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mercurio007's page

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Thanks for your helpfull proposals and advice!

I'm gonna get back to the drawing Board and see if I have any questions left, regarding fest Selektion and so on.

@Ken: the shadow Mystery can be found behind the link in my First Post...

Hi Guys,

thanks for your opinieon on this topic.

@Hayato Ken: Nice breakdown of the Fetchling racial options. I know fetchling might not be overall the perfect joice for this kind of build, but I really liked the flavor of this race and had my character background story based on this race, so I'm defnititly gonna take Fetchling as race.

As far as oracles curse, I thought about haunted. The half progression hurts, but I think the genreal benefits of the oracle class are superior to those of the sorcerer, for multiclassing purposes.

Pendagast mentioned the clouded vision, and I think he has a valuable point, but in my oppinieon this really cripples the benefits of the fetchling race, as Darkvision and Lowlight Vision both are racial traits.

The Starting Level for this character would be level 5, so the feat composition would not be that important (up to level 5 of course ;-)

As far as the ammuntion problem is consernd, I think the blinkback belt from UE is gonna be my first priority, because with this belt, I will never run out of ammunition, and the shuriken enchantments are gonne cost a reasonable price.

The flames mystery seems also to be a good choice for any ninja, but I actually don't really get the idea of a sneaky ninja with flames mystery together in my head. From a flavor point of view, I think this is not a perfect fit.

My DM lets me take the shadow mystery I mentioned earlyer in this topic, and I actually thought that it would be pretty cool.

What do you think about this 3rd party mystery? Balanced and a good choice or crappy compared to the core stuff?

@That seems to be a decent approach, I think.

Ninja might be slightly better than Rogue, because of the flurry of stars trick. With TWF you can launch up to 4 Shuriken through the mist with a full attack, which alle would do SA-Damage.
A real setback would be the heavy penalties applied on that kind of attack. Any suggestions on how to compensate for the lost BAB and over all low to-hit chance of a Ninja/Oracle Build?

Yeah this would definitly be great!

@Hayato: Sylph seems to be a pretty good choice for a ninja, but to be honest I don't really think that this race fits properly to the ninja background.

Another point of interest is, whether I should build an oracle with a ninja dip or vice versa. A true multiclass character might also be possible, but I think this might cause problems in higher level settings.

What do you think?

We are just at the beginning of the second book, we founded our kingdom just a session ago.

So if you say you had a similar concept in mind, would you care to go into detail a little more?

What mystery would you chose? Any proposals on feat selection for the fist few levels?

Hi Folks,

we are currently playing the Kingmaker AP and unfortunately last session my character died when fighting a giant plant creature.

So I've decided to build a new character, based on the oracle third party shadow mystery ( stery-shadows).

My idea was, to build a Fetchling Ninja / Oracle Character since I find the concept pretty flavorful, but since the kingmaker AP is my first pathfinder experience, any advise on feat selection and level advancement would really be appreciated.

I was playing with the idea to use a ninja dip to take the flurry of stars ninja trick and build a ranged sneak attacker, who relies on the oracle spells to trigger sneak attack, but to be honest I have no idea, whether this is a valuable concept.

So thanks in advance for anyone who tries to hep me out ;-)

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