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Belkar Bitterleaf

mbauers's page

RPG Superstar 9 Season Star Voter. FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 642 posts (5,664 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 3 Pathfinder Society characters. 24 aliases.


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Star Voter Season 9

Ok, so the rules state it has to be a 72 ppi.jpg. Is that the same as a 72 dpi resolution jpg?

If not, how can I tell if it's 72 ppi? I checked the properties to find the 72 dpi.

Star Voter Season 9

What if we added 3 columns to the google sheet so people could post if they voted up, down, or tie (just keep a tally so we can check how our items are doing). Would this be allowed because it's anonymous, or would this be frowned upon because it could potentially influemce voters?

Star Voter Season 9

chaoseffect wrote:
Rabbitball wrote:
I've had the honor of seeing my item come up twice, and it was listed before I could put it up there, which means it has been seen at least three times.
I can't even lie; one of the reasons I've been voting all day is the vague hope that I will come across my item and see if I can objectively say it beats out its random competitor. I haven't found it yet, but hey, at least others have as it is on the list.

Same here with mine, but I've seen multiple items multiple times. I don't know if that's good news for me, or bad.

Star Voter Season 9

Lab_Rat wrote:
As far as distance doesn't work in pathfinder well by RAW. The game is built around relatively short distances. Lets take a perception score of 35. That's 20 skill points + 10 wis modifier + 5 extra gimme points. Now lets say you take 20 from your sniper perch. So your perception check is a 55. Pretty high huh? Not really. DC to detect a visible creature is 0 but modified at +1 per 10ft of distance. So, you can't actually detect a visible creature beyond 550 ft. No matter how far you could can't shoot something you can't see.

You could use a Hunter who sends his Ac to get eyes on the target and looks through its eyes. I don't remember what level hunter that requires, though.

Star Voter Season 9

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
R D Ramsey wrote:
Is it Item, Map, Monster, Encounter, Proposal?
Details will be forthcoming in advance of each round, but yes.

I understand we will get more details soon, but does anyone know how to find the details for the map round from last year's Superstar? I'm new to RPGSS and I've been looking around at past submissions. I found the actual maps that people submitted, but I couldn't find the rules for that round.

I'm not presuming that I'll advance to the top 32, but if I do I'd like to have planned a little beforehand, if possible.

Star Voter Season 9

Thanks for doing this! Sending you my current draft.

Star Voter Season 9

I have a 3 Hunter and a 3 Bloodrager I'd like to play.

Star Voter Season 9

Flanwaw wrote:

Heya, I'm new here as well, and I'm feeling ambitious enough to try for this thing - feeling really bolstered looking through all the past submissions and forum stuff. People have put together some really creative stuff over the years in this competition - I hope I can compete and i'm definitely going to try.

And this may be a bit forward, but I'm a big believer in learning by doing - so I hope someone here'll have the patience to give this quick practice submission a friendly go-over. Just so i can start to get into the swing of things. I'm fully aware this item has some problems, and one of the construction requirement spells 'blood money' isn't in the prd. But I'm trying to follow the advice given a few pages back that one shouldn't submit top-32 potentials in the practice thread.

Blood Merchant's Gloves
Aura faint transmutation; CL 3rd
Slot Hand; Price 4500gp; Weight - lbs.
These gloves, sewn with red silk and inlaid with gold, reek of wealth and death.

These gloves allow the wielder to treat gold coins as +1 darts, and are automatically proficient in their use. These darts are destroyed on use like normal darts.

Additionally, when these darts are used to successfully damage an enemy a number of golden coins, completely real and usable as currency, appear at the feet of the damaged enemy equal to the number rolled on the 1d4 damage roll for the dart.This secondary ability can be used up to fifteen times a day.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Items, Blood Money, Magic Weapon; Cost 2250 gp

Hmm, are we supposed to put the name of the item in all caps? I thought I read somewhere that we are not, but in the CRB the names are all caps.

I know that we're supposed to put the name in a separate field and also in the body of the submission, so I guess that question applies to both spots where we type the name of the item.

Speaking of names--the name is giving me the most difficulty for my item right now.

Star Voter Season 9

Mike Kimmel wrote:
mbauers wrote:

So, the CRB has prerequisites for items underlined because they are linked to those spells, feats, etc in the CRB. Are we supposed to underline prereqs when we format, or no?


No underlining. They're looking for the format which appears in the books, not on the hyperlinked PRD.

EDIT: In fact, I don't even see them underlined in the PRD. Maybe you're looking at

Hmm, what about the weapon properties in the body of the text ("this +1 longsword") or the spells as prereqs. Those appear to be italicized in both the CRB and the PRD.

Are we supposed to italicize?

Sorry for nit-picking, but I don't want to get rejected on a technicality.

Star Voter Season 9

My CRB pdf has them underlined, but it's links to the appropriate feats and spells. Ok, no underlining. Thanks!

Star Voter Season 9

So, the CRB has prerequisites for items underlined because they are linked to those spells, feats, etc in the CRB. Are we supposed to underline prereqs when we format, or no?


Star Voter Season 9

I think Crowe the Bloodrager is pretty decent, IIRC, if you're looking for some melee beef.

Star Voter Season 9

I just signed up. The spot was listed as an alternate, but I was the 6th in.

TomG, what pregen are you leaning towards?

FWIW, my Skald is a Spell Warrior, so instead of giving everyone rage I give everyone magical weapons (or add properties to their weapons if they're already magical).

Star Voter Season 9

Fruian Thistlefoot wrote:

Bard and here is why:

The bloodrager already can rage, the wizard will never accept the buff, and str does very little for the Archer.

With the group you have a bard will shine more. The Archer and wizard can use a bards buff better, and the bards buff will stack with the bloodrager.

Easy enough answer for you.

Of course, those are also points in favor of a Spell Warrior Skald as well. And the Skald can cast in medium armor and shields, so you can wade into battle pretty decently (and certainly better than a bard).

Star Voter Season 9

Java Man wrote:
If you like skald the spell warrior will be your archetype, it trades raging song for weapon song, increases to enhancement or special abilities for your allies weapons. Those wielding the weapons benifit from your rage powers, and no rage penalties.

I was just going to say, Spell warrior skald is great. The bonus to weapons (and you can eventually add different weapon abilities instead of just the numerical bonuses) affects all weapons and doesn't require raging, so good for archers, dex fighters, summoned monsters, etc.

I have a PFS Spell Warrior Skald who has lesser spirit totem as his level 3 rage power. Played in a game with a bunch of classes that had pets and it was crazy damage. Should work well with what you're trying to accomplish.

Star Voter Season 9

I have a 4.2 Skald that I just need to update gear quickly. If you get 5 brave souls to head into Thornkeep, I'll be the 6th man.

Star Voter Season 9

Are the books a log of all the spammer threads invading the site? ;-)

* Star Voter Season 9

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Woo hoo, I get a free reroll because of my messenger bag! Great addition, and one that I was hoping for but not expecting!

Star Voter Season 9

Has anyone used Timely Inspiration in PFS?

"Cast this spell when a creature fails an attack roll or skill check. The target gains a +1 competence bonus per five caster levels (maximum +3 bonus) on the attack roll or skill check retroactively. If the bonus is enough to make the failure a success, the roll succeeds."

I ask because it was FAQ requested but never addressed. I assume this means table variation, but before I choose it for one of my limited spells known, I was wondering how do GMs in PFS typically rule it?

1) Levels 1-4 is no benefit, 5-9 is +1 bonus, 10-14 is +2 bonus


2) Levels 1-4 is +1 bonus, 5-9 is +2 bonus, 10-14 is +3 bonus

* Star Voter Season 9

I have a question still about the Skald's Rage powers:

"If the rage power's effects depend on the skald's ability modifier (such as lesser spirit totem), affected allies use the skald's ability modifier instead of their own for the purposes of this effect."

So I get that if I grant Lesser Spirit Totem to my allies they use my Cha mod instead of their own for the attacks and damage. But do they use their own BAB? It doesn't say that they use mine, only my ability mod.

Star Voter Season 9

What about a skald using Lesser Spirit Totem? I assume not, because the spirits are attacking using the Skald's BAB and Cha mod, but the spirits are not the wearer of the circlet.

Star Voter Season 9

Mark Seifter wrote:
mbauers wrote:

Mark, thanks for taking the time to answer questions and clarify things.

Does the Extra Rage Power Feat count as getting a rage power from "another source" and therefore can only be applied to the Skald himself, or can a Skald take the feat to learn more rage powers to grant to his allies in a rage song?

If there's somewhere else where this is clarified, I apologize for the redundancy.

No problem!

It was not felt to need an errata, so if you want an official clarification, you will need a FAQ. However, I can tell you unofficially that as far as I know, it is another source.

Great, thanks!

Star Voter Season 9

Mark, thanks for taking the time to answer questions and clarify things.

Does the Extra Rage Power Feat count as getting a rage power from "another source" and therefore can only be applied to the Skald himself, or can a Skald take the feat to learn more rage powers to grant to his allies in a rage song?

If there's somewhere else where this is clarified, I apologize for the redundancy.

Star Voter Season 9

Kalindlara wrote:
mbauers wrote:
Can someone link it, please? I can't find it.

It's on the Product Page... give me a minute.

Under Errata, near the bottom of your screen.

Thanks, got it!

So, anyone know if a Skald can use the Extra Rage Power feat to apply those rage powers to his allies when he uses rage song? I think that was FAQed, but it wasn't addressed in the errata. Is there FAQ on this somewhere? Sorry, never had to look this stuff up before

Star Voter Season 9

Can someone link it, please? I can't find it.

Star Voter Season 9

Yes, but Paizo announced they're fixing that in the errata. So pretty soon it will work!

Star Voter Season 9

So I have a Spell Warrior Skald and (post errata) he'll get to apply Rage Powers to his weapon song.

I'm thinking of Ice Linnorm Curse (rage power) and possibly giving everyone frost weapons. So if an enemy kills a little summoned creature, for example, they get hit with the ice linnorm curse and gain cold vulnerability (if they fail their save).

Ice Linnorm Curse says: The character’s melee attacks deal an additional 1 point of cold damage.

Would that stack with a frost weapon?

So I hit with a frost longsword, would it deal weapon damage plus 1d6 + 1 cold? So let's say I roll a 5, the curse bumps it to 6, and the vulnerability makes it 9 total cold damage? Is this right? Or do they not stack, or work separately against the vulnerability?

So 5 becomes 7, 1 stays at 1, so 8 cold damage?


Star Voter Season 9

Any further word on this, perhaps a tentative date? I'm printing up all of my Additional Resources for PFS and am just waiting on the ACG errata...

Star Voter Season 9

So, DM Zinou started up a Mists of Mwangi game a short while ago but I just saw from one of his posts that he is on vacation for a week or so with no internet. We literally just got the opening post and knowledge checks and that's it, with no heads up from the Dm that he was going to be out for a week. I'm not saying this to bad mouth him, but to say that had I known we weren't playing at all for at least this week (and maybe longer), I'd have not signed up and kept my character available for gen con.

I asked in the discussion thread if I could bow out of this game, but he won't see it because he has no net access. Given that we have literally JUST started, am I allowed to do drop? Or will I get penalized or forced to stay in the game and just wait it out?

I also posted it here in case, if I am allowed to drop, someone else wants to take my place.

Game thread

Star Voter Season 9

I will make a pregen profile and post soon

Star Voter Season 9

I'll join if I can, but here's the problem. I have a level 2 character that I COULD use, but I need him available for Gencon. I will use a level 4 pregen if that's allowed, which I believe it is because none of my characters are level 4 yet. Good?

Star Voter Season 9

If a creature with fast healing is hurt on the surprise round before its turn, does its fast healing work during the surprise round, or only during its full turn on Round 1?

Thanks in advance!

Star Voter Season 9

Dekalinder wrote:

The rules states that you cannot have the effects of two performance at the same time. Most people get confused by the rules that state that a bard can't mantain more than one performance at a time and forget this second explicitly stated restriction.

As it stands, strict RAW rends Virtuoso Performance quite usless. I'm assuming there should have been an exception to this rules stated in the spell description.

So if my party is benefiting from triple time I can't use Inspire Courage? Lame.

Or, if I start Inspiring Courage it suppresses the effects of triple time? Lame.

Or am I misunderstanding what you're saying?

Star Voter Season 9

Jaeger was lucky the sorcerer didn't know Dimension Door ;-) I also think she probably would've used cloudkill instead of fireball.

Anyway, that was a cool story, but I would've preferred it if you would've rolled the attacks instead of taking the average. Yes, it would've been more time consuming, but it would have given a more accurate picture of the vigilante doing his thing.

I'm not too familiar with the vigilante, though I think it looks pretty cool. How did he get to see in the dark? Is it a vigilante feature or stalker feature, or did you have some gear or ability I'm not seeing?

Star Voter Season 9

Woo hoo! My Spell Warrior Skald will be excited to be able to use the rage power he gains at level 3! ;-)

Star Voter Season 9

Does the bonus for masterwork musical instruments apply to day job checks using that skill?

I'm looking at perform (percussion)--Sure, I could get a drum, but could I get a darkwood maraca or something? Looking for something different, and hopefully something I could use in one hand.

Star Voter Season 9

Yeah, I'm a dwarf hunter, 8 cha. My handle animal isn't the best, even with the +4 bonus. I really don't want to go through several scenarios with an AC who can't do anything and pay $10 to do it (need to get the pdf of the bestiary 4 or whatever for the new companion), only to fail the handle animal roll at the end and do it all again. It's not fair to the other members of the party, too, to have someone just sitting there not doing much. As far as bonus tricks, I have one, so it would be attack. But one trick in attack only lets you fight humanoids, monstrous humanoids, giants, or other animals. Constructs, undead, magical beasts, aberrations, my new creature would just sit there. Not to mention it will keep attacking and kill a subdued opponent since I don't have "heel".

I know I post a lot of rules questions on here, and I appreciate all of the feedback and discussion on these issues from everyone. It does seem that there is some variation between what different GMs rule on certain things, which is fine, but in this case if I buy the PDF and redo everything and I'm told I can't use it, then I'll be mad (vs my current state of just disappointment).

Is there a VC or something I can talk to to get it straightened out officially before I invest further time and money on the issue?

Star Voter Season 9

bluedove wrote:
mbauers wrote:
Can I train the new creature in between scenarios? Without the attack trick, things could get ugly, lol.

Indeed it could! Fortunately, you get to begin with bonus tricks at least. This was the closest FAQ item to the subject.

PFS FAQ wrote:

How is the replacement of a dead familiar, animal companion or paladin’s or cavalier's mount handled?

If you lose a companion during the course of a scenario, work with your GM for that scenario to properly note the loss on your Chronicle sheet. You should also note that you’ve gained your new companion. The new companion is ready for play in the next scenario after your previous companion died. Newly summoned animal companions begin play knowing a number of tricks equal to the bonus tricks granted based on your druid level. All other tricks require the use of Handle Animal to train the new animal companion as normal.

Regarding "as normal":

PFS FAQ wrote:

How can I teach tricks to an animal using Handle Animal?

You can teach any animal a trick so long as you follow the rules for Handle Animal on pages 97–98 of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook. A GM must observe your Handle Animal check, and must initial what tricks the animal gained in the "Conditions Gained" section of the scenario's Chronicle sheet. The first time a character with levels in druid, ranger, or any other class that grants an animal companion gains an animal companion, the animal enters play knowing its maximum number of tricks as dictated by the animal companion's Intelligence and the character's effective druid level. If the character replaces the animal companion for any reason, the new animal starts with no tricks known, save for bonus tricks granted based on the PC's effective druid level. Once per scenario, you may attempt to train the animal companion a number of times equal to the number of ranks you have in

Thanks for the info! And wow, does this really suck! I mean, I understand not wanting people to frivolously change ACs, but my new one would start out with one bonus trick and I'll now have to take forever attempting two checks per scenario. I think this will basically make the character unplayable, at least for gen con, as I doubt I'll be able to play enough to get the AC at least a few tricks. I'm pretty disappointed.

Star Voter Season 9

Can I train the new creature in between scenarios? Without the attack trick, things could get ugly, lol.

Star Voter Season 9

And, as I sit here looking for what options to continue with my character I have just figured out that my Animal Companion I've been using (Spinosaurus) isn't PFS-legal, and I'm already level 2.

Son of a ...

How do I go about fixing this so I don't have to scrap the character? It was a really dumb mistake, but for some reason I never thought that AC choices would be restricted/would require additional resources.

Star Voter Season 9

Well, if you look at the example they provide of the solidsmoke pipeweed, only halflings can benefit from it because the item specifies that (right in the description of the item). I take that to mean that, because the darkleaf cloth doesn't specify it only works on elves, that anyone can use it.

Star Voter Season 9

Talwin Bernhold wrote:

The tall, powerfully built taxman returns and reads from a scroll:

"The following are to report for briefing if other duties have not called them away:"


Starting up Song of the Sea Witch. Please check in if you're still interested.

Regrettably, I'm out. I don't want to risk my characters tied up for Gen Con :-(

Star Voter Season 9

Yeah, I don't think you need to be elf or half elf:

"Note: Alternate racial traits, racial archetypes, racial evolutions, racial feats, and racial spells are only available for characters of the associated race. Racial equipment and magic items can be purchased and used by any race as long as the specific item permits it (for example, only halflings can purchase and use solidsmoke pipeweed)"

Star Voter Season 9

Steven_Evil wrote:
It does 1 bleed damage for 1d6 rounds. It's worded badly, but that was the official ruling if I remember right.

That is significantly less good, lol.

Star Voter Season 9

Shifty wrote:

Mithral Shirt for a Large Creature...

Armor for Unusual Creatures wrote:

Armor and shields for unusually big creatures, unusually little creatures, and non-humanoid creatures (such as horses) have different costs and weights from those given on Table: Armor and Shields. Refer to the appropriate line on Table: Armor for Unusual Creatures and apply the multipliers to cost and weight for the armor type in question.

This is very specific, because it is telling you precisely where and when to do the calculation, namely, to the line item cost in the section 'Table:armour and shields'.

There is no such wording in the cost for the Mithral, it simply prescribes a a sum that is to be added to the cost.

So the difference is that the 'multiplier' specifies where it needs to be.

This also makes sense in that the multipliers are very different even though the size of the armour doesn't change. A Large humanoid is x2 and a Large non-humanoid is x4, yet the size and weight of the armour doesnt change, so why would it cost an additional 2000 for materials when no additional materials were used?

Anyhow, the whole thing is a mess, some items are by weight, some are flat fee. It's a bunfight.

That's all my opinion anyhow, its a broken system that makes little sense, so apply the most simple logic - and BODMAS.

#TLDR; Large Chain Shirt non-humanoid in Mith = 1400gp.

So I can buy a medium-sized darkleaf cloth leather lamellar armor for my Animal Companion for (60 x2) + 750 = 870 gp? That doesn't seem too bad. I think it's worth 435 for him to have decent armor for 4 levels.

Star Voter Season 9

Are thistle arrows as awesome as they sound? For one gold piece my arrow does bleed damage for 1d6 rounds? Just with gravity bow and a decent shot I'm doing 10 bleed damage for 3 or 4 rounds from one shot? Seems brutal at low level. I'm considering getting the adventurer's armory just for these arrows.

Star Voter Season 9

There are several threads on this, but I was wondering if there has been any clarification on it for PFS--if I want to buy barding made of a special material (medium sized animal) what gets doubled in the cost? Let's use mitral chain shirt, for example. The 100 base cost becomes 200. Does the 1000 for mithral get doubled to 2000? For darkleaf cloth, does 750 get doubled to 1.5k? If I just get masterwork armor for barding, does the 150 MW cost get doubled?

Also, suppose I have armor for my AC when he's medium sized and I hit level 7, making him large sized? Is there anything I can do to change it to large armor, or would I have to sign it and buy new armor?

Star Voter Season 9

What about spells like Frostbite--can I cast Frostbite on my AC so she can deliver the charges with her natural attacks?

Star Voter Season 9

Ok, so while I was driving home I thought of another example that might help. You think I’m being wishy washy about changing when something is or isn’t a weapon,and I see how you could interpret that from what I’ve said. Allow me to clarify--something’s use defines what it is. If a crowbar is in my backpack, it is not a weapon. If I’m using it to open a door, it’s not a weapon. If I club someone with it, it is a weapon at that moment and benefits from the skald’s song.

I think this should always be the case if you consider certain examples.

Suppose I buy a steak knife. The maker of the knife is creating the knife for the intent of me to cut my meat with it. If I take the steak knife and stab someone with it, is it a weapon? I say yes.

Suppose I am a baseball player with a baseball bat. The maker designed it to be a tool in a game. If I smack someone with it, is it a weapon at that moment? I say yes.

Now consider that in pathfinder terms. I can have someone make me a masterwork club. The wood carver makes it with the purpose of me bashing skulls with it. That’s a weapon, right? Of course. What if I take a chair and break off one of the chair legs. Now I’m holding the chair leg. Was its intended use as a weapon? No. But when I hold it in my hand with the intent to bash someone with it, it is a weapon.

What distinguishes a chair leg from a club? They both are blunt wooden objects that are being used to harm someone. The only difference is the intent with which they were created, which I don’t think matters.

As far as appearing on the weapon chart, consider this:

Suppose I create a dart board and fashion some darts to use as a game in a tavern in Riddleport. If someone takes one of those darts and throws it at someone, is it a weapon? I say yes, even though it was intended to be a game piece.

So, doesn’t an item’s use define what it is?

Star Voter Season 9

If an improvised weapon doesn't exist, why do feats an traits that apply to improvised weapons exist?

You can't have someone craft an improvised weapon for you. The minute you use something as an improvised weapon, that's what it is.

An improvised weapon is a weapon, yes. When I'm using it as such and the skald starts singing, it is granted an enhancement bonus. Why? Because it is a weapon.

If the song turned the crowbar into a magic spear that I used as a club, I would agree with you. But it doesnt. Im not using an already encounter weapon as an improvised weapon. I'm using an improvised weapon, which is a weapon, so it gains an enhancement bonus.

If we can't even agree about what we are disagreeing about, there's not much point in you and I continuing this further, right?

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