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michael leger's page

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Nice Idea, Lacks good use

**( )( )( )

I recently ordered a package from Paizo, and received one of these booster packs free. I enjoyed the gift.

After spending some time reviewing what these cards where and talking to my fellow players, we agreed that in fact it would add to much work to be used as treasure, and to much to store all these cards with their character sheet. a itme takes up 1 line of text on a character sheet. As opposed to a card.

We considered the idea of using it to determine random treasure, but then realized that we would need enough cards(duplicates) to match the possibilities in the DMG.

Like i said, i like the idea, i just cannot find it useful.

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Can't go wrong for $2

***( )( )

Great for any island adventure. My recommendations is to use this if the players ever get lost on an island and need to explore around. its kind of a small island really.

Can't beat the price, must have in any DM's arsenal.

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Absolootly Excellent


Loved it, if your using ships in a adventure this is the one to go with. We conducted a 3 ship battle using these. Works great in B&W

I would have liked to see items that could be printed along with the ship such as cannons

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