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mathpro18's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 530 posts (3,114 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. 1 wishlist. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 21 aliases.


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PM Sent Brin...hopefully my long rambling doesn't scare you off lol

Some of your questions really depend on if you want to use the full rules or stick with the beginner box.

There are more races, classes, feats, spells, skills(I think), and additonal rules in the full version of the game as well as a different character sheet(several actually) but it really depends on what you want to play.

Thanks for the input guys and Brin would you mind if I PM'ed you to talk with you a little further...I think your experience working with teens might be helpful. And thanks for the end of your have no idea how much that means to me. I try very hard to be a father to my kids...

They're more video gamers then table top gamers. As far as I know they've never played pathfinder or D&D(though my 16 year old has expressed interest in 4.0 and said his friend and him were presuing a game in the fall so he might have been introduced by friends).

The 16 year old has been playing Yugi-oh for about 4 years now so I don't think this will be to complex for him. He's tried teaching his little brother to play but it hasn't gone very well(see my point about them not working together well as of late).

I have bought them the beginners box and intend to introduce them to pathfinder through that as well as the card game. As to not derail this thread if you have pointers on how to intro them to the beginners box please post them here.

Lightning Bow

DM would you allow me to have a Lightning Bow from Ultimate Equipment? I would obviously tie it into my backstory how I ended up with an intelligent bow that speaks to me lol.

I'll have the crunch up for my zen archer either later today(kind of doubtful but never know) or tomorrow before noon(more likely). Sorry for the delay I've been helping my sister in law move from MI to ST. Louis this weekend...

Oh he will be a Zon-Kuthon worshipper to be sure lol


I might resurect my Rogue/Assassin Damar for this

Dot I'd like to jump in with a Zen Archer...always wanted to try playing one of these.

Seeing the influx of martial characters we already have I'm going to switch this up and do a Dhampire cleric of Zon-Kuthon.

Are you allowing the playtest classes from advanced class guide by any chase? I will gladly switch over when it releases in a couple weeks at GenCon if allowed.

Edit: DRAT beaten out by Havocprince. Well back to the drawingbored for me...

Edit x2: Would you be okay with a warpriest?

Dotting interest. I've been away from PBP for a while but I think its time that I make my comeback.

I'm thinking about submitting a Half-Orc Barbarian going into Assassin at later levels.


I just joined a game that has been running for a little over a year and need some help selecting non-specialty spells for my Wizard 9/Cypermage 3. I am making a Thessilonian Specialist with the wrath(evocation) concentration. Any non-evocation spell suggestions would be appreciated.

The rest of the party consists of an Oracle, a warden, a samurai/ninja trickster, and a fighter(my wife). Everyone is level 12 and they just got to Jorgenfist in Book 4. Oh and my DM is allowing me to add 3 spells/level to my spellbook instead of the standard 2 because I'm coming in so late into the campaign.

Well if you wouldn't mind expanding to 5 players my wife and I would love to join. We're new to the St. Louis area and are currently staying in a rent by the month hotel in Maryland Heights(near Page and 270) while we look for a more permanent residence. We are available pretty much every Friday night and Saturday so setting up games won't be a problem for us and once we're in a more permanent residence we would be more than happy to host as well(sorry the hotel room is a little small lol).

She has been playing under me for about a year and a half so she has some experience in Pathfinder and also played D&D back in the 90's as well. I have been playing Pathfinder since the beta and have been playing RPG's for about 15 years. I am also a DM so if your group needs another person who can DM I am willing to put my hat in the ring so to speak.

Just so we get off on the right foot I wanted to let you know I have been running ROTRL for the last year and a half but we only made it to the end of book 3. I obviously have read the rest of it but I am very willing and able to separate player knowledge from character knowledge and it won't affect my ability to contribute to the game as a player.

I will also be emailing you but thought I would throw up a post as well. If you have any questions feel free to either post here, PM me, or email me at the same email I'll be contacting you from).


Erik Mona wrote:

I appreciate that folks are mixing in some "cautious" with their optimism regarding the audio dramas, but as I have heard the whole episode and have been working with Big Finish on the first five scripts (so far), I wanted to pop in and encourage you to keep an open mind about this product line.

For starters, these are NOT audiobooks. Big Finish has produced full-cast audio adventures, with music, sound effects, and a large cast including four regular characters and numerous supporting roles and bit players. While of course everyone will need to decide if the asking price makes sense to them, comparing Pathfinder Legends to an audiobook isn't really a fair comparison. These are not audiobooks.

The cast has been reduced from six to four due primarily to Big Finish's experience with more than 200 Doctor Who audio dramas that it's difficult for listeners to follow the storyline when there are so many characters fighting for screen time. Even making sure that six characters each have "character moments" means that much of the plot could get crowded out. Don't worry too much if your favorite character is not featured in this series. The plan is to produce additional adventures that will feature some different characters, too.

I don't think there's much rhyme or reason to the gender balance of the party. It certainly doesn't have anything to do with Big Finish having more male actors available than female actors. They have access to hundreds of top-talent voice actors, and all of the folks working on the Burnt Offerings audios are great.

The actors portraying Harsk and Ezren, for example, are _wonderful_. Those voices "are' the voices of those characters in my mind, now, so when I'm reading a line from a Pathfinder Comics script or an upcoming Big Finish drama, their voices are the ones I hear in my head. They really do a good job to add to the iconic characters.

As you might imagine, given the running time a lot of the minor elements of the story of the Adventure Path have been condensed or cut out...

Hey Erik,

I am trying to keep an open mind about this product and have subscribed on the Big Finish end of things but the one issue I have is the hour run time. Was there a reason they decided on that length? My concern is that to much would have to get cut from a great adventure to fit in that time? Seeing how you have listened to this did the adventure feel rushed/to condensed? Would there be any possibility to get this pushed out to an hour and a half or 2 hours?

Gladior wrote:
Will this only be published via CD? Are there any plans for marketing these as direct audio files--through itunes or

Pretty sure this will be downloadable from big finishes website.

Any update on when this will be out. I checked the big finish website just now and its still showing a march release. As a subscriber on the big finish site will I get contacted when its released and ready to download?

Your previous answer kind of begs the question: Which of your companions do you butt heads/argue with the most?

Tangent101 wrote:

Combine this with Wrath of the Righteous. They find a portal to the Worldwound that is being investigated by some Mythic Heroes. They then learn that the Demons are working to free Karzoug as part of their plot to suck Golarion into Deskari's Abyssal realm.

The Mythic Heroes need the PCs to continue working on this end and stop the plot to free Karzoug. Meanwhile, they're working to retake Drezen and from there they'll be eventually going into the Abyss and the like.

Tie Nualia into this - her quest to become a half-fiend includes opening a hole to Deskari's realm and create a second Worldwound. She's nowhere near ready to do this... but in learning this and in working to help on this end while the Mythic Heroes storm the Gates of the Abyss.

The heroes are doing something important. But it is part of a greater plot in which other heroes, truly Mythic heroes, are also involved.

I second this approach. It is a really great way to get that other player to feel like others are doing something and to feel like he's making an important contribution w/o feeling taken advantage of.

Merisiel Sillvari wrote:
Azrael Dukshi wrote:
Dear Merisiel, Daughter of Daggers and Grand Stabber, how would you rate the female iconics physical attractiveness on a scale of 1-10? I think I can assume that Kyra's a 10 for you.

Alahazra 9

Amiri 5
Feiya 9
Imrijka 5
Lini 7
Lirianne 9
Seelah 5
Seoni 9
You dunno

What would Alan rate if he used that magic item that reversed his gender?

idilippy wrote:

I had a good deal of interest in this production, but seeing that it is only a 1 hour run time does make it seem far, far too short for the price. As much as I like Pathfinder I can't see myself spending half the price of an audiobook or more for less than 1/10th the content of most audiobooks. Are the other 5 parts going to be equally short?

As a comparison, the shortest audiobook in my library (The Gunslinger by Stephen King), is 7 hours and 54 minutes long and cost $2 less than this. I don't know anything about radio dramas compared to audiobooks, is it common for 6 hours of programming to run almost $100? I was very much looking forward to having this, I listen to audiobooks all the time, but at the moment even if it gets fantastic reviews I can't see myself getting it.

The fourth book is also available for preorder I think and it is also 1 hour in length.

Expletive wrote:
Can they? Is it a rare vestigial ability like it is in humans? If it isn't possible through conscious effort, what about reflexive? If you were to jump out and shout 'Boo' at an elf would their ears move in surprise? If it is possible with conscious effort, could an Elven bard use Perform (Percussion) with chimes/bells/etc. attached to their ears?

What is your reaction to this post I just found?

I'm also a little concerned about the run time but I'm sure big finish knows what there doing. When I subscribed on their website they had a release date of 2/28 and here on the blog it says expected in march, did this get pushed back again?

James Jacobs wrote:
Mal_Luck wrote:
Did Cayden Cailean worship a deity when he was mortal? If so, who?
He was more of a pantheist; he worshiped several deities and offered prayer to them as the situation warranted... but not with a lot of regularity or devotion. He was kinda fond of Calistria though...

Has that fondness grown since his assention?


I was reading one of your posts in another thread where you said "As GMs, we should embrace those as opportunities to get in and do some rules and world design of our own."

I whole heartedly agree but this kind of raises a question for me. As someone who has three new players at his game table how do I create house rules and not make them think this is a norm? Obviously I should explain to them that I'm making a ruling on an issue and that others might rule it differently but beyond that what do you suggest? Do you feel you should stray away from house rules when there are new players just learning the rules?

answering service

Chicagoland and I work at a 10-15 employee company so many of the labor laws don't really apply. Stupid "right to work" state...

Yeah don't get me started on useless supervisors. Mine is a sexest pig that loves to condesend to the women in the office and ignore the men...other than that I have no clue what he does around here other than sleep on the couch in his office.

I despise my current job and would like to see if there is anyone else in the same boat. What is it about your current job that you dislike? For me its the fact that they assume that you have no personal life and can come in at any time to cover when others can't make it in. "Bah your wedding menu tasting can wait...I don't care if the wedding is in 2 months"...

That and they don't believe in benifits or overtime pay so when you work 99.5 hours you have nothing to show for it...

Oh yeah thats right...Second Darkness was written using 3.5 rules so you will have to convert it over...forgot to mention that in my post above.

This is actually a really really hard question since both of those requare a lot of work actually. I know a lot of players have had peoblems with 2nd darkness but I think it can be played through as written where Serpents Skull can not.

The 3rd book in Serpents Skull has been deemed unplayable by many people who have tried running it. You might want to check out the Serpents Skull boards to see exactly whats wrong with it. I've run Serpents skull but everytime the group disolved when we reached the 2nd book.

Duiker wrote:

Six is a large table, and what you're describing happens more than you might think. One thing that works for me when I noticed that quieter people are getting left out of participating is just saying "you're not in combat, but there's a lot going on, let's roll initiative so you can act on turns so that I can keep track of who's doing what."

That takes in burden off the quiet players, doesn't confront the more boisterous ones as doing something wrong, but tends to get everyone involved.

Hmm this is a really good suggestion as well. And I think it might help kind of underplay the real issue...I like it.

I don't think so since most of my players are in their 30's and most are married.

Third Mind wrote:

Another thing to consider is that some people are just naturally more boisterous. These types can tend to drown others ideas out and therefore get their way more often then not. If that's the case, I too would suggest the game pause. Just make sure you don't start with your girlfriend. Let another new player go, then a veteran, you girl, etc... Starting with her may embarrass her as well as the sudden use of game pause and her being the first would make it sort of obvious.

I think this is the main problem. Our summoner is very very boisterous and also kind of directs where the game goes most of the time and being that he is one of the vets most of the party goes with what he says. I think the game pause solution will help with this emensly.

I thank you for pointing out that starting with her might be ovious. I think I would start with some of the other players(not the summoner) and the work around from vet to newb to vet again. Very good advice.

My group is currently in Book 3 and just started exploring Hook Mountain. I strayed a little from the book as written and had Barel show up while they were at the choke point fighting their way through the ogres. He was hiding invisibly watching as the party hacked down most of the Ogres and after about 6 rounds he decided it was time to help out his minions who were loosing the fight they were meant to win. He decided to make his prence felt by setting everyone but the ninja ablaze(she was just out of range). The ninja looks at the rest of the smoldering party(30 damage a piece) and says "Well suddenly I feel a lot more comfortable with these 6 least they won't set me on fire."

I looked at her and asked "Did you just say youre comfortable being by your self with 8 ogres" she looked back at me, blinked, and said "Yes but in my defence four of them are blind now thanks to the summoners glitterdust."

She has good ideas she just can't get a word in edge wise with all the other chatter between the group. I think part of the issue is they only look to her when there is something to be killed and otherwise assume she has nothing to contribute so kind of cut her out of the rest of the gameplay because thats how she played early on. They don't realize she's trying to grow as a player.

MrSin wrote:
Have you asked the other players what they think yet? Social things can be pretty complicated.

Not yet...not really sure how to breach it with them.

Thanks those are good points. I told her she didn't have to play anymore if she didn't want to because as upset as she was I didn't see much point in making her go back next session. I think I might start pausing the game and starting asking her what she things the party should do and then going around the table and getting a majority consensis. At least that way she feels somewhat heard even if her opinion isn't the majority.

No there is another new female to RPG's there as well but she doesn't have the same issue.

So I am a somewhat new GM to table games. I've run many games on play by post so I wouldn't say I'm a new GM. Anyway last weekend my fiancee who's new to Pathfinder came up to me almost in tears after our latest session of ROTRL and said she was thinking about quitting because she doesn't feel the group listens to her input. Its very hard for her to open up to new social situtations but she's been with this group for over a year now and she's trying to roleplay more but she's right, they don't listen to her input at all. The rest of the group is made up of 3 veterin players and 2 newer players but the group seems to listen to the others more than her. Whats a good way to bring this up with the group where she won't feel embarassed? Has anyone else had new players be shy in there groups and how did you encourge the group to help them find their voice?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

So one of the things I do to keep my pc's invested and on the edge of their seats is to kind of use dreams to forshadow things a little. We're in book 3 right now and I just forshadowed the giant attack on sand point through dreams and had some of them ready to give up on Turtle back ferry and run back home lol. I wanted them to get the feeling that alls not right back at home and that once they finish tings up in Turtle Back Ferry they might want to check back in at Sandpoint. I'm going to spoiler their dreams to keep this less a wall of txt.

Dream 1:
We have a summoner in the group who's a sibling of Ameiko. So I went a little off track here and didn't have this one specifically about the giant attack but more about Ameiko. His dream was him sitting in a seat outside in the courtyard in front of the new church and there are hundreds of townsfolk gathered there. Suddenly his sister(Ameiko) appears walking down an isle hand in hand with Karzug and he relalizes its a wedding ceremony. He does what he can to stop it but nothing works and he wakes up with a sudden feeling of horror.

Dream 2:
One of the other characters had a village distroyed by giants and at first she thought both her parents were killed. At the end of Book 1 I had her mom show up as a survivor and she's been living on the edge of Sandpoing since. She dreampt of her mother being chased by stone giants and eventually seeing her mother towarn apart.

Dream 3:
My fiencee's character is the sister of Shalelu and she drempt of Shelelu going toe to toe with 3 stone giants and getting crushed to death by rocks

The next day the party got together and had a serious discussion about abandoning things in Turtle back ferry and going home...I think I did a little to good of a job foreshadowing things lol.

Actually I'd kind of suggest Pirate's Honor as a romance novel...sort of. I mean it has a love triangle in it.

I'm stuck at work for another 30 mintues and then I'm going to try to drive home with out falling asleep...just to be back here for a 10 hour day tomorrow.

Funny my group did the same thing but to the house after they cleared it. And then the Summoner and the Wizard got into a long in character moral debate about it...

I'd also suggest having the Firepelt try to interveen if you save him.

I might suggest possibly running We be Goblins as a precurser...its really supposed to be a lead in for Jade Regent but I don't see why things cant be reworked a little. Then again the players would play as goblins so that might not be the best "intro to pc rules" idea...

I'd highly suggest Feast of Ravenmoor. Its a 3rd level moduel but it starts out in Magnimar assuming the players have gained some nortoriety. So with some slight regiggering of encounters it would probably work well at the end of book 1 of ROTRL

Any advice on how to convice my fiancee that this would be a good honeymoon destination? Thats the only way I'd be going to PaizoCon this year...and it would be my frist one. We're getting married in April but I wouldn't mind the late honeymoon lol.

In the spirit of what tomorrow is for us Americans I thought it would be fun to share 1 thing we are thankful for that Paizo has done this year.

I am thankful for the continued support they show their customers by being ever present on these boards.

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