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Silver Dragon

leo1925's page

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Tales Subscriber. 4,854 posts. 17 reviews. 3 lists. 1 wishlist.

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It has no identity

***( )( )

I should have liked this book, but i didn't.
I am not sure why i didn't like this book, i liked the previous one, i liked the protagonist, it has a party, high level characters, it has religious themes present (although a far cry from the previous ones), magic and spellcasting, it has a magical a magical dungeon, an uber artifact waiting at the end of the dungeon, i really should have liked it with all of that... but i didn't.
There were a few things that i noticed being annoyed by like the number of characters (too many in my opionion) but the thing that i felt annoyed me the most was that the story doesn't have a strong identity. It isn't the personal struggles of the protagonist, it isn't an action story, it isn't a rebel story, it isn't an action story, it isn't a mystery story, it tries to be all of the above in one book and that in my opinion dragged it down because not one thing was complete. It isn't about the personal struggles of Isiem because it spends very little time showing us his morality problems and his thoughts, it isn't an action story because it has very few action scenes (including battles) and those that are in; are far way from each other, it isn't a rebel story because the protagonists quickly leave the rebellous city, it isn't a mystery story because it doesn't give any real clues*.
Keep in mind that last few chapters are great, i truly enjoyed them but it was too little too late, the story has already left a poor taste in my mouth.


And it really hurts the mystery part of the story when you give away the answer in the cover, from the moment we were given the first inch of a clue (the "they found something older than demons in the abyss") i managed to add two and two together and guess that there were researching qlippoth.

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I am running this AP.

Very good start, sets very good tones, it has a lot of sci-fi trappings and even some cliches, the presentation of a crashed space ship is very good and it does a very good job blending standard fantasy with sci-fi.

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In the end i liked it

****( )

I was very warry for the recent pathfinder tale (pirate's promise) which is this one's sequel so i decided to read pirate's tale, but the issue is that i don't like pirates.
It's a good thing then that this novel's crew aren't pirates, they don't do pirate stuff, they are more like con men or blackmailers.
There are very likable characters and some interesing naval stuff, it really shows that the author either really knows his boats or has done very good research.
My only issue that the magic in the novel isn't a lot but more importantly the magic shown in the novel is used in a very unusual way and not in the ways you might expect (for example in combat).

I recommend the novel to everyone because i ended up enjoying it very much, and i will definetely read the sequel.

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It has everything


This tale has quests, adventuring parties, dragons, lich, different plane, magic, ultra powerful wizards and everything you might expect.
The storytelling part of the tale is also very good, it has turns, twists, betrayals, love, loss and i particularly enjoyed the CG character and the LE character switching roles.

Don't mind the throwbacks to the old adventuring party of the heroine, yeah they can be a little weird at first but before long they make perfect sense.

It has very religious characters and the overall story ties very well with the themes of both Shelyn and Zon-kuthon. Yeah there is a possible continuity error with Zon-kuthon but i see it more as a missed opportunity.

It has quite a bit of magic, would have more if the protagonist was a real spellcaster instead of a ranger.

Overall i would say that the story is very moving (especially the ending) with strong the presence of love and pain, a lot at the same time, also this novel is a lesson why you don't have an adventuring party with no real divine spellcasters.

The only things that really bothered me are that:
a) The protagonist wasn't religious but still was a divine spellcaster, i get that she reveres the nature but i didn't see any Green Faith stuff or even any meditation/being one with nature/tuning in to the world's vibe suff. Truth be told it looked like the heroine had a small bit of arcane magic instead of a small bit of divine magic.

b) Everyone in the novel seems to ignore the fact that there is resurrection magic in the world, sure most of the adventure happens in a very backwater region and there isn't a lot of wealth to go by, but still; i can't stop thinking that the whole novel wouldn't have happened if someone remembered that there is resurrection magic available.

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Oh the twists!


An excellent book, a very good urban adventure and with an urban druid as the protagonist.
Also very good in order to introduce you to the city of Magnimar, if you plan to set a game or part of your game to Magnmira than this book is must-read.
The plot may seem a little slow at start but it only seems that way because it has so many characters to introduce and needs to build tension.

The only 2 things that somewhat bothered me where:
1) Sometimes there were too many characters in a scene, fortunately some were suddenly silent spectators in order not to bog down the scene.
2) The protagonist really seems like a spontaneous caster, everything she does/says/thinks when she casts spells gives you the impression that it's a spontaneous caster (where the urban druid is a prepared caster), i think that there were maybe 1 or 2 instances where it gives you the immpression that it's a prepared caster.

All in all i really enjoyed the book and i recommend it to everyone.

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