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Taergan Flinn

knightnday's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,823 posts. 40 reviews. No lists. No wishlists.

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Our Price: $10.00


Follow me!

***( )( )

Well, an automatic 3 stars just for not being unrelentingly dark in color. There are nice silvers, greens, blues and golds on this mini.

This is all the good.

The sculpt isn't one of my favorites. The sword is, of course, a flimsy noodle that stays bent up. The shield is .. serrated? I'm honestly not sure what it was going for, but it didn't work for me. The mini is in a black body stocking, near as I can tell, that goes all the way up her neck. That or her skin just wasn't painted there. The face doesn't look very nice to me.

Overall, it stays at 3 stars and is just OK.

Our Price: $9.00


Keep the beat and dance along

***( )( )

More fascination with dark colors do no favors to this mini. It is an OK sculpt marred by a muddy paint job. Her sheathed sword was a bent noodle against her side. A black bow and dark brown violin just add to the dark colors of her clothing, leaving much to be desired. It is an OK mini, but I'd love it to be brighter.

Our Price: $3.50


Put him on the altar!

**( )( )( )

Do you like black and bluish grey? Well that is what you get with this mini. An average to poor sculpt along with a dark (yes, again) paint job means a dark mess on the table. The dagger and skulls on its outfit give minimal pops of other colors, but not enough to drag this beyond a meh rating. A 2 1/2 or so mini.

Our Price: $4.50


One Two Three Four!

***( )( )

Not a great sculpt but not bad either. Mine isn't hunchbacked as described in another review, but rather the bard has a lyre strapped to his back in case he loses his drum. The problem is the lyre should be painted another color as it is the same color as his vest.

Overall the face isn't bad, although as a dwarf his facial hair means there is less face to judge by; that said, his eyes and nose and mouth seem to be in the right places. An average paint job overall, and an average sculpt, that could have been better with a little love.

Our Price: $16.00


Hello. Can I help you?

****( )

A nearly five star mini (let's call it a four and a half) that shows off a great sculpt and a simple but gorgeous paint job in silver and black. This mini shines -- literally! All the spikes are sharp so be careful. The only thing that would make this sculpt even better is if it were dynamic instead of just sitting quietly, like you might see with the gargantuan chromatics. Nevertheless, this is a great piece and I'm glad to have a good dragon in my collection.

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