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lynora's page

14,999 posts (40,120 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 89 aliases.

Captain Turnsdale sat in the small dingy office and sighed. He'd promised Tavarus that he'd clean up this part of the Watch, but he certainly hadn't been given much to work with. There were only five watchmen and one clerk here when he'd arrived and one of those watchmen was an adolescent boy he'd picked up from the gutter and brought here himself. Well, Nico seemed competent enough anyways, if still a bit twitchy especially about bathing. He could hear Shifty-Eye growling at someone through the paper thin walls. No one was sure exactly what Shifty-Eye was, aside from a remarkably good secretary. As long as the fellow showed up to work on time, the Captain didn't much care.

There was a loud pounding on his office door. John winced. He wasn't sure the door could stand up to that sort of treatment.

"Captain, new recruits is here," Shifty-Eye growled.

Captain Turnsdale stood up, adjusted his uniform (he was the only one in this branch of the watch that had one) and opened his office door. He walked out and surveyed the new recruits, successfully managing to repress any outward signs that he thought they were all doomed. He plastered on his best welcoming smile.

"Welcome to the Watch. It is a pleasure to serve with such fine men and women. I know this isn't the most glamorous job, but the rewards of bringing some modicum of peace and law to this place are innumerable if mostly of the karma-building variety. I am aware that the pay is...small. For those of you who don't already have lodgings, Shifty-Eye can give you directions to Forty Winks, a boardinghouse that provides a deep discount for watchmen. And they throw in the roaches for free," he couldnt' help but add. "Which is quite generous in these parts. I'm told roaches are good eating. As of yet I have not actually tried. I expect you to follow the rules as much as possible without dying over them during your time here. Be creative. Also, eating something you bought from Willy the Desperate is not an acceptable excuse to miss work."
He nodded towards the goblin standing in the corner of the room with an evil grin on his face and an outfit that appeared to be made entirely of leather straps. "This is Zavriss, a local cleric of Zon-Kuthon. He will be happy to supply healing potions and wands as necessary or patch up injuries. He does this free of charge because he believes it furthers the tenets of his faith. I trust you can all figure that out and will therefore act with extra caution."
"Your unit assignments are posted on the wall. Please take a few minutes and get to know the people you will be walking into life and death situations with. Does anyone have any questions?"

Female awww, but that would be telling unknown

Alright, here we are. A discussion thread to finish up character creation. Don't feel rushed. Gameplay won't start until next week. :)

This is a homebrew setting, although we'll be using the Golarion pantheon, quite frankly because it's easier. Characters should be level 3 gestalt. 25 point buy to offset inevitable MAD. If you want to play something with a level adjustment you can take levels in your race as half of the gestalt. No restrictions other than level adjustment on character races. Also, psionics are allowed/encouraged, and most 3.5 stuff will be allowed. The setting is a large port city called Chance. While the kingdom of Sorryn is very humanocentric, Chance, while technically part of Sorryn, has a separate government and is very friendly towards all races. It is this world's largest city.

Chance is separated into districts surrounding the harbour. The game will be mostly taking place within the poorest district of the city, known as the Warrens. It is a lawless area ruled by gangs. The sort of place where admitting to being a law enforcement officer is tantamount to suicide. So you might want to hide those badges since you'll be new recruits to the city watch. Whether you're a hopeless optimist who believes you can make a difference or a petty criminal working off your sentence here because you pissed off a half-giant named Bubba back in prison and this seemed like a less messy way to die, you are now Watchmen/women/sentient beings...oh,for crying out loud you knew what I meant. Stupid thri-kreen always being overly sensitive about the recruitment speech...;P

Okay, this is the part where you post character concepts. Please, please, please do not worry about stepping on each other's toes. You will often be separated into smaller subunits for missions and even if we ended up with a subunit who all have similar skillsets, there are times when that is just what you need. Also, don't worry about patching holes to make a traditional team. As members of the watch you will all have access to resources that will help make up for anything you might be missing. No interested player will be turned away. I can work with just about anything, but no PvP (unless both parties have worked it out with me ahead of time via PM). And no evil alignments unless your character can work well with others, at least mostly within the law, kinda sorta. Oh, and my game posting style has been described kindly as 'chatty' so there may be a lot to wade through at times. I am always happy to give a 'story-so-far' summary to someone who had that pesky real-life stuff come up and needs to catch up quickly.

It will be next week sometime before I can actually start gameplay since I have a bunch of NPCs to update so that gives plenty of time to make characters and work all of the kinks out.

Should anyone be interested a play-by-post possibility for those really wacky characters that you might not get a chance to play in the normal run of things.
It's a rules super light game based in the same world as Realms of Agartha (Here is the original Agartha thread for anyone who is interested. Not required reading, kinda different setting, but can give you a good feel for how rules light plays.), though it's not necessary to have read or even be remotely familiar with that thread. I'll gladly fill you in on the basics. Basically the action would be taking place in a school for magical youngsters. Think a mashup of Hogwarts and the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. Existing characters include weredragon triplets and a good-aligned demon. Power level starts in the mid to upper teens. This is really the beauty of rules almost free, it actually supports that without making you want to tear out hair trying to keep track of all the details. Cause sometimes its fun to play superheroes. :)
We do use dice rolls, but sparingly, and if you have a concept that isn't easily supported by existing rules we can help you cobble together something that works since really all you need is a basic idea that lets you know what to roll for attacks, saves, damage, etc. The focus is more on the shared storytelling aspect of the game.

Power level is mid to high teens. Loosely Pathfinder/3.5 based. The current thread has been going for a couple of months, but we've had a few players drop out, so need to fill a few slots.

In game it's about two weeks into the term, so you can choose to be a late transfer or easily say that you've been there all along and just hadn't interacted with the main story before.

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Near the edges of an ancient and powerful empire is world. The surface of this world offers nothing of interest. But within it much that has been forgotten has been preserved. And those inside have been here so long that they have forgotten there was ever any outside at all. This is the world of Agartha, protected from outside interference by strong magic.

Within this world sits an unassuming looking building with a small brass plaque on the side. Avalon Academy. A special school meant for training special students, children whose magical abilities need a little extra care, attention, and perhaps a rather large safety barrier between them and the rest of the world. At least until they learn to master those abilities.

Today is the first day of a new term and many new students are just arriving...

Inside the magical world of Agartha is a school. A very special school for teaching gifted youngsters to control their abilities. Another school year has just begun and things are as always interesting, chaotic, and occasionally out of control...

Nerion Orlbereth wrote:

Nerion Orlbereth stood politely and waited as the nominal monarch rambled on.

"The muffin prowls at midnight," the king said, looking around as if he expected to be assaulted by pastry at any moment.

"Yes, your majesty," Nerion said dryly, "but I am quite sure that your guards are capable of handling the matter appropriately. It is nothing to worry yourself about."

This was worse than listening to three solid hours of complaints about the price of silk, as he had already done at the Merchants Guild meeting this morning. He was practically counting the minutes until his wife returned and could once more take care of this. He had a visiting landwalker dignitary to entertain, and a delegation of merchants with complaints about the nomads disrupting their caravans to deal with.

Attempt to get the thread to actually show up this time.

In response to the summons of the winds, a flock of celestial eagles descends from the sky and lands in the nests that have been prepared for them.

"We answer the summons of the Winds, Azuri'ith."

The station house was cramped, cluttered, and grimy. All of the new recruits were gathered in the main room for their ‘orientation’. A lovely young half-elf stands in front of you, her brilliant red hair cut short, giving her a pixie-like appearance. Her violet eyes coolly assess each one of you.
“Good morning,” she says, loud enough for everyone to hear, but not shouting. “I am Lt. Nicoletta Amakiir and you will be reporting directly to me during your tenure with the Watch. Most people refer to me as Nico. As I’m sure you are well aware, the Warrens are the hub for most of the criminal activity that takes place in our fair city, as well as the last refuge for those who can’t afford to live anywhere better. Representing the law here is dangerous work, which is why you will not be given uniforms. Part of my job is keeping you alive, and that means not painting a target on you, no matter what the regs say. You will each be given a badge and a set of manacles. Also, there are blunted arrows available for those who favor archery. Shifty-Eye will be passing those out to you,” she says, indicating a robed mongrelfolk standing to her left near a table with several baskets on it. He nods to you, but does not speak.
“I expect you to work within the law as much as possible. There are already enough gangs on these streets. I will not tolerate watchmen who behave like them. And I will be watching you. I will be giving you a complete list of all the gangs currently active within the Warrens,” she sighs and rolls her eyes., “as soon as Kitty gets around to making one.” A petite woman with an orangeish ponytail and what looks oddly like a collar with a bell on it around her throat gives a quick wave from behind an enormous stack of paperwork.
“You’re going to sign in with Keriton,” she says pointing to a thri-kreen with several pens in hands, “and then I’m going to give you some time to get to know each other. It’s important that you watch each others backs out there. Most of you are used to working alone. That’s fine when you’re out for just yourself, but let me tell you, a watchmen in this part of town, the whole world’s against you. It doesn’t matter if you like each other. You watch the backs of your fellow watchmen so that they’ll watch yours. Once you’ve had a chance to get to know one another, I’ll fill you in on the rest of what you need to know and hand out your assignments.”


After several months on a merchant voyage, you were enjoying some well-earned shore leave. Heading into Docktown, you and your several months’ wages found their way to ‘The Rear Admiral’ for a little feminine companionship. You found a charming girl, a stunningly lovely blonde, who was more than willing to spend a little time with you. You probably should have noticed something wasn’t right when she didn’t ask for payment, or even try to rob you, but you wouldn’t be the first to have left his common sense at the door in that establishment. Just before dawn you were awakened by the door slamming open, and as you were trying to get out of bed, felled by a heavy fist. Before you lost consciousness you heard the girl screaming like a fishwife about it being her life and she’d do what she liked with it. A large man with several missing teeth and breath that could fell an elephant pulled you up by your hair. “How dare you put your filthy hands on me daughter, ye rotten sea scum,” he growled before he punched you again. The next thing you know you are waking up on the deck of a ship. On the bright side someone took the time to dress you and you seem to have all your gear.


Your last job had gone reasonably well. You’d gotten paid at least. And if your employers looked a little nervously at you while they handed over the money, well, so what? You’d heard that another legion came through last week, so that’s likely what they were nervous about anyway. The Sorrynese king sure did seem to be hiring a lot of hobgoblin legions for someone who was so humanocentric. Not your problem, though. You enjoyed a pleasant evening at ‘The Sextant’, a bustling tavern serving what was arguably the best beer in town. You’re a cunning enough lad, so you avoided the recruiters well enough, but after a few drinks and on your way to the flophouse where you’d hired a room, you weren’t cunning enough to avoid not only buying, but actually eating, one of Desperate Willy’s meat pies. Not even a hobgoblin stomach was prepared for that shock. And while you were emptying the contents of your stomach into the gutter, some recruiters caught up to you after all.


Young, naïve and fresh from the temple, it took an all of half a day for Adrick to meet the nicest gentleman, name of Macnamara Brown, who was more than happy to help the young gennul’man find work, yes indeed, why a fine strapping young lad such as yourself would be a fine asses to any crew. Now just sign here lad, that’s a good boy and why don’t we have a little toast to be celebratin’ yer new career, eh? Next thing you know you’re waking up with one hell of a hangover on what you think is probably a ship.


Quentin Silverhome walked into the small office near the wharf. Naval Recruitment was painted in neat letters on the door. A burly man was sitting at a desk looking through papers. He looked up quizzically as Quick strode in. “’Ere, gov, I think, ye’ve got the wrong place,” he said, looking Quick over with an appraising eye.
“This is the naval recruitement office isn’t it?” Quick asked, just to be sure.
“Aye, gov, that it is.”
“Well, then, I’m in the right place. I’ve come to enlist,” he added with a bright smile.
The burly man looked at him as if he’d suddenly grown a second head. “’Ey, ‘Arry,” he called through an open door that looked to lead into a small back room. “Come ‘ere, ye’s got to ‘ear this.”
A burly tattoed orc with impressively carved and capped tusks came to the door. “Wot’s ye goin’ on about then?” he growled.
“This ‘ere lad wants to enlist,” he said, indicating Quentin.
The orc scratched his head. “A purpose?” he asked, confused.
“Came in on ‘is own two feet, so ‘elp me, Gozreh.”
“Well, that’s new. Wot ye want me t’ do ‘bout it?”
“Take ‘im on over t’ the Abigail. They’s recruiting new ‘elp jes’ now. Get ‘im introduced all proper-like”
The orc shrugged. “Follow me,” he growled to Quick before leading him to his new ship.


Sales were up, that’s for sure. Customers were practically coming out of the woodwork. Perhaps telling that orc that he had just the potion to make him handsome and successful with the ladies was a bit of a mistake. (But wait, there’s more…) 
Harry the Orc was not one to take getting cheated lightly. And he had a bit of a sadistic side which he enjoyed exercising on a regular basis as a recruiter for the Royal Navy. So he took more than a little pleasure in not only beating Fineal into a bloody pulp, but then despositing him on the Abigail. “Let’s see ye talk yer way out of this, heh, heh,” he chuckled maliciously as he left.


’The Safe Harbor’ was a pleasant enough looking tavern, and right near the water. She walked up to the bar, and the handsome dark-haired man tending it gave her a charming smile. “Nice dog,” he said, nodding towards Fish. “What can I get for you today?” He took her order pleasantly and efficiently, right down to getting a bone for Fish to chew. She found a table to enjoy her food and drink in peace as she watched the sailors and dockworkers that filled the place. An older woman approached her table.
“’Ello, sweetie, ye’s new ‘ere, ain’t ye?” she said with a gap-toothed grin. “Woops,” she said shrilly, nearly toppling over the table as a sailor bumps into her from behind. “Eh, watch it now, ye lazy sod,” she screeches before she turns back to Sanura. “Sorry about that, luv,” she says and stops to pat Fish before she heads on with a cheery wave. Sanura shrugged and went back to eating her dinner. But then the room started to spin. The old woman was there again smiling greasily at her. “’Ad too much, luv? Well, then, let Ol’ Molly ‘elp you, duck.” Next thing she knows it’s morning and she and Fish both wake up groggily on a ship.


The only reason he even went to ‘The Sailor’s Knot’ in the first place was because they had cheap beer. It was a mistake. He should have known better. At least he had the satisfaction of knowing that it had taken a full dozen of those filthy rats to take him down. He cursed as he recognized the swaying of a ship underneath him, and then cursed again as the first round of cursing made his head pound even more.


It mattered little to Arioch where he was, or what ship he served. When the freighter that had picked him up in the middle of the ocean passed him off to a naval vessel, he barely noticed. There were so many holes in his memory. Sometimes he remembered a skeletal fin, but then he couldn’t be sure if it was a dream or a memory. Other gillmen shrank from him, but he didn’t know why. All he could remember was that he was supposed to be doing something and that if it didn’t get done the punishment would be severe.

Female awww, but that would be telling unknown

For those of you unfamiliar with this part of the city, let me make one thing perfectly clear. The Warrens are dangerous. Most of the criminal activity that happens in Chance happens here. You are here because your predecessors were not very good at watching their backs. I intend for all of you to stay in one piece so make sure not only to watch your own back, but your teammates' as well. Remember, they're watching your back too.
I expect you to obey the law, within reason. Don't think I'm not watching you. Kitty will be providing each of you with a write-up of the currently active gangs, *sigh* whenever she feels like getting around to it.
You will be checking in with Corporal Keriton, she says, indicating a thri-kreen waiting with several pens in hands. Try not to be rude. He does bite when provoked.

Female awww, but that would be telling unknown

Welcome to the Sorrynese Royal Navy
You sorry lot are about to experience adventure, derring-do, hard work, and all the hardtack you care to eat...whether you like it or not! This here ship is called the Abigail and from now on this is your home, so get used to it.

Let's start with a role-call to make sure that all those assembled have indeed regained consciousness after their recruitment activities.

I'm looking to start a new PBP, assuming there's enough interest. I'm something of a newbie DM, but the beauty of PBP is that I have time to look up the answers to questions between turns without bringing gameplay to a screeching halt.:) I'll admit up front, I'm also not above fudging the rules if that makes for a better story. Just so you know what you're getting into.
The setting is a homebrew I've been working on for awhile, and aren't you lucky, you get to help me flesh it out. The home base is a city called Chance. Well, it's really more of a city-state. Imagine what you'd get if you crossed Waterdeep, Ankh-Morpork, and Babylon5 and you're starting to get the idea. Chance is located in the kingdom of Sorryn, but operates under its own laws. Sorryn is very humanocentric, however within the city limits of Chance all sentient beings are protected equally under the law, as many a foolish adventurer has discovered after being sentenced to a life of hard labor for killing a 'monster'. There are populations of kobold, thri-kreen, minotaurs, and more that make their home in the city, but years of urban living has changed their cultures considerably. This is a high magic setting, but no extraplanar travel. Ever. At all. Beings from all over the multiverse were stranded here when the plane was originally closed off, so races with extraplanar origins are still okay.

I have two different ideas for type of campaign, depending on what people are interested in. If there is enough interest I might just do both.
[bold]Option 1: High Seas Adventure.[/bold] You've just 'volunteered'* to join the Royal Navy. Danger, derring-do, and possibly a mutiny await you as you sail off for adventure on the high seas. Careful not to sail off the edge of the world.
*Volunteering consists of such activities as getting drunk in the wrong bar, hiring the wrong girl/guy/whatever for what you thought was going to be a fun night, getting into an argument with the wrong guys, or just generally existing in the wrong place at the wrong time.

[bold]Option 2: Night Watch.[/bold] You have graciously volunteered out of the goodness of your heart (or possibly as a condition of your parole) to join the City Watch. You are the newest addition to the Night Watch in the Warrens, a district that can best be described as a hive of scum and villainy. It's your job to enforce the law without breaking the rules too obviously, and without running afoul of the city's crime boss, The Fairy Godfather.**
**It is generally a good idea, in the interest of survival, to remember that he hates being called that. This half-orc/half-pixie means business and will not hesitate to kill you if you annoy him. He is also very much above your pay grade.

Character would be 3rd level. Feel free to go gonzo with races and classes. Just check with me first to make sure I have the book that you're getting something from. 20 point buy, 2700 starting gold, Beta rules.

"I found pieces three, Tee hee, tee hee!" the crazed gnome giggles as he hands her his bag.

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