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madwilly2006's page

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Great set


This set is based on a popular adventure path, that I do not own. However, it is nice to see some pawns match up with my Rise of the Runelords Face Cards! There are some repeats between this and the Bestiary Box, and the Skulls and Shackles set, but for the most part they are things that are useful in groups. I am especially happy with the huge variety of goblins! Huzzah!

There are also a boat-load of giants and ogres, and yet another veritible swarm of rat swarms. Also, some cool-looking NPC's. This is probably my favorite set so far.

As with the other sets the medium pawns are much taller than medium minis. And as with Skulls & Shackles, you will have to buy extra bases or use the ones with the bestiary box.

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A nice addition!

****( )

This set has a bunch of nautical and pirate-themed critters. They are in the same high quality cardboard format as the bestiary box, and are meant to supplement it. I do not have the Skulls & Shackles Adventure Path, but I think these are useful miniatures nonetheless. There are a few repeats from the bestiary box, but I'm OK with that as they tend to be things you'll need more of. Most of the monsters are unique to this set and quite interesting. There is a robust array of pirates. As usual, the "medium-sized" pawns tower above medium-sized miniatures, so using a mix of the two can be awkward, but this is a great set for a great price.

You will need to buy new stands or use the ones in the bestiary box, as this set does not come with any. Also, keep the pawns in their cardboard sheets and keep the cardboard cover and you should be able to store this on your shelf much like a hardcover book.

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Solid product! Weird sizes!

***( )( )

As the other reviewers have pointed out, this product is high quality, has pretty art, and the price is right. However, there is a sizing issue. The so-called "medium" pawns tower head and shoulders (and sometimes more!) above any and all of my medium-sized minis. As such, it looks really goofy when you have a mix of minis and pawns on a battlemat. I don't want my distractible players being all like, "OMG why is the zombie bartender 9 feet tall ARGHPTH!"

I would advise aesthetically minded GM's to use either all pawns or all minis, not both if you can avoid it. Despite that, I think this is an excellent product and an innovative idea by Paizo, and I recommend it!

I do have a gripe about the PDF price, though. I will be getting all my future pdf's through the subscription, but tell me why I would buy the PDF for my existing Bestiary Box from Paizo when I can buy a second physical copy of the box on Amazon for less than the PDF! That just ain't right...

Our Price: $10.99

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Almost amazing

***( )( )

Good quality cards with excellent art. A nice range of different species and personality types and professions.

However there are two things that I found disappointing which is why this set got 3 stars instead of 5.

1) Three of the face cards in this set have been printed in previous sets.

2) Names and descriptions on the back. This takes up a lot of the note space and makes the cards far less generic and way more Pathfinder specific.

I like the Pathfinder Adventure paths, but I mostly run custom settings and campaigns, and often want to be able to use Gamemastery cards with other game systems. The names and descriptions mean I have to find a way to cover up the card back in order to make them generic.

Anyway, its a high quality set with good art, so if you are running Rise of the Rune Lords you should definitely pick it up. If you are planning to use it for other settings just know you'll have to do some extra work to make them usable.

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Amazing Idea, Decent Set

****( )

I loved the original Plot Twist set. This one is a nice supplement. It adds considerable breadth, if not depth. I was hoping for a different feel for this set, with a strong focus on memory and manipulating the past, (maybe introducing a new mechanic, etc.). There are a few cards that do this, but most of the set is similar in flavor to the previous one. A good set. I recommend it.

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