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Must have gm tool


I ordered this at the same time I paid for shipping for the The Slumbering Tsar off of FGG's website. My review is off the PDF only.

If you take out the obligatory Table of Contents, Introduction, Credits, Table Lists, Indexes, et cetera, the Tome of Adventure Design (ToAD) is roughly 4 books.

Book One - Principals and Starting Points: Page's 5-53 (48 pages total). This book covers ideas on Creating Adventures, Locations, Missions, and Villain's Plan.

Book Two - Monsters: Pages 54-125 (71 pages total). This Book covers Monsters Generally, Monster Types and General Monster Tables.

Book Three - Dungeon Design: Pages 126 - 259 (133 pages total). Covers the Creative Process, basic Elements of Adventure Design, and Designing a Dungeon (including maps, areas, tricks, traps, etc).

Book Four - Non-Dungeon Adventure Design: Pages 260- 301 (41 pages total). This book covers Aerial Adventures, Castles and Ruins, Cities and Settlements, Planar Adventures, Underwater Adventures, Waterborne Adventures, and Wilderness Adventures.

The entire book is 307 pages long.

The book is a list of tables, often times 2-4 columns requiring a d100 roll per column. For example, table 1-1B Locations (Overview) from Book One Principles and Starting Points
, I just rolled a d100 4 times for the structure description--structure--Feature First Word--Feature Second Word. I got: Crimson Coliseum of the Guardian Nomads.

But the treasure of this book isn't in coming up with cool names or tables to quickly create a dungeon, but rather to educate novice and experienced DMs on how to get their creative juices flowing. The book is rife with advice on how to use the tables to get into a creative state where ideas start to flow.


I was in a bored rut dming, and now I am teaming with ideas I am excited to try. Seriously, looking at the table of contents does the book no justice. When I first opened the Table of Contents and saw a section on monsters, I just sighed. I mean really....I have three bestiaries and the Tome of Horrors. What a waste! And then I started reading and I started to get excited about designing a unique monster to mix in the story, and then I started to see adventures and side quests I could do. It is a book on innovative thinking.

Every DM or person wanting to take a hand at dming should at the very least read pages 127-128. It is the most concise description of creativity and how to get your mind "there" that I have ever read. That should have been next to the Introduction at the beginning of the book, but it is nice to see practical advice peppered through-out the tables.

I was also pleased that the Dungeon Book was the longest section. Reading that helps me come up with ideas for stories--and that is ok.

ToAD is not a random adventure generator. It is a comprehensive tool used to get your creative juices and excitement flowing when you sit down to create an adventure, and when it starts working you stop rolling and reading and sit back and surf the creative wave you forgot you had in you.

Edited to change "Tome of Horrors" to "Slumbering Tsar" in the first paragraph. I already received that big 'ol TOME.

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