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lordmolay's page

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tadkil wrote:

Carrion Swarm Level 5 Skirmisher

Medium natural animate (undead, swarm) XP 200
Initiative +12 Senses Perception +6;Low-light vision
Swarm Attack aura 1; the carrion swarm makes a basic attack as a free action against each enemy that begins its turn in the aura.
HP 63; Bloodied 31
AC 19; Fortitude 15, Reflex 19, Will 17
Resist half damage from melee and ranged attacks, 5 necrotic; Vulnerable 5 against radiant, close and area attacks
Speed 2, fly 8 (hover)
mTalons and Beaks (standard; at-will) *Necrotic
+8 vs. Reflex;1d8 + 4 damage plus 5 necrotic damage
M Blood Frenzy (standard, only usable on bloodied opponents; encounter) ) *Necrotic
The carrion swarm shifts up to is full move and attacks a bloodied foe: +10 vs. AC, 3d6+5 +5 necrotic damage and opponent is stunned (save ends).
M Flyby Attack (standard, recharge 5-6) ) *Necrotic
+6 vs. Reflex, 1d8+4 plus 5 necrotic; swarm may attack any individuals along its move. It does not provoke. Each target may only be attacked once each round by each swarm.
Alignment Evil Languages
Str 4 (-1) Dex 18 (+6) Wis 15 (+4)
Con 15 (+4) Int 2 (-2) Cha 6 (+0)

I like it, Bood frenzy being an ecounter power sig doo, flyby with a recharge is good. This should chalange a party.

However as it is set up, 5 of these will be a big fight, and that's would be great except that fight seems not not be very important to the adventure so I would drop the number, 2 or 3 swarms like this will present a good chanlenge.

Good luck

KaeYoss wrote:
Cintra Bristol wrote:
Rather than having them cast spells that match the various sins, they could instead have to perform a sinful act appropriate to each sin.
Wouldn't fit. The runelords weren't about sin. They were about sin magic. Plus, you don't want mere slaves (i.e. anything too incompetent to do magic) to get in there, so you require actual magic.

Not sure i agree, they were about sin, and the sin magic, there was little difference between the two. At least that's how i understood the section talking about sin magic and the rune lords. But even if that is not how it’s written it could still fit. It seems to fit the theme of what is going on very well.

I Also like the idea of having more than one way to open up the stone heads, I’m thinking of having something to do with sin magic and something along those lines, for example I have a PC that is very greedy, i figure he can reach right into the statue for the runelord of greed and pull out the key. Not sure i like the idea of performing a sinful act right there, but it;s not a bad idea.

Jeremy Mac Donald wrote:
Personally I'd take this as an opportunity to begin laying the groundwork for Sin Magic ...

This is some great stuff, I really like the idea, they will have already been in the library and knowing one of my pc's they will want to spend a lot of time in there learing about this stuff. That would be a great time to intro some stuff about sin magic and start driving him crazy with it....

Thanks to everyone and if you have any more ideas please feel free to drop them here. I have quite some time before we play this game (3-4 months) So I will have lots of time to play around with ideas


I never liked the great wheel, i felt there were to many useless planes.

I too would not mind a little more fluf in the book, what's in there is good but I would have liked more.

If someone were to send it to me i would be happy to host it for others..


Venport [at] gmail [dot] com

As far as monsters go:

Bladeling Spiker 6 Soldier
Canoloth (Demon) 7 Soldier
Bladeling Razorguard 8 Artillery
Pain Devil 8 Soldier
Korred Cudgeleer 8 Soldier
Bladeling Ironmage 10 Elite Controller
Korred Dancecaller 10 Controller (Leader)
Pain Devil Captain 11 Controller (Leader)
Shadow Demon 12 Elite Lurker
Canoloth Harrier (Demon) 13 Minion
Chasme (Demon) 14 Skirmisher
Solamith (Demon) 15 Artillery
Dark Acolyte of Graz’zt 15 Minion
Six-Fingered Slayer 15 Lurker
Air Archon Zephyrhaunt 16 Lurker
Howling Blade 16 Skirmisher (Leader)
Keeper 17 Lurker
Air Archon Tempestblade 18 Skirmisher
Barbed Devil 18 Skirmisher
Barbed Devil Enforcer 18 Soldier
Raavasta Observer 19 Lurker
Aspect of Dispater 20 Elite Controller
Chosen of Graz’zt 22 Elite Controller
Storm Devil 23 Artillery
Raavasta Conniver 23 Elite Controller
Astral Dreadnought 24 Solo Brute
Aspect of Graz’zt 24 Elite Skirmisher
Baphomet (Demon) 28 Solo Brute
Brazen Devil 28 Soldier
Dispater (Devil) 28 Solo Controller
Graz’zt (Demon) 32 Solo Skirmisher

Not a bad list

I've done a once over read and really read about 1\2 of the book so far.

Now i am a 4e player so that might skew my view a little.

So far i really like this book, i did not plane on buying it but i ended up with a free copy. I expected it to be a lot like the draconomicon and near unless for the every player and nice for a DM to have from time to time.

However with the last 1\3 or so of the book being some cool magic itmes, paragon paths and interesting armor i think a player might want to have this book if (and really only if) they are playing in a game where you must travel the planes. (unlike the dracomicon that has no use for a PC).

As far as fluf i like it, the fey is great and have alwasy loved the idea. The shadow fell is not bad, and can be an interesting aspect to the game.

I also like the change in what you need to travel from plane to plane. in 3e you needed a tuning fork set to the tone of the plane, as much as that is a neat idea it was basicly you know it (knowage check) or you found a fork that was set for that plane.

Now They use runes or emplems for each plane that must be using during the ritual to travel. This can let you give a PC peaces during a game so that at one point they have all the peaces of the ritual... small change but one i like.

Over all i give this book a B+ and would recomend it for any DM to have and a few PCs to have.

ps. sorry about anyspelling errors...

I've been running rise of the runelords in 4e for a while now. My players has just cleared out frt riddic and taken back the dam. So I have some time before we start sins of the saviors, but i thought i would read a head and get some ideas going about how saviors will work as this section has a lot of 3e rules built into the puzzles.

My First problem: The 7 heads of Xin riddle (before they get to the runeforge) asks for a spell to be cast near each head that is from the same school as each of the heads in order to get the key out.

4e does not use the old 3e 7 schools of magic... does anyone have a suggestion to how I could do this in 4e?

I shoul be back later with some other questions about this adventure.


I'm not trying to start a political war here (however it may). But I sent in a recommendation to that they should produce a "gamers for Obama button with a few recommendations, one for each table top gamers and console gamers. they are now producing them and are only $1 each Check them out.

Gamers for Obama

Dark Arioch wrote:

I am looking for peoples in game experiences and reviews. I would like very much to read about various groups play through any of the WOTC published adventures. Has anyone seen threads written anywhere about this? I am very curious about how the new rules are working out in actual play with varying character dynamics.


I have run Keep on the shadow Fell, and some of my own Campain (4e Rise of the Rune lords)

Shadowfell is well done, very easy to run and very fun, Kobolds are Fun to run, and deadly to play against, and i found that very refreshing.

I have more info about my own game, as we have 4-5 players, The game dynamics are great, lots of great combos between different classes, the game is still deadly, we still have lots and lots of Roleplaying, and some amazing combat.

over all i find the game different than 3e but still a very fun D&D experiance

Lots has been done here onBurntOfferingsPathfinder1&page=1

Hi all, I just finished BurntOfferings with our 4e group, not it;s time for some dark things to happen.

I've been working out how to Do the haunts in Foxglove manner, But they don;t have a cleric to attempt at turn check vs any of the haunts, any sugestions to give the PCs a weapon or 2 vs the house?

Soon i will have some of my stats conversions up for the monsters in this adventure.


Christopher Fannin wrote:
Jeremy Mac Donald wrote:
At a guess the PCs will level up after the battle of Sandpoint. They did in the modules IIRC and PCs will need less XP to make a level. Other level points are going to be much trickier. We really can't choose where they are going to occur without a better understanding of the XP mechanics and without some kind of agreement on which level this should go to.

Late bump, late read-through...but what?

The battle of Sandpoint takes a party of 4 halfway to 2nd level (11 cr 1/3, 3 cr 1 == 2000 xp).

If we want 2nd level characters after Sandpoint in 4e, you've got to find a way to have 5-1st level characters survive 5000 xp worth of goblins and goblin dogs without the encounter at Sandpoint dragging on forever.

Somehow I don't think that's what we're looking for.

my group is at 800xp after the sandpoint attack and the Glassworks, they will be 2nd level just before thistel top (as i added an goblin ambush on the way).

I sold almost everything, Most of it i did not use, i kept PHB, DMG, MM, BoVd, other than that Sold...

Also i used one of the Wolfs in the MM to make goblin dogs


Goblin Dog Level 2 Skirmisher
Medium natural beast XP 125
Initiative +5 Senses Perception +7; low-light vision
HP 38; Bloodied 19
AC 16; Fortitude 14, Refl ex 14, Will 13
Speed 8

mBite (standard; at-will)
+7 vs. AC; 1d6 + 2 damage, or 2d6 + 2 damage against a prone

Combat Advantage
If the Goblin Dog has combat advantage against the target, the
target is also knocked prone on a hit.

Goblin Blood: counts as a goblin

Goblin Tactics: if missed by a melee attack G dog can shift 1 square

Alignment Unaligned Languages —
Str 13 (+2) Dex 14 (+3) Wis 13 (+2)
Con 14 (+3) Int 2 (–3) Cha 10 (+1)

When you put these with my Thisteltop Clan Guardans they get really nastly

I'm changing a few things around to make the campain work the way i want it. So i made Bruthazmus show up in a earlyer enounter (an attack on a Shipment coming into sandpoint). Want i'm doing is adding 4-5 Goblin minions, and 2-3 Goblin archers to the encounter, the archers will be hidden with Bruthazmus in the trees while the minions are digging into an already defeated Caravan. The Wagon and dead bodys will be full of arrows while the minos don;t have anything but their dog slicers. (hopfuly showing a tip to the ambush to come)

once the party attacks the minions a Full Rain of arrows will come in any gobiln that misses will still be hidden, and Bruthazmus will have used Quary and Predatory Eye on the lest armered PC. With Twin Strike

Then seeing some power in the PCs, he will use Cut & Run to get the hell out of the area, and if he takes dmg from an attack in his face he will Yeild Ground



Bruthazmus Lvl 3 Bugbear Ranger
Med Natural Humaonid (goblin) XP 300
Initative +6 Perception +6

Hp 56 Bloodied 28
Ac 17 Frt 15 Ref 16 Will 13
Save +2
Action point 1

[b] Long Sword +6 vs AC At will 1d8+2

[Rb] Long bow +8 at will 1d12+3 20\40

[r] Cut & Run Encounter standard
2 shots +8 vs ac 1d12+3 shift 3 squares after 1st or 2nd shot

[r] twin stike at will standard
+8 vs ac 1d12 (2 attacks)

Yeild ground: imidate encounter dmg by melee attack shift 2 squares
+2 def until end of next turn

Hunters quary; Minor At will
1d6 extra dmg
Predatory eye Minor If you have combat advantage +1d6
Skills: Stealth +15

this should be nice added peace to the over looming problems of goblins in the area. I will then try and bring the PC's back to sandpoint if they don;t thistel top will be warned, if they do, it should be a day or so and the alert will be down.

After getting into the main part of thistel top I will have Bruthazmus and Orik Attack the party in some defensable part of The Fort.



Orik Vancaskerkin lvl 3 Elite
Medium natural humanoid XP 300
Initiative +5 Senses Perception +6

HP 80; Bloodied 40
AC 20; Fortitude 18, Refl ex 17, Will 14
Save +2
Action point 1

Speed 5

[b] Long Sword (standard; at-will) &#10022; Weapon
+10 vs. AC; 1d8 + 3 damage, and the target is marked
until the end of the human guard’s next turn.

Turtle Stance (Move At-will) sheild
+4 AC and Refx until start of next turn
side effect, allies Adj +2 AC until Start of Oricks Turn and Orick takes -2 to attack

Defenceive training: Encounter Imidadate Recharge 5-6
make [b] attack against target that misses with [m] only useable while Orik is using Turtle Stance

Alignment Any Languages Common
Skills Streetwise +7

Str 16 (+4) Dex 14 (+3) Wis 11 (+1)
Con 15 (+3) Int 10 (+1) Cha 12 (+2)

Oirc will Use Turtle stance making a Wall, (in some door way or hall) Bruthazmus will Be shooting and moving all over the place doing a lot more dmg the Orik will. Once a PC gets to Bruthamus or Drops Orick to 1\4 Bruthamus will run and at 1\4 Orick will give up... and mabye help the Pc's

The Final Fight in Thistel top will be with Nualia Lyrie and Bruthamus (assuming B lived).



Nualia Anti-Paladin of Sin Elite Level 3 Paladin
med Humanoid XP 300
Init +3 Perception +2

Hp 72 Bloodied 36
AC 21
Frt 18 Ref 14 Will 17

Save +2

Action point 1 [_]

[b] Bastard Sword Standard at will
+10 vs AC 1d10+4

[m] Glutenus Steel Stndard at will
make +8 vs 1st taret 1d10+4, +6 vs a 2nd different target 1d10+2, +4 vs 3rd
different target 1d10.

[m] Deformed Claw standard at will
+8 vs will 1d6+2 psyc and Target takes -1 to attacks (Save ends)

A Chalenge of Pride minor at will
Target is marked, (-2 attack if not this target) and if they do not attack Nualia
5 Psiy dmg and Staggered until end of targets turn

[m] Touch of Greed Encounter Recharge when bloodied
+8 vs Ref Hit: Target looses a Healing surge and Nualia heals as if she had a
healling surge (18 Hp) if target has no healing surges target takes 3d6 and
Nualia takes 1d6 psy dmg

The Burn of Wrath Immideate interupt encounter Recharge [6]
Only while bloodied, when attacked Make immidate [b]

Sihedron Medallion minor Action Daily
Free 2nd wind as a minor action (+2 def and heal 18 hp)

Str 16 Dex 10 Wis 13 cha 14 int 13 Frt 14



Lyrie Akenja Drow Mage level 2 Eleit Controller
Med Humnaoid xp 250
Init +2 Perception +1

Hp 64 Blooded 32
Ac 15
Frt 15 Ref 15 will 17

Save +2

Action point 1 [_]

[b] Dagger Standard at will
+4 vs AC 1d4+1

[Br] Magic Missle +7 vs Ref 2d4+3

[r] Ray of Enfebement Standard Encounter Rechange 5-6 Range 10
+6 vs Frt 1d10+3 Necrotic dmg and Weakend until end of Turn
(weakend 1\2 dmg fom attacks and ongoing dmg you deal does not affect target)

[r] Orb of hate Standard Daily
+7 vs Will 2d6 and 3 on going Psy dmg (save ends)
if save is failed target attacks nearest Creature (Randome if more than one are nearest

Expeditous retreat Move action Dailly
Shift 12 squares

[A] Grasping Shadows Standard Encounter Burst 1
+ 5 vs will 2d8+1 Dmg and Target is slowed until end of your next turn
Effect: Any creature that enters the area of shadows takes 3 Psyc dmg and is slowed until end of
Lyrie's next turn

[C] Cloud of Darkness minor Encounter
Close burst 1
Effect: This power creates a cloud of darkness that remains
in place until the end of your next turn. The cloud blocks
line of sight for all creatures except you. Any creature
except you entirely within the cloud is blinded.

Init 16, Cha 16, dex 15, Con 11 Wis 12 str 10

Lyrie will use Expeditous Retreat if she is bloodied or if Nualia Falls at that point she gets out of town as fast as possable, Bruthasmus will Run if he is less than 1\4 or if Nualia Falls.

Nualai will fight to the death, being bound to the RuneLords via the Sihedron medaillion, she hopes to bring them back to help her grow, the Deformed class is a gift she has grown to love and uses it once she is 1\4 down.

SOme people have a hard time keeping track of Marks however i easy token system works just fine for me.

I've also ran a lot of demos for the game, and watching people play it for the 1st time. The 1st 2-3 encounters takes some time, however after that it seems to flow well

Josiah Knight wrote:

Nice posts and this was a ton of help. I compiled everything that was given so far into a single personal wiki I am using.

I noticed that none of the 4e conversion material was posted on the Pathfinder Wiki. Is it because of the learning curve for using the Wiki?

Also, has anyone else converted the commando yet into 4e?

I just took a look at the Pathfinder wiki, and i don;t see a good place for 4e conversions, if you make a place and set it up i would be happy to post my changes there.

As for goblin camandos, i found little flavor in them so i used the Goblins from the 4e MM however i do have some more goblins

Goblin Glass Thrower


Goblin Glass Thrower Lvl 1 Artillery
Small Natural humanoid Xp 100

Init +3 Sense Perception +0

HP 24; Bloodied 12
AC 13; Fortitude 12, Refl ex 14, Will 12; see also trap sense
Speed 6

m Dagger (standard; at-will) &#10022; Weapon
+5 vs. AC; 1d4 + 3 damage.
r Sling (standard; at-will) &#10022; Weapon
Ranged 10/20; +6 vs. AC; 1d6 + 3 damage; see also special shot.

Special Shot
The Goblin sliger can use objects around him as Ammunition: In the Glass
works he can get use
Glass Ball: Hit Squares adj to target become difficult
Hot Glass: Hit 2 ongoing fire dmg save ends
Sand Shot: Hit Blind until end of targets turn

Goblin Tactics Miss from [m] free shift

Skills Acrobatics +8, Stealth +10, Thievery +10
Str 9 (–1) Dex 17 (+3) Wis 12 (+1)
Con 12 (+1) Int 9 (–1) Cha 10 (+0)

basicly it;s a kobold slinger changed into a goblin

Goblin Glass Maker


Goblin Glass Maker: Level 1 Skirmisher
XP 100 Small natural humanoid

Initiative +3 Senses Perception +0

HP 27; Bloodied 13
AC 15; Fortitude 12, Reflex 14, Will 12
Speed 6

[b] Glass Tongs (standard; at-will) * Fire
  +5 vs. AC; 1d4+4 fire damage.
[M] Glass Tong Grab (standard; at-will) * Fire
  +5 vs. Reflex; 1d4 fire damage Target is Grabbed
Glass worker can hold the Grab as a minor Action
Glass worker Can Shift 1 square with Gabbed target as a move action

Goblin Tactics (immediate reaction, when a melee attack
The goblin shifts

Combat Advantage
  The goblin pyro deals an extra 1d6 damage on melee and

Languages Common, Goblinoid
Skills Stealth +7, Thievery +7

Goblin worker


Goblin Worker Level 1 Minion
Small natural humanoid XP 25

Initiative +3 Senses Perception +1; low-light vision

HP 1; a missed attack never damages a minion.

AC 16; Fortitude 12, Refl ex 14, Will 11
Speed 6; see also goblin tactics
m hot Poker (standard; at-will) &#10022; Weapon Fire
+5 vs. AC; 4 Fire damage (5 damage if the goblin cutter has combat
advantage against the target).

Goblin Tactics (immediate reaction, when missed by a melee attack; at-will)
The goblin shifts 1 square.

Skills Stealth +5, Thievery +5
Str 14 (+2) Dex 17 (+3) Wis 12 (+1)
Con 13 (+1) Int 8 (–1) Cha 8 (–1)

Thisletop Clan Guardian


Thisletop Clan Guardians
Small natural humanoid XP 125

Initiative +4 Senses Perception +2; Low light viison
HP 36; Bloodied 18
AC 18; Fortitude 14, Refl ex 13, Will 13;

Speed 5

[b] Short Sword (standard; at-will) &#10022; Weapon
+7 vs. AC; 1d6 + 3 damage, and the target is marked until the
end of the Clan Guardians next turn.

Clan Guardians Tactics (immediate reaction, when an adjacent
enemy shifts away or an enemy moves adjacent; at-will)
The kobold dragonshield shifts 1 square.

Mob Attack
The Clan Guardian gains a +1 bonus to attack rolls per
Goblin ally adjacent to the target.

Goblin tactics
When Missed by a [m] attack shift 1 square

Languages Goblin
Skills Acrobatics +5, Stealth +7, Thievery +7
Str 14 (+3) Dex 13 (+2) Wis 12 (+2)
Con 12 (+2) Int 9 (+0) Cha 10 (+1)
Equipment scale armor, heavy shield, short sword
it;s a Kobold dragon sheild with a few changes



Gogmurt: Goblin Fire Druid level 4 Elete Artilery
Small natural humanoid

Init +5 Senses Perreption +4 Low light vison
HP 42 Bloodied 21
AC 18 (14 vs [m]) Frt 14 Reflex 18 Will 16

action point 1
save +2
Speed 6

[b] Flame Touch Standard at will Fire
+8 VS Ref 1d6+2 Fire

[Rb] Produce Flame Standard at will Fire
+10 vs Ref 1d8+2

[r] Hail of Fire Standard at will Fire
2 attacks +6 vs Ref 1d8+2

[c] Channeled Fire Standard Daily Fire
Blast 5 +6 vs Ref 3d6+2 fire

Fire Sheild immidate Encounter once bloodied for the rest of the encounter
+3 vs ref 5 on going fire dmg

Spell shaper; when making a [c] attack Gogomurt can pick 2 allies in the attack who are considerd
not targets of the attack

Endless power: minor Encounter recharge [6]
Recharge any daily power

Goblin Tacktics immidate when missed by a [m] attack
Shift 1 square

Goblin dog Rider


Goblin Dog Rider Level 2 Skurmisher+mount
XP 125 Small Natural humanoid+Mount

Imitative +5 Perception +3

HP 37 Bloodied 17
AC 16 Fort 14 Ref 16 Will 12
Speed: 8 (if mounted, 6 if not)

[B] Long Spear (Reach 2; Standard; at-will) * weapon
+7 Vs AC 1d10+2;
[m] Hit and Run (Reach 2; Standard; at will) * weapon
+7 Vs AC 1d10+2; May move up to speed and make 1 melee attack any where in the move

Protect the Mount- Immediate Interrupt Encounter Recharge 4-5-6
Trigger: One [m] or [r] attack Targets the mount: that attack misses

Great Poison: If on it's then The GDR moves 4 squares from where it starts +1d6 on that attack

HP 29
Ac 17 Frt. 15 Ref 17 will 13
Speed 8
Bold: While a riders is mounted Mount is considered never bloodied
Fearful: If rider is killed or dismounted Mount will flee [/spoilder]

Goblin thrower [spoiler]
Goblin Thrower Level 1 Artillery
Small natural humanoid XP 100

Initiative +4 Senses Perception +5 HP 22; Bloodied 11
AC 15; Fortitude 12, Refl ex 15, Will 13; Speed 6

[Bm] Scrap Metal (standard At will) * Weapon +4 vs. Ac 1d4+4

[Br] Throw Stuff Standard At will * Random item When the Goblin Thrower attacks He picks up
random items he sees Roll 1d6 to find out what he throws
1-2 Rock Range 10\15 +6 vs. AC 1d8 + 1
3-4 Weapon Range 10\20 +6 vs. Ac 1d10+1
5 Box of stuff 3 Targets Range 10 +4 vs. Ref 1d6+1
6 something on Fire 10\20 +6 vs. AC 1d8+1 and 2 on going Fire
(save ends): Thrower also takes 1 fire.

[r] Throw lots of stuff Standard Encounter Recharge 5-6
Make 3 Throw Stuff attacks.

Rip Nugget +Gecko


War Chief Rip Nugget + Gecko
Small Natural Humanoid + Natural animal Mount xp 750 (solo monster)

Init +5 Senses Perception +3 Low Light vision
HP 180 Bloodied 90
AC 17 Ref 19 Frt 16 Will 16

Speed 6 (on gecko 8 Climb 6)

[b] Dog Sliser Standard at will Weapon
+8 vs AC 1d6+2

[m] Hit and Run Standard at will Weapon
+8 vs Ac 1d6+2 and Shift up to speed may make attack anywhere during movement

[m] Powerful Charge Encounter Recharge 5-6 Weapon
+6 vs Ref 2d6+2 and push 3 squares

[m] Gecko's Tongue Reach 3 Minor Recharge when target is no longer immobilized
+6 vs Ref 1d6+2 and Immobilized save ends or when Ripnuget moves more than 3 squares away

Protect mount Imitate encounter Recharge 3-4-5-6
[m] or [r] attack vs mount misses

Skirmish if Rip nugget moves more than 3 squares away from where he started on his
turn +1d6 dmg Not useable on Gecko's tongue

Wall Climber During a move action Gecko+nugget have Climb speed 6


Ac 15 Ref 17 Ft 15 Will 12
HP 40 bloodied 20 (see bold)

Bold : never bloodied while Ripnugget is mounted,
Fearful Runs as soon as ripnugget is defeated

Esangue wrote:

Thank you Derek!

I think I'll use your version, it seems more interesting!!
I must start thinking in 4e, but it was since the start of 3e that I haven't designed a monster from scratch!! :)

About Con 11, I think lordmolay took inspiration from the miniatures rules: it means concealement 11. When you attack you have to roll a d20 and make 11+ to see if you hit. Then you can make the attack roll.

I think that in 4e it sould be replace by the intangible (or somenthing like this, I haven't the book with me now) that halves the damage taken.

Anyway, in the previous posts I read about a wiki or something... Somebody did anything?

Yeah i'm a big DDm player and even with the new rules (that are almost exactly like 4e combat) they have con11, I thought about adding insubstantial (have dmg on attacks that are not cirts) but i think the miss chance was better...

What a great idea of a skills encounter\Team goal.

Encounter A:

A Scouting part of Goblins has been taken down however 1 got away you can hear the rallied troops on their way now. The Scouting party was way to strong there is no way you can take out a full squad. however in the Room is a Iron door strong enough to hold them back as you example however the lock is well beyond broken. The Wizard need 5min to can the ritual and lock the door, 1 player can help, the others need to distract\trap\delay the squad on it;s way until the ritual can be cast. Very Free form encounter the wizard would need to make arcane checks i would speed up or slow down the ritual based on the checks, the "assistant" would do the same maybe with differnt kinds of checks getting the door set to close at the right second ect... everyone else would need to distract them Either with A fire arrow shot into a tree to set it on fire liquid, or Some kind of distraction sound or a a quick and dirty trap ect...

Encounter B:

an NPC ally is locked in the room, the wizard knows that it has an arcane lock cast on it. The Room is filling with a strange liquid, you can see via a small window (that some how is very strong) that you don;t have long. Can the Rogue disble the trap? can the Wizard cast Knock in time, or can the fighter bash in the window that seems much stronger than it should... The Ritual could be cast in time with a rushed casting (house rule just for situations like this) with the right arana checks...

Derek Poppink wrote:
Next up: Erylium.

I almost Did a set of 4e stats for her, however I found that we know very little about the final boss until near the end of the game, So i droped her, and made "Unknows Image Level 5 Elite Artillery" The unknown image is of Karzoug, Here are the stats (the may be a little to powerful not sure yet)


Unknows Image Level 5 Elite Artillery XP 400
Med Fantom

Init +1 Perception +3 Action Point 1

Hp 74 Bloodied 40
AC 16 Frt 15 Ref 20 Will 19
Also see Unstable Image

[:RB:] Thunder Wave Standard At will
+9 Vs Frt 1d6+4 and Push 3

[:c:] Burning Hands Encounter Recharge when bloodied
+7 Vs Ref 2d6+4 Blast 5

[:R:] Acid Arrow Daily Standard (Recharge when Bloodied)
+7 vs. Ref 2d8+4 and 5 ongoing acid (save ends) and Fallow up
Fallow up: +8 vs. ref 1d8_4 acid and 2 ongoing (save ends
Miss 1\2 dmg no fallow up and no on going dmg

Unstable Image Immediate when attacked, Encounter Recharge 5-6
Target gains Con11

Rune Wells blessing the Image must stay with in 5 squares of the well or it is destroyed
If forced out of the Range of the Well the image takes 2d6 dmg per round and have con11
For every Spawn Summoned from the well -1 attack, for every creature killed with in 20 squares of the Rune Well +1 attack.

Str 8 int 18
Dex 12 wis 16
Con 10 Cha 12

Oh and i expect to start with 3 spawn and summon 2 more duing the fight, i expect to have 6 players so that will make it a level 3 encounter

Keith Richmond wrote:

On that note, I'm planning on doing the goblin commando soon and I'm a little iffy on something actually cool to give him.

I'll need to reread that section, but I was considering some kind of special charge ability, perhaps a leader role to help rally other goblins.

For the commando (mounted Goblin) i when with this

Goblin Dog Rider Level 2 Skurmisher+mount

XP 125 Small Natural humanoid+Mount

Imitative +5 Perception +3

HP 37 Bloodied 17
AC 16 Fort 14 Ref 16 Will 12
Speed: 8 (if mounted, 6 if not)

[:B:] Long Spear (Reach 2; Standard; at-will) * weapon +7 Vs AC 1d10+2;

[:m:] Hit and Run (Reach 2; Standard; at will) * weapon +7 Vs AC 1d10+2; May move up to speed and make 1 melee attack any where in the move

Protect the Mount- Immediate Interrupt Encounter Recharge 4-5-6
Trigger: One [:m:] or [:r:] attack Targets the mount: that attack misses

Great Position: If on it's turn The GDR moves 4 squares from where it starts +1d6 on that attack

HP 29
Ac 17 Frt. 15 Ref 17 will 13
Speed 8
Bold: While a riders is mounted Mount is considered never bloodied
Fearful: If rider is killed or dismounted Mount will flee

I Went with the spear for a change in flavor and to give a little advantage to the movement. But i thought a Full mounted Goblin would give a different feel to the fight. I also want this guy to Hit and run in and out of the fight all the time... hopfully the part will be more focused on the minions and Pyros in the fight

I think i might drop Great Position, His dmg output seems good as is, and that might make him to strong

bubbagump wrote:
It's 4e, dude. You'll never die in the first place.

Come play in my 4e game and see how long you last... I'm sorry but this is obviously a comment made by someone who has not given any time to the system. Now there may be good reasons why you don’t wish to give time to the system if that is the case i recommend not making comments like this

Each new PHB will have new classes using new power sorces, The Druid and Barb will have a Nature powersorce, We also know that we will get Shadow, Psionic, and a bunch more (all talked about in the PHB)... It;s a little sad that we don;t have the Druid and Brb yet. But It will come...

Keith Richmond wrote:

And Goblin Minion - so just the Goblin Commando / Dog and the beginning is set.

One thing i noticed about your minion that i think needs to change is the HP.

Yours say "a minion dies when hit my an attack that deasl dmg" vs WOTC minions say "Hp 1: a minion never takes dmg from an attack that misses"

There is very little difference here but on think is attacks like cleave... (Attack on target and a 2nd adjacnet target takes 3 dmg) If a minion is the 2nd target (taking 3 dmg) by your wording it will not die... however by WOTC wording it will...

By the way i love these guys!

I've been looking over the conversions done by Keith Richmond

Great Job!

A few things to think about...

I agree that the Encounter should not stop for a 5min Rest however Don;t let the PC's die, If they are having major problems in the fight have a "this section of the city calm down" that way they can take a rest and Heal up.

Goblin minion:love it! however i want a few more Dogslicers to break so i would change the "Shoddy weapon to 1-3 or 1-4... just so it will be fun showing off how goblins are a crazy foe.

Goblin Pyro- Amazing Great job.. i was thinking of Converting these my self but you did a better job than i could do... I will be using this Great!

Goblin Warchanter: I very much like the idea. daze i'm Not sure Psychic Dmg is the best way to go, but i don't i have a better answer yet and it will do just fine. whip crack I think this is a little to strong, Move action? Recharge 4,5,6? minion only are all good fixes... Personally i would do minion only.

If anyone does a wiki i would love to help out make sure to post here so i can come help.


I like it... I don;t have the books in front of me to check Monster Creation numbers... but i will print this out and take it home to check them.

Very Cool (i might use this in my 4e ROTRL game)


Amazing! Thanks... I can't wait until i can play these for my players


yoda8myhead wrote:
I picked mine up the other day at FLGS and was a bit disappointed. The quality and detail of the minis themselves is less than previous editions and the new rules are, well, too 4e for my taste. I want my old alignments back!!

I wonder what you expected? these combat rules are almost exactly how 4e combat will work...

I have almost the entire set So i have taken a good look at Everything other than the Eye of Flame beholder, and the Rakshasa baraon (however i have seen them in person)

Almost all of the skulpts are great, i can think of 3-4 skulpts that i don't like (out of 60 that's not bad). Most of the paint jobs are well done as well (i don't like 8 or 9 of them). So over all i give the set a B, There are some great U\commons and some great old school figs that have been re-done. The uncommon Hookhorror, Bullett, direwolf and Hag are wonderful examples of figs in this set.

HOwever i feel said for figs like the mindflair Who look like a 3 year old painted it.

Let me also say that Most of the figs that look bad here

Look a lot better inperson...

Also the starter figures look very good as well (as long as you can get over the green dragon's horn)

In the articles about 4e most of the designers have said they are taking out "Needless book keeping" know that, i would bet that the phb1, MM1, and DMG1 will not have detailed Economic rules.

Later books may have something like this, and if it comes i would expect it to be 2-3 years down the line as there are some more important books coming first.

I'm in the same boat, please cancel mine as well

WOTC delegates all over the nation got their 4e demo material today, if you have a local delegate Ask them about a 4e demo. IF you are in the Sacramento CA area let me know and i;ll give you a list of date where i will be showing off 4e.

Venport {at} Gmail {dot} com

seekerofshadowlight wrote:
if he is a playtester then no he can only say good things

Not True they can say what they want once they are out from under the NDA

DDX and DOD2 info

More DDX and DOD2 info

Look here for Set list, and pics for most figs both from Dungeons of Dread and Against the giants

My games can get very dark as well, However I keep sex out of the game. For some reason sitting around the table on a saturday night with a group of guys talking about D&D + sex just makes me feel like a looser.

Blood and guts however can get very ulgy and some strange and twisted things come up


If you give him 2 spell caster Classes, i would make sure his spell selection has lots of Quickened spells this would make him much more deadly as a boss fight.

I really like your black magga, And will have to take some notes on yours because.

I'm working on my own RotRl minis, however i'm using some old dreamblade minis as the foundation for my work I plan to post picks as soon as they are done.

SirUrza wrote:

It'll be a straight conversion, a goblin is still a goblin. The only thing that could change are the number of critters you face per encounter... 4 goblins + a beefy goblin could be tougher in 4E then they are in 3E, so they might need fewer goblins, if they're weaker, no reason to change the encounter.

Your Corrent that a Goblin is still a goblin and it will change the number of Creatures the fight, but Spells, combat rolls, and all kinds of other ablitys will be different enough that i don't feel it will be a strait forward converstion.

However i think it will be fung giveing Ogres with Giants hooks some special fighter\Barbarian like attacks(all Classes will have special attacks)


Ross Byers wrote:


Civilization (Blue)
Borderlands (Red)
Wilderness (Green)
Underdark (Purple)

With Good/Evil sub factions.

Is it just me, or did they make this more like Dreamblade/Hecatomb by breaking it into four factions that are each vaguely aligned with a Magic color?

It's just you.. :-)

In the previouse version of the game we had alinments as our factions, however now that alinements are much more limited to those are are really good and really evil we need a new way to break down all the creatures. Using where they come from and where they live i find is an interesting way to do it.

Would you guys give it a try with a Free demo?

Lots of areas with strong Gaming communitys have WOTC Delegates in the area, and if they were to provide you a free demo of that game would you try the demo? and mabye give 4e a shot?

What if 4e is the best gaming system to come out for D&D? Would you really want to miss that? I'm not saying it will be, but is sure could be.

If you see a Demo, at World wide D&D game day, a Convetion, or your LGS give it a try you might be surpised.

Elorebaen wrote:
I would like to see "official" conversions when the time is right, but if not I imagine a few enterprising community members will be able to make good conversions.

Converstions from 3e to 4e will not be strait forward. the 2 systems are very different. You could still make a 4e character that feels the same as a 3e character but it wont be a strait converstion...

Don't expect Paizo do make 4e conversion for any of the APs

however, i will be using Runelords as a backbone for my 1st 4e game. This will not be an exactly conversion of every character and encounter but will use the campaign and main story as the foundation for my 4e game.

I plan to keep a game blog here as i start the conversion and as my players progress in the game

this may help but we have a few months before any of this starts


Gary Teter wrote:
Also be sure to check out the past posts in the Paizo Blog. You can click on most of the images to get a high-resolution version.

Oh wow how did i miss that... thanks!

Lilith wrote:
Ah! Well...poopy. :( A lot of Andrew Hou's art is on his DeviantArt site.

Thanks i might be albe to find what i need here thanks!

Lilith wrote:
lordmolay wrote:
Dreamweaver wrote:
If you have the PDF's you can use them to print out the pictures.

I don't have the PDFs, But i have all the adventures so far... that kinda sucks

According to your user tag, you are a subscriber, and therefore have access to the PDFs for free as part of your subscription - go here to download.

I just started subscribing, Before i was picking the adventures up at my FLGS

Dreamweaver wrote:
If you have the PDF's you can use them to print out the pictures.

I don't have the PDFs, But i have all the adventures so far... that kinda sucks

Is there a place on Paizo where i can get Digital images of the wonderful art found in the Runelords AP? I was hoping to print a few of them out to had to players so that i don;t show them the book.


Dose Dragon (or paizo) have plans to do any DnD minitures leagel maps like the one done a while back (drow outpost)?

I asked this question over in dungeon and the answer i got was told. No plans from Dungeon, is somthing like this was done it would be done throught dragon.

So i thought i would ask

Thanks for you time

mabye i should ask this question in Dragon... Thanks for your time

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