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lastblacknight's page

Goblinworks Founder. Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Venture-Agent. 769 posts (773 including aliases). 15 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 17 Pathfinder Society characters.


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**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

I have mentioned this before - but what about making some of the older content available to PFS? The older content might need an update - but this could open up a lot of new content in a short period of time.

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight


**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

Nice one, congrats!

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

Seconded on the retroactive - it means as a GM I get credit for sessions run.

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

Thanks mate!

EDIT: wow a lot of work has gone into these. Brilliant!

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

John Compton wrote:

Many of those are nearly done.

Woah! So VERY excited!

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

meh... Flight it's not balancing issue. it can limit some games and negate natural features in the wild. but there are ton's of low-level enemies that fly already; bats, birds, insects.

I allowed a PC in a home game to take Stryx at level 1, it didn't break the game because the limit I placed on him was moral one, as the primary fighter the winged PC would have to stay close to his weaker companions to protect them.

but terrain also plays a part in flight - one can't fly in dense forest and can only fly as high a ceiling in a dungeon. As a GM you'll need to know the dimensions of you rooms. Flying is dangerous, you don't have any cover and you'd usually be the first creature seen (and attacked) by enemies (no cover).

Wind speed also effects flying creatures, so storms and gusts of wind can be quite nasty for the unprepared.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Whats the reason for needing a second edition?

The rules are working fine, pathfinder is organic and changes over time. So the only reason for change would be to accommodate something better or if the current rule-set stopped working.

So we simply purchase more content to play.

Paizo has done a great job fleshing out Golarion and there are lot's more stories to be told. I don't understand what's driving the OP or other questions about a 2nd edition of the rules. What are you hoping that a ruleset change is going fix - what part of your current game is broken?

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

the 3.5 stuff I have run are things like "Carnival of Tears" which are back from Paizo's earlier 3.5 days...

I am not suggesting we sanction non-paizo content.

My own disappointment is around the AP's and paizo modules, which I own but can't get credit for running because the chronicles aren't done.

Hell - at this point I would be happy just being able to record the game is being played and run by me without having to assign it to any PFS character. Just having the module assigned to my GM number would be enough for now.

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

Lasers are fine - that's why we have timeworn gear.

My concern is there seems to be a fair bit of content that doesn't have a sanctioned chronicle sheet - I ran the 3.5 stuff years ago but have no incentive to run it again as for the same time and effort I can re-run new stuff to add to my GM table count.

The issue I am starting to see is people a replaying the same adventures. Or running online games PBP - Surely it's easier just to sanction published content that's on the shelf ready to played not to mention the new GM's who can then purchase the (newly sanctioned) published content to run for players - it's such a quick win.

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

Why things get banned in PFS is sometimes flavour but more often it's about abuse of class or taking advantage of a perceived loophole.

So our nice shiny toy's get taken away because of the immaturity of a few who spoil it for the rest of us.

But write down or create your character and find a nice GM and run your concept in a home game or see how you can recreate your concept using the available classes with PFS. If you post a build request on the boards you will get a whole lot of advice.

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

5 people marked this as a favorite.

Whether or not people like technology in their games is immaterial to the thread - we have been waiting years for AP's to be unlocked for PFS. Years... in the case of Iron Gods well over a year and bit - I'd really like to get recognition for running an AP or two or a some of the 3.5 modules.
I'd have hit my 5th Star by now if I did.

It's 6 pieces of paper needing approval.

There isn't enough current content to get people to the table for PFS, we need to add this old content to the catalog available to players and to bring back the old players (who have played out everything else). We have all this established, interesting material and no PFS GM will run it unless it adds to the table count - and why should they, they get rewarded for running other stuff.

We need to get organised and bring more people to the table next year, to do that we need the content, to build the society we need the content unlocked...

Thanks for taking the time Tonya to address the thoughts on the thread if I sound disappointed it's because this thread was started back in August 2014 and we are still waiting with no end in sight.

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight


**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

Hey Mystic, ignore the negativity...

Part of being a player in organised play means sometimes nice toys get taken away because some parts of the player base abuse a hole in the rules (it's a maturity thing). If broken bit can be patched that's great but sadly these changes catch harmless players as well, I too have been caught in sweeping change that side-lined a well loved PC.

Don't bother expecting a change of heart from the Dev's as you are starting to see on the thread there are polar attitudes about overpowered PC's (and I agree, OP builds played badly can make for several hours of not fun).

Personally I only make edge case builds because they fit a concept or idea I have, they are usually supporting characters and the OP in one area allows me to focus on a weakness in another area. So I surprise people.


and back to your point, I'd take your free rebuild as outlined in your first post and rebuild your PC to something else. I'd also avoid using builds of the web, and avoid posting your own build details online. The last thing you want is some copycat who uses/expands on your ideas and gets the next thing errated.

More than a couple of us are holding back on our ideas/builds, and saving them for RPG superstar or similar projects (or just playing flexible well-built characters at the table - sometimes it's an idea to have a cheat sheet with reference/rulings/faq's if the build uses some clever mechanic.

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

Hmmm, Kinda not cool. I know there is only so much time to do the work required. Perhaps I should have pushed my table into playing Emerald Spire, that way I'd get GM'credits for time spent like other GM's.

Perhaps I hold off purchasing AP's until they are sanctioned... I mean I understand why map packs aren't available til the books are all written - that's completely logical...

It's been over a year (June 2014) since the first book was available, and normal PFS scenarios come with with Chronicle attached (and they are doing a couple of those a month or so)...

I am running Iron Gods now and I'd assumed I would be able to get credit for my time spent etc...

here's hoping we see the chronicle sheets in the next couple of months.

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

Codanous wrote:
lastblacknight wrote:
Do we have a date when Iron Gods is being sanctioned? It would be nice to get credit for running AP's.
The best available estimate is after Gen Con, sometime.

Was that official? (i.e. John Compton or Mike?) It's a shame it's after Season 6 finishes...

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

Do we have a date when Iron Gods is being sanctioned? It would be nice to get credit for running AP's.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber


Devilkiller wrote:
...I'll also point out that since familiars can "Speak with Master" after a certain level they arguably can speak. That might be limited to their "native" form though...

That's a really good point - it's a language that is usually understood only by Master and Familiar (at 5th level), unless it's overheard by someone using Comprehend Languages... that would suggest technically it might be used to activate a wand...

Mind you this wouldn't take the place of any FAQ's or posts etc in PFS. But it might open a door for home game GM who'd like some options.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

What is going wrong with the reporting on the website?

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

I can't see all scenarios now - and some games are reporting as RPG... anyone know what's going on?

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

Just confirming the last point in the blog, our stars count per game no matter whether we run Pathfinder Society Organized Play or Pathfinder Society Core Campaign.

Does it change the reporting? and also on some scenarios you select A,B,C,D on completion. So which of the two campaigns effects the overall story arc? or do they both?

Can you also create a difference document or cheatsheet for GM's so if we are running across two different rulesets/options we can quickly get up to speed?

For the GM Stars Boon (once I get my 5th, may open a spell for my PC's) is this limited to either Core or Organised or is it available to across both streams?

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

Thanks for your effort John! it's appreciated. especially working through the weekend, you won't be alone

There is a whole of passion on the thread and it's all about supporting Paizo and the community through PFS.

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight


**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

Well Done guys!

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight


**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

Thanks to everyone involved in the process in making things better for all.

I do have a question or two;

Could we see chronicle sheets to open up more content for society play?

Also the are some of the older modules (3.5) that could be converted for extra material (I'll put my hand up to help if you like). Can we see some of those updated and added to offer even more variety?

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

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CireJack wrote:
BretI wrote:
Jeff Merola wrote:
He said exactly what he does. He asks that they be placed flat down, so he can see what's on their screen.
My misunderstanding then. I thought that meant screen side down making it useless.
I had the exact same misunderstanding. I run a lot of games online. You kind of have to just give up and trust your players in that format. Makes me much more tolerant when running games in person.

I am tolerant, the other players at the table pulled up the bloke who was referencing the bestiary (he simply wasn't aware he had crossed the line).

I do however, dislike people who don't declare they have read a module or scenario before playing and then try to play sneakily... not cool. But if they are open/honest and play keeping that knowledge in check there isn't an issue.

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

Ji-kun wrote:

In my experience, I prefer not to GM a game I haven't played but sometimes it cannot be helped when GM's are needed.

When I do play a game I've ran, I:

- Alert the GM.
- Allow others to make the decisions and assist them.
- Be oblivious as best as possible.


Always be upfront about having run or prepared the scenario before. I have replayed a couple of scenarios without credit to ensure a table can run. It's fine to take a back seat.

What I don't like is a player I had at a Con a number of years ago who over the course over day and a half showed he clearly had knowledge of the module (he wasn't good enough at hiding his knowledge and let things slip), I found it annoying, I alerted the VC of course but we didn't act on it any further - it wasn't necessary.

People come to the table with different reasons for playing, others take a while to find their feet and learn the rules.

I personally have an issue with iPads at the table and ask they be place flat down as I have had players check online Bestiary's whilst in the middle of combat.

So, be upfront if you have played before and be happy to take a back seat.

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

back to OP.

Scenarios aren't that easy ...

Some scenarios get retired like Asmodeous Mirage (which I really enjoyed).

Others like the Bonekeep series get a danger warning.

The challenge is there, if you want to take it.

The resurrected example quoted didn't take into account APL or even if the GM's dice were having a bad day. I ran Legacy of the Stonelords over the weekend and rolled sub 10s for most of the session. The table still had great time and was challenged by the scenario. I just had to change my tactics as the bad guys realised they were being outclassed.

Luck is huge factor in the game.

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight


Awesome - this thread is relevant for me! Thanks for the help.

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight


You are missing the point! the artwork you are talking about has been; drawn, carved, printed, painted and ended up in a tattoo book in some place in America.

Unless that tattoo book is from 3,100 BC (Ancient Egypt) the original owner of the artwork was dead 3,100 years before Christ was born...

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

The AR page is updated more often than the guide to organised play.

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

twilsemail wrote:
David Haller wrote:
Verdict: "stolen" is quite a stretch!

Go into an image editor (heck, paint will work). Resize the two images so that they're at the same scale. Now make one transparent and place it over the other. You can see that they are, actually, the same image.

The tattoo is offered as a free download, so that might protect Paizo, but it's certainly the same artwork, tweaked for Paizo's needs.

The same is true for the book and the bag. I can't get to the scales from here, so I'm not sure on that one.

A simple Google search showed a ton of similar images. Provenance on the image of the phoenix with its wings raised tips touching in a circle is kinda hazy - as long as people have been writing myths they have drawn the phoenix.

I guarantee the images from ancient Egypt are older than any tattoo...

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

All part off of the circle of life is my guess, they opened up the boon races to everyone.

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

1 person marked this as a favorite.

meh... Art is Art... the phoenix rising/reborn is a pretty old theme... it's similar in the same way that most of the images on a google search look similar.

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ahh no luck for me then, I can't make the US this year.

Perhaps the boon will make it to other Conventions for us distantly challenged folks!

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

It is! It's available now "Pathfinder Society: GM Star Reward Chronicle Sheets (PDF)"

Go to GM Star Reward Chronicle Sheets..

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

Matthew Morris wrote:
Sad to see that stars don't refresh.

Yep, I was hoping for a refresh considering the confusion created on the previous rules roll-out which meant I used Stars under the old rule to find then they were a lifetime benefit. (not happy)

What is nice is the Stars reward chronicle sheet... have a look for it's a nice reward for us hard-working GM's.

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight


**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Summoner. The eidolon needs 30 minutes of acountinig to catch an error alone, is probably built right anyway, and even if you kill it the summoner gets stronger by bringing in almost a party's worth of summoned critters every. single. round.

Nope, So very wrong!

it's a Standard Action to dismiss a spell in effect.
another Standard Action cast again, and the PC is only able to have one Eidolon or Summon Monster in play at any point in time.

So if the Summoner was summoning a low level group and they got wiped out every round, then sure Summon Monster every round... otherwise.

*This* is the problem with the summoner; players and jGM's don't know the rules well enough to run them at the table..

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I don't hear any creaking; but I am enjoying myself.

I like the variety of choices we have available but more importantly I like the banter and play at the table (I play four regular games a month, two of which happen weekly - and I run PFS at a FLGS).

I tried 4th Ed and it wasn't for me (but I gave it a red hot crack) and I will try 5th. Hasbro will be throwing a whole lot of money at our hobby over the next 12 months and I am looking forward to seeing all the new players it brings.

I would like to see some of the older modules chronicles released for PFS for more options and variety in society play (and to use the whole day slot at a store or even two days and get them some repeat business!)

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Classy heartfelt move - well done guys.

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

We went in through the roof - we found the gates of doom and decided that entry through the non-trapped roof seemed a smarter idea.

Our Rogue and Hellknight locked down the central chamber whilst the guys upstairs took apart the Babaus that 'ported in.

We had fun (took a while though)... Winners... and we didn't p*ss of the Beasty downstairs.

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

Hopefully the boon wont be a limited GenCon boon. Thanks for the update.

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

thaX wrote:
Popping in here... I have use mine early on, though there is no real way to report the star use when reporting the game, from what I have seen.

Yep, I get warning's to say "player has already run this scenario" but when they add Stars reporting (or something similar to reporting session) and I'll update the sessions accordingly, but it looks like I need to find that podcast and make sure I read the new rules for organised play when they come out.

fingers crossed for a reset of Stars at Gen Con...

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Much closer guys/gals, I am now 96 tables - I will go through and check the games now the understand the reporting better. I think I am still missing a couple of tables but I am back to being within shooting distance of that 4th Star again. Thanks for your effort.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

[ update ]

Well I have 3 Stars again which makes feel warm and fuzzy , but am still tables short - I was just short of my fourth star and now am sitting at just under 20 behind which means I am not so happy I work hard for my stars and my fourth lets me run specials.

Could the table count have something to do with the weighting of tables for credit. Some games originally were worth two credits and are now worth one after a particular date? is that correct/likely?

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

It's easy treat everyone with respect...

Seat new players, normal helpful players, and keep the rest close enough you can keep them under control.

I always have breath mints, you can also reward a noisy player with them - it keeps them quiet for a short period of time (usually box text)...

I open the day's session with a request they everyone respects everyone else at the table and that if one person is talking that they don't talk over the top of them. Seems to work fine.

**** Venture-Agent aka lastblacknight

My first GM session was March 2010 and I am 2 games shy of my 4th Star as of today.

5th Star I am aiming to have next year I guess, but the 4th means I get to run specials etc.. It excites me!

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Getting closer guys. I am sitting at 82 so 98 isn't far off now.... appreciate the work you are putting in on this.

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