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Barnabas Harrigan

nighttree's page

1,458 posts. Alias of Marian Reinholtz.


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AWWwww POOP...they kept the damn familiar :(

This was the class I was most excited to hear about at the beginning of the playtest...and the one I was most disappointed in by the end of the's hoping the final version evolved into something unique ;)

It's very nice to see a modern company be so "human"....nicely done folks ;)

VERY nicely done....I've enjoyed most of the character stories....but I think this is one of the best. Really nice art as well.

doc the grey wrote:

3. Nope. Basically she gets bonuses to make people distrust one another and on fear spells. Her big power though is that she can chose to drop a mind affecting ability (including hexes) from a target as an immediate action. What's worse though is that if an ally tries to hit is friend with a beneficial spell the witch can drop the ability they have put on the victim. This forces the guy throwing the beneficial spell to make a Will save, if he fails the effect is wasted and the poor bastard who they were trying to help takes 1d4 Wis. Ohh and eventually you can summon a Night Hag to come and help you a couple of times a week.

I think this is what I am most excited to see ;)

Personally...I feel that Hag's go with Orcs/Ogre/Giants like peanut butter and jelly ;)

Chaotic Fighter wrote:

Id rather have the Shaman....just sayin....

Skald just went from low on my interest right up there!

Galnörag wrote:
Lisa Stevens wrote:
Galnörag wrote:
I assume you fine folks are working with Reaper on sculpts for the new iconics. Any chance you might let slip, oh say at Paizo Con, when such miniatures might be headed to market?

Last I heard, Reaper was aiming to have all the new iconics available at GenCon.


That was a surprisingly more direct answer then I was hoping for, thanks!

/me squirrels pennies away for GenCon

God's I hope they have Werner do some of them....especially the Halfling and Dwarf...he's the only one who can do good Halflings and Dwarves...

Very nicely done...the only thing that seems a little off is her it just me or is something a bit weird about it ???


I've been looking foreword to it all day...

1) Humans
2) Changeling
3) Tiefling
4) Elf
5) Dwarf

Looking to create a spell called "Swarm form" that basically allows the same ability of the vampire ability....but with scaling size of the swarm depending on level...

Any ideas as to what level a spell that would be ?

Well POOP :(

graywulfe wrote:



So I'm thinking that's a NO.....
Pity, I leave for a Midsummer camping trip tomorrow :(

Historically...witches where first female spirits (much like Pathfinder Hags), the term was later applied to mortals practicing "witchcraft" which was seen as specifically magic that was harmful to the community...and the accusation was most often leveled at women, although later men where also accused with greater frequency.

The terms Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard, etc....generally didn't carry the "specific" meaning of doing harm to the least until Christianity rose to dominance.

The whole "Warlock means oath breaker" is a modern idea....and does not appear anywhere in Scots or Germanic lore prior to the modern age.

As far as "in game" goes, we try to avoid using class labels for our characters....

A Shoanti may refer to a female Wizard as a Sorceress, Witch, or whatever...based on their personal perception of what she is like.

I think the only class that we tend to heavily label is the divine classes, which are almost all referred to as "priest or priestess".

We actively discourage characters from identifying themselves as Rogue, Fighter, etc...etc...

Just getting a bit impatient I guess :(

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Suma3da wrote:
Zhangar wrote:

Any word on whether warpriest is getting a unique spell list?

I'd assume so, but never hurts to ask.

And yeah, sacred weapon getting scaled back somewhat makes sense.

We already know from the an older preview thread that Shaman will be getting a unique Cleric/Druid/Witch spell list as well new spells tailored to that class. I think it's a fairly safe assumption that Warpriest custom list as well instead of just the 6/9 Cleric list.

In light of the removal of the full BA from Sacred weapon....I'm really hoping they DON'T get a unique spell list...unless it's to add Paladine only spells to their spell list.

Leave the restricted spell list to the inquisitor....

Doesn't sound like anything I was interested in seeing actually happened...might just skip this one.

Maybe they will do alternate heritages in some other book.

Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
Aaaaaaand someone has posted a review. Prescient chap.

My Tarot, Runes, and pendulum all agree....I think he nailed it.

I will however do an astrological forecast based on the release date to confirm....I'm nothing if not thorough.

clff rice wrote:

Im trying to go for a equilibrium of flavor + balance. It doesn't need to be dead on Just cover most of the bases. Sense they are born with the power Sorcerer just seems like a good choice.

I would like to see your mystery. Someone cursed by mystra to wield spellfire might be cool.

Here ya go.....I have not worked on it for almost two it probably needs some cleaning with it as you will :)

Constitution Dependent: A spellfire wielder uses Constitution instead of Charisma when determining the highest level of spells she can cast, her spell and ability save DCs, and any effects of her revelations normally determined by Charisma.

Spellfire Bolt (Su): You can savage foes with bolts of raw magical energy. As a standard action, you can sacrifice an unused spell slot of 1st level or higher and transform it into a ray, targeting any foe within 30 feet as a ranged touch attack. You deal 2d6 points of force damage, plus an additional 1d6 points of damage for every level of the spell slot you sacrificed.
At 10th level, the bolt’s range increases to 60 feet.
NOTE: 0-level spells may not be sacrificed in this manner.
The oracle still gains her choice of either cure or inflict spells.
This ability replaces an oracles normal “spells known” from levels 1 through 9.

Spell absorption (Ex): When you’re targeted by or inside the area of effect of a spell or spell-like ability that allows spell resistance, you gain SR equal to 5 + your oracle level.
Each time a spell successfully affects you, this SR increases by 2 for 1 hour, to a maximum of 11 plus your character level. You can’t suppress this spell resistance.
Any time a spell or spell like ability fails to overcome your SR, or you succesfully save against the spells effect, you gain a spell slot equal to the level of the spell you resisted. You can’t suppress this spell resistance.
Overload (Su): If a spellfire wielder absorbs more spellfire than the capacity of her mortal form, (as represented by her total spell slots per day) then spellfire overloading has occurred.
As represented on the table below, this has 5 stages, each of increasing severity and danger to the wielder.
Each stage is represented by excess current maximum spell slot levels equal to constitution modifier x overload level.
These dangers can be averted simply by releasing Spellfire energy in the form of a burst of spellfire (area radius equal to the spell slot expended) in sufficient quantity to bring the wielder back down to within the capacity limits of her constitution.
EXAMPLE. A spellfire wielder is a 1st level Spellfire wielder with a constitution score of 15 (+2).
She cannot exceed her normal spell levels per day by more than her constitution modifier of +2.
Upon absorbing a total of 3 spell levels, she is in Stage 1 of Spellfire Overload.
Upon absorbing a total of 4 spell levels, she is in Stage 2.
Upon absorbing a total of 6 spell levels, she is in Stage 3.
Upon absorbing a total of 8 spell levels, she is in Stage 4, etc.
Stage 1: The spellfire wielder can feel the stored energy surging and roiling within, and his or her eyes glow slightly.
The weilder gains the flat footed condition until she brings her spellfire level within the capacity of her constitution.
Flat-Footed: A character who is flat-footed, is unable to react normally to the situation.
A flat-footed character loses his Dexterity bonus to AC (if any) and cannot make attacks of opportunity.
Stage 2: The spellfire wielder feels restless discomfort from the stored energy surging and roiling within, and his or her eyes glow brightly. The weilder gains the fascinated condition until she brings her spellfire level within the capacity of her constitution.
Fascinated: A fascinated creature is entranced by a supernatural or spell effect. The creature stands or sits quietly, taking no actions other than to pay attention to the fascinating effect, for as long as the effect lasts. It takes a –4 penalty on skill checks made as reactions, such as Perception checks. Any potential threat, such as a hostile creature approaching, allows the fascinated creature a new saving throw against the fascinating effect. Any obvious threat, such as someone drawing a weapon, casting a spell, or aiming a ranged weapon at the fascinated creature, automatically breaks the effect.
A fascinated creature’s ally may shake it free of the effect as a standard action.
Stage 3: The spellfire wielder feels a burning sensation racing about within, and his or her fingertips feel numb.
Small, delicate objects are readily dropped, which the DM should adjudicate. The wielder's eye blaze enough to be noticed as light sources even when she or he stands in full sunlight, and even the wielder's skin glows faintly (5 foot radius of light).
The weilder gains the sickened condition until she brings her spellfire level within the capacity of her constitution.
Sickened: The character takes a –2 penalty on all attack rolls, weapon damage rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks.
Stage 4: The spellfire wielder's skin glows brightly (10 foot radius of light), and his or her eyes are as bright as lanterns.
The wielder is wracked with pain and feels as if she is on fire inside. The weilder gains the naseated condition until she brings her spellfire level within the capacity of her constitution.
Nauseated: Creatures with the nauseated condition experience stomach distress. Nauseated creatures are unable to attack, cast spells, concentrate on spells, or do anything else requiring attention. The only action such a character can take is a single move actions per turn.
Stage 5: The spellfire wielder's own clothing and items ignite and are swiftly consumed, doing possible fire damage to surroundings, but none to their wearer . The wielder's skin glows brightly (15 radius of light), emitting heat that can be felt up to 5 feet distant and causing discomfort, but not damage, to other living things. The weilder gains the confused condition until she brings her spellfire level within the capacity of her constitution.
Confused: A confused creature is mentally befuddled and cannot act normally. A confused creature cannot tell the difference between ally and foe, treating all creatures as enemies. Allies wishing to cast a beneficial spell that requires a touch on a confused creature must succeed on a melee touch attack. If a confused creature is attacked, it attacks the creature that last attacked it until that creature is dead or out of sight.
This ability replaces the oracles curse, and first level revelation.

A spellfire weilder can choose from the following revelations.
Eldritch Resistance (Su): You gain resistance 2 to acid, cold, electricity, fire, and sonic.
This resistance increases to 5 at 5th level, 10 at 11th level, and 20 at 17th level.
Mystic Null (Ex): You gain a +2 insight bonus on saves against spells and spell-like abilities. At 7th level, this bonus also applies on saves against supernatural abilities. At 11th level, the bonus increases to +4.
Rapid Blast (Su): The weilder can release two blasts of spellfire energy as a full round action. This increases to three at 8th level, and a total of 4 blasts at 15th level. Each blast after the first suffers a cumulative -2 penalty to attack rolls.
Spellfire Shield (Su): You can call up Spellfire to surround yourself with a protective barrier, enveloping yourself in magical flames and granting you a +4 deflection bonus to armor class and fire immunity while they last.
Any creature attacking the weilder with a natural weapon or melee weapon that is not a reach weapon takes 1D6 points of fire damage per attack.
At 7th level, and every four levels thereafter, this bonus increases by +2.
At 13th level, this shield causes arrows, rays, and other ranged attacks requiring an attack roll against you to have a 50% miss chance.
You can use this shield for 1 minute per day per oracle level. This duration does not need to be consecutive, but it must be spent in 1-minute increments.

Crown of fire (su): By expending 8 spell levels per round (swift action), a chaneler can manifest the crown of fire, which appears as a halo of spellfire around her and provides light as a daylight spell (bright light in a 60 ft radius, and dim light for an additional 60 feet). The crown of fire gives her damage reduction 10/magic and automatically destroys all non magical weapons that strike her (after inflicting damage, if any). The crown of fire grants the channeler spell resistance 32 (as the spell resistance spell). Maintaining the crown of fire requires spending 10 spellfire energy levels each round, which can be done as a swift action. The crown of fire, does not interfere with the channelers actions, including using other spellfire abilities.

Mojorat wrote:

No because they are done as a prc specific class feature rather than additions to alchemist you don't really have any wiggle room.

Huh ???

I'm not talking about any of the PrC abilities....
I was looking to get the normal Alchemist discoveries Greater and Grand mutagen earlier....they have level requirements on them ;)

Looking back over the abilities "Burly" and "Brutality" looks like they more or less intended those abilities to treat your strength as higher than it's actual score for everything but attack bonus...

Maybe I didn't get it at the time....will have to crunch some more numbers before I give up on the idea....

After looking over my build....I remember why I ended up putting the idea aside....

The Greater and Grand mutagen discoveries are available so late in the build....I just couldn't get the characters alternate form up to snuff..

I had REALLY wanted to do a skinny twig of an Alchemist, that turns into a hulking brute in his alternate form....but Greater Mutagen is not available till 13th level....and Grand Mutagen is not available till 16th I gave up on the idea....

Don't suppose anything that would allow those discoveries at lower levels has popped up ???

I VERY much like the class, and even have a Beastmorph/Master Chymist all plotted out (although I have not had the opportunity to play him as of yet).

The only thing that bothered me a bit about the class is how they handles
Burly (I would have preferred a flat +2 to Str and Con)

Haven't really looked at my build for a while...I should probably pull it out and see if/how any of the newer feats and such fit into my build :)

Don't know how close to the books your trying for ?

But what I would do is more like...

A bloodline doesn't give you enough leeway to work with...go archytype.

Make the class Constitution dependent, like the Scarred Witch

1st level ability: SR 11+HD, and any effect that does not get past the SR is absorbed and replaces an equal level spell slot.
Replaces "spells known".
Spellfire blast as Arcane blast

Later in progression include options for burst effects and such when firing the arcane blast...probably replacing existing Sorcerer bloodline abilities....and eventually build up to the big "crown of fire" type effect....

I did a version of the Spellfire weilder...but actually made it an Oracle out rather well.

Just my two cents :)

The Investigator is proving to be of much greater interest to me than I originally thought it would.....NICELY DONE

I'm toying with an idea to simulate the Fleshwarper PrC from Lords of Madness....and it occurred to me that using Alchemist might make a better fit.

This just jumped into my I have not had a chance to run it all the way through....

But what I'm thinking is basing it off of replacing discoveries with the ability to apply a graft, like some of the discoveries that already exist (vestigial arm)but I would need to generate more options....

What do people think ???

Good direction to explore ?

There are several sample "pantheons" in Faiths and Philosophies...

Berselius wrote:
I am also curious if there are any new Oracle curses?
Glad to know I'm not alone in this. We seriously need some more of them.


Spell description often give target descriptions to go off of....but many of the revelations are not so specific.

Thanks all ;)

I've run into a number of revelations where I find myself wondering if the Oracle can use them on themselves...

Current example...Erase from time ?

When the wording deals with targeting do you determine if they can "touch themselves" so to speak ?

That's kind of what I thought....and why they really don't want to try combat maneuvers....

Unless you really want to invest (ie: feats) in getting good at a specific maneuver...the risk is to high.

I have been trying to get our group a little bit more comfortable with using combat maneuvers in game...

One of the issues seems to be the idea of taking an attack of opportunity...which then led to a big discussion, and obvious confusion as to how this all plays out....

So you attempt your CM....roll your CMB vs their CMD...
at what point does the AoO occur ???

Can anyone talk me through the process ?

I had a character concept for our WotR AP, that I'm finding hard to pin I though I would get some adivice from the good folk on the forums.

The character is supposed to be a member of what remains of the "wardens" of the Threshold...where spellcasters that where seen as a threat to Sarkorian culture where imprisioned.

What class to go is where I'm having the most problem....

I have considered an Inquisitor...with as "druidy" a feel as I can create.
Maybe with something like "witch hunter" or such added on....but I'm not sure ???

If you where looking at something like would you go ???

Awesome art....awesome back story

I can't wait to meet the others ;)

Claxon wrote:

It is not necessarily conscious discharging, because touching something besides yourself will discharge the charge. Whether you want it to or not.

Can anyone explain why a charge should discharge if you hit an illusion?

Only a shadow spell is at least partially real, so otherwise hitting something that isn't there isn't actually hitting anything. Seems to me like it shouldn't discharge.

Gotta say I would rule this way as well.

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brad2411 wrote:
nighttree wrote:
Andriod Synthesist....advanced nanites re-configure his form into a killing machine :P
That sound awesome nighttree!

Idea hit me after watching the "future" sentinels in the new X-men movie.

Goes from being a standard Andriod, to being covered in shifting plates of fine scale mail and adapting to any threat :)

Flanking was actually what was occuring.

THANK YOU...sorry, in the middle of a game and we couldn't find the answer......MANY THANKS ;)

Can a Rouge who is making natural attacks(x3) per round add his sneak attack damage to EACH attack...or just one ???

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Andriod Synthesist....advanced nanites re-configure his form into a killing machine :P

I'm looking foreword to more Andriod fluff/crunch :)

Arachnofiend wrote:


No, really. That's your only option.

Stalwart and Improved stalwart....check....thanks for that :)

blackbloodtroll wrote:

Why heavy spellcasting?

How would that enter, or accompany, this class?

It's not about entry into the class, I just prefer to have some spellcasting ability...I get bored with straight melee characters ;)

blackbloodtroll wrote:

Also, what the hell is the "eeeww, Warpriest" response about?

Is there something gross about the class I missed?

Didn't mean eeeww as in "GROSS"....probably should have put "ooohh" as in, I hadn't thought of that.

Green Smashomancer wrote:
Nope, you get the better of the two. how can I get the LM DR up ???

Samasboy1 wrote:

I don't see how Resiliency is increasing the Living Monolith's damage reduction.

Resiliency wrote:
This judgment makes the inquisitor resistant to harm, granting DR 1/magic. This DR increases by 1 for every five levels she possesses. At 10th level, this DR changes from magic to an alignment (chaotic, evil, good, or lawful) that is opposite the inquisitor’s. If she is neutral, the inquisitor does not receive this increase.
Living Monolith Fortified Flesh wrote:
At 3rd level, the flesh of a living monolith takes on the hardness of stone. A living monolith gains DR 1/— and 10% immunity to critical hits and sneak attacks (as if wearing fortification armor). At 5th level and again at 8th level, this DR increases by 1 and the immunity to critical hits increases by 10%. When a living monolith uses his soul stone to increase his size, these defenses temporarily increase by an additional 1 and 10%, respectively. At 5th level, a living monolith becomes immune to all diseases, including supernatural and magical diseases (such as mummy rot).
Am I missing something?

Near as I can tell...they would stack.

Samasboy1 wrote:

Living Monolith with the Ib stone is 9/10 spell casting, but many of the abilities are definitely geared more toward melee than ranged/casting.

So I would pick a casting class that takes advantage as best as possible.

I think Magus, Cleric, Oracle, and Inquisitor could fit.

Of these, only Oracle has a class ability that would advance with levels in the PrC, his Curse.

The Stone mystery does seem to have some appropriate options (Crystal Sight, Earth Glide, Stone Stability).

Metal as well (Skill at Arms, Armor Master, Dance of Steel). And Dance of Steel is great since it nicely counteracts the Lame curse.

Ancestor, Battle, and Lore mysteries also seem appropriate.

Another possibility is the Warpriest ACG class. With Sacred Weapon, whenever you use your stone to Enlarge yourself you will be a full BAB warrior.

EEWWW....hadn't considered Warpriest yet....

I was looking at Inquisitor, because one of the judgements can increase his DR....and I would like to get that higher than 3.

So far have not found any mysteries or domains that will improve the DR.

I'm thinking of going Oread for race...ethnicity undefined mix of Osirion and Mwangi...really dark, almost jet black skin, and gold eye's.

I'm looking at building a Living Monolith, and had wanted to start with a casting class....but after looking over the Oracle Mysteries, (stone and metal in particular) none of the revelations really seem to tie in to the LM's abilities that well....

I'm in part influenced by an old Green Star Adept character from years ago, that I wanted to re-skin for Pathfinder....

I was wondering if Inquisitor would make a good option ?
It does allow me to increase the LM's DR with the resiliency judgment...

Opinions ?

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