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Forwell Hog

martryn's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 391 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.


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Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber


It's insane how much USED copies of the map folio are going for on Amazon.

Goblin Squad Member

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I understand the rules mechanics thing. I know they can't call a magic missile a Magic Missile. I get that they can't simulate d20 rolls, and I'd prefer a more free-form leveling/class system. I do like the d200 system they're using. I'm not sold on the tier thing, yet. Keywords are clever but not customizable enough.

But the game doesn't stir up any feelings of tabletop role-playing.

Maybe it's because it's Early Enrollment, and it's too early to look at the game and still envision a final product in place. Perhaps if there are lairs to explore and dungeons to delve as part of escalations. Or if the population of players increases to the point where PvP is more common (in my neck of the woods). Or the settlements look less like they're dropped in place and are defined more by the choices the players make.

Weird crystal clickables? Clerics running around with implements and not weapons? Shields not giving a passive defensive boost? Armor feats that more or less limit you to a single armor choice? It doesn't feel like Golarion.

Goblin Squad Member

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Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying the game so far. Maybe not as much as I initially enjoyed Dungeons and Dragons Online, but it's an unfinished product, and DDO was bogged down with some serious problems at endgame which PFO looks to avoid.

However, I get the distinct impression that the developers have not actually sat down and played, more than a few hours if any, of tabletop Pathfinder. This is a huge issue for me as I wouldn't be playing this game if it were Fantasy Kingdom Building Online.

It's unfair to do a direct comparison, I know, but it's hard not to put this up against my initial reactions to DDO (what with it being based on DnD 3rd edition the same way Pathfinder is). When I logged on to DDO for the first time I generated a character and started the game already knowing the gist of what was going on. I knew that kobolds and rats weren't very dangerous, that wearing plate armor was going to cause me to jump shorter distances, and that having a shield equipped was going to help my defenses.

Starting PFO for the first time I had issues equipping a weapon, or even finding starting gear (back in alpha). I was overwhelmed with attack feat options. I don't really have a very good idea of how many goblins my character can take, not real sure how good my attacks are, or even what a good attack and defense score is, and the nuances between this chain shirt and that chain shirt and which one is better... Shields apparently don't help with defense at all, I'm casting what looks like a Cone of Cold but it only hits one creature and doesn't even kill a simple goblin...

I just get a vague impression that the developers flipped through the Core Rulebook, took the chapter titles and looked at pictures, and threw familiar looking words at us and called it Pathfinder. The game they gave us is a lot of fun, and I don't have any plans on quitting any time soon, but it's as much Pathfinder as 4th edition DnD is.

Goblin Squad Member

Well, Carrion Corps is alive and well, and active, in the Southwest corner of the map. Just wanted to give that small status update, just to remind people that we're still here, and we won't tolerate any tomfoolery in our neck of the woods.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Any news on this front? I decided to check in on it this morning after staring at the announcement for this on the case for the Skull and Shackles game. I used foam cut to size and cardboard strips for Rise of the Runelords, but I'd rather have something pre-done. Will this finally be available when the next set is released?

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

And that's how we played it. I knew I wasn't a noob.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

1. If you close a location, the on closing effect, or the when closing effect, whichever one happens after you pass the check to close a location (in our case the Holy Island's ability to allow you to recharge divine cards from your discard), does every character at that location benefit from that, or just the character that made the check to close the location?

2. Encountered a Blessing this evening. The DC was a 7 with Wisdom/Survival, or 5 with Divine. Rolling a d4 on Wisdom and didn't have the Divine skill. However, I did have a Blessing of the Gods in my hand. I could roll the d4 for the Divine check, eh? Then roll 2d4 with the Blessing? Even if I don't have Divine and I, obviously, have the Wisdom?

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Does the creature anchored make a CMB check every 5 feet he moves, or does he move his "intended" distance and then the check is made based on where the creature wants to move?

"The target's shadow becomes a flexible tether to its current square. The creature can move up to 5 feet from that square without penalty. Moving farther than 5 feet from the tether point requires the target to make a bull rush combat maneuver check against a CMB of 10 + 1/2 your caster level + your Intelligence modifier (if a witch or wizard) or Charisma modifier (if a bard or sorcerer). The target takes a –1 penalty for every 5 feet of distance between it and its tethered square. Failing this check means the target's move is wasted and it cannot move farther away. If it fails this check by 10 or more, it is pulled 5 feet toward the tether square and is knocked prone. If it beats the check by 10 or more, the spell ends. This spell does not work on creatures that do not cast shadows or reflections. If the target uses a teleportation effect or leaves the current plane, the spell ends."

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

So rum bottle does not interact with pirate hunting. Which is how I wanted to rule it in my game, but another guy used pluvia's reasoning, and that also seemed valid, so I had to check. Thanks for the quick reply.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

How does rum bottle interact with pirate hunting?

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber


Thank you so much for your reply. I did indeed find the email. It was unread amidst several work emails. This resolves the issue fully. Sorry for my rudeness, I just don't like letting my gaming group down.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

This is a complaint thread because I've become a disgruntled customer. This pertains to my Pathfinder Card Game orders for Skull and Shackles (obviously). I have a regular gaming group that has been meeting once or twice a month to play the Pathfinder Card Game. We had a blast with Rise of the Runelords. We were really looking forward to Skull and Shackles, but last month the order didn't ship in time for our meeting, despite emails telling me I should expect the shipment in early August. August 22nd rolled around and there was no shipment, so my group instead decided to try out DnD Hoard of the Dragon Queen (which was readily available at our local bookstore).

I have since left the country for a three week vacation, and just returned two days ago. As expected, my Skull and Shackles base set was waiting for me, which was really exciting because my gaming group is meeting up again this weekend. However, now it appears the Character Add-on Deck isn't present, and has only now been shipped (meaning I should get it by Halloween, I guess, given your history). My group has five players. I'm sure we can work something out with our Rise of the Runelords base set to enable us to play without difficulty, but the point is, we shouldn't have to do that.

Looking at it from a logical standpoint:
I'm a Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber. Why?
Because I want the card game shipped to my door, I like the promotionals, and it saves me the hassle of running to one of several local gaming stores here in Northwest Arkansas.
I paid, even with the promotional discount, $4 more for shipping than if I had just picked it up at my gaming store. I had to watch other people play the card game and then listen to them talk about it at our local "game days" hosted by one of the retailers while I sat and twiddled my thumbs waiting for my late shipment. It aggravates me that all the local retailers had it on the shelf for a week before I left the country and my shipment still hadn't arrived. I consider subscriptions similar to pre-ordering, and your subscribers should get their orders filled before ALL OTHERS. Why is this not the policy?

It's understandable, actually, that you were backed up and couldn't get the shipment out in August on time. At least to some small degree. It didn't seem to stop you from getting shipments to the stores, but I don't know how your warehouses and shipping process works, so there is probably an explanation beyond retailers take priority over subscribers or something.

I don't mind not getting the promotional cards on time. They're a bonus. I can work them in when they get here.

But the Character Add-on Deck? Is there an explanation for that? Did you just not have enough? You should know exactly how many subscribers you have, how is it you couldn't get that to us on time? Why do I have to sit and wait yet another month to play? How do I convince my gaming group to stay with Skull and Shackles instead of moving fully to DnD Next since now we'll be two sessions into it, especially since they were expecting to pay in mid-August and our start time has been pushed back to mid-to-late October?

Why am I subscribing still when I can get things quicker and cheaper, and support my local gaming stores, if I don't subscribe? Especially since, in the way of apology, you offer... NOTHING? No larger discount on late shipments? No additional copies of free promo cards? Nothing?

I'm sorry for the rant. I'm a big fan of Paizo, and have been a staunch supporter of your company in the past. Paizo and I have had a long, successful relationship, going way back to the early days of your company when I was a subscriber to Dungeon Magazine. The only time I've been disappointed with you revolves around this subscription nonsense. Please help me find a restored faith in your company.

Goblin Squad Member

Of course. Clicked through all the agreements and everything over on Goblin Works. Everyone talks about some mysterious email, but I've only gotten the one.

EDIT: Oh, great. That's what I was expecting. Just wanted to know when I should try to log in again. I'll keep an eye out for this mysterious email within the next couple of days.

Goblin Squad Member

This is all I got:

______ has sent you an invite!

Click the link below to redeem it.

You'll be asked to link this invite to a Goblinworks account. If you do not have a Goblinworks account, you will be taken to the signup page and may create one there (Note: this is not a paizo account).

Goblin Squad Member

I've just received an Alpha invite. When can I log on to play in the Alpha? Is it just on weekends, and the devs fix problems through the week, or...? What time does Alpha go live, and where is this information posted (as I couldn't find it on the Goblin Works website / forums)?

Goblin Squad Member

I'm not trying to scare anyone. I just want to be clear that we will not tolerate aggression toward our base of operations. We'd rather not be involved in the politics, but we do want a measure of security for ourselves. You may pursue your conquests in other directions for the time being. At least until our contract is up.

Goblin Squad Member

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I'm happy to announce that the Carrion Corps will be working out of, and largely for, the small settlement of Canis Castrum. We are still recruiting members, though our initial mercenary pursuits will largely be concentrated in that region, and I imagine will focus on hex safety/aggression management and escort/guard type responsibilities.

I'm also excited to announce a guild forum, as sponsored by Canis Castrum's guild, Reading Between the Lines. We're legitimate, now.

Also, beware rival settlements, or those with ill-intent. The Carrion Corps will broach no aggression against Canis Castrum or it's allies in the region. Retribution will be quick and severe.

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Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

You know what product did arrive on time? My DnD Next stuff. Guess instead of starting a new Pathfinder Adventure Card game campaign tonight, my gaming group is going to be gearing up to fight Tiamat.

Goblin Squad Member

I'm stopping in to say hello on behalf of the Carrion Corps. We look forward to working with you in the future if we can hash out an agreeable arrangement. Which we're eager to do, by the way. Thannon and I have exchanged a few PMs now, and I'm attempting to register on your forums so we can start the flow of information and communicate better. I aim to please potential clients and sponsors.

Goblin Squad Member

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So, this past weekend was a busy one for the Carrion Corps. Several of us backers sat down and discussed the fine details of our operation. Until we get into the game and see what it's capable of supporting, we can't nail down specifics, but we now know what we'd prefer to do.

We've also decided that it's about time to open up talk with other guilds and see if we can't get some early contracts. Things might be slow going at first while we work out the kinks of first time playing, but we're committed to seeing all contracts through to a satisfying completeness.

As for our services, if it is possible for something to be done in game, we will do it for you for a price. There will be my personal guarantee that the work will be finished, and before we start, I'll even try to give you a timetable for it's completion. Payments are all negotiable. We're a neutral organization, so there are certain things that might cost more, as we'd prefer not to do them:
Murder, Assassination, Larceny, Highway Banditry, General Harassment, Vandalism, Sabotage, Espionage, and, of course, toppling other guilds, kingdoms, or similar organizations.

We still intend to pursue the stated specialization I mentioned... what? 18 months ago? But I haven't been following every detail of this game's development and so am not sure if the mechanics even make passing ownership of things over from one group to another, or if the game still supports the construction of player buildings such as forts out in uncharted territory. Or even if there will be uncharted territory. Those maps of the Land Rush look pretty packed.

We'll also need an early base of operations until we get into the full swing of things. On this, I'm afraid, I have to be very specific. We'll want to work out of a True Neutral settlement at first to avoid accidentally taking any sides.

Finally, we're opening the proverbial doors for recruiting. Again, since most of us are, as of this moment, unfamiliar with the mechanics of this game, we're also unfamiliar with the way guilds and other organizations will work in the game. If you're interested in mercenary work, with profit sharing and a benefit package, and you're willing to be patient with us while we try and get our feet under us at launch, we're willing to have you.

Thank you all again, and I look forward to many mutually beneficial agreements in the times ahead.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

But even at low tide, there are rooms full of water where treading water is necessary. The Cauldron, for example. Can grindylows make trip attempts in deep water? And does that normally force a character to sink? What does going prone in water mean? I just want to understand the second paragraph in the Cauldron's description about being tripped.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

I'm sure I'll have a reason to post in here after next session.

While discussing replacement PCs, cleric and oracle came up quite a bit. And were immediately shot down, as the player decided that for a balanced party they needed more damage dealing.

Our newest party member is Haluk the ranged hobgoblin ranger. Who is rocking a 16 Con and the Toughness feat. ...yeah... I'm not sure how many feats a 2nd level ranger is supposed to have, but... Toughness.

I forced the player to buy a Wand of Cure Light Wounds in his starting equipment. And while he's got 29 HPs and more HPs than the rest of the party currently has combined, he has yet to pull out the wand. The session was coming to an end with him being the only one conscious, after the fighter spent two rounds at 0 HPs basically serving as a body shield to buy time for Haluk. Haluk who was swimming next to two unconscious allies for 4 rounds, and didn't make an attack himself until he was the only character left in positive HPs.

Almost a second TPK. The fight ended with Haluk at 1 HP. And he then proceeds to pull his wand out and heal himself completely, and then just barely brings the rest of the party back into positive HPs. He's still floating around with more HPs than everyone else combined. I cannot imagine how we'll still be playing this adventure path thirty minutes into the next session.

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Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Character: Olhas
Class/Race/Level/etc: level 2 gillman summoner
Module: The first one, Wormwood Mutiny
Cause: Vine Choker

Party had some issues from the beginning. No one had any healing, for example. Summoner thought he was a melee combatant as he had like a 12-13 Cha and a 16 Con and 14 Str. When they first arrived on the island, they decided to sail around and ended up beaching the boats and walking through the corn fields. I randomly rolled to see which of the 6 possible targets the ankheg was likely going to murder, and it was the summoner's eidolon. The party did beat back the ankheg and kill it, but they lost the eidolon in the process, which was why he wasn't a factor in the next combat. On top of that, the party was pretty beat up by the time they reached the stockade. No healing other than a few potions, and they didn't escape the initial grindylow encounter unscathed, and hadn't rested since then.

To set the stage, I have five players:
Gillman Summoner (Olhas)
Drow Ninja (Han)
Gnome Bard ("Bait")
Elf Fighter (Sae)
Human Magus (Bernard)

The magus player is by far the most skilled of the bunch, with the fighter's character having only a quarter of the experience, but still having twice as much as the other three combined. The poor bard didn't have any offensive capabilities outside of flare, daze, and cause fear. The ninja almost never set up a flank, and quite often would fire into melee through heavy cover with his bow instead of trying to engage, and I mentioned the summoner's penchant for melee attacks.

So we pull up into the stockade, and I rolled a pretty low stealth for the two chokers, so the party sees them up there. I allow "Bait" to roll for knowledge on them, and he doesn't have a clue, but Olhas's player recognizes chokers from the bestiary, and I'm using the Skull and Shackles tokens. He still moves forward and attempts to cast Summon Monster I, except he does it within range. The choker immediately hits, interrupts the spell, grapples, and now Olhas is dangling by his neck in this tree, the choker eagerly waiting his turn in initiative to pull him up into the higher branches. "Bait" casts his one decent spell, Cause Fear, and nails the choker with Olhas. Olhas drops, barely conscious, and that choker flees. The other choker puts up a good fight (I rule that the party can, as a standard action, jump and swing at the choker, who is still on a branch ten feet above the ground), and lands a few very solid hits before he drops. Party is all still alive, but they know there is a second choker in the tree, and they know they've only got a round or two before it comes down for revenge.

"Bait", Sae, and Bernard decide to take cover in the lodge. They move to the door and see Ivy dangling from his suicide attempt. Bernard is suspicious, and casts a Ray of Frost at him to make sure he's dead. I rule that because Ivy knows he needs to stay still and pretend to be dead to lure people close, he can make a Will save to not flinch, with the result being the DC of the Perception check necessary to see him flinch. Only Sae notices. However, the Ray of Frost stirs up the botfly swarm on the body, which moves to the door, engulfs Bernard, and immediately drops him unconscious. Technically Bernard died two rounds later from the bleed, but we're using hero points, and he blew two of them to stay alive. By this point Han has moved up and cleverly uses a smoke stick to disperse the swarm, which I ruled worked well enough as I didn't want to TPK my party. Meanwhile, "Bait", terrified of what the chokers can do, and not hearing Sae's warning about the dangling corpse due to the excitement of the swarm, moves into the lodge and starts looking for anything useful. That's when Ivy pounced, grabbed "Bait", and used him to free himself.

At this point, several things happen. Sae, having kept an eye out for the second choker, sees it recover and start to come back down the tree. Olhas, who was barely conscious, drinks a potion of healing, bring himself back into double digit HPs. He does this after strategically retreating, by himself, outside of the stockade. When he sees that he's the only one that pulled back, instead of forward, he moves back inside, around the same time Sae moves around to defend the group from the second choker. "Bait" is trapped in the lodge with the ghast, and has a single, non-MW dagger, to protect himself. Han is trying to staunch the bleeding from poor Bernard. Han sees the ghast, and decides it's time to move to engage it. Instead of setting up a flank with the gnome, he wants to try out his new flask of alchemist's fire, which he carelessly throws (even after we explained exactly how it worked) into a space adjacent to "Bait", who takes a point of splash damage. The ghast took 3 points of damage, which annoyed it more than anything. "Bait's" player was terrified of the ghast turning and attacking him, and he wanted to drink the potion of invisibility that he had pulled out, but instead the ghast stepped forward and in a flurry of three attacks dropped the drow.

The choker, meanwhile, goes after Olhas again, easily hits, again, and establishes a grapple... again. Olhas's player could have avoided all of that, of course, but was eager to attempt to strike at it with his longspear. So eager, in fact, that instead of doing something to help his situation, he made a feeble attempt at stabbing his strangler. And even with a glancing blow from Sae, there was nothing to stop the choker from pulling Olhas into the tree and strangling him into unconsciousness on his next turn, retreating out of range of Sae's attacks.

In the lodge, "Bait" (maybe you understand now where he's gotten that name), has the space to drink his potion without provoking an AoO, and is now invisible, however Ivy is between him and the one door. And Ivy is smart enough to know what has just happened. He drags the unconscious Han into the room, shuts the door behind him, and sits with his back to it, watching the room, and waiting for "Bait" to reappear. Meanwhile, he can start on his main course: drow.

Sae has given up on Olhas (after I described the crunching sounds and splatters of blood dropping from above), and turns back to the lodge and the unconscious but (thanks to hero points) stable Bernard, who happens to have an undrunk potion of Cure Moderate Wounds in his backpack. Quickly administering it to the magus, he brings him out of the red, and the two kick open the door to the lodge (or rather swing it open). Ivy takes an AoO standing up, but paralyzes the magus. Sae stabs him in the face, though, and that's the end of that. "Bait" is found a few minutes later cowering under the bed when his invisibility wears off. Han had been taking 1 or 2 points of damage a round from the ghast gnawing on him, and was still barely alive. The occasional bit of Olhas could still be heard bouncing off the roof of the lodge.

What happens next is even more absurd, but I think I've already shared enough stories, and somehow we've still only got the single death.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

I can't figure out the Riptide Cove dungeon at the end of the module. From the map's side view, it looks like most areas are several dozen feet or more deep with water. Most of the encounters look as if the PCs need to be treading water in them, which isn't that big of a deal, but do the grindylows trip in water? And how does the Cauldron work with getting tripped? Where are the rules for this?

And if everything is just treading water, how are some of these combats balanced? I ruled that since Water Breathing could be divided among characters when cast, then a potion could be shared, which has helped, but still, my players have no maneuverability in most of the dungeon chambers, and it's been too easy for the grindylows to surround the party. We almost had a TPK tonight except for the fact that the grindylows look like they take prisoners, and one party member managed to kill the last grindylow in one encounter while hanging on to his literal last HP.

The way it's looking, there's a trap coming up that will probably knock 3/4 of the party unconscious, the devilfish seems like it's going to grapple and devour anything that stays in combat with it, and then we get to the boss fight of the dungeon. And after that, because of the campaign imposed time limit, the party is going to return to The Man's Promise, find themselves immediately in a fight before they can rest up, and probably be killed by the actual "final boss" of the module.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

I see in the Core Rulebook under mounts in the equipment section that a horse is fine for the medium sized creature, and that a pony works well for small sized creatures, but it doesn't give any penalties to a 3' tall halfling riding a clydesdale, for example.

The closest rule I can find is under the Ride skill where it says you take a -5 penalty when riding a creature that is ill-suited to serving as a mount, which isn't necessarily true about horses in general, but probably is true about a halfling riding on a horse.

Can a halfling ride a horse?
Can he do it without a penalty?
Are there certain checks he just can't make while on a horse?
Does he take a -5 penalty on ride checks while mounted on a horse?
etc etc

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Maybe I should have sent the magus down instead, or perhaps the summoner or bard. Didn't think a magic user would fare as well if he failed to cast defensively or the pirates got in some lucky saves.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

How did any PC live when sent to the bilges to fight against two pirates at once, and unarmed at that? I sent my fighter down there, thinking that'd be the best bet for a character living through the encounter, and in three rounds he was stabbed to death because he didn't have any weapons with which to defend himself.

I went through an entire thing where the fighter stabilized and was dragged on deck with -5 HPs, they declared him dead and tossed him overboard, where he was fished out by another PC, but... still.

How is any unarmed character going to face off against two armed NPCs and make it out of the encounter alive? How did this go down in other campaigns?

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

After rolling up the Swashbuckler, I agree that it is superior. It's a similar playstyle, though not identical, but is likely more capable of filling in the role that the party needs in a fighter. I decided against taking Two-Weapon Fighting, but still stuck with the Swordbreaker Dagger. It's a tax of two feats, but I can attempt disarms at a +18, which fits the flavor of my character, and then the next round attack at a +16, dealing 1d6+15 damage, with a crit chance of 15-20/x2 for 1d6+23. The AC is 1 point higher, and I'm more comfortable with a lower Will save because I can boost it by +3 4 times/day. The deeds are very powerful, and with the amount of damage I can dish out, and the high attack roll and crit range, I don't think I'll be running out of panache regularly, so I can take full advantage of the parry and riposte abilities while keeping enough panache in the tank to fuel precise strike and the initiative bonus.

When I first looked at the Advanced Class Guide, I just skimmed over the Swashbuckler because I saw that it was a mix of Fighter and Gunslinger, and I just assumed that it was a firearm based class. I'm glad someone forced me to take a second look at it.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

I'm going to go ahead and roll up two more character builds and run it by some of my gaming friends and see which one they think works the best. Thank you, everyone, for your feedback.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Excellent, Tangaroa. That is exactly the sort of feedback I was hoping for. I'll definitely take a closer look at that one. It loses the Cad's level 7 ability, but I think it has some legitimate potential.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

The concept is cad fighter prestiging into duelist using a rapier and swordbreaker dagger. That part is unchangeable.

The GM has declared that only humans, elves, and half-elfs will be worked into the campaign. I can probably get by with something that can pass as human. That doesn't break the concept at all. The GM has also imposed certain campaign traits on us. Those are unchangeable.

Within those parameters, the character is 7th level, uses a 20 point buy, and the standard 23,500 GP starting wealth.

Right now, you seem to have a "give me build advice, but don't ask me to change anything" vibe going on.

I'm sorry if I'm giving off the wrong vibe. I am well aware of various duelist builds on the messageboards. I've done a little bit of research. I know about people taking barbarian and monk, or different fighter archetypes. I'm well aware of the cheese that is dervish dance, and taking monk levels for crane style feats. Surely there is more than one way to build a cad fighter using two weapons with the intent on going into Duelist.

also, realize you can only attempt the immediate action once every 2 turns IIRC.

You'll have to point out where it says that. I see the restrictions on taking an immediate action on your turn if you took an immediate action when it wasn't your turn, but you should be able to take an immediate action every turn in place of your swift action, unless I misread something.

However, playing a Swashbuckler seems promising. It has the same flavor as my Cad/Duelist, shares many of the same abilities, but would allow me to be more dashing and less smart, which fits the playstyle of this campaign. I'd be willing to drop cad and go Swashbuckler. I'll look into this to see if there is potential.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

*TWF with Rapier/Swordbreaker Dagger. Yes, this build assumes you can use the Duelist precise strike while parrying with an off-hand attack you choose not to take. No, I hate Dervish Dance. Scimitars aren't my style. Yes, Swordbreaker Dagger is an exotic weapon, and it's not even very strong, but I've wanted to use one for a while.

*20 point buy.

*Either human, elf, or half-elf.

*Level 7 with 23,500 GP of starting gold.

*We're using traits, but we randomly generated them using the Ultimate Campaign. I'm stuck with Talented and Militia Veteran.

*Must take most pre-prestige levels in Cad Fighter.

Here's my first quick take on the character:

Thadeus Okona (yes, I'm a TNG fan)
CG Human Cad Fighter 7
Str 12
Dex 22
Con 12
Int 14
Wis 8
Cha 10

HP: 58 (rolled)
Init: +6
speed 30 ft.
AC 24 = 10 + 5 (armor) + 6 (Dex) + 1 (nat) + 1 (deflection) + 1 (dodge)
touch 18
FF 17

F +8
R +10
W +3

BAB +7/+2
CMB +8, +14 disarm (+16 vs. blades), +14 dirty trick
CMD 26

Attack: +12+7 (1d6+7, 18-20/x2 Agile Rapier +1) and +12 (1d4, MW Swordbreaker Dagger)
+14/+9 (1d6+7, 18-20/x2 Agile Rapier +1)

Acrobatics +16
Bluff +10
Climb +6
Perception +4
Perform (Oratory) +6
Stealth +14
Survival +10

Feats: Dodge, Mobility, Weapon Finesse, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Swordbreaker Dagger), Two-Weapon Fighting, Combat Expertise, Improved Dirty Trick, Improved Disarm, Greater Dirty Trick, Catch Off-Guard.

Equipment: mithril chain shirt +1, +1 agile rapier, MW swordbreaker dagger, belt of incredible Dex +2, amulet of natural armor +1, ring of protection +1, cloak of resistance +2. 770 gp worth of misc rope, waterskins, etc.

I thought I'd take advantage of the Cad Fighter's level 7 ability to string out dirty tricks to keep a single opponent blind, allowing me to hit him easily while still fighting defensively and using combat expertise to avoid attacks from his allies. I realize there are a lot of other options though.

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You can use the guidelines Paizo has already set up for Dominate Person. How many different Paizo Pathfinder scenarios or Adventure Path adventures have used Dominate Person as a plot point?

As a GM I'd allow a single extra save for each broad category. For example, if the dominated person wouldn't normally attack something, but fails his save to attack and so now must attack, I'm not going to allow that dominated person a second save a few hours later in a similar scenario.

Also, how does Dominate Person react to spells like Charm Person? You dominate a creature, you then charm it so it looks at your favorably, it'll probably have a different idea of what is against it's nature.

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RedDog: You might have a player like mine. We were using Facebook to communicate via a private group thing. Our discussion on our next session began on December 16th. Two players, Jon and Santa, are very active and involved in the conversations, and it's easy to schedule a date talking to them. In his first post, Santa listed every Saturday and Sunday, and the days that didn't work for him, narrowing it down. Jon replied and said that he was free all those days. We settled on the 5th of January (my first child was due to be born on the 15th, so this seemed the day with the least potential conflicts). In the three week period of time between the start of the conversation, and the 5th of January, Jim didn't chime in once. Jon mentioned that he'd try to get in contact with Jim, his twin brother, back on the 16th, but it never happened, and it wasn't until the 4th of January that Jon came back on to let us know that Jim had drill.

On the plus side, Jerry said any of those days would work for him early in the conversation, as long as we were ok if he showed up after work. I didn't realize he worked 5 1/2 hours into our play period, which is why he has left the group, not because he was a bad player, but because he deserves to find a game that works with his schedule.

If one player consistently makes you miss a game, I say the group doesn't work for him. Real life should take priority, which is why we look at schedules ahead of time. However, "real life" can't always take priority. Sometimes that's silly thinking.

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Ok, that's pretty much what I thought. I agree with Shadowmage about players not being as invested as others, and I shouldn't allow that to hold the group back.

I also like foolhardy's suggestion of a house rule on character sheets and NPCs. In the past I've given players a choice: if they allow someone else to run their character or allow me to run it as an NPC for the session, the character will get a full share of the experience points, but still has the potential to die in combat encounters. If that character is going to be sidelined for a session, then there will be no experience points awarded to the character, but at least he's immune to the random TPK that might crop up.

In the past I've also had a policy regarding attendance. If 75% of the group is present, we're going ahead. If you fall below 75% attendance, you get dropped from the group unless you've got a really good reason.

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While I have two weekly Pathfinder games (Monday and Thursday nights), neither group meets too consistently (a 60% meet chance, I'd say), and the Thursday group barely squeezes two hours of play time in when it does meet. I wanted a new fix, and a once a month group seemed the best solution. I had a group of gaming friends who were currently not meeting regularly due to their busy and hectic schedules, but were interested in meeting occasionally. An idea was born. And problems immediately emerged.

The idea was a Facebook page where the five members would discuss several weeks in advance what the best day of the month to meet would be. We'd try to stick to a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, and we'd try to play for a solid 6-8 hours. With at least a couple of weeks notice before we made an attempt to meet on a given day, we thought we could avoid conflicts.

The first session went alright. People were responsive to the page, and communicated their schedules. One guy, let's call him Jerry (name changed to protect no one, really), was about an hour late, and had forgotten all of his gaming supplies. He lived half an hour away, and the round trip wasn't worth it, so he had to start the campaign trying to remember what was on his character sheet. Not a big deal, we worked it out, spare dice and all, and everyone had a good time.

The second session was tougher to schedule. Two of the players are twins (Let's call them John and Jim). One of the twins (Jim) is both a high school drama teacher and a member of the National Guard. His weekends are almost always full. Scheduling was tough, but we finally worked out a day. Everyone showed up on time, except Jerry, who I was informed had to work late that day. Apparently he has no control over his work schedule, and they don't always give him a lot of notice. I think he works in retail, but he's a friend of John's, and I didn't know him beforehand. So, we go ahead and get started a man short. I use some NPCs to help out, and the session goes great. Jerry never shows up. We call him a few times, and get no answer, even several hours after he was supposed to be off work. The session ends and everyone goes home with no word from Jerry. I start looking for a replacement player immediately. A few days later I get contacted by John and he tells me that Jerry had to drive half an hour home to get his gaming stuff, and he took a nap when he got home, and didn't wake up until after the session had ended.

This is ridiculous to me. Knowing that you were working, and that you were already going to be late, why not bring you gaming stuff with you to work, leave it in the car so you can hurry over afterwards and not miss more of the session? And knowing that you were already running over an hour late, why would you think it's ok to take a short nap? We schedule these things once a month so these situations don't happen, and I drive an hour back to my home town to game with these guys, something I'm willing to do because we only meet once a month.

But John assures me that Jerry really wants to play, and that we should give him another shot. Even though I had already found a replacement for Jerry, a much more reliable ex-roommate of mine (let's call him Spock), I decided to give Jerry the benefit of the doubt.

So we start discussing our third meeting. This time, because my wife is nine months pregnant and I don't want to be that far from home, everyone agrees to carpool up to my place for a day. We set a date three weeks in advance, and, despite not hearing from Jim, John assures me that Jim is available on that date. The date in question is a Sunday afternoon. Well, the day before our scheduled game day, and John informs me that Jim has got a drill that weekend, and won't be able to make it. And then Jerry chimes in and says he's scheduled to work, but he gets off at 6 PM, and even though we talked about meeting at 1 PM, he'd drive up and join us by 7:30 at the latest (there was no chance we were going to be playing past 9 PM, and I wasn't even sure we'd make it to 7 PM).

Well, that's the last straw for me. Jerry is an unreliable player, and needs to find a group that works better for his schedule because, unlike the rest of us, he works every weekend. Jim had three weeks to let us know that the day we picked didn't work for him, and, having some military service myself, I know drill weekends are announced months in advance. And because of Jim's busy schedule, he really limits us to only one or two days a month where he's available, and we had better hope we don't have conflicting plans. I had already bought snacks and did all my pre-game prepwork (drawing maps, reviewing encounters, getting minis ready, etc). I definitely want to make this weekend work. I tell John and Santa Claus (the 4th guy, name changed again) that we can get a fresh start with a new group. I tell them that if they're serious about gaming, we can pull in Spock and another friend of mine (Frodo). They agree.

Unfortunately, the next day rolls around, and there's a snow storm, so John and Santa don't make the drive up the mountain. Spock, who lives in the same area as John and Santa, does brave the weather, and when I call him to tell him John and Santa aren't driving up, he tells me he got an early start and he's more than halfway here. Frodo comes over as well, as he lives up here with me. So now Frodo, Spock, and I hang out for the afternoon, play some board games, and talk a lot about how awesome this new Pathfinder group is going to be for next month's session when John and Santa can meet again. I think all is right in the world, minus a month without gaming with this particular group.

Well, the next day, John tells me that he really wants Jim to be able to play, and even though we're only two sessions into our first campaign, he really likes it and his character, and doesn't want to start a new campaign. Santa agrees, and the two start talking on Facebook about getting together with Jim, and just adding Spock to the group, dropping Jerry. But Frodo is now super excited about joining our group. And I'm again worried about how non-communicative Jim is, and if we'll be able to reliably schedule anything with his packed weekends. And I don't want to run with five players, especially because I've already GMed this AP (Serpent's Skull) with Frodo as a player, and he absolutely hated it, which is why the fresh start and a new campaign was necessary. What should I do? I see several options:

1. Forget Frodo and try to run Serpent Skull with Jim, John, Santa, and Spock.
2. Forget John and Jim (the twins), and run a new AP with Santa, Spock, Frodo, and Samwise (Frodo's college aged brother).
3. Forget the entire thing and allow Jim, John, and Santa to work something out in their hometown, and try to organize something with Frodo and Samwise which would include Spock.

I know this was a lot of TL:DR, but I'm looking for genuine, non-biased feedback, and the more information I provide, the better the genuine feedback will be.

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While I applaud the GM for using one of the tools he has to prevent wealth and items from getting out of control ... he might just be a bit overzealous at this point and or it is time to just deal with the tedium. 100k of wealth sitting around doing nothing essentially is no wealth. Being unfamiliar with Jade Regent, how much time pressure are you under and how free is the party to more or less choose what to do with their time? Might be time for the party to "choose" their next adventure as 'find the biggest, richest town within a few hundred miles' and pay it a visit or at least something substantially a step up from there current known markets.

For some reason this strategy never seems to work. As I mentioned, our party recently took at trip to the largest harbor city within teleportation range. This was where the merchant's guild (or it's equivalent) was supposed to be located. We sold... 15,000 GP of loot or so. And then the caster level in the city is only 5th, so our fighter can't buy/upgrade to new armor. And I was lucky to snag a 2nd level arcane scroll. The third and fourth level scrolls I was looking for were strangely absent.


You use to be level 12 with 60 hitpoints and AC 16. It's been 7 months. What progress have you made to shore up your defenses?

...casting False Life regularly?
...+2 Belt of CON?
...leveled to 13th and picked up the Toughness feat?
...picked up a mithril buckler?

Well, we took about a two month break to try some World of Darkness stuff. And then, with the holidays and some really bad weather, we've not really progressed any further.

The few sessions we did have, I lost my cohort to some insanely ridiculous encounters. We were attacking a bandit stronghold, and while I knew we were going to come against some opposition, I figured bandits are bandits at any level, and it shouldn't be too much trouble to take them out with some smart tactics. Being an invisible flier, I scouted the area, and I told the GM I was looking for a small niche somewhere out of view of guards, where the party could quickly move inside the stronghold in a direction the bandits wouldn't expect. I teleported the party inside the stronghold, and immediately these wood piles began exploding. Apparently they were like Advanced Wood Golems or something, and they used their splinter ability during the surprise round, and for some reason I teleported the party within range of both of the golems, and everyone except the monk started combat with 40-50 less HPs. On the very first round of combat, we had multiple guards firing arrows down into our position from guard towers with windows that apparently looked into the courtyard of the stronghold, specifically into the narrow niche that was "out of view" of the towers where we happened to be standing. Did I mention that it was after dark, so there was dim light if any at all? On the second round of combat, two doors swung open and the party was facing a high level druid, his weretiger companion, a dozen guards, and a guard lieutenant. The monk, being a jerk, dimension door'd into a guard tower, leaving all the injured party members to deal with the bulk of the combatants. While I was still flying and invisibile (though down in the teens in HPs), the bardbarian and fighter were in the open and squeezed between golems, druids, lycanthropes, and a mass of low-level mobs. And my poor goblin rogue cohort, which I had fostered a relationship with as mentor since the second session, almost two years ago in real time, and a full year of game time, and 11 character levels ago before I had even taken Leadership as a feat, was surrounded by the low level mobs, and they hacked and hacked until she was so far past dead, even Pharasma didn't know where she was. And my goblin was pregnant, too, with the child of a hobgoblin that I had dominated in the previous module (it's a long story).

By trying to play stealthy and smart, we managed to string together five separate combat encounters (the mini-boss of this mini-dungeon crawl also showed up a few rounds later). I'm happy to report that I saved the day with a Cloak of Dreams, a Persistent Confusion, and an Envious Urge, but it was one of the most infuriating sessions and combat encounters I ever lived through.

So I'll pick up Mirror Image for sure (I think the Bardbarian knows it). I have been looking to acquire Stoneskin. Again, I would love to pick up spell scrolls and do everything you guys have suggested, but I had issues attempting to buy 2nd level arcane scrolls from the last town we visited. And without the raw cash on hand, I can't even begin to craft a new ring and/or useful Wondrous Magical Items.

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I want to reiterate that my character is rocking a Ring of Invisibility. He's almost always invisible before a combat encounter starts, as that's become his default way of traveling unless he's talking to someone. And I'm almost always flying via Overland Flight. I do have Bracers of Armor +4.

The group is loot light. We're sitting on close to 100,000 GP worth of loot that we can't sell because the GM follows very strict rules for town GP limits. I have access to Teleport, and have been using it, but it's a tedious process to sell off that much loot a few thousand at a time, and we can't offload some of our more expensive loot items.

As far as tactics go, the other three party members are melee combatants (a fighter, a monk, and a bard-barian). I'm almost always out of the way, in the air, invisibly during combats. I try to cast things like Summon Monster and Haste so I don't lose Invisibility. When I do risk becoming visible, it's to drop massive area of effect spells, like confusion or envious urge.

My problem now is the same as before, except now the GM is saying that creatures can See Invisibility when they cannot. He's blanketing all oni as being able to see invisibility, and oni are our party's primary foes. Our most recent encounter was against some ja noi oni that killed me in the second round of combat with arrows, despite the fact I was invisible.

AC isn't going to save me now. My wife is playing a fighter with a 29 AC, and she is having issue staying alive (again, she's got +2 plate mail, but we can't upgrade it, nor buy any more gear, because we can't offload any of the loot we've been slowly accumulating throughout the campaign).

What spells are going to save me? And I'd prefer if they were level 7, as the last town we visited (a merchant port) had no scrolls higher than level four for purchase, and after the GM randomly rolled, only had a single level 2 scroll from my list of spells I wanted to buy, all of which were Core Rulebook spells (it's not like my list contained racial spells or spells from splat books). I'm saying that I'll have to spend my two free spells per level to pick up something defensive, and one of those two is going to be an Enchantment spell.

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I am super excited because I got mine today. I was expecting it in mid-January based off of feedback from Paizo, but man! What a surprise! The only downside to getting it now is the anticipation while I wait for my regular group of guys to return from holiday travels.

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I have to side with others in saying that I want Sneak Attack somehow tied to favored target. Perhaps that should be the only way a Slayer can Sneak Attack. It makes no sense for a Slayer to be almost as good at dealing damage as the fighter when we're talking specifically about the favored target.

I'd be ok with other balancing factors to justify this, such as taking a penalty to attack rolls or AC against anything BUT his target, having only one target at a time, and always requiring a move action to declare a target. For a slayer to need to be paired up with someone to do his slaying, though, sorta defeats the purpose.

Skills and other abilities should be secondary to the slaying. You name a class "SLAYER" and I want to kill things better than anyone else in the game, at least specific things, if not things in general.

I would like to see specifically:
-Move Action to declare favored target.
-One target at a time.
-Same combat bonuses against target.
-Cannot take AoO against anything except target.
-Penalty to hit all but declared target (-2)
-Can only SA target, but doesn't require SA prereqs (flanking, FF, etc)
-Maybe fatigue after target is defeated (works like a barb's rage cooldown)

I think this represents the single-minded focus that a slayer would have in bringing down his favored target.

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Ok, great, so it's played as common sense would dictate. Just wanted to make sure that there wasn't some rule that I was missing that had you placing the Devil on top of a location deck for some other poor schmuck to deal with.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

This is happening one way or another. The question is, what feats apply, what rules apply, etc. And then I'll need at least some justification for it beyond just that's not the way it was intended to be used. I can understand the one standard action if the druid moves. That makes sense.

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Could the rider negate one attack to the mount per round by making a ride check?

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Paladin in the party has mounted combat and ranks in ride. Druid in the party can change into a dire tiger, and typically stays in that form through most encounters. Is there any reason why the paladin can't ride the druid like a mount? If he does, how do those mechanics work?

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How do these two things interact? I'm thinking it's the same as evading it, but I want to know for sure.

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Ok, great. The dogslicer is a great card for Valeros to keep in his deck early on, then. Thanks for getting back to me.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Ok, I just read through the FAQ. I found the bit with Sajan which clears up some things. It also clears up some things for the Amulet of Mighty Fists as well.

I think you guys are wrong on the Dogslicer question, though. Discarding it isn't intentional, so it shouldn't recharge. That's what I think, anyways.

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Been running a few games solo and a few questions came up. Want to get some clarification before I break it out with a group again.

1. Sajan. Can someone explain, again, how his combat ability works?

When you attempt a combat check without playing a weapon, you may use your Dexterity die instead of your Strength die.

So does the Amulet of Mighty Fists trigger BECAUSE it's still a "Strength" check, or because it's a Melee combat check? I know it triggers, but I want to know why.

Basically, does the Blessing of Gorum, OR the Blessing of Erastil add 2 dice to his combat checks? Do they both? Do they recharge like normal?

2. Valeros and the Dogslicer. Valeros recharges weapons when playing them. The dogslicer says: If any d6 rolled for this weapon is a 1, count it as a 3, then discard this card. That's not exactly playing the weapon.

Does Valeros recharge the dogslicer if he rolls a 1 on one of these d6's?

3. Solo play with Erylium. When playing solo, or if you're the only character at a location, are you forced to encounter a Wrathful Sinspawn henchman before the combat with Erylium?

When I first read it, I got the impression that it meant another character, but this doesn't seem to be the case.

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I don't know if you read my post....

In this particular example (which I didn't clarify, I guess), there is only one hero (either because there was only one hero to start, or because the other heroes are all dead). This hero can't close the location. It's impossible for him to close it with his cards and stats. He doesn't have any blessings, or any items that allows him to pass the check.

Does this just end the game?

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What happens in the case where you can't close a location?

In most games, you can just chase and defeat the villain, auto-closing locations you can't otherwise close. In the scenario Local Heroes, though, there are no villains, and there's a possibility that you can go through all the cards in a deck and still not be able to close the location. Say you need a 7 on a check you only roll a d6 on. You don't have any blessings left to use, and you don't have any other cards (allies, items, etc) that boost that roll. Do you just auto-lose?

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