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RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

mystic theurge actually isnt bad at all if you use the early qualification 'trick'... a wood oracle with the Bend the Grain revelation meets the divine caster requirement; play a race with a 2nd level arcane SLA (most aasimars and tieflings, drow, i'm sure there are others) and you can qualify early with very little investment.

you can go oracle 2/sorc 1/MT or sorc 2/oracle 1/MT and you only ever lose one level off your primary casting class but gain 11 levels of the off-class in trade!

its not (in my experience) used very often, but if your GM allows 'ecclectic training' and 'esoteric training' from Inner Sea Magic you can potentially get up to CL 20 in your main class and CL 14 in your off class (or if you split up your actual levels differently, 18 and 16 to get 9th level spells in one class and 8th in the other).

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

yeah- mythic vital strike is gonna be key to this. mythic power attack is kind of poorly worded but might be worthwhile... the Arsinoitherium only has 1 natural attack so you get 1.5 Str, which means 3:1 power attack normally- if you're GM will give you 4.5:1 its worthwhile (if not point that out to anyone considering a 2WF build, since that means they'd get 3:1 with both hands).

and you're right about not being able to activate anything- amulet of mighty fists is definitely the way to go.

also, if you're going to focus on wildshape/vital strike look at the dual path feat... that way you can take champion for your path but still pick up a couple path abilities from hierophant (if there are any you want).

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

a dwarven sorcerer with their racial FCB can make acid splash a viable attack...

1d3+1 from focus (as has been pointed out)+1 for draconic bloodline +1/2 levels FCB
so at 2nd it does 1d3+3 and increases as you level... that's 4.5 avg damage- same as a light crossbow but weightless, no reload time, and targets touch AC (and at 4th it matches a heavy crossbow's average damage). the range isn't great but if you really wanted to build for it you take magical lineage and reach spell to make it medium range.

you're not gonna win any dps races with it, but for something you can use infinity times per day its not bad.

edit: well 14,400 times per day (that's how many rounds there are in 24 hours)

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

modules are designed for 4-6 players, and right now you only have one combatant... encounters might be tricky that way. maybe think about a trapper ranger (ranged dps plus trapfinding and some skills) or a zen archer (ranged dps plus some built in melee dps, and maybe 1-2 useful skills).

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

angelkin aasimar
sorcerer 8/wood oracle (for early entry) 2/mystic theurge 10
either archmage or heirophant path (with dual path feat for other one)
take the racial feats to get wings :)

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

i think a considerable part of the issue comes from people's desire to be completely optimized. i'm not bashing that- i optimize all my characters (though i create a concept then make the best version of that concept i can, not just pure min/maxing). but when your character is completely optimized to cast you're definitely going to have issues at low levels when you may not have enough magic for that to be your only solution.

if you want to be completely optimized as a caster, you've already gotten good advice- load up on wands and scrolls to give yourself more magical resources; pearls of power are also great. if you want more options, pick a race with weapon familiarity (or spend a feat) and carry a real weapon, pick up some leather armor (and memorize shield instead of mage armor), and take 18 Int instead of 20 so you have some points for Str/Dex/Con- now you don't have to worry so much about getting near melee or having choice beyond 'i cast X'.

with the retrain rules you can do even more... take light armor proficiency at 1st level and wear a chain shirt; sure you'd have to roll ASF, but everyone else has to roll to hit anyways (and you only miss on 1-4 on a d20). an elven wizard could pretty easily start with 16 Dex and 18 Int in a 20 pt buy- carry a longsword and longbow, wear a chainshirt, and still be capable of casting pretty reliably (and at around 4 or 5th, when they can afford to cast all the time just pay to retrain your first feat)... honestly, you could even start as a magus for the 1st 4 levels and then retrain as full wizard at 5th (if your GM allows).

and all that is just looking at straight wizards... if you start with one martial level (for survivability and combat options) then take 1 level of wizard with the divination|scryer school you can level as an eldritch knight from 3-12th... you're one spell level behind a full wizard (2nd level spells @5, 3rd @7, etc) but you're only 1 point behind a fighter's BAB and have way more hp than most wizards...

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

selunatic2397 wrote:
My merry band of players still insist on First Edition rules to this day...I have to convert Paizo so I can run the adventures.

so, did they already make magic missile auto-hit in first edition or does it still require a ranged attack?

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

the usefulness of a dedicated healer varies considerably based on your style of play... if your CRs tend to be around APL your best bet is usually to burn through encounters as quickly as possible and heal out of combat (where wands can handle a lot of the work); if, however, you tend to fight CRs above APL a dedicated healer might be a necessity (or at least close to it). i'm playing in a campaign right now where we regularly fight CRs 3-4 above APL (and occasionally more)- its not uncommon for us to be in a fight where a frontliner will lose more than 1/2 their hp in one round against an enemy that has too much hp for us to take down before it attacks again... the only way to survive that is to get a solid blast of healing before it acts again, and it's not uncommon for our healer to spend early rounds of combat casting a cure 3 or 4 and quick channeling (and lets not even talk about how important status removal can be when fighting above APL- some of those DCs against enemies' special attacks can be tough).

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

LazarX wrote:
You think first level wizards have it rough today? First Edition AD+D, ONE spell per day... TOTAL.

yeah, and no free auto-hit... you got one spell per day and if it was magic missile you got one shot as if using a +2 crossbow. that might actually be going all the way back to basic- i don't remember when they switched that...

get off my lawn.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

i've been contemplating a system somewhat similar to LoneKnave's suggestion for a little while now... i've been too busy in grad school to write it up or run a full playtest yet, but over the summer i might (and possibly publish it as a PDF- so if you're still looking come fall keep that in mind, lol).

in the meantime- GURPS is a completely classless system designed to be playable in any setting (fantasy, steampunk, superheroes, dystopian future... ) and there's a ton of used stuff on ebay (and elsewhere too i'm sure). in fact, 30 seconds of effort found the core rulebook for $20 (in hardcover, i think there's a soft cover too that should be even cheaper). The storyteller system (from White Wolf) is also classless, though their games are built around a specific setting/theme; I'm sure you could find cheap used copies of those as well.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

i like the hurler option- throw it at someone and then use the chain that is conveniently already attached to it to pull it back to you for further use, lol.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

2 people marked this as a favorite.

you could take another level in your spellcasting class?

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

i played a guy who fought with an anchor (Culder "The Cap'n" Hargraves- the heir to shipping business who'd been the sole survivor of the company's small fleet being lost in a storm; he fought with the anchor that was the only thing recovered from ships); my GM and I just reskinned a spiked chain, although they worked differently back then... i don't know anything about anyone in any game, but my suggestion would be to talk to your GM about using a Dorn Dergar and just having it look like an anchor.

edit: if you want to fight with a real anchor (possibly so you can just pick one up on any ship) you could do so with just about any class... take the catch off-guard feat and the surprise weapon trait and you'll be in good shape. as an improvised weapon the stats won't be the greatest, but you'll be great at hitting and able to use any number of improvised weapons around a ship. (a rogue might be a decent option cause unarmed foes are flat footed against your attacks, or a monk of the empty hand- they can take improvised mastery at 6th and get some other bonuses with/for using improvised weapons; fighter really wouldn't be a bad option either).

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

here's a chart... its not infallible but its a good place to start.

on quick inspection, looks like only qinggong. (of course all that is assuming you meant other monk archetypes that stack, if you were looking for other classes with a complementary archetype i think the advice to single class is good.)

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

Ragathiel is (IMO) a really cool patron for a paladin, especially if you want to play one with a little more edge... the only real drawback is that if its society play you need to own the book he's from (and that you'll only get to like 12th level so you won't get much use out of rage); iirc ragathiel is listed in the Inner Sea World Guide.

edit: lol- ninja'd again, this time by a question i'd already answered :)
(i just looked it up- i was right: ISWG pg 234)

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

depending on what level range you're playing (and available deities) the destruction[rage] domain is kind of awesome for a pally. 1st of all: raging paladin. in case that didn't sell you (which would be odd) it comes with a damage boost early and true strike (which is incredible if you ever need to use a combat maneuver). it wouldn't come into play until fairly late (like, 15th i think) but lesser celestial totem will make LoH even more insanely awesome.

edit:noooooo... ninja'd! worth saying twice though, i think.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

i do kind of like the idea of allowing players to take racial options to bring all their races up to the same rp cost... one of my buddies is playing in a campaign like that right now and really enjoying it. there's some built in control there (because the base races already have types that cant be changed and are standard races so they're not eligible for many of the stronger powers). you do still need to check over everything though, and be aware of potential abuses... (one thing to be particularly aware of is the elemental races- they're native outsiders so they qualify for more powers than humanoids and their base point values are like 6-9 maybe so they'll have a ton of points if you let everyone go up to 15).

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

Wrong John Silver wrote:

Level 1: LG Aasimar cleric of Chaldira Zuzaristan with Good and Trickery domains

Level 2: Empyreal Sorcerer
Level 3: Paladin, strictly for the protections and stuff
Level 4: Mystic Theurge!

there's a couple problems with that... the base aasimar's daylight SLA is 3rd level, so it doesn't meet any of the MT requirements. also, the strength of early entry is that it minimizes the number of lost caster levels but a pally level counteracts that benefit. plus, you really don't gain much defensively from 1 level of pally (you really need at least 2 levels so you get divine grace).

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

alexander's suggestion is interesting and raises an important question: is this going to be primarily an adventuring cohort or a crafting resource?

if the latter, add craft wondrous and find a safe spot where he can work fulltime crafting while you adventure. if the prior, give him reach spell or extend spell since he'll mostly be supporting the party through buffs and heals/status-removal (and remember that he can get 2 hours of arms/armor crafting done each adventuring day).

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

1 person marked this as a favorite.

well, that's a slight overstatement... generally speaking, no, although in just the right context why not...

ARG wrote:
The following rules allow GMs, or even players with GM oversight, to create new races that are balanced and mesh with the core races. (emphasis added)

that's from the opening paragraph of the race builder section of ARG. the races that populate your campaign world are an integral part of your world/campaign design- its something that you should very clearly hold control over (the rules in the book clearly state that new races should be made by the GM or under the GM's direct supervision). not only do new races have the potential to change the feel of your world, poorly designed ones (like ones designed for mechanical optimization with no real concern for how they'd function as a society, or interact with other races) will feel unnatural and out of place; they're terrible for any sense of immersion.

the exception (IMO) is if you're running something exceptionally fantastical, particularly if planar/interplanetary travel is available- if your campaign is set in a locale populated by beings from all over the multi-verse its completely reasonable that bizarre/unnatural races might be present (and in a hyper-fantasy setting like that the extra layer of optimization shouldn't be an issue).

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

double up on craft wondrous. with the possible exception of craft arms/armor (which he got as a bonus feat if i remember the archetype correctly) in a martial heavy party, wondrous items will be by far the most often wanted magic items in the party- having 2 people who can craft them (and one who may just do that and not come on adventures) will greatly reduce the amount of down time between sessions while players are just waiting for their new goodies to be crafted.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

IMO, go empyreal sorc and just wear armor like you were planning on. (see my previous post for tips on successfully handling ASF)

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

you know... i know you specifically said that you don't want to look at full casters, but that might be worth reconsidering... the empyreal sorcerer really might be your best bet- it uses the same casting stat as cleric so you can have awesome save DCs for both classes, it gives a ranged heal at 1st (very little health restored but can stabilize someone or end a bleed effect without having to run to them) which is pretty handy if you're primarily a cleric, and with only 11 levels ever you get 5th level spells instead of only 4th (and if you went sorc 2/cl 8/MT 10 to minimize BAB loss and maximize magical knack you'd be up to 6th level spells where a 2/3 caster would still only have 4th).

I know ASF% is not something you want to deal with, but you have some options:

emphasize utility spells- spells that are cast out of combat can just be cast a 2nd time if you fail your ASF check, or you can take the time to remove armor before casting. (you could even take arcane armor training to use in these situations when you literally have nothing you could do with a swift action, and then you'd have it if you needed to use it in combat)

pick spells with no somatic components- you can find lists on these forums of spells with no somatic components; these spells are not subject to ASF so your sorc could freely cast them in armor.

still spell- for those arcane spells you just have to get off successfully during combat (but have somatic components) take the still spell feat (or rod); yes the feat raises it a spell level but you have 1 extra spell level compared to a 2/3 caster. take this and arcane armor training and when you want to quicken a spell and cast an arcane spell you can use still, when you want to move and cast an arcane spell you can use AAT.

combined spells- a valuable but often overlooked class feature... you can prepare your sorc spells as cleric spells! they eat up cleric slots but you cast them as cleric spells (meaning no ASF).

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

personally, i'd go with an archaeologist bard...
bard casting has better stat synergy than magus and you can improve the luck ability with the fate's favored trait and/or lingering performance.

or, depending on your plans for domains, a bard/evangelist clerc? levels would stack for performance, which doesn't really make much difference until after you finish MT but could be useful at high levels.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

4 people marked this as a favorite.

a goal...

whether its something specific (like "become the ________ of _______" or "find/win/earn the _______ of _______"), fairly vague (like "prove to ______ that i'm not ______" or "become a true master of _______"), or even something impossibly grand (like "become the greatest ______ of all time") a goal informs your decision making and helps drive the story (or at least your part of it).

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

i'm not entirely sure what got me on this but i was just wondering how many gestalt combinations there actually are in pathfinder... not counting ACG classes (mostly because my math skills are not up for the weirdness of having their gestalt options limited by their related base classes), i think there's 171 different pairings!

that seemed like a huge number and then i remembered there were >450 posts in this thread... that's almost 3 times more posts than there are combos, lol. i know that 3rd party classes, PrCs, and (especially) archetypes make the number of potential combos astronomically higher but it just seems funny to me that this thread has way more posts than there are base combos.

edit: while i'm here- what about fighter[viking]/OoV paladin... enough feats to sword&board effectively (which smite helps with, a lot) and the celestial totem (along with fey foundling) to really crank up your LoH (@6th you'd do 3d6+12).

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

channel smite states that it costs 1 channel, uses a swift action, and affects a single attack... so, if you wanted to affect 3 natural attacks you would have to spend 3 channels and figure out how to get 3 swift actions in a round (there is no way to do that within the rules).

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

i completely agree with the tiefling oracle... i disagree about not combining blackened with flame- the only overlap is that both give you burning hands and wall of fire (though flame gives it as a 4th level spell and blackened, arguably, as 5th); without flame you don't get fireball (which is kind of a staple) or incendiary cloud, and without blackened you don't get scorching ray or delayed blast fireball (which are good early and late spells).

i'd go with a spitespawn tiefling (best mechanically IMO) or a beastbrood tiefling (makes most sense to have fox head/features) and make him a blackened flame oracle. you'll get basically all of your fire magic as bonus spells, so you can spend your spells known on more demonic type stuff (and automatically know all the cure spells for free). if you want some extra demon-type abilities you can also look at the Eldritch Heritage feats for the Infernal, Abyssal, Daemon, Div, or Rakshasa bloodlines.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

personally i'd go for a monk... most likely a weapon adept. that gives you perfect strike (which is usable with quarterstaff) and free weapon specialization, so your flurry (also usable with quarterstaff) will do a bit more damage. also, as a monk you can just wear a robe and pointy hat and still have a decent AC.

its probably a more reasonable build if you could find an opportunity to use it in a gestalt game (combo monk with empyreal sorc if you actually want to cast, or some kind of fighter, maybe weapon master, if you really just want to bash skulls).

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

trickery domain or fate inquisition both offer a 2nd level divine SLA (as does the 'bend the grain' wood revelation if you want to make an oracle)

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

honestly, with access to 9th level sorc/wiz spells the specifics of your build matter far less than how creative you are...

for example- you could focus on plane shift (spell focus, gtr sf, spell perfection, etc). create a greater demi-plane before heading to the tournament; make it one long hallway that loops, give it the fire and lesser negative energy traits; also make it a magic dead plane (you will have used a simulacrum for this since otherwise you would have been trapped and died there). now run around using quickened and/or persistent plane shifts to send enemies to your hellscape where they will lose all magical protection, take 3d10 fire + 1d6 negative energy damage every round, and escape is literally impossible (unless they have a non-magical means of planar travel, which they don't). your DCs will be different depending on whether you cast plane shift as a cleric or wizard, but one really nice thing is that (if you can afford them) things like practiced spell or magical lineage you can take once and have it apply to both versions (with magic lineage you could cast the cleric version as a reach/quickened spell and the wizard version as persistent; with practiced spell you never even have to prepare it, you can convert any other spell of its level or higher).

edit: also, i'm not entirely clear on how your wealth/gear is working but if it really is basically limitless (and maybe there's even room for some custom items potentially?) you should assume that at least one person will make a fighter/gunslinger/whatever-martial who's basically always surrounded by an antimagic field... make sure you're prepared for that (look at wall of force, prismatic sphere, prismatic wall, and mage's disjunction).

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

i don't know of a way to do it with a ranger... i think there are a couple 'non-domain' classes that could, like a pally who takes the sacred servant archetype.

if this is a home campaign you could talk to your GM about creating an archetype for/with you. paizo thinks that an animal companion is roughly equivalent to a domain (based on the druid's nature bond ability) so talk to him about an archetype that lets a ranger give up hunter's bond for an appropriate domain (with effective level=ranger level-3; including 1 domain spell slot each spell level), and then look at trading out a couple other minor abilities for ones with a thematic link to the concept. to be cohesive, the theme shouldn't just be "more magical ranger" (if that were the case you're domains choices we be limited to base druid choices)- instead come up with a theme that explains why you're getting the repose or knowledge domain and base other little changes on that.

While many rangers are content to live and hunt in one region their whole lives, explorer's are driven far and wide by an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Explorer's Lore (Ex)
Explorer's are constantly learning and discovering new knowledge about their surroundings, they gain a bonus on all Knowledge[Geography] and Knowledge[Nature] checks equal the half their level (minimum +1). This ability replaces track and wild empathy.

Esoteric Lore (Ex)
In their journeys, explorer's learn more of the mystic arts than most rangers. Upon reaching 4th level the explorer chooses one domain and gains all the benefits and powers of that domain as if they were a cleric of their ranger level -3. Explorer's gain a domain spell slot of each spell level they are capable of casting just like a cleric. They may choose any of the following domains: Knowledge, Magic, Rune, or Travel. This ability replaces hunter's bond.

Lore Master (Ex)
At 8th level, the explorer becomes a master of lore and can take 10 on any Knowledge skill check that he has ranks in. An explorer can choose not to take 10 and can instead roll normally. In addition, once per day, the explorer can take 20 on any Knowledge skill check as a standard action. He can use this ability one additional time per day at 16th level. This ability replaces swift tracking.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

paladins are great, i love them (and have played more than any other single class), but if you're getting frustrated consider looking at another class and flavoring it as/like a pally... a properly built inquisitor could resemble a paladin but have a base of 6+Int skills/level, and you could have him in a paladin order where he's taken the same oaths as everyone else (he just doesn't immediately lose all his powers if he violates them... he might still wrestle just as hard to always do the right thing though, or be overcome with grief/guilt when he screws up).

depending on what, specifically, is frustrating you, a warpriest can look/function even more like a paladin though they also only get 2 skill points. they (or a melee cleric) could do a similar 'join a paladin order and strive for their standard even though you're not technically a paladin' sort of thing...

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

it seems like there's a lot of good advice here already, on thing i haven't really seen specifically addressed here yet is expected wealth by level (though, admittedly, i didn't carefully read every post)... the average wealth of a 6th level character is 16,000 gold! so if you're ranger just got a +1 composite longbow (2,500g i think) and only has a couple hundred gold (unless she's also decked out in other items you didn't mention) part of the blame here is on you GM...

yes, if you're a ranged focused ranger you need to make arrows a priority but in a very low wealth campaign her ditzy-/forgetfulness may be exacerbated by fear of spending too much of her very small amount of gold and/or concerns about how she'll carry all her ammo if she bought a ton but doesn't have a magical quiver or backpack to store them in.

CRs are set for a party of 4 with around average wealth by level, so a CR6 creature is designed for a party whose ranger has something like: +1 bow, +2 belt of Dex, +2 light armor, an efficient quiver, a +1 resist cloak, a cold iron backup/melee weapon, and 2000+ gold worth of expendables (arrows, magic weapon oils, potions of cure/see invis/fly/etc, wand of CLW, and those sorts of things). now, granted, an experienced party with well made PCs can get by with less (as can parties with extra people, to some extent) but that's the general idea.

if you're purposely playing a low wealth game you should talk to the players about what that means and how they can wisely function in it; if it was an accident (because you didn't realize how much they 'should' have, or wanted to limit their options but didn't consider the consequences) maybe consider adding a party of well-equipped corpses just inside that fell prey to some magic ward that otherwise would have killed the party (that way you can bring them closer to normal wealth but also remind them of their mortality).

edit: or, if they have an appropriate amount of wealth and you just didn't mention any of the rest of her gear, ignore everything i said and mercilessly run the dungeon until they need to flee back to town to restock and try again- there's really no excuse for a character with 16,000g not to have enough arrows.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

that grand marshal combo does look pretty good- you could even take the conversion domain to make most of the required skills into class skills.

i know i posted regarding your EaGG homebrew before but i don't think i mentioned a spellslinger... just spellslinger/myrmidarch would be a pretty solid combo, but if EK is an option (i know its not in many/most campaigns) you could do spellslinger/gunslinger 1st-5th; EK/myrmidarch 6th-15th; spellslinger/gunslinger 16th-20th (end up with full BAB, CL 19 wiz, CL 10 magus with broad study for spell combat and ranged spellstrike with all your wiz spells). only downside is that wis for grit makes you a little more MAD...

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

i posted an alternative or two on another thread a while ago...

also, how is your gunslinger 1/spellslinger 1 qualifying for eldritch knight? a lot of people like the base aasimar for EK because its daylight ability lets them get into the class earlier than most builds.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

my biggest issue with doing this as a sorc is that you seem to gain so little... you're basing your bloodline and bonus feats on trying to make up for the huge investment of pouring all your feats into magical tail and in exchange you gain a handful of SLAs that you could just cast as spells anyways. correct me if i'm wrong but i think every single spell from magical tail is on the wiz/sorc list and you can learn them (usually) quite a few levels earlier than you get the feat. plus the DC for the SLAs won't gain bonuses from spell focus or FCB will it?

i think for a sorc you're better off taking the fey or infernal bloodline, spend your feats on spell focus and what not, take the racial FCB and just enchant the heck out of everything; its less of an investment to take those abilities as spells known than it would be to take all the feats (and if you really want all the tails ask your GM if you can get an extra one each time you learn one of the spells of that list- shouldn't be an issue, its purely aesthetic anyway).

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

blackbloodtroll wrote:
You could do this with Racial Heritage too.

racial heritage ends up being a wash feat wise (spend your bonus feat on racial heritage); it does let you avoid the penalty to str but you miss out on vulpine pounce which is a really nice feat. (plus then you only get the 8 tails from the feats, you can never get your 9th tail...)

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

i never played it, but i built one as a thought experiment. i actually did it as a fighter... i know that sounds kind of crazy but it does solve the 'costs all your feats' issue. he actually looked like he should work pretty well, eventually. he was a lighthearted prankster who's focus was really on supporting another melee guy...

i don't have the build with me but it was something like this:

CG kitsune, lore warden
str 8 (10-race); dex 18(16+race); con 14;
int 10; wis 12; cha 15 (13+race)
traits: reactionary, dangerously curious
skills: acrobatics (cc), knowledge[arcana], spellcraft, UMD (all max ranks)

1- magical tail; f1- weapon finesse
f2- 2WF; bonus- combat expertise
3- magical tail
f4- butterfly's sting (+1 dex)
5- magical tail
f6- imp 2WF
7- swift kitsune shapechanger
f8- imp crit [kukri] (+1 dex)
9- magical tail
f10- piranha strike
11- vulpine pounce
f12- gtr 2WF (+1 dex)
13- magical tail
f14- wf [kukri]
15- magical tail
f16- arcane strike (+1 dex)
17- magical tail
f18- gtr wf [kukri]
19- magical tail
f20- wpn spec [kukri]

he's really best suited to play with a 2H melee (preferably with an axe/hammer or tetsubo) or a magus... he brings butterfly's sting online as early as possible, which allows him to pass crits to them (and he should go a lot of crits dual wielding kukris). 1-3 levels he hits pretty reliably but does terrible damage (and wouldn't be afraid to 'aid other' when it seemed helpful), starting at 4th he's all about crit chasing/passing; by high levels if you can get agile on his weapons he'll do pretty decent damage on his own too. if you don't want to count on having another melee with you you could move up some of the hit/damage feats and delay butterfly's sting (though he's obviously less effective that way).

it's not super optimized but between UMD and all the SLAs he has way more options than a standard fighter, and he's definitely good for a party's DPR...

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

i see that you've avoided any abilities that rely on Cha... you might want to consider investing a few points in it, that would open up some more options. otherwise, dimensional slide could be handy (and not Cha based) at 9th and greater metamagic knowledge looks good at 11th... or counterspell and counter drain to protect yourself from nasty casters and replenish your arcane reservoir.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

gifted adept is good, but i think magic lineage might be better... with gifted adept burning hands hits max damage at 2nd level (which is nice at 2nd but worthless at 5th); with magic lineage you can put intensify on it for free... so a pyromaniac tattooed sorcerer can take spell focus at 1st, intensify spell at 3rd (even though you don't need it til 4th), and spell specialization at 5th... so at 6th level your 1st level intensified burning hands does 10d4 damage, +10 if you're draconic (or you could reassign spell spec to fireball for 10d6...)

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

oh yeah- starting at 6th you have some good druid options. a druid 4/barb 2 on the way to barb 4/druid X-4... take boon companion and/or shaping focus (you'll want both eventually) and you'll have really solid melee abilities, tons of options with wildshape, and spells to boot. take ferocious companion as your 4th level rage power to really ramp up your companion when needed.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

i know you said an arcane caster is not high on your list, but that might be worth revisiting... depending on whether or not your GM has houseruled against meeting requirements with SLAs. if you start with a ranger with the trapper archetype you get trapfinding and proficiency with all martial weapons at 1st; at 2nd take one level of wizard with the divination school and the scryer sub-school, which allows you to always act in the surprise round and gives you a 3rd level SLA. starting at 3rd level you can go eldritch knight until 12th.

at 6th level you'd have a +5 BAB (with 5d10+1d6 HD) and cast as a 4th level wizard (the magical knack trait will put your caster level at 6th, no additional spells though). learn a couple buffs that you can throw in a surprise round or when you know there's about to be combat, a couple ranged/AoE damage spells for when needed, and you can use the bulk of your spells for utility. that way you can cover the front line, fill the arcane casting hole, and be a better rogue than a rogue (find traps and invisibility are both available as low level spells).

arcane armor training/mastery and still spell are all useful in a build like this to allow you to benefit from armor use without losing spells to Arcane Spell Failure %. if you're going to play past 12th level, a 2nd level of wizard at 13 will get you +1 BAB and another level of casting, after that you'll have to figure out what you want to focus on (if your GM allows the hellknight signifier prestige class taking 8 levels of that after you finish EK is a very strong option).

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the icicle dagger spell does not deal damage to any target... in fact, it does not even have a target:

icicle dagger wrote:


Range 0 ft.
Effect one icicle
Duration 1 minute/level
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no

see how there's no spell resistance applicable? that's because the spell creates a dagger, nothing else. just because you can use said dagger to inflict damage doesn't mean you could use it to inflict rime or dazing. flame blade is a little trickier to adjudicate- it also has no target, but given that it is an ongoing evocation (rather than a summoning[creation] spell) and does allow spell resistance, i'd be inclined to think you probably could apply dazing to it (or elemental[cold] and rime); flaming sphere i'd rule the same way on, for the same reason...

after reading the "effect" line of each of these three spells, icicle dagger does look a little bit better. still, though, the significant difference is that one is a creation effect (it magically makes something you can use) and the others are ongoing evocations (manifestations of magic), that's why one doesn't allow spell resistance and the others do (and that's why i think that one doesn't allow those metamagics but the others do).

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1 person marked this as a favorite.

i don't understand why people are complaining about the DC getting easier?
1- getting confused is supposed to be a drawback not a strength (even though some people just want to exploit it for extra rage).
2- (IIRC) you can always voluntarily fail a save (after all, that's what you do every time someone casts CLW on you)... so voluntarily fail the save when you want to risk the 'free' confused rage, and be glad for lower DC when its time to stop.

wait, is this because it used to say Cha instead of Con? cause you could dump Cha and dip 1-2 levels for nearly limitless rage with an easy save when you wanted to stop? that was an obvious error and of course they fixed it. in my home group we've always used Con for that save because Cha makes no sense whatsoever (which is why i assumed the save was getting easier).

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

take leadership...
you want to speed up spells/channels? have your cohort be a lower level member of your order (another cleric, or a life oracle or inquisitor if you add advanced players guide at any point)- have him/her cast a cure spell or channel (free for you), and you still have your turn to do whatever you want.

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hmmm... if you switched your race to (vanilla) aasimar you could take 1 level of EK at 6th (full BAB and a bonus feat)?

if you switch to lawful (replace barb with pally) 1 level of hellknight (listed as hellknight commander on pfsrd) could work well. and, if you're willing to tie yourself to a specific faction, the steel falcon (on pfsrd, i think its actually the eagle knight) is an option too.

aldori swordlord, student of war, or low templar are all possibilies (though they don't add much to the build).

i'm sure there are others too but that's all i can think of right now.

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you can make pretty much whatever you want, you just need the other PCs to think tactically with you and talk about how combat needs to work...

you wanna play a druid? play a druid: use spells like entangle or stone call to make it harder for enemies to close in melee (allowing archer and blaster to shine); buff your animal companion to make it more durable/effective when melee does start (and remember that inspire courage affects it); use summon spells to delay melee, take hits/add damage during combat, or even distract enemies you want to evade; when it comes online, use wildshape to melee alongside your animal companion.

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if the goal is just to get cover/concealment from them, buying expensive ones is the absolute wrong approach...

ioun torch (APG) 75g x i don't know, 100? = 7500g
+ any other stones you actually want

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

the +2 stat ioun stones you're talking about only stack with themselves (not with a belt/headband), and are far more expensive...
to add +6 to all stats that way would cost:
24,000g/stone x3 stones/stat= 72,000g/stat x6 stats= 432,000g
to get that same bonus from a belt and a headband would only total 288,000g, so those 18 ioun stones would be a pretty bad investment (unless there's a belt and a headband that you need so bad you're willing to pay an extra 144,000g for them, i guess).

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