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miscdebris's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 247 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 3 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Snowlilly wrote:
derpdidruid wrote:

He meant that you use your kineticist defensive talent to get temp HP, use life link on that, wait for more temp HP, repeat.

still doesn't work though, because for life link to work you need to take at least 5 damage. so you can never get a net positive from it.

Neither Life Link nor temp hit points work vs. burn. Damage from burn cannot be redirected or reduced.

Markov Spiked Chain isn't talking about burn. MSC is talking about healing someone else with life link using the temp HPs from force ward to soak the damage.

Except those spells that are multi-round, like Lesser Restoration.

ugh, I think I found it. There is no concentration check.

d20srd casting time wrote:
A spell that takes 1 round to cast is a full-round action. It comes into effect just before the beginning of your turn in the round after you began casting the spell. You then act normally after the spell is completed.
d20srd life link wrote:
As a standard action, you may create a bond between yourself and another creature. Each round at the start of your turn, if the bonded creature is wounded for 5 or more hit points below its maximum hit points, it heals 5 hit points and you take 5 hit points of damage. You may have one bond active per oracle level. This bond continues until the bonded creature dies, you die, the distance between you and the other creature exceeds medium range, or you end it as an immediate action (if you have multiple bonds active, you may end as many as you want as part of the same immediate action).

Lets say I am a Life Oracle with the Life Link Revelation. I have a link to someone with 10 damage. I am casting a summoning spell (1 round casting time).

Do I need to make a concentration check when the life link damage comes in, or do I complete the summoning spell first?

Assuming I need to make the concentration check, if I have multiple life links up with people that have more than 5 damage, so I make the concentration checks individually, or do I total it and make just one?

Tarik Blackhands wrote:
miscdebris wrote:
Why is it that we tell the casters to expend resources getting better at applying conditions and controlling the battlefield instead of doing damage, while we tell the martials just the opposite?

Generally because there's a difference in effectiveness between tripping a monster and blinding/stunning/nauseating/dazing one.

Combat maneuvers don't end fights by and large. Suck/Saves do.

Maneuvers can also apply many of those same conditions.

Why is it that we tell the casters to expend resources getting better at applying conditions and controlling the battlefield instead of doing damage, while we tell the martials just the opposite?

yapcg and pcgen.

avr wrote:
Trekkie90909 wrote:
At levels 10+ assume a CMD of at least 50. If your CMB is at least 40, why not, except you can't use most combat maneuvers anyways because they're too big/you're too small. So basically combat maneuvers are a poorly designed subsystem which is a trap option.
Check out the statistics here. The median CR 10 CMD is actually 32. Of course, if your GM likes big brutes more than casters that may skew your perceptions.

Incidently, the numbers for CMD in that sheet are a little high at some levels. I did the math. The average CMD for level 12 is 32, not 34.

Why I like Combat Maneuvers.

Full Attacking is boring to me. As a full attacking damage dealer, my decisions are as follows.

Can I full attack a bad guy?
Yes - Decide which to attack if potions are available, Decide 5 ft step, Decide power attack, Full attack, decide 5 ft step
No - Decide next victim, Move into position attempting to flank, Decide power attack, Attack once.

Maneuver Monkeys are interesting to me. Yes, I know they have a large investment, especially with a whip (my prefered weapon).

Lore Warden Martial Master Maneuver Monkey decisions
Is anyone nearby that can suffer from conditions that I can currently apply that currently isn't suffering from them?
Yes - Apply said conditions
No - Decide if more conditions are needed and pick up those feats, otherwise do the full attack damage option.

Snowlilly wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
Or toughness, and live through first level AND have all the skillpoints.

Or, if you happen to have feats to burn (fighter), take Toughness, Fast Learner, and Cunning.

None of the feats are mutually exclusive.

Don't forget Spirit Ridden. Wandering Class Skill with HD skill points.

graystone wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
Go for all of the above, and just have oodles of hit points and skill ranks. :D

A human Monk of the Sacred Mountain can manage all of them at 2nd. Or be a dwarf (any class) and wait till 3rd. ;)

EDIT: I'm more a fan of the smart dumb guy.
Reflexive Improvisation, untrained skill checks [+2 racial]
Improvisation , untrained skill checks [+2]
Improved Improvisation , untrained skill checks [+2]
Evangelist: Multitude of Talents, untrained skill checks [+4 profane/sacred]
Total: + 10 untrained skill checks.

Just toss your actual skill points in trained only skills and you're golden! ;)

I have a half-elf fighter/bard VMC going this route with Divine fighting style (Desna) with a dip in Lore Oracle. Dumb as a post (7 int), but very pretty (20 starting cha). Cha to attack, damage, init, ac, ref, some will, knowledge checks, acrobatics, and fly. So his knowledge checks at 13 (his current level) are at 10 (above stuff) + 6 (bardic knowledge) + 8 (cha) = 24 without a single rank.

Hell, with this, I really need to think if I want to put any ranks in things. 1 rank will drop the skill check by 6/9, so it better be worth it.

Also, Kineticists can get familiars via Elemental Whispers and Greater Elemental Whispers.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Also, Hand’s Detachment, the Best Mauler Familiar, ever.

Don't forget the Companion Figurine and Wasp Familiar feats as ways to get a familiar.

Or, take it with the Nemesis feat, and get all three.

You'll need to edit permissions on this so we can see it.

Squiggit wrote:

Reach weapon doubles your reach, so enlarge + reach alone would get you a 20 foot reach. Long Arm, Abnormal and Lunge bump that up to 35 feet.

Swap the reach weapon for a whip (and improved whip mastery) and it bumps your giant killer range down to 30 feet but your regular cleave range up to 45.

Still run into the issue of struggling to find encounters with enough enemies to leverage all of that though.

Weapon Trick (Two Handed) lets you (regular/improved) vital strike when you cleave, so you can actually do some damage if you have a weapon with some good dice.

Play a dwarf warpriest with the cleave and vital strike feats with a level of titan fighter, and you can get to 18d6+(stats/magic/buffs/stuff) damage per cleave.

Full attack still wins, but you can move, and/or ready an action for it.

If you can get flyby attack in there, it becomes pretty nifty.

Wizard Guide wrote:
Managing limited spells. The Arcanist does not have as many spells per day as a Wizard and a delayed progression too; but he doesn’t have as many spells per day as a Sorcerer either.

Maybe this is a copy and paste error? Arcanist?

Well, that archetype is now Terrible.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

Shared Skill replaces Spirit Magic, the thing that grants you the extra spell slots to cast those spirit spells.

So without having the Waves spirit with Fluid Magic, a Flame Spirit Shaman can't ever cast fireball.

Am I missing something?

ChibiNyan wrote:
Even if getting that benefit for free, would it be worth getting Ascetic Form? I can think of getting Stunning Fist with the claws, but what else would I wanna get from it?


Derklord wrote:
Not a problem for a Monk, take off one hand from the bow as a free action at the end of your turn, threaten with unarmed strike off turn, re-grab the bow as a free action at the start of your next turn.

You also threaten with knees, elbows, feet, foreheads, face, ears, butt, and shoulders even while holding the bow in two hands.

Ssalarn wrote:
It's current placement at level 2 was intended to kind of mirror Versatile Performance and keep the blacksmith's progression smooth, but I'll see if I can't smooth that out with a retraining option or swapping something else a bit.

Please please put in the retraining option. Bard is the only class I know of that doesn't let you do that. Even Bard VMC does, as does Fighter AAT and AWT.

Chess Pwn wrote:
You can't flank with a ranged weapon per faq.

Can you link that?

I know about the Heal Skill unlock, and the Psychic Healing feat. They only collectively work once per day. I'm trying to increase that number without needing to take caster levels.

I know about the Medicine domain lets me do it faster and the Healing Hands revelation lets me affect more than one target. What I would like is how to get them both without Cleric or Oracle levels. I believe I can VMC to get one or the other (Cleric or Oracle). Can I UMD a Ring of Revelation to make it work w/o Oracle levels or VMC?

Believer's Boon lets me use the Medicine domain power once per day. That's not enough.

Battlefield Surgeon lets me use treat deadly wounds a second time on a person, but the deity is rather unpleasant.

The Runeguard Generosity rune lets me treat deadly wounds PrC levels/day, but again, caster levels.

Zwordsman wrote:

As it turns out life oracle's healing hands revalation is the best of the best. (thanks for the mention Cavall)

Seems like it lets you do two and as a standard action.
That comboed with the other makes for some great non magical healing..
but at that point you're an oracle anyway. Not so good for the concept.

So let me ask~
Anyone know of a way to get a revelation on someone who isnt' an oracle?
vaarient multiclassing is theo nly one that occurs to me sadly.

How does the Life Mystery allow treating deadly wounds as a standard action?

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Air0r wrote:
sadie wrote:

mekka2000 wrote:
What would be PERFECT should be a sheet for Spheres of power things. Not a new character sheet for each classe, but at least 1 sheet where you can put your spheres, your talents, caster level, spell pool, ...
Vote for Spheres of Power has been noted. I do actually keep a big list of all the stuff people ask for most often, even if I only work my way through the list slowly.
you can go ahead and put in a vote from me as well then.

And me, as well.

Milo v3 wrote:
My 15th level playtest vanara sage build & 15th level ifrit striker (Yang) build. (still slightly disappointed with the lack of a fast motorbike options in PF)

Wow, that's some small font.

Rosc wrote:
Will update Thrower build later once I can remember the magic item that allows it to not need to buy a dozen +1 Daggers.

Blinkback Belt or Sharding

How can I help. Seriously.

thornnm wrote:
Chess Pwn wrote:
You can get a mount as if a ranger with 2 feats, and full progression with 3. A bit easier to manage with a WP since they get bonus feats.

That would actually be a fairly solid idea. Thank you! I know about Nature Soul and Animal Ally, but what is the third feat you mentioned?

Boon Companion

It would really help to hear someone say "Hey, we're working on it."

Edit: Or even better, "Here's the problem we're having, ..."

Please please please make a tinkery and/or engineery archetype for the Blacksmith!

So what could we do with that?

Cult of Vorg wrote:
Fate's Favored instead of tattoo or irrepressible? You could use divine favor for +4, and just trot out divine power for the higher bonuses for the important fights.

I actually have 4 traits available. With only 2, getting important will saves moved to my main stat seems more important than +1 hit and damage. I'd take Fate's Favored 3rd, and something kingmakery for the 4th.

Cult of Vorg wrote:
And/or you could do the adopted - enlightened warrior trick to be NG, and get the far strike monk 2 level goodies while still in alignment range for Desnatic combat. Haven't checked trait categories, don't know if all 4 traits are compatible.

I have to be CG to do Divine Fighting Technique, Desna.

Divine Fighting Technique @ Archive of Nethys, emphasis mine wrote:

Prerequisites: Same alignment as chosen deity.

Benefit: Select a deity. You can use that deity’s fighting technique and receive any benefit for which you qualify, as described in the Divine Fighting Techniques section below.

Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Each time you take this feat, it applies to a new deity’s divine fighting technique.

Cult of Vorg wrote:
As long as you can do both of the above, Far Strike 2, Flying Blade 5, Arsenal Chaplain 6+.. slightly less luck bonuses, but improved critical, more untyped attack k/damage, extra range, get combat reflexes for a good melee defense.

I don't think Combat Reflexes is all that useful as I don't need dex for anything else, except some skills. That looks pretty good for a dex focused build though. I may end up with that instead.

All I need, stat wise, is 10-ish Str to carry my stuff, 13 Dex for prereqs, 14-ish Con not to die, enough Int for my desired skills, 10 wis so no penalty, and all the Cha I can cram in there. So 20 pt buy: 10/13/10/10/10/18 and 25 would be 10/13/14/10/10/18

That said, is going all in on Cha not worth it?

Wow, ok then. That's a lot of pain there. Thanks for getting back to me.

Keep up the good work, here or in the grad program. :)

N. Jolly wrote:
Chess Pwn wrote:

The guide author has commented that he's basically needing to abandon his guides. He had like 10 guides, and was planning on keeping most up to date, but he's said his life changed to lower the time he can spend on guides.

In other words, unless someone asks and is granted permission to take over the guide, it's not going to be updated.
This is true; due to the freelance projects I've taken on (check them all out in my profile :D), I can't continue to update my guides, but I am willing to give them to someone who would like to update them if at all possible. I'd rather people keep adding to something that others use, and anyone who wishes to do so can feel free to PM me or email me about it.

You do sleep sometimes, right?

Zabraxis wrote:

No idea why it's not on PFSRD or Nethys but the Tinkerer Alchemist from Inner Sea Intrigue is a nice archetype for a familiar build...

** spoiler omitted **

Sadly it gives up Mutagen & can't take it as a Discovery. Slap Mauler on the Clockwork Spy/Familiar and you've got a solid melee familiar you can share infusions with. A nice flying mount for a small character as well.

Also, you can't mauler this because it counts as Improved Familiar, which doesn't get speak with animals of it's kind.

That doens't really work with Charisma though. Divine Fighting Technique (Desna) grants Cha to hit and damage, and requires CG alignment and warship of Desna.

The +5 weapon is from Advanced Weapon Training (Warrior Spirit).

Was Freehand Training meant to add the whole fighter level to damage?

1d4 + 5 weapon + 9 cha + 4 weapon training + 1 point blank + 8 deadly aim + 6 startoss style + 12 Freehand Training = 1d4 + 45

At level 12 with a +1 starknife, warrior spirit, point blank shot, deadly aim, 3 startoss feats, and Freehand training.

Does the swash get enough feats to make this work? I can take leadership and get a healer, really...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Aiming for level 13 with continued progression to 18.

Traits: Irrepressible, Varisian Tattoo
Feats: Extra Revelation (Lore (Lorekeeper)), Noble Scion (War), weapon focus (starknife), Divine Fighting Technique (Desna), Quickdraw, Point Blank, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Startoss Style, Startoss Comet, Startoss Shower, Deadly Aim, Far Shot
Lore Oracle 1 w/ Sidestep Secret

I don't know after that. I would like Bard or Bard VMC for Versatile Performance (Dance) and Bardic Knowledge.

That would give me Cha to hit, damage, all reflex, important will, knowledge checks (with bardic knowledge), and Acrobatics/Fly.

12+ feats and VMC means Fighter or Warpriest. I'll favor Warpriest as i am replacing a life oracle. Also, Antihero.

Attack should be 9 bab + 9 cha + 4 weapon training + 5 weapon + 2 bardsong + 1 point blank - 3 deadly aim + 1 weapon focus for 26/26/21 attack.

Damage should be 1d6 + 5 weapon + 9 cha + 4 weapon training + 2 bardsong + 1 point blank + 6 deadly aim + 6 startoss style for + 3 for divine power = 1d6 + 33

Blinkback Belt, Cha Headband, and Dueling Gloves Assumed.

Thoughts on how I can do it better?

Alecak wrote:

If the Skald has a 10 STR then you would be correct. Skalds Vigor dos not just give Fast healing = to the rage bonus to STR, it gives Fast healing for the STR mod the skald currently has.

Str 16 inspire rage gives +2 so STR 18 would give the Skald 4 fast healing


d20srd wrote:

Skald's Vigor

Your song and your enthusiasm combine to invigorate you in battle.

Prerequisite(s): Raging song class feature.

Benefit: While maintaining a raging song, you gain fast healing equal to the Strength bonus your song provides, starting in the round after you begin the song. If you stop maintaining your song, the fast healing ends, even if the effects of your song persist.

Emphasis mine.

Ssalarn wrote:
miscdebris wrote:
Please keep size related things relative, as in "one size larger than you or larger" instead of "large or larger"
I think that we mostly have, though there's 4 designers working on a lot of material so it's not impossible something could squeak through and make it out into a preview or playtest product. Was this based on something you noticed in the preview document, or just a general admonition?

That was me noticing that you are doing that, and me asking that you keep doing that.

It's a petpeeve of mine in Pathfinder.

Please keep size related things relative, as in "one size larger than you or larger" instead of "large or larger"

Chess Pwn wrote:
I don't think positive energy rays are healing unless they say they are healing.


Everyman Unchained - Monk Archetypes has a pretty good version of it.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I downloaded it a while ago. April 6th or so.

Go to

Might I suggest the second AoO be with a -5 penalty, like this?

Fortuitous Weapon Enhancement

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