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The Green Faith

marvin_bishop's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 68 posts (73 including aliases). 4 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 5 Pathfinder Society characters.

Shadow Lodge

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What favored class bonus options do the hybrid classes have? Will they be able to take a favored class option from either of the classes that they combine? Will there be a list in the final book of favored class options for each race? Are they stuck with +1 hp/+1 skill?

I think allowing them to take options from either class makes the most sense and requires the least work from the developers.

Shadow Lodge

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He can keep it if your GM is very very mean and wants you to make new characters. Deals with devils and all that.

Shadow Lodge

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I would love to see a shaman that is something more like a PC version of the adept. Give it full healing and condition removing spells and a mix of the cleric and druid lists with a few select wizard divinations and such mixed in. I really like the witch/oracle combo and think it has a lot of cool, flavorful potential through totem spirits.

What I don't want to see is a shaman that is so intricately tied into the spirit world that they are almost useless when there are no incorporeal creatures in sight. I've seen too many shaman classes in various books chase that concept too far and make the class basically useless for a standard adventurer.

Shadow Lodge

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Adding on to the Timeline, here's what I've come up with for the events leading up to and surrounding the first few books. With my group, I want to add a little time pressure so everything in the first two books happens on a schedule. I might stretch this out to books three and four eventually. All the dates are approximations based on what is written in the book. Bold text are printed encounters. Obviously, all of this is Spoiler

8/8/4630 Foxglove Manor Constructed

12/21/4644 Vorel Foxglove attempts to become a lich, Manor becomes his phylactery

5/18/4662 Battle of Broken Trees, Black Arrow rangers defeat Kreeg Ogres. Fort Rannick Begun

4/1/4687 Traver Foxglove moves into Foxglove Manor

5/27/4687 Aldern Foxglove Born

1/18/4693 Cyralie Foxglove attempts to burn down Foxglove Manor, is killed by Traver. Aldern and siblings sent to orphanage.

6/21/4702 Runewells Activate- Wrath washes over Sandpoint

6/25/4702 Late Unpleasantness Begins. Lonjiku Kaijutsu kills wife, Jervis Stoot begins killing spree, Nualia burns temple and flees

6/30/4702 Nualia joins with Skinsaw Men

7/14/4702 Nualia finds catacombs of wrath, begins studying with Erylium

11/15/4702 Nualia sets up camp in Thistletop, begins to look for Malfeshnekor

3/27/4703 Aldern Foxglove returns to Magnimar

6/1/4706 Aldern joins with Skinsaw Men, reclaims Foxglove Manor

1/7/4707 Aldern harbors a group of Varisian travelers from a storm, meets Iesha

1/11/4707 Aldern and Iesha marry

6/7/4707 Aldern kills Iesha

8/20/4707 Aldern goes bankrupt due to Brothers of the Seven blackmail

9/12/4707 Barl Breakbones takes over Kreeg Ogre Clans. Hag Coven Starts filling the Storval Deep

9/21/4707 Swallowtail Festival in Sandpoint, Campaign Begins, First Goblin Attack

9/23/4707 Boar Hunt

9/24/4707 Aldern returns to Foxglove Manor, contracts Vorels Phage

9/24/4707 Grim News from Mosswood
9/25/4707 Aldern dies and becomes a Ghast

9/26/4707 Monster in the Closet (Evening)

9/27/4707 Missing Bartender (Morning)

10/2/4707 The First Murders

10/4/4707 Murder Most Foul

10/18/4707 Mayor of Magnimar asks party to check on Fort Rannick

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