strong? Or be decked out in magic gear?

Sure a girl can be strong...I just don't think Sorshen happens to be one of them ;) I may revise that opinion if they release an image of her at 6+ feet tall and built like the she-hulk...but until then I'll assume that she had something in the average Azlanti woman's strength range...and as a wizard used items and spells to buff herself same as Karzoug ;)

Giving a low level PC the magic items of a Runelord would be WAAAAY over the top in my opinion....BYMMV

Karzoug's stats are amplified by Ioun stones and magic gear...if you take those from Karzoug he has about a 15 str if I remember rightly...I used that as a base to set Sorshens physical stats ;)

Wayne does have a facebook page, and is usually very willing to respond to comments....just FYI

1 person marked this as a favorite.
extinct_fizz wrote:

That 'rope' looked like it should be the attachment point to me too! But I don't see how the large golden U would actually 'clasp' to the cloak. Furthermore, the rope hangs much too loosely for how closely the cloak hangs on the shoulders. I do appreciate your idea, though!

As for the "stiffer shoulder padding," I definitely agree that it is part of the cloak.

Turtle broaches actually pin to the fabric itself...they usually have one or more decorative chains or ropes that "baubles" are hung upon ;)

Here is some real world

See the oval metal pins holding the straps to the aprons on many of the dresses...those are turtle broaches (shaped like a turtle shell), then there are strands of beads and such that drape across the front :)

We just entered chapter two of the Shattered Star...

And I (as DM) am having a bit of "suspension of disbelief" issue with the possible "Sorshens clone" scenerio.

The problem I am having is how ability scores are handled in the event someone ends up in the clone....

The situation is that generally the way clone end up with more or less the same ability scores you had....but in this case although you are modified to full-blooded Azlanti (no real problem) a characters base ability scores could be way off the mark in comparison to the ability scores....

For example...we have several PC's who's Strength score is MUCH higher than I can see Sorshens physical body having...especially after a +2 boost.I just can't see some guy with a 17 Strength...ending up in the clone and having a 19 strength as a result...when Sorshen was probably no where near that strong...

I am thinking of taking a page from Reincarnation....and setting the physical ability scores (Str, Dex, Con) and then allowing the PC's unmodified mental ability scores (Int, Wis, Cha) the +2 boost (for being full blooded Azlanti)...and giving the body the benefit of the "Rune of the Mistress" tattoo (3/day touch atk, -4 on all will saves vs Enchantment spells for 24 hours)

Does that sound like a fair trade ?

Although it's not so clear in the images..I would do "turtle broaches" to keep it pinned in place...there almost looks like something along those lines in the images (see the decorative U shaped broaches) ???

Also looks like the "stiffer" shoulder padding is part of the cloak rather than part of the dress...

Praise the god's....Smurfs are not on the reincarnation table...

Let's see....

So if you say smurf....does your avatar go back to normal ?...or are you stuck with it ?

I was looking at that as well...almost all of the new Rage powers specify "you must have/while using" animal fury.....

The race I was looking at is Kuru...and they start with a 1D6 bite...I suppose I could just allow the racial bite to supersede in regards to damage....

The Cannibal Barbarian Archetype requires that the first rage power you take be Animal Fury (to gain a bite attack)....

If the character race being played already has a bite there any harm in ignoring the requirement ?

Makes sense...till I hear otherwise, I guess I'll go with that ;)

Thanks folks

The reason I'm trying to figure this out is it makes a BIG difference if the oracle is wielding a weapon that is targeted by a sunder attempt..

Correction..." If a held item is restored to unbroken condition, it becomes broken again the following round."

Both Mending and Make whole specifically call out repairing HP as the means to remove the broken condition....

The Craft skill can be used to repair broken objects...but does not specifically call out repairing HP damage to the object...

HyperMissingno wrote:

The wording seems to suggest that the HP is the same. It just suffers the effects of the broken condition.

That said the later wording suggests that you can temporarily fix it, which might mean that it looses HP when you take it, but it regains the HP once it leaves your hand.

Ya, that's what's throwing me....0-O

It specifically call out "being repaired" which to my mind means restoring HP damage... that a don't know...or the questions not interesting enough to answer :P

The curse states that "held objects gain the broken condition"...does this include a decrease in HP to half normal HP ???

ShroudedInLight wrote:

EDIT: Also, The Oracle was the first class I ever played and this guide helped me make them. So thanks for making it.

I will bet good money that the creator of the guide (all of them actually) is probably sick to tears with trying to keep the guide updated with new information as it comes out.....So definitely deserves a "shout out" of appreciation for all the hours he has put in to keeping it up to date....

These guides are invaluable to many of us when creating characters...
Many thanks for improving our gaming experience ;)

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