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laurence lagnese's page

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Lantern Lodge

a jian or dao would be appropriate, which would probably translate into the longsword and 9 ring broadsword. Later era mongols used scimitar esque weapons.

A big element is that they were so effective because the grew up shooting arrows at animals and just turned that into people for war. Every mongol was a skilled archer compared to the rest of the world. So even the heavy cav troops still need to have extra talent in archery.

The most complex part of trying to match it up is they used small hardy horses... not great big chargers... When you read the notes from their invasion of russia they were amazed by the size of the monstrous horses the russians rode. They preferred the smaller horses due to speed and maneuverability... which none of that really equates into pathfinder stats...

Lantern Lodge

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Why would you say that? they are just like any other army that conquered any other location....

Lantern Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

On the note of mongols... several historical accounts describe lamellar as armor they wore.... and remains from battles in russia also show they wore brigandine...

The mongol armies were so effective because of their extreme discipline and organization... the majority of the history about them was written by their enemies and that ends up being more public knowledge than the histories they wrote about themselves. Which the world pretty much didnt have access to till the 1990's.

Without question the luring cavalier is the best example of class designed to be a mongol.

The bow is considered to be the most efficient bow ever made. It's transfer of force far exceeds any other bow until the modern compound bows.

-ref. Rabissi, Gorelik, Weatherford all modern historians well respected in there fields

Lantern Lodge

this is some intense stuff... in the next couple minutes it will be a massed melee. Lots of great fighting, this is the first time the US has fielded a team

Lantern Lodge

genius pure genius

Lantern Lodge

I imagine a good portion of us are from the USA. The IRS and Armed Forces gives atheist organizations religion status for the purposes of various rights and privileges. Argument solved.

Lantern Lodge

wont download for me, keeps giving an error for the market

Lantern Lodge

It has already been stated by several organizations who look at charity groups and such and track where the money goes... to show that these "invisible children" scum bags are making far more than they are donating along with giving the money to the ugandan government, which also is also known for using child soldiers and murdering families of said children. So please if you care write a letter to your senator that we need to send troops into that hell hole, which we do not have troops in force there at present. Nothing short of a s$@%load of firepower is the only way we will ever fix places like that.

Lantern Lodge

5 people marked this as a favorite.

I would assume some of said people comment in the hopes of things being changed so that they would actually want to play the game.

I personally have a run a few games but I don't believe I will bother to again. To me it limits my options as a dm and options for my players as well players. If we were people who went to conventions to play RPG games then I would be more motivated but I am not.

Lantern Lodge

roman culture-(byzantine?) very much feels like taldoran

Lantern Lodge

So i posted an example of what a normal human with training can do. now lets imagine same guy but superheroic magical land that exceeds the laws of physics on a daily routine. Yep seems completely reasonable that it can be done.

Defending this because in the game I am running I have a player going strength based composite bow, deadly aim, manyshot, rapid shot literally obliterating my bad guys. And it is real easy to just toss up a windwall, protection from missiles, etc....

Lantern Lodge

he is shooting a 65 lb composite bow

He has made world records with a variety of speed shoots, yes the target is close but the speed combined with moving on horseback and moving target

Lantern Lodge

fiction in the blog has led me to ignoring the blog, todays post is better than the fiction but only slightly, showing hints at the submissions or actual submissions far more entertaining

Lantern Lodge

good point, everyone who looked at it at the store thought it was a mistake. But you are likely right. Even if intentional I feel they failed on paintjob. the mini looks great and then that green splotch on shoulder/chest.

I will likely repaint that area

Lantern Lodge

So bought a large at the FLGS and got me a Chimera which looks great other than on the green head side, the paint apparently made a mistake and went down the front of his chest. I suppose paizo won't be taking returns are minis clearly painted wrong from the manufacturer or will they?

Lantern Lodge

Some of the players I normally run games for went to local game store to an event being ran by a VC. They to say the least have no interest in attending a PFS game in the future.

This is likely due to the players never playing PFS before and use to more open game style and players being allowed to discuss the rules with the GM vs being told no.(rules knowledge not being a priority)

Regardless it appears that it is simply a conflict of personalities which is easy enough to avoid.

I am curious how do one of you tell what a region needs? NVM I started to write a long paragraph and then I realized they only need to know what the PFS players need. Which is far easier than worrying about all the players who play the game locally.

Thanks again for all the responses.

I was simply curious on what someone should expect from some guy who says he has some title or another.

Lantern Lodge

Thanks for the quick response.

Lantern Lodge

I am curious what should a local player and or store owner expect from a Venture Captain?


Lantern Lodge

Kelsey Arwen MacAilbert wrote:
That's not definitive. That means that, in one set of circumstances, it wasn't practical.

Yes which is a point they make in the video, that if I guy was in better fitness or a skilled swimmer it likely would be possible

Lantern Lodge

The question about swimming in armor, here you go

Lantern Lodge

Wow resurrection of an old thread,
1. the only thing we allowed was for the gunslinger to use his gun as light melee weapon. That in no way overbalanced the character.
2. every medieval gun was built to be a melee weapon, that without question is a historical fact. Most were built to be even tougher than melee weapons because they were controlling an explosion.
3. We have been playing the kingmaker campaign from the beginning. And even the gunslinger is tired of the gunslingers abilities. Starting the fifth book we are going to try the gunslinger with rogue BAB. We think this will make it more reasonable on it's excessive accuracy. Wizard with touch attack spell no where near as nasty as a fighter with touch attacks.

I own 2 pepperbox's, or percussion revolvers as I know them to be called. they are neat and I am afraid to shoot them after a misfire. They are more solid than my sledgehammer, if they werent worth so much I would make a video of me hammering nails with them. (pretty sure those little scratches will reduce their value)

as to the drop in round, umm its a fantasy world, we have bottles that when they break open they burst into flames can you show me where this historically exists? Otherwise why not accept this idea of drop in rounds.

Regardless the book will be out soon and we will see what the players choose to do when we start the next campaign.

Lantern Lodge

Curious is there a reason one cannot hide the offtopic forum? I know that is what I do for all the sections I don't want to let myself drag myself into.....

Lantern Lodge

Politics forum bad..... it is simply an invitation to flame and since we play a make believe game us all talking about politics enhance all the make believe (read lies) our sides feed us...

Is it against the rules to post "blah blah your wrong. Blah blah" on every political thread I see? If not I suggest we all start doing that and then the political hacks will all stop posting here. I am a political hack by the way I just refuse to fudge myself here on my rpg forum.

Lantern Lodge

yep the more lovecraft the more i want it

main reason we switched to pathfinder

Lantern Lodge

Our group also had issues with the concept. Our solutions were demons don't want to upset the lich king because he might just wake up if they push him. Or be has made a deal with them. The orcs only attack with small tribes because the warlords can't gain glory attacking pitiful little oppressed villagers.

The other thought is going with a historical route the Mongols invaded europe and saw little to no wealth so they stopped invading because it was worth it. Orcs in the last big invasion didn't see anything valuable so once again it isn't worth it. Mongol reference comes from letters Subodei wrote to the khans.

Lantern Lodge

eliminate dmg from the fight, just they hit it hurts this much

you keep track of it, have the kids do max everytime have the monsters do average everytime. Since you are being paid for them to play you keep them happy by not killing them

So just a couple quick 20 sider rolls for every fight

Lantern Lodge

Heroic age was the beginning large kingdoms forming 9th and 10th century

11th to 12th was the norman conquest of europe those guys went everywhere

1066 was the big win year for them

And some historians say pax mongolia came after the age of conquest but that is highly debated

Lantern Lodge

Good choice is "a day in a medieval life" it goes through almost everything you asked for. But if you want to do roman then the easiest thing would be buy the collectors set of "rome" watch it then watch all the historical specials that come with the discs.

Roman era is not medieval era

Heck it goes
Roman age
Dark age
Heroic age
Age of conquest
Medieval age

At least how I have been taught

If you want a medieval rome read about byzantine stuff. Search for things like levantia.

Good display of medieval is "pillars of earth" the book or movie it should lead you to a variety of searches

Lantern Lodge

the dark tapestry set of gods have the favored weapon of dagger

Lantern Lodge

On that note, the mongol bow has been proven to shoot farther and harder than the english longbow combined with the asian style arrows.

They themselves state repeatedly the way they could defeat their armored foes was to ride up as if charging the enemy lines then to turn away and shoot them point blank in the face while the enemy tried to run them down.

Just another point to support armor did stop arrows.

Also the chinese(yuan/ming/qing dynasty) light armours were all known for stopping bullets from those eras. It was several layers of heavy cotton and sometimes had small plates of metal. (this is where the guys who made the first effective bullet proof vests got their ideas from)

Lantern Lodge

Any issues or advice using skype? I'm going to have a CO-GM via Skype and would love to hear your about your experience.

biggest issues for us is it slows down the computer using it. And it murders bandwidth.

But other than that it seemed fine. We used a usb camera so we could more easily aim it at whatever they needed to see. Other issues was the aspect of players feeling the need to "yell" speak loudly so the skype user could hear. Who constantly had to say I can hear you guys fine.

Lantern Lodge

Laptop along with big screen tv.

Laptops, phones(android) and pads
We use Combat Manager, Herolab, pdfs(search function), Paizo PRD(search function). Notes are passed via Gtalk

On the big screen, Monsters appear, large maps of the area, Smaller maps(usually slightly edited from the pdf) that also get redrawn on table mat for miniatures.
Theme music also.

Then we use email during the week for GM and players to interact for their characters personal time.

We have even had players attend game via Skype with a microphone being mounted in the middle of table along with a webcam aiming at relevant information with a laptop assigned to just letting them participate. This is because they travel for their job and it worked out well.

Dice are used unless the dice roller is put up on the big screen

Lantern Lodge

Seljuk Turks fit better since they were slaves who became their own country than Janissaries who always remained servants of Ottoman empire

Mongols(all clan groups) werent slaves but were constantly kept at odds by the dynasties to the south of them(read thassilon kept them under control)
-live on the steppes(fits both without explanation)
-live on plateau(fits both without explanation)
-Extremely loyal to clan more than anything else, to the point the clans have maintained for over 800 years
-tribal, considered barbaric by others, actually quite organized and civil in their own special way
-until recently(1980's)oppressed and second class citizens, in China they are still second class citizens(very similiar to shoanti in varisia, at least how I understood them from COCT)

Lantern Lodge

Personnally the came across to me as mongolians mixed with native americans. Their harsh enviroment fits with Mongols. Then the remnants of a great empire fits with the fall of the mongol empire.

Lantern Lodge

The Jade wrote:

For inspiration, check out these guns.

Totally safe for work (despite an adult content warning on the blog)... really is just guns.

Second gun is what I have. I have 2 of them to be exact both have been reworked even after that one was still considered unusable. The safe one fired 8 shots then cooked off.

Lantern Lodge

Actually there are historical accounts of.these things misfiring all the time. The gun I have is suppose to shoot one barrel at a time but sometimes the other barrels cook off and of course being powder they all launch randomly so you don't know which way it is going to pull next.

It is quite an exciting(never do that again) experience.

Lantern Lodge

This gun would take forever to reload. I own a percussion revolver(pepperbox) from 1857. The little pistol takes a long time to reload I can't imagine making every barrel 3 feet long and how long that would take.

On the all barrels firing the pepperbox pistol does that too randomly sometimes. It is a horrifying experience. So bad that I never shot the damn gun again.

Yes it has coolness factor but no way in hell for real life there is a reason these things were rare

Lantern Lodge

First thanks for some ideas on trying to motivate the players.

Here is an example of how my players handled a situation. They get in a fight with drow who have mongrelmen for slaves/minions. Once the drow are slain the mongrelmen stop attacking and effectively surrender. The players proceed to kill them all because they were fighting alongside the drow. I brought up after the players committed to that action that they murdered those creatures their response was we don't know that it might have been a trick and our characters have no idea what those things are.

And yes I try to give story for anything that the players allow to have story. I hope I come up with some good motivation for these players to go through the whole adventure but I doubt I will find the opportunity without railroading them. I really prefer giving the players highways with exits.

Lantern Lodge

I like the idea but I feel it should be B/P not B/S since the real world one is built for stabbing between ribcages not slashing at him.

Lantern Lodge

I dont get the monk armor class bonus at all with this? He gets armor and monk bonus? or did I misread this

Personally this build wont be allowed in any games I will be running If I understood correctly my first complaint. I am not so bothered by other class features you put it in but I certainly disagree with the idea that it is a feat starved class(are they all starved but the fighter?) and the gun crafting section I am not a fan of.

Lantern Lodge

Okay so my players and I are excited about this adventure path and I love the first adventure, the second adventure also has some great parts throughout it. My problem is I have no idea how I am suppose to motivate my players to look for proof to defend the beast.

Are there some key points I must have accidently skipped that is suppose to inspire the players? All I noticed was the request of the "Defense Attorney".

I love the stories that tie into finding his innocence but I am pretty sure my players are gonna insist he needs killed regardless, since murdering in a blind rage is still murdering and in some senses worse because it is something that cant be controlled.

So how are the rest of you going to motivate the players to defend something that they would normally hunt downa and kill?

And if I missed something please point it out to me?


Lantern Lodge

james maissen wrote:

This is not the case. If you get a threat using perfect strike, the confirmation roll is your other die not a separate and subsequent roll.


Correct but this part also makes perfect strike not as good in most of my players eyes because it gives twinlinked but then makes you take a potential bad roll for your confirm. We house rule the crit gets rolled seperately since I couldnt figure out a reason to penalize a monk for this ability

Lantern Lodge

I am interested in looking bt my computer doesn't like that page

Lantern Lodge


my search fu didnt work at all on that

Lantern Lodge

Okay this has been brought up before but the question was never answered.... pharasma has domains that the bonus spell is creating undead why is that? If there is no why is that then why has it not been changed? I plan on implementing rule 0 and giving a different bonus spell but I still feel that this shouldn't have happened with all the fluff given on pharasma.

Lantern Lodge

I am interested in looking but my computer doesn't like your host site. It insists bad things live there

Lantern Lodge

Just for reference, last bayonet charge I am aware of was 2006 in Afghanistan by british troops and gurkhas. Their are rumors of us marines leading a bayonet charge in iraq several years back but it is more rumour than anything else.

We have pistols in melee do 1d4 and rifles do 1d6, they do not threaten unless player chooses to have weapon prepped for melee during their turn.

Lantern Lodge

oops on protection from missiles... that's what I get for playing since first edition. Some spells I tend to treat as they use to be and dont bother looking up. I guess I owe the players "raise dead" or 2 for free

player list Zen Archer, Witch, Barbarian, Rogue and Gunslinger

The barbarian basically is stubborn and isnt willing to pick up an alternate weapon.

Zen Archer had no magic weapon other than bow.

Rogue was paralyzed majority of fight

Yes players could have made other decisions but they didnt. Lich had roughly 200 hpp and stoneskin of 120. Lich also could have made multiple decisions but that is also the past.

WOW on lack of damage for gunslinger we feel including the gunslinger player he is way over the top on damage combined with touch ac. He overall outclasses everyone else on damage throughout entire adventure not every single fight but the overall. At present if rules stay the same we will either outlaw gunslinger from our games, or make it hit flatfooted instead of touch ac(ie bullet to fast and small to dodge, but we are afraid of sneak attack with rogues in that realm) We dont mind non gunslingers with guns because it is a very expensive toy that when you fail it breaks and you wont be using it again till you spend a few days fixing it.

This is only one groups opinion so nobody get all freaked out.... It makes us sad to because our group loves the whole scifi fantasy clockwork gun mix.

Lantern Lodge

Sorry everyone has +2 or above weapons. Trick is lich is dr magic bludgeon. Party tends to play heroic stupid. Lich is a cyclops so cmd is well above parties abilities.

Kinda silly on magic weapon not being magical in every sense

Lantern Lodge

On the guy who referred to muslims being legal to rape. As far as I have ever read almost every army of every culture was perfectly acceptable to rape and pillage when you won.

And who here liked TITUS PULLO? He was a self admitted rapist yet I know I loved his character and would think of him as a tragic hero. Yet rape to me is an unforgiveable act yet I was able to forgive this character in a story....

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