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nate lange's page

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32. RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter. 1,727 posts (2,159 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 5 aliases.


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RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

I'm not sure how many players you're looking for but this sounds very interesting... Unfortunately I don't have time for the full initial post you requested but please take a look at my posting history. I've been playing and GM for about 23 years now- every d&d edition up to later 3.x, several palladium games, some wildly different GURPS games, gamma world, villains/heroes unlimited, a couple story teller games, Star Wars (the old d6 version and the OGL one), some stuff I don't even remember the names of... Ive been playing pathfinder since it was in beta. I don't have a ton of PbP experience but I'm a pretty good writer and enjoy the RP aspect of games. I've also played one and GMed one epic game. One of my all time favorite characters was the guy I played in the epic campaign, he would have fit perfectly in this game (LG cleric, basically transformed into an angel, becoming divine so he could protect his world from terrible evil); I'll try to find time for a post about him from a commoners POV later tonight.

If there's any interest in having me as a player I'd probably build an arcane swordsman... most likely some combo of magus, EK, and/or a melee type full-caster

kensai 6/blade adept 9/EK 10

although... I'm also really intrigued by the idea of being the one guy who made it to that level with no magic...

edit: You'll see that I'm in several active PbPs already... if this one had a high post rate I probably wouldn't apply (because I certainly don't want to shortchange those groups), but I love world building and a campaign where the PCs are powerful enough to shape their world seems pretty awesome, and it seems like your post rate should be manageable without taking away from my other games.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

Secret Wizard wrote:
Though, to be honest, there's no reason to use anything other than the Scimitar, considering it's such a great weapon.

Unless you still take slashing grace so that you can use a falcata....

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

Yeah, +1 to what lemeres said... If you want to fight with just 1 one handed weapon you really are better off as a swashbuckler or daring champion.

Precise strike will keep your damage competitive, and slashing grace would allow you to use Dex for attack and damage rolls with your long sword (or war axe...). A fighter with slashing grace gets Dex instead of Str for damage but still uses Str for attack rolls...

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

GM Rednal wrote:
I believe I'm applying as a player for that same game... XD But yes, I'll consider applications with that caveat.

i thought so. (ghost gunslinger/shaman, right? good luck.) depending on the post rates i might be able to do both but i wanted to be open from the get go that i might have to withdraw. i've been thinking about it this afternoon and i'm thinking about maybe slayer or ranger/witch instead of cleric...

also, what are your feelings on paladins? i was thinking about maybe a pally of Sarenrae on one side and ninja on the other- one who believes that the light of the dawnflower births shadows so that her servants can use them to battle evil.

one final question- what's your stance on prestige classes? are they fair game (if so are there any exceptions, like MT or EK)? and can we use early entry? for example, could i do like trapper ranger on one side and use early entry to go cleric 2/empyreal sorc 1/MT on the other, or is that too egregious?

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

i am very interested but, in the interest of full disclosure, i'm applying for the pseudo-gestalt carrion crown game and if i get chosen for that before you decide i would have to withdraw my application (though if you decide first, and choose me, i would withdraw my application there). if you're willing to consider an application with that condition give the say so and i'll put one together (maybe a slayer/cleric of gorum, or a fighter/bard)

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

that sounds kind of interesting... if i have time later i'll throw together a pally to apply with. i probably wouldn't be interested in a 'second chapter' though, so if that's something you're looking for please say so and I won't apply (or you can toss my application)

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

Duke of Despair wrote:

I've read through this SOOO many times. It's not too long...not too short...and I've been working on a "Part II" sort of thing. {just in case it's too short for you...)

i'm glad i'm hearing from so many people! maybe we can get this running soon! who knows? you might surprise me with a method of solving the "problem" I wouldn't expect!

am I correct in understanding from this post that you have a single adventure in mind for this? like, it will be a short term game? i think i'm about at my limit for how many games i can sustain indefinitely, but i do have a weak spot this style religious game (and paladins...), so if this is just a short-term 'run this one adventure' kind of set up i might put together an application?

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

max HP at first level- 1/2 (rounded up) at each level from there

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

@ GM Lady- I have a question about the godling gestalt, but i don't want to take up too much room...

so, that mighty godling gets its first lineage domain at 1st and its entry says to use Wis for uses/day, DCs, etc... but then the eldritch godling grants another lineage domain at 2nd and says "A godling uses her spellcasting attribute modifier (rather than her Wisdom modifier) to determine save DCs and uses/day of all her lineage domain powers."

so... i'm guessing/assuming/hoping that will apply to the domains from both classes (since it says 'all her lineage domains')... the question then is do i use Wis at first level and switch to caster level at second (when eldritch gains its first domain), or just use the casting stat for all domains from the beginning?

if the answer isn't simple/short, or if you have any follow up question, feel free to PM me instead of cluttering the board if you prefer.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

Alexei Oranslav
NE, Human (for now), Haunted Oracle [bones]/Sorcerer [undead]

Str 12; Dex 14; Con 10; Int 14; Wis 14; Cha 20
HP- 9; AC- 12* (T 12, FF 10*) +4 w/Mage Armor; +2 Init
Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +4

traits, feats, and skills:

traits: Making Good on Promises (campaign), Sacred Conduit (faith)
feats: spell focus [necromancy]; varisian tattoo [necromancy]
skills: bluff +9, disguise +9, intimidate +9, know(arcana) +6, know(planes) +6, know(religion) +6, sense motive +6, spellcraft +6, use magic device +9

At 5'10" and 144 pounds, Alexei Oranslav is a handsome but largely unremarkable man. The youngest son of a minor noble family in Ardis, he dresses well at all times and is polite when manners require he socialize, though he is a quiet man who values his privacy and keeps to himself as much as possible. This is, however, all a carefully constructed facade...

Unbeknownst to the populace of Ardis, Alexei has long heard voices from beyond... voices which taught him dark and unseemly magicks. The first time he heard the dark voices was in his early teens. It frightened and worried him, but it was also so enticing. He sought advice from one of his instructors--a strange man with a propensity for sharing knowledge most teachers found taboo--who he knew would neither judge nor report him. His instructor warned him that consorting with otherworldly entities carried great risk, but confided in him that when proper precautions were taken it could also be a source of great power. Alexei had never had power. He was the youngest in his family and even when all were fully grown he was the smallest and weakest of his brothers. He had no political power either; his family was of the lowest order of nobility and any small authority that might bring was his eldest brother's. The voices continued to whisper in the cold silence of night and it was not long before the growing desire for power caused Alexei to acquiesce. Hidden away in the basement of an abandoned church next to a cemetery just outside the city, he has been honing his dark craft and studying both the dead and undead. Today the umbral voices speak to him still, and with their help he will master undeath and the power it brings.

With these entities’ help his knowledge of esoterica has continued to expand and he has learned to harness both arcane and divine power to his ends. Alexei has a natural inclination towards necromancy which his otherworldly guides have not been shy in fostering. The prospects of lichdom and commanding an undying army both appeal greatly to his desire for power. He has not yet learned to raise the undead but already he has some ability to control them and on more than one occasion he has turned a skeleton or zombie against a rival or someone he felt insulted by. He is always very cautious to avoid detection but looks forward to the day when he has amassed enough power to leave the fear and shadows and receive the respect and fear he deserves.

All his careful posturing almost came crashing down several years ago. While slinking back into the city one morning after a night of experimentation he was nabbed by the city watch and discovered to be in possession of human remains and a treatise on the raising of undead. The questioners were growing dangerously close to discovering where he'd been the night before when Professor Lorrimor stepped in. He took credit for owning the questionable objects and informed the guards they were necessary illustrations for a lecture he'd be giving later in his trip. Why the professor saved him was never clear but he did ask Alexei for his word that one day he would repay the debt. Since that day he has dread to think what he might one day be called to do to protect his secret, and it is with some anxiety that he comes now to hear the professor's will.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

GM Lady of Dark Whispers wrote:
Nate, top 3? Hmmm... you pick! :P

lol- the worst part is that we only get 2 proposals so I actually have to narrow it to top 2!

it sounds like Seranov might be 'borrowing' #5, so I guess I'll drop that... i haven't seen any proposals for full-blown casters, so I think I'll make #3 one of my 2.

number 7 is a cool build (and one i've kind of wanted to try out for a while), but he's not really horror specific... you could kind of drop him into any setting with just a tweak to his background, so I think i'm gonna drop him too.

that leaves 8 and 9, and I'm wondering how you'd feel about possibly combining them? instead of a dead/forgotten god we go with the Old One idea (which i almost wrote originally but was afraid it might be too much)- then use the reflavored Lashunta race (being fairly Illithid-esque) but instead of being the result of alchemical experimentation its the physical manifestation of the Old One in him (i'm not picturing full-on mind flayer look but pale skin, solid black eyes, maybe 2 vestigal tentacles on the back of his head that he often hides under a hood, probably completely hairless). for classes i'd drop the alchemist stuff and probably go mighty godling/eldritch godling.

So, assuming you're cool with everything written here, I'm going to submit 2 options:

- Alexei Oranslav, Human, Haunted Oracle [bones]/Sorcerer [undead]; backstory basically unchanged from my pitch in the first thread (using the undead, and eventually undeath, as means to power; making good on promises campaign trait); hoping to do MT/lich at 5th and 6th maybe...

- Zagathoth, Spawn of the Old Ones, Mighty Godling/Eldritch Godling; born Randolf Carter, he was exiled from his home when he began to exhibit signs of his unusual power. moved by curiosity (and a chance meeting) Prof Lorrimor helped secure room and board for this most unusual young man (and came by periodically for some tests/observations); he doesn't know what grows within him but he is certain he is becoming so much more...

Wednesdays are busy for me but i'll try to post a build and more fluff for Alexei tonight, Zagathoth will take longer since I'm still learning the classes but I'll try to get stuff up for him tomorrow if i can.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

i've never used 3pp materials before but i will familiarize myself with the godling stuff right away :)

edit: hmm- that is pretty interesting... a mighty godling/eldritch godling pairing might be pretty awesome (and would be a perfect candidate for being Xentrik's ward). so many things to consider (i might just go with one of the other options because i'm more familiar with the associated rules)

also (GM) i was kind of hoping you could narrow it down to less than 5 options, lol (but i'll take that as a compliment). instead of an illithid-esque template what would you think about maybe having a few illithid-esque discoveries available if i went with that guy (you wouldn't have to work them all out if you didn't want- i could put some together and submit them for your approval/editing)

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

@ GM Lady- I totally understand the idea of liking too many ideas, lol. I'm not sure if your offer is still on the table (now that TSP has made his official decision), but if it is I'd love to hear which of these concepts most jumps out at you! for each class pairing i'll put the 'parent' class first (the one i'd most likely get the BAB/Saves/etc from). some of them are similar too, often because there's sort of a good guy version and bad guy version...

1. Spitespawn Tiefling, Swashbuckler/Magus[eldritch scion] (infernal bloodline)- a charming 'man' with some unseemly appetites.

2. Musetouched Aasimar, Paladin/Magus [eldritch scion] (celestial bloodline)- a fun-loving but deadly champion in the battle against the supernatural evils found across Ustalav. (probably the most likely to be the 'ward' if Xentrik is able to work out his Divine Guardian idea with you)

1 and 2 would probably both really hit it off with the debauched noble

3. Human, Haunted Oracle (bones)/Sorcerer (undead)- a creepy dude who (if you're down) would at some point take 2 levels of Mystic Theurge/Lich (to just buy the template).

4. Human, Wizard/Wildblooded Sorcerer (sage)- a font of arcane power who witnessed a bunch of innocent people (maybe his family) being slaughtered by undead and made it his life's work to discover a way to block the influence of the negative plane in the world... and is pretty serious about wiping out supernatural evils in the meantime. (another good potential candidate for Xendrik)

5. ?race?, Bloodrager [primalist] (undead)/Lame Oracle (bones)- already touched by the grave, this creepy warrior is sort of the melee version of #3. with your permission he'd probably at some point take 2 levels of Rage Prophet/Death Knight (again, just to buy the template).

6. Human, Slayer [stygian slayer]/Magus [bladebound]- as a youth he was exploring the ruins of a cult's liar that was burnt by inquisitors when he stumbled on a secret basement... he touched a glowing purple-black sygil which seemed to be absorbed into his hand; now it grants him power.

7. Tiefling, Gunslinger/Alchemist [grenadier]- after witnessing a 'turf war' between a powerful necromancer (wizard) and a church of Urgathoa he is very skeptical about magic and has embraced technology and 'science' as means of battling supernatural evils.

8. Lashunta, Slayer/Alchemist- i would want to reflavor him as a human whose alchemical self-experimentation permanently altered his mental and physical capabilities (not insect-like though... maybe something illithid-esque, that would fit the mechanics) he'd be pretty dangerous and still actively chemically-augmenting himself.

9. how do you feel about something completely different?

unusual idea:
what if you/we developed an appropriate class that didn't get to pseudo-gestalt... or maybe, more accurately was gestalted the opposite direction? the concept would be that exposure to something (an artifact, forgotten tomb, the right/wrong astronomic convergence at his birth, whatever) planted in him a seed of the divinity of some dead god (possibly one that should really stay dead). in terms of mechanics, i was thinking maybe like d12 HD, full BAB, all good saves, and 8 skill points per level but for class features he gets a slightly weaker version of oracle- spontaneous divine casting with a mystery of your design based on the god he may become (you assign the bonus spells and at appropriate levels assign a revelation, no choice on my part- which is what sort of weakens it). if that seems like a little too much we could create a pretty similar set up (with slightly less work for you) by reverse-pseudo-gestalting ranger or slayer with oracle... d10 HD, full BAB, all good saves, 6 skill points per level (or more if you decide to stack), and all the class abilities of just the oracle.

that's just a thought, feel free to shoot it down.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

hmm- i think my swashbuckler/magus idea would probably be a great RP fit with the debauched nobleman (as long as they didn't end up distracting/delaying with their common interests)

@xentrik- are you pretty solid on a Pharasman? i ask because there are other gods who might be more likely to raise someone in the hopes of them finding redemption (and if you went with one of them i might be able to use the infernal swashmagus and have the story be that if he dies he's destined to be a great leader in Hell so your mission is to keep him alive until he finds redemption)...

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

Xentik wrote:
Of course that's assuming I can find someone to work with on a background who would be protected by the reanimated undead hunter.

hmmm... that sounds very intriguing... i might be interested in working on something together- maybe a young adventurer with a special heritage/destiny that makes him especially dangerous to undead if he ever achieves it... or maybe his future isn't really undead related but you were appointed his protector partly as punishment because you mistook his previous Divine Guardian as undead and destroyed it? (in any case, you'd probably have to trade out Dimension Door since you wouldn't have a site to be within... maybe like greater false life or lesser globe of invulnerability, but only on your self and/or ward?)

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

Pura Guile wrote:
From a statistical standpoint, who in the world would play a rogue over a vivisection or an archaeologist or a slayer?

nostalgic old school gamers who fondly remember when magic missile required an attack roll and players were encouraged to start the adventure with 2 characters so one might make it to the end

Why do i have so many ideas? I'm drunk with new options...
@GM- if i just throw out a list of possibilities that interest me would you respond with the 1 or 2 that might be most likely to get picked? (obviously I'm not expecting any kind of binding 'this one will get picked' kind of thing, but maybe like a 'these two are the concepts that catch my attention the most' kind of thing?)

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

Pura Guile wrote:
the rogue class makes me much more of a vicious character in combat as well! Who would expect a little girl to stab them in the back after all? (I'm going to reflavor her knives into big syringes)

i don't want to tell you your business, but if i was making a vicious little girl who was going to stab people with syringes i would think pretty hard about maybe going vivisectionist instead of rogue... all the sneak attack viciousness, access to bleeding attack (and possibly other talents, don't remember off the top of my head), better fluff for using syringes, and even mutagen to take it to the next level. you could even reflavor mutagen as some unholy concoction that brings out more of the daemon's power...

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

@ cctodd- Baldric is a human (native to Magnimar, of Chelaxian stock but his family has been in Varisia for generations). He is a Fighter with the Lore Warden and Martial Master archetypes. I can commit to posting 1/day (and can usually do more during the week); I agree with everyone who has said the slower the posts come the faster the game dies (first its every 2-3 days, then before long its 1/week, and then it takes a month to open a door and nobody is waiting around to find out what's behind it).

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

wow- it's really kind of a shame that we can't get 2 GMs (or 2 tables) there's so many interesting ideas but half of them are pallies and the other half are supernatural evils... it seems unlikely that you're gonna get a good blend of those in one functional group. i kind of feel like i need to pitch 2 totally different guys- 1 in case it ends up being a good guy group and one for if it doesn't...

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

full disclosure:
i spend too much time on these boards and am confident that i can keep up with more than one campaign at the same time, but i'm being considered for 2 other games and in the unlikely event that i'm selected for both of them (before you make your selections) i'd probably have to withdraw my application (if, somehow, you completed your selections before one of them that would take precedence in my book).

i don't have an alias made, but i'd be interested in signing on as Baldric Moore, a human fighter [lore warden/martial master] from Magnimar.

to answer your questions:
1) hit things hard, combat maneuvers
2) some knowledges, perception and/or sense motive (depending on traits), good roleplaying ;)
3) Baldric is from a somewhat well off merchant family in Magnimar. He trained in a Martial Academy there and his father hopes that he will secure a stable well-paying position in the personal guard of one of the nobles. Baldric himself seems less anxious to secure a longterm position and has headed off to the Shallowtail Festival in search of a good time and some quick coin. (he'd be more of the reluctant hero, though he'll have trouble resisting getting involved in dangerous situations).
4) require other contact info from players, like an email address or something (and provide yours in return)- that way if someone (including the GM) goes AWOL there is another way to reach out to them and encourage them to get back into the swing of things

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

man... i really like making characters (especially when i get to use unusual rules that totally change how things work!)... you might as well just toss both my submissions from last thread, i'm totally making 2 new guys, lol.

the first one, tentatively, i think is going to be a Chelaxian Swashbuckler... well, sort of- he'll be a div-spawn tiefling with either swashbuckler or daring champion cavalier (probably with order of vengeance) as the base class and eldritch scion magus as the secondary class (with the infernal bloodline). the product of some nefarious backroom dealings (and unseemly rituals) by Chelaxian nobles, his true nature was hidden as long as he proved useful, but when concealing the product of his 'errands' and covering for his 'appetites' became too costly he was cut lose by his own family.

edit: i was sort of avoiding paladin because a) the feel the original GM was going for didn't seem super pally-friendly and b) there are several proposals with them already... but now seeing how many people are pitching pallies i almost want to switch this to an aasmiar pally/eldritch scion (celestial) and see if we can muster a whole pally group, lol. (who's gonna spend the gestalt levels to make the pally/ogre mage?)

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

i'm definitely carrying over my interest from the other thread! for the time being you can treat my 2 concepts from that thread as my proposals, although my head is spinning with possibilities right now and i think there's an excellent chance that i'll definitely scrap at least one if not both of them (unless i run out of time).

also, i'm just throwing this out there... on my old hard drive i might have a pdf of the 3.x book that broke down monsters into class levels so they could be played with regular PCs if you (GM lady) want to look at it and see how you feel about letting people take those as one side of their gestalt?

edit: Savage Species! totally found it- PM me if you want to see it.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

i'm definitely interested- i look forward to seeing your character creation rules and additional resources.

just to clarify- you're considering keeping application closed so only those who have already applied here are eligible, but we can apply with a different concept? or we have to keep the basic concept the same but we can rework the mechanics? also (if the later), i had submitted 2 concepts because the first wasn't the right kind of horror for what the GM was going for... would I pick which one to develop or how would that work?


RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

Atarlost wrote:
Eldritch Scrapper? Do all of Paizo's freelancers live in some alternate universe where Sorcerers get full BAB?

i think maybe they designed with higher level play in mind- from 12th level on sorcerers can have full BAB... the monstrous physique spells last minutes/level so you can cast it right before entering a dangerous situation and reasonably expect it to be active in combat (potentially multiple combats per casting in like a dungeon or something), if you open combat by stacking the transformation spell with it you'll make for a solid melee participant and could get some solid mileage out of martial flexibility. (it could be a useful option for eldritch knights too?)

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

what about a sohei?
at 6th level you can flurry with a polearm, even in light armor (though you lose Wis to AC if you wear armor), and if you want to flurry with a greatsword/nodachi/whatever you could go sohei 6/weaponmaster 3 to get weapon training with any weapon you want...

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

i'm surprised nobody has mentioned paladin/eldritch scrapper... monster survivability, full 9:9 casting, and martial flexibility to gird up non-smite combat (or really put the hurting on BBEG).

i really like both the eldritch scion/eldritch scrapper and eldritch scion/swashbuckler too... the first one is pretty awesome because you're adding martial flexibility and 9:9 casting to the magus which is already pretty solid in combat (and gets to use sorc spells with magus economy at 6th). the second one is great because swashbuckler seriously buffs the magus' default combat style. it would take some time to come together but if you were playing a gestalt campaign that started at mid to high level i think it might be pretty sick to go straight eldritch scrapper on one side and 8 levels of eldritch scion headed to swashbuckler 12- eventually you'd get CL 20/9:9 with magus casting economy, +18 BAB, tons of panache, a solid static bonus to your scimitar or falcata damage (which is Dex based), two or three bloodrage powers (and martial flexibilty to tie it all together.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

i don't play that many fighters but sometimes its nice to roleplay a guy who is just a straight ahead fighter- no parrying, no studying targets, just muscle and steel. their huge number of (choose-able) feats is nice too if you want to build an unusual character... interesting feats that you're often unwilling to spend your feats don't seem so costly when you get so many of them! i made a kitsune fighter who was taking the whole magic tail tree (and kitsune pounce). i made another one (a lore warden) who took dangerously curious, skill focus: knowledge[arcana], and eldritch heritage[arcane] and surprised a lot of people. also, i haven't tried it yet but the new mutation fighter looks like it has a lot of potential for cool/effective builds. and i think a lore warden/martial master would probably be pretty awesome (probably the best combat maneuver build you'll find, since you can use martial flexibility to pick up whole maneuver chains)

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

thanks :)

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

Hotaru wrote:
I'm definitely seeing the lawful of Goldar, but aside from his paladins, I'm not really seeing what makes him good in your description.

well... its rooted in an older understanding of goodness, or righteousness... perhaps it wasn't made explicit at all but his judgment is not based on how one follows a personal code or even the laws of their nation but on how they conform to an immutable and objective good (similar to Plato's Form of 'the Good' or the Judeo-Christian concept of an ultimate moral authority). So when he "record[s] all the good and evil worked by mortal-folk on great celestial stone tablets, and [ensures] that all receive just reward or punishment" he's not measuring simple lawfulness but actual righteousness (which subsumes goodness within it). And, as the unflappable authority on moral goodness he is Lawful Good. I apologize for not making that more clear in his write up.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

as promised, 2 potential gods for your pantheon.
feel free to modify them as you see fit, and/or add to them.

(i didn't write a ton, partly because i didn't have a ton of time, and partly so you could sort of weave them into the setting better than i could with my limited knowledge.)

barbarian god:
Alkayon, the Tempest
Chaotic Neutral
Domains: Chaos, Destruction [rage], Strength [ferocity], War, Weather

Alkayon the Untamed roams to and fro as he pleases. The Oncoming Storm visits destruction where he wills because none are strong enough to stop him.

Alkayon is a savage storm god, worshiped by many eastern barbarians as a symbol of fury, strength, and devastation. His holy symbol is a tree bent and breaking in the wind, and many devotees see felling their foes as the highest form of tribute.

dwarven god:
Goldar, the Granite Judge, keeper of the stone tablets
Lawful Good
Domains: Earth, Good, Glory [honor], Law, Strength [resolve]

Like the ancient mountain, the Stone Watchman rises unmoving above the world, his unsleeping gaze ever cast down upon the actions of mortal-folk.

Goldar is worshiped primarily by dwarves, who revere him as the god of justice, honor, and law. His duty among the gods is to record all the good and evil worked by mortal-folk on great celestial stone tablets, and to ensure that all receive just reward or punishment- in this life or the next. He is the patron of the Lawbringers, a sect of dwarven paladins who fight to protect the just and punish the unjust. Goldar is always conceived of as a being of pure stone and his holy symbol is a stone heart, representing his passionless and unflappable nature which allows him to judge all things rightly. His followers associate laws and justice with stone- both are rigid, both are ageless, both can bear the weight of a great society if well-crafted and well-maintained.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

i need to help put my kids to bed right now but, if you're open to it, i'll post two potential gods later tonight for your consideration (not 2 options for the same thing but, like i said, one for the barbarian tribe and one for the paladin order).

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

i looked at the posted campaign info from your original recruitment, and read through some of the actual recruitment thread, but i didn't see any info on your pantheon at all... that's part of the reason i didn't mention any specific gods in his backstory... if you have a link you can send me (or even a document you want to email me) i'd be glad to read it and answer your question. (PM me if you want my email address)

edit: creating a god is great by me, it would be helpful though to see what you have so far in order to make it suitably distinct. depending on what you have in place so far i might even work up two gods... one the totem of his birth tribe and one who is the patron of the dwarven paladins...

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

i really want to be excited for this... i really liked the title, but i just can't seem to get into the actual concept. why NPC classes? it feels like an awkward attempt to balance the monster race options with the other PCs, but i'm not sure how well its really gonna work... as someone else already pointed out, forced multiclassing screws casters a lot more than other classes, and frankly the rules that suggest that each point of CR is equal to a level are assuming a level of a PC class, so people are really better off with at least CR1 (especially if it means 2+ racial hit dice, which will be equal to or better than the 1 NPC level they give up even without crazy racial modifiers/abilities).

i don't know... i hope you find people excited to help you playtest it, but i think you might be making a mistake in how your executing your desire for monster PCs. (you'd probably be better off building custom races with the ARG guide, and assigning them a level adjustment if necessary but letting everyone use PC classes.)

edit: sorry for being negative... i debated just deleting this post (and I hope it won't derail you) but i decided to leave it up because i thought it was worth considering now instead of two or three months from now when some of the characters maybe aren't working out very well.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

lol, no... as cool as that would be i was going to go oath of vengeance to go with his highly developed sense of justice. (i think i had mentioned that when i posted his basic stat block)

i did take the Berserker of the Society trait, which i wanted to make sure was ok (since there's no pathfinder society to be a part of here, and because by the strictest RAW you may need to be a barbarian to qualify). if you want me to switch that one let me know.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

duke- GMs accepting potential characters from anyone who wants to submit one until monday or tuesday and then picking the six character team that he'll run for. fell free to post the guy you'd like to play (there's a list on the previous page if you want to see what's been proposed so far).

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

here's an expanded background for Auric. if you have any questions/comments/concerns about his mechanical stuff please let me know.

Auric's Tale, preface:

Auric's birth was highly anticipated in the tribe. His mother, Sigrid, was one of their most highly respected warriors, so fierce and heroic that it was often said she must be descended from one of the Valkyrie. After innumerable victories on the field of battle her final conquest had been Sven "the Hammer" Olafsson- the tribe's handsome chief blacksmith, whose nickname pertained not to a tool of the forge but to a certain anatomical feature which attracted him much attention. The day he was born even the chief came to see what she had produced. He was a large healthy baby, beautiful, with big bright blue eyes and hair that looked like it had been spun of pure, refined gold. While there was some disagreement over whether he would 'take after his father', his hair was universally agreed to be a good omen (and, to some, served as evidence of his mother's otherworldly heritage).

The expectations laid on Auric were a heavy burden for a young boy. He began training at only 9 years old, 3 full years before most boys. Even so, he was nearly as large as the other boys and did quite well. Many of the children were jealous of his stature, of his appearance, and especially of his hair, and this jealousy caused them to ostracize him. Wanting to fit in, he worked hard to excel in training but his success there only got him alienated further. As he progressed further in his training he was instructed in the laws of the tribe by one of the elders. He accepted them but could not shake the sense that they were insufficient... might made right and the strongest made the rules, and there seemed not to be any fairness there.

By the time he was a teenager he already had a reputation both for his beauty and for the skill at arms he was developing. It came as no surprise to anyone when he was chosen to train for the elite ranks of the berserkers. He quickly found that his worldview made it very difficult to hurl himself into the blind rage that took the others. They summoned all their hate and drive for might and channeled it into a wild frenzy he could not reach. He discovered, however, something else within himself. There was a power in his blood, an energy that burned to be released. In another time and place his gift might have found expression in the raw magicks of the sorcerers, but instead he learned to channel it into a battle fury very similar to his companions' rage.

He served well with the berserkers for a couple of months after completing his training. During that time they patrolled their territory and explored the area to the west. While off in the west they came upon a company of dwarves. The dwarves outnumbered them greatly, and offered them spiced ale and smoked meats, so they sat and exchanged stories instead of blows. As his comrades drifted into sleep, Auric stayed awake long into the night enraptured in talk of the dwarves' cities and their extensive system of laws and justice. The next day, content the dwarves were no threat, the berserkers continued on their mission, but Auric was consumed by thoughts of the dwarven civilization. By the time their patrol was ended, he had made up his mind. He bid his mother and father, and younger siblings goodbye, gathered the few things he owned, and headed out swiftly to catch up with the dwarves.

Auric was in his early 20s when he left home and joined the company of dwarves. He was much faster than they and caught them easily on the great trade road that runs through the wastes. He journeyed with them for several weeks, serving as security in exchange for food, drink, and knowledge. When they arrived in Deep Furrow, Morgrym, the most pious and scholarly of the company, took Auric to the temple and introduced him to the order of Paladins. He listened to their mission and the standards by which they lived and knew immediately that he had found his calling. He requested entrance on the spot. At first he was denied. Lawbringer Grunyar, the head of the order, informed him that a human's lifespan was simply not long enough to undergo the dwarven training. Auric protested that he would rather die a student of the order than so quickly abandon what he was certain was were he was supposed to be, and with some encouragement from Morgrym the Lawbringer acquiesced.

The length of the training had not been exaggerated and year after year Auric grew in discipline and ability. He excelled in this training even more than he had among his own people, but here his success was celebrated rather than resented. It was 40 years before his study was done but, to everyone's great surprise he hadn't seemed to age a day. The Lawbringer, now himself suffering the ravages of age, declared that the gods themselves had blessed Auric and delivered him to the temple. When the time came, Auric pledged allegiance to no specific god but vowed to uphold order and goodness, to champion the cause of right, and to protect the helpless from those who would prey on them.

It has only been a few months since he took his oaths and he had been serving as a guard at the temple while trying to discern where the gods would have him go next. His prayers were answered a week ago when the Lawbringer summoned him to his office. He told Auric that he had received an oracle and that it was time for the young paladin to depart. He bid Auric to travel to the Lakewood Harvest Festival, but to do so cautiously because something was beginning there that would forever shape his destiny. So after many goodbyes and prayers and blessings Auric headed out alone for Lakewood. He arrived several days after the festival began, anxious but excited to see what the gods had in store for him there.

and, if you have any questions/comments/concerns about the backstory please let me know that as well. (ps- i would almost certainly go champion for a mythic path too... possibly picking up dual path at some point for guardian or maybe hierophant)

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thank you! i'm super busy this afternoon but i'll try to get a more substantial background posted tonight.

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hmm... i like the sound of this, lol. thinking about the encounter backwards- you want the 3 (N)PCs to have a pretty good chance to win against a level 11 gestalt, so level 8 gestalts should be a good fit (level 9 or 10 should almost certainly win, so its up to you how brutal you want to be).

for fighting dirty, i'd suggest a fighter [lore warden/martial master]/monk [maneuver master]. they get free maneuvers in any full attack (even if wearing armor/using non-monk weapons), have probably the best bonuses to maneuvers, and with martial flexibility can grab maneuver feats they don't already have.

for actually incapacitating him, i'd suggest a fighter [mutation fighter]/rogue. they're doing the engaging so mutagen (and other longer duration buffs) will be active. give him an earthbreaker. use his tons of bonus feats for bludgeoner, sap adept/master, and enforcer. whenever you get sneak attack (which should be often with 2 flanking buddies, one of whom is capt maneuvers) you deal like 8d6+16 and demoralize before any of the actual weapon/str/power attack/etc! granted, that's non-lethal damage but once he's unconcious they can execute him (or take everything he owns and leaving a threatening note about what happens next time if he doesn't make things right with their organization).

for a leader, maybe a cavalier [musketeer]/bard? he'd be a solid, well rounded guy who: makes sense as a leader; buffs the others (and himself) even stronger with performance, tactician, and spells; and can open the conversation by shooting the PC in the gut (which is a very 'you pissed off the wrong kind of people' way to start a conversation).

now, all this would make for a truly brutal encounter for the PC, but it sounds like that's what you're looking for ;)
let us know what you settle on and how it works out!

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@fruian- i don't think that works the way you think it does (unfortunately)... moment of clarity suspends all benefits and penalties of rage, so it allows you to cast but it also causes you to lose the extra Con that would boost your DCs. if there's a way to cast while gaining the raging benefits i haven't seen it yet. (some GMs will allow casting with the urban barbarians controlled rage... that's not actually RAW, but might be worth looking into for OP.)

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

yeah, it definitely sounds as though there are some significant issues...
as mentioned there's no way he could quicken a spell at 3rd level unless you've given him a quicken rod (which is worth way too much gold at his level and would be totally your own fault), and he's using the wrong damage for elemental ray. as for the base speed thing- i'm pretty familiar with the rules and i can't think of anything that would let him trade -2 wisdom for +30 movement. he could add 30 to his move if he cast expeditious retreat but that lasts a relatively short time. posting a character sheet would definitely be helpful (and if these are honest mistakes he shouldn't be offended by that at all).

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i made a strong character around making single attacks with vital strike/overhand chop, i'm not sure it'll help you though... my build was based on having a partner. one of my friends was playing a two-weapon warrion who fought with 2 kukris and the butterfly sting feat; i was a two hand fighter (with an alchemist dip) with a tetsubo... when i was enlarged (which was most fights) the tetsubo did 2d8 base plus 2d8 for each vital strike feat (plus the devastating strike bonus eventually), plus an extra 6d8 when he passed me a crit... 10d8 with just vital strike and then add [double strength (possibly with mutagen), power attack, enhancement, weapon training, weapon spec., devastating strike, etc]x4 and not many things could take a single hit.

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In my opinion, it depends on how you want to use your spells...

If you are going to focus on hexes in combat i would also suggest a barbarian/witch. your hex DCs are all Con based so take the Raging Vitality feat and whenever you rage your hex DC all go up by 3! you can't cast spells while raging so prepare mostly out of combat buff/utility spells and pick up the Moment of Clarity rage power for those times when you really need to cast but are raging.

If you would like to cast more often (more than once per combat) i would suggest a ranger/witch. this would make for a nice well rounded character. you could play her just like a normal witch but she will have full BAB, d10 hit dice, all good saving throws, 6+ skill points per level, access to combat feats that she doesn't need to meet the requirements for, and minor divine spellcasting. You would also gain an animal companion, which i think is cool/thematic and could be very useful, especially if you can take the Boon Companion feat. If you cannot take that feat the new Divine Tracker archetype is worth considering to add other interesting special abilities.

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rangers do go a lot farther than "just lock an' load" (you're thinking of fighters, lol). rangers make great archers because they have full BAB (which is nice for hitting and grants earlier access to many feats than a 3/4 BAB class) and their bonus feats let them pick up some great archery feats way earlier than anyone else. beyond that:

- they get 6+ skill points every level which gives them some useful options for other things to do. need a scout? well, stealth is a class skill and dex is your main combat stat. wish you knew what that monster was? well, knowledge:nature and dungeoneering are both class skills and that covers a fair number of creatures. frustrated that enemies keep sneaking up on you? perception is a class skill... i could go on but i think you get my point.

- they're casters. they get a small amount of control with spells like entangle and hold animal. they have some decent buffs (especially aspect of the falcon and gravity bow right away). and, they have cure spells on their list which means they can use wands with no UMD checks.

- they get an animal companion. this is kind of a mixed blessing without access to the Boon Companion feat but an extra creature on your team is very useful (extra damage, extra hp, extra actions each round...) and if your new GM has his 'kids gloves' on it should be fine.

if you don't like rangers that's fine but i thought (since you're new) someone should point out some of their complexities. if Zen Archer is available to you that's another solid option for a physical/ranged character.

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EldonG wrote:
Backstory is my biggest criteria - if the character just belongs in the campaign, what could be more important?

i'd be glad to expand auric's backstory but its kind of tricky to do very much with it without some info on where the campaign is at... i read a bunch of the original recruitment thread- is the party still at/near the festival? is there anywhere near the valley where there are barbarian tribes? maybe to the north or west where the climate is worse (but not in the area that nobody goes)? if they're not there anymore could you give us a little info on where they are and what's around them?

what are they doing? was there some kind of event that lead to them coming together as a party that could/should be part of our story as well? should we end our backstory at the festival and let you fill in the gap? is there some goal that the party has that if it was our goal as well might unite us with the party?

also- i saw that you prefer humans or near humans, i hope aasimar is near enough... i'm willing to take the scion of humanity racial alternative if you would prefer, i think the only thing i'd need to do is change his hair from gold to blonde (or maybe white...). just let me know.

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i don't want to clog up the thread but i was curious what all had actually been submitted and thought a list might be helpful for potential additional pitches (or maybe even the GM). here's every one i found who had at least some of their crunch and fluff posted. obviously the short race/class summary doesn't tell the whole story but at least now we can kind of see a rough sketch of what's been submitted.

characters so far:
Berenguer Elgran- dwarf, inquisitor of Pharasma
Doctor Hieronymous- human, alchemist [chiurgeon/vivisectionist]
Jonah Arnisant- human, investigator [spiritualist/steel hound]
Wakati Nahodha- elf, oracle [ancient lorekeeper]
Sera Vasara- human, inquisitor [infiltrator/vampire hunter]
Nikole Alicer- changeling, witch
Pura Guile- halfling, bard [negotiator]
Ardra Pain de Veau- tiefling, alchemist [preservationist]
Vitaliy Vladovich- dhampir, oracle
Kristoph Jacobsson- human, druid [nature fang]
Count Drajerie- human, summoner [shadow caller]
Danior Wesh- human (werewolf), barbarian
Alexei Oranslav- aasimar [emberkin], witch [gravewalker]
Rogard- “mad experiment” (custom race), warpriest [forgepriest] of Rovagug
Drathan Stoneborn- aasimar, bloodrager

i apologize if there's anyone i've missed.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

dsp- if you decide to take on a second or third player give the word (there's obviously some folks interested, lol)

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

unfortunately i don't have enough time to run something like this but it sounds pretty awesome...

if a spot opens up to be the player i would definitely jump on making a proposal! i'd be willing to make frequent feedback posts in a discussion thread too (though i can see that's not really what you're looking for right now).

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

psst- Vitaliy, you might want to double check your stats... i only glanced at them but it looks like they're off (it looks like you might have 2 points left).

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

i'd actually like to tweek Alexei's feats/traits, assuming its not too late...

revised crunch:

NE, Emberkin Aasimar, Witch [gravewalker] 1
Str 8; Dex 10; Con 12; Int 20; Wis 11; Cha 14
patron: plagues

feats: Additional Traits

traits: Making Good on Promises (campaign), Witty Repartee (combat), Student of Philosophy (social), Innocent (race)

skills: Bluff +7 (+10 to lie, +15 if lie is 'believable' or 'unlikely'); Diplomacy(cc) +3 (+6 to persuade); Know [Arcana] +9; Know [Planes] +11; Know [Religion] +6; Spellcraft +11; Use Magic Device +6

and, since i'm already making an additional post...

some more fluff:
With 5 older brothers, Alexei was never going to inherit anything. His father still wanted him to reflect well on the family name though so he spared no expense in educating his son. Alexei excelled in his studies at the academy, where he earned top marks in Esoterica and Rhetoric. He was also enrolled in a fencing school and, though he never mastered any blade beyond the humble dagger, he learned a good deal about the art of deception which was integral to that school's style.

The first time he heard the dark voice was in his early teens. It frightened and worried him, but it was also so enticing. He sought advice from one of his instructors--a strange man with a propensity for sharing knowledge most teachers found taboo--who he knew would neither judge nor report him. His instructor warned him that consorting with otherworldly entities carried great risk, but confided in him that when proper precautions were taken it could also be a source of great power. Alexei had never had power. He was the youngest in his family and even when all were fully grown he was the smallest and weakest of his brothers. He had no political power either; his family was of the lowest order of nobility and any small authority that might bring was his eldest brother's. The voice continued to whisper in the cold silence of night and it was not long before the growing desire for power caused Alexei to acquiesce.

With this entity's help his knowledge of esoterica has continued to expand and he his learned to harness arcane power to his ends. Alexei has a natural inclination towards necromancy which his patron has not been shy in fostering. The prospects of lichdom and commanding an undying army both appeal greatly to his desire for power. He has not yet learned to raise the undead but already he has some ability to control them and on more than one occasion he has turned a skeleton or zombie against a rival or someone he felt insulted by. He is always very cautious to avoid detection but looks forward to the day when he has amassed enough power to leave the fear and shadows and receive the respect and fear he deserves.

Alexei can make a fair 'face' if needed (though its not his preference). Out of combat, he can provide a fair amount of knowedge, speaks 7 languages, and has enough UMD to help provide utility via wands and low level scrolls (though not yet reliably enough to attempt that in combat). During combat, he can provide some control with Cause Fear, debuff with Ray of Enfeeblement, or do some damage with Inflict Light Wounds or Chill Touch (and will cater spell selection depending on what the party seems to need). As soon as possible he will also have undead minions with him to provide flanks/take hits/and do a little damage.

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ok, after all those rolls to get one workable set of stats i better actually post something, lol.

Auric Lightmane
LG, Angelkin Aasimar, Paladin [Oath of Vengeance] 1/Bloodrager(celestial) 1
Str 17; Dex 13; Con 14; Int 11; Wis 12; Cha 18

traits: Unscathed (magic), Berserker of the Society (combat)

feats: Power Attack

Skills: Diplomacy +9, Heal +8, Perception +5, Spellcraft +4

gear: masterwork breastplate, masterwork greatsword, longbow with arrows, shortsword, masterwork backpack, silver holy symbol, ~150g worth of miscellaneous adventuring gear

from here he'd go pretty much all pally... he is definitely first and foremost a pally but he gains power from his celestial blood and he really embraces that.


this is pretty short... for a few reasons (i'm tired, i wrote a super long story yesterday for a character that got rejected and don't want to do it again, and i'm not entirely sure about the setting which makes it hard to work that out).

Auric is 6'5" tall and looks heavier than his actual 220 pound weight. He is also strikingly handsome with big blue eyes the color of polished sapphire and hair that looks to be spun of solid gold.

Auric grew up among the barbarian tribes and, though he embraced law and order to a level nearly unheard of among them, his celestial blood allowed him to tap into an inner strength very similar to their rage. Once he came into contact with the civilized world, it did not take long for him to leave the land of his youth for a place better suited to his temperament. His commitment to justice drove him to join a temple where he was trained in the order of paladins. After completing his training he was turned lose to find his place in the world and deliver justice as he saw fit. <And then connected with the party because of something I can't explain because I don't know where they are or what they're doing.>

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