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Silver Dragon

leo1925's page

5,093 posts. 20 reviews. 3 lists. 1 wishlist.


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Zwordsman wrote:

I'm voting for the whole..

There simply isn't enough info. If things are actively being hidden over time by a powerful entity.. THey've had lot of practice and time to cover their tracks... They really won't miss a whole lot.

While 32 Sounds like a lot.. and it is a pretty nice roll, it isn't amazing world ending awesome.

In this context. With how little to no info they have at all, I wouldn't give anything except on a 20. Which would net them a spark of inspiration . a Thread to pull. like a small detail in a book they read as a kid that had an item with a similiar appearence. Written by X name. Which through much research and a treck to the library or divination spell you learn was written via a pseudonym of one of few people who have known about it. Having written to off handedly start to hide breadcrumbs.

So they they get to hunt down more works by the fake names and piece together the whole legend and history through that means.

I cited a 20 cause that is just my own marker for "super duper inspiration moments of clarity" but that roll would be easier once they learn more about said item and such. Which given that seems to be a big point of the game, means they'll gain more glimpses and scraps. It is a shame they know about it metagame wise. Otherwise I would award circumstancial DC lowering for their own clever thinking. I suppose if someone else tried they could do it..

Alternatively they could retry the roll in a library and stumble across the crumb in a kids book that leads them down the rabbit hole.

Basically. It is entirely reasonable to haven ever heard or remotely knew of such a well hidden item (hell who is to say no one ever wished for its secrecy? You could even have them run into someone who knows of it.. and once they gain the knowledge that fellow vanishes out of existance due to some past wish. Which would cause a sense of urgency because the group has been roped into something dangerous. (obviously dont delete them from existance, but you could have arunning...

Ehm... The player rolled more than the 20 you mention, he rolled a 32.

The quality of the paper is much better, also:
Keep in mind that the tales subscribers get a 30% discount (where before you got none) so you end up paying a 5% increase and not getting the digital version; those that really got the "bad end" of the deal were the tales subscribers who were also AP subscribers and that's because they were already getting a 15% percent discount on their tales and with the new model they ended up paying a ~23% increase and not getting the digital version.

Keep in mind that the 32 the player got might very well not be enough, there are things that are so well hidden and/or long forgotten that their knowledge DC are almost absurd, for example the knowledge DC for the Runeforge (was somewhat secret during Thassilon, 10000 years ago) start at 33 and end at 50.
Now if you believe that the 32 that the player got isn't enough then by all means don't tell him anything but my opinion (from what you told us about the artifact) is that you should have told him something.

Judgeohno wrote:
Very Disappointed with the change to large paperback, 50% increase in cost and no PDF. Would love to have been in the room when this was agreed. Needless to say, I`ve cancelled by novels subscription. I would say more but then "naughty words" would happen and lets not go there.

Keep in mind that the tales subscribers get a 30% discount (where before you got none) so you end up paying a 5% increase and not getting the digital version; those that really got the "bad end" of the deal were the tales subscribers who were also AP subscribers and that's because they were already getting a 15% percent discount on their tales and with the new model they ended up paying a ~23% increase and not getting the digital version.

Guys i don't think that Carrion Crown is the best AP for an all occult party and it's not the lack of a full bab melee character.
First of all it's going to be difficult getting through book 1 alive without someone who can channel positive energy.
Secondly i think that this is a bad AP to go with a substitute for the divine caster role (cleric, oracle, healing patron witch), i am saying this because, from what i have heard/read about the AP, the delayed access to "remove/restore" spells that a 6th level spells class (with no early access) brings, coupled with the below WBL feature of this AP means a lot of cursed, diseased etc. adventurers.

What seemed poorly executed in Dragon's demand, to you?

Either none or the maximum cards allowed, and yes i agree that it's a campaign killer although i was (once) in a campaign that survived the DoMT; it killed the session* but the campaign survived.

*it killed the session because one of the players decided to whine and pout after his character lost his soul even though we all agreed to a no pouting and whinning deal before we drawed.

Can you give us the tactic your party uses? because even if a cleric casts the antimagic field and goes up close and personal with your villan, how does the rest of the party plans to actually defeat him?
In addition, giving us the build of your villan would also help.

Bob Bob Bob wrote:

In order, fire, cold, electricity, acid, and sonic (most often used). If you can get it as a damage, reverse the list.

Fire and cold are best by a factor of like 5, if I remember correctly. It doesn't hurt they're also great for environmental effects.

I agree.

Myrryr wrote:


Psychic is the third kind of magic, along with arcane and divine. There are now psychic scrolls, wands and staves, to go with the arcane and divine ones. So a psychic caster can't use arcane/divine scrolls, a divine caster can't use psychic/arcane scrolls, and an arcane caster can't use divine/psychic scrolls.

I'll be implementing psychic magic with about as much prevalence as the other two, so 'randomized' scrolls/wands in my games will be 33% chance of psychic, arcane or divine.

Ok, i can get the rules part of that (the usual 75% if the cost of the scroll is equal or lower to the base value of the city) but what about the availability? Did the Golarion books that came along with Occult Adventures say where psycic magic is more "usual" so to "allow" someone to buy psychic scrolls?

PS. iirc wands don't have the arcane-divine distinction so there shouldn't be an issue about wand usuage, but anyway wands are quite easy to use with UMD.

FatR wrote:

Council of Thieves. Maybe Second Darkness, at least until part 5-6. I don't know if any of the newer APs have seriously underpowered opposition. Most APs will hand a party of Occult Adventures classes their heads on a platter, unless the players are exceedingly meticulous with their optimization, or the GM really, really goes out of his way to keep them alive no matter what.

The have played through the entire Kingmaker, Jade Regent and Wrath of the Righteous and i have DMed (again entirely) RotRL, Shattered Star and now Iron Gods (this one isn't finished, currently at book 5) and there are some trends with APs. Books 1 and 2 usually have ok difficulty, books 3 and 4 have somewhat easy encounters but have a boss battle or two (each) that dials up to difficulty and books 5 and 6 (especially book 6) are walks in the park.

Sure there are exceptions, for example RotRL has almost none of the above and Wrath of the Righteous becomes a cakewalk from book 3 (because mythic characters are SO much better than mythic monsters and there is the "XP problem" which is more visible in WotR) but i think that the trends i mentioned are good broad strokes about the difficulty of an AP.

Anyway on occult classes, i know that they have a 9 level arcane spellcaster in them (psychic i think), from a cursorary reading it seems that the Spiritualist can cover the divine caster* role and then you need two others who can hit quite well (preferably melee), are there no classes in the Occult Adventures that can fight as well as a bard or alchemist?

*actually for that, what's the deal with scroll and wand activation of regular arcane and divine spells by psychic spellcasters? because that's going to be a big part on whether the spiritualist can cover the divine caster role.

FatR wrote:

I'd name Wrath of the Righteous perhaps as the most cohesive, as long as players start aware of the fact that they WILL be forced to deal and bargain with forces of evil at some point, because that's just how Paizo rolls.

Aggg, don't remind me that.

You don't need a trap-finder, there are many many many ways to deal with traps and quite a lot of ways to get the trapfinding ability, including a 2nd level spell, as for the healer... none of the occult classes can't fill that role (at least at the level that a druid can)?

Myrryr wrote:
archmagi1 wrote:

There is like only one creature there to keep him *in*, the sphinx in the dungeons book. Every single other creature in gallowspire is indeed trying to get not only tb out, but themselves too. It's more like rovagugs demiplane prison then anything resembling a normal prison.

His point wasn't a prisoner break but a prison invasion.

Ok... that just begs the question of why would good PC's go into a prison that is obviously perfectly capable of holding it's many many evil prisoners and this near god-lich and run the extremely high risk of freeing him?

One reason is to kill him for good, another is loot him, another is to make sure that the prison is secure enough.

Remember that the sealing of TB's prison was done by priests of Aroden, sure it was mighty magic and all of that, and the Inheritor is probably still powering that but what if it's not? What if the seal is slowly weaking? What if the legends are true and the only thing that holds TB down is the fragment from the Shield of Aroden that is stuck in his hand and what if that fragmnet is slowly losing power now that Aroden is dead?

As you can see there are plenty of reasons to go to Gallowspire.

The Shaman wrote:
Jade Regent has the option to attach balistas to caravan wagons, but nothing more (and the caravan rules aren't all that popular).

And that's becuase they are broken and lead to game over in book 3.

When they do an AP on other continent, even then we will more likely gain enough information about a region or two and general information for the rest of the continent.

First of all, the size of a dungeon differs; for example, most Thassilonian dungeons/ruins were made with dragons in mind, that means that a medium PC with a large mount should be ok.
Secondly check out this feat.

Now about APs that can accomodate large mounts:
1) Kingmaker (there are still some dungeons that are either too small to really use a mount in combat and/or have parts that a mount won't be able to cross easily, fortunately there are magic solutions* for the latter)
2) Jade Regent** (again there are a few of spots that share the above problem)
3) RotRL (at books 3+ you have no issue)
4) Wrath of the Righteous (at books 2+ you have almost no problem)
5) Shattered Star (at books 4+ you should have no real issues)

*the paladin's ability to summon his mount is one of those magical solutions, the pokeball armor is another, that spell is another one (i find that it works best in scroll form).
**just ditch the caravan rules and maybe the relationship rules

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I am one of those that is tired of always starting at level 1*, sure for some adventures it's required (like RotRL) and i do enjoy the occasional "from zero to hero" but i am tired of always starting as the squire instead of the knight, as the apprentice wizard instead of a full wizard, as the guardsman instead of the man-at-arms, as the temple initiate instead of the temple priest; the PCs at level 1 are practically nobodies, sure the future has great (even legendary) things in store for them but that doesn't change the fact that they start out as nothing.

*or level 2 but the fact that level 1 PCs are made of paper is another issue

Tvarog wrote:

Our group's experience with Iron Gods is that after beating H*, there's basically no reason to continue the AP as written. We generally ride the plot train without too much complaint, but with nothing more than a vague suggestion that there's something we should be looking for (and no real reason to actually be doing so), I have no real motivation to continue.

Maybe that's different for other groups. I certainly hope so.

Are you playing or DMing Iron Gods? I am DMing iron gods (ended book 4) and my PCs had no such issue (well apart from a player wanting to change a character after book 2, he wanted to try the slayer class).

In no particular order:
1) RotRL (which you mentioned)
2) Jade Regent
3) Curse of the Crimson Throne
4) Iron Gods

Cryptic wrote:
Curse of the Crimson Throne, Jade Regent, and Reign of Winter all have pretty cohesive stories that drive the campaign.

Can someone shed some light on the bolded AP? I have heard very mixed things about the cohesiveness of Reign of Winter; some people say that it has a cohesive story while some others say that it's mostly disjointed adventures.

This goes mostly to magnuskn:
I ran Shattered Star from start to finish and i had... issues with the AP, most of them can be found here, long story short i wouldn't recommend it to a DM who doesn't have a lot of free time.

How about eschewing XP completely and having players level up only at specific milestones? Even skipping a couple of levels a few times, for example you finish book 2 at 10th level (you were 10th level for the last two "floors" of book 2) and then you do a 5 year skip for starting book 3 and now everyone is 13th level.

I understand that eschewing XP completely is a very dangerous move but i also believe that, when crafting adventure paths, the XP are causing a lot of problems, the most notable being the need to grind (usually very easy) encounters in order to gather a lot of XP in order to level up.

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PFWiki Scribe wrote:
Sometime between when he defeated Tar-Baphon and the Shining Crusade. I believe that's as specific as the canon has gotten.


When he defeated Tar-Baphon as a mortal(ish) necromancer, not Tar-Baphon as a lich. Aroden didn't fight* Tar-Baphon as a lich.

*the reasons for this are unkown but there are plentiful theories going around.

Deighton Thrane wrote:
The year 1, he raised the Starstone (creating the isle of Kortos with it) and became a living god. Can't say I know for the Starfall Doctrine though.

Wasn't year 0?

Ylem wrote:
I've heard it said that he ascended (to Heaven or wherever) after the creation of Absalom.

Axis, not Heaven. Aroden (at least as a deity) was LN and not LG, in fact after his death his personal domain in Axis belongs to Milani.

Landon Winkler wrote:

As others have mentioned, Nightglass does a fantastic job at this.

On the ground, it doesn't seem really that much different than living in any other dictatorship. The secret police are a little bit creepier, I guess.

But, on Earth, two things that often breaks dictatorships is a changing of the guard or the dictator becoming visibly weaker. Zon-Kuthon hasn't lost interest and, even if he declined in power, that likely wouldn't be visible to the citizens.

Even as outsiders, we can say Zon-Kuthon and the Umbral Court would be far harder to depose than any Earthly dictator. If some heroic adventurers took out the Umbral Court, the shadowcasters, the shadow giants, and a lot of kytons... they might have a chance.

So if you disagree with the guy that's been in power for ten thousand years, what do you do? Keep your head down, dream of leaving, and settle for petty rebellions.


I agree, nothing sort of a crusade can clean up Nidal, even the aftermath of said crusade would be very difficult to deal with since even the nature of Nidal has been wrapped by Zon Kuthon's power.

I managed to paypal to work (by jumping through noumerous hoops).
I know that Paizo doesn't use paypal because there is an issue (from Paypal's side because of subscriptions iirc) but since right now this is the only way i can use for Paizo, is there any way i can pay using paypal my pending order (Order 3641058)?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I went out of my way* to kill a PC only once and that because i really wanted THAT TRAP in shattered star book 2 to activate, i felt that the players would like that and add to the campaign.

*when i say out of my way i mean that the incubus continued his full attack (made his second attack) against the female barbarian who dropped after a critical on his first attack.

The one time i was b!#@!ing about my character dying was in a 3.5 game, sure resurrection magic was available but it was the 3rd or 4th death of my character and all of them was because of another very stupid PC who put the party in danger and caused PC deaths over and over.

In general i am ok with character death, i am more concerned about the continuation and the damage caused to the narrative of the story when resurrection magic isn't available or when the player wants to change his character because of a character death (usually mid campaign with no warning).

So just to be clear: for APs published before Jade Regent there are no interactive maps/ compilations?

There might be map compilations (i am not sure) but i am 99% sure that they aren't interactive.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
James Jacobs wrote:
leo1925 wrote:
Karui Kage wrote:
I wouldn't let make whole or greater make whole work on advanced technology. The major cap on abusing the power of tech comes from its limited use, allowing a PC to circumvent that with a relatively low level spell seems wrong.


Greater make whole was made for repairing advanced technology (just not timeworn), the fact that it's a great tool for repairing a destroyed magic item.


The fact that, as written, the core's make whole won't let you repair a magic item with a caster level of 11 or higher is a flaw in the spell's design, and so I invented greater make whole to fix that flaw and allow for the quick repair of higher level magic items. The fact that it showed up in the Technology Guide was happy circumstance—I'd been looking for a place to get the spell into the system and this book was a PERFECT fit with its focus on items anyway.

But yeah... the spell was intended to repair ALL items, but it's primary reason to exist and the reason I built it in the first place was indeed to be something to fix magic items that other spells could not.

Ok i didn't know that, i was wrong in my previous post (also i forgot to add a "it's just gravvy" in the end of my post).

I just assumed that since the "repairs destroyed magic items with a CL up to half yours" was intented, especially since this was a change over 3.5's make whole.
How come this wasn't errata'd during some of the many core rulebook reprints?

PS. Since i now the intent behind the make whole and greater make whole then that means that i can stop forcing my players to travel to Numeria in order to get their destroyed magic items restored, i can just allow them to learn greater make whole.

I can't talk about modules but when you get AP volumes in pdf form then you get interactive maps when you can make it player friendly with a button (ok there has been some cases where the map was bugged but that's another issue), that is true for the APs following Jade Regent.

PS. Jade Regent had interactive maps but they were incorporated in the adventure pdf where in the APs following Jade Regent are in a different pdf file.

Play a heroic non PvP campaign, it seems clear that this player can't do a PvP enabled campaign.

Sharaya wrote:
Upon doing some digging back through inquires, it looks like he also had a US bank account or something, and switched to the card to that one. We cannot give out customers information to other customers. Sorry for any inconvenience.

That's what i guessed, he used a foreign bank account or a card issued by a foreign bank, unfortunately i don't have either.

Anyway i will keep trying to use my card hoping that whatever it is that blocks Paizo's code (when it shouldn't) will stop doing it.

Karui Kage wrote:
I wouldn't let make whole or greater make whole work on advanced technology. The major cap on abusing the power of tech comes from its limited use, allowing a PC to circumvent that with a relatively low level spell seems wrong.


Greater make whole was made for repairing advanced technology (just not timeworn), the fact that it's a great tool for repairing a destroyed magic item.

It's true, until (roughly) two weeks ago we couldn't use our cards, for online shopping, with sellers who aren't not in our country.

Can you, somehow, get me in contact with the guy/gal who managed to work around the restrictions in order for me to see if i can use his way and manage to be able to pay you?

I would like to suspend my subscriptions.

Because my country is under capital control and (for some reason) the banks rejects payment requests from Paizo, i don't know why this is happening, i should be able to buy books, magazines etc. but for some reason the bank rejects Paizo. I tried to talk with the bank and they told me that they should be able to authorize that payment but for some reason Paizo's merchant code is being rejected.

Since i don't know how long it will take for this thing to be corrected i have to ask, for how long can i have my subscriptions suspended?

Your players are stubborn. Arcane sight/detect magic to see that there is no spell on her to mask the aligment and then do a detect evil to see that she doesnt register at all.
And gimme a second now to remember. She rang the bell. She was inside the forbiddance effect, even though neutral, she took no damage. Desna protected her. The facts were there. If any of the players is a divine caster of Desna I would make him fall and need to atone as they killed a personal choice of Desna.

Story-wise you shouldnt have many problems. The information she would give can be taken via communes or contact other planes and I personally didnt use her in battle. 5 players-beasts were enough.
But they lost a huge RP development and an impossible chance to witness the unspeakable.

Another option you have is to have the player with the Chance encounter trait(if that's the rogue, when they ressurect him) to see at the body and remember that this is the figure that saved him. Remind your players about the facts(non-evil, bell of desna, reminding figure, any fallen clerics) and maybe then they will ressurect her. But even then it would be difficult. I would have Desna remove her memories of PCs attacking her, as her connection with the Evil is unstable, and also I would have Nocticula to ressurect her as soon as she knows. Arueshalae has much information about the Worldwound that Nocticula would love to have.

Unless the DM gives access to a cybernetics lab sooner (iirc the PCs get access at the 6th book) then i wouldn't recommend that archetype.

Charon's Little Helper wrote:
thaX wrote:
If I have actual party member, I would have them at the same level as the others, or maybe at one level higher if it was a bard or another badly developed class.
Wait... bard is badly developed? Bards are an extremely potent class. (Not that GMPCs are ever a good idea.)
Bandw2 wrote:
Charon's Little Helper wrote:
thaX wrote:
If I have actual party member, I would have them at the same level as the others, or maybe at one level higher if it was a bard or another badly developed class.
Wait... bard is badly developed? Bards are an extremely potent class. (Not that GMPCs are ever a good idea.)
bards are like THE most balanced class in pathfinder.

It wasn't in pathfinder.

Cavalier is gonna be just fine. You are gonna find your horse soon enough!

That and honestly, the last thing this game needs is ANOTHER spell list... Otherwise this game will suffer the same issue Wizards of the Coast did with 3.5, every freakin class had its own spell list and eventually, many classes never got any new spells because they were just too many spell lists to keep track of.

I agree with that. Sure i would have liked if sorcerer bloodlines got a small list of bloodline spells to choose from and/or got their bloodline spells (and feats) revised once every two years but i can understand how that is very hard to do.

For the battle you are about to make (Anemora and company), you will surely need a bigger room. Apart from that, nothing out of the ordinary. If I recall right the players had some trouble hitting Anemora but got her easily.

Terendelev was a pain for the PCs although they went with no loses. Let me mention that at this time they had with them 3 Planetars and a Star Archon for support and buffing/healing. The battle was neat. The rangeless bite attack sure slowed them down and everyone but the Arcanist got lucky on the saves of Nahydrian aura. Once they got to him, they finished him quickly, used a mass heal and stoped there as they had to use restoration for the Arcanist. At that point they forgot that the angels could use it as SLA(they were looking only onto saved spells) and waited for the paladin to fill one empty spell slot. During that time the denizens of the prison attacked. The dervish bard went on a streak and protected the others and with ranger's/rogue's aid they halted the danger in a round.
Now as we needed to end the session, the Storm king attacked before meeting the suture but nothing really changed.
He succesfully resisted the first smite and forced the party to split as he was doing good AoE dmg. The paladin/guardian had M. Shield other with 2 party members and M. Sacred bond with the cleric so, with his extremely high hit points kept the others alive and cleric was healing him even from afar. And that's why the battle went smoothly. Unfortunately only 1 true 20 came around and the cleric negated it with divine interference(the feat). His big range prevented the bard and the rogue to close in immediately and punish him but they got there eventually with Bard's escape and killed him. The paladin couldnt do much without his smite but took serious damage. As i recall the arcanist must have dropped but no death.

Inside the prison everything went on clock. The other balor lord was kinda annoying but never a threat. Given that 2 players had evasion, he stood no chance.
My biggest dissapointment is with Echo of Deskari and Deskari's favored. I really put them together in the same room for more manpower and seriously they did nothing. My players got lucky? I dont know. But they didnt waste resources nor effort for both of them.

The devastator was pretty weak too. I think that he didnt even got the opportunity to play.

Now for the final battle(before Deskari). I have to say one thing before everything else... Damn you Areelu for being a witch. Seriously... Wth?? Very big disadvantage. You should have been a wizard.
The players had brought together the lamp with the summoner so a swift action went there for a quickened lighting bolt. After that she did nothing. She tried some mass sufocate, but everyone got their saves. He tried to dominate the rogue but he surged well and she ended up doing nothing. Well to be excact he did something. Took A LOT of hits. Her AC was high and the players kept hitting her and she was splitting the dmg to everyone else. The players were very confused with that and did nothing. Familiar's death attack didnt work and the battle ended when he was about to do the second one. The titan never got to play. He took Areelu's dmg. I dont think that he would have done anything anyway. The Solars were the first line of defense. The first got killed early but the second stayed and did some good damage and offered some nice utility(some mass heals and a miracle i think). The undead storm king took 2 mythic planeshifts(he resisted the first) and was sent to the positive energy plane. There he managed to cast plane shift and return after 1 round. But he then died in vane. Finally the devastator was there, protecting the areelu and doing some good dmg and regenarating even more. At last when everyone fall except for areelu and her familiar, she retreated but a hightened toppling persistent magic missile dazed her and a coup de grace with bard's bonded major artifact put her out once and for all.

The battle with Deskari never happened. After Areelu, it was already too late and we ended it. We played the after the campaing RP and that was all. We plan to play the battle some time in July and Im looking forward to it!!

Well, I finished GMing the AP this month and all I have to say is that you have to power up EVERYTHING and that very few enemies are actually mythic. Maybe because mythic is rare but anything non-mythic waves the PCs goodbye very very very soon. So I suggest to seriously improve the difficulty of the same monsters and making some of them mythic. Sc8rpi8n mjd has done an excellent job with the enemies statblocks, you may want to look up his thread.

The whole adventure has many highlights and I think that these are the points you may want to invest. Mostly at the beggining and the end of each book stuff happens and the players drop jaws. Make these scenes good and the players will be satisfied even without having to battle something!

I suggest that you ban the Ranger class. The whole adventure is made of demons, demons, demons, some tieflings and some undead. One of my players took 10 levels in ranger and it was pretty scary. Full level with champion for extra attacks and mobility will be just game breaking.

You should encourage the players to be heroes and not looters or b@st@rds that seek fame and gold. They should seek the end of the world's suffering or look into a similar path. It's not that the AP forbids it but the feeling will be better if a little globe of goodness goes, rampages and shatters every evil in its path.


the PCs are given the opportunity to battle and kill 2 demon lords. Now the trick here is that your players will have the choice of skipping these battles without any really reprecussion. Make them stay and fight. I dont know how. Just make it and let it be their decision. I have been playing PnP games for 10 years and the end of book 5 is the best session I have ever played, and that wouldnt have been played if the paladin hadnt turned around to face His Goatness.
To finish for now, even if the players decide to battle Deskari at the end, he still retains his abyssal ressurection. That means that the PCs dont really kill him. That is THE WORST. serisously, noone wants that. If you reach that point rule it out as he has already died once with the worldwound closing or that he has temporarily lost his connection with his realm and cant ressurect.

I went with the one silver disk equals one platinum piece and of course house ruled away the 1 lb weight for the battery.

Alitari wrote:

Finally, the idea that a space faring civilization would have batteries that either can't be recharged or break if they're recharged doesn't make much sense. If the argument is that the batteries are 'timeworn', that is breaking down because they're so old, than finding batteries, like my group has found batteries, fully charged, would be worth FAR more than 100 gp each. Those economics suggest that there are 10 discharged / broken batteries for each fully charged battery, so each battery has a half life of about 2600 years ... these things are tough.

Don't overthink it, if you do that you will see that quite a few pieces of the technology guide don't make sense, the biggest example is the charges; logic dictates that all charges have the same amount of Amber but then you have things like a lighter consuming the same amount of energy per use that a laser rifle does.

If you want to power him up even more you can wear him armor(a corrupted version of celestial armor), give him headband and belt for all 6 attributes but I personally think that he wouldnt wear them. He surely has them, but he doesnt want to wear them. Why would he? Is he not intelligent enough? Not enough charismatic? Maybe he thinks he lacks strength? I dont think so. He believes he doesnt need help.
Also, why give the players loot from him? Killing a demon lord and returning his dead body, first to Iomedae and second to the queen isnt a good reward? They just did the unthinkable, why spoil it with mere mortal magical items?

Exploit his Scroll Use ability to buff the hell out of him(pun intended) and make him fight for his pride. I personally used the following scrolls:
-Aroden's spell bane for dispel magic, greater dispel magic, glitterdust, faerie fire, mage's disjunction
-Greater Invisibility
-Contingency + Heal(maybe x2)
-Heroic invocation

and anything else you wish for him

I will also suggest a module instead of starting an AP but if you really want to go for an AP then I suggest Rise of the Runelords and Jade Regent, Curse of the Crimson throne is also very good but it will have you converting from 3.5.

Ross Byers wrote:

I'm surprised we haven't had a chance to have this answered in a story yet, but what does Count Jeggare have to say about Andoran?

For that matter, what exactly is he Count of? Jeggare would appear to be a family name, not the name of his County.

Good questions, although I fear that the count's thoughts on Andoran Wil require a lot of explaining since we know very little about his past.

Given the fact that they dont kill him in his castle(or whatever he has), where his items are, he carries only what he wishes to battle with. Makes sense?

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Im happy to announce that my WotR campaing has finally come to an end. My players succesfully closed the worldwound and saved the world. But more importantly, me and my players had some awesome fights and some awesome moments that we wouldnt have them if it wasnt for @Sc8rpi8n_mjd 's statblocks. We all thank you for your amazing work and the time you spend and I salute you as it must have been really difficult for you to make those statblocks.

Im planning to write a journal of the campaing for those who are interested. If you are planning to use those statblocks you can look up to it and see how my average to high optimized players managed to defeat everything that stood in their way.

Once again, thank you @Sc8rpi8n_mjd !!!

I have no problem with two back to back Cheliax APs, even if both have related themes, what really bothers me (and will make re-evaluate my subscription) is the evil party thingy.

Kalindlara wrote:
leo1925 wrote:
Kalindlara wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:
Shattered Star has a cool one in book 3
Aargh, missed that one. Although I'd say that it's blurring the lines... have you read Book 6? ^_^
I have run the entire Shattered Star, i know of the prophecy in book 3 (very good story hook) but how it's blurring the lines?
** spoiler omitted **


Shattered Star book 6 spoiler:
How does it come from one of the PCs?
How did i miss that?
It's the time glass artifact.
I really don't know how did i miss that, either i forgot it after i read it (when i was preparing for book 6) either i never read it.

That sounds very very interesting, because it is going to be exams season for me when the kickstarter starts; can someone send me a PM and remind me to check it out?

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