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Figurine of the Ivory Champion

lordzack's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,177 posts (1,503 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. 1 wishlist. 10 aliases.


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I think I'd like to play a War Hounds assault marine.

I thought that the Dusk Raiders and War Hounds had already changed their names at that point.

I might just be interested in this, however I have never played Deathwatch before.

Oh, I forgot what are your thoughts on aliens?

I would like to play in this game. I am thinking of an idea, but it might be a little too low powered for this game, so I might have to think about it.

Aranna wrote:
Also by doing things this way we already have a tie in to her background in the form of the old Thor. So an existing character with an established back story the readers probably care about will feature prominently in her story. That is way more mileage than they would have gotten from a brand new character with her own version of Thor like powers.

But doesn't the mere fact we're having this conversation in the first place disprove that? Trying to connect this character to an existing one isn't helping any it's making things worse!

Freehold DM wrote:
And you mention this because...?

Because you mentioned that there were tropes in Whedon's work. Saying a work of fiction has tropes is like saying "this mug is comprised of atoms". Some people treat tropes like there some arcane thing and they really aren't.

DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:

To all you people complaining. You are the worst.

This is a great springboard for stories, and Classic Thor will still exist in the title: "The Unworthy Thor".

Captain America is going to be replaced by Sam Wilson, and the next year or two of Marvel will be about legacies and eventually the precious status-quo will be restored. Can people not just enjoy the stories as they are told without moaning?

Maybe there isn't anything there to enjoy? I haven't even been reading Marvel comics because they don't tell good stories in the first place. This isn't suddenly going to change that.

Merely pointing out that this sort of thing has happened before doesn't necessarily mean all that much. There are several good legacy characters- and a whole lot of them who have been forgotten.

I'd like to do 3 or 4.

Well I figured that since ratfolk have a general tendency towards law and not particular predilection towards evil, it wouldn't be impossible for a ratfolk to find the way of the paladin. I'm working on devising a background that will explain how he came to be one.

Okay, then I'll go with the Ratfolk Paladin, okay? Or were you saying no to that too?

I'd like to play a ratfolk paladin. Though if possible I'd like to use Super Genius Games Anachronistic Adeventurers line. That would entail being from modern day Earth, though so I'm not certain whether or not you'd allow that.

Knight Magenta wrote:

I really hate the troop rules. If I am a dragon and those Crossbowmen need a 20 + 20 to hit me, then 10 of them suddenly doing 10d10 damage just because they are shooting together is stupid.

Real swarms contain thousands of creatures and do d6 damage. Not 1000d4. If you gather together 400 crossbowmen, then they can do d10 damage to the dragon.

They'd only need one twenty to hit. The second roll is only to confirm the crit. So they'd, on average, do 20d10 damage, actually making the troop do less damage.

I really need Rasputin Must Die! Too bad I'm broke.

LazarX wrote:
Or to be more accurate the usual bunch is making a bit of noise which will be ignored by almost everyone save the usual crowd that generates facebook chain mail.

You mean the same people who helped defeat SOPA?

I've played Nethack a couple of times. Never gotten very far, though. Dwarf Fortress is my roguelike of choice, though I like Fortress Mode better than Adventure Mode.

Most of this is negotiable. I simply want to play a modern, or near modern fantasy genre game using the Anachronistic Adventures classes.

The knight killer crossbow might help a bit.

I don't think he'd be an orc, or get orc racial traits. Ner'zhul seems to have barely had any orc left when he alone was the Lich King. Heck he was basically just a incorporeal entity tied to the Frozen Throne. Certainly he wouldn't have any levels in mystic theurge, because when he was transformed he didn't retain his shamanistic powers. I wouldn't even stat out the pre-Arthas Lich King. Only when he melds with Arthas is he really a creature at all.

Also amongst the Lich King's powers seems to be a form of mental domination that he used to command the natives of Northrend. He also seems to be the original source of the Plague of Undeath, though this ability seems to be rather limited in range as he could not manifest it in any location across Azeroth, thus requiring his mortal servants to infiltrate Lordaeron and spread plagued grain.

I wonder, what do people do about money, if anyone has had a campaign that is actually set in a modern setting. In a setting where Anachronistic Adventurers are visitors it probably isn't much of a problem, except for the characters who find themselves unable to buy anything with Earth money! Though if character starts at higher level than first than it might be a problem equipping the character with level appropriate gear.

Malwing wrote:
lordzack wrote:
Basically what the title says. I'm planning a camapign using the classes, so I am wondering how other people have used these classes.
No but I've been interested in the products for a while and would love to know how it works out in play.

I suppose you wouldn't be able to join my campaign?

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Musical link!

Basically what the title says. I'm planning a campaign using the classes, so I am wondering how other people have used these classes.

I'd stat the Lich King as a NE unique undead human gestalt eldritch knight 10/ex-paladin 20/necromancer 5; ex-druid 15/ sorcerer 20 archmage 10. Alternatively I'd replace druid with one of the third party shaman classes. Personally for race I'd just treat him as a human with the undead type and perhaps a few extra abilities without applying a specific template, or perhaps the lich template rather than graveknight. He is able to control large amounts of undead, I'd give him a special abilty reflecting that. He would probably have the Divine Source mythic ability, granting the Death, Evil, Magic and Rune domains and the Arcane, Murder, Undead, Wards subdomains. That's all I can think of for now.

Where does it say the ability penalty works like ability damage?

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Electric Wizard wrote:
lordzack wrote:
Where in the heck did you get the idea that the Ten Commandments are a purely Christian thing. They're right there in the Torah.

The Burning Bush, of course.


And that was Electric Wizard's non-sequitur of the day folks! Tune in tomorrow for more adventures in complete nonsense!

meatrace wrote:
Kryzbyn wrote:

My intent would not be to sneak a 10 commandments statue past anyone.

I just wondered how far the seperation had to be, and if there was any rationale to it, or just a flat "No not ever".

The 10 commandments? No, not ever.

I remember going to Catholic school and being told that the reason we had 10 amendments was to echo the 10 commandments. Which is ignorant of the fact that originally there were 12 amendments (only 10 of which were successfully ratified in the original go) and the 10 commandments were cherry-picked out of hundreds from Jewish law when Christianity was being codified by Rome, because Rome had a thing about the number 10.

I was also told that our code of laws stems directly from that (which is rubbish anyway) since we outlaw murder and theft. Let's not mention that the 10 commandments has no condemnation against rape, or other really nasty things.

The point is, the 10 commandments have nothing to do with the evolution of our legal code, except perhaps as an appendix about antiquated religious laws.

TL;DR- The FIRST COMMANDMENT is "You shall have no other gods before me," which is about the most conspicuously religious law you can have. All the good, relevant stuff about not killing each other is waaaay at the bottom of the list.

Where in the heck did you get the idea that the Ten Commandments are a purely Christian thing. They're right there in the Torah.

Zombieneighbours wrote:
lordzack wrote:
Well I think he's more powerful than he needs to be in the first place. I think he doesn't need to be much more powerful than the Star Spawn of Cthulhu as it is now and I think that should be less powerful as well. Just my opinion, though.

Based on?

Bet your going to mention the Alert.

Well there is that (if you're talking about the steamship), however it's more of a general dislike for, what I see as, a tendency to inflate CRs when a creature is even remotely impressive. Personally I think Balors should be around CR 10, for instance.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Well I think he's more powerful than he needs to be in the first place. I think he doesn't need to be much more powerful than the Star Spawn of Cthulhu as it is now and I think that should be less powerful as well. Just my opinion, though.

This would be the perfect opportunity to defictionalize Nuka Cola.

Well there is the Outer Space Treaty.

Purple Dragon Knight wrote:
I thought "wife beater" ant man was really during the time that the Skrull were impersonating him? didn't they set things right when he was the first one to come back from space during the Secret Invasion storyline? (i.e. "after years of captivity in a Skrull starship")

Nope, it happened way back in the early eighties.

I'd like to see a way to play Magical Beasts, including Awakened Animals.

Tsoli wrote:
Umbriere Moonwhisper wrote:

i know it's going to be a long while before Paizo does an Advanced Race Guide 2. but i want to see what New Races people want to see i such a book dedicated entirely to races not found in the Original ARG.

post what races you want to see, what Angles you would want to see them take, and/or what Racial Modifiers you want to see

Racial Modifier Packages i want to see

+2 intelligence +2 Charisma -2 Strength. would work well on a half nymph race with a flavor based on creativity and frequently associated with the role of muse. a race i would truly love to see, a half-nymph with some key human abilities built for musedom, essentially the best social bard and having a bigger racial focus on skills than a human of the same level

+2 Dexterity +2 Strength -2 Charisma, could work with a Wood Elf Race inspired loosely by WoW's Night Elves with none of that treehugger baggage, a race of forestbound physically fit tribal hunters and gatherers that completely show a new spin on a classic elven subrace

a Small Race with a +2 Strength Bonus, a Race with a 40 foot base land speed, or a physically strong race with immunity to fatigue, i posted an idea of something that combined all 3 in the form of a race of Goblinoids called Reds, their modifiers were +2 Strength +2 Dexterity -2 Charisma, they were small with a 40 foot base speed and immunity to fatigue.

a race with +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Charisma and powerful build, something descended from giants and designed to wield weapons sized for larger creatures

The problem with many of these ideas are that they are against the Core Pathfinder design for races, which is essentially +2 to one Physical and one Mental stat, and a negative to either a Physical or Mental stat.

I like your ideas, but for balance, these probably wouldn't appear as you have suggested. Maybe a race could be more balanced by taking two positives and one negative to Physical or Mental, but some stats are easily dumped - Strength or...

Actually there are already exceptions to that.

From what my experience is, Monotheism is pretty much default in most fantasy rpgs. Lots of cults that have little in common, except in some cases a shared mythology.

There's a man-eating template? If not there should be.

I'd like to see some adventures. Hopefully a mix of "modules" that are basically frameworks to base our own adventures on and more fleshed out ones as well.

I'd like to see an alternative to Sigil. Not a copy, but someplace that has the same role as a crossroads of the universe and haven for low level adventurers.

Okay, I agree it should be animated, but why should it be for kids?

Have you tried using a virtual tabletop, like Roll20?

I want this guy to write it. He is more than qualified to write about Fey and the like.

I don't give this too much thought, except that monster encounters tend to be spaced out. Monsters are only found in roughly one in three rooms. Furthermore, I draw a distinction between dungeons and lairs. A dungeon is not directly controlled by a single entity (guys like Halaster Blackcloak don't qualify as they are hands off, generally leaving the creatures that inhabit Undermountain to their own devices. Even the Whispering Tyrant doesn't really control Gallowspire anymore.) A lair is controlled by a single set of inhabitants. A lair will be harder to defeat as it's inhabitants will generally work together better.

Another thing is that I try to only put beasts in chambers connected by open cooridors, rather than rooms with sealed doors.

Draco Bahamut wrote:
DarkPhoenixx wrote:
One with nothing related to Earth or our world.
A Human-less AP ? Interesting.

It would also have to excise any cultures based on real world ones, anything from real world mythology, like dwarves, elves, etc...

Eltargrim wrote:
Given PF's love of pastiche monsters, I always assumed it and the Sandpoint Devil mated, and made a new kind of murder-baby...

Time for the Advanced Bestiary and the Amalgam template!

Did the OP mention anything about Golarion? Then why are we using Golarion's assumptions?

Personally I'd say a lesser deity might even have less than ten mythic ranks or tiers. A greater deity that has a full five domains would be more powerful than a rank/tier ten creature, and might require defining what eleven or more ranks give you.

The question I have is, was he still a wizard after he became a god? Do such things even matter for deities? What about deities who were never mortal, do any of them have class levels?

Understand I don't mean to be hostile, but my experiences seem to have diverged from yours quite a bit, TheLoneCleric.

That's not true either, every megadungeon I've heard of (except World's Largest Dungeon, which is a poor example) assumes that you don't stay down in them for an extended period of time. You go in for a quick delve, then head back to the surface. There are usually multiple entrances specifically to accommodate this.

TheLoneCleric wrote:
Mega Dungeons are kinda weird to do an AP based on. There can be so little NPC interaction. Now you can say stagger an expidition to Orv that plays like a long Mega Dungeon...

Sorry, but that is complete and utter nonsense. Of course, it's less true in later editions where xp is not gained for treasure, as long as you're goal is not merely to slaughter everything in sight there are plenty of NPCs to talk to in most megadungeons.

Caineach wrote:
Well, Nale made it to whichever afterlife they were in. Sabine is clearly sweeping him up.

That's assuming his soul doesn't get shipped off to be transformed into a Lemure or something. I'm not entirely clear on how or whether the transformation of souls into petitioners works in the OotS world. All of the people we've seen in the afterlife (at least those confirmed to have been living people at some point) have resembled their living forms (at least their forms at some point in their life).

Probably ramen. I already ate what I was going to bring for lunch to work today crunchy peanut butter and jelly with pretzels, but I'm still hungry.

Most anime artwork, even that which depicts Japanese or other people from nearby countries, often isn't drawn to make the characters in question distinctively "Asian" anyway, so...

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