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Belkar Bitterleaf

mbauers's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 542 posts (4,725 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 21 aliases.


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So, I'm GMing my first PFS scenario right now. When I report the event, do I have to include my character that I want to apply the GM credit to? Or after I report the event, does a new option become available to apply the GM credit?

So I'm GMing this in PbP now and I'm new to GMing in PFS--when I apply the credit to my character, do I get all of the boons and items regardless of what the players get? I'm especially wondering because of the nature of room B4 and how they only get two items and I'm supposed to cross off all of the other items. thanks!

Steven_Evil wrote:
Kyshkumen wrote:
I did not see anything that raised a red flag. If monk is your favored class for the character you can still add the +1 hp or +1 skill point.
Thanks! I had thought I had it all correct, I just wanted to be sure before I applied for a game and had something wrong. His favored class is ninja, since he's only taking four levels of MoMS to set up his style feats. Ninja tricks will help fill it out the rest if the way, and monastic legacy will be great. If it works right, he should be a pretty decent skilled character with good combat ability.

Just so you know, in PFS before you hit level 2 you can rebuild anything you want with no penalty. So you can make your favored class Monk for the extra HP or skill point for your first 3 scenarios, then change it to ninja right before you hit level 2.

I mean, you actually could make him a barbarian for all of level 1 and then switch, if you want to. :-)

Rikkan wrote:

2: splash only. Swarms are immune to single target target effects.

So you're saying if I throw a flask of alchemist fire at the ground next to a swarm it deals 1 damage. But if I bullseye the vial into the center of the swarm it explodes there for...1 damage.

That seems wrong.

Cool, thanks!

So it seems this will work because it's not targeting a specific number of creatures. The question I have, is if the swarm fails its saving throw--what HD number do I use? The swarm itself has 3 HD, but the individual creatures in the swarm are less than that.

How would Color spray affect a 3 HD snake swarm?

I have a question and figured someone here would know the answer--suppose I am GMing a PBP scenario while playing a scenario online with my character (which I want to apply the GM credit to).

If the GMing scenario finishes first, can I still apply that credit to my character when his scenario is done, assuming he lives of course?

I am also thinking of trying my first PbP GMing as well. I'm looking at the Confirmation. Getting GMs as players sounds like a good idea.

I've been working on a daredevil, but now I kind of want to do a bloodrager (primalist/rageshaper)/ Samurai (sword saint) Wolverine. Make his "embedded" magical item his adamantium claws.

I would think that the entire thing counts as a single attack (that requires multiple rolls) for other purposes.

Also, I had intended to post this in the rules forum, not advice. Whoops.

Actually, pummeling style is multiple attack rolls.

As a full-round action, you can pool all your attack potential in one devastating punch. Make a number of rolls equal to the number of attacks you can make with a full attack or a flurry of blows (your choice) with the normal attack bonus for each attack. For each roll that is a hit, you deal the normal amount of damage, adding it to any damage the attack has already dealt from previous rolls (if any). If any of the attack rolls are critical threats, make one confirmation roll for the entire attack at your highest base attack bonus. If it succeeds, the entire attack is a confirmed critical hit. You can only use Pummeling Style with unarmed strikes (see errata at right).

And true strike affects a single attack roll, which is why I assumed it wouldn't work.

Since pummeling style resolves as one attack, can you cast true strike the round before and apply the bonus to all of the attacks in pummeling style round 2? I assume not, but I figured I would ask.

Yeah, I envision Wolverine as a bloodrager/hunter.

Shame about Zemo, but I understand. I like his character and his powerset goes nicely with Gestalt.

Right now I'm thinking Daredevil--Brawler/Inquisitor (committed to justice, not a deity).

So if I'm human, I get all of those race traits plus an additional 10 points? I see that Blindsense costs 4 points, and some of the other traits will work well.

If light blindness costs -2 RP, what value would you assign to complete blindness?

Anybody know how to avoid losing Dex to A.C. when blind? Would uncanny dodge do that?

Hmm, I kind of want to do Thunderbolts Baron Zemo. I'm thinking Cavalier (Daring Champion) to represent his sword-fighting skills and Sorceror (Eldritch Scrapper) to represent his moonstone powers. I have to check out different bloodlines, but other than that I have a good idea of where the crunch would be headed.

How badly do you need to be invisible? Have you considered Mirror Image? Protects very well and won't go away if you attack. Meanwhile, if someone has See Invisibility you are screwed if your only defense is invisibility.

Tarantula wrote:

I would say that you can use spring attack and canny/confounding tumble together. If your acrobatics check for moving through the threatened area fails then you don't get the benefits of canny/confounding tumble. But, because of spring attack, they would not get an AoO against you anyway.

Since both canny and confounding tumble are contingent on making an acrobatics check, if the check fails you don't get the benefit.

This is how I'm running it, and in this case I'm the GM. Thanks for your opinions, everyone!

@Lemmy--yeah, it's not good. I'd never take it with a PC. But I think it'll make for a cool fight in this case because the Swashbuckler is the captain and has several rogues as his crew. So he can tumble in, take away their dex, and let the rogues fire away.

The ACG. I'm doing Tarin's Crown from the adventure path plug-ins by Legendary Games (very cool, btw) in my Skull and Shackles game. I retooled the BBeG to be a swashbuckler and I noticed this combo (and thought it would be good because he has a ton of rogue mooks with him).

So he can tumble up, take away your Dex, then have all the rogues sneak attack. Kinda cool.


Could I use Canny Tumble and Spring Attack (and Confounding Tumble Deed) together? The problem is that Spring Attack says it doesn't provoke AoO and Canny Tumble says "when you use acrobatics to move without provoking".

Can I use acrobatics to activate canny tumble as part of a spring attack and, even if I roll a 2, still do it because Spring Attack doesn't provoke regardless?

Canny Tumble:
Canny Tumble (Combat)
Your acrobatic prowess distracts your foes.
Prerequisites: Dodge, Mobility, Acrobatics 5 ranks.
Benefit: When you use Acrobatics to move through an
opponent’s threatened area or space without provoking
an attack of opportunity from that opponent, you gain
a +2 circumstance bonus on your next melee attack roll
against that opponent, as long as you make that attack
before the start of your next turn.

Confounding Tumble Deed:
Confounding Tumble Deed (Panache)
You can befuddle a foe by striking a blow after tumbling.
Prerequisites: Amateur Swashbuckler† feat or panache†
class feature, Canny Tumble†, Acrobatics 7 ranks.
Benefit: When you use Acrobatics to move through an
opponent’s threatened area or space without provoking
an attack of opportunity from that opponent and then hit
that foe with a melee attack in the same round, as a free
action you can spend 1 panache point to deny that foe its
Dexterity bonus to its armor class until the end of your
next turn.

Spring Attack:
Spring Attack (Combat)

As a full-round action, you can move up to your speed and make a single melee attack without provoking any attacks of opportunity from the target of your attack. You can move both before and after the attack, but you must move at least 10 feet before the attack and the total distance that you move cannot be greater than your speed. You cannot use this ability to attack a foe that is adjacent to you at the start of your turn.

My PCs sold it because it was slaughtering every encounter, making the game not fun. So yeah, I agree. And you don't even need enlarge or anything to make it crazy good, just a guy with combat reflexes and decent melee skills.

Your players captured the Dominator in Book 2? How'd they pull that off?

Here's what I came up with. I'm using the scaling up rules (I thought that was a nice addition), so Captain Tarin should have plenty of lackeys helping him.

Captain Jared Tarin CR 7
XP 3,200
Human Swashbuckler (Inspired Blade) 8
CE Medium humanoid (human)
Init +7; Senses Perception +14
AC 24, touch 18, flat-footed 16 (+5 armor, +5 Dex, +3 dodge + 1 shield)
hp 75 (8 HD; 8d10+23)
Fort +5, Ref +12 Will +4
Defensive Abilities Nimble 2, Charmed Life +2 (4x/day)

Speed 30 ft.
Melee +1 rapier +17/+12 (1d6+12/15–20 plus poison)
Ranged mwk dagger +15/+10 (1d4 + 9/19–20/×2 plus poison)
Special Attacks precise strike +8 (included above)

Before Combat If expecting combat, Tarin orders one of his lackeys to smear doses of black adder venom on his rapier and his daggers (doesn’t want to risk poisoning himself).

During Combat If aware of introducers, Tarin drinks his potion of aid (included above), then attempts to soften his opponents up by throwing his poisoned daggers. While fighting, he curses the PCs and claims that they’ll never take the pearl from him. In melee combat, Tarin uses the room’s furniture to avoid being outnumbered, and tumbles from place to
place to set up flanks with allies, using Confounding Tumble Deed and Superior Feint to provide sneak attacks for his crew.

Morale Paranoid and desperate, Tarin frantically fights to the death unless his enemies offer him quarter . If the PCs do, Tarin surrenders if reduced below 10 hit points.

Str 12, Dex 20, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 14
Base Atk +8/+3; CMB +9; CMD 27

Feats Alertness, Dodge, Mobility, Canny Tumble, Combat Reflexes, Confounding Tumbling Deed, Improved Critical (Rapier), Iron Will, Weapon Finesse (rapier only), Weapon Focus (rapier), Wind Stance

Skills (Includes 8 FC bonus) Acrobatics +16 (+20 move through threatened squares), Appraise +3, Bluff +8, Climb +7, Intimidate +12, Knowledge (local) +6, Perception +14, Profession (sailor) +10, Sense Motive +2, Swim +10

Languages Common

SQ inspired panache (3), inspired finesse, rapier training, deeds

Combat Gear potions of cure moderate wounds (2), potion of aid, black adder venom (4 doses: Poison—injury; save Fort DC 11; frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; effect 1d2 Con; cure 1 save);

Other Gear +1 mithral chain shirt, +1 rapier, mwk dagger (3),mwk buckler, belt of tumbling, cloak of resistance +1, Pirate Queen’s pearl, polished darkwood tankard (worth 50 gp), silver ring with beautifully cut garnet (worth 150 gp), 140 gp


Confounding Tumble, Derring-Do (Ex), Dodging Panache (Ex), Opportune Parry and Riposte (Ex), Kip-Up (Ex), Menacing Swordplay (Ex), Precise Strike (Ex), Swashbuckler Initiative (Ex),Swashbuckler’s Grace (Ex), Superior Feint (Ex), Targeted Strike (Ex)

I want to take a turn but I had class late today and couldn't get on roll20. I'm planning on posting after the kids are in bed.

So, get a new girlfriend who doesn't play Pathfinder?

So with the release of the ACG, and me about to run Tarin's Crown as part of Book 3, I'm going to reskin Captain Tarin as an Inspired Blade Swashbuckler. I can post the stats here when I get around to doing it, if people would be interested.

If you made the thread title more descriptive of what your question is, you'll probably get more responses. I can't answer your question, but I can offer that advice.

What if you had a sunblade? If I had weapon finesse, slashing grace, and Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Bastard Sword), could slashing grace work without having to dip Swashbuckler?

EWP gives me a one-handed slashing weapon to use slashing grace. But as it also counts as a shortsword, weapon finesse would apply. It's three feats, but I get dex to hit and damage, with bastard sword damage to boot. Is this allowed?

relevant text:
This sword is the size of a bastard sword. However, a sun Blade is wielded as if it were a short sword with respect to weight and ease of use. In other words, the weapon appears to all viewers to be a bastard sword, and deals bastard sword damage, but the wielder feels and reacts as if the weapon were a short sword. Any individual able to use either a bastard sword or a short sword with proficiency is proficient in the use of a sun Blade. Likewise, Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization in short sword and bastard sword apply equally, but the benefits of those feats do not stack.

Thanks for the advice!

I'm going to retrain Lingering Performance, and I think the DM will also let me retrain Spell Focus (Conj) and Augmented summoning when I get the free Augmented Summoning from Diabolist Level 3

Is there anything that lets me use up a prepared spell for some other benefit (whether it's an item, feat, etc?)

The first level domain spell for the Divine Domain is Identify. Not too useful.

I get Augmented Summoning for free at Level 3 Diabolist, but if I wait until 8th level to start Diabolist I'm now looking at level 10 before my summoning starts really kicking in (maybe swap out Lingering performance for sacred summons?)

Tough call.

Any suggestions on a summoning/buffing evil cleric/diabolist?

He worships Asmodeus--domain is Divine (magic) for the Divine Vessel ability and his feats are Lingering Performance and Improved Initiative.

I want to go into summoning devils and buffing them and the rest of the party (and get the sweet imp companion from Diabolist).

The game is set in Pre-Asmodeus Cheliax.

"Asmodeus fashioned the prison that holds Rovagug at bay. All you hold dear only remains because Asmodeus has seen fit to keep you safe. Think on this when you pray to Aroden to protect you."

Threadomancy as I'm now about to hit Level 2 in PFS.

So, my group is/was running through Skull and Shackles VERY slowly as we can't play very often. We finished Book 1 two years ago and have almost entirely stopped now in Book 3.

Can I retroactively report Books 1 and 2 for PFS credit as an ongoing campaign and apply that credit to my character now, even though he was only created recently (and after we did the S&S campaign)?



Now my subscription page says this:

subscription page info:
Most recent product:

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Skull & Shackles Character Add-On Deck shipped by 08/07/14 via UPS Ground (estimated 4 to 5 business days in transit)

Next product:
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Skull & Shackles Adventure Deck 2: Raiders of the Fever Sea is scheduled to ship September 2014


Est. Date Estimated Subtotal* Estimated Current
Shipping & Handling Estimated Total*
Payment method authorized: September 4
Should ship by: September 26

1x Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Skull & Shackles Base Set, $47.99
1x Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Skull & Shackles Character Add-On Deck, $15.99
1x Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Promo Card: Owlbeartross~
1x Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Skull & Shackles Adventure Deck 2: Raiders of the Fever Sea, $15.99
$79.97 UPS Ground: $19.20 $99.17

As it's displayed it's saying I only get the add-on deck in august, and in september I'm getting the base set (and it looks like the add-on deck again).

I'm just concerned about this because I don't want to get double charged and I want to get all of the promo cards as well (and get them in august vs september).

I've seen other people posting this problem and I know you guys are working on it, but I figured I would let you know that I have this issue too. Thanks for working to get this resolved.

Rushley son of Halum wrote:
So I need to take a bunch of feats, including 2 weapon fighting just to make my later level class feats viable? Again, that's a pretty massive oversight by the design team and can't be what was intended.

A brawler has the two-weapon fighting feat from brawler's flurry. I would rule this counts for the prereq, not sure if that would work in PFS though.

Heather Goodman wrote:


I know you are all still enjoying the splendor of GenCon, but I thought I would put my issue here and wait for your return.

Sadly we have not received our August subscription yet. Something that made missing GenCon this year all the more bittersweet. However that is not what I am writing about.

Looking at my Subscriptions I noticed that I have the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Skull & Shackles Base Set, coming in both August as well as September. Can you please correct this as I would like the base set in my "August" shipment.

I just don't want to lose any of the promos and what not. :)

Also, is there anyway to change my name in the system? It says I am posting as my maiden name and I have been married for some time now. :) If not no big deal.

Heather Kalafut

Mine now says september as well, and I'm now missing the promo cards. :-(

Whoops, I created a thread and then I saw this one.

In my order history it says my PACG Skull and Shackles subscription shipped on 8/7, but when I track it via UPS it says they haven't yet received it. Should I be concerned, or has it actually not shipped yet?


In my order history it says package 690382 shipped on 8/7, but when I track it via UPS it says they haven't yet received it. Should I be concerned, or has it actually not shipped yet?


My other game is still going on, so I just decided to make a new PFS character. Introducing...

I'll be ready in a day or two. If we start before then I'll use a pregen.

Hello everyone!

The half-orc ability Sacred Tattoo gives you a +1 luck bonus to all saves at level one, if you're considering dropping the archetype.

Kigvan wrote:
mbauers wrote:

I suppose I could start another thread as this question is off topic, but I'll try it here first--Since I can use 2 PP to purchase a single item worth up to 750 gp, does a suit of armor with armor spikes added count? I could get a masterwork breastplate (200 + 150) with masterwork cold iron armor spikes (100 + 300), right?

How does that work with the rules for upgrading it to magical (since items bought with PP cannot be resold)? What I mean is, I know +1...

That seems to be a legal 2pp purchase. The question is does armor+armor spikes count as 1 item or 2, if it is 1 than that purchase works, but enchanting both is going to be very hard on Fame Prereqs.

As for upgrading it, you can add +1 as weapon or armor any time (always available), but you'll otherwise need Fame = to the total value of the item not just what you've paid for it. So for +2 armor you'd need enough fame for a 4,750gp item not a 4,000gp item

Right, and then presumably if you sold it later you'd get just 2,000, not 2,375. Thanks! That makes a lot of sense.

The reason I assumed that armor + armor spikes equals one item is because armor spikes are listed on the armor chart of the CRB as "extras" and the cost is "+50gp" instead of just "50 gp". I might be splitting hairs, but I felt that distinction meant that it is an add-on to a piece of armor and is, therefore, one item. I'm not sure how it would work if you wanted to add an armored kilt to an armor purchase used with PP, though.

Ok, one more question--so I know that I can sell all gear back at full value as long as I'm Level 1 (stuff bought with gold, not PP). Suppose I finish my 3rd scenario and get my 3rd XP. Can I sell all of my stuff back at full value, after the scenario is done, BEFORE leveling up to Level 2?

FLite wrote:
How is shattering supposed to work on objects? If it is unattended, I don't think you need an attack roll to hit, and if you are sundering, you are rolling cmb which doesn't have crits, right?

I don't see why you wouldn't be able to crit with a sunder maneuver. It requires an attack roll:

When you make an attack roll and get a natural 20 (the d20 shows 20), you hit regardless of your target's Armor Class, and you have scored a "threat," meaning the hit might be a critical hit (or "crit"). To find out if it's a critical hit, you immediately make an attempt to "confirm" the critical hit—another attack roll with all the same modifiers as the attack roll you just made. If the confirmation roll also results in a hit against the target's AC, your original hit is a critical hit. (The critical roll just needs to hit to give you a crit, it doesn't need to come up 20 again.) If the confirmation roll is a miss, then your hit is just a regular hit.

A critical hit means that you roll your damage more than once, with all your usual bonuses, and add the rolls together. Unless otherwise specified, the threat range for a critical hit on an attack roll is 20, and the multiplier is ×2.

Tamec wrote:

Uh actually I've seen this happen several times...I know an alchemist who regularly uses Alchemical Allocation a spell that puts "used" potions back in the bottle.

Yep, I love that extract!

I suppose I could start another thread as this question is off topic, but I'll try it here first--Since I can use 2 PP to purchase a single item worth up to 750 gp, does a suit of armor with armor spikes added count? I could get a masterwork breastplate (200 + 150) with masterwork cold iron armor spikes (100 + 300), right?

How does that work with the rules for upgrading it to magical (since items bought with PP cannot be resold)? What I mean is, I know +1 enchantments are always available. Let's say I upgrade the above armor to +1 by spending 1,000 gp. Now I want to spend another 3,000 later to upgrade to +2. What is the total value of that item in terms of fame needed to upgrade? Is it 4,750? 3,750? 4,000? 3,000? I'm not sure how that would be calculated in PFS.

Re: Breaking and Shattering--do armor and shields count as inanimate objects? I assume so...

David Higaki wrote:

You are correct!

The only hiccup to sunder builds is that you may run across the strict GM who may remove items from the chronicle sheet since, well, they were destroyed. Ask about that first, then sunder away :)

So there's table variation with that, or is that the rule? Because I learned that if you find a potion and drink it you still gain the gold for it afterwards. Along those lines, it seems strange to take away the gold value of sundered armor (especially since armor can be repaired, whereas a consumed potion can't be returned to the bottle).

I could see some people getting really pissed at me if I sunder things and then they don't get the gold value for it at the end of the scenario. :-/

According to the PFS Guide for Organized play:

You may always purchase the following items or equipment so long as you’re in an appropriately sized settlement (see above).

• All basic armor, gear, items, and weapons from Chapter 6 of the Core Rulebook, including Small and Large-sized items. This does not include equipment made from dragonhide, but it does include equipment made from
the other special materials, such as alchemical silver and cold iron

So, it seems that Adamantine weapons are "always available". Am I right about this? It looks cut and dry, but I feel like this shouldn't be allowed for some reason.

I have a 1st level character now, but I've GMed Skull and Shackles as an ongoing campaign and am considering applying that credit towards this character (a bloodrager). If I do this, at level 3 I'll be able to buy an Adamantine Bec de Corbin. Does anyone make sundering builds in PFS? At Level 5 I'd have Combat Reflexes, Power Attack, and Arcane Strike.


Are smelling salts PFS legal? Pretty awesome for 25 gp.

Yep, I don't use herolab or anything. Looks like I screwed up some of the bold tags though

Almost ready too, my post coming in an hour or two

Awesome! I'll make a profile and post the info here tonight!

I'd like to try PFS and I have a Level 1 Half-Elf Bloodrager. I can make a profile sometime tonight.

When are you anticipating the game starting?

A lot of good suggestions here. Re: turns taking too long--instead of arbitrarily telling someone they're taking too long, use an hourglass timer (a minute long one from any number of board games). This way the sorcerer cant complain about being singled out and will learn to cut down the time.

Extracts are different, but regarding the sorcerers spells (which are spontaneous, not prepared) gov him little game pieces (gems, tokens, etc), different colors for each spell level. Each time he casts a spell he gives you a token.

As a rule I would always in the future ask to see any 3rd party content for preapproval.

Finally, if you institute some rules and talk to the players and they keep making it unenjoyable for you and the other players, politely ask them to find another group. 4 PCs is a great group size and should speed up combat specifically.

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