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nick murray 549's page

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Katy_Thrace wrote:
So it could work with manyshot? Cuz that is firing once? Forgive me, im rusty with it all

no vital strike itself is a standard action not an attack action.

Animation wrote:


If you were building a Human Inquisitor, whats a good way to pick up a decent weapon proficiency? Assume that the player cant stand Desna, Cayden, Sarenrae, or Ragathiel, and plans to be Neutral Good.

Will he have to burn a feat? Are there any domains that grant proficiency? Any traits?

Or should he simply sigh, pick up a Heavy Mace (simple weapons) and run with it?


burn a feat or burn a level. Fighter or Urban barbarian archetype work well and confer other bonuses.

joeyfixit wrote:

Now the regular Summoner entry states that the Eidelon can't wear armor at all, because it "interferes with the summoner's connection to the Eidelon". But at the same time, the FAQ seems to assume that the Synthesist will have at least light armor on underneath the Eidelon suit. Meaning that there probably isn't a danger of connection there.

the summoner doesnt state anywhere that they cannot wear armor(summoner or eidolon). what it does state is that they cant each use the same magic item slot. what this is saying is that 1 can have a magic armor and the other can use a mundane armor. It also states that they can both wear magic armor but the armor on the summoner supercedes and will take effect over the armor on the eidolon. effectivly making the eidolons magic armor mundane unless for some reason the summoners armor became mundane.

Skylancer4 wrote:
thepuregamer wrote:

doesn't your conclusion imply that I can farm items off of creatures I summon then. hound archons will net me masterwork greatswords and astral devas will net me +2 disrupting weapons. I am thinking that most summoners won't mind the inconvenience of having to re-equip their eidolon everytime they summon them now that they have access to lots of free gear. So unless we are doing this all the time, I would say that if you travel to your eidolons plane and hand him a ton of stuff, he should be able to show up with that stuff and leave with it.

anyway, I think that summoned object refers to conjuration spells that specifically summon objects. So if summon instrument didn't say that the instrument went back at the end of its duration, it would stick around.

My conclusion doesn't do anything of the sort, the equipment that the eidolon is using is from this plane so it doesn't go back with it. It isn't being "summoned" to the eidolons home plane so why would the gear go back? The same thing for the summon spells, summoning a hound archon is fine and dandy, but when the spell ends it, as well as its gear goes back home. As a DM I might consider letting you use the gear for the length of the summoning spell but first you have to convince the hound archon to give it to you. Once the summoning is over *poof* no more gear, back to its home plane. You summoned a creature which happened to have gear, that doesn't mean the gear stays if the creature isn't around. The gear is a byproduct of the creature and as such I would in no way allow the farming of summoned creatures gear because the spell doesn't say the gear doesn't go back. If the spell were summoning gear specifically it would be a different story if the spell didn't have the clause.

but wouldnt that mean if you did summon a deva or hound archon that thier gear wouldnt come with them as it is from thier home plane?

doesnt a lvl 16 eidolon humanoid have a 18 dex? 12 base + 6 from levels.

bookrat wrote:

Hi Pathfinder Fans!

When using Natural Attacks, the rules state that for primary attacks you are at full BAB and full Strength bonus. For secondary attacks you are at BAB-5 and 1/2 Str bonus. If you only have one natural attack (not if you have multiple and only choose to use one), then you are at full BAB and 1-1/2 Str regardless if the attack was originally a primary or secondary.

What happens when we add in Weapon Finesse? Do secondary nat attacks go at 1/2 Dex to hit and 1/2 Str to damage? If you only have a single nat attack, does it get 1-1/2 dex to hit and 1-1/2 str to damage? This seems right, but I can't seem to find it in the rules.

What happens when we get iterative attacks from a high BAB (obviously this would be for player characters, not monsters)? Say a 6th level fighter with +6/+1; does he get an addition primary attack at +1? Or does going the natural attack route for PCs mean sacrificing iterative attacks at higher levels?

I apologize if this has already been covered; my google-fu seems weak today.

Natural attacks only effect you BAB and not your stat to hit. Weapon finesse doesnt effect smg at all and you use str no matter if you have it or not for dmg.

Veldan Rath wrote:

The synthesist also gains access to the eidolon’s special abilities and the eidolon’s evolutions...

So, does that include Evasion at 2nd level???

I actually have a question that goes with this.

So as you level and gain the evolutions does the eidolon gain them or the summoner? What I mean by this is do you only have these evolutions when the eidolon is summoned or at all times?

Another question I have is how Magic items work with the eidolon. If its a stat increasing Item, like a +2 str item, does it increase my str without the eidolon summoned and then when you summon it does it add to its str aswell?

If it has to be equipped on the eidolon do these items disappear when the eidolon gets unsummoned?

StreamOfTheSky wrote:

And all Eldritch Knight does to "advance" Fighter is give some bonus feats and effective fighter levels. It's still explicitly banned by the gestalt rules.

Savage Seer alone is more of a "progression" than that. Add in the capstone Greater Rage and all the cast + rage combo abilities... and how the hell is it less like a dual progression class than Eldritch Knight is?

Fun fact: Back in 3E, when the gestalt rules were written, Eldritch Knight didn't even stack effective fighter level and only offered a single bonus fighter feat. So since 3E, it's actually gotten more, uh... progressive, I guess you'd call it. And yet a class whose only features it had in common w/ Fighter were full BAB and a single fighter bonus feat was considered too much for gestalting purposes.

** spoiler omitted **

Note the complete and utter lack of any level stacking there?

Let's compare to PF Eldritch Knight:
** spoiler omitted **...

either way were talking about using an optional rule from another system that wasnt designed for this system. so we have already established that there is rules bending going on. as far as what he gains greater rage is useless from rage prophet because he gets it from barbarian at 11 instead of 15( lvl 6 is 1st lvl) with rage prophet. disabling savage seer for his barbarian levels is all that it takes to make this build.

The gestalt rules also say that those classes should be prohibited. not that they are banned. Big difference there and is upto DM approval.

StreamOfTheSky wrote:
nick murray 549 wrote:
Barb(invul rager)/oracle/rage prophet. I had a great axe using Half orc and he was a beast. Cast enlarge>>rage

Pretty sure "dual progression" type PrCs like Mystic Theurge and Arcane Trickster are recommended to be banned in a gestalt game by the gestalt rules, if not outright banned by the gestalt rules to begin with...

They're not needed, as you can just be both classes simultaneously. And if it were allowed, it'd be broken, you could advance the two clases on one side w/ the PrC and advance one of the two further or something else entirely with the other side.

there is no dual progression here. you stay full barb and prestige off you oracle side with rage prophet. the prophet does not advance barbarian at all other then allow you to cast spells while raging effectivly. the only potential issue is Savage seer but as a DM I would just get rid of that ability in gestalt. Your already using a optional rule that was made without pathfinder in mind.

Barb(invul rager)/oracle/rage prophet. I had a great axe using Half orc and he was a beast. Cast enlarge>>rage

after reading over AoO I would say you cant even do one until you have acted.

A character can take more than one archetype and garner additional alternate class features, but none of the alternate class features can replace or alter the same class feature from the core class as another alternate class feature.

the answer is no. you cannot take 2 archtypes that manipulate the same ability.

Vinja89 wrote:

hey yall, quick question. can the two title archetypes be stacked together? the one thing i can see going either way is the crusader can only take one domain which modifies it, and the undead lord archetype can only take the death domain with undead lord subdomain.

now its true they both modify it but they also reach the same goal? im not sure how this would go. thanks in advance!

the answer is no. you cannot take 2 archetypes that modify the same ability.

"A character can take more than one archetype and garner additional alternate class features, but none of the alternate class features can replace or alter the same class feature from the core class as another alternate class feature. For example, a paladin could not be both a hospitaler and an undead scourge since they both modify the smite evil class feature and both replace the aura of justice class feature. A paladin could, however, be both an undead scourge and a warrior of the holy light, since none of their new class features replace the same core class feature."

The only question that matters is why arent there more dwarf monks using this to hold thier mug while fighting.

if you look at the advanced race playtest it has alot of examples and stats for other races like minotaur.

I dont really understand animal companion rules.

It seems like a hunter pet in wow where they magically lose stats and size in some categories. Like large cat. If you find one in the wild they have a str of 21. but if your lucky enough to get one as a 1st level druid then it drops to 13 str and drops a size category from large to med.

Same thing with the horse. If you purchase a horse it drops from a 16 str to a 13 and keeps its size.

I was looking through the settlement info and noticed the "City of intrigue" should have a danger level listed as 40 but is only listed at 20.

Is there a max danger level that i didnt see?

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