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Expansion bays on vehicles can contain: some lab or workshop or seats for 8 medium creatures or store cargo (50 bulk and 6-foot cube). 6-foot cube? I know that it is better not to search for logic in rpgs, but 8 sitting people in 6-foot cube? Is it another mistake in armory or I don't understand something?

Can Starfinder Data Jockey Archetype use his Tactical Analysis (Ex) with Fast Retrieval (Ex)'s selected skill rank replacement?

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It is written that "If you have a quickdraw hideaway limb, the compartment is integrated with a specific weapon. This allows you to draw the weapon as a swift action or as part of making an attack or full attack (similar to using the Quick Draw feat)" but Quick Draw feat works in "as part of making an attack or full attack" way only with thrown weapon. In RAW it is meaningless because full attack is usually impossible with only 1 thrown weapon. There are some situations when it works: 2 quickdraw hideaway limb or the first thrown weapon is already in hand and another is in storage. But I think in RAI it allows you to draw any L weapon and make an full attack.
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