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Runelord Alderpesh

nighttree's page

1,790 posts. Alias of Marian Reinholtz.


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cartmanbeck wrote:
As Owen said, I named it the First World Summoner originally.

I'm going to REALLY hope that's because it has a VERY First World focus...and that it's much better than the original First World summoner ???

Come on....throw me a bone...0-O

Where does one find info on this group called the Silver Ravens ?

Set wrote:

The Killoren, from 3.5, were pretty flavorrific, IMO. Shouldn't be hard to 'Pathfinderize' them (just add +2 to a stat, perhaps even a different stat, depending on your 'aspect!,' +2 Int (or Wis?) for Ancient, +2 Str for Destroyer, +2 Wis (or Dex?) for Hunter).

That's the approach I took in my homebrew/Pathfinder version....I need to re-visit the idea and clean it up a bit more ;)

GM Arkwright wrote:
Well, this isn't a build, it's a homebrew archetype of my own creation; don't expect to use it without special GM dispensation.

Thanks GM...I gota say...using "hair style" as a play on words gave me a harty chuckle ;)

Rynjin wrote:
That it replaces your Hexes, Major Hexes, and Grand Hexes in their entirety. ya

I'm looking at Shaman as an option, taking prehensile Hair Hex at 2nd.

Strangling hair may be a worthwhile option...I can use the the Arcane enlightenment ability of the lore hex to gain the spell....

@ GM Arkwright...I would love to see the build...right now I'm looking at all options and trying to figure out which one will make the most sense ;)

It just occurred to me that Shaman with the Prehensile hair hex might also be an option....

I was just skimming through older threads in an attempt to understand why the Prehensile hair hex was considered superior to the WHW ability...

The white hair ability has better dmg, greater reach, and increases options without expending valuable feat slots ?

What am I missing ?

Are their any feats that allow you to grapple creatures larger than you ?

LOL...I guess in the sense of "optimal" for the concept....vs optimal as in optimized against other classes ;)

I'm more of a RP than optimization sort....but I do want to be useful..., and don't want to be the "weakest link" in the party ;)

So this is not by any means meant to be an "optimised" concept....but I would like to see if it's even possible on a functional level, as I really like the flavor.

The idea is a Gnome (male) that is fashioned after the Korred/fey.

My initial thought was White Haired Witch....but as I have been looking at threads discussing the class....I have really mixed feelings as to if that's the best route to go...

The other option I am seeing is to go Magus/Hexcrafter + the Prehensile hair hex....but that seems to really loose out on many of the varied boosts the White Haired Witch get's.

Given that at size small...I will be limited in my grapple range to begin with (wouldn't you know this idea is for Giant Slayer AP)...

Which route would be most useful in the long run ?

Or is the whole concept just so worthless as to not be worth pursuing ?

What would be a good order of preference for energy resistance (using defy elements) ?

I had thought Pass the torch and Destructive roots would work well in tandem in situations where I could be a "bottle neck"......

I was planning on using Defy elements/fire to mitigate the damage...other than taking damage, is there a downside ?

Broken trap option ? How so ?

I'm looking at creating an Oracle with the Apocalypse mystery...and would love some advice on revelation selection, as well as any feat synergies, and tactics that would be good.

Will probably take the Wrecker curse...and looking to do primarily caster Oracle (as opposed to melee).

Thanks in advance ;)

Thus far this book hasn't really grabbed my interest..

But I am getting a little curious about this version of the Summoner..
I love the existing class....but I'm interested too see what they have done.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm hoping for additional Changeling options more than anything.
Also hoping they will cover favored class bonuses for the ACG classes for non-core races.

Sooo....that's a no ?

I'm thinking of trying the class out...but as we don't generally allow third party stuff...I'd like to get some opinions on how it actually played.

Very nicely said William Ronald.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
nighttree wrote:

"Perfection" ??? that's not even possible, or relevant to the discussion.

Did you mean protection ?

BigNorseWolf wrote:

No. You said it was a character flaw. I agree. While I think I ultimately agree with the solution here I'm a little worried at some of the underlying philosophies.

People have a certain right to their character flaws.

Ah...I got you...but I disagree. People will have flaws...that's part of human nature....and should be expected and understood...however "Rights" don't play into that in anyway. Does a homicidal killer have a "right" to kill ? No. Do Christians have a "right" to discriminate against non-christians in this country ? NO.

BigNorseWolf wrote:

A government without limits is a totalitarian state. While I think we agree that intervention is warranted in this case, its because the level of discrimination has frequently risen to warrant government intervention, not because its the job of government to fix peoples character flaws.

The mistake (or effective tactic? I can't decide) libertarians make is to argue that government involvement is never the solution. I don't like a lot of the opposite idea here that I'm seeing, that government can intervene whenever it wants on any pretext.

Ideally, the government acts on the cultures interests. Granted, that is more often than not, not the case...but that's the idea at least.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
nighttree wrote:
Discrimination is not a "right"'s a character flaw.
How far should a government go to ensure the perfection of its people? Who gets to decide what perfect is?

"Perfection" ??? that's not even possible, or relevant to the discussion.

Did you mean protection ?

If so, then the government should go to all lengths needed to protect it's people. A government is FOR the people...or it deserves to be toppled.

Not for just the people of a specific faith...but ALL the people, regardless of skin color, sexual orientation, or religion.

Otherwise it is meaningless.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Personally, I am actually all for a business having the right to choose who they serve. Although I think part of this should be that they must clearly site whom they will not serve based on their religious that others can choose whether they wish to support such a business.

Any business, or state, that feels discrimination based on ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, simply not getting any of my money, support, or respect.

Discrimination is not a "right"'s a character flaw.

I'm actually hoping the Mesmerist is just a teenage human ;)
The "potential" medium is a nice looking character.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

That sum's up my opinion of the book nicely Pexx.

QuidEst wrote:
It's referring to the third-party class, Occultist. Hope that helps! it's not. It's referring to the Shaman class ability.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Adam Daigle wrote:

I'm not gonna lie, I'm fascinated to see the detail and analysis of this conversation.

I'll officially say that some of you are right and some of you are wrong. ;)

Cruel....cruel.... developer :(

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I would buy such a product without a second thought.
Especially if it had additional options for Changelings, info on the "Hag goddesses", and such..;)

"spirit blade magus" ???

Just in time for my Bloodrager ;)

Please tell me that Wayne Reynolds will be doing the covers for this AP ;)

The bloodline allows the claws to penetrate DR/Magic...but your right, the alignment based DR's will be a problem...although I'm not sure how many giants actually have alignment based DR...:(

I may just delay some of the attack/damage boosting feats...and get the Fast Healer into play with the Spelleater as quickly as possible...
That seems like the best way to ensure survivability, especially at lower levels....

Fruian Thistlefoot wrote:

I've posted my build several times on the forums. Search Carl jr and my name together and you will find a few postings of it.

Found it...your relevant starting abilities are almost mirror image of mine...Str 17, Dex 15, Con 16 ;)

Fruian Thistlefoot wrote:
In giantslayer i would take the feat big game hunter instead of weapon focus

Had that on my list of "feats of interest" just swapped it for weapon focus at 5th level...good catch ;)

Fruian Thistlefoot wrote:
I dislike natural attack builds myself especially fighting things with natural reach. I would have chosen a reach weapon and used enlarge+longarm.

While raging, she will be large sized which help with the reach, and will be carrying a Horsechopper...however my claw damage, especially at low levels is far superior to anything I could do with a weapon.

As it sits now (not switching feats to take advantage of Fast healer)
At 4th level, I'm looking at Large size, an attack bonus of +10, and 1D8+11 for each of my two claw attacks.

Fruian Thistlefoot wrote:
You should invest in raging vitality feat for surviving. Especially when paired with fast healing spelleater. It allows for +2 con and fast healing to continue to work while unconscious. Meaning auto stabilize. Fast healing also is a great defense for bleed.

I have that feat on my "feats of interest" list as well...just hadn't figured out where it was going to fit in yet ;) you find that the investement in pumping the fast healing is worth the lower attack and damage output ?

Aemesh wrote:

Unless your enemies are hittin you pretty softly, your fast heals won't out pace your damage intake, unless your DR is really good.

What level are you and what's your ac look like?

We will be starting at 1st level...

At 1st my AC is 17...
DR from bloodrager doesn't even kick in till 7th level, and it scales pretty slowly. There are a few options to increase it, like going Primalist and taking Increased DR...but that still won't come even close to out pacing a Giants damage.

I'm building a Changeling/Abyssal Bloodrager for Giantslayer...
Bumping AC and/or DR is proving far too little pay off to be worth the investment...but I'm still looking for ways to increase my survivability, especially at lower/mid level.

My current feat choices have been primarily built around getting attack and damage up as high as possible at low levels....
1st: Tribal scars (for the bump to HP and +1 Will save)
3rd level: Mothers gift, for +1 attack and damage with claws.
5th level: Weapon focus (claw)
7th level: Rending claws (increased damage if both claw attacks land)

I have been looking at the Spelleater Archetype, and paired with the Fast Healer feat...I can get a descent fast healing rate by mid levels...but that would require me dumping most of my lower level attack buffing feats to take Endurance and diehard, to qualify for Fast Healing....can't decide if I think it's really worth it ???

Opinions ?


Weirdo wrote:

Keeping AC relevant is going to be hard when you're taking -6 to AC through your bloodline abilities. I'd look for ways to bypass AC. Miss chances are great. I've got good mileage from Snake Style on my Bloodrager 6/ Monk (Master of Many Styles) 2. The reach weapon will help defensively but it's not enough on its own.

The bloodline's resistances aren't that great; it's easy to beat them with Resist Energy or similar rings. It might be a better idea to trade that power out for Improved DR rage power x2 (using the primalist archetype). It's not great when you're facing more one-big-hit foes but DR 3/- is a big improvement on DR 1/-.

I was considering going primalist, and getting a boost to DR and "Come and get me"....wasn't sure that a bitty bump to DR was going to make much difference against giants though...

Thought it might be better to just not get hit in the first place :)

I wish Invulnerable rager was compatible with Bloodrager :P

I'm taking a Horsechopper as my reach weapon, and a composite long bow, for those pesky airborne opponents...

@Deuxhero...we don't "require" campaign traits, as they often may not fit the character concept someone is building...
But yes, we do allow drawbacks, although I haven't gotten to the cementing traits and such yet.

Alas....I'm one of those folks who is always trying to find a way around having a familiar...even when I play a Witch ;)
I just don't like having a pet along for the ride...with the exception of an eidolon.

Besides...she becomes a bigger than norm Annis Hag when raging....she might eat it :P

Would the steelblooded archytype be worth considering ?
You give up uncanny dodge...but I can't imagine a lot of really stealthy Rogue giants will be featured in the AP :P

I will be large from 4th level on, which will help....but most weapons won't match the damage I can dish out with my claw attacks...

Glutton wrote:
keep in mind this is the giant slayer ap. Hence you will fight giants. Giants hit, accurately and hard. It's going to hurt. They also have a lot of hitpoints. The people you play with are going to need to disable things, or you're going to absorb a ton of damage.

That's a big part of the reason I'm concerned with things like DR, and the Energy resistance from my bloodline being delayed....

I'm thinking it may make more sense to just pump my existing claw attacks up as much as possible...get them through the potential high AC's we will be going up against, and do as much damage once through as possible...

Kiorec wrote:

Don't forget the feat cost needed to flurry with claws, Weapon Focus and Feral Combat Training, which also allow you to use Monk feats from Martial Flexibility.

If you just use the Brawlers unarmed damage, it is a small upgrade on the die rolled, but not much else.

The big draw for Brawler is Brawlers Cunning, Martial Flexibility, and a bonus Combat feat at second level.

I am ambivalent to the dip, with a strong preference to staying single a class as a Bloodrager.

I was looking at dipping at 5th & 6th level, using the bonus feat from Brawler to cover Feral Combat...but I really don't see my Dex ever getting up there enough to qualify for Improved and Greater 2 weapon I would basically be going into it to get the one extra attack...which I'm now thinking I can do by just taking Haste as one of my spells.....

Brawler does give some other nice abilities and a good boost to my Fort & Ref save...but the more I look at it the less convinced my motive for taking it is worth the delay in my Bloodrager abilities....

Ah...I got you. She will be pretty much using her claws exclusively, unless a situation warrants her picking up a bow to deal with an airborn threat or something of that kind...

The other thing I'm trying to weigh the one extra attack gained from a two level dip and feat.... really worth the delay in DR :(

Sure my claw damage is pretty good...but I delay both a bump to my existing claw damage, and my DR by two levels...
As much as I would like her to have more attacks with her claws, I'm worried the payoff isn't worth the delay ?

Cory Stafford 29 wrote:
It may be worth it. That is for you to decide. It depends on if you want one big attack or many smaller attacks.

??? It wouldn't reduce my normal claw/claw would add an additional claw attack at the same damage...

If I later take Imp 2 wep, and Greater 2 wep, I can add additional attacks.

Would taking a two level dip into Brawler @ 5th & 6th level, to get Brawlers flurry, and taking the Feral Combat Training feat be worth it for this build ?

If I'm reading right...that would give me iterative attacks with my claw attacks...

I've got Power attack on the burner...but was waiting a bit to see how I fare before jumping in with it for a couple of reasons...
I can get a +1 to attack and damage with Mothers gift on my claws...not as high a bonus as the +2 dmg from power attack...but I don't sacrifice attack bonus and in fact get a boost to it. Also Power attack is one of my bloodline feat options...and I'm hoping to save those for when I start getting those slots.

I've got a +2 net bonus to will saves at 1st level, from Tribal Scarring and the trait Indomitable wisdom mod is a net +4 Will save at 1st level. And Iron will is also on the burner...just in case ;)

So based on the advice I have gotten...I have more or less piece by piece scrapped the feat progression I was originally looking at :P

This is what I'm currently looking at and why...
1st Level: Tribal Scarring...Between the minus con a Changeling get's, and the Bloodrager slightly reduced hit die (compared to Barbarian)I'm thinking the +6 HP and +1 Will save will be more useful at low levels. I will also be taking HP as my favored class bonus.

3rd Level: Combat Reflexes...the extra AoO will be most useful since I will have extended reach at 4th level when I can jump up to large during Bloodrage.

I have some other feats I'm looking at...but some will be based on how my damage and to hit seem to be doing from my bloodline abilities.

OK...different my claw attack is often going to be greater damage than most there any way to increase the number of claw attacks I can make per round to bring it in line with the iterative attacks my BA provides at higher levels ?

So basically if I have one of my two limbs free...I can sub a claw attack for one of the weapon attacks I would normally make based on my BA...correct ?

I'm creating a Bloodrager that has a claw/claw attack at first level, and that will be her primary focus at lower levels.

As her BA increases, I was assuming it will become more effective to switch to a weapon to gain iterative attacks (so like 8th level or so on.

It's always been my understanding that you can use EITHER a natural attack routine OR a weapon attacks based on your BA....but not both.

However I have seen some threads that seem to indicate you can use natural weapons and manufactured weapons as part of the same full attack action...

Is this right ???

And if so, how exactly do you figure out your attack bonus on that many attacks ?

Another Changeling is not exactly "optimal" given the -2 Con...I'm thinking I would be well served boosting my rounds of rage at least a bit.

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