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Darius Finch

knightnday's page

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Print Edition: $5.00

A nice little adventure

****( )

While many seemed to have problems with the adventure, we found it to be a nice challenge. A hard fight, certainly, but not every fight should be a sure thing!

We ran the adventure twice, once with the pre-gen characters and once with a current party. While the pre-gens are not as optimized as many would prefer (and truth be told, neither is the current party) that is, in my opinion, part of the challenge.

As far as the adventure goes, while it was for Free RPG Day as an introduction to Pathfinder, it is also a 5th level adventure which should be an indication that thing will be more difficult. Given the subject matter of the mystery, players that have ever played other RPGs or seen horror/fantasy books or movies should have an inkling of what may be in store.

All in all, a challenge for newer players to the game and a little something different for those new to the game or those with hundreds of hours under their belt.

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