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Roy Greenhilt

mach1.9pants's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 1,056 posts (1,157 including aliases). 5 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 aliases.


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So do you have an ETA on this arriving, by any chance?


Chuck Wright wrote:

Ahhhh... Mach is Sqn Cdr Flashheart!

I did not know this until now. :D

I'm a secret squirrel!

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5E PDF Is a GO!

Thanks Froggies :D


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Yeah there is already tons of 3P 5E stuff, just not official. I'm M1.9P and Sqn Cdr Flashheart :D

The post was written by ENW's owner, Morrus. Because, bnasically, every time a thread came up about a new 3P 5E product people would go 'oh is there licencing?' and/or 'taht's got to be illegal'. But it is neither, no licencing or any 5E specific OGL nor is it illegal. Big names such as Frog God Games (necromancer Games), Kobold Press, Legendary and Goodman Games have put out 5E stuff.

So hopefully this'll get the 5E treatment as well, but (either way) I'm in with leather bells on!

silverhair2008 wrote:
Has anyone seen or heard what the requirements are for the license for 3pp for 5E?

As I mentioned on the KS comments, there is nothing yet. But you can use the same 'techniques' to make Swords & Wizardry to do 5E stuff. It is not illegal, as long as you used OGL terms and avoid trade dress/marks. For ex the Necro Games 5E stuff uses the term 'tactical advantage' instead of just 'advantage'; and the monster stat blocks have a slight different layout.

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Auxmaulous wrote:

Number 83 -backed as Veteran + the two modules, will probably add in the decks and guides later, oh and the map, and, and....we'll just have to see if this one goes far enough or even too far.

"'re a naughty one Bloody Jack!"

Yeah 242$ for veteran and all the add ons so far I think!

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And on

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Started a thread on ENW jump on in

Edit: oh and in the OS sub forum here

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Nine hundred pages of madness and terror, what have I signed up for?

Okay thanks


Is it possible to change your username, not just use an alias?


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Whoop! Just in time for The Blight to start, oh my aching wallet :D

Nice total, I hope of enough to encourage more 5E stuff, but maybe not if divided between the three rule set. A lot of work to publish in 3 rules and SW/PF well established.

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Gerald wrote:

The deity appendix is a really interesting stretch goal for me. If we beat the goal, hopefully that idea is expanded with more gods in the book.

Short stories? Not so much. More gods? Yes please!

Me too!



Can you please cancel all my non subscription items in the side cart, apart from 5E primeval Thule. Thanks

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Oh yeah me too, I have all those in S&W and PFRPG versions (some beautiful leather too!) but I now game 5E so would buy them all again in a flash!

Fingers crossed

Bill has done that before for me

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I hope 5E does well enough on Borderland Provinces! The success of Kobold's monster book says the 5E support is out there :D

Not bad at all!

pledged of $20,000 goal

Ah thanks, yeah Southland heroes not available there either! Hopefully second printing will be here soon, make sure you let us know - I'm sure you will Marc, you're like Mercury for Kobold Press! :D

For those of a 5E disposition Quest of Doom 2 is now an add-on for $20 (save $5)

What has happen to Southland & Midgard Heroes in print?

The poll is not that definitive, really. Not that it matters anyway, as long as it funds and we all get our books, whatever system. It's looking good to fund, I hope :D

Woop woop all aboard!

I hope that the 5E QoD2 can be included as an add on, save me some shipping :D

Great that it funded to all stretchy goals, can' wait to get my hands on the monstrosity. I may even be moving my RPG collection from storage to hand by early next year -I have only a small selection ATM admittedly about 1/3 FGG stuff (1/3 5E plus the rest bits and bobs!)

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Richard Pett wrote:
Greg A. Vaughan wrote:

Unfortunately, out next KS before then is Richard Pett's The Blight and it's another BIG BOOK...but a big book of awesome I must add (that's because I actually ghost wrote most of it). ;-)

It's time to stop the pretending now it's about to come out Greg, it was funny for a year or so, but now just let it go...

So the big secret is that you're both one and the same person?

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I am sure FGG would rather have your support (and money!)

Added those modules, help to tick it towards funding!

Might be good for some one to post this on the d20 forum on I'm somewhere on hols so not able to do that

Thanks, that's what I ordered so it looks good now (new email).

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Heine Stick wrote:
mach1.9pants wrote:

I ran 42 KM for my 42nd Birthday then warmed down & rehydrated by standing in the sea whilst drinking beer - LIKE A VIKING!

What did you do LIKE A VIKING today? :D

Er...I ate breakfast like a viking?

As long as it had ale, all good!

Chuck Wright wrote:
mach1.9pants wrote:

I ran 42 KM for my 42nd Birthday then warmed down & rehydrated by standing in the sea whilst drinking beer - LIKE A VIKING!

What did you do LIKE A VIKING today? :D

In 867 I raided with the an army of Danish called "The Great Heathen Army" and captured York unopposed due to conflict in the Kingdom of Northumbria LIKE A VIKING!

Jeez I feel old at 42. I work at a school, so most of the kids were born in an different millennium, let alone decade! But Happy 1148th Birthday Chuck! EDIT: Oh or more, I guess you weren't one when you ravaged those poor monks!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I ran 42 KM for my 42nd Birthday then warmed down & rehydrated by standing in the sea whilst drinking beer - LIKE A VIKING!

What did you do LIKE A VIKING today? :D

Right well the thing is the order I put in was over one hundred dollars, and all items were showing in stock, including the DCC items.

Then due to a Paizo error an adventure path book was removed (#96) to another order.

Now the two Lankhmar DCC books are showing backorder, although the were showing in stock when I hit CONFIRM ORDER.

This means I lose the save $10 on shipping and (I guess) the End of Summer Sale on the two Lankhmar DCC books due to two separate Paizo errors.

I try my hardest to make the most of these sales, with the massive shipping costs I have to pay for physical items, and I am quite disappointed that this has not worked out. I try an order direct from Paizo as much as I can, but if these discounts cannot be applied then I want all the extra stuff cancelled and I'll get them from Amazon.

As to waiting for the DCC #85, that is fine.

So let me know how we are going to proceed, thanks

Yeah that'd be a better stretch goal than most, I love Player's Guides and you can always charge extra for physical copies :D WIN WIN


I just received Payment Auth for this order, it lists ten off shipping and summer sale in the discounts, but I cannot see that in the amount authorised. It could be I don't get the order, it's complex with things being removed etc. But can you ensure that both of those discounts apply?


Herald Frog? That looks more like HORROR FROG!

Veeeeeery cool.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Yeah since the NZ$ plummeted and shipping increased I've done some PDF only stuff, and just missed out on a lot - but for a book you could kill an elephant with....

Whereas I don't mind spending around a third on postage, normal sized hardbacks are often cheaper than the postage here!

#70... NZ Time :D

2 people marked this as a favorite.

That cover excites me like downing booze then chewing on my shield!

Bizarrely the extra order you did used my old payment method, which I had previously deleted from my payment methods! The old credit card, which I deleted from my account should not be used anymore. I manually changed it to my new one but you may need to look at the glitch and make sure it doesn't happin again, there is nothing I can change

Thanks Sharaya, and no worries.

It seems you have sent me Giantslayer #5, instead of #6! I didn't notice until I went to my PDFs to start reading :-D

I have independently ordered #5, which will come with my next sub. I guess you could replace the physical #6 in that order, and just add the PDF of #6 to my assets now, please?

Nah all good and thank you, great to be back subbing :D

justmebd wrote:


Just got back from the post office. It is clear why that organization is bleeding money.

Oh my, packages get across the Pacific to New Zealand easier!

I got an email about my CC failing, as I had to cancel it with RPGNow being hacked! I entered my new one and I hope that is now OK?


Thanks Sharaya, no problems :D

Chris Ballard wrote:
Looks like this must be selling well, print version is now unavailable.

Not nice at all Mr Radle, now I can;t get it! :(

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