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Silver Dragon

leo1925's page

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Tales Subscriber. 4,635 posts. 13 reviews. 3 lists. 1 wishlist.

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Oh the twists!


An excellent book, a very good urban adventure and with an urban druid as the protagonist.
Also very good in order to introduce you to the city of Magnimar, if you plan to set a game or part of your game to Magnmira than this book is must-read.
The plot may seem a little slow at start but it only seems that way because it has so many characters to introduce and needs to build tension.

The only 2 things that somewhat bothered me where:
1) Sometimes there were too many characters in a scene, fortunately some were suddenly silent spectators in order not to bog down the scene.
2) The protagonist really seems like a spontaneous caster, everything she does/says/thinks when she casts spells gives you the impression that it's a spontaneous caster (where the urban druid is a prepared caster), i think that there were maybe 1 or 2 instances where it gives you the immpression that it's a prepared caster.

All in all i really enjoyed the book and i recommend it to everyone.

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A truly amazing book

****( )

Truly a very nice book, very well written with more fleshed out characters and a much better plot than city of the fallen sky, very good depictions of various places in Numeria (a very good book for both GMs and players in the Iron Gods AP), i really enjoy the book and i highly recommend it. Except for two things, one minor and one major issue:
Minor issue: The going outside the rules of the RPG that were present in the previous adventure of Alaeron were also present here (albeit to a much smaller degree) and i think that a lot of them might not be the author's mistake just be there because the technology guide was written when this book was written.
Major issue: The complete disregard for religion and faith from city of the fallen sky is worse in this book, in fact in this book it goes to making fun of faith and putting religion in a very unflattering light.
If it wasn't that then i would give this book a 5 star but it really bothered me so i give it 3.5 stars (rounded up to 4 since i really liked the rest of the book).
I really hope we see the adventure of Rodrick and Hrym in the south soon that's mentioned in this book.

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I didn't like this one

***( )( )

I have read a few pathfinder tales and this is the second one i didn't like (the other was song of a serpent).

The protagonist has a very interesting past but although supposedly a genius acts like the village's idiot most of the times.
The rest of the characters (both allies and enemies) are quite stereotypical (except one), i don't have a problem with that but some people might have. In addition nearly nobody (allies, enemies, extras) has any faith or religion whatsoever.

The story story starts as very interesting (go explore a formerly flying city of the Shory empire) but the way it unfolds leaves a lot to be desired. First of all the characters spend only a small portion of the book in the ancient city since they spend most of the book traveling there. Secondly we don't get to know nothing more about the Shory empire. Thirdly the book teases you about a lot of locales and cultures but doesn't stay enough at one place in order to really give you stuff about it.

My biggest issue with this book is that the writer took A LOT of liberties with the mechanics of the pathfinder RPG, i can understand that sometimes you have to deviate from the rules of the game a little but this time things went too far.

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Excellent addition


They really do help during gameplay and they are quite funny to look at.
I really recommend them to everyone who goes at least to mid levels regularly with his campaigns.

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Excellent work, the 3 red dragons are great to look at from either side of the screen.

Keep in mind that the pictures shown here don't accurately represent the minis, they are better in reality.

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