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moon glum's page

RPG Superstar 2014 Dedicated Voter. Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 589 posts. No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

A character with the technologist can identify tech items, but what happens when a character without this feat tries to experiment and figure out how one works. For example, suppose a character tries to figure out a laser pistol.

You could try to roleplay this, but its hard because players will bring some background knowledge to the task, and describing the item in a appropriately naive yet sufficiently descriptive manner can be difficult.

I was thinking of an intelligence check and a chart of some kind.

Check Intelligence with DC equal to the craft DC of the item. Retries allowed, and each retry receives a +1 on the check since you know more about how it works as you experiment more.

It would be cool to have a timework glitches like chart to roll on when people fail their checks, but there are so many possibilities. Depending on the item. So, I was thinking of a quick n' easy chart that I could ad lib off of. This is what I came up with off the top of my head. Suggestions welcome!

Fail by 20: horrifically disastrous results. The item is destroyed/you critical yourself and/or allies/all charges are expended

Fail by 15: disastrous results but not horrifically disasterous. Hit multiple allies and self, item is broken, for example

Fail by 10: bad results. Hit self or ally. expend all charges, temporarily break item requiring a check not to fail by 10 or more to fix, etc.

Fail by 5: attempt to hit self or ally, make an appropriate save or skill check (DC 20) to avoid a Fail by 10 result.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Here is one:

The Twin Colossi wait ahead,
turn north they're hot, turn south they're cold,
Oxor who burns, Drohz who chills,
By ones and ones, move slow, steer true,
and heed this verse, or soon be dead,
For each one of both breaths death and kills.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
leo1925 wrote:
Misroi wrote:
Actually, he didn't. The weapon does 1d4 damage, which means it's a Medium light hammer. As a result, Vrilledt's attack bonus is wrong. The actual number is left as an exercise to the reader (I would do it, but I don't have access to my book at the moment).
You are right, i was thinking of the light mace which at medium size has 1d6. Then yes his attack should be +7 instead of +9. I think that i will make the whole party halflings or at least the leader, is there a correlation about the size of the body infected and the number of vegepygmies spawned?

I just assumed the a light warhammer could be wielded by a small creature as a warhammer (martial, 1 handed). Since Vrilldet's has fighter levels, he's proficient with 1 handed martial weapons.

I do that with all sorts of weapons. Small creatures can wield medium short swords as long swords, etc.. It helps players running small PC races use the magic items that they find during an adventure.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I like the direction that 5e has gone in. I dislike the little complexities and optimizations in pathfinder-- its distracts from the roleplaying and exploratory aspects of the game. Yes, you can try to just ignore all the little rules, but the way a game goes down at the table does not actually work that way. Rules elicit certain responses from certain players. More gamey, rules mechanic, build and advance a character oriented rules cause many players to focus on those aspects of the game. I like that aspect of the game to a degree, but I am happy to see 5e de-emphasize it a bit.

However, I love Pathfinder for the content. Iron Gods is awesome, for example, and its not the rule mechanics. Techno gadgets that give an opponent a -1 to hit for 1 minute if they fail a DC 12 fortitude save? Who cares. But the fact that the robot was weilding an electrofied neuro-disrupter is cool, regardless of the mechanics.

The monsters in pathfinder are cool. They have lovecraftian horrors, a diverse array of Pleistocene mammals, technological terrors, rat and cat people, alien races, etc..

The adventure paths are awesome. Pirates! Rasputin in a early 20th Russia! Crashed spacecraft and alien races!

So its the content that has me continuing to choose Pathfinder as the game I DM.

The one thing I don't like about 5e is the number of bugs in the players handbook. It seems like it was pushed to release before it was totally ready. Moon druids are way overpowered, for example. Bards are so close to almost being awesome, but while the 5e developers had the insight to make them 9 level spell casters, they didn't seem to have the time to make their spell lists and spell casting mechanic interesting and flavored in a bardic fashion. Little things like that.

But aside from a few bugs, if 5e had the kind of awesome content that pathfinder has, I would switch over.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

fires of creation spoiler:

After the fight in the warehouse with Garmen Ulreth, what happens to silverdisk hall? What with all of the gambling proceeds, it has got to be worth a lot-- more than 4th level characters should have, probably. How have people handled this? My players will definitely clue in to to the potential for the quick accumulation of riches that Garmen's demise creates.

So, is it taken over by an only slightly more scrupulous 2nd in command? Do I let the players try to manage a gambling hall? What have other DMs done?

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Misroi wrote:
Solomani wrote:
Nakteo wrote:
GM 8574 wrote:
What sorts of games of chance are folks using for Silverdisk Hall? I'm trying to think something up that's a little less typical than poker or Twentybone, and wanted to see what y'all had in mind. Thanks!

You beat me to the punch on that one. I've been trying to figure out easy ways for the players to simulate gambling that won't bog down the game if only a couple players want to do so.

Also, how long would y'all say it should take for the smith to make a masterwork weapon (per PC) in exchange for returning the body of Whatshisface? My math using the crafting rules says a 5th level Expert (smith's level unstated) super specked for crafting would take around 5 weeks per weapon. Seems kinda unviable to me. What do you think would be acceptible?

I plan on using actual boardgames as an option - Three Dragon Ante for example or Seven Dragons. Colossal Arena would be perfect for a robot arena.

I figured not all of the PCs would want to go gambling, so I wanted to abstract the gaming. I just had the PCs roll a Profession (gambler) check to see how they did. If I'd thought a bit more about it, I'd actually do something like this:

Each check represents an hour of gaming. You decide the stakes. If your result is under 20, you lose your stakes. If you get between 20 and 25, you end up breaking even. If you get 25 or higher, you actually double your stakes.

Here are the silverdisk hall games I used. They were roulette and slot machines, both games of pure chance with the odds deliberately tilted to the advantage of the house.

Roulette (Spinning Wheel):
Red: 1-40: 1-1
Silver: 41 – 70: 1 – 1 plus 1 silver disk if you bet at least 3 silverdisks
Black: 71 – 90: 3 – 1
Gold: 91 – 100: 5 - 1

Slot Machines (Cachinko Machine):
1 silver disk is placed in a machine.
Roll 3d6: 1=dog, 2=hammer, 3=horse, 4=cauldron, 5=gear, 6=silver coin

3x1: 1 silver disk
3x2: 2 silver disks
3x3: 3 silver disks
3x4: 4 silver disks
3x5: 10 silver disks
3x6: 100 silver disks

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

A laser pistol has several advantages over a wheel lock (primitiave pistol):

1. 10 shots.
2. Touch attack at any range increment.
3. Can shoot rapidly, even without the rapid shot feat.

Damage is the same, but the laser pistol does fire damage, and does not effect invisible things.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Ninja is also a good option for a kitsune. A lot of the ninja tricks can substitute for feats, and you will have a large ki pool. Also, the kitsune tail powers work well with being a ninja.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

If you have the technologist feat, you can identify high (Androffan) tech items my making a knowledge (engineering) roll with a DC equal to the craft DC of the device.

You need to technologist feat to do this. If you don't have that, you can't identify the item.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Yule 42: android gunslinger with a 'West World' demeanor. Tries to bond with robots.

Singe: ratfolk rogue and hoarder. Seeks to hoard technological artifacts.

Ivan: Dwarf warpriest. He has temporarily turned aside from his quest for vengeance against a one armed drow that sullied the name of his clan in order to help the town of Torch.

Ivan-Ho: Dwarf barbarian, companion to Ivan. He has been rendered very foolish, uncharismatic, and stupid after a fierce blow to the head from a giant. He is like Drax the Destroyer in his inability to understand metaphor, or even simile.

Wolfstrom: Teifling Druid. Hates technology. Has claws.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I would love the a alien worlds/numerian origins/'pathfinder in spaaaace'/weird planet hopping adventure path.

An alternate universe time travel adventure path, where alternate possible destinies for Golarion are explored would be especially cool. Have the players travel to the universe where the world wound encompasses most of the inner sea region. Then to the universe where cheliax dominates, etc..

I also would buy all of a steampunk/cowboy/wildmagic adventure path that was like the module 'warden's of the reborn forge', but as a full adventure path. It needs rat folk, sky pirates, a cowboy style tavern brawl, and the secret to wild magic-- a locknar style artifact that corrupts and distorts magic that is local to it.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I once threw in a malfunctioning portal to an alternate early 20th century earth just so that I could run my player's through Reign of Winter's 'Rasuputin Must Die!'

Given a multiverse, malfunctioning portals let you get away with a lot.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I guess another thing to note about robot hardness is that adamantine weapons bypass it if it is less than 20 (as per the rules for adamantine weapons).

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I would say that lasers are just 1/2 damage (unless they critical) because they are energy attacks. Same with scorching ray. You do not want to use lasers on robots. Use an arc pistol/rifle instead.

If hardness were to be treated as DR/-, wouldn't the developers have given robots DR/- instead?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I am used to constructs with DR/adamantine, or DR/-, but not constructs with hardness.

Does this work just like an object's hardness, in that it is essentially DR/-, that is doubled against energy damage and ranged weapons that are not siege weapons (or rocket launchers)?

Robots are vulnerable to electricity and critical hits. This normally would mean that they take 150% damage from electricity, and are subject to the special effect described when a critical hit is scored against them. How does this interact with the hardness? I would say that electricity and critical hits bypass the hardness. Do you all think that's correct?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

With more players its good to scale up the number of monsters correspondingly, both because the party will have extra actions to take to deal with the encounter, and also because they will not get enough experience to advance at an appropriate rate since the XP is divided among a larger number of PCs.

With 8 players, you should double the number of creatures in most cases, or apply the simple advanced template where additional numbers doesn't make sense (such as with named NPCs). When you apply the advanced template, make sure to raise the CR, and award experience points for the higher CR encounter.

Its sometimes fun to add a level to some of the NPCs so that they get new powers that you can determine, but that is more work.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Druid would make sense, as would a straight up cleric (of the demigod that created it).

A ranger would be also work. It would be humorous and ironic if the bear ranger's name was yogi, booboo, or john smith.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Once there are the theoretical underpinnings for converting mechanical work to electricity, there are a huge number of ways to generate electricity with magic-- golems, unseens servants, skeletons, magical heat generating steam, etc.. But then people will research spells that just strait up generate electricity, and all the clever golem gizmos, and create water/heat metal contraptions will seem superfluous.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

spoiler alert:

I notice that skulks do not have darkvision. What do the skulks use for light? Should I make them mutant darklands skulks with darkvision, or should I give them some pet fire beetles in cages hanging here and there. Should there be a continual flame torch somewhere? What do people think?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Its actually cool to have magic and technology interact. Have the arcane caster figure out that they can use invisibility to counter lasers, for example.

Arcane casters may think of technology as another form of magic, just one operating on different principles (like alchemy, only different).

Spells will be researched that affect technology.

I am going to start DMing this adventure path next week, and I think that the interacting with magic (arcane and divine, there isn't much practical difference) will be cool.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I would say that you can, because the creature does not fully observe you when you have concealment. It may see you just as a shadow, or a dark patch of fog.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I would say that the reach weapon must be a weapon sized for large creatures to add 10' to your reach, and a weapon sized for huge creatures to add 15' feet to your reach. If the weapon is sized for medium or small creatures, it adds 5' to your reach. Although its not specified (since 2 times 0 is zero), it would make sense if a reach weapon sized for tiny creatures (a pixie pike, for example) would provide a 5' reach.

That is not based on a legalistic interpretation of the rules, but is just what makes sense.

If a spell like longarm also made the the weapon longer, it would be fine to have the reach weapon add in an additional 5' (so a medium sized pike would add 10' to reach), but if it doesn't also transmute the weapon the reach weapon would not gain even more reach from the spell.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

The difficulty this book faces is that when it comes to killing humans, the real problem you are facing is not the human-ness of the foe, but its class levels. The human qualities really don't present any particular challenge, nor do they offer any opportunities.

People will want a book on spell caster slaying, criminal overlord slaying, wicked tyrant slaying, etc.. That info will not be human specific, and will apply equally to wicked elves, despotic dwarves, and wayward halflings.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Does anyone have any recommendations for a website to use to post campaign info to? I want to be able to create webpages that contains house rules, world info, inspiring images, downloadable files, and the like.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Within the imaginary world itself, I imagine magic is a lot more sexy than the PG rated rule books make it seem, and I don't think there is anything evil, or even weird about a summoner having some kind of physically intimate relationship with their eidolon.

Given an eidolon's intelligence, and that it is probably the closest relationship to another being that a summoner has, an eidolon lover is actually more logical than the stereotypical relationship of master to pet. In fact, a romantic love relationship is probably one of the more natural relationships that would develop in this situation.

Note this is with regards to the summoner character's in game relationship to their eidolon, and is not about how a player might role play that relationship. Its possible for any player to describe their character's romantic involvements in an untoward fashion, regardless of particulars such as who that relationship is with,

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

With regards to speaking differently, in the games play in, people quickly forget what your character used to be like, and just pay attention to the present. If someone calls you on something like a change of speech, a new hobby, or the like, just tell them that they must have been rather inattentive hitherto, because you have certainly not been altering your speech in any way, and have always been collecting elven love poetry.

Or you could say that you have been attempting to practice the art of vocal disguise, but, realizing that, sans magic, it is rather a hopeless cause, you have now reverted to your true patterns of speech. Then say that you are, however, grateful, that at least the attempt worked on several less astute listeners.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I don't think it matters whether you create the personality before the game starts or after.

These are what I have found are some quick ways to add fun bits of personality to your character.

1. Find a hobby or obsession that can manifest in the game: fine dining, booze, flirting, collecting unusual monster parts, always wearing the latest fashions, soliciting exotic courtesans, collecting weapons of unusual make, collecting books, are some examples.

2. Adopt quirks of speech. Always refer to yourself using the royal we. Always refer to yourself using your name. "Grog like good mead." Use 10 dollar words constantly. Be excessively polite. With regrads to the speach of wizards, I have found it helpful to be very familiar with the writings of Jack Vance.

3. Develop an obsessive fear. Being spied upon by extra-dimensional entities, avoiding assassination, being scryed upon, being poisoned.

4. Create a title for yourself.

The other big trick is to find a character from fiction (it doesn't need to be fantasy fiction) to model your character on. I like modeling my pathfinder characters on characters from shakespeare and on muppets.

So, a spy wizard could act like George Smiley from Jean LeCarre. In addition, they could collect books, have an obsessive fear that people around them were actually shape changed/disguised/simulacrums, and always speak politely but with fancy words. They might have a weakness for flirting with elves.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

If one was going to mostly cast metamagic enhanced magic missiles, it might be better to be a sorcerer than a wizard. If your heart is set on being a wizard, then preferred spell and spontaneous metafocus might be good.

There is also a feat and/or trait that raises the max damage by 5. That could be good since it would give your 3 extra magic missiles at 10th.

Don't overlook empower and quicken. Because magic missile is 1st level, you can apply quite a few metamagic feats to it. At 11th, fire 8 empowered magic missiles with a 3rd level slot, then another 8 magic missiles with a 5th level slot. 42 points of damage + another 28 points of damage. Provided your target doesn't have a shield spell cast.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

You could create your own centaurs that were compatible with 1st level characters. Here is what you would have to do:

1. Their horse body and their human torso have different strengths. The horse part gets human strength +6. That strength can be used for hoof attacks, overrun, and bullrush, and for their carrying capacity, but not for grapple checks, weapon attacks, and such.

2. The get 2 hoof attacks for 1d4 as secondary natural attacks.

3. They are large, with a reach of 5'.

4. They have a base speed of 40' (not has fast as horses).

Then you would just add to the above the normal adjustments for a player character race. Maybe +2 con, +2 wis, -2 char, proficient with bows and lances, +2 to survival.

That would be a totally playable centaur race. Let them make their hooves primary natural attacks as a feat.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

A philosopher king presiding over an academy of philosphers, all of whom are enlightened in that they have been gifted by an alien god so that they have gained some magic powers, but who are dangerously blind the the horrific alien agenda they have been co opted into would be an interesting, possibly frightening city state.

I would have it on the surface seem to be exactly what Plato prescribed, orderly, and devoted to educating its citizens to understand the truth. The philosopher king would appear benevolent. But in reality it would be a magically based panopticon city where mind reading, and 'all seeing eyes' monitored the citizens for signs of heresy or descent.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

The trick to henchmen is keeping them in line, especially if you have not been giving him a full share of the treasure. So don't min/max him to the point where you fear his crossbow.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

My current campaign is wrapping up (the players will probably be 17th level soon), and I am seriously considering running this. As one can tell by my alias, I am a big Moorcock fan. I had my players traverse an interplanetary gate to enter an alternate early 20th century Russian and a modified version of 'Rasputin Must Die!', and except for the mechanics of the 'troop' subtype, they dug it. Some of my favorite fantasy fiction inter-splices technology and magic-- books like Hugh Cooke's Walrus and the Warwolf, China Meiville's Bas Lag, Fred Saberhagen's Empire of the East, Vance's Dying Earth, and of course Moorcock's multiverse. I am really excited about this adventure path.

This may be the adventure path that makes me a subscriber.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Literary criticism has several purposes. One is to illuminate how the art of literature develops and changes over time. It also speaks to the historical context of works. How does Shakespeare change the way the human personality is portrayed, for example. Or how James Joyce's stream of consciousness arises from within the context of post-Fruedian, 20th century ideas of the unconscious and relativity. Also, how does, say Christopher Marlowe influence Shakespeare. How are both play writes interacting with and developing upon morality plays. For that matter, a topic could be how Quentin Tarantino fits into the tradition of the revenge tragedy.

Another purpose of academic literary criticism is to examine what it is that makes excellent works of literature excellent. Why is Casablanca such an awesome movie? Why is Conan such a friggin cool character? Why has Hamlet inspired almost 500 years of praise, questions, and interpretation?

Yet another purpose is to enhance our appreciation of a piece of art. Learning about the symbolic resonances that another reader finds will make your own reading more thoughtful.

So what a writer intended *is* interesting to the critic, especially with regards the the purpose of seeing how literature develops and understanding a work of art's historic context, but there are other aspects to the study of literature where it is less important.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
KazeTanade wrote:


I was not aware that concealment stopped AOOs and Sneak Attacks when not in stealth.Shield was picked mostly to stack on top of the +4 AC from Mage Armor, for the reason explained below. While 20% miss chance is good, I am not sure if giving up the 100% AC increase Shield will give me just because I have 20% miss chance is wise.

I guess the point being made was that there is a 20% chance any given attack will miss do to your having cast shield, and there is of course a 20% chance of an attack the relies on sight missing due to blur. But there is no reason not to have both, if you are finding your self attacked a lot. Its just sometimes hard to get that many low duration buffs up before a fight is over.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

The good thing about Protean is that spell focus is one of your bonus feats. Starting at confusion, the bonus spells are also good in that they are very flexible-- you can use them for many different things.

Summoning is a good path for the protean sorcerer. Check out the feat Summon Neutral Monster, which allows you to summon proteans, counterpoised creatures, and which fools those who try to protect themselves with protection from evil/good spells. Also, monster summoning allows a sorcerer even more flexibility in that the monsters can caste spells for you, and you can use your buffing spells on your monsters as well as your fellow party members.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Tem wrote:

So, I've been trying to think of the best way to make a swarm of will-o-wisps.

Since they're small size, you could easily fit 8 of them in a 5 foot cube. So, a gargantuan sized swarm, which is roughly 20x20x20 could contain 512 of them. Let's say 500 and imagine they form a 10 foot radius sphere (not that it really matters).

I've looked at the 3.5 mob template as well as various templates like the creature swarm from the Advanced Bestiary, but they don't quite do what I want them to. I'm thinking that I may have to create a creature from scratch but I was hoping people on here could help me out or point me in the direction of something more along my line of thinking. If anyone wants to take a stab at producing a stat-block, that would be greatly appreciated.

At first glance, I'd imagine such a creature would have CR somewhere in the low to mid teens (or at least, that's where I want it for my game).

All ideas welcome.

My experience with mobs (from 3.5) and troops (from reign of winter) is that they really irritate my players, who feel with some justification that they should be able to target the mob/troops individual components.

I would either make it a swarm of tiny will-o-wisps (give it however many hit dice you want), and then use 4 swarms to make it really big (+2 CR for that, plan that into how tough you make your swarm), or make a custom monster that just uses regular monster rules but is described as being a swarm of will-o-wisps that have become linked the dark, negative energies of their locale.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Well, since they have 30 pts worth of attributes (+2 CR), and are vampires (+2 CR minimum), and probably have more magic items than a level 13 character normally has (+1 CR), you should plan for CR 18 encounters as the base. Experiment and see what is tough for them, and what is easy.

It would make sense that they advance level wise at a slower rate. Immortal undead probably do that. Since CR 18 is average for them, reduce the experience gained from challenges by 5 CR. So, defeating a CR 18 encounter only counts as a CR 13 encounter for purposes of experience.

As to making the game actually fun, there is all sorts of cool stuff you could do. They may need to feed, which will attract the attention of a secret society of demon worshiping vampires who jelously guard this area because they don't want an inquisition led against them, and want exclusive access to the food there.

Rule that rings of sustenance and the like do not work for undead, as such items deal with physical hunger only. Here are some rules for vampiric hunger:

I would rule that because the players actually chose to become vampires and gained that status via an infernal pact, their hunger for fresh human blood would be extremely strong-- a potent tweak made by their infernal benefactors.

Also note that because the players are now monsters, both good aligned and evil aligned creatures are their enemies.

Check out some of the supplements, like Player Companion: Blood of the Night, and Classic Horror revisited.

For inspiration, you might look at the Vampire: The Masquerade game (huge amount of material there).

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Are there rules anywhere for fighting on the deck of a ship during a severe storm? I want some rules that take the severe winds, heavy rain, rocking deck, and giant waves that splash over the bow and threaten to wash people overboard all into account. I could make some up using the weather rules, but I thought that there might be some rules in, say the Skull and Shackles adventure path, or the like.


Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Remember that you have to take into account the possibility of a contingent anti-magic field (the dragon can do that right from its stat block).

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Because the dragon is smart, a 20th level character would need the following:

1) Good damage with a touch attack that doesn't have spell resistance, or the ability to hit a minimum AC of 43. It would actually be higher due to a +5 ring of protection or potion of shield of faith, amulet of natural armor or potion of barkskin +5 and haste, so assume AC 49-54.

2) True seeing (the dragon has displacement and greater invisibility up, and the spell seeming to mess with you).

3) Protection from fire

4) Ability to see though smoke/blind sight

5) A lot of hit points

6) A good Will save or immunity to fear (or you will run away).

7) Immunity to stunning would really help (due to weird, stunning critical, greater shout).

8) Ability to beat the dragon in melee when it is in an anti-magic field.

If it were not for #8, I would say that an alchemist would be your best bet. That gives you the fire protection, an attack that can hit the dragon, blind sight (via echolocation extract), true seeing (via extract), immunity to critical hits (via elemental body), extra hit points (via greater false life and heal), spell resistance, and all kinds of protection from melee attacks.

If the dragon were in an anti-magic field, then a gunslinger would be a good bet (provided gunpowder is not supernatural), but the gunslinger lacks some of the other points.

Dedicated Voter 2014

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Protean Horn
Aura strong transmutation; CL 16th
Slot none; Price 70,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.
This spiral horn of swirling, motley colors writhes in your grasp. Sounding the instrument normally results only in a cacophonous ululation, however, twice per day, you may blow the horn after speaking its command word to derange reality. This surrounds you with a 20' radius region of chaotic warp that acts as the spell solid fog except that it does not provide concealment or block line of sight, and it is not dispersed by winds of any strength. The region is immobile. In addition, you gain a disharmonic vibration that grants you the benefits of the spells freedom of movement and entropic shield. The disharmonic vibration persists outside of the region of warp. Both the warped region and the disharmonic vibration last 10 minutes.

If you speak the command word and sound the horn while you are within a chaotic warp created by the horn, it has a different effect. You may choose one other creature or object that is within the warped region to be subject to the spell polymorph any object (save DC 22). However, the additional disharmonic vibrations imparted to you affect you with a warpwave, as described in the Bestiary 2 entry for proteans. You can resist the warpwave’s effects with a DC 22 Fortitude save.

Protean horns can only be created with the help of a protean. Typically they are created by a spell caster with a voidworm familiar, but sometimes proteans are called via planar summons or similar magic to assist in such a task.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, entropic shield, freedom of movement, polymorph any object, requires the assistance of a protean who must be present throughout the creation process; Cost 35,000 gp

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SCSi wrote:
Rabbitball wrote:
No, it will max out at 65,535, which is the largest 16-bit unsigned integer ;)
Depends if it starts at 0 or not.. :)

0 to 65,535 if it starts at 0 and is unsigned.

1 to 65,536 it it starts at 1 and is unsigned.
0 to 32,767 it is starts at 0 and is signed.

I don't see how it could start at 1 and be signed, so forget that nonsense.

Damm, I should have made this 4+ posts...

Dedicated Voter 2014

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I find myself voting for the item with the coolest potential most of the time. Most items are fatally flawed in one way or another, but some have a cool idea behind them.

Dedicated Voter 2014

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Erick Wilson wrote:
mamaursula wrote:

I know we discussed this last year and it will come up in the critique threads, but I can't wait that long - Please do not use the phrase (or any similar phrase to this) "The true power of the item is revealed when you..." Your items MUST be in an active voice and it really needs to be dynamic. This phrase is not dynamic. Please take this phrase out of your phrase vocabulary.

Thank you.

I've read the repeated posts to this effect, and I have to say I don't really get it. Maybe it's just me, but passive voice just doesn't bother me. Sounds fine. I typically try to avoid it anyway because I know it bothers people, but I've never really understood the rancor it provokes. I guess I'm just weird...

In scientific and technical writing people are supposed to use the passive voice. If you read/write a lot of this material, you get used to it.

For magic items and fiction and such, an active voice is probably better. "Uttering the wondrous whatchamagigs command word and flipping it on its head reveals its true power." Its just more dynamic.

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I have seen one item that may well duplicate existing laws of physics. I might even vote for it...

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Zahir ibn Mahmoud ibn Jothan wrote:
moon glum wrote:
Note that +4 vs. +6 AC only adds a 10% miss chance to non-touch attacks.

This is mostly true, but doesn't tell the whole story. From a narrow viewpoint one can make the argument, but simple examples show it doesn't work.

If you need a 20 to hit me already, and I raise my AC by 2, you still need a 20 to hit me. If you need an 18 to hit me before, and now need a 20, I have cut by 1/3 the chances of your hitting me. Similar discussion can be had on the "to hit" side.

If a fighter will hit on a 6+ (75%), and he gets another +1, he is now hitting on a 4+ (80%), so you have your 5% difference, but he is now missing 20% less.

Yes, 5%, but some 5%s are more important than others, and it turns out it's the last couple ones that might help the most, so don't forget about them.

It is not the your improvement to your chance of hitting relative to your old chance you should look at. When you roll the dice, there is only a %5 chance per +1 that on any given roll that your bonus actually made a difference (provided the +1 even helped-- if you needed a 32 to hit before, and now need a 31, it doesn't help at all). If you normally would need a 19 to hit (10% chance to hit), and with a +1 now need an 18 to hit, you might think that you improved your chance of hitting by 50%! But you need to actually roll on 18 for that +1 to matter. So, 19 out of 20 times you roll the dice, that +1 won't matter at all. Compare that to displacement having a 50% chance per attack of actually helping.

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Note that +4 vs. +6 AC only adds a 10% miss chance to non-touch attacks. Displacement, adds a 50% miss chance to most all attacks (tremor sense, blindsight, trueseeing excepted).

I'd spend my time figuring out ways to have access to mirror image, blur, displacement, improved invisibility, etc..

That being said, my 16th level 3.5 wizard casts greater mage armor using his lesser metamagic rod of extend spell every day.

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I use common early firearms in my game, because the game world is a 'pirate' early modern world. The gun rules work fine, and add the appropriate flavor to the game. I must say that there are no gunslinger characters, because the campaign started before that class existed (I used to use Monte Cooke's firearms rules before Pathfinder had them). But there are overpowered characters. I think that alchemists are probably a little overpowered at high levels (but they are also very cool).

The thing to keep in mind when DMing is that in a world where guns are about as common as swords, intelligent creatures will do things to mess with them. Mirror image, displacement, invisibility, clouds of mist, smoke fog, rain (doesn't work against advanced firearms). Creatures will be aware of their deadliness at close range. Amulets of bullet shield will be more common. Spells will be created and used that can counter firearms. There are a number of such spells in the Paizo spell lists.

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Code is rejected for me as well. What's up?

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VargrBoartusk wrote:
moon glum wrote:

One thing about the 'martial maneuvers' ability being the brawler's iconic ability is that it is not really especially appropriate for brawlers-- it would be an interesting ability for any fighter related class. I could see it as an alternate fighter ability. If one is going to create a class called 'the brawler', that class should be able to do really cool stuff in a tavern brawl, like break a chair over someone's head and knock them out (sneak attack + improvised weapon).

How is a class with a parent class of fighter not a fighter related class ?

My point was that martial maneuvers, while an interesting ability for a brawler, is also an appropriate ability for the fighter class. There is nothing about it that says 'brawler'. The best classes have abilities that speak to the class's special flavor. Witches, for example, have hexes, achemists have mutagens and bombs, the magus, which is in a sense a wizard/fighter, has arcana that lets them cast spells and fight.

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