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PDF review

***( )( )

There is a lot to like about this document - only the one thing gets my goat up....

I can't edit the PDF and enter character info (it's not fillable), you have a love bit of art and I have to enter it in all by hand arggh!

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As a player...

****( )

This was fun but ran way over time.

I had a GM who had prepared brilliantly (3D maps etc...) and was playing with a decent spread of PC's (11,9,9,8,7) all who had played together previously and are experienced PFS players.

We ran to about 7.5 hours; which is appropriate for finale but could be very tight for a Con. A party of PC's prepared, coordinated and supporting each other should may get that time down but don't bank on it allow for time to run over.

The issue is a lot of high-level play and effects to consider; When I run this a GM I will be putting in extra time in on the books and putting together reference tables, and stats beforehand.

I really enjoyed playing this one; when playing advise your PC's to play smart (avoid the meatagame of course) but if they make a sensible suggestion - go with it - our party completed this scenario because we cooperated and listened to each other over the 7.5 hours.

I am a bit apprehensive about running it myself but I will be recommending allowance for extra time because it's time well spent

I will come back with an EDIT to this review after running it.


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a great day's fun!


I ran this for Free RPG day in Sydney, A table of first-timers for PFS (but experienced 3rd Edition players).

Everyone at the table played a pregen; 5 of the existing 4th level iconic and 1 played a 3rd Level Quinn.

I gave the table a warning before starting the session as the initial encounter worried me but they worked together as a team and it was fine but challenging.

As a GM note the scale of the Pyramid as each square on the map is 10ft (the scale really works for the adventure).

The day finished with 9 new signups to the society including people signing up on their phones at the table as I was writing up the chronicle sheets.

EDIT: I found out that you had to play 3rd Level Pregens only, I allowed the 4th level pregens as the mod was 2-4 and the balance worked out fine. Could have been tricky otherwise as the skill synergies didn't quite work on the 3rd level pregens (there was no way to identify items etc..), Everyone still had fun.

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Be warned!


This was an awesome session (ok, Mike Brock was running it for us and he is a great GM). that aside... This was one of those games you remember for years.

As a player you will need to be organised and maintain your focus in every single room; it demands your party works as team - there is no other option.

This scenario brings a party together, the best advice I could give you is to know when you've had enough because this one can get unforgiving very quickly...

Bring a friend or some of your regular PFS players if you can and heed any warnings given in the briefing.

Good Luck and may the odds be in your favour...

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I wanted more...

****( )

This is an enjoyable read. I love the flavour of Irrisen and the Peoples of the North.

The twists are nice; I enjoy that the story doesn't conform to others out there.

The Pathfinder Novels are an easy way to get more understanding and colour in the worlds we bring PC's into and through.

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