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Belkar Bitterleaf

mbauers's page

RPG Superstar 9 Season Dedicated Voter. FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 740 posts (6,690 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 4 Pathfinder Society characters. 26 aliases.


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Yeah, dude's immortal. His mind is gone? Kill him. Presumably that Kendra is already dead. So he and she will reincarnate and be good to go.

JAF0 wrote:
can wounded wisp be played by a 2nd lvl? If so, I'm in too!

You may play it as a 2nd level once

Congratulations to those selected! It should be fun.

I'm running this book here on the forums and I just wanted to say how much fun I'm having! I have a 5 person party, so I've upped the difficulty of some of the encounters.

A few highlights:
The Eldritch Guardian's hawk familiar almost died to the sandling in the Tomb of Akhentepi. The fighter is wielding both Akhentepi's shield and weapon and asked if the brush with death could allow Akhentepi's spirit to inhabit the familiar. She eventually plans to get Improved Familiar to transform him into a Cassisian Angel.

Later, at the House of Pentheru, she stood in front of the granary doors and used the shield to hold the swarm at bay while the others peppered it with splash weapons.

Speaking of the House of Pentheru, I didn't realize how deadly it could be. The aforementioned fighter and the Daring Champion Cavalier both failed their save vs the opening haunt. The fighter went east and opened the doors and the cavalier double moved twice, moving east and north into the courtyard. He ended up "Leeroy Jenkinsing" the death dog, asp, and three skeletons.

They weathered the storm there, but as they were healing up I had the div cast a minor image of a person spying on them by the doors. They raced back to catch him, only to find the centipede (which I gave the advanced template).

I also gave the div a level of sorcerer (psychic bloodline to compensate for having no hands). He was just flying invisibly watching the battle and I had him use message to whisper to two of the characters: "If you go in the house the beast won't chase you."

The rogue opened the doors and the skeletons are sitting there waiting to attack anyone who enters. So now I had the invisible div whisper: "If you say my family name my guards won't attack you." If she falls for that and walks into the teeth of the skeletons (and triggers the haunt), I'm going to have the div start laughing maniacally.

Anyway, I'm having fun, and my players are too!

I just wanted to say good luck to everyone! If I am so fortunate as to be chosen, I promise I will use only the choicest bits of your corpses to build my beautiful golems. ;-)

DM Aku:

First let me just say thank you for taking the time to read/review all of the submissions—I know it is a huge time commitment!

To answer your questions/concerns regarding Jonas:
I don’t really see him as a slave after his “rescue” by the Mitrans, more a ward of the State. I imagine he’d probably be raised in an orphanage or by the clergy, so he would likely have had at least some level of rudimentary schooling (I don’t know a lot about Talingarde, so I’m speculating). Any chance he’d get to access a book (library, personal collections, etc) he would take advantage. Plus, with a starting 20 Intelligence he just might be the smartest Half-Orc alive (and certainly one of the smartest humanoids alive). His intellect gives him an innate understanding of how things work and he constantly hones his craft. I like him more as self-taught than having him taken on as an apprentice somewhere; I think that fits his story better.

Yeah, I think he should be very fun to play! As far as the crunch—I put in a brief explanation of all of the class features I currently have, including the full text (in spoilers) of the class features that I felt required more detailed explanation. I’ll PM you more about this.

Yep, I botched the headband thing. I’ll adjust skills accordingly (probably just buy a disguise kit and then I can just switch a few ranks around) and fix the language mistake.

Thanks for considering me!

Here's my statblock. I just need to also post the stats for when Jonas is wearing his automaton (he gets the physical stats and armor of it, essentially. When damage is dealt to him the DR applies first, then both he and the construct are damaged). I see him as being able to help anyone in the party, especially crafting whatever items/weapons they need.

My background and RP sample is above, let me know if you'd like to see more examples of my RP.


Jonas Longtusk
Male Half-Orc Engineer 7
LE Medium Humanoid (Human, Orc)
Init +6 (+2 Dex, +4 feat); Senses Darkvision, Perception +12
AC 12, touch 12, flat-footed 10 (+2 Dex)
hp 59 (8 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 14 Con + 7 Favored Class)
Fort +6 (2 base, +2 Con, +1 luck, +1 resistance)
Ref +9 (5 base, + 2 Dex, +1 luck, +1 resistance)
Will +9 (5 base, +2 Wis, +1 luck, +1 resistance)
Defensive Abilities
Spd 30 ft

Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Str 8 (-1) (foible)
Dex 15 (+2)
Con 14 (+2)
Int 22 (+6) (focus 18 +2 racial + 2 headband)
Wis 14 (+2) (13 + level 4 adjustment)
Cha 13 (+1)
Base Atk +5 (+5 Engineer)
CMB +4 (+5 BAB, -1 Str)
CMD 16 (10 +5 BAB, +2 Dex, -1 Str)
Craft Construct [Bonus 1]
Improved Initiative [Level 1], +4 Init
Craft Wondrous Item [Level 3]
Craft Magic Arms and Armor [Level 5]
Intercept Charge [Bonus 5], when a teammate with this feat is charged you may move your speed as an immediate action to move into the path of the charge.
Craft Wand [Level 7]

Almost Human: +4 trait bonus on Disguise checks to pass as human, and Disguise is a class skill for Jonas.
Pragmatic Activator: Jonas may use his Int modifier instead of Cha when making UMD checks.

Acrobatics +5(3 ranks, +2 Dex)
Craft (Armor) +18 (7 ranks, +3 class, +6 Int, +2 circumstance)
Craft (Jewelry) +18 (7 ranks, +3 class, +6 Int, +2 circumstance)
Craft (Leather) +18 (7 ranks, +3 class, +6 Int, +2 circumstance)
Craft (Sculptures) +18 (7 ranks, +3 class, +6 Int, +2 circumstance)
Craft (Weapons) +18 (7 ranks, +3 class, +6 Int, +2 circumstance)
Disable Device +14 (7 ranks, +3 class, +2 Dex, +2 circumstance)
Fly +5 (3 ranks, +2 Dex}
Disguise +9 (5 ranks, +3 class, +1 Cha) (+4 trait bonus to pass as human)
Knowledge (Arcana) +13 (4 ranks , +3 class, +6 Int)
Knowledge (Engineering) +13 (4 ranks, +3 class, +6 Int)
Knowledge (Planes) +13 (4 ranks , +3 class, +6 Int)
Perception +12 (7 ranks, +3 class, +2 Wis)
Spellcraft +14 (5 ranks, +3 class, +6 Int)
Use Magic Device +16 (7 ranks, +3 class, +6 Int)
Total Points: 84 ([4 Engineer + 2 Houserule + 6 Int] x7 levels)
AC penalty is
Languages Common, Orc, Abyssal, Draconic, Giant, Gnoll, Goblin, Celestial (2 base, +6 Int)

Artisan's Outfit, 1 gp, 4 lbs.
Cloak of Resistance +1, 1000 gp, 1 lb.
Headband of Vast Intelligence +2, 4000 gp, 1 lb.
Spring-Loaded Wrist sheath with Cold Iron Dagger, 9 gp, 2 lbs.
Masterwork Backpack, 50 gp, 4 lbs.
4 days trail rations, 2 gp, 4 lbs.
Waterskin, 1 gp, 4 lbs.
2 sunrods, 4 gp, 2 lbs.
2 Tindertwigs, 2 gp
Traveler’s Any-Tool, 250 gp, 2 lbs
MW Thieve’s Tools, 100 gp, 2 lbs
Wand of Crafter’s Fortune (50 charges), 750 gp
Wand of Mage Armor (50 charges), 750 gp
Wand of Make Whole (50 charges), 4500 gp
Scroll of Dimension Door, 700 gp
Scroll of Fireball (CL 5), 375 gp
Scroll of Solid Fog, 700 gp
Potion of Cure Serious Wounds, 750 gp, 1 lb.
Smelling Salts, 25 gp, 0 lbs.
Antiplague, 50 gp
Antitoxin, 50 gp
Belt pouch, 1 gp, 0.5 lbs.

611 gp in belt pouch
Weight Carried: 23.5 lbs. (30 lbs or less is light, 31-60 is medium, 61-90 is heavy)

Darkvision Jonas can see in the dark up to 60 ft away
Orc Blood Counts as both an orc and a human
Weapon Familiarity Jonas is proficient in greataxes and falchions and he treats any weapon with ‘orc’ in its name as a martial weapon
Sacred Tattoo Jonas gains a +1 luck bonus on all saving throws (replaces orc ferocity)
Scavenger Jonas gains a +2 racial bonus on Appraise checks and on Perception checks to find hidden objects (including traps and secret doors), determine whether food is spoiled, or identify a potion by taste (replaces intimidating)
Proficiencies Jonas is proficient in all simple weapons, greataxe, falchion, light armor, medium armor, heavy armor (but not shields)
Automaton (Ex)(Craft: Armor)At first level, Jonas builds a single mindless construct of his size, called an automaton.
Craft Construct (Ex) At first level Jonas gains Craft Construct as a Bonus Feat (and he does not need to meet the prerequisites)
Crafting Pool (Ex) 11,850 gp to use for crafting (minus homunculus cost)
Magical Crafting (Ex) Jonas can count his engineer level as his caster level for the purposes of crafting and qualifying for item creation feats (and can even create spell-trigger or spell-activation items)
Wear Construct (Ex) Jonas can wear any construct he creates that is at least his size, entering or exiting as a free action.
Construct Modifications Jonas’ automaton and any controlled constructs automatically gain the following modifications:
*Faster (Ex) (chosen at 2nd level)[/b]: +10 ft base land speed
*Energy Attacks (Su)—Electricity (chosen at 4th level)[/b] : +1d6 electricity damage to all natural attacks
*Additional Movement (Ex)—Flight (Clumsy) (chosen at 6th level): gain flight = to ½ base land speed
Fast Craft (Ex) When using the craft skill, Jonas makes a week’s worth of progress in one day. When creating magic items he makes twice as much progress for any time spent (this doesn’t reduce cost).
Tactical Preparation (Ex) Jonas gains Intercept Charge as a bonus feat. All constructs under Jonas’ control gain all teamwork feats he possesses as bonus feats.
Harmonious Magic (Ex) A worn construct gains the benefits of any magical items worn by Jonas. They automatically bypass any spell resistance or immunity the construct possesses. If Jonas wears an item in an equivalent spot to the construct, his functions and the construct’s does not.
Patch (Ex) Jonas gains a pool of temporary HP that can be used to “repair” his automaton or any construct under his control. He can use this a number of times equal to half his engineer level plus his Int modifier. One use grants 1d8 temporary HP for every two engineer levels he possesses. This is a standard action unless he is wearing the construct (and then it is a swift action). Temporary HP cannot raise the construct’s HP total to higher than its maximum. They last for one hour per engineer level.


The automaton’s exact physical appearance is up to the engineer, but it must have a shape roughly similar to the engineer’s. The automaton’s Hit Dice, saving throws, and abilities are tied to the engineer’s class level, and increase
as the engineer gains levels. The engineer selects a single Craft skill type (such as clockwork or sculptures) to use with the automaton.
It does not cost the engineer gold to repair her automaton, but it does require time and Craft skill checks. The difficulty to repair the automaton is equal to 10 + the engineer’s class level and requires 1 day of effort. This roll may be retried on a failure, but requires an additional day of effort. With a success, the automaton regains 1d6 hit points per Hit Die. Repair in this way can only be performed while the automaton is inanimate or nonfunctioning. At
any time, the engineer can deactivate the automaton with a touch and a standard action.
The engineer can even repair or replace the automaton if it is destroyed, but doing so adds +5 to the Craft check DC and requires 1 day of effort. With a success, the automaton is returned to 1 hit point and may then be further repaired as normal.
The engineer’s automaton is healed by spells such as make whole or rapid repair. The engineer cannot repair any other construct she controls in this manner (see Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Magic for details on repairing constructs).

Automaton stats when not worn:

Medium sized construct
HP: 53/53 (6d10 + 20 bonus HP)
AC: 24, touch 13, flat-footed 21 (+11 natural, +3 Dex)
DR/adamantine: 5
CMB +13 (+6 BAB, +7 Str)
CMD 26 (10 + 6 BAB + 3 Dex + 7 Str)

Speed: 40 ft, 20 ft flight (clumsy)

Str: 24
Dex: 16
Int: --
Melee: Slam (x2): 1d20 + 13 (+6 BAB, +7 str) (1d4 + 7 + 1d6 electricity/x2)

+1 Greataxe, 2320 gp, 12 lbs
3 chakrams, 3 gp, 3 lbs
50 ft of hemp rope, 1 gp, 10 lbs

Crafting Pool:

Crafting Pool (Ex): Starting at 1st level, the engineer gains a pool of magical energy each level that can be used to craft magic items or constructs.
The points in the engineer’s crafting pool equate to the gold piece cost associated with crafting. The engineer may reduce or even eliminate the cost of item crafting by spending points from her pool. An engineer’s crafting pool is cumulative with each level, and can be saved over multiple levels for a higher cost item crafting. The engineer may spend any combination of gold and her crafting pool towards magic item crafting or towards repairing any construct she creates.

Wear Construct:

At 1st level, all constructs the engineer designs are created to be worn like a suit of full-body armor or piloted craft. The engineer is completely concealed within the construct and cannot be directly targeted. Only the engineer can wear a construct she creates in this manner, and the construct must be at least the engineer’s size or larger. The engineer may enter or exit an adjacent construct’s body as a full-round action. She may then act as the construct, using all of the construct’s physical statistics, attacks, and abilities. She shares in the construct’s armor class, magic immunity (if any), damage reduction, and resistances provided by the construct trait. She may use any class abilities, feats, or skills she possesses, modified by the construct’s physical ability scores instead of her own. The engineer uses her base attack bonus and base saves, modified by the construct’s physical ability scores. The engineer retains her normal hit point total.
A worn construct does not gain the benefits of any magical items worn by the engineer. Spellcasting within the construct that requires material or somatic components is impossible. If the construct possesses magic immunity or spell resistance, any spell the engineer casts must be capable of bypassing the construct’s magic immunity or spell resistance or else it fails.
Any damage that is taken in excess of the construct’s damage reduction is taken by both the construct and the engineer. If the engineer is rendered unconscious, the construct acts independently, obeying its last orders or defending itself as required. If the construct is destroyed, the engineer can take no actions other than exiting the construct. A worn construct counts as heavy armor with a 50% arcane spell failure chance and no armor check penalty. The engineer cannot wear armor and a construct at the same time.


Level 8:

Gear Priorities:

The class gets the Craft Construct feat at level 1, so I was wondering if I could craft a homunculus before the game started. The class also gets a craft pool, essentially gold to use for crafting, so I can use that instead of starting gold if it matters. It’s not a huge deal if I can’t.

If I'm selected I will share the pdf with you. Before then, I'll type up the crunch with all of the class features spelled out so it should make sense.

I read the brief description of book 2 and it seems like we need to defend an area for a long time. During our time there I'd like to craft a Graven Guardian. It's a construct keyed to the worship of a god, so Asmodeus, naturally. I'm also looking at using the bodies of the fallen invades to craft a Carrion Golem.

As far as my posting, I’ve been involved in several PbPs here on the site. My longest currently running one as a player is here. We’ve been going strong for almost a year (my character is Arlan Ward).

I’m also a PFS GM and I’m currently Gming the Mummy’s Mask AP here. In about 1.5 months we are between a third and halfway done with book one. I use google drawings for maps and pride myself on both my RP, rules knowledge, and keeping things running smoothly.

I understand the hesitance of using 3rd party stuff, but the most fun character I’ve ever played was a pregen in a tournament I participated in at Gencon last year (run by the Four Horsemen). I saw this class was created by them, so I bought it and was not disappointed. It’s balanced and fun and fits what I think you’re trying to do here. So, here’s my background and RP with crunch to follow.


Ulroch was a frequent disappointment to his father, the strong, bold chieftain of the Longtusk Tribe. Called “Runt” for most of his childhood, Ulroch accepted his position in the tribe, though he didn’t understand it. He wondered about the world and how things worked, longed to create objects of both beauty and functionality, but instead was ostracized mercilessly for his weak, frail form. Chief Ugroch also turned much of his derision towards Ulroch’s mother, blaming her “half-breed” blood for making a weak son.

Ulroch, for his part, bore the brunt of his insults as best as a child could, seeking an outlet for his creativity. When he found some good clay-like mud by the river, he sculpted what, to him, looked like a dragon, gifting it to his mother, the only one who ever spared him a kind word. Upon discovering it Ugroch raged, beating the boy and telling him that orcs don’t make statues, they make weapons to wage war. He said his son could work in the forges to do just that, or he would be ousted.

So the child slaved, lending his intellect and capacity for design to help forge weapons and armor, though he could barely lift a smith’s hammer. When the Mitran crusaders came, they killed the orcs indiscriminately. They slew Ulroch’s mother as she stood guard over her son, then expected the boy to thank them for “saving him from the barbarians”.

He never forgave the Mitran’s for killing his mother, but he accepted that maybe life in human society would provide him with a better life. It turns out that humans discriminate harshly against orc-raised half-orcs, just like his father did. Whereas in his own tribe he was viewed as a weak, frail runt, in Talingarde he was automatically seen as a uncouth, brutish thug. He learned quickly that he was on his own, and could trust only himself in the world.

Adopting a human name, Jonas, in the futile hope that he would find more acceptance, Ulroch spends his time studying voraciously and seeking to build what he can, infusing magic into his creations.

He desperately seeks a father figure’s approval (though he won’t admit it to himself), so when Cardinal Thorn approached him and said he could provide him with a place where he could both work without distraction, and his creations would be valued and appreciated, Jonas jumped at the chance.

RP sample:

The suit of iron armor appears to walk of its own accord, clanging heavily on the cobblestones. Flying near its head is what appears to be a child’s sculpture, a round, misshapen clay pot with bulbous appendages, flying on impossibly tiny wings. I’d like to make Ulroch’s original clay sculpture into a homunculus.

Suddenly, a series of mechanical “whirs” and hisses accompanies the armor opening, bisecting it vertically. Inside is a small half-orc with a single braid, ritual scars carved all over his skinny frame. He steps out from the armor and addresses you with a nod.

Greetings, I’m Jonas, at your service. Cardinal Thorn in his wisdom has commissioned me to help see to the defense of the temple once it is secured. Rest assured that no invaders will interrupt your plans when my guardians are in place. Even the fallen among our enemies can be repurposed to serve our efforts. I assure you, we cannot fail.

His words aren’t cocky, just brimming with certainty.

Follow up question--when you say no pre-game crafting, does that apply to constructs as well? I understand it would be unfair for me to craft items for myself pregame (and essentially double my wealth), but I'd like to craft one or two constructs if that's allowed.

I'd like to create a character that uses a 3rd party class, so I'd like to get your take on it before I stat it out (as you said you'd want the party's input).

The class is called Engineer, and it's a character that specializes in creating constructs. They also get a construct that improves with level called an Automaton, and they can wear constructs that they create--think Iron Man from the Iron Man movies. They can operate independently, or the engineer can control it and wear it like a suit of armor. It's written by the Four Horsemen, which (if you know about them) are awesome.

As for the character concept, I think it would be cool to make a half-orc who was mercilessly bullied as a child for being the runt of the litter. He thought his fortunes would change when he was rescued by some Mitrans, but it turns out that the so-called "good guys" had their own prejudices towards people like him. At first his armor was a means to defend himself, but over time it's caused him to become more and more power hungry.

Let me know if that sounds like something you'd be interested in. As far as what can he contribute to the group, he brings a lot of versatility with his crafting (can craft magic items if I take crafting feats) and his constructs, from scouting, tanking, support, whatever is needed.

Foible: Strength 8
Dex: 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (8) + 7 = 15
Con: 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (7) + 7 = 14
Focus: Intelligence 18
Wis: 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (6) + 7 = 13
Cha: 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (6) + 7 = 13



At least they achieved an objective in this last episode. They actually defeated an adversary! I mean, they had to rely on an 8 year old getting the drop on a time-stopping assassin, but they at least had some success.

Woodenman wrote:
Murdock Mudeater wrote:
He was totally by the book. Rolled an 18, with only a +4 mod to the attack to equal my AC, then rolled almost max damage with two-handed power attack for 25pts of damage. I had 11 hp and 12 con.
Except the minotaurs damage is 2d6+12 with adjustment from 2h weapon and power attack. For a maximum of 24 on a double six.

And the tactics listed say he does NOT use power attack against the PCs. Seems like you got hosed.

Joana wrote:

My family loves The Flash, but last night's episode was a big disappointment, especially after so much time off. ** spoiler omitted **

I really hope they can turn this around before the season finale. I don't want The Flash to go the way of Legends of Tomorrow, which I quit watching in disgust at how incompetent the heroes are.



The whole time, I was thinking: "What is their plan?" I know that Barry doesn't like to kill, but what is the plan? You can't put Zoom in jail--he can just phase through walls. Now, if he can't phase through the containment unit for some reason, why not beat him unconscious, then throw him in the containment unit, THEN gloat. Or, just kill him. He's a serial killer speedster. You can't redeem him and what is the point of keeping him alive?

Then I watch the resolution and it is laughable. Zoom turns over Wally first, and they all just sit there and BS with him while Wells makes the serum? WTF? Here, take my speed. "It's the only way."

Um, how about when you had Zoom beat (temporarily) you inject him with the serum that will take away his speed? Done.

The plan (or lack thereof) to beat Zoom was bad enough, but then when he negotiates with them and steals Caitlin instead of murdering them all (except Cisco--he'd definitely kidnap him to force him to open breaches to other worlds) just made no sense. I was not pleased with the writing in this episode. Hell, they could've had Ollie run it and shoot Zoom while they were all debating what to do. Even that would've been better.

Hasshin Sshok wrote:

Not really the place for it but don't care I'm going to have a kid hope it's not twins

-Posted with Wayfinder


Second--I'm a twin, so: Hey!


Lemmy wrote:
Walk away from this GM... Seriously. He's a terrible GM and a bully. And I don't say that lightly.

I agree--try some play by post games here, instead. Just check out the recruitment forum.

Cool, thanks!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I can't get on the spreadsheet right now, but I'll take a wait list spot if there's any more. DM Zinou is awesome!

GM V wrote:
Looking for 1 or 2 more for My Enemies Enemy. Have 3 or 4 already, could probably use another character that can heal. Or more face.

What tier?

Very cool class! I just have a couple questions:

1) Does the automaton get max HP at first level, or is it more like an animal companion and gets 6, 5, 6, 5, etc? Even with only 6 from the HD, 26 HP at level one with DR/2 is awesome.

2) Can I cast mage armor on the construct, then get inside for an even higher AC?

I'd like to submit a Huntmaster Cavalier for Team Evil. He'd be there to track and capture rebels with his pack of dogs. I used this character in a game that fizzled out quickly. I'll adjust the build and post his backstory tomorrow.

mbauers wrote:

I have a middle-aged (not sure how you deal with age penalties as a DM--some just ignore them and say to leave it as flavor) Human Fighter who I used to play through all of book 1 of KM a couple years ago. He's a grizzled veteran who was a bodyguard and kind of no-nonsense teacher/trainer of our young, well-intentioned nobleman leader.

I'd like to update him to maybe the Drill Sergeant Archetype and submit him, if you're still looking for people. What's your deadline? I loved book 1 and I've always wanted to continue the AP.

Did this make it in time for the deadline or no?

I have a middle-aged (not sure how you deal with age penalties as a DM--some just ignore them and say to leave it as flavor) Human Fighter who I used to play through all of book 1 of KM a couple years ago. He's a grizzled veteran who was a bodyguard and kind of no-nonsense teacher/trainer of our young, well-intentioned nobleman leader.

I'd like to update him to maybe the Drill Sergeant Archetype and submit him, if you're still looking for people. What's your deadline? I loved book 1 and I've always wanted to continue the AP.

Hmm, maybe I could UMD Mage Armor on the familiar so he can keep some defenses.

Nefreet wrote:
Just as a word of caution, since the Familiar loses the bonus to AC itself, once the BBEGs see this tactic in practice there's a good chance their next target won't be the Familiar's master.

Yep, that's why I want to think of a way to get the familiar to just sit in the fighter's backpack. I wanted to get these other questions sorted out first

And since he can shrink at will, you could buy the barding for uber-hedgehog when he was small-sized. Then there wouldn't be disputing the full AC bonus in small form.

This is a fun thought exercise, lol. Ok, now I need to think about action economy. Is it a standard action to both grow and shrink? You might need an unseen servant or something to sweep him back into your pocket. Or just keep it invisible...

Here's what I'm looking at with it:

mauler familiar:

Battle Form (Su)

At 3rd level, a mauler gains the ability to transform into a larger, more ferocious form and back at will. In battle form, the mauler's size becomes Medium and the mauler gains a +2 bonus to Strength (this stacks with the normal Strength adjustments for increasing in size).

This ability replaces deliver touch spells.

Could he medium size up, extend the bulwark, shrink back down?

Thanks for the responses!

BigNorseWolf wrote:

Size: Tiny or smaller, divide armor bonus by 2. Armor and shields for unusually big creatures, unusually little creatures, and nonhumanoid creatures (such as horses) have different costs and weights from those given on Table: Armor and Shields. Refer to the appropriate line on Table: Armor for Unusual Creatures and apply the multipliers to cost and weight for the armor type in question.

Its half the bonus because its too thin. It really doesn't matter if the fairy is covered in full plate, you can still just squish the fairy inside to bits right through the armor. If it was as think as human armor it would be 10 times the fairy's weight.

Ok, so how does this work with regard to size changes? If the familiar is tiny-sized and enlarges, does the AC bonus go to the normal bonus for that armor, or is it still halved? Same question, but in reverse (shrinking from small to tiny).

Also, how do enhancement bonuses factor in to this?

So, hedgehog's full plate +2

a) 9 + 2 = 11 ac, divided by 2 (tiny-sized) equals 5 AC to the familiar. Divide that by two, he provides 2 AC bonus from the feat.

b) 9 divided by 2 (tiny-sized) equals 4, +2 enhancement = 6 AC to the familiar. Divide that by two, he provides 3 AC bonus from the feat.

That's cool! And that's a good idea re: leveling--way too much bookkeeping. Yeah, when I run APs I just use the suggested level guidelines for each section of the AP and just level at that time. Ok, I'll submit something today.

Hmm, I could possibly reskin my guy as a magus. Let me think about that.

GM--I noticed in your profile that you are 14. I played RPGs when I was your age, so I'm not knocking you for that (and I commend you for offering to run a game!), but because of your age I'm asking: do you have any GM experience? I ask because PbP GMing can raise some challenges, especially for a dungeon crawl. I just started GMing Mummy's Mask (book 1 of which starts off with 3 big dungeon crawls in a row) and I can perhaps offer some advice on how to make things run smoothly.

For example, I use Google Drawings for all of the maps (and just cover up unexplored rooms) and Google Docs to organize all of the room flavor text (and relevant room spoilers, etc) so it makes it easier to keep the flow going.

Another challenge will be managing two simultaneous (and likely adversarial) groups. I have a decent amount of GMing experience, and I've never done two simultaneous groups. I feel that it would be difficult. How do you plan to run this?

I'm trying to make a fighter build where my familiar can just hang out next to me (or in my pocket) and use Extend the Bulwark every round to boost my AC.

Extend the Bulwark:

If you are wearing medium or heavy armor and are adjacent to an ally who also has this feat, as a free action, you may give your ally a circumstance bonus to her AC equal to half the armor bonus provided by your armor. This bonus lasts for 1 round. During this round, you gain no bonus to your AC from your armor.

Now, the questions--can a tiny familiar wear +1 full plate? I thought I read somewhere that tiny-sized armor is only half the armor bonus (which I don't understand, but whatever). Does huge armor get double the bonus?

Specifically, could I get some +1 full plate for a hedgehog sitting in my pocket? I know it's a ridiculous premise, but I'm looking at RAW here.

Here's another possible hiccup:

Share Training class feature of Eldritch Guardian fighter:

At 2nd level, when the familiar can see and hear its master, it can use any combat feat possessed by the eldritch guardian. The familiar doesn't have to meet the feat's prerequisites, but at the GM's discretion may be precluded from using certain combat feats due to its physical form. For example, an eldritch guardian's pig familiar with access to Exotic Weapon Proficiency (spiked chain) would not gain the ability to use spiked chains, since it doesn't have any limbs capable of properly handling them.

This ability replaces the bonus feat gained at 2nd level.

I'm wondering if a GM might preclude the familiar from using it.

If I had an improved familiar (which I'm not even sure you can get with an Eldritch Guardian), something that is more "human-shaped" like an azata or something, would that make it easier to get a suit of armor?

I'm trying to make a build where my familiar can just hang out next to me (or in my pocket) and use Extend the Bulwark every round to boost my AC.

Extend the Bulwark:

If you are wearing medium or heavy armor and are adjacent to an ally who also has this feat, as a free action, you may give your ally a circumstance bonus to her AC equal to half the armor bonus provided by your armor. This bonus lasts for 1 round. During this round, you gain no bonus to your AC from your armor.

Now, the questions--can a tiny familiar wear +1 full plate? I thought I read somewhere that tiny-sized armor is only half the armor bonus (which I don't understand, but whatever). Does huge armor get double the bonus?

This would possibly be for PFS, so could I get some +1 full plate for a hedgehog sitting in my pocket? I know it's a ridiculous premise, but I'm looking at RAW here.

Here's another possible hiccup:

Share Training feature of Eldritch guardians:
At 2nd level, when the familiar can see and hear its master, it can use any combat feat possessed by the eldritch guardian. The familiar doesn't have to meet the feat's prerequisites, but at the GM's discretion may be precluded from using certain combat feats due to its physical form. For example, an eldritch guardian's pig familiar with access to Exotic Weapon Proficiency (spiked chain) would not gain the ability to use spiked chains, since it doesn't have any limbs capable of properly handling them.

This ability replaces the bonus feat gained at 2nd level.

I'm wondering if a GM might preclude them from using it.

I'd like to submit a fighter for the chaos side, if you're still accepting applicants. I can finish my profile tonight if you are. He should be able to contribute in and out of combat.

I know you said you're not a fan of unchained, so I assume that means no variant multiclassing or combat stamina feat?

Also, do you allow drawbacks to get an extra trait?

It would allow you to use the one-handed weapon trick feat which is decent. I'd still use a buckler with it, though.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Well, I thought last week's episode was above average compared to the previous few, but I'm still mad at their "tactics" and the choices that they make.

I watched this episode with my 6 (soon to be 7) year old daughter. It was interesting that I could teach her about how people were intolerant in the past of interracial marriage and homosexuality (though I still think that when you are trying to "blend in", you don't have your backstory be an interracial couple in the 50's, especially when the wife is the one that Savage wants to find and kill).

Anyway, as my daughter was watching the show and she saw Snart blast a guy with his gun, she was like: "Wait, that guy has a freeze gun? Why don't they just have him shoot Savage?" Indeed.

I mean, they were a little bit more tactical, but they had the knife, knew where Savage was living, and had the element of surprise. "We need to figure out what Savage is up to at the hospital". Why? Your mission is to kill him, not to dick around with all of his little plots throughout history.

Give Cold's gun to Ray, have him hide in Kendra's pocket at least during the meeting. Pop out, freeze his legs, blade to the heart. Game over.

True, I haven't, but I don't really have any interest to play Core. I prefer more options to fewer :-)

I'm interested, but I've done a couple of those. Would it be alright if I couldn't do every single one?

Petra Gritstone wrote:
Bing! Petra here. I have some possible tweaks/build stuff I'm gonna ask you about in PM, GM. Thanks for accepting me!

Cool, sounds good

Yes, my brother is the 5th player. But what's a government-sponsored "lottery" without a little nepotism? :-)

Ok, so as far as the lottery goes--anyone can sign up, but you apply as a group. So this AP assumes that you all have formed a group and applied together to explore the buildings in the soon-to-be-opened necropolis. So what I'd like to do before we get started is have all of you guys read each other's profiles and determine the extent to which you each know each other as well as a group name to submit to the lottery.

So you might not IC know all of the background info about some of the group members, but I think if we work together to craft a believable group background the beginning of the story will flow more smoothly.

Also, this will help me audit everyone's profiles in case someone has any slight errors that I may have missed (skill points off, etc). If you all could format your profiles like mine it will help in that regard (delineating where the bonuses come from with your skills, for example). If anyone needs to tweak their back story to help make the group mesh, we can do that.

Once we have our collective background and all profiles squared away, we will start the tomb raiding! Congratulations again!

Info to come soon. Congratulations to those of you who were selected!


Yep, I saw it. You’re good.


Thanks, got it

Volar and Say’ri:

You’re welcome!


Cool backstory and interesting character concept!


Cool character, I think you just need to add your two background skills. Good job!


Sounds good and you’re welcome!

Agreed, I am not looking forward to making cuts :-/

I just wanted to let everyone know that submissions will officially be closed at 9:00 PM Central US time on Thursday, 3/10.

Then I’ll take probably a day to pick the PCs, then we’ll have you guys make your collective background cohesive and probably start next week on Monday.


I don’t own that book—could you post a breakdown of what the mereitaur race is (fluff) and what the mechanical benefits are?


Sounds good.


Looks good


Mechanical things—you get Power Attack for free as a bonus feat (house rule). Is that really what the Tainted Soul drawback is? Yeesh, that’s steep! I might tweak it to make it not so debilitating. Your skill bonuses seem wrong—you have a 10 Int, but it looks like you’re penalizing yourself as though you had a -2 Int bonus.

Background—what is Puq’s motivation to enter the necropolis with a group of like-minded adventurers?


I really like your build—it’s similar to how I would do it. I like that your stats are well-rounded and I’m interested to see how an Eldritch Guardian plays out. It’s definitely solid. I also like how you wove in her background into her crunch as well as a motivation for delving into the necropolis. Great job!


Thanks, looks good.


I agree, that one fits better.


Everything looks good!


Looks good so far—I’m not familiar with Paths of War, so I’ll have to check out the Warder class in greater detail when I have a little more time. Just let me know when you finalize a background/story tie-in.




The profile says “see statblock”, but I don’t see anything in there. Did you forget to copy/paste?

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I'm ready to accept a few plot holes, sure. Although, what's up with the whole "not knowing where Savage is" repeating story arcs? Savage isn't a time traveler, he's immortal. Remember when Rip got the drop on him in Ancient Egypt by himself, but couldn't pull the trigger (for whatever reason--he has no problem murdering lackeys every episode, but let me freeze when faced with the man who murdered my family)? Could we travel back to that location 5 minutes earlier, have Snart freeze Savage's legs, and have Kendra plant the dagger in his chest? That was quick.

Fine, whatever, you can't do that. My main issues are what should be a rich opportunity for several different stories has just been the same exact story EVERY EPISODE.

LoT Episodes 1- infinite
1) Crisis, we need to locate a macguffin.
2) Split up the team, leave the other half on the ship.
3) While Team A moves to secure the macguffin, Team B ditches out on a different task.
4) One of the teams gets in jeopardy.
5) Teams coalesce in an *epic battle and save each other, but Savage gets away.

*Epic battle = Ray flies in and shoots a couple random blasts! Hawkgirl swoops in and hits two mooks! Sarah knocks out a couple mooks with a stick! Firestorm flies in dramatically! Mick and Snart run in and...shoot their fire and ice over the heads of the mooks to "scare" them!

Seriously, you have a crazed arsonist and when he arrives with the cavalry he doesn't kill ANYONE? I guess you want it to be a "family show", but why aren't the villains on your team going for kill shots?

Second issue--Rip is the worst field general in history, but everyone who meets him who has heard of him treats him like he's time-traveler Batman.

Seriously, Vandal is tough, but why fight fair? Snart, freeze him. Kendra, kill him. Done.

Look at the last episode...

Rip's awesome tactics:

"Ok, so there's a ship that is holding our macguffin. We know it's a trap. Who should I take with me? Hmm. Ok, I'll take old guy, young guy with messed up ACL, and psychopath murderer."

"Captain, do you want to take the criminal mastermind who can keep the psychopath in check?"


"How about the master assassin who is great at stealth, or the super genius who has a suit that can both shrink and allow him to sneak around, or bring amazing weapons to the fight?

"Nah, we're good. I mean, if need be, old guy and hurt guy can form a nuclear powerhouse."

---5 min later----
"Crap, we need to leave someone on the ship. Old guy, you stay here. I'll take hurt guy and psychopath."

"But, then you don't have nuclear powerhouse anymore..."

"It's cool, I have a pistol and psychopath has a fire gun. Plus, hurt guy is a mechanic, so he can disable any futuristic technology we might face. We got this."


Fate’s Favored is fine—yes, it’s powerful with a sacred Tattoo Half-Orc, but I’ve done it before so I’d be a pretty big hypocrite if I said you couldn’t. :-)


That makes sense—fair point.


Minor thing—Your HP says “Toughness +1” but it should say “Con +1”. Very minor, but in case you later get the Toughness feat, it could matter. Another minor thing—near your spells prepared it says your specialty is necromancy, but elsewhere it says Conjuration (and it looks like that’s the correct one).

The character is certainly interesting—I like the background and she can be integrated into any group given her motivations. She does seem to have a “lack of scruples” as you also noted in her backstory. Done right this could lead to interesting RP with the other PCs. Do you think it would lead to too much strife/could possibly clash with the interests of other PCs who have perhaps more noble intentions? Would she be able to work with others to achieve a greater goal than she could alone?


Thanks, sounds good!


Thank you, that does help. I definitely wasn’t fishing for an apology or trying to pry into your life, it was just something I had to bring up. If the situation was reversed, I’d want the GM to let me know that could potentially impact my status. And as a GM I don’t want to let people down, since they’ve spent a lot of time and effort make characters and the unenviable task of choosing people rests on my shoulders. ;-)

That wasn't a fluff question, but a crunch question. Literally, what does the trait do? :-)


Mechanical thing: You should begin with the Throw Anything feat as a bonus feat. Since you don’t gain the Discovery class feature until level 2, you can’t choose the Extra Discovery Feat at Level 1, unfortunately.

Background: I’m not sure the Church of Pharasma would essentially trade someone into slavery, but supposing that happened—why does Trevor have to be a eunuch? I understand this rich merchant he worked for had a harem, but it is a bit jarring that the church would sell someone into mutilation and slavery. Just wondering your thoughts on that.


Nah, no suggestions on my end and it wasn’t a major thing. I just thought xenophobia wouldn’t be a trait found in an aspiring Pathfinder. I’m too busy reading/responding to submissions to look up drawbacks for you ;-)


Cool, just post on the thread when you have everything finished.


Very cool story! I like the concept, I like the character, and I have a soft spot for Halfling rogues (though my first one was a “thief”, not rogue). The only (fairly minor) concern I have is your strength value. Once you hit 15 lbs. you’re at medium encumbrance, and your armor is already half that number. This is going to hurt your ranged damage too, if you’re using a sling. Now, if you could use a crossbow and alchemical splash weapons or whatnot until you get dex-to-damage you’d probably be fine but, again, then you'd be carrying more stuff. I suppose a MW backpack could account for that (to an extremely small degree). Any thoughts on how you can manage a 6 strength? I don’t want to tell you what to do, but wouldn’t an 18 Dex after racial mod be an acceptable starting point? That would free up some much-needed strength points. I don’t know, just a thought.


I can’t find the Mereitaur race anywhere. Can you please provide me with a link?


This is an awesome character concept! Kiirok is unique, has a great tie-in to this adventure path, and I love his motivations for wanting to sign on with someone. It’s a cool angle to have a character who wants to see deadly traps in action to gain appreciation for the “craft”. Great idea!

I unfortunately have one issue that I want to be honest about, and really I’d like to get your thoughts on. I recognized your name and double checked and, sure enough, last summer you played as a character in a PFS game I ran here on PBP. You vanished mid-way through the game with no warning and never came back at any point to give any explanation or apology for why you left. I understand RL happens, but this is a major red flag to me. That was only a fast-paced, few-weeks-long PFS scenario. This is, what I hope will be, a very long (probably years-long) AP. I am concerned that, if chosen, the same thing would happen again. If you have an amazing character and story but leave after a few weeks, that’s worse than if you were never chosen at all, because it puts the rest of the party (and me) in a really bad position. Do you see my point? Do you honestly believe that you could commit to a long-term game here?


Interesting twist to have the human parent be the less-caring/nurturing one and having Seshra seek out an actually positive Orc father. I like that. Have you considered what Seshra’s motivation would be to join up with others to explore ancient ruins in the Wati necropolis?


Everything looks good, but could you please provide me with a link for the “child of two peoples” trait? I can’t seem to find it. Also, please refrain from further submissions. If everyone sends in 2-3 characters I won’t be able to start until 2017. ;-)


A few things—you gain Power Attack as a bonus feat, since you meet the prerequisites. Also, you have three traits, but you’re only supposed to have a total of two (unless you take a drawback, but I don’t see one in your profile). As for your backstory/motivation—good, I like it!

Phew, I'm going to have to take a break for a while, hehe.

I'm thinking Thursday night, a week should be enough. Then we'll take a day or two to mesh everyone's backstories and we'll get started.

You're welcome! If you have limited rounds of rage, buy some Shoanti Chew. It stains your mouth/teeth red, but it lasts for an hour and makes it so any time you rage, the rage lasts for an additional round. So if you conserve your Rage until the end of a fight, or if you have a way to mitigate fatigue, it can really help.

Does your GM allow drawbacks? They're basically negative traits that allow you to choose an extra positive trait. Sounds like Overprotective fits your character. I can post the link later.

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