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mathpro18's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 561 posts (3,194 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. 1 wishlist. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 22 aliases.


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Hey guys,

My wife and I are interested in starting up a new gaming group in our home in Florissant, MO. Right now we have the GM(either me or my wife) and 2 players(who ever isn't GMing and my sister-in-law) . It will more than likely(like 99% sure) to be me running to start with and then once we get more comfortable with each other and my wife gets comfortable she might try running a few sessions.

Here is what we are looking for in players:
Age 25-45
Able to play with newer players
Able to "go with the flow"(no rules lawyers)
Single(lol just kidding, threw that one up for my sister-in-law)
Non smoker
Drinking is okay but only in moderation(don't want to have to call a taxi for you at the end of the night)
Pet friendly(we have 5 cats and 2 dogs though the dogs are most likely going to be outside)
Good personal Hygiene

Other than that we're pretty flexible about who we play with. We are recently married and have just started going back to school on top of working so we're looking to do something together that can help de-stress from a long week of studying/classes.

Right now we're looking at every other Friday night to play. Once we figure out how life is going to work out with school we might consider Saturday/Sunday games as well but for right now lets try to shoot for Friday. As I mentioned we'll be using Pathfinder rules. We can discuss specifics later but I'll be running an AP(to be decided by the group) if I GM and I'm pretty sure my wife will want to do the same when she GM's.

Anyone interested can feel free to post here or ask for my contact info and I can PM it to you.

Wouldn't you be afraid of it eating Lem?

Oh I know Calistria is the good S&M god I just don't see Kyra being into it. She seems to prudish but then again...she's been with Meri for a while now...who knows maybe she's starting to lighten up. Hmm...that's kind of a pun when talking about a cleric of the sun God...

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I know there are several threads around here where DM's complain about the players they had/have. So I thought why not start a thread where we can brag on our players a little bit.

What have been the situations that you totally expected to go one way but they found a creative way around your expectations? And it was so creative/unexpected you just had to make it work, even if it interfered with the next 10 sessions of plot.

I remember I was running Raise of the Runelords(AE) for a group of new friends. It was our second or third session playing together so we were kind of feeling each other out still. I had kind of expanded Aldern's character a little more than what was presented in the book to kind of foreshadow some of the future events(vague to avoid spoilers) and my party was convinced there was something up with this guy. It became a matter of obsession for the group almost and during this particular session they set up the Rogue on a date with him. The party Bard decided to tag along and make sure the rogue was safe. What made this a really memorable experience is these were two brand new players to any type of table top rpg so to see them step up and role play this date, which lasted like half the session, was just awesome. I wish I was that comfortable with my rp skills lol.

Merisiel Sillvari wrote:

Probably not. Because that'd change everything I love about her. But fortunately, I don't see that ever happening. And fortunately, the sex is ALREADY quite interesting.

I don't see it being whips and chains interesting which Zon Kuton would smile upon. hmm...I like that alliteration...

If you had to fight an cleric of an evil God which God would you rather they represent? Which evil God's followers would you least like to battle against(to hard/scary/crazy)?

If Kyra converted over to be a follower of Zon Kuthon would you still be with her? You have to admit the sex might get a little more...interesting. Unless your not into pain play then it would be horrible.

Have you and her discussed the different moral standings between her goddess and yours? Has your difference in believes put any pressure on your relationship before?

Have any of your adventuring party ever gotten caught up in the moment after a victory against evil and taken things to a overly physical point with you or another party member and later regretted it?

I will +1 that Jester that's a heck of an idea and it kind of solves the issue that Sarah mentioned. The only issue I have with it is possibly switch out one of the freelancers for Crystal Frasier.

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James Jacobs wrote:
mathpro18 wrote:
I started my own thread for this question as well but I thought I would ask here as well. Would you or any other staff member ever be interested in running a pathfinder campaign at PaizoCon where the players are Paizo staff members or other celebrities? I think there would be a rather large section of the fanbase that would be interested in seeing this and it would be a great first hand look at how to run games. Has this kind of thing ever been discussed in house before?
Like a demonstration game? Run in a seminar room for folks to watch us play? Would that be something people want? hmm.

Run in a seminar room for folks to watch you play. It wouldn't have to be a demo game but could be if you wanted...that would actually be a pretty great way to get new players into the game I would think. This is what gave me the idea. They've been running at PAX for years.

I started my own thread for this question as well but I thought I would ask here as well. Would you or any other staff member ever be interested in running a pathfinder campaign at PaizoCon where the players are Paizo staff members or other celebrities? I think there would be a rather large section of the fanbase that would be interested in seeing this and it would be a great first hand look at how to run games. Has this kind of thing ever been discussed in house before?

I was wondering if:

1) It would be possible to possibly have a slot for PaizoCon dedicated to watching celebrities playing Pathfinder? Kind of like Acquisitions Incorperated does at PAX.

2) If said celebrities could be Paizo staff?(James Jacobs, Lisa Stevens, Erik Mona, and Jason Buhlman(sp?) jump to mind as an awesome group for this).

3) If said celebrities could be a combination of Paizo staff/old TSR staff(Ed Greenwood comes to mind)?

4) If we could steal Will Wheaton(of former Acquisitions Incorperated fame) to participate in this as a celebrity?(I'm guessing not but its worth a shot).

5) If Paizo was willing to slot this how many fans of Paizo would be interested in such a thing? I know I would be.

Kyra I asked Meri if she'd thought about being wed to you and she ran away before answering the question so I'll ask you, has the topic of marriage come up between the two of you? If you were to have a wedding who, of your iconic friends, would you invite? And are there any that you would invite that would turn you down? I just recently got married and we invited over 150 people but only about 22 showed up...

Just wanted to pop in and say Congrats to Paizo for getting nominated for and winning 10 Ennies. That's super amazing and it shows you that we the fan's are behind you. Congrats and hopefully I will see you next year...still trying to convince my wife to let us go lol.

Merisiel Sillvari wrote:
mathpro18 wrote:
ulgulanoth wrote:
Meri will we ever see you and Kyra in more casual wear, or dare even, fancy dresses?

Meri doesn't seem like the fancy dress type...but I'm sure Kyra could convince her to wear one if needed.

Meri speaking of fancy dresses have you given much thought to Marriage? Or are you and Kyra not at that stage in your relationship yet?

If you were to have a wedding who, of your iconic friends, would you invite? And are there any that you would invite that would turn you down? I just recently got married and we invited over 150 people but only about 22 showed up...


** spoiler omitted **

hmm that was odd...well off to ask Kyra the same question *goes to find and resurrect the ask Kyra thread*

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Not sure if this is where to put this but I'm sure if its the wrong spot one of our friendly mods will move it.

For those of you who are interested spoilered below is a bit of background that will help frame this a little.

Family history:

Due to some irrelevant events in my wives past she has lost custody of all 6 of her children so I don't get much time with my kids. What time we do get is with only our 13 and 16 year old boys since her mom has custody of them and has agreed to let us see them. I hadn't met either of the boys until the day before my wedding 4 months ago so building our relationship has been...difficult to say the least. We also live 3 states away from them.

I just wanted to let everyone know I've successfully gotten my step son addicted to Pathfinder. I believe I've even managed to stave off his trying of 4th and possibly 5th edition in favor of Pathfinder though that surly wasn't my intent.

He's been expressing interest in table top gaming for a little while to me through our limited time together(see spoiler above) and with them visiting us for about 2 weeks I figured this would be a great time to try to get him into the fold. He had mainly expressed an interest in D&D because that's what his friends family plays so I was slightly concerned that he wouldn't take to Pathfinder. I got him the beginner box about a month ago and impatiently waited for the time to give it to him.

That time came on day 2 of their visit between doing other activities with the family. He saw the immense library of books I had down stairs where the boys were sleeping and started to ask me about them. After a few minutes of conversation I asked if he'd like to give Pathfinder a try and he said he would but didn't know where to get started. I just let out a casual laugh and gave him the beginner box. He's eyes went wide and immediately gave me a hug. I was actually taken aback by it because it was the first time that he'd hugged me when I wasn't leaving a visit so that was another monumental moment in our relationship. He then ran down stairs and tore it open. I haven't seen him this excited about something since we met and it felt good to know that it was something I have him that was bringing that Joy.

We were leaving about 15 minutes late to go see a movie and all the way there he talked about the type of character he wanted to play and even created a background off the top of his head. I knew then that we might have a success on our hands but I didn't know the level of it. We made plans to go to the game store the next day to get him a set of dice and some other books so he could start learning about Pathfinder. Being that he is 16 and incredibly mature and intelligent for his age I thought he could handle the full rule set so I planned on getting him the core rulebook.

The next day we went to the game store and he and his brother picked out their own sets of dice and we picked up the bestiary, the game masters guide, and a copy of Raise of the Runelords adventure path so he would have something to run his brother through when they went home. The store didn't have the core rulebook and we were slightly disappointed but I let him know he could use my autographed copy as long as he promised to be careful with it and didn't forget to give it back.

All the way home he sat in silence reading the bestiary and I knew he was hooked. He practically dragged me down to the basement where him and I started to work on his character as well as his brothers character. I had a work meeting I had to attend to unfortunately I had to leave soon after getting back from the store but my wife was nice enough to finish up all the characters so we could play when I got back.

I flew home after my meeting and we quickly scarfed down dinner and raced off to the basement. There we sat, him, my wife, my sister-in-law, his brother, and I around the table which I have spent many many hours playing pathfinder. It felt almost surreal to be sitting down here with two of my kids after just meeting them 4 months prier. We quickly wrapped up any final details on characters characters and then we were off to start the adventure.

We made it through my almost 2 hour role-play session in Sandpoint before the adventure even began and I found out what an amazing role player he is. Not only did I see him come out of his shell but he showed great innovation when interacting with the NPC's I had in town. We then set off on the actual adventure and made it through the first couple of rooms and played until about 2 in the morning before we had to call it quits so I could get some sleep. With in minutes he was on Skype telling his friend back home all about Pathfinder.

The last week and a half have been spent finishing up the beginner box and then transitioning to the full rules and starting on Carrion Crown. He's having a blast and every night after I get home from work I'm greeted by "Dad can we play Pathfinder?" I've created a bit of a monster but boy am I happy to have done it.

So are there any other step parents/parents that want to share their experiences here? Feedback is also appreciated.

ulgulanoth wrote:
Meri will we ever see you and Kyra in more casual wear, or dare even, fancy dresses?

Meri doesn't seem like the fancy dress type...but I'm sure Kyra could convince her to wear one if needed.

Meri speaking of fancy dresses have you given much thought to Marriage? Or are you and Kyra not at that stage in your relationship yet?

If you were to have a wedding who, of your iconic friends, would you invite? And are there any that you would invite that would turn you down? I just recently got married and we invited over 150 people but only about 22 showed up...

another question for you my lady, that is if you haven't stabbed me yet for my previous set.

If there was to be a Pathfinder Movie would you star in it? Who else would you like to see along side you(besides Kyra)?

Were you involved in either the GiantSlayer or Hells Rebels adventures at all? If so did you enjoy them?

What is it like being with someone who does exactly what you do? Do you find it unnerving that Kyra takes such risks with her life and that you could lose her at any moment due to the line of work you're in?

Did you enjoy being able to write for the AP line again? Its been brought up elsewhere that AP 100 will be your first solo credit since Brinewall Legacy.

Was it hard balancing writing an AP with the amount of other work you do for Paizo? Or did Lisa/the others give you a slight break to concentrate on writing?

Which of the Paizo Staff will be the next to author an AP Volume? or are you not ready to disclose this yet(since you mention not wanting to take limelight away from the 2015 AP's).

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David_Bross wrote:
Joana wrote:
The people at Paizo are dead set against a parallel rule structure for the same reason they're against a separate campaign setting: It splits their customer base. They'd have some people buying Pathfinder Streamlined books and some people buying Pathfinder Classic books, giving them twice the development work (and I might point out, they're constantly falling behind their present product release schedule, as is) without garnering twice the sales. In addition, due to smaller print runs, each book would cost more per copy to print; either profit would go down, or pricing would go up.
Its almost like they can read the history of TSR and not make similar mistakes.

Its almost like there CEO was asked to analyze why TSR failed at a previous job or something...nah that's just nonsense lol.

I am unfortunatly going to have to bow out of this. I have been selected for another game and per an agreement with my wife can't take on anything else. Have fun everyone!

Inneliese wrote:
mathpro18 - Well, taking a look at my hand-dandy Ultimate Campaign book under Moral Conflicts, I can see that a person can be guilty of murder but still be Chaotic Good, so you're fine on that front... but the important question is the rest of Who/Where/When/Why/What/How. What is murder and When is presumably recent, but Who was murdered, Where did it take place, Why did he do it, and How does he feel about the whole situation? If he murdered a minor lordling related to the Surtovas, the Swordlords might actually approve of this and be acting to help him hide out in the Stolen Lands for a while until everything blows over by granting him a charter. Or maybe they don't even know about the murder because it took place up in Port Ice or somewhere similarly distant within Brevoy. Playing a character guilty of murder isn't a problem... playing a character with a weak or inconsistent background is.

THANK YOU!!!! Don't worry I will have all the questions answered with my background.

DM I have a question for you. I'm taking the brigand trait as my capmaign trait. Would it be possible for my character to be running from a murder charge in Bevoy which is why he's come to the river kingdoms to hide? I don't want to play him as a murderer but I think it would be fun to play him as a person who has a short fuse. He obviously wouldn't continue killing people it would be more of a situation where his anger got the best of him and before he knew it there was a dead body at his feet.

Is this a little to close to evil for you?

I believe I also took rich parents

Dot! I'm thinking blood rager(If I'm understanding that advanced class guide classes are allowed). Or barbarian.

Dotting probably going Elven Zen Archer.

I'll take healer if you would allow the warpriest class from the advanced class guide. Right now it will have to be the playtest version but I will upgrade him when I get my hands on the advanced class guide.

I'm interested. I'm thinking about being a LE Cleric of Zon-Kuthon. Would this work for the group?

Grand Moff Vixen wrote:

I will mull over the options and see if I can come up with something.

*waves at Mathpro* Hey! Long time no see!

*waves back* Hey vixen sorry I disappeared but I'm back now.

GM: I will have my rogue up later today.

Dotting for interest. I'm thinking rogue from lapenstat(sp) university.

dotting for interest. What party members do you have so I know what roles to stay away from.

I'm up for this as well. What level characters are you thinking about starting with? Is this going to start at level 1 and build or would you start things at midrange?

PM Sent Brin...hopefully my long rambling doesn't scare you off lol

Some of your questions really depend on if you want to use the full rules or stick with the beginner box.

There are more races, classes, feats, spells, skills(I think), and additonal rules in the full version of the game as well as a different character sheet(several actually) but it really depends on what you want to play.

Thanks for the input guys and Brin would you mind if I PM'ed you to talk with you a little further...I think your experience working with teens might be helpful. And thanks for the end of your have no idea how much that means to me. I try very hard to be a father to my kids...

They're more video gamers then table top gamers. As far as I know they've never played pathfinder or D&D(though my 16 year old has expressed interest in 4.0 and said his friend and him were presuing a game in the fall so he might have been introduced by friends).

The 16 year old has been playing Yugi-oh for about 4 years now so I don't think this will be to complex for him. He's tried teaching his little brother to play but it hasn't gone very well(see my point about them not working together well as of late).

I have bought them the beginners box and intend to introduce them to pathfinder through that as well as the card game. As to not derail this thread if you have pointers on how to intro them to the beginners box please post them here.

Lightning Bow

DM would you allow me to have a Lightning Bow from Ultimate Equipment? I would obviously tie it into my backstory how I ended up with an intelligent bow that speaks to me lol.

I'll have the crunch up for my zen archer either later today(kind of doubtful but never know) or tomorrow before noon(more likely). Sorry for the delay I've been helping my sister in law move from MI to ST. Louis this weekend...

Oh he will be a Zon-Kuthon worshipper to be sure lol


I might resurect my Rogue/Assassin Damar for this

Dot I'd like to jump in with a Zen Archer...always wanted to try playing one of these.

Seeing the influx of martial characters we already have I'm going to switch this up and do a Dhampire cleric of Zon-Kuthon.

Are you allowing the playtest classes from advanced class guide by any chase? I will gladly switch over when it releases in a couple weeks at GenCon if allowed.

Edit: DRAT beaten out by Havocprince. Well back to the drawingbored for me...

Edit x2: Would you be okay with a warpriest?

Dotting interest. I've been away from PBP for a while but I think its time that I make my comeback.

I'm thinking about submitting a Half-Orc Barbarian going into Assassin at later levels.


I just joined a game that has been running for a little over a year and need some help selecting non-specialty spells for my Wizard 9/Cypermage 3. I am making a Thessilonian Specialist with the wrath(evocation) concentration. Any non-evocation spell suggestions would be appreciated.

The rest of the party consists of an Oracle, a warden, a samurai/ninja trickster, and a fighter(my wife). Everyone is level 12 and they just got to Jorgenfist in Book 4. Oh and my DM is allowing me to add 3 spells/level to my spellbook instead of the standard 2 because I'm coming in so late into the campaign.

Well if you wouldn't mind expanding to 5 players my wife and I would love to join. We're new to the St. Louis area and are currently staying in a rent by the month hotel in Maryland Heights(near Page and 270) while we look for a more permanent residence. We are available pretty much every Friday night and Saturday so setting up games won't be a problem for us and once we're in a more permanent residence we would be more than happy to host as well(sorry the hotel room is a little small lol).

She has been playing under me for about a year and a half so she has some experience in Pathfinder and also played D&D back in the 90's as well. I have been playing Pathfinder since the beta and have been playing RPG's for about 15 years. I am also a DM so if your group needs another person who can DM I am willing to put my hat in the ring so to speak.

Just so we get off on the right foot I wanted to let you know I have been running ROTRL for the last year and a half but we only made it to the end of book 3. I obviously have read the rest of it but I am very willing and able to separate player knowledge from character knowledge and it won't affect my ability to contribute to the game as a player.

I will also be emailing you but thought I would throw up a post as well. If you have any questions feel free to either post here, PM me, or email me at the same email I'll be contacting you from).


Erik Mona wrote:

I appreciate that folks are mixing in some "cautious" with their optimism regarding the audio dramas, but as I have heard the whole episode and have been working with Big Finish on the first five scripts (so far), I wanted to pop in and encourage you to keep an open mind about this product line.

For starters, these are NOT audiobooks. Big Finish has produced full-cast audio adventures, with music, sound effects, and a large cast including four regular characters and numerous supporting roles and bit players. While of course everyone will need to decide if the asking price makes sense to them, comparing Pathfinder Legends to an audiobook isn't really a fair comparison. These are not audiobooks.

The cast has been reduced from six to four due primarily to Big Finish's experience with more than 200 Doctor Who audio dramas that it's difficult for listeners to follow the storyline when there are so many characters fighting for screen time. Even making sure that six characters each have "character moments" means that much of the plot could get crowded out. Don't worry too much if your favorite character is not featured in this series. The plan is to produce additional adventures that will feature some different characters, too.

I don't think there's much rhyme or reason to the gender balance of the party. It certainly doesn't have anything to do with Big Finish having more male actors available than female actors. They have access to hundreds of top-talent voice actors, and all of the folks working on the Burnt Offerings audios are great.

The actors portraying Harsk and Ezren, for example, are _wonderful_. Those voices "are' the voices of those characters in my mind, now, so when I'm reading a line from a Pathfinder Comics script or an upcoming Big Finish drama, their voices are the ones I hear in my head. They really do a good job to add to the iconic characters.

As you might imagine, given the running time a lot of the minor elements of the story of the Adventure Path have been condensed or cut out...

Hey Erik,

I am trying to keep an open mind about this product and have subscribed on the Big Finish end of things but the one issue I have is the hour run time. Was there a reason they decided on that length? My concern is that to much would have to get cut from a great adventure to fit in that time? Seeing how you have listened to this did the adventure feel rushed/to condensed? Would there be any possibility to get this pushed out to an hour and a half or 2 hours?

Gladior wrote:
Will this only be published via CD? Are there any plans for marketing these as direct audio files--through itunes or

Pretty sure this will be downloadable from big finishes website.

Any update on when this will be out. I checked the big finish website just now and its still showing a march release. As a subscriber on the big finish site will I get contacted when its released and ready to download?

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