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miscdebris's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 283 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 3 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Temple Charletan's Improved Familiar is invalid, it can't have the Valet archetype, as Improved Familiars don't get Speak with Animals of Its Kind.

PhD. Okkam wrote:

And on the hunter and occultist will guide, or the guide is already abandoned?

I don't think it's abandoned, this guide was largely outsourced, and no one has stepped up to write those sections.

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Matthew Downie wrote:
Gaurwaith wrote:
102) Your group of level one adventurers falls into a "Pit of 102 Housecats"
Careful - that's 10,200 experience points you're potentially giving them.

So make it a swarm?

Lady-J wrote:
Isonaroc wrote:
River of Sticks wrote:

79. GM: There's a door ahead.

Rogue: I check for Traps. ... Looks like a 34 after bonuses.
GM: You look the door over, but do not FIND any traps. Do you want to open the door?
I usually go with "see" as it's slightly more paranoia inducing.
if you go with see then that opens the player up to asking if they can smell/hear a trap if you say they cant see one

You are not aware of any traps on the <thing>.

Clockwork Familiar (Ex) wrote:

At 6th level, the tinkerer turns her familiar into a clockwork familiar that takes any form she wishes. She must choose which type of item is installed in the clockwork familiar. She gains the clockwork familiar at no cost, as if she were a 7th-level spellcaster with the Improved Familiar feat.

I'd say no to most archetypes due to my emphasis. Emissary and Sage would be ok.

Victor Ravenport wrote:
Imbicatus wrote:
Poison Dusk wrote:
Metamorph Alchemist is #1 for me. Such a cool idea, but should have alchemy returned.

I actually really like Metamorph Alchemist. It can have an insanely high STR bonus, and is a truly martial shapeshifter that I have always wanted. It has a lot of good options, and still can take discoveries. Listing spells and bombs does make it a lower tier than a normal alchemist, but it's a better fighter.

It's likely going to be outclassed by the shapeshifter coming soon, but maybe not. As it is, it's the only character that can "wild shape" from first level.

Hold on, I don't mean to inject into the discussion, but what is this about a shapeshifter coming out soon? What is the source? I have been dying to play a proper shapeshifter, since I looked at the meta-morph, but the mechanical side of things was just a bit too lack-luster for me.

Merely speculation, but from what I've heard it's not a proper shapeshifter, though it's pretty close. Go look at the Ultimate Wilderness product discussion.

AA2 pretty much everyone is getting the remake, huh. ;)

VRMH wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
Introducing the new Armor Modifications Comparison Table!

Very cool, and very useful. But... shouldn't the "masterwork" quality be added too?

(Gotta love people who get something nice, and immediately ask for more, right? Seriously: thanks for the effort!)

((Oh, and what about with or without the armored kilt?))

(((Just kidding, just kidding!)))

Don't forget special materials!


PossibleCabbage wrote:

What exactly is a butcher scything anyway? Particularly aggressive wheat?

"A big ol' axe" is at least something you could use to cut a cow into quarters, I guess.

What is a cow by prepossessed wheat?

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Kaouse wrote:

Quickened Ill Omen + Persistent Blindness/Deafness? Hope you can make 4 consecutive saves, buddy.

Even if the opponent CAN negate it on their turn, Quicken Spell alone makes it worthwhile.

That's my plan for my next feat as my Dual Cursed Oracle. Quicken Ill-Omen followed by one of Waves of Ecstasy, Chains of Light (favorite as they can't take actions until they beat the save), Greater Forbid Action, Serenity, Debilitating Portent, Charitable Impulse, or Reach Bestow Curse.

It occurs to me that I need some non-will save attack spells.

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Ciaran Barnes wrote:
Maybe use the hit die of your favored class?

That is just too simple. I love it.

bitter lily wrote:
NOOOO, everything in PF rounds down. (Except anything where lower is better.) The hit should become the lower one, IMHO, unless the fraction is truly small. Yes, it penalizes multiclassing, which I suppose reflects a bias of mine. But you're ignoring it!

Why I rounded instead of rounded down is the example of Fighter 19 Monk 1. 1d9.9 would be 1d8. If that's the case, there is no point in trying to make this work. I figured 1d8.9 would round down, 1d9 would round up.

bitter lily wrote:
Sorceror 10, Dragon Disciple 9 would be 10d6+9d12. I'm not sure what you intended to type, but let's go with Sorc 10, DD 10, or 10d6+10d12, which averages to 10d9 as you say. It should NOT round up, no, it should be either a d8 & d10 averaged, or a d8. That's a ferocious HD for a caster!

I was calculating something else here. I just missed a spot editing. I was supposed to be Soc10/DD10.

Also, I was trying to avoid averaging dice in play.

bitter lily wrote:

I would argue that it would be easier in play to assume that every HD type above a d8 adds 1 pt/die rolled, while a d6 subtracts 1 pt/die rolled (min. 1/die).

So looking at CMW & single-classed recipients, to keep it easy, it's 2d8 + CL + HD mod. The HD mod is -2 (min. 2) for a d6 full caster, 0 for a d8 partial caster, 2 for a typical martial, and 4 for a barb/DD. What this...

That does simplify things a tad.

Cyrad wrote:
I don't think healing needs to be buffed for martials as it kind of messes with the healing economy a bit. However, it does seem reasonable.

I'm more doing this for the healer to give them more resources when dealing with the barbarian with max con and retrained HPs that just loves to dodge into weapons and spells.

Cyrad wrote:
My biggest issue is that I don't understand why you want to cap the CL based on the target's HD.

I did that because I'm removing the cap on spells like CLW. CLW no longer caps out at 1d8+5. In other words, CLW can do 1d8+20.

Yes, I know the Life Oracle has a revelation that does that. I planned on giving them double CL to it instead.

The HD cap is not really needed, I suppose.

bitter lily wrote:
miscdebris wrote:
Of course, pre-calculate your "healing die" when you level to speed play.
I'm guessing this means "record your hit die, and average if necessary," rather than "pre-calculate an average result on your hit dice," but I would like to be sure.

Yeah, that's what I mean. It really only matters for lots of multi-classing. Wizard 6 Cleric 3 MT 1 Evanglist 10 is 6d6+3d8+1d6+10d8. The average die size would be 7.3, which would become d8. Sorceror 10, Dragon Disciple 9 would be 10d6+10d20. The average die size would be 9, so round that to 1d10.

I imagine that most things would stay 1d8 (Channel would go up to d8) except the full on martials. It does mean that mass healing effects need to be rolled individually though.

I'm trying to boost martial healing a bit. I don't understand how this is less reason to use heal spells?

With spells that heal dice, the dice that are rolled are the average HD of the target, rounded to the nearest die. Cure-like spells on a barb would be xd12+x. Fighter 3 Wizard 3 would be xd8+x. Channel is also affected. Cleric 3 channeling would heal the wizard 2d6 and the barb 2d12. Of course, pre-calculate your "healing die" when you level to speed play.

Spells that have a capped caster level, such as heal, etc, cap at either the HD of the target, or the caster level of the caster, whichever is lower. CLW from cleric 10 healing fighter 7 would heal 1d10+7. CLW from cleric 7 on fighter 10 would do the same. Cleric 18 heal cures fighter 7 70 and fighter 20 200.

I don't know about spells that heal a fixed amount *(infernal healing), but I think they might be fine.


LuniasM wrote:
CRB wrote:
A spell with a casting time of 1 swift action doesn't count against your normal limit of one spell per round. However, you may cast such a spell only once per round.
Based on this text, a player is limited to one spell per turn plus one Quickened spell and can never cast more spells in a turn than that.

What about immediate action spells?

Scenerio: During a turn, I cast Fireball, Quickened Fireball, then move by something with grab, provoking. Can I still cast Liberating Command and then maybe finish my movement?

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Alexander Augunas wrote:
miscdebris wrote:
What is the check for recuperate?

Treating Deadly Wounds is an application of the Heal skill, and it uses the same DC as listed in the CRB. (I think it's like DC 20 to cure deadly wounds, if my memory is correct.)

Heal checks can be done untrained, so you can either put ranks in heal or spend a bucket of extra stamina to give yourself a bonus, depending on how badly you want it to go off. (Since you're only taking 10 minutes to treat yourself, you can do it multiple times if you want.

Ok, that's not too shabby. :) I would like to see "treat deadly wounds" or a DC in there somewhere though, just for clarity.

Treat Deadly Wounds is DC 20, -2 or -4 if you are missing healer's kit charges.

What is the check for recuperate?

Lady-J wrote:
be careful when spreading superstitious as it will cause your allies to need to save vs your own spells

Not to mention that desperately needed healing spell to bring them back up as they will automatically accept the rage when they drop.

Double Weapon Advantage: Can switch to two-handed mode using just end for better power attack and better single attack rounds without expending actions and without dropping anything.
Double Weapon Disadvantage: Yet another feat needed in a combat style already needing too many feats.

Torbyne wrote:
What the heck, is there any new material in the book or is it just a compilation of reprints and errata?

The latter, almost exclusively.

Ravingdork wrote:


More sweeping changes are on their way due to the plethora of new stealth errata released with the recently released Adventurer's Guide. To start, I have updated all of the Lore Warden fighters in my gallery to better match the new version of the archetype:

Enyo Quache (6th-level human daring mercenary)
Macellano Alamander (8th-level human trick fighter)
Manny the Mancatcher (1st-level human bounty hunter)
Taur Thelyn (13th-level human forest warden)

Manny links to Enyo.

Sahansral wrote:
thelemonache wrote:
I think I google search at least once a month to see if this was ever answered. :_(

Same. And it makes me sad and loosing hope in pathfinder. Bard is a core class, a cornerstone of the fantasy genre and yet masterpieces, one of the class' few unique mechanics, is riddled with unclear rulings and unanswered questions for years now.

It's really frustrating, especically when we, the customers are expected to buy new products with new masterpieces included.

Sorry, obviously no native speaker, I wish I could my sentiments in a more elaborate way...

This isn't a bard problem, it's a bardic masterpieces problem. Bard is fine, it's the tacked on masterpieces that are causing the issue.

Fighter Advanced Weapon Training Warrior Spirit. It pretty much grants all of them, and can go up to +7 (Weapon Master, Gloves of Dueling)

Gray Warden wrote:

I suggest starting with Cleric: Alchemy (Artifice) subdomain and Conversion inquisition and proceed with Brewkeeper.

What does the Alchemy domain actually do for the Brewkeeper?

What does the Alchemy domain do for Brewkeeper?

miscdebris wrote:
Scroll down to Switch Blaster. It's a good start.

Edit: Heck, just read the whole thing for a quick overview. Go to N. Jolly's for the bacon.

Scroll down to Switch Blaster. It's a good start.

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trams wrote:
I really love this guide - nobody talks about the Vigilante :(

Isn't that the whole point? I mean, if we talk about it too much, Keyser Soze will get us.

Biffy wrote:

Hi RavingDork :)

i a while back ran the first barbarian build on this page DGWY/edit
i found it to be ridiculously fun but would love to see what you might tweak or even see it as part of your roster in your format.

Fixed the link and made it linkified.

Kurald Galain wrote:
zook1shoe wrote:
Noticed Aasimar was missing from the races, maybe throw in Android?
Well, I'm not going to list every race that has a bonus to the relevant ability scores, since there are too many of those. Neither aasimar nor android appears to have any racial abilities that particularly stand out for a Magus.

Aasimar can also be small without a strength penalty.

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UnArcaneElection wrote:


DATE NOT FOUND; FILE NOT FOUND (DEAD LINK; self-described as Core only): Rogue Eidolon's Guide to Fighters (Core only)

I have this one. It says 2014-06-18, but it's likely older than that. I think that's when I made my copy. I PMed a link to Zenith.

avr wrote:
DM Beckett wrote:
avr wrote:
Starknives can have str, dex, wis or cha to damage fairly easily. The high cost may be due to magic or exotic materials in their construction.
How do you get Wisdom to Damage?
Only once per day, I forgot: Guided Star Combat. Though there was a guided magic weapon property put out by Paizo in the 3.5 days which added wis to attack and damage.

Per character level.

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Lady-J wrote:
PossibleCabbage wrote:

So even though it was my turn to GM next, another person in my group volunteered to run Hell's Rebels (because I guess "Standing up against an evil empire" scratches a specific cathartic itch now), and I really kind of want to build a vigilante (probably an avenger) that uses a whip and spends a lot of time in combat tripping people.

How terrible an idea is this? I don't want AP spoilers, but I want to know if "I'm going to build for tripping" is a terrible idea here.

whats the rest of the party composistion? if there are 2 or more ranged characters or one or more dedicated ranged character tripping would srew them over royaly if the party is entirely melee or has a single none dedicated ranged character go ham with the tripping

A Guide for Trip Builds in Pathfinder

Unless you are fighting humanoids alot, your CMB will fall behind without help. Dirty Fighting will help, as will Fury's Fall. A Dueling (PSFG) Leveraging Whip with the best enhancement bonus you can get will help a great deal. Also look at a Dusty Rose (normal or cracked) Ioun Stone in a wayfinder. You may also want Combat Stamina and Agile Maneuvers so you can trip larger things sometimes.

I have a Fighter 18 /Maneuver Master Monk 2 that will hit CMB 72 on trips before flanking and buffs, and trip any size opponent. An Avenger Vigilante 20 should be able to get close to that, say, 67. Of course, that is going to eat many if your feats (9-ish). You can get 4 of those as vigilante talents.

Given this is a "We hate maneuvers" thread, if you want to know more, make a new thread, and I'll post the builds.

I've got all the guides in there. It makes saving lost ones easier (I back up my google drive nightly) and searching for "that one thing I remembered reading somewhere that one time 2 years go but I don't remember which guide it was in" very easy. I also download and PDF guides I find on websites.

UnArcaneElection wrote:
I wonder if we can get some community involvement in this: It would be useful to put dates on the guides linked from the Guide to the Guides. This will go faster if more eyes are on the job, and some people might be able to find things that others can't.

Just remember, this is going to add quite a bit of checking and rechecking. It's better to add the date last edited to the beginning of the guide itself as it will save quite a bit of work.

Also, those guides that are in google docs are easy to check the dates on if you add them to your own drive.

Snowlilly wrote:
derpdidruid wrote:

He meant that you use your kineticist defensive talent to get temp HP, use life link on that, wait for more temp HP, repeat.

still doesn't work though, because for life link to work you need to take at least 5 damage. so you can never get a net positive from it.

Neither Life Link nor temp hit points work vs. burn. Damage from burn cannot be redirected or reduced.

Markov Spiked Chain isn't talking about burn. MSC is talking about healing someone else with life link using the temp HPs from force ward to soak the damage.

Except those spells that are multi-round, like Lesser Restoration.

ugh, I think I found it. There is no concentration check.

d20srd casting time wrote:
A spell that takes 1 round to cast is a full-round action. It comes into effect just before the beginning of your turn in the round after you began casting the spell. You then act normally after the spell is completed.
d20srd life link wrote:
As a standard action, you may create a bond between yourself and another creature. Each round at the start of your turn, if the bonded creature is wounded for 5 or more hit points below its maximum hit points, it heals 5 hit points and you take 5 hit points of damage. You may have one bond active per oracle level. This bond continues until the bonded creature dies, you die, the distance between you and the other creature exceeds medium range, or you end it as an immediate action (if you have multiple bonds active, you may end as many as you want as part of the same immediate action).

Lets say I am a Life Oracle with the Life Link Revelation. I have a link to someone with 10 damage. I am casting a summoning spell (1 round casting time).

Do I need to make a concentration check when the life link damage comes in, or do I complete the summoning spell first?

Assuming I need to make the concentration check, if I have multiple life links up with people that have more than 5 damage, so I make the concentration checks individually, or do I total it and make just one?

Tarik Blackhands wrote:
miscdebris wrote:
Why is it that we tell the casters to expend resources getting better at applying conditions and controlling the battlefield instead of doing damage, while we tell the martials just the opposite?

Generally because there's a difference in effectiveness between tripping a monster and blinding/stunning/nauseating/dazing one.

Combat maneuvers don't end fights by and large. Suck/Saves do.

Maneuvers can also apply many of those same conditions.

Why is it that we tell the casters to expend resources getting better at applying conditions and controlling the battlefield instead of doing damage, while we tell the martials just the opposite?

yapcg and pcgen.

avr wrote:
Trekkie90909 wrote:
At levels 10+ assume a CMD of at least 50. If your CMB is at least 40, why not, except you can't use most combat maneuvers anyways because they're too big/you're too small. So basically combat maneuvers are a poorly designed subsystem which is a trap option.
Check out the statistics here. The median CR 10 CMD is actually 32. Of course, if your GM likes big brutes more than casters that may skew your perceptions.

Incidently, the numbers for CMD in that sheet are a little high at some levels. I did the math. The average CMD for level 12 is 32, not 34.

Why I like Combat Maneuvers.

Full Attacking is boring to me. As a full attacking damage dealer, my decisions are as follows.

Can I full attack a bad guy?
Yes - Decide which to attack if potions are available, Decide 5 ft step, Decide power attack, Full attack, decide 5 ft step
No - Decide next victim, Move into position attempting to flank, Decide power attack, Attack once.

Maneuver Monkeys are interesting to me. Yes, I know they have a large investment, especially with a whip (my prefered weapon).

Lore Warden Martial Master Maneuver Monkey decisions
Is anyone nearby that can suffer from conditions that I can currently apply that currently isn't suffering from them?
Yes - Apply said conditions
No - Decide if more conditions are needed and pick up those feats, otherwise do the full attack damage option.

Snowlilly wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
Or toughness, and live through first level AND have all the skillpoints.

Or, if you happen to have feats to burn (fighter), take Toughness, Fast Learner, and Cunning.

None of the feats are mutually exclusive.

Don't forget Spirit Ridden. Wandering Class Skill with HD skill points.

graystone wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
Go for all of the above, and just have oodles of hit points and skill ranks. :D

A human Monk of the Sacred Mountain can manage all of them at 2nd. Or be a dwarf (any class) and wait till 3rd. ;)

EDIT: I'm more a fan of the smart dumb guy.
Reflexive Improvisation, untrained skill checks [+2 racial]
Improvisation , untrained skill checks [+2]
Improved Improvisation , untrained skill checks [+2]
Evangelist: Multitude of Talents, untrained skill checks [+4 profane/sacred]
Total: + 10 untrained skill checks.

Just toss your actual skill points in trained only skills and you're golden! ;)

I have a half-elf fighter/bard VMC going this route with Divine fighting style (Desna) with a dip in Lore Oracle. Dumb as a post (7 int), but very pretty (20 starting cha). Cha to attack, damage, init, ac, ref, some will, knowledge checks, acrobatics, and fly. So his knowledge checks at 13 (his current level) are at 10 (above stuff) + 6 (bardic knowledge) + 8 (cha) = 24 without a single rank.

Hell, with this, I really need to think if I want to put any ranks in things. 1 rank will drop the skill check by 6/9, so it better be worth it.

Also, Kineticists can get familiars via Elemental Whispers and Greater Elemental Whispers.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Also, Hand’s Detachment, the Best Mauler Familiar, ever.

Don't forget the Companion Figurine and Wasp Familiar feats as ways to get a familiar.

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