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Roy Greenhilt

mach1.9pants's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 815 posts. 5 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.

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Chuck Wright wrote:
Dark Sasha wrote:

The cake is a lie, Skeeter.

Oh, wait, wrong game... :)

Ahh... but if you play to the end of one of the Portal games (can't remember which one) you discover that the cake was NOT a lie!

Man put that in a spoiler tag!

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Skeeter Green wrote:

Mach, Im sure we can work something out. It helps us as well to only send one package. Maybe there's a bonus for waiting???


PS I dont know that there is a bonus, Im just trying to make Bill say "Shut up Skeet!" on the boards lol

Didn't that used to be Blonde Frog's job?

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My answer was reference to what we would like to see in the mini-PDF range... hopefully with a later hardcopy The Frog God Ecologies collection! My dragon Ecologies collection is a favourite :)

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Yeah I hope the move to big modules means big maps. I like a lot of area to play in.

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I wonder if an Advanced Races Compendium is on the cards....

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Kraal55 wrote:

Will this be part of the adventure card subscription? or will the subscription end when Rise of the Ruelords does? I am subscribed currently for the cards, but wouldn't want to pay the, no doubt,huge shipping on this over to me in New Zealand.

Yeah me too, it'll have to be stop sub, buy on Amazon, re-up sub after. Hopefully we can start with the add-on set.

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Coming in S&W flavour too, I hope? I'll have both :D

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I am really really wary of 3rd party crunch -modules, settings etc I have loads, but after the d20 "glut-o-crap" (TM) I have not brought any 3rd party crunch, which is sad 'cos I have tones of pre 3E stuff that is great too.

So reading EZG's reviews I am going to bite the bullet and pick up the print./PDF bundle some time next year. It's all on your heads Kobolds!

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I really wish I could tell if Amazon's was 6th printing... they are offering free shipping to NZ at the moment (slightly better than the $50 shipping option from Paizo!)

So if anyone knows if it is 6th or anyway to find out, I would be grateful. :D

Cheeky question, but free shipping to NZ WOW!

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Yeah on normal books I am not that bothered by a bit of dining, cos they are for use. My box was literally the same size as the books, with only a token bit of bubble wrap. The Paizo corners mentioned above or a total wrap in bubble wrap (so it goes all around) would be better and possibly worth paying a bit more for. It just depends on how much more it would be!

Obviously FGG should take a hit for us weird foreign types ;)

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Bother, I ordered the Base set from Amazon (international shipping)but was hoping to add the add-on here. So I guess I add the add-on as an addition to my Amazon order and subscribe starting with the SSMAD!

Say that 10 times fast ;-)

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Neat to see a large urban adventure

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So cooool

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^ Hey BF I hope your hols were good! And you got to spend it with Mr Blond Frog, I know how hard that can be with the military :)

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Yeah that was my point in that, a brown bess musket was a LARGE step up from a flint lock!

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Skeeter Green wrote:
mach1.9pants wrote:
Mmm OK I'll hassle BF when she gets back, ....

I would seriously reconsider that move.



I have the barrier of the Pacific Ocean in between us!

OK you're right, not worth the risk

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Haha you just want me to get two copies of the same book!

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Just finished it, a bunch of (slightly to totally twisted) funny guys. Looking forward to the RC game on Hangouts

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I agree it is a funny and interesting vid

RC vid interview with Lou

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Louis Agresta wrote:

Well let's spread the word even more, then they'll be no scraping just fast sailing and stretch goal parties! I like parties. Just sayin'.


I started threads over at ENWorld and; so if any of you have accounts over at those sites join in the threads and help keep the discussion on the front pages :D

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LOL use the scroll wheel on your mouse! Facetious I know but I cannot replicate your fault [/IT Technician]

[edit]Argh found it, that sucks! Trying to go all Windows 8- ey (which also sucks unless you are on a tablet)

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bigkilla wrote:

Is there any chance of adding any no toys pledge levels/ I just cannot see myself paying money for the toy ships.

Like possibly a 425-450$ level the same as the 500$ level minus the 3 ships and mini.

425$ Buccaneer no toys: Both Pathfinder and Swords & Wizardry Signed & Numbered Hardcover Copies of Razor Coast w/ PDF, 2 Player's Guide w/ PDF, 2 pads of Character Sheets, both PF & SW EXCLUSIVE bonus modules by Casey Christofferson.

225$ Swashbuckler SW of Pathfinder no Mini: Swords & Wizardry or Pathfinder Signed & Numbered Hardcover Copies of Razor Coast w/ PDF, print Player's Guide w/ PDF, EXCLUSIVE bonus module by Casey Christofferson.

I am 100% on for this sort of pledge still, especially when you consider the shipping and labelling
Blonde Frog wrote:
If it truly is just the books than we can mark it as so. The minute we add the mini or ships, etc we have to label it correctly. We cannot lie to customs as it is a very serious offense. However we will make sure the pledges with only books are labeled that way.

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I just want to play a mega dungeon, with each one of the writers DMing a separate part!

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pics and unboxing vids required!

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There is a problem with going too far in the just add you X ability to Y rolls instead of Z ability, everything becomes bland. For me 4E went to far like that (I played it for a year and a half and I still enjoy it). If you can use pretty much any ability for AC and HP and Attacks etc, why bother having different ones? It almost becomes in combat use 20+, skills the only thing that it made a dif (and that was changed a lot too)

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"Fiendish Sphincter" is what happens after a great curry!

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Having spent a few years in IT I will give you the 3 possible answers and you can guess which one it is:
1. Paizo are an evil corporation and are intentionally putting active malware apps on their PDFs.
2. Some one with a lot of time and IT knowledge has hacked Paizo's distribution servers and somehow managed to get some malware into the PDFs therein.
or could it be
3: Your anti-malware app misdiagnosed a perfectly fine PDF from a very reputable company and deleted something it shouldn't have. Just be glad it didn't remove a system file that permanently crashed your PC!

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I love the idea of adding Mythic to solos so they have more actions, an idea that 4E (MM3 and later) did well. The BBEG should be so awesome and step outside the action economy

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Yeah Mag Arcanist just fills those slots a lot quicker: 1 min then 1 full round.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Thanks guys, quick replies :)

EDIT: spell-less Ranger in ultimate MAGIC, how ironic!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Wow I splashed for this, just amazing. Now how long is it until I can replace my (scrawled in with errata) Core Book with a 10th Anniversary Leather one?

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More mundane and magical vehicles. Ship/boat types from history and myth etc
Do Castles Keeps etc count as equipment? More info on them... and maybe even simple rules for running your castle/demesne :-)

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Well I know it is early and only just released but I thought I would get the ball rolling on this. My first sweep through this is a really good book, but I have found a few errors and have a few questions now that I am reading it in depth -I have no Core Book :-(

So not expecting Gareth-M. to come on and answer for a week or more, but I'll get them down while I am thinking about them. So I'll add posts as I get them..

1. (errata) Both BAB and Fort save show ZERO at first level not 1 or 2, respectively.
2. (errata) No Armour or Weapon proficiencies are listed.
3. (question) Weird science: in the description it says "Spell statistics (casting times, etc.) remain unchanged" however in the 2nd example it says the weird science creates "a weapon which did 5d6 points of electrical damage, 1d8+5 points of additional damage, and bestowed a +4 to the AC of the shooter while in use". This doesn't make sense to me. If the spell statistics stayed the same you would have 'a weapon which does 5d6 electricity damage at 120' range, 1d8+5 points of damage if you use touch attack and bestows +4 shield bonus to AC for 1 min/level'
5. (question) Why 5 skill points per level? Just because it feels right (like full BAB and 1d6 hit die?)

1. (question): Mounted Combat: Bonus to "defence rolls" What are defence rolls?

1. (errata) On the table it list Arcane Armour Mastery (Medium) rather than (Light)
2. (question) Why are the number of cantrips based on INT rather than CHA, bit MAD isn't it?
3. (question) Maybe this will be answered when I get the Core Book, but I guess that the School Abilities don't suffer from spell fail, so no real reason for a low INT Warlock to go for armour prof feats...?
4. (Errata) Arcane Bolt has no range, maybe irrelevant if you have the Core Book in hand?

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