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Roy Greenhilt

mach1.9pants's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 815 posts. 5 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.


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D'oh... <blush>

How do you get BAB+5 at level 4?

Is that why if I hit preorder button, I get the spinning star but it doesn;t appear in my cart?

Haha fair enough, although nationalism and sports beats hooliganism and sports :p Round ball means Pom, I reckon, in Oz! Always hard work that, some of my ex-RAF buddies are over there flying various things, the banter rarely stops.

Anyway, back to topic. Keep up the good work, look forward to seeing it :D

Bill Webb wrote:
4 panel bw and 6 panel color

sweet bring on that 6 panel colour map!

Excellent news, I also hope the PDFs will be updated. I am pretty sure we'll get a sub 1-6 compilation PDF.

How about I try

"The Wallabies beat the All Blacks three times straight and take the Bledisloe Cup"

If that doesn't get an Ozzie hurrying he should be ashamed :D

I would imagine that they will be there after the book is released at the earliest.

Bum's Rush :D

YOur last point is exactly what happened with Nick Logue (who rocks artistically) but didn't quite figure the Razor Coast business side. Along comes the amazing Lou Agresta armed with FGG powerz, BOOM, one of the most amazing adventures I've had the pleasure to own.

A 10x10 foot section of (magical made by spell) stone wall has 60 HP 4 x 5 x 5 sections @ 15 HP each.

The sad thing about the FMG lack of contact is that he is still backing many many KS himself, I noticed his name in the very recent Scarlet Heroes RPG KS Patrons list.

Ironically this KS was fulfilled within a couple of weeks of finishing ;)

He has pretty much backed every RPG Kickstarter that has come out that I know of if you check his KS name from the Throne of Knight page.

^Cool, baited breath

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Chuck Wright wrote:
Dark Sasha wrote:

The cake is a lie, Skeeter.

Oh, wait, wrong game... :)

Ahh... but if you play to the end of one of the Portal games (can't remember which one) you discover that the cake was NOT a lie!

Man put that in a spoiler tag!

Best you have a hot toddy :D

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Skeeter Green wrote:

Mach, Im sure we can work something out. It helps us as well to only send one package. Maybe there's a bonus for waiting???


PS I dont know that there is a bonus, Im just trying to make Bill say "Shut up Skeet!" on the boards lol

Didn't that used to be Blonde Frog's job?

I love maps and can't wait

TriOmegaZero wrote:
I was there! *quickmeme*


1st April, birthday of FGG and also The Royal Air Force, lots of banter comes from that date!

The Froggies have been very kind to me with confusing and extensive order mixing in the past, customer service of the highest order!

Well as one of the fans of the Dungeoneers and Wilderness Survival Guides for the inspiration more than crunch, can't wait to see this.

And good luck to your party Laric, they'll need it!


POW that was fast. Congrats, can't wait. With this possibly being so close to SOA (and maybe RA/CD subs?) maybe a hold for "One Hoofing Big Package, Extras Included, To NZ" is in order! :D

I'm no expert but:
1. Requires two successful rolls to open
2. However you do grappling, if you use those rules in the book go for it. I really don't like them, but I would just have it grapple like any other in your game.
3. Not sure there
4. S&W level drain is exactly that. The level is gone, and needs magic to return. I make the XP halfway between the two levels
5. That is up to you, trial and error often works ;) However I do not tell the PCs anything that wouldn;t be common knowledge to peasants of the world. Even in the real world there are myths of curses from tomb robbing so that is something all character know. SOme tombs and religious sites etc affect those who desecrate them with curses. Is the possible gain worth the risk? up to the Players.

Ah good point, however sometimes the pre-orders don't show PDF or bundle even if there will be eventually, like for Kobold's Dark Deeds in Freeport. As in maybe there will be a bundle coming?

However a fellow Kiwi who was in the KS raves about this game so I really want to check it out and this is the first place I've seen it listed, they don;t even have it on their website.

The lovely dry heat of the middle east, often around 50 degrees (in modern measures) was more than bearable, although I kept getting shot at by some of the inhabitants which wasn't as good! Whereas my sojourn to Shaw AFB Sth Carolina, with it's massive afternoon thunderstorms, was even less pleasant. At least I didn't get shot at, though we did get yelled at for walking to the pub (at the side of the road, no 'sidewalk' just grass) which was weird!

But deserts over jungles any day. Being Air Force tho, I prefer hotels :p

Man April the 1st is already half way over, what gives?


You'll buy the kids? Sold! ;-)

It has a massive thread over at Age

if you want to find out more. I wonder, Liz, is this going to be a bundle or just the hardcover?

Good call DaveMage, also is there a mention that FGG products can be added to the KS pledge at a later date to combine shipping?

Maybe if I sold my kids I could afford it.....

Cool I like to get up to date with my FGG books when KS come around

I have a print copy of Bill's RA notes, they are rather amusing! And also written for some unique RPG ruleset too! ;-)

Those adventure sound cool, although I was sick in my mouth because Child's Play made me think for a moment of the 2E Puppets modules Bleeeergh! ;)

King of the beasts sounds well cool!

Bill Webb wrote:

Since delivery times on this book may be coincident with Barakus (or close), we may offer add ons for this, CD and RA subscriptions to the Barakus Kickstarter--I am leaning towards adding them during the survey--thoughts?

My thought is that I want to get better shipping costs for our overseas friends.

Yeah that sounds perfect, really you can just say in the Barakus kickstarter something like "any currently available FGG products can be added to your KS reward, to save shipping. We will give you the option to add any products in your KS Survey, the price of the items and the extra shipping costs (if any) will be required by Paypal (or whatever) prior to shipping your pledge and any extras"

How does that work? Basically it will be a bit of juggling in your pledge orders but will encourage people to pick up extra bits. I know I like to get all my missing FGG stuff with my KS rewards, you might have noticed :D

Yeah I have got those, JG 1, 2, and 3. Nice they are too :D

^Yeah me too. A big map and I loved the Northlands so far as well.

I straight away thought of this:

Make sure you give us the option to 'hold' the shipment if that is possible and practical. I am more than happy to merge these two books into other orders/kickstarter shipments so as to save you and/or me shipping money. I can always wait a bit.

I hope this can be added to the next KS you are running on the 1st :D

Bill Webb wrote:
Laric wrote:

I'm about to start running the ToA portion of this for my group. Our first foray into S&W.

Bill, any advice about running this mod?

Just make sure they know to hit and run. Groups that try to clear levels are in for a one way ride. Not everything has to be fought.

The most successful groups avoid stuff in there and focus on the real bad guys (priests).

After playing through a bit of this with my boys, just a tester of the excellent Scarlet Heroes ruleset, ...

<digression>for those that don't know it allows you to play old school modules with a single PC by beefing them up, it is a very clever system and the PCs are not so powerful that the don't have to know how to run and/or negotiate. Glass cannons describes them well. With an 8 and 10 year old the power of the PCs allows me to play in FGG modules without being arrested for child abuse!</digression>

... I showed them the Holy Grail sketch of the Brave Sir Robin song. That is now the parties theme song.

"running away and buggering off, brave brave brave Sir Dragor"

Discretion is the better part of valour in OS games. For FGG modules rat-bastard cunning is the better part of cleverness, too :)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

My answer was reference to what we would like to see in the mini-PDF range... hopefully with a later hardcopy The Frog God Ecologies collection! My dragon Ecologies collection is a favourite :)

Yeah I am a biiiiiiiiig fan of the NG JG stuff. I only have PDFs I have picked up of the older stuff, I don't think much physical made it to NZ! So any JG stuff that I can get over here is a bonus.

For those who don't know JG have released an updated/cleaned up Caverns of Thracia, and it is an excellent PDF.

Yeah I have no desire, ever, to have a rushed product just to get it on time. As a big Battlefield PC Gamer as well and RPGer that is what we got with the latest game in the franchise, a great game ruined by bugs. Looking at my gaming stats the game crashes 1/4 of the times I play it!

So keeping people informed and improving the product is the way ahead. maybe a KS email for those who don;t come here or the FGG forum would be in order.

Also hahahaha

"Matt is buried in the Cyclopean Deeps, and we like him there"

I would like to thank the web crew at Paizo for the latest update which keeps turning off focus... otherwise I would have missed all these great FGG threads!

Sorry to sidetrack the thread again but to answer a question above, I loved the Ecology of articles. Some fiction and then awesome ideas, with maybe some crunch for a monster type is really useful. Look to the the 13th Age Bestiaries (official and Kobold) for a great way to give verisimilitude, depth and adventure hooks in a monster book. They've taken the ToHC extras and ran with it so well.

Yeah I've previously had the beard removal ultimatum too!

I'm quite partial to The God~King of the Dwarf~Frogs :D

Skeeter Green wrote:

Greg has done a pretty amazing job of organizing our divergent modules into something coherent.

Sort of lol


Damned with faint praise!

So cool to be hearing all this FGG news, my wallet gently weeps.

Yay for add ons and confusing orders to NZ. I missed Sword of Air but not this time :D

Can't wait to get my hands on Barakus, I really enjoyed the original.

And, on another note, Bill mentioned a FGG kickstarter starting next week on the City State of the Invincible Overlord Kickstarter comments. I wonder what...

"we are running one starting next week for our next hardcover--JG and DF can post on it--I have no burn about that. I fact--I'll probably endorse both. Its a small community. We need to support each other!" le-overlord/comments?cursor=6298782#comment-6298781

Bill stole the top reward on that KS ~ now adding Dwarf Lord to his many titles! :p

My pleasure

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Yeah I hope the move to big modules means big maps. I like a lot of area to play in.

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