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Taergan Flinn

knightnday's page

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A fairly good book

****( )

Well, after raiding three Friendly Not-So-Local Game Stores I managed to get my hands on a physical copy and took a hard look at it. Overall, it's not a bad book.

As many have noted, there are editing problems galore -- starting with the front cover (I got one of the Adventure Path copies!) Another negative for me was some of the interior art that seemed just off -- a little puffy faced, squashed people in places, odd looks and angles -- nothing that made me scream and toss the book, but not what I have come to expect either.

As far as content goes, I was happy with what a got. Not everything works for me, but there is enough good to outweigh the bad. I've liked the idea of smooshing classes together since I saw it in the various Complete Guide 3PP back years ago, and possibly before that, and I approve of the idea here. There are archetypes and spells that classes outside of the book can use as well, with new magic and mundane items added as well.

The Designing Classes section wasn't really necessary in my opinion -- it felt like something that should have been in the Gamemastery Guide or included in another product, perhaps even expanded upon. It came across more as a behind the scenes DVD extra rather than a fleshed out method to design classes. For me, it was less useful than the Race Design information from the ARG and more just general guidelines from a designers blog post.

Another hit against the book is the omission of Racial Favored Class Options for races outside the Core book. Now, there are a LOT of races added from the ARG so we'd probably need another 12-20 pages to take care of them, but their absence undermines the importance of another hardback book. Perhaps we'll get them as a downloadable extra?

Problems aside, the book is a nice addition to the Pathfinder line. I do believe the rush to get it out for GenCon caused a few more issues than the company would like; that said, it is still a very useful tool for players and GMs to use, with caution (as with any supplement), and I am not sorry to have bought a physical copy of it.


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A nice little adventure

****( )

While many seemed to have problems with the adventure, we found it to be a nice challenge. A hard fight, certainly, but not every fight should be a sure thing!

We ran the adventure twice, once with the pre-gen characters and once with a current party. While the pre-gens are not as optimized as many would prefer (and truth be told, neither is the current party) that is, in my opinion, part of the challenge.

As far as the adventure goes, while it was for Free RPG Day as an introduction to Pathfinder, it is also a 5th level adventure which should be an indication that thing will be more difficult. Given the subject matter of the mystery, players that have ever played other RPGs or seen horror/fantasy books or movies should have an inkling of what may be in store.

All in all, a challenge for newer players to the game and a little something different for those new to the game or those with hundreds of hours under their belt.

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