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mwbeeler's page

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A good side-trek or beginner's module.

****( )

A good side-trek or beginner's module.

The Good: The adventure is exactly what it is meant to be: the Paizo equivalent to the D&D Basic Game (sans miniatures). It’s a fun treasure hunt against a rival group of adventurers, which you can expect players to complete easily in one or two gaming sessions. The artwork complements the module nicely, and the final fight should put the players to the test (the party had better be on their toes and working together by then)!

The Bad: There is a lot of popping about, where the party is assumed to just have “gotten there.” You may want to add a wilderness encounter table to lessen the “teleport effect.” The module is meant to accompany the boxed set, so if you buy it as a stand alone the module is rife with references to things you may not own (as expected; and they aren’t required to play the module, simply nice to have). Magic items drop like flies for a first level campaign, though they aren’t overpowering. There is significant railroading, and in some cases, ad-libbing around potential plot holes may become necessary.

The Ugly: None.

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Good stuff :)


First Impression: Gosh this is thinner than I anticipated.
Second Impression: All smiles
Third Impression: Awesome value, so glad I bought this.

Zogonia was one of two major reasons I resubscribed to Dragon/Dungeon (the other being the AoW adventure path), so naturally I was thrilled to have all the strips in one place. The compilation is well laid out, with anecdotes (anyone who saw the website prior to the book launch will remember most of them) from Tony along the sides (missed them the first time I was so intent on the panels). It was a nice plus to have most of the Mount Zogon strips included, as well as a few comics I had missed along the way. I would have reviewed it sooner, but I wanted to give my wife a chance to read through Slice of Death first (she is a big fan as well) to get her impressions. Can’t wait until our newborn is old enough to appreciate this style of humor!

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