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Zhayne wrote:

I kind of love screwing with old-timer's assumptions.

"One kobold? Feh, I won't even break a sweat."
... one 12th level kobold sorcerer, that is ...

1 15th level cavalier

50 1st level sorceror kobolds with surprise and magic missle

Buh bye Cavalier!

Would want it more if it were a bit bigger. Big enough to fit a 17" laptop. But still very cool.

I just had an amusing thought. Rocket Raccoon is at least an 11th level hunter and Groot is his animal companion. Slam with matter explains their communication perfectly.

LasarX, it doesn't say he was a paladin 20 years ago. I think he found religion afterward and became a pally.

Just donated $25, will donate more on Friday, but I want videos do the baby seal clubbing....I mean, Jason clubbing...


Basically, you have a 50% miss chance. your commoner can use aid another and that will give you a +1 to hit. But, that won't alleviate the 50% miss chance. mplates

For your tiny size, you get a +2 to attack and AC.

Maps and encounters in both (flipmats), gazetters of the area, NPC writeups, lets see...don't have them with me, but thats what I can think of right now.

Also, good storyline so far.

I read it more as you must be 1st level AND have either iron will, great fortitude or lightning reflexes.

Edit...hmm, reading it, I agree, that would be human only....or, anyone can take it at 1st level, or after they take one of the 3 feats...that makes some sense.

In case any of you aren't friends with Howard on fb, he had a mild heart attack last Thursday. He is doing ok, but I am sure he would love to hear from his customers. Gmaeshq owner on fb.

Thank you Shadowchemosh!

Looks like more fun!

Trinite wrote:
Geistlinger wrote:
Matthew Morris wrote:
TimD wrote:

TL;DR response - not sure about halflings, but I normally fix gnomes in a light curry sauce.


For Gnomes, I have to recommend Holinase

It's Hollandaise.

And I agree, there's no race like gnome for the Hollandaise.

I don't usually say things like this, but...

You win the Internet.


Son of a b****, I just reread that and started giggling my head off. Missed it completely the first time.

Son of the Veterinarian wrote:
malanthropus wrote:
Eric Flint is not on my list of favorite authors...I have read several of his books and always come away with a meh feeling.

I have as well, especially (despite it's popularity) his 1632 series, which is why I mentioned the ones I did.

With his Belisarius series you have the Eastern Roman, Ethiopian, and Persian Empires teaming up to battle an India conquered by and evil "god" from the future . And in the Rivers of War series you have Sam Huston battling the British in a burning Washington DC, then in the second book Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams teaming up to try and defeat Henry Clay in the election of 1824. It's all great fun.

All right, you have sold me. I will swing by the library and see what they have.

Fabius Maximus wrote:
Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels, starting with "Guards, Guards".

I have read several of these, but haven't sat down and read the entire series. They are one of my fun sets, when I can't find anything else I know I will get a quick, amusing story from them.

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Sissyl wrote:
Lois McMaster Bujold, the Vorkosigan series.

Miles Vorkosigan aka Captain Naismith is also a great series. Read all of them. Its even more fun when you line them up by the timeline given and read them that way.

Eric Flint is not on my list of favorite authors...I have read several of his books and always come away with a meh feeling.

Son of the Veterinarian wrote:

I noticed that John Barnes great Mother of Storms has recently been re-released.

John Ringo, either the Troy Rising or Looking Glass series are the best starting points.

David Weber is mostly known for his military sci-fi, but he's also done the War God series that follows the adventures of a Barbarian/Paladin across a fantasy world.

Eric Flint, when he can tear himself away from his 1632 series, has done a number of great books.

- The Belisarius series is one of, if not the, best "knowledge of the future is sent back to change the past" stories I've ever read.

- 1812: The Rivers of War and it's sequel are excellent straight alternate history novels set in America during the period between the War of 1812 and the Civil War. They are in fact the only alt-history novels set during that period I've ever seen, and beyond just being great stories, go into great detail about the social and political forces that shaped America's Indian policies and the march to the American Civil War.

David Weber is a fun author...bahzell bahnakkson (sp) is pretty awesome.

Doodlebug Anklebiter wrote:

Joe Abercrombie

Daniel Abraham

Kage Baker

Patrick Rothfuss

Can't get abercrombie or abraham from my library, got hotel under the sand from baker and have the kingkiller chronicles on hold. Thanks DA.

Grand Magus wrote:


I highly recommend >this< 4 volume set.


Lol...Not my idea of light reading,

All names I haven't heard of, with the possible exception of Abercrombie. I will check them out.

First lords fury, Jim Butcher, 125 pages. Damn good series.

Charles, the second book in that series is just as good. You wiil enjoy it.

Just finished First Lords fury, by jim butcher. I have read all of the Dresden Files, the cryptonomicon, all the Heinlein books, game of thrones...all the standard fantasy staples. I am looking for some suggestions to branch out. Also a Cussler and WEB Griffin fan.

Are they summoned creatures (as the spell) or are they here another way? That and the spell is only good till the person the spell is cast on attacks in any way.

I'm involved in one game in the Monroe area, usually every other Saturday, but I am always looking for more people to game with. I am another old fart (43) and I've been playing forever.

The break

Gran da man

No winning for you!

The Colonel's best friend (mmmm, kfc)

Silly chicken....

The eyes have it!

Soleless joe jackson

Not a chance, Charles ol' bean. You are just the first loser.

Oh, I have been playing PF for years, but I live in Lexington, NC and there isn't anything closer than Burlington (maybe) or Raliegh for organized play. The slim pickings for game stores in Charlotte and its surroundings make it rough. But Fort Mill is very doable. So I will be to make up a character using pfs rules!

Next month, (september) I would love to come down and play. As long as there might be beginning level adventures. I am a new PFS player (never actually done any organized play). I can only make it to Fort Mill on the weekends though.

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Benoc wrote:
If you just read your way through a 500+ post 3 year old thread just because it was there.

Crap...I kust did that...Hi, my name is Mal and I'm a paizoholic.

Oh oh...I know! Bank heist!

Ok, the masks are kinda uhmmm whats the word....


Wow, nothing like waiting a whole 2hours before deciding that no one wanted to answer you...

Go straight fighter, I think necromancy would be a fun school for you. Just for all the touch attacks you could stick on your arrows. Spell focus and spell perfection or imp init for feats...and leper, not leaper.

Ossian, I believe you are wrong after wading thru all the stealth posts. Flanking, yes, all SA. From stealth, you are observed after the first attack. Unless I misread all the kerfluffle about rogues getting the beatdown stick.

You are correct...again teaching me not to post before coffee and throughly reading the spell.

I saw that. Moving there to mull it over.

Well, I'll be a monkeys uncle...teach me to post before my morning coffee. My apologies Midnight Angel. I read the first sentence of the spell description and then got distracted by something shiny...

What if you are putting it on a sword, which is more along the lines of what bbt is asking?

Gourry, any spell that requires a to hit roll and rolls damage dice can have SA damage added to it (as long as the attack meets all the other requirements for SA.

Ranged touch sneak attack from hiding with an orb of acid from a wand....deliciousness! I am so glad those spells are gone.

I always picture merciful weapons as kind of translucent, with the wounds appearing as welts and dark bruises.

And, since this is advice, not rules, I would say don't allow those 2 enchantments together. Isn't there a rule about putting two opposing enchantments on one weapon (more focussed on not allowing fire and ice on one weapon) but I think applicable here.

HaraldKlak wrote:
Specifically against a werewolf, magic fang wouldn't make a difference. You can hit them with any weapon, but they have damage reduction. The damage reduction of a werewolf can only be avoided with a silver weapon, or a +3 weapon (not availiable through Greater Magic Fang).

Actually, at 12th level greater magic fang is equal to a +3 weapon, which will get past the dr/silver of the werewolf.

Lets see...using mojorats example...

1st attack chill touch damage+weapon dam+ sa damage
2nd attack weapon dam +sa damage
3rd attack weapon damage+ sa damage

Looks right to me.

I would say yes to cleave also, based on the fact that it is also a standard action.

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