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matthew robbins's page

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in my game system i use:

roll a 1, roll again if you roll 10 or higher normal miss 10 or less, reroll on my critical miss table which is as follows
1-10: normal miss no penalties
11: miss and forfeit next attack
12: weapon thrown, 1d3 rounds to recover
13: weapon thrown sticks into wall table etc, no retrieval until combat is over
14: weapon breaks, saving throw if magical at dc vs strength
15: nearby comrade struck, no strength or magical bonuses
16: nearby comrade struck, strength and magical bonuses apply
17: nearby comrade struck, reroll on applicable critical hit chart(i have 3 for each weapon type bludgeoning, slashing and piercing)
18: strike self for normal damage no bonuses
19: strike self add bonuses
20: strike self reroll on critical hit chart

coincidently back to back 20's are treated as instant kills, no save no nothing, all my players seem to like it consindereing it is a double edged sword meaning i use against them as well

Hey guys this book is super i have ben in agaming group for atotal of 14 sesions, and it is way col thebok is well worth the money if you checkimsure you can beat the 10 price tag amzaon has it for 69.95 with free shipping... it may not be fun fun if your a strict rules lawyer but if your any good at "roleplaying" you will enjoy your self feel free to check out our progress at under the worlds largest dungeon thread... I play Keg Abeer the half-orc/half-dwarf fighter barbarian...

ive been looking thru some old back issues and cant find the flaws for wizards did i miss em or are they non-existent as of yet im designing a new baddie for my world and hes an evil wizard that has delved into kidnapping(hence the adventure hook) but i want him to be extra bad(and as we all know bad guys usually have at least one weak spot) so i wanted to use the flaws im thinking of possibly the "loudmouth" from the bard list and maybe the ponderous spellcaster from the cleric flaw list...what do you guys think....

I love being able to congregate with others of like mind this is great...

I have the maps in question and are great for the "world at a glance view" i randomly place my dungeons have interaction in the larger towns kept to a minimum but there are better maps out there but for these the price was right would love to see more in the future...would also like to see more of the free dice and such in the issues freebies are an added perk and it gives you something to use in the next gaming session, i use the odd little six sider from i guess issue 290 for exclusive charachter generation because it is friggin awesome...

Yes that would be most sweet and to further the idea how about make DRAGONS look like dragon scales and color them a different color every year for each spieces of such and with DUNGEONS you could make them different colors and patterns of stone both natural and man made such as cobblestone, paver block, rough hewn stone, cave floors marble and what not and even at the end of the year make the whole year and the slipcase available as a gift set deliverable in time for christmas that would be sweet heck just the slipcases would be cool come on powers that be? what say you???

ive played a druid once and it was pretty cool they are like priests with a dash of eco-nut thrown in for good measure, i like the nature based abilities, if you do alot of adventuring in forest jungles what not a druid makes almost as good a scout if not better than a ranger and in the wilderness much better than a rogue, my druid didnt last too long as my party who was led by a do gooder paladin accepted a contract with a local city to bolster the town watch and unfortunately my poor druid went stark raving insane and committed suicide so then i made a rogue with much ranks of diplomacy and bluff and taunt and stole the leadership from him and had him implicated in a very heinous crime, but i digress druids are very cool for those of us that want to now and again become an eco warrior...and the best part is the animal companion...

I also enjoy the flaws and some are interchangeable as long as you meet the prerequisite, like i have a human barbarian 2nd level that has the flaws solitary paragon from the flaws for paladins, loudmouth from flaws for bards so they are easily interchangeable but i agree some of the class specific ones will be great once you get to the wizards and monks...

The submission idea sounds pretty cool and i agree that you should present newer angles one that i thought might be cool is if you linked the followers of each deity with a quasi prestige class like the old specialty priest from 2nd ed. ad&d, or added adventure hooks to ie: a pc that was orphaned and raised by bugbears or some such... could be cool...

I thought issue 326 was great although i agree with the mini's article i dont play mini's at all and the only reason i use for is to give my children something to visualize while we are palying. The Ecology article was great and cant wait to see the next one, would like to see a myconid, neogi or maybe even a displacer beast or a doppleganger those are some very interesting creatures that sort of break the mold when it comes to standard dungeon fare...also love the class acts every month those are so cool from the moment i first saw em i started to used them makes roleplaying more interesting gives you some quirks and if nothing else conversation around the mead hall when you try to explain why your a pacifist cleric of Tempus makes for very good conversation...

I use them all and have even made about a half-dozen copies of each one for larger terrain layouts laminate and use dry erase pens for aoe and things of that nature the huge realms map i taped together and had laminated and am using it for my FR campaign. Since it is laminated i have marked out boundaries of smaller territories and given them all rulers and even marked out my partys progression across the world its really handy, the sewer set that came out about a year ago i guess was the cooles because about 6 months ago i ran an adventure about the sewers of Baldurs Gate and was able to link all of the pieces and the color copies together to make a roughly 4'x 6' sewer complex and then use mini's of goblins and an otyugh to really flesh out the game it was wicked bad cool!

Heya Patrick try online sites for the books amazon and buy em used thats what i did got several of the books for less than half cover price 3 edition only not 3.5 but the 3.5 update is on the web at wizards site for nothing. I've been playing for about 12 years and am currently teaching my 6 and 7 year old to play and they love it try to find other kids in the neighborhood who like the pc game and console versions of the dnd games then you got the foundation layed and the rest is just moving it to pen and paper...also a subscription to dragon is indispensable...

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