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moon glum's page

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8. RPG Superstar 2014 Dedicated Voter, 2015 Dedicated Voter. Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 621 posts. No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters.


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RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8 , Dedicated Voter 2014, Dedicated Voter 2015 aka moon glum

Thank you all for your comments!

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Cool. I am going totally going to use these.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8 , Dedicated Voter 2014, Dedicated Voter 2015 aka moon glum

I agree with commenters that were troubled by the gaze attack. A quick fix for that would be to have it do wisdom damage:

Gaze (Su): 1d6 Wisdom damage, 30 feet, Will DC 19 negates. The save DC is Charisma-based.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8 , Dedicated Voter 2014, Dedicated Voter 2015 aka moon glum

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Thanks for all of the comments!

This is a monster got out of control, in that it got way over word count and I had to edit it down.
As such, a lot of the eye possessed mechanics had to be trimmed, and the background had to be cut.

The original way over word count write up did allow the Occularictus to exercise some influence over eye possessed victims, and had notes about telepathy being limited to the same plane, and what sorts of healing is needed to remove the occularictus's eyes and return an eye possessed's sight.

The original background was approximately as follows:

Some occularicti are birthed from lakes of radiation steeped protoplasm that bubble in the deep realms of Sekamina. The protoplasm sprouts eyes that slowly crawl forth as grub like proto-occularicti that congregate in squirming mounds near their brithplace. Eventually their nervous systems develop to the point where they form a hive mind and can levitate, thus becoming an adult occularictus. Seeking new sights, they migrate upwards into the realms of Nar-Voth, where they hunt and reproduce, and where they can create eye possessed that allow them to vicariously explore the worlds beneath the sunlit sky.

Occularicti hunger for the blood and flesh of sighted creatures and are also driven by the desire to reproduce, which they accomplish by taking a creatures eyes without replacing them, and then injecting those eyes with an ichor that transforms them into occularictus eyes. When enough of these eyes have been created, a new occularictus is formed.
But beyond even their hunger and their drive to propagate their kind, occularicti are motivated by their desire to see all things, particularly that which is denied them. Occularicti are especially jealous of the sights that the surface world has to offer, and many dwell near the openings to Nar-Voth, where they can venture forth at night to transform surface dwellers into eye possessed. Some occularicti develop networks of spies and hoard knowledge that they use to dominate those societies of humanoids that they manage to infiltrate, and some of these sell their services to powerful rulers in return for victims that they use both as eye possessed servants, and as fodder to help increase the size of their brood.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32 , Dedicated Voter 2014, Dedicated Voter 2015 aka moon glum

Note that casting legend lore will normally take 1d10 days, or 1d4x10 minutes if the subject is at hand. This item lets you cast it as a standard action. That can be very useful. That's why I limited it to once per week.

I made the mockery power kind of simple. In retrospect, if I were to re-write this item, I might have done a mockery power like this:

Mockery: Once per day, as a standard action, the wielder can cause the jester head to take on the likeness of an individual creature within 60 feet and then harangue that creature with magically honed mockery. All allies of the target within 60' are affected as per the spell hideous laughter (DC 18). For 1d6 rounds the target of the mockery is compelled to attack the nearest laughing creature. If there are no nearby laughing creatures that the target can perceive, they instead are dazed. The target may attempt a DC 18 Will save to negate this effect, and may re-attempt the saving throw at the end of each of their turns. This is a mind affecting enchantment (compulsion) effect.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32 , Dedicated Voter 2014, Dedicated Voter 2015 aka moon glum

Thanks for the comments and critiques, positive and negative! It is exciting to have made it into the top 32. Project runway is actually a favorite show of mine, so I feel like I should talk back to Nina Garcia, or something...

I love fools, partly because I am something of a Shakespeare fan and there are great fool characters in those plays, and partly because I remember some very fun role playing moments involving player character fools.

It has seemed odd to me that there are few magical fool's accoutrements-- no marottes, motley coats, or jester caps bedecked with cocks combs or donkey ears-- especially because these are so recognizable as interesting objects from a medieval/renaissance setting.

So, I had wanted to submit a marotte for a couple of years, but figured it was definitely more a rod than a wondrous item. Then the changed the first round up so that people could submit rods. Yea!

I have to say that I agree with some of the critisms, particularly regarding the wording of the item (I should have read it to my wife before submitting), the descriptors for the mockery power, and the spell requirements.

I went back and forth regarding the 2nd power being a mind affecting fear effect, being language dependent, etc.. Language dependent would have required that the marotte speak languages. If I had more words I might have made it language dependent and given the marotte a tongues power. But I didn't, so I figured that mockery was a fear effect because mocking people humiliates them, and that is sort of like fear, and mockery does make the target shaken. With regards to its being a compulsion effect, its true that hideous laughter is compulsion, but that actually makes you do something, and being dazed doesn't really do that. It should definitely be an emotion effect though. I had forgotten that that descriptor had been added.

I had some other powers in mind for it-- pratfall, fool's license, an area of effect hideous laughter. If I was to give the item out in one of my games, I would probably add a couple of those powers in, particularly fools license, which was kind of like a sanctuary that let you mock people. I also might change mockery so that you could do it more often, but its effects were not so devastating.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32 , Dedicated Voter 2014, Dedicated Voter 2015 aka moon glum

I have also finished my map! That was fun. I will sleep on it and see if I have any elder god inspired dreams that reveal dark and forgotten truths about this image before I send it in.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Sceaduinar from bestiary 2.

The only thing CR7 about these bad puppy cats is their AC.

They have life sense. They cast deeper darkness and silence, hide within an anti-life shell, throw enervation spells and dispel magics at the party, and then, finally, move up in the silent darkness to cast harm and slay living on some party member. Their normal attacks life drain and do +1d6 negative energy damage. You attack them with a 5' reach melee attack, and you take 1d6 negative energy.

Aboleths also seem tough for CR 7 because of their DC 22 dominate monster 3/day. Most DMs just have this used to have dominated minions, but they can easily dominate most of an adventuring party before the party has managed to see through the illusions that hide the aboleth.

Both of these monsters are way cool, but when DMing you need to be careful what you do with them in an encounter, because they can easily TPK a 7th level party of adventurers.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

You can't take 20 on knowledge checks, because there is no retry. See the CRB, skills, knowledge.

You can take technically take 10, but if you don't have an idea of the DC of the check, that might not be a good idea.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Wyrmfoe wrote:

I'm hoping to maximize my PC's use of Linguistics, as he is a Human Investigator with both the Orator and Esoteric Linguistics feats (and thus already has Skill Focus: Linguistics).

Trait-wise, I'm already using Unintentional Linguist. If there are other means, beyond feats and traits, to also improve Linguistics, please let me know.

What other feats exist to improve one's Linguistics score?

I don't think there are other feats. A cracked Gold Nodule ioun stone grants a general +1 competence bonus on linguistics checks, and costs a cheap 150gp.

The social trait 'unintentional linguist' from ultimate campaign grants you a +1 trait bonus and an extra language. You would have to take the 'extra traits' feat to get it. There are several other traits that also grant that trait bonus.

If your investigator can use 2nd level extracts, or if you can afford a wand, you could use the spell investigative mind to roll twice and take the best result. That equates to about a +5 to the roll.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8 , Dedicated Voter 2014, Dedicated Voter 2015 aka moon glum

I just ran into an item that was basically a magical drone. Relative to its neighbor, I liked it.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Hobgoblin Shogun wrote:
What are the approximate numbers for each of the gangs? I gotta assume there are more Smilers and/or Steel Hawks than the ones explicitly placed in encounters. And then how many individuals are there in Scrap Wall that aren't part of any gang.

The module never says, but it does say that there are 'hundreds' of ratfolk and orcs in the lords of rust (add in some androids, humans, chokers, darkslayers, the odd ogre, maybe a wayward halfling).

When I ran the smiler's part of the module, I assumed that there were about 100 individuals affiliated with the smilers, with about a 3 dozen extra smiley smilers (who had modified their faces with soothe) ready for random encounters. I wrote up a couple of extra smiler leaders (a gunslinger, and a smiler orc barbarian with a bite attack) but never got a chance to use them. The one smiler random encounter I did was with a wanna be up and coming orc gang called the red hands. After Marrow had been killed, a few smilers tried to join this orc gang, and the gang leader decided to initiate them. The red hands surrounded the PCs, told them they were in red hand territory, and asked them to pick the weakest of them to fight the initiates. They picked Yule, the android gunslinger, who promptly shot all the initiates dead.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Ayanzo wrote:
Neongelion wrote:
leo1925 wrote:
Neongelion wrote:
so I'd imagine that the arachnid robot wouldn't be able to house even a fraction of his consciousness either.
Where do you get that?
If the computing systems of a colossal, industrial-grade vehicle could not house a self-aware AI, I doubt the much smaller frame of an arachnid robot could do so. Unless the robot was specially made to house an entire consciousness or something.
They both can. and the arachnid is specially designed to house him.

Once the excavator is completely restored and powered up, it must be able to house Hellion (that is part of Hellion's plan, after all) but it seems that currently the central processor room (S3) can not house him. So, if he needs to escape, he has to use the arachnid robot chassis. Hellion is still within the excavator during the action of the module, but he can't fully upload himself to it. I think of the excavator as a snazzy peripheral.

The arachnid robot can definitely hold Hellion's consciousness. It was built to do that. Its computational infrastructure was designed by a super genius semi-divine AI, and is no doubt a lot more sophisticated than the hobbled, damaged computational infrastructure of a piece of construction equipment.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Reaver_Reader wrote:

Had a TPK tonight. I was running the adventure through the last few sections of the lords of rust compound. Hellion unleashed all of its AOE attacks as they advanced through the compound. Kulgara gave the party a bit of trouble and one member had already died so after defeating her they decided to go back and rest and recoup their supplies. This also meant Hellion got all of it's spells back and was at full power when the players came back.

They cleared out Zagmander and the remaining dark stalkers/ettin and started heading towards Hellion. I had the observer robots waiting for them by the entrance, and after they took some damage they started retreating farther down the path towards where Hellion was waiting. The glyph traps popped doing some damage, but what really put them in was Hellion entering and managing to hit 3 of the 5 party members with confusion. Only one of them rolled to act normally in the five rounds that they continued to live. The remaining two had difficulty getting past his hardness. With Hellion's dual initiative he just chipped away at the confused party members and watched them slice into each other or themselves.

Note that if you attack a confused creature, it will automatically attack you every turn (no roll required). So, once Hellion attacked one of the confused party members, that party member would attack Hellion, at least until some other confused party member in turn attacked them.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Thanks so much! In Austin, TX rain is sporadic and sometimes hard to predict, which is probably why this problem occurred. It has not happened with any of my previous orders.

One thing that you all might consider is to package items in some water resistant bag, at least during the winter months.

Thanks again!

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

There are both constructs and living foes to consume in plenty. Bon appetit!

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8 , Dedicated Voter 2014, Dedicated Voter 2015 aka moon glum

Just given the sheer number of earthbreakers, odds are at least one of them makes the top 32.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8 , Dedicated Voter 2014, Dedicated Voter 2015 aka moon glum

One of the things I am totally adverse to is an item that requires a number of strange arithmetic calculations to use, and then provides a trivial bonus or penalty (like +1 to hit or -1 to saving throws vs. fear). But that item is better than the boring, ill formatted item. But I hate the lots of mental energy for little gain trend (which even professional designers fall prey to) so much I would like to vote against this item even though it is technically the 'better' item. Such are the dilemmas of voting in RPG superstar.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

UPS left the cardboard envelope containing 'The Palace of Fallenstarns' on my front porch, in the rain. It is basically a palace of soggy, limp, dripping stars that is ready to disintigrate. I don't know what your policy is on this kind of thing (its obviously more UPS's fault than yours), but could you send me a new copy of this module?

Thanks much,


RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

I am in the midst of DMing 'Lords of Rust', and would love some miniatures applicable to the upcoming adventure paths. Robots, androids, the various aliens, orcs with chainsaws, skeletal undead in space suits, clockwork soldiers, brain collectors, migo, four armed aliens, four armed alien skeletons, etc. I currently buy a few halfway relevant star wars minis.

A huge, semi-transparent shoggoth would be utterly awesome. Bonus points if it had a little button that made it repeat "Tekeli-li" endlessly, though I do personally find it fun to say 'Tekeli-li' over and over again.


A void dragon.


Jub jub birds and bandersnatches (bandersnatchi?). But in my piratey game, I am particularly fond of jub jub birds.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8 , Dedicated Voter 2014, Dedicated Voter 2015 aka moon glum

There are a lot of earth breakers. Some are relatively good.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Misroi wrote:
Back onto Scraponomics: since the theme for this book is Mad Max's biker gangs, Scrapwall is the descendant of Bartertown. As a result, money isn't used to purchase stuff there. If you want to find something, you need to make a Diplomacy check to track down someone that has it and is willing to give it up. For most magical items, it's a DC 20. (Medium and major items have already been looted from Scrapwall long ago.) Tech is harder - the DC is equal to the check to create/identify. They won't take cash though. If you want the item, you need to give them equipment equal to the GP cost. My hard and fast rule is it needs to be no more than 3000 gp, as that's half the cost of the most expensive item detailed by one of the gang members in the book.

I just ran a scrapwall trading game (they fought some wandering monsters, but this game was mostly trading stuff) last night. I wrote up a list of the people in scrapwall that could trade for some of the stuff acquired by the adventurers, and what those traders have to offer (about how much money, and what magic items they possess). I had an alchemist that sells potions, and has some 'trained' oozes, a smith that has a few master work weapons and some components for weapon enchantment, and a junk merchant that had a number of timeworn tech items and some ready cash to buy more of the same.


Also note that if the players ally with Divanya, she has the craft wondrous item and craft weapon feats. Provided with components and incentive, she can make items for adventurers who have allied with her.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

You need to get the two weapon fighting feat and shield proficiency. Then, I suppose, at high enough level you could have a shield, and use two weapons, and have a free hand for deflect arrows and somatic components. If you can find a one handed reach weapon, that would also be good, as you could get reach attacks and attacks of opportunity while also fighting at 5' reach.

Since it takes two hands to load a pistol, and juggler/gunslinger (pistolero) is cool because you can have two weapon fighting and pistols and reload them both as a free action with rapid reload + alchemical cartridges. At higher level, you could throw in a shield if you somehow got proficiency.

It would be cool if there were a feat that let you extend two weapon fighting an additional weapon you were juggling.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Another adventure path I would like to see is one set entirely in Tian Xia with races and classes specific to that region (Vanara, Ratfolk, Tengu, Samurai, Ninja, etc.) that was some kind of epic battle against the Rakshasa or the like, inspired by the Ramayana and anime.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Chris Wallace 621 wrote:

Hello, I will be GM for first time in a couple of weeks. We decided on Iron Gods. Our group is pretty new, so we are still learning.

I'd had few questions regarding Black Hill Caves

1)The melee attacks for Jinkin Gremlin reads as short sword +6 (1D3-4) & Bite +1 (1D2-4). Now is the damage roll 1D2 minus 4 & 1D3 minus 4? This would mean they can't do any damage or is this typo?

2)One of Blindheim melee attacks is 2 claws +5. Is this a double attack or more of description that he has claws on both hand but only attacks w/ one arm at a time?

3)Skulks have special attack (sneak attack) How do GM move Sef for example w/o the players know a enemy is sneaking up on them? Do you rollD20 + 23 stealth versus that players perception roll? If so, is this a one time roll or must inform the player to roll each time Sef moves in stealth?

Please forgive me if this is not correct message board for these questions.

The jinkin gremlin's melee attacks are only dangerous when they get that +1d6 sneak attack damage. Its best if they hide around corners and in nooks and crannies, taking a single sneak attack before running, or dimension dooring away. Sometimes one might win initiative, and try for an extra sneak attack (until a character's first turn in a combat, it is flat footed, so a lone gremlin that surprised a party might get 2 sneak attacks in).

A tough level 1 encounter occurs when two jinkin gremlins are hiding behind either corner of a cavern opening. Since I had 5 players making 20 point characters, I used a couple of dual jinkin encounters. They could be quite deadly, because as long as both jinkins are alive, they can both sneak attack and DR5/cold iron helps their survivability.

The skulks (or the jinkin gremlins) need can hide if they have cover (such as hiding inside the doorway to one of their huts and peering out) or concealment (such as dim light, or darkness. They make a stealth check with modifiers as per the section on the stealth skill. If they attack while hiding, the opponent is flatfooted, and its a sneak attack.

Also, if they flank with an ally, they get +2 to hit, and its a sneak attack, but the opponent is not flat footed.

If the skulks get a surprise round, all opponents surprised are flat footed, and its a sneak attack.

Finally, if they go before an opponent's first chance to act in the first round of combat, the opponent is flatfooted, and its a sneak attack.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

You could ready an action to throw it just before your next turn. The trigger would have to be something like 'I finish counting to 6'.

"The ready action lets you prepare to take an action later, after your turn is over but before your next one has begun. Readying is a standard action. It does not provoke an attack of opportunity (though the action that you ready might do so)."

Just to give an advantage to high initiative people, I might say that lets you throw the grenade at the very end of the current round, allowing only those with a higher initiative than you to have a chance of moving the thrown grenade.


Marrow, the hobgoblin necromancer from 'Lords of Rust', probably should have done this with a gas grenade in last night's game. But it was cool the way it went down. She threw a gas grenade into the midst of the party as her zombies advanced and attacked, but Singe, the technologist rat folk rogue, kicked the grenade back into the midst of the zombies.

A person could certainly allow someone to hold a primed grenade indefinitely (keeping the 'begin timer button pressed', but if its a free action to activate a grenade, there is not reason to do this.

It would be interesting to allow grenades to have their timer set for any number of rounds (even millennia in the future-- I bet the Androffens had at least 1024 bit registers in their processors). Then you could set up a number of grenades that all detonate in, say, an hour. Big boom.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

A couple more mesmerist archtypes:

the sonambulator: They replace tricks and touch treatment with the ability to implant a domination effect (save negates), and activate that as an immediate action, allowing the mesmerist to take a creature's standard action dominating the implanted humanoid (later, all actions, and eventually monsters as well as persons).

the psychic projectionist: instead of the normal tricks, the psychic projectionist would be able to use a subject to cast a spell as an immediate action, from the subjects location. They would also have the ability to see through a subjects eyes senses.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

An escape artist archetype for the mesmerist

A psychic dualist that specializes in psychic crush/id insinuation/mental barrier/mind thrust type spells

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Note that mesmic mirror does not list a duration for how long the images persist.

Also, note that since it is unlikely one could activate this after the subject was hit, if the trick only has a 1 round duration, it will become one of those situational, guesswork tricks that ends up not being really useful.

It might worth thinking about modeling tricks after contingent spells of 1st - 3rd level, and masterful tricks after contingent spells of 4th - 6th level. (One could, in fact, create a contigent spell trick/masterful trick that allowed the mesmerist to setup a contigent spell in the subject.)

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

My 4th level mesmerist's tricks: spectral smoke, mesmic mirror, false flanker. Spectral smoke allows for a quick escape when attacked, but can be disruptive to other party members. Mesmic mirror can foil an entire attack, including any poison, life draining, grabbing, etc. effects and is not as disruptive as spectral smoke. Its almost always better than psychosomatic surge, whose temporary hit points will likely only provide a tiny buffer against an attacks damage. False flanker lets the ninja get sneak attack with 2 weapon fighting, and might help the magus land a spell.

Note on false flanker: a careful reading of the trick says that it must be triggered when the subject moves adjacent to an enemy, so technically, if the subject just began its turn adjacent to the enemy, the trick could not be triggered. The subject would have to 5 foot step into another adjacent square or the like. The trick should probably be re-worded so that it can be triggered when the subject moves adjacent to or begins its turn adjacent to an enemy.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

I am just finishing up a Kitsune Mesmerist (4th level) for our group's Wednesday game (with rotating DMs).

I love the concept of the class. I think that the two features that make it unique are the mesmerist's stare/bold stare abilities, and the tricks. The idea of the tricks is the most interesting, and potentially the neatest class feature. I have to say that I have always wanted to run some kind of spell caster that could trigger multiple, contingent magics. However, given the current mechanics for tricks, I will be surprised if I can get them to be very useful.

This current character will get to have 1 person have 1 trick before combat. So, they themselves might get have a momentary mirror image (1 image), or a cloud of illusory smoke, or he might help the ninja get in a sneak attack once.

If you compare these abilities to a bard's, whose spell list is more diverse (having numerous spells that are not mind affecting, like summon monster)

It would be more fun to play if the power were beefed up a bit, perhaps as follows:

1. Tricks remain implanted until the mesmerist regains their spells. This makes situational tricks more useful because they will be active across more diverse circumstances. Vanish arrow, delay misery, gift of will, slip free, reflection of weakness are all highly circumstantial and would be useful only if you could keep them in place across multiple allies during an entire adventuring day.

2. The mesmerist can maintain 1 implanted trick on any one given subject at 1st level, but is not limited in the total number of subjects that they can give their tricks to at once. Later levels allow more tricks per subject to be implanted, instead of more total tricks. Note that at low levels, because the tricks require the mesmerist's immediate action, only 1 trick could be triggered in a round. Also, note that the mesmerist is still limited to Charisma Modifier + 1/2 level tricks.

3. Vanish arrows should work more like snatch arrow -- the arrow just vanishes and appears in the mesmerist's hand after the to hit roll is made and the hit is announced. If the mesmerist succeeds a slight of hand vs. perception, then the attacker doesn't notice their arrow disappearing. Note that guessing who is going to get shot at with an arrow makes this trick hard enough to set up. Adding in having to guess whether the arrow hits makes it relatively useless.

4.Psychic surge (more of just a power boost than a streamlining): Make it 1d6 + level temporary hit points. That is more inline with other powers and spells used by other classes and it will keep this trick useful at higher levels, when characters take large amounts of damage in a round.

5. Delay misery should work against any condition that the mesmerists touch treatment works on. That keeps the trick useful at higher levels, and saves the mesmerist having to take a major trick to do the same thing. It also makes more room in the book for other, more interesting major tricks.

6. For a major trick, there should be one that acts as polymorph/baleful polymorph. Mesmerists in cartoons are always making people act like dogs and the like.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

The aging aspect of it was definitely the big drawback. In 1st edition. Barely anyone took it. Also note that if you were a fighter, you really didn't want to hit old age with its attendant penalties to the physical stats.

If you compare it to a spell like mass cats grace, it should probably by 5th or 6th level. Haste vs. Wall of Force, which to take?

With it as a 3rd level spell, I don't take haste because I have it in a wand.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

A character with the technologist can identify tech items, but what happens when a character without this feat tries to experiment and figure out how one works. For example, suppose a character tries to figure out a laser pistol.

You could try to roleplay this, but its hard because players will bring some background knowledge to the task, and describing the item in a appropriately naive yet sufficiently descriptive manner can be difficult.

I was thinking of an intelligence check and a chart of some kind.

Check Intelligence with DC equal to the craft DC of the item. Retries allowed, and each retry receives a +1 on the check since you know more about how it works as you experiment more.

It would be cool to have a timework glitches like chart to roll on when people fail their checks, but there are so many possibilities. Depending on the item. So, I was thinking of a quick n' easy chart that I could ad lib off of. This is what I came up with off the top of my head. Suggestions welcome!

Fail by 20: horrifically disastrous results. The item is destroyed/you critical yourself and/or allies/all charges are expended

Fail by 15: disastrous results but not horrifically disasterous. Hit multiple allies and self, item is broken, for example

Fail by 10: bad results. Hit self or ally. expend all charges, temporarily break item requiring a check not to fail by 10 or more to fix, etc.

Fail by 5: attempt to hit self or ally, make an appropriate save or skill check (DC 20) to avoid a Fail by 10 result.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Here is one:

The Twin Colossi wait ahead,
turn north they're hot, turn south they're cold,
Oxor who burns, Drohz who chills,
By ones and ones, move slow, steer true,
and heed this verse, or soon be dead,
For each one of both breaths death and kills.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

leo1925 wrote:
Misroi wrote:
Actually, he didn't. The weapon does 1d4 damage, which means it's a Medium light hammer. As a result, Vrilledt's attack bonus is wrong. The actual number is left as an exercise to the reader (I would do it, but I don't have access to my book at the moment).
You are right, i was thinking of the light mace which at medium size has 1d6. Then yes his attack should be +7 instead of +9. I think that i will make the whole party halflings or at least the leader, is there a correlation about the size of the body infected and the number of vegepygmies spawned?

I just assumed the a light warhammer could be wielded by a small creature as a warhammer (martial, 1 handed). Since Vrilldet's has fighter levels, he's proficient with 1 handed martial weapons.

I do that with all sorts of weapons. Small creatures can wield medium short swords as long swords, etc.. It helps players running small PC races use the magic items that they find during an adventure.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

4 people marked this as a favorite.

I like the direction that 5e has gone in. I dislike the little complexities and optimizations in pathfinder-- its distracts from the roleplaying and exploratory aspects of the game. Yes, you can try to just ignore all the little rules, but the way a game goes down at the table does not actually work that way. Rules elicit certain responses from certain players. More gamey, rules mechanic, build and advance a character oriented rules cause many players to focus on those aspects of the game. I like that aspect of the game to a degree, but I am happy to see 5e de-emphasize it a bit.

However, I love Pathfinder for the content. Iron Gods is awesome, for example, and its not the rule mechanics. Techno gadgets that give an opponent a -1 to hit for 1 minute if they fail a DC 12 fortitude save? Who cares. But the fact that the robot was weilding an electrofied neuro-disrupter is cool, regardless of the mechanics.

The monsters in pathfinder are cool. They have lovecraftian horrors, a diverse array of Pleistocene mammals, technological terrors, rat and cat people, alien races, etc..

The adventure paths are awesome. Pirates! Rasputin in a early 20th Russia! Crashed spacecraft and alien races!

So its the content that has me continuing to choose Pathfinder as the game I DM.

The one thing I don't like about 5e is the number of bugs in the players handbook. It seems like it was pushed to release before it was totally ready. Moon druids are way overpowered, for example. Bards are so close to almost being awesome, but while the 5e developers had the insight to make them 9 level spell casters, they didn't seem to have the time to make their spell lists and spell casting mechanic interesting and flavored in a bardic fashion. Little things like that.

But aside from a few bugs, if 5e had the kind of awesome content that pathfinder has, I would switch over.

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fires of creation spoiler:

After the fight in the warehouse with Garmen Ulreth, what happens to silverdisk hall? What with all of the gambling proceeds, it has got to be worth a lot-- more than 4th level characters should have, probably. How have people handled this? My players will definitely clue in to to the potential for the quick accumulation of riches that Garmen's demise creates.

So, is it taken over by an only slightly more scrupulous 2nd in command? Do I let the players try to manage a gambling hall? What have other DMs done?

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What sorts of games of chance are folks using for Silverdisk Hall? I'm trying to think something up that's a little less typical than poker or Twentybone, and wanted to see what y'all had in mind. Thanks!

You beat me to the punch on that one. I've been trying to figure out easy ways for the players to simulate gambling that won't bog down the game if only a couple players want to do so.

Also, how long would y'all say it should take for the smith to make a masterwork weapon (per PC) in exchange for returning the body of Whatshisface? My math using the crafting rules says a 5th level Expert (smith's level unstated) super specked for crafting would take around 5 weeks per weapon. Seems kinda unviable to me. What do you think would be acceptible?

I plan on using actual boardgames as an option - Three Dragon Ante for example or Seven Dragons. Colossal Arena would be perfect for a robot arena.

I figured not all of the PCs would want to go gambling, so I wanted to abstract the gaming. I just had the PCs roll a Profession (gambler) check to see how they did. If I'd thought a bit more about it, I'd actually do something like this:

Each check represents an hour of gaming. You decide the stakes. If your result is under 20, you lose your stakes. If you get between 20 and 25, you end up breaking even. If you get 25 or higher, you actually double your stakes.

Here are the silverdisk hall games I used. They were roulette and slot machines, both games of pure chance with the odds deliberately tilted to the advantage of the house.

Roulette (Spinning Wheel):
Red: 1-40: 1-1
Silver: 41 – 70: 1 – 1 plus 1 silver disk if you bet at least 3 silverdisks
Black: 71 – 90: 3 – 1
Gold: 91 – 100: 5 - 1

Slot Machines (Cachinko Machine):
1 silver disk is placed in a machine.
Roll 3d6: 1=dog, 2=hammer, 3=horse, 4=cauldron, 5=gear, 6=silver coin

3x1: 1 silver disk
3x2: 2 silver disks
3x3: 3 silver disks
3x4: 4 silver disks
3x5: 10 silver disks
3x6: 100 silver disks

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A laser pistol has several advantages over a wheel lock (primitiave pistol):

1. 10 shots.
2. Touch attack at any range increment.
3. Can shoot rapidly, even without the rapid shot feat.

Damage is the same, but the laser pistol does fire damage, and does not effect invisible things.

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Ninja is also a good option for a kitsune. A lot of the ninja tricks can substitute for feats, and you will have a large ki pool. Also, the kitsune tail powers work well with being a ninja.

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If you have the technologist feat, you can identify high (Androffan) tech items my making a knowledge (engineering) roll with a DC equal to the craft DC of the device.

You need to technologist feat to do this. If you don't have that, you can't identify the item.

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Yule 42: android gunslinger with a 'West World' demeanor. Tries to bond with robots.

Singe: ratfolk rogue and hoarder. Seeks to hoard technological artifacts.

Ivan: Dwarf warpriest. He has temporarily turned aside from his quest for vengeance against a one armed drow that sullied the name of his clan in order to help the town of Torch.

Ivan-Ho: Dwarf barbarian, companion to Ivan. He has been rendered very foolish, uncharismatic, and stupid after a fierce blow to the head from a giant. He is like Drax the Destroyer in his inability to understand metaphor, or even simile.

Wolfstrom: Teifling Druid. Hates technology. Has claws.

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I would love the a alien worlds/numerian origins/'pathfinder in spaaaace'/weird planet hopping adventure path.

An alternate universe time travel adventure path, where alternate possible destinies for Golarion are explored would be especially cool. Have the players travel to the universe where the world wound encompasses most of the inner sea region. Then to the universe where cheliax dominates, etc..

I also would buy all of a steampunk/cowboy/wildmagic adventure path that was like the module 'warden's of the reborn forge', but as a full adventure path. It needs rat folk, sky pirates, a cowboy style tavern brawl, and the secret to wild magic-- a locknar style artifact that corrupts and distorts magic that is local to it.

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I once threw in a malfunctioning portal to an alternate early 20th century earth just so that I could run my player's through Reign of Winter's 'Rasuputin Must Die!'

Given a multiverse, malfunctioning portals let you get away with a lot.

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I guess another thing to note about robot hardness is that adamantine weapons bypass it if it is less than 20 (as per the rules for adamantine weapons).

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I would say that lasers are just 1/2 damage (unless they critical) because they are energy attacks. Same with scorching ray. You do not want to use lasers on robots. Use an arc pistol/rifle instead.

If hardness were to be treated as DR/-, wouldn't the developers have given robots DR/- instead?

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I am used to constructs with DR/adamantine, or DR/-, but not constructs with hardness.

Does this work just like an object's hardness, in that it is essentially DR/-, that is doubled against energy damage and ranged weapons that are not siege weapons (or rocket launchers)?

Robots are vulnerable to electricity and critical hits. This normally would mean that they take 150% damage from electricity, and are subject to the special effect described when a critical hit is scored against them. How does this interact with the hardness? I would say that electricity and critical hits bypass the hardness. Do you all think that's correct?

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With more players its good to scale up the number of monsters correspondingly, both because the party will have extra actions to take to deal with the encounter, and also because they will not get enough experience to advance at an appropriate rate since the XP is divided among a larger number of PCs.

With 8 players, you should double the number of creatures in most cases, or apply the simple advanced template where additional numbers doesn't make sense (such as with named NPCs). When you apply the advanced template, make sure to raise the CR, and award experience points for the higher CR encounter.

Its sometimes fun to add a level to some of the NPCs so that they get new powers that you can determine, but that is more work.

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Druid would make sense, as would a straight up cleric (of the demigod that created it).

A ranger would be also work. It would be humorous and ironic if the bear ranger's name was yogi, booboo, or john smith.

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Once there are the theoretical underpinnings for converting mechanical work to electricity, there are a huge number of ways to generate electricity with magic-- golems, unseens servants, skeletons, magical heat generating steam, etc.. But then people will research spells that just strait up generate electricity, and all the clever golem gizmos, and create water/heat metal contraptions will seem superfluous.

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