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Varisian Wanderer

kingpin's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 251 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 3 Pathfinder Society characters.


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In the initiative window, if under options the monsters are set to 'hide names' the name of the monster is still revealed in the 'active character' box when it is its turn.


Also some of the NPC's in the anniversary edition do use some classes and abilities from outside the core-rule book, but again, all of those are available to look up on the PRD so you can just print out the few pieces you need during your prep.

As for whether or not to buy Bestiary 2 and 3, you can always but the module first, have a read through, and then decide what books you want to buy.


mistamichal wrote:

Bummer. I spoke too soon.

Bug report: Importing Hero Lab portfolios causes a crash.

I've just tried 5 or 6 different .por files and all seem to work for me.

Aside from that. I'm still having trouble with linked hidden characters' names still being shown on the initiative window. It is the thing I most wish could be fixed.


Gauss wrote:

You know, I have been toying with a house-rule where the default mechanic for attacks with a firearm was the Deadshot grit mechanic.

With a single shot, you make multiple attack rolls with increased damage based on the number of attack rolls that hit.

Replace Deadshot with 'Expend a grit point to reload a number of times up to your maximum number of attacks per round including effects like rapid shot and haste'.

The single shot mechanic would work well for any single shot weapon.
Single shot weapons can spend a finite resource in order to shoot multiple shots.
The weapons with multiple attacks (such as a six shooter) can use those normally without having to spend a grit point.

It is a rough idea and I haven't really had a reason to think about it more than what I just posted.

- Gauss

The More I think about this idea, the more I like it. Gunslinger can make a great glass cannon.

You turn all the gunslinger's irritative attacks and any hasted attack into one dice pool that is rolled for a single attack, with the number of successes determining the amount of damage done.

That attack is a standard action and reloading is a move action that can never be reduced. That way the gunslinger is a deadly immobile damage dealer, who needs to choose between reloading and moving.

You can add allow grit to be used to add other fun stuff to the attack and at some point gain the ability to make a pin-point shot as a full round action.

Having a single shot as a full round action then will allow you replicate skirmishing, where you spend your turns between taking a crack shot, and moving & reloading.

To make them extra fragile, reloading a gun provokes.

I'm not knowledgeable enough to work out how the damage should scale, but they should be on par with a a dedicated archer.


A wiki was set up, but no one has added anything to it.


The reason for that in pellet blast is easy, it is a conjuration so those balls of metal are actually real.

Diamond Spray is an evocation which although it is about creating something out of nothing, it almost always still energy related. This seems to be an exception.


Before I looked at it I was expecting to see it had no SR and make a comment that it must work similar to pellet blast. But this just seems to be an exception to the rule.


He can still breakout by simply damaging the ice as well.


I was wondering if there was any chance of adding some shortcuts to the PC version.

Could you add it so that pressing say ctrl+f would make that selected monster(s) roll a fortitude save? Other shortcuts could be:

ctrl+r for reflex save
ctrl+w for will save
ctrl+p for perception
ctrl+s for stealth
ctrl+b for bluff
ctrl+a would roll all of the creatures attack options

This would be a lot quicker than using the menu to make the rolls, especially if you use a track pad like me.


Remember, as I GM it is all about making sure your players are having fun, so you have to alter your expectations based on your group. If your players like background and explaining their character, then encouraging them to have it make sense it great as it will allow the players to have more fun through describing the process through which they achieved their new class.

On the other hand, if the players are more interested in rolling dice, killing goblins and spending gold, only to go out and do more slaughter, then they are going to have little interest in having things make sense and to impose it on them will only feel like slowing the game down and make it less fun for them.

Obviously that's the extreme end of the spectrum, but all groups are somewhere in between. In conclusion, what works for one group will not work for another.


I always like to personalise loot to a degree. I don't mind characters being a little ahead of the wealth curve either. If I know the fighter is specialised in polearms I might swap some of the weapons found in the mod to suit him if I feel he needs an upgrade.

More specifically to the mod. It is good to make sure at least one or two of the front line fighters have magic weapons they can use for the end of the first mod.


Our group has always understood it that you roll only once for each enemy.


thenovalord wrote:

Is there a definition of what "in battle" means

a drow PC is having an uncombat trained giant gecko

is it in battle as soon as initiative is rolled OR
if it is in a threatend square or takes damage?

I've always wondered this as well.


We are level 9 and I managed to get an AC of 28 last session, with a little help.

Mage Armour and Shield will get you +8 on your AC. Buy a armoured kilt or haramaki and then get a cleric or oracle to cast magic vestments on it. Since it is an enchantment bonus to AC is will stack with the AC bonus from Mage Armour.


Cloudkill says that you figure out the cloud's new spread each round based on its new point of origin, which is 10 feet farther away from the point of origin where you cast the spell.

So if you are flying, and cast it directly below you onto a flat surface, would it just stay in place?


Sounds interesting. I shall think of something.


Chemlak wrote:

Each spell's mechanic is resolved separately, and logically (though logic doesn't always apply to the game rules) Mirror Image would be resolved first, followed by blur or displacement.

Visually, while the images from Mirror Image will appear blurred or displaced, that has no effect on Mirror Image's mechanic: if the attack roll is high enough, an image is destroyed. It is only if an attack happens to be aimed at the caster that the blur/displacement comes into play, resulting in a check against the miss chance.

Another way to examine it is to play to defender's advantage, which most effects in the game do: in this case, provided that there are any images at all from Mirror Image, any attack made against the target has at least a 50% chance of "missing" (which is equal to or better than blur/displacement), though it may hit an image well enough to dispel it. Only if the actual target is the subject of the attack does blur/displacement come into play.

I have to disagree with you. In a previous ruling, it was said that blink and mirror image interact in a way that you first roll for the blink and if that fails then you go no further.

From that I would suggest the same works with blur, or displacement or any other effect that gives you a miss chance.


I would have a serious look at Sorcerer as they have the high Cha for Diplomacy and is the main stat for being King.

You already have a couple of party members who can stand in front of you while you let your spells off.



Thanks. I was correct both times but wanted a second opinion to confirm it.


If I have ranks in Linguistics, does my familiar get extra languages from those skill ranks? It is an improved familiar and has the ability to speak languages.

If I have a INT headband, does the familiar also get the ranks for the skill associated with the item?

I think that is all for now.


The book would be useful, but of course would be out of date within 6 months.


Good plot hooks come from a character background.

I know it is her first game but try to get her to think about why the PC has become an adventurer. What motivates them to put themselves into such dangerous situations?

From there it is a lot easier to design the RP around those desires. An NPC motivated by greed might not be so interested in saving a small village if there is no reward involved, where as a PC who strives to to good in the face of an advancing evil may be better motivated by the plight on innocent farmers who cannot hope to defend themselves.

Most of all, have fun and don't get bogged down by the letter of the rules too early. If you cannot find the answer to a rules question straight away then make it up and make a note to find it later.


leo1925 wrote:
kingpin wrote:

Increasing DEX

Cat's Grace Spell
Good Hope Spell
Anicipate Peril Spell
Inquisitors get to add their WIS bonus

How does good hope adds to initiative?

Iirc initiative is a separate thing and not a DEX check.


First line, second sentence.

I didn't realise it either until I read it one day and I was playing a bard at the time so it jumped out at me.


Increasing DEX
Cat's Grace Spell
Good Hope Spell
Anicipate Peril Spell
Inquisitors get to add their WIS bonus


It is a real shame you won't update to include the 30' template. I just can't justify a purchase without it.

Could you source a 30' and sell it separately?


If there are any other stories you could post related to the history of the characters in module I would love to read them. I'm sure I could use them to add more colour to the game when I run this.


r-Kelleg wrote:

One "simple" (I guess)addition that would help me is the possibility to have more than one group of monsters. That would help me to preprare in advance the different encounters my players will meet.


If you add the monsters for an encounter you can then save them with the save button above it. That will allow you to then load it up when needed.


Dustywood wrote:

Hey Kyle this is a great application that I really appreciate you making, Sadly my first post should be to Report that the NPC from several adventure paths have gone missing from the monster section including those from Skull & Shackles, Rise of the Runelords: anniversary edition, Jade regent from what I have checked so far.

I have been able to solve the problem by copying over the NPCShort file from an older installation. Just wanted to let you know.

I'll have to hold off on updating I think. The AP stat blocks are pretty key for me.


Finally bought a second monitor for the initiative list and generally it works really well.

There is one major problem I am having though. I like to see it so that the monsters are secret and have them displayed as question marks. However, when a creature is linked to another creature, it no longer appears as hidden. Could this be fixed please?


So is the only benefits of taking the -20 on the grab is to not get the grappled condition and do the extra grab damage? It still seems you need to use your standard action on the next turn to maintain the grapple. Is that right?


Where you are confused is that AoO are taken before the movement that provoked them. So your AoO would be resolved when they declare the movement from 10ft to 5ft and your attack would resolve before it occurred.


Just want to thank you again Kyle. I'll be using this again for my upcoming Jade Regent campaign. It makes the planning and running of combats a lot easier.


We've always run it that you can use the same weapon for all attacks. However we don't like houserules at our table so we will play it the way any FAQ tells us. It might mean I don't play monks any more though.


They are indeed guidelines.

However the power curve of the game assumes that on average, your towns and cities will give your players around the stated amount of access to these resources. Yes, some areas of a world may have more or less but if you change the players access to spells and magic items by a huge amount then you need to consider the knock on effects.


My reading of the text suggests that you do indeed need to meet the prerequisites for the elemental fist.

More interestingly, I would like to know how he is adding both strength and wisdom to his damage and getting 6 attacks.


It's that fact that you are unarmed that makes disarm as a monk really interesting. Sure, a fighter can probably get a higher CMB but is unlikely to choose to be an unarmed specialist.

Of course, this tactic will only work on enemies that use manufactured weapons so you need other tactics for other fights.


Does he enjoy himself playing these characters, or does it frustrate him?

Does this disrupt things for the other players?


I wasn't aware it would be that simple. I'll start looking for some small displays then.


I was wondering where I could get more info on setting up the Initiative Window on a separate display for my players. I'm not sure where to start.


Maxximilius wrote:
submit2me wrote:
By RAW, yes. Archaeologist's Luck is treated like bardic performance for the purposes of feats, abilities, effects, and the like that affect bardic performance.
^ This. Also, note that the archetype's writter explicitely expressed on these boards the fact that the archaeologist should get 1 round/level + Charisma modifier of Luck, instead of the current 4 + Charisma modifier.

Can you link me to this please in case I ever decide to play one. They could be an interesting character.



Monk: Because I really enjoy characters that get to do lots of things. Why play a fighter who gets to roll 1 and pass his go when you can be a monk and make multiple attacks, trip your opponent and then turn away an arrow from the enemy archer.

Bard: Another versatile character class. Great range of skills and with the spell Borrow Skill you can be good at almost anything. You also buff the party whilst being quite good at fighting yourself.

Wizard: For quite a while I really wanted to play an Inquisitor because they are seem quite similar to a bard. But I am now playing one in Carrion Crown and am a little disappointed. On the other hand I had never been interested in playing a primary spell caster but I recently got the chance to play in a short campaign and decided to give a wizard a try because I knew I wouldn't be committed to him for a long time. I really enjoyed it and that is why it is currently my 3rd place choice.


James Jacobs wrote:
lordzack wrote:
I wonder if there are aquatic elves in Golarion? They are referenced in Bestiary (for instance, in the entry for Sahuagin), but I don't no of any references to them in Golarion-specific material.
There are. We talk about them (and include an illustration of one of them) in Elves of Golarion. Oh, and in the Inner Sea World Guide section on elves.

There's a version of them in Throaty Mermaid as well.


I was really interested in reading the masterpieces when I heard about them.

The problem is that they are just not very good, apart from a few that if you were given for free you might use occasionally, but not worth giving up a feat or spell for. Almost everything in a master piece feels like a weaker version of a spell that another class can cast a few levels earlier.

I hope that Paizo realise that and release some that are a little more tempting in the future.


Just make sure that your once fun RPG sessions don't turn into what they feel as extra homework. You could also make your own version of the character sheets with the translated text on it.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

RAW I don't think you would count as having the feat as the text says you only make those attacks as if you had the TWF feat. You don't actually have it.

I don't think however it is particularly broken for a GM to allow it.


Oterisk wrote:

Also remember that Bard is a good start for a Dragon Disciple. A 4 level dip will not hurt your casting much at all and will give you +4 Str, an extra feat (from a decent list), +3 NA, 3 limited use Natural weapons (including a bite that does 1 1/2 Str damage that can be used alongside of using a manufactured weapon, +5 resistance to one energy type and a little breath weapon, which isn't that great if you don't go straight sorcerer, but can be fun against swarms.

I prefer combat reflexes and a reach weapon as well, because you can get some decent Attacks of Opportunity as well that way, and with a lower BAB, it will bump your # of attacks as well. Not to mention if you can get one of your caster frienemies to cast enlarge person on you, you got a range of 20'. More AoO and full attacks? Yes Please.

I like this a lot. I've considered something similar in the past. Should work well combined with the arcane duelist.


I've played a few bards and have found that they function best as archers. I rather like Treantmonk's archer bard build as a foundation even though it is very feat intensive.

Carrion Crown will really suit a bard. We're doing part 1 at the moment and having someone with strong knowledges would make our lives a lot easier, almost to the point that it my current character dies a bard will be my first choice to replace him.

There are also a feat line (Master Performer} in the faction guide that can make your performance buffing stupidly good. You'll need to talk to your GM about access to it though.


I think it all comes down to player expectations and whether the system suites those playing styles.

Pathfinder really is a game where death should be a constant risk. Being a combat heavy miniature based game it relies on keeping combat interesting and potentially dangerous.

If your players are looking for a game where there is low risk of death then I can recommend plenty of games that better fit that style of play (Daring Tales of Adventure, Duty & Honour etc.)

You can turn Pathfinder into a low risk game. 25 point buy, extra gold and keeping CR within 1 of the APL can do that. But in my opinion, that takes away from the tactical game where you really need to think about each action and communicate with the rest of your team to make sure you stay alive.

Have a chat with your players and see what their expectations really are and if you're playing the right game or the right style for them.


It's a bit of an odd one but I'd say only if you failed to get any info at all (failed to get the base 10+CR). If you have succeeded but want more then by RAW then you can't cast the spell. But it doesn't seem broken for a GM to allow it.


Hello again James.

I'm planning a character for Carrion Crown (which I'm super excited about) and had a few questions about Changelings.

Do changelings become Hags in latter life? If so, at what age does this happen?

Hags swap their changeling children for real children and eat them. How does Ustalav view changelings because of this? How would they be treated?

What is the Pharasman view on Changelings and Hags?

Any other interesting info I should know about them?

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