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Silver Dragon

leo1925's page

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber. 4,251 posts. 4 reviews. 3 lists. 1 wishlist.

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One giant down

****( )

So i am in the proccess of getting giants' miniatures and this is my second one, while the mini is very good and worth the price, i should say that the beautiful frozen greataxe tends to bend very easily.

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Excellent work


Very very good work, it really shows you how to make the craft system work, a very good purchase indeed.
I recommend it to everyone, sure you might not want to even think of your characters crafting his weapons and armors, thinking that this is the job of NPCs but what about poisons? that's something that a lot of characters might want to do but with the current system it takes WAY too long, well know you can do better.

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Very good work

****( )

A quite nice book.
It has a lot of GREAT things (for example the magus), and a couple of really awful things (vow of poverty monk), but the book in general is a good book and it really helps you customize your spellcasters.
Sure there are a couple of loopholes in the book that needs closing (yes echoing spell i am looking at you), and there are a few typos in the first print but i am sure that Paizo will fix them as soon as possible.
All in all the book has several gems and a very few lumps but i really can't not get a book that has the bladebound magus and the qinggong monk in it.

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paladin oaths, SUPER


A great book, a very good resource when you are playing in Golarion. The info on the gods (even the "minor" ones) is very very helpful and really help you roleplay a follower of a good deity, the new feats and traits are just cherry on the top.
Can't wait for the other two deity books to come out.

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