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What favored class bonus options do the hybrid classes have? Will they be able to take a favored class option from either of the classes that they combine? Will there be a list in the final book of favored class options for each race? Are they stuck with +1 hp/+1 skill?

I think allowing them to take options from either class makes the most sense and requires the least work from the developers.

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I have a Hellknight wizard who has one level in the Hellknight Signifier PrC. I'm having some trouble figuring out the PFS legal way to handle upgrading my bonded item. As part of the PrC I get a Signifier Mask that, as far as I can tell, is a non-magical head slot item. After I perform the ritual to make it my bonded item, can I then upgrade it so that it functions as a specific head slot item, say a hat of disguise?

If I can I'm assuming that I need to:
1. Choose an item with a base price allowed by my Fame score
2. Spend the gold to pay the crafting costs
3. Make an appropriate spellcraft check to craft the item

I looked through the forums but didn't see anything that addressed upgrading a specific item as opposed to bonding a new item.

As a follow up question, assuming that I can upgrade my mask in this way, is this a one time decision? Or can I later scrap the enchantment that makes it act as a Hat of Disguise and pay the costs again to make it function as a Helm of Underwater Action?

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I'm curious what other GMs have done with the sin points mechanic in the AE. I'm thinking about scattering a number of encounters throughout the AP that specifically give the PCs a chance to be sinful or virtuous. While these might be combat encounters, I'm really looking for situations more like the Shayliss/Venn Vindner encounter to really tweak my players and give them chances to explore their character's sins.

So what have you done, or what ideas do you have for encounters that give characters the chance to be Envious, Gluttonous, Greedy, Lustful, Proud, Slothful and Wrathful?

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Here's the situation:
Round 1:
Monk: grapples Baddy
Baddy: Attempts to break grapple, Monk giggles

Round 2:
Monk: Makes his grapple check against Baddy, chooses to 'move'. The path of movement takes Baddy through squares threatened by Fighter who is an ally of Monk.
Baddy: Attempts his escape check with +4 bonus for being moved through a dangerous situation, Monk giggles again

Here's the question:
Does Fighter get an attack of opportunity?

The Argument for an AoO: Baddy has moved through Fighter's threatened square and so provokes an AoO. It is fair since Monk spent two round setting up this little dance and Baddy got two opportunities to resist.

The Argument against an AoO: Baddy has taken no actions that provoke AoOs. He was moved through threatened squares but took no actions of his own and cannot provoke AoOs unless the rules say otherwise (greater trip etc). It is unfair since it makes greater reposition somewhat redundant.

The grapple rules are decidedly vague on this point

You can move both yourself and your target up to half your speed. At the end of your movement, you can place your target in any square adjacent to you. If you attempt to place your foe in a hazardous location, such as in a wall of fire or over a pit, the target receives a free attempt to break your grapple with a +4 bonus.

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I was just curious if I'm missing something about this item. It's listed in the campaign setting as a purchasable magic item yet that book doesn't say what happens when an ioun stone is inserted. Is there more coming out about this cool item?

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One of my players is playing a halfling druid who is a very caring soul. When the party explored thistletop they found two goblin children in cages. She stopped the other characters from killing them and brought them home with her. She talked Madame M'vashti into keeping the goblins secret in the basement and is hoping to work out something with the master of turnadarok academy about an education. In the end, she wants to help the goblins to become something more than petty thieves and pawns for larger powers. She wants to give them something to be proud of.

My question is, What legitimate enterprise could the goblins undertake? I love the idea of at least some goblins rising above their bickering tribes but I have no good idea where to take this.

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I was reading through PF6 last night and came across something that I couldn't make sense of. The description of the dwarves cabin is great, but at several points it references a storm brought up by the Wendigo yet there's no description about when the storm starts. My assumption is that it starts about the time they find the cabin and gets heavier as the story unfolds but some clarification would be nice. I was definitely caught off guard when I read about the haunt that sends the PCs stumbling out into the previously unmentioned blizzard.