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madwilly2006's page

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Looks good, but...

**( )( )( )

These rooms and hallways have quality graphics, work with wet and dry erase, and add some spice to the dungeon rooms and corridors.

That said, they run into the same problems as the corridor set: weird sizing. Previous map packs dealt with larger, open areas so I never really noticed this before, but 8"x5" is a really weird size. Seriously, very weird. The pieces are off center in one dimension or another, so it is a real pain in the butt to line them up sometimes! I tried chopping some of them into a more sensible size, but that comes with problems of its own.

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**( )( )( )

I want to like this, but I just can't.

Just like the rooms, the graphic quality is great. Wet and dry erase work well. The pieces are a bit thin and are easily knocked about (no different than any other map pack), but that isn't so bad. The reason for the two star review on this product is its dimensions. Previous map packs dealt with larger, open areas so I never really noticed this before, but 8"x5" is a really weird size. Seriously, very weird. Because every one of these pieces is necessarily off center in one dimension or another, it is actually pretty flipping difficult to get them to line up reasonably.

I have, several times, tried to work out a dungeon map and given up in annoyance as I try to get the silly asymmetrical pieces to do what I want. I am seriously considering taking a paper cutter to my map packs and chopping them into sizes that make sense.

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Pretty and useful!

****( )

Good graphic quality. Dry and wet erase work very well. My only complaint is they are a little flimsy and lightweight, so it barely takes a nudge of the table or the moving of a miniature to knock the pieces out of whack. Still, quite beautiful.

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Great set


This set is based on a popular adventure path, that I do not own. However, it is nice to see some pawns match up with my Rise of the Runelords Face Cards! There are some repeats between this and the Bestiary Box, and the Skulls and Shackles set, but for the most part they are things that are useful in groups. I am especially happy with the huge variety of goblins! Huzzah!

There are also a boat-load of giants and ogres, and yet another veritible swarm of rat swarms. Also, some cool-looking NPC's. This is probably my favorite set so far.

As with the other sets the medium pawns are much taller than medium minis. And as with Skulls & Shackles, you will have to buy extra bases or use the ones with the bestiary box.

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A nice addition!

****( )

This set has a bunch of nautical and pirate-themed critters. They are in the same high quality cardboard format as the bestiary box, and are meant to supplement it. I do not have the Skulls & Shackles Adventure Path, but I think these are useful miniatures nonetheless. There are a few repeats from the bestiary box, but I'm OK with that as they tend to be things you'll need more of. Most of the monsters are unique to this set and quite interesting. There is a robust array of pirates. As usual, the "medium-sized" pawns tower above medium-sized miniatures, so using a mix of the two can be awkward, but this is a great set for a great price.

You will need to buy new stands or use the ones in the bestiary box, as this set does not come with any. Also, keep the pawns in their cardboard sheets and keep the cardboard cover and you should be able to store this on your shelf much like a hardcover book.

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