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Cadimus Adella

mcintma's page

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The Aging Trumpet wrote:
It says this is answered in faq, anyone know how i can find the answer there ?

Q: I was trying to stat up a horse animal companion when I realized under druid animal companions, the advanced horse section says special ability: war trained (see Bestiary). I looked, but did not see anything. What exactly is this referring to in the bestiary?

A: (James Jacobs 11/25/09) War trained is actually detailed under the description of the Handle Animal skill. Of course, there it's called "Combat Training. " It's one of the "general purpose" trainings you can give an animal. Horses in particular gain a special benefit once they're combat trained-their hooves are from that point treated as primary weapons, not secondary ones. [Source]

DM Beckett wrote:
Orthos wrote:
He might mean more that PF's CMB/CMD mechanic streamlined the way Combat Maneuvers work, so we don't have incidents of stopping the game for an hour to look up how Grapple rules work and similar situations.

I know, why do that when you can spend 2 hours doing it in PF.

Hence the complaints.


Superdupersecretstuff: Grapple is not really that complicated. It was just less so in 3.5 than it is now. :)

** spoiler omitted **

Not my experience, from a decade of 3.x + PF as DM/player. CMB/CMD system easier for us to run- which is not a comment on more/less powerful for PCs. But yes there are some cut/paste inconsistencies.

Orthos wrote:
He might mean more that PF's CMB/CMD mechanic streamlined the way Combat Maneuvers work, so we don't have incidents of stopping the game for an hour to look up how Grapple rules work and similar situations.

This ;)

(All IMO and IME!)
PF improves on Combat Maneuvers markedly over 3.5e
PF improves skills and 'skill-purchasing' markedly over 3.5e
PF has improved on monster statblock & organization

Unfortunately, the same problems that bog 3.x after about 12th level remain. That level of play can be very complex to run.

And here's where PF made things worse IME: too many feats (every 2nd instead of every 3rd level), too many added powers for all classes. By ~12th most PC classes are running so many 'special power subsystems' (rage powers, rogue talents, bloodline powers, arcane school powers, etc.) that there are no 'simple classes' for casual gamers or laymen or newbs.

We're hitting long combats now due to all the buffing/stacking/tracking and so on.

PF is a great game, but I'd love to see a lighter take on PF for all-levels (i.e. not just the Beginner Box).

R_Chance wrote:

Weakening the Mage is a reaction to the Wizard being, in most peoples opinions, the most powerful class in the game in 3.x (and previous editions). As for simplicity for Fighters, DDN is simpler than 3.x. At this stage (playtest) it's hard to say what will be in the basic game and what will be optional as well.

I fully agree they're reacting to the LFQW thing (setting aside whether I agree with it or not), I just think they went too far is all.

You raise a good point that optional rules may be in this packet - I'll hope for that 'simple' (powerful, but simple to play) Ftr in basic with 'complex' Ftr subclass options.

The latest 5e packet isn't bad. But IMO they made fighters too complex* (and maybe too powerful) while weakening Mage (Wizard) further by going to 8 + Int + Proficiency Save DC instead of the prev 10 + same.

Taking a 1st level PF Wiz with Int 17 casting Color Spray against a Wis 10 Fighter, the fighter has a +0 vs. a save DC of 14 so needs a 14 roll.

In Next that DC is 12 assuming implement in hand, so Fighter needs a 12 roll.

When you consider 5e Mage has less spells and the spells themselves are weaker, and you add weaker saves ... I just think Mage needs help.

*I like a base fighter option in the game for newbs and casuals, IMO they should save the 'complex fighter' option for a Fighter subclass

Some great suggestions here. One I have not seen, that is a real problem IMO is the profusion of class powers and complexity, made worse in pf with school powers, bloodline powers, rage powers, more feats for all, etc. Reducing these will not be popular with players but IMO is necessary, as interactions and stack-ons involving these powers can be weird, and as a DM building monsters or npcs with class levels gets to insane stat blocks at higher level.

I can handle wizard complexity as an exception (though id get rid of school powers) but when every class has to approach that complexity with all their powers, animal comps, archetypes, etc its too much IMO.

IMO Paizo should release Pathfinder Basic. The Beginner Box extrapolated through to 20th level, more or less. Essentially Red box Basic + Expert + Master (IIRC?) but in one hardcover.

Compete on D&DN's selling card of simplicity and elegance, which the 3e/PF chassis CAN do if pared down properly. They need only release one hardcover book - if it finds traction continue on, otherwise little harm done.

The speeds are wrong on many of the barbarians, including the iconic Amiri. Many of them wear Medium armor yet still have 40ft speed. Page 22-23, 276 for example.

Can the game be played solo?


1 person marked this as a favorite.

I also think the "LFtr/QWiz, Angel Summoner" crowd has taken things way too far in the last 5+ years, the net effect of which (IMO) damaged D&D by bringing on the 4e knee-jerk.

Here's the thing: wizard spells always look meaner on paper than they actually play. Saves, SR, ER, immunities, allies in the area of effect, concentration checks, bad rolls, etc. All these contribute to making spells (IME) rarely being as nasty in the fog of war as on paper.

I am saddened to say that the 5e Wiz looks like a win for the LF/QW side. Spells look weak, already, on-paper. Spells don't scale. Saves look easier. Less spell slots. Scrolls aren't as good. Mirror image has 2 images. Etc. Yet Wiz still gets d4 HD, no armor, and still has a spellbook to worry about. Basically, the weaknesses of 1e with the spells markedly scaled back. At-will cantrips does not make up for this ;)

Now, this is a cursory examination of an early test, but the philosophy of Wiz nerf-batting seems ingrained (the reason for Monte's departure?). This 5e is sure making me appreciate PF more every day ;)

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