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leem's page

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Like I said. These are organic rules that work for our group, and we have been playing for years. I am sure every group has their own "system." I am not debating if these are superior, just stating what works for us. It is interesting to me to see how others play the game.

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So I am not sure where to place this, but I have a very simple product idea that I think would do quite well. I hope Paizo reads this.

I recently got the Character Folio and really loved the folder. I loved the table layout, the high gloss finish, and all the references I would no longer need to look for in the core books.

But I burn through characters and the price point is just too high to stay caught up with all my different characters in the different campaigns I am playing/dming. Also, I don't need all the sheets in the Folio for all characters, and some characters need more sheets, like spells.

I was going to use my character folio as a folder (keeping all the reference/table stuff, and take the staple out so I can replace the character specific sheets. HOWEVER, the inside cover is where the main character info is.

Paizo...can you PLEASE PLEASE make a simple folder we can buy to put our characters in? Something like the Folio, but without any character specific information. A folder to hold our character, campaign notes, spells, etc.

If you sold a hard copy of a folder, then I could get one for each campaign I am in. As they wear out or as I start new campaigns, I would be happy to buy more folders. Surely they would be cheaper then $10.

I could then use cutePDF to print only the pages I need from the pdf version of your Character Folio. I could have my custom character sheet for every campaign AND all the benefits of the high quality folio.

Please can you make a character folder to hold our characters....? The Player Character Folio was so close to being perfect--great quality and lots of pages, but the sheer number of pages makes lots of it a waste for many of my characters, and the permanency of the Folio coupled with its' price makes it not an option for me.

I just can't spend $10 every time a character dies. But I could buy lots of folders, print only the pages I need for my characters, and continue to be a happy paying customer.


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So I played my first round of "Two-Tome Bingo.

I rolled a 172 for the Tome of Adventure Design, and I got the NPC Interaction Table. My three d100 rolls for the table got an NPC as a Infiltrator that is inimical to the party but has benefits to the party and treachery down the road. It is as suspicious to the party members as they are of it. And finally it holds a key to a treasure, obstacle, or inaccessible area.

I rolled a 355 for the Tome of Horrors and got Grimstalker--an elf-like fey creature that is evil, lives deep in forest, and represent nature at its' worst. It gets sneak attack damage. They work with traps, nets, and sometimes work with Redcap (from ToH) or are summoned by evil druids. They employ trained plant creatures and attack from ambushes using the advantages of the terrain.

Here is my result: A very powerful hermit druid is believed to live deep in a forest. He has restored/brought forth vibrant wild life and a rain forest ecosystem to to what was originally grass plains. His desire for the immensity of nature a rain forest has to offer has resulted in him directly and indirectly killing off entire nomadic tribes that were living on the plains.

The druid loves the bloody part of nature's survival of the fittest and is happy to see people die or be displaced. He has summoned Grimstalkers to protect his hide out and to harass the people who adapted to the new environment.

The forest is dark, deep, and filled with the worst nature has to offer.

Lately desert has started to encroach on the area and nature is dying. The forest is already starting to succumb to this erosion. THe surrounding area is already lost.

The characters must find and confront the Grimstalkers, live through the encounter, and have someone convince them (or one of them) to guide them to the Druid. Is he dead? Is he causing it? Has his tampering backfired? Will a Grimstalker eventually help the PCs so it can protect it's dark forest? Or will it just verify the druid is ok (is he?) and then kill the PCs?

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