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kinevon's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 4,726 posts (5,894 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 37 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Grand Lodge ****

FLite wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

much further spoiler:
Only three? My.

I can think of more scenarios than that, alone, where you can get attacked by female statues, and at least one where one of the faction missions is to observe the fighting style used by some statues of unknown sex.

And we won't even go into modules, which adds even more attacking statues, and a few that one thinks should attack, even if they don't.

And at least a couple of scenarios where break enchantment might allow some (now former) statues to attack.

Grand Lodge

Corvino wrote:

Rich parents can sometimes break the game at low levels, but only if the player is intent on doing so.

You could technically buy a combat trained Tiger for 500gp (CR 4). If the player can make a DC 10 (12 if injured) handle animal check then you've got a pouncing death-machine on your hands that will trivialise levels 1-4.

But in general I agree with the consensus - it's a short-term gain for a long-term loss. Compared to something like Fate's Favored or Armor Expert it's weak.

Heh. +3 Will save means it isn't much safer than a fighter. Not to mention opposed Handle Animal checks, unless it is given the Exclusive trick...

Much better traits are the ones that either give a boost to a save, or make a non-class skill a class skill with a +1 bonus, or give a bonus to something important, like Focused Concentration, which gives a +2 bonus to Concentration checks. Or, like Two-World Magic, give you a non-class spell on your class spell list. I run a Sorcerer who added Guidance, as just another cantrip to his list, and a Cleric with Ray of Frost as an orison, for use against non-Undead.

Grand Lodge

Summoner, as mentioned above, could be an option. They have buff spells, they have an eidolon, and, if the eidolon goes down, they get to cast standard action summon monster spells with minute per level duration instead of round per level. And, as a Charisma casting class, they can do the UMD thing, too.

Grand Lodge

It falls into a crack in the rules because the CRB doesn't have any weapon abilities that are statically priced.

This ability falls into the same rules as things like Glamered for armor does.

If you go to the Armor table, in the Magic Items chapter, or to Armor on teh PRD, you will see that Glamered shows a set price, but that other abilities, like Fortification, Light shows a +1 bonus, and a superscript 1 for the footnote: 1 Add to enhancement bonus on Table: Armor and Shields to determine total market price

For weapon sin the CRB, since there are no weapon enhancements with a static price, that same footnote, but referencing weapons, applies to the entire CRB table.

Due to oversight, they never added that qualifier to other tables with statically priced weapon enhancements.

Grand Lodge ****

EvilMinion wrote:

What is 'completely legal' can vary greatly from GM to GM.

Just cause you read something one way, and thus sure its 100% legal.
Does not mean the GM might read it another way, and be equally sure its not.

Thus table variation!

So, how can a GM read a legal pair of archetypes, that legally can be stacked, and a legal weapon with the correct damage type, as not legal?

I have a Blade bound Kensai Magus who was originally going to be a whip wielder, but it was just so wimpy during First Steps Part 3 that I rebuilt him to wield a scimitar. So, yes, I went from a fairly unusual build to one of the standard builds. Sigh. Currently Magus 8, IIRC.

I also have a Lore Warden fighter who wields the whip, and always has. In recent levels, he has taken levels of Kensai Magus, so I retrained a couple of feats that were duplicated by the Kensai. At this level, even though he doesn't have much in the way of his own magic, he is still ugly/awesome using the whip for reach attacks and combat maneuvers. Currently Fighter 8/Magus 4, IIRC.

Grand Lodge ****

Just a few things to think about:
For a PC caster, even 11th level, that is a total of 4 medium creatures able to be Teleported with a single spell.

For a Teleport scroll, that would still be 4 creatures, at a cost of 1,125 gp, and some way to use it.

Does being able to Teleport require a uniquely identifiable target destination? Other than intersections, and even those will tend to look like similar sewer intersections, most sewer tunnels will look almost identical.

Is a 10' sphere of "typical sewer" enough to identify it uniquely for Teleport?

So, needs two castings, minimum, if your party is larger than 4 PCs, or even has an AC, mount or eidolon. And that assumes two different casters, otherwise it bumps to three castings, for the caster to get back, and that uses a bunch of 5th level spell slots, or moves the cost past 3,000 gp.

Grand Lodge

Bladebound Magus, maybe, with his father's spirit as his Black Blade.

Grand Lodge

Rich Parents is not a good trait. "It's a trap!"

900 gp to start is nice, but quickly gets eclipsed in a normal gold campaign. All it really does is start the PC with first level NPC gold.

Once a couple of levels pass by, the extra 750 gp becomes statistically meaningless.

Compare that with one of the traits that gives +1 to a saving throw. Take one to bolster your worst save, like Will for a Martial, and the benefit is noticeable both immediately, and throughout the game.

And then there are the ones which get better as you level, like Fate's Favored, which doubles any Luck bonus. Initially, not a big deal, but as your PCs level, they can get access to spells and items that give luck bonuses. Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier, Luck Stone, Halfling's Luck, etc.

Overall, Rich Parents gives a slightly better beginning AC or chance to hit, but it quickly gets hidden by normal gold and items gotten. Or allows an archer build to actually start with their weapon....

Grand Lodge

The World Shaper wrote:
alright so i ran into this problem, two players decided that their characters would get into a fight over some treasure they was not the surprise round so no one was flatfooted.

This statement is incorrect.

Until a character/monster acts in combat, they are flatfooted.

So, if Archer wins initiative, unless non-Archer has Combat Reflexes (or the equivalent), Archer's first round actions won't provoke, as his opponent is still flatfooted.

Also note that there are several things that can negate an AoO on a ranged weapon user, as an example the Point-Blank Master feat form the APG, or even just 5' stepping back out of range.

Equally, if the non-Archer tries to trip, without having Improved Trip, he will provoke an AoO, and the Archer, depending on class (Zen Archer Monk) and feats (Snap Shot), who may get an AoO in response. Which, if it hits, gives the damage done as a bonus to the Archer's CMD aginst the trip attempt.

Grand Lodge

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Ty-Ri wrote:
Can knock spell be used to cause armor to un- strap and drop off?

Only when cast by a succubus.

Grand Lodge

No, as they count as the same class.

Grand Lodge ****

Clank Clank wrote:

I found something relevant on the FAQ!

FAQ wrote:

What determines if my character can be a “worshiper” of a deity?

As a character, you may choose to worship a single deity or pantheon (the “deity”). If you worship a pantheon, you do not count as worshiping every god in that pantheon; you must choose one deity from that pantheon for the purpose of gaining mechanical benefits.

Your character’s alignment must be within one step of that of the deity he or she worships. Any character with levels in a class that grants spells or other features from a specific deity must worship that deity.

A character may only worship one deity at a time; the character may change which deity she worships between sessions at no cost. If this change requires the character to change alignment, the character is required to pay for an atonement. Any element incompatible with the new deity no longer functions. These elements may be retrained at normal cost using the rules from Ultimate Campaign.

For example, a cleric of Desna with the Travel and Luck domains and the Butterfly Sting feat switches her worship to Shelyn. The cleric may still use the Luck domain because Shelyn grants that domain, but not the Travel domain or the Butterfly Sting feat, because worship of Shelyn does not grant access to those features.

So in PFS your MUST be within one step of your chosen deity to be considered a follower and pantheon worshipers only gain benefit from one deity in their pantheon at any time. So there you have it.

So, what alignment is the late Aroden? (Note: IS, not WAS)

So, no alignment is listed anywhere I can find for Razmir, although the country is listed as LE. What alignment is Razmir?

Grand Lodge ****

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TOZ wrote:
Every time my home group walks into a mission briefing with a certain VC, we have to keep our screaming internal for the players who don't know what we know.

Season Early:
Is it considered to be good form to have your Venture Captain's protege play through Mists of Mwangi?
Grand Lodge ****

grandpoobah wrote:

I just hit my 4th star last week. I'm not planning on running any of the above anytime soon (so no urgency), but was looking to run Serpents Rise in a month or so.

How will these scenarios show up for me? Will the scenarios just appear in My Downloads eventually (maybe during a monthly update), or do I need to request them or take some other action?


Typically, you need to send an email to the Campaign Coordinator when you first get to 4 stars, to make sure it pings their radar to add you to the distribution list, and kick the current exclusives into your downloads page.

Right now, I believe that would be John Compton, and that procedure was how Mike was handling it, so I don't know if there are any changes in it at present, or projected under the person.

Edit: And congrats on reaching that 4th star. Welcome to the 4 star conga line.

Grand Lodge ****

RD: This is covered in several previous threads on this issue, one example is: Racial Feats & Racial Heritage

Short form:
Certain sources, like the ARG, limit racial feats to members of that race only.

Some sources, usually older than the ARG, allow Racial Heritage to work fine, as long as the human has all the prereqs for the feat.

Grand Lodge ****

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josh Newton wrote:

I have wondered about this for both Aroden and Razmir. They both have items in the Gods and magic that give an additional benefit if Aroden or Razmir is your Patron "deity"

Azlant Pendant

Holy Mask of the living god

Both items are allowed in PFS. So the system has a precedent for Worshipping Aroden or Razmir and getting a benefit from these items

@Andrew: Any ideas on how to make this work?

According to your comments, these items either won't work at all, or should not be legal for PFS, even though they are specifically Golarion in theme.

Grand Lodge ****

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Jack Brown wrote:
andreww wrote:
One thing to note, scrolls are always made by either wizards, clerics or druids and use the lowest level across those three. That means for example that Life Bubble will always be a 4th level scroll with a caster level of 7 unless specified otherwise.

That is not quite true... But it is true for any spell that is on one of those three spell lists. If it is not on one of those lists, then the class that can cast it creates it (example: bless weapon is a Paladin only spell, so a pally would have to scribe it, brew a potion/oil, or craft a wand).

At least that is my understanding.

The key thing here is that you will never find a scroll of lesser restoration created by a paladin as a first level spell.

The key thing here is that you will never be able to buy a scroll of lesser restoration created by a paladin as a first level spell in PFS unless it is listed on a Chronicle sheet.


Grand Lodge ****

Francis Webb wrote:
Did the season 2 special come at the end of the season, as opposed to the beginning like the current specials? Otherwise, won't those season 2 scenarios be full of spoilers? It's not a big deal as many will have already played them anyway - just going for a theme.

Year of the Shadow Lodge was the Season 1 closer/Season 2 opener, where it was revealed that there really was an organization called the Shadow Lodge within the Pathfinder Society, which was hinted at by the events within The City of Strangers series.


Use those two scenarios to open the show, then run the Special, then continue into the Season 2 scenarios listed above to continue the Shadow Lodge arc.

Grand Lodge ****

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Kerney wrote:
James Anderson wrote:
Kerney wrote:
Nefreet wrote:
Kerney wrote:
Question about the Arcanist School Savant archetype...
Probably best to ask this in the Rules Forum.

Actually, I'm pointing out a corner case where RAW does not seem to match RAI or even have been considered by the original designers.So this seems to be the perfect thing to point out as a possible candidate for an faq or a rules clarification.

For that I seem to be exactly in the right spot.

Thanks, I put it down as a faq candidate.


Which is a valid question, but not in the Additional Resources thread.

Sorry, In my head I thought of the ACG as a "new" rescource. I then looked at the publication date and went "Its been out that long."

Sorry if I came off as a jerk.

Take care,


Not as a jerk, but, like many things, this was a rules question not specific to PFS. It is something the PTB at Paizo need to clarify, so that it doesn't require house rules to work right in every campaign. In which case, it is a question that belongs in the Paizo/Pathfinder/Rules Questions forums, so it can be clarified, FAQed and/or errataed.

Grand Lodge ****

Muser wrote:
"In general" aren't happening. And you left out dhampirs and that one auctioned Orc. And gnomes are the epitome of evil too!


Grand Lodge ****

TomG wrote:
Tabletop Giant wrote:

For those who haven't dealt with software before, I will say though that estimates are often rather difficult to get correct. There is often a "gotcha" - some darn thing that comes up when implementing that makes you pull your hair out and say "oh crap, I didn't see THAT coming", and which forces the schedule back.

So, my estimates with everyone here are as honest as I can make them given what I can "see" at the moment; if I were making these same estimates for a corporate software engineering job (a fine hell that is), I would likely triple or even quadruple the estimate just to make sure I make the deadline and have plenty of room for 'gotchas'. This is random advice for anyone who is a new programmer - *always* triple or quadruple estimates of time for engineering tasks when speaking to your superiors.

The standard I heard at one company was "double the number and increase the unit". Sooo, if you thought it was "2 hours" then report it as "4 days". If you thought it was "3 days", report it as "6 weeks".

That company had many, many things wrong with its IT processes and staffing, so I can't exactly say it worked. But the basic idea of "overestimate" is sound. Research repeatedly demonstrates that even software experts don't know beans about estimating with any precision.

I do believe you are referring to Cheop's Law. The first 90% of a project will take 90% of the time allotted for the project. The last 10% of the project will also take 90% of the time allotted for the project, as well.

Which is why Cheop's pyramid changes shape near the top 10%...

Grand Lodge ****

A couple of clarifications:

As a GM, you can apply a chronicle sheet for a PFS scenario or sanctioned module/AP to one of your own characters, as though they had played through the game with full success.

For players: They can gain the gold (as modified by missed encounters or materials not located), XP, and access to purchase the items listed on the chronicle.

Note that the boons, usually listed up top, with conditions listed during the scenario as to how to qualify to receive the boon, are applied to the PC who earned the boon.

Some boons are only available for members of a certain faction, others require certain actions taken during the scenario, and some, indeed, are negative boons, things you don't want to get, for the most part.

Grand Lodge ****

And, yes, there is a group of VOs for Online Play.

Not to mention how many other VOs participate in the online community...

Grand Lodge ****

Nefreet wrote:
kinevon wrote:
FLite wrote:
Russo PC wrote:
Now, if only I could figure out which faction is the proper spiritual home for me, now that Sczarni is gone, and The Exchange doesn't work....

Cynical Answer:

Dark Archive. After all, when Razmir extends his dominion to Absolom, it will be convinient for him if all the cool toys are all in one place, and it will be to your credit if you can tell him where that place is...

Unfortunately, that doesn't deal with the issue that the player has with Zarta. Seriously, I had issues playing a couple of the Season 5 scenarios, because I am still not sure I wanted to rescue her. I did my best, and we succeeded, but, honestly, I would not have shed much in the way of tears if my party had failed...
I had similar experiences with PCs wanting to kill Grandmaster Torch after playing [REDACTED] and then meeting him again only one Season later.

I played <redacted> before, and with a different PC, I played the one that my other PC cooperated in preventing GMT from escaping at the end of.

I played Destiny of the Sand, Part 1 before playing Rivalry's End.

Fortunately for the game, the other players were all fairly new, and had not had much experience with GMT and his antics, so we played it "straight", although a couple of the encounters were fairly difficult (ok, one was because the GM ran both tiers together, and didn't include the 4 player adjustment. Then again, that was against the reptiles, and we had a barbarian...

And some of the things were fairly easy. After the initial encounter at the gate, we found one of the tasks would have been fairly difficult, except my PC had a discount boon, and just enough money to buy a Pathfinder Pouch at the discounted rate. And it was just about my only PC that item would really work for, as that was, actually, the Razmiran Priest/Sczarni fellow.)

I played Rivalry's End with a fighter using a longbow. No real bones in the issue, but he didn't think Torch acted in any sort of honorable fashion, so he helped the party deal with Torch appropriately as an oathbreaker running away.

Grand Lodge ****

Two-Gun Sam wrote:
Michael Eshleman wrote:

When playing and reporting core games it is important that players, GMs, and reporters be diligent about checking for RPG/PFC character status at the table in the system before reporting.

I have made mistakes like this in the past, as have other local GMs. An e-mail to customer service about the issue has seen the problem resolved in a week or two.

Nosig, as to your non-core character showing as core, the solution to that is simple. Just play an RPG game with him/her and he/she will be automatically converted from PFC to RPG.

The e-mails to customer service about the PCs with issues have NOT seen the problem resolved in months. Follow up e-mails have actually not even been responded to. So... eventually the people with the problem just quit trying.

And the reason this is a problem for me, is that two of the people that quit trying are my wife and my sister...

Given my experience with getting incorrect PFC/RPG issues resolved, I would say to start with the obvious.

Make sure you are using the correct email address for Paizo's Customer Service department.

Customer Service

Grand Lodge ****

A) Yes
B) Minor tweaking, less than various system changes have forced on some of my PCs.

My "played all of level one as an Undead Lord, then Undead Lord got banned." PC. Still in limbo, actually, since I am afraid, since it is a boon race PC, to get stuck with a bad build at level two, where it is "play it cold, play it forever" territory. :(

C) Been there, done that. PC didn't meet my expectations when I was leveling him up to play him later, so I changed his archetype from Archer to Weapon Master.
D) Nope, no issues.
Later level retrains, if I am GMing, will need an audit for verification before I sign off on it, as the rules require. IIRC, this also applies to first level rebuilds, so...

Grand Lodge ****

FLite wrote:
Russo PC wrote:

Not really. I am not working for those old-fashioned aristocrats, I am working for the wave of the future, the Living God Razmir!

All hail and worship Razmir!

Now, if only I could figure out which faction is the proper spiritual home for me, now that Sczarni is gone, and The Exchange doesn't work....

Sorcerer with Razmiran Priest archetype, and the Undead bloodline
Former Sczarni, nominally The Exchange (haven't been played since Sczarni went away)
Mildly Chaotic (Kitsune, after all), Lawful Neutral PC (Razmiran is LE, so, I think, I must be LN to be PFS legal, as a Priest of Razmir).

Cynical Answer:

Dark Archive. After all, when Razmir extends his dominion to Absolom, it will be convinient for him if all the cool toys are all in one place, and it will be to your credit if you can tell him where that place is...

Unfortunately, that doesn't deal with the issue that the player has with Zarta. Seriously, I had issues playing a couple of the Season 5 scenarios, because I am still not sure I wanted to rescue her. I did my best, and we succeeded, but, honestly, I would not have shed much in the way of tears if my party had failed...

Grand Lodge ****

@Saiman: Probably the easiest and quickest way to do it is just to leave #30 as an undefined Standard PFS PC, to be determined later, and just create a new Core PC to use with this character idea/build.

And I do empathize with your large number of PCs issue, as I have 37 (I think) PCs created here, with 4 or 5 of them being Core PFS, the rest Standard PFS.

Grand Lodge ****

Segovax wrote:
The Shadow Lodge is still alive and well, despite the Decemvirate's best efforts.

Don't worry, those of us in the rank-and-file who have experienced the evil that is the Shadow Lodge are working at eradicating it completely and totally. I just wish we could erase it so completely that it had never existed to begin with.

Grand Lodge ****

Hillis Mallory III wrote:

Soo... to fill out the other side of the tier stacks, which scenarios have Grandmaster Torch?

I know of some,** spoiler omitted **

Just off the top of my head.

Silent Tide; First Steps, Part 3: A Vision of Betrayal (retired)

Grand Lodge ****

Stephen Ross wrote:
it's always handy to cast your Continual Flame on a bit of string, strong thread, or even a thong. This way you can tie it to various things or wear it as appropriate... it might help distract the succubus when you're in a grapple...

"What?! I thought that was a target!"

Grand Lodge ****

Kilgore Trout73 wrote:

So no need to sell stuff back for half-price? Just subtract the cost for single-use items that were purchased/used then buy away as if that's your starting gold?

That seems like a pretty sweet deal... Wish I had known that out for my first character!

Just to clarify, you are selling anything that you have purchased, that is not a partly or fully used consumable, for purchase price, instead of half price; so you get that 1702 you mentioned, less consumabls used, but no equipment, other than the remainder of the partly used consumables.

So, you were wearing a set of studded leather for 1st level, you get the 25 gp back, but lose the studded leather.

You bought a quiver of 20 arrows, and shot 5 of them, you have still spent the 1 gp, but retain the 15 arrows left.

Grand Lodge ****

Robert Hetherington wrote:

For those of you who believe that session means ~"4hr block" in terms of rerolls, how do you deal with the following issue?

All conditions gained during an adventure, except for permanent negative levels, ability drain that does not reduce an ability score to 0, and conditions that provide no mechanical effect, must be resolved before the end of the session; if these are not resolved the character should be reported as ‘dead.’

With an application of common sense.

Grand Lodge ****

josh Newton wrote:

First I have no problems with the Errata, some make me smile (looking at you double barrel pistol) and some make me a little sad (sap adept , prolly gonna keep it though) A pair raised some questions:

Communal waterwalk is lower level then waterwalk?

Crane Riposte mentions deflecting an attack with crane wing, but the text for Crane Wing no longer has anything about deflecting

Just going to go into the Communal Water Walk spell, which was changed because Water Walking is already a multiple target spell. Communal Water Walk is worse, so it actually was made a lower level spell. They decided that that was a better option than just removing it as the mistake it was.

Water Walk
3rd level spell, 1 creature touched/level, 10 min./level

Water Walk, Communal
Target creatures touched
This spell functions like water walk, except you divide the duration in 10-minute intervals among the creatures touched.

Other than not having an explicit cap on the number of creatures touched, which would be one per level at most, anyhow, due to splitting a 10 min./level duration in 10 minute increments; it is not as good. Water Walk gives that 10 min./level duration to all creatures touched.

So, 50 minutes for a 5th level caster. 5 creature with 10 minutes each, for a 2nd level slot, or 5 creatures for 50 minutes each, for a third level slot.

Best use would be a single target, so max duration for a lower level slot. Might be okay, if you know for a fact, that you can get across the liquid within 10 minutes, combat interruption or no, so you save a third level slot.

Scroll (min caster level)
30 minutes, split up to 3 targets, for the communal version, now, 150 gp
50 minutes, up to 5 targets, for a Water Walk scroll, 375 gp

Grand Lodge ****

I think they are mainly in the Pathfinder Society Field Guide and the Pathfinder Society Primer splat books. I don't think there are any in the old Factions & Rivals book.

Grand Lodge

It (the CL1 Magic Missile wand) is most useful at very low levels if you have a way to get it cheaply. Like using Prestige Points in PFS. And it works best if you don't need to use UMD to activate it.

It is, at that point, a great way for that beginner Wizard or Sorcerer to stretch their spell slots for other effects. Same for a wand of Mage Armor, so that the Sorcerer doesn't have to use one of his precious spells known to have Mage Armor available, since he is likely to only need it once or twice during a simple scenario.

Other wands that can be useful, some only in specific circumstances, some mainly to free up spell slots, are:
Bless (while you get some combats that go beyond 10 rounds, one charge will work for many combats, and you can also use the wand again, if the combat goes that long, and your party needs the boost)
Endure Elements (Adventuring in Osirion or Irresen? Almost priceless)

Even a wand of Resist Energy or Protection from Energy, although it is higher level, can be extremely useful, if your party does its research beforehand.

Grand Lodge ****

Talon Stormwarden wrote:
UndeadMitch wrote:
Preston Hudson wrote:
It is one free reroll per session during a Pathfinder Society event. I understand that scenario was the only term put in under the Free Reroll section. At one of the locations I play/run, our we run two slots. If I run a module during that game night that runs both sessions, I will grant a reroll for the first session and one for the second that there are two sessions on that game night.
This is correct.
I would disagree. Going to come down on the side of Kevin Willis. Just because you split your module (or scenario for that matter) into 2 or 3 or 5 play sessions, you still only get 1 reroll.

I would come down (and have come down on) the side of one reroll per gaming session, a session lasting approximately 4 hours, or one scenario's length.

Grand Lodge ****

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Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
Oh dear. Nuke the island, it's time to start over. ;)

I thought they tried that when Dragnmoon got his fifth star.


Grand Lodge ****

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Joe the First wrote:
Phoenyx Aurelian wrote:
On another note, beware the #1 downside to being a debuffer; your GMs will eventually run after you howling demonic warcries and brandishing the binder containing the scenario which they spent a week prepping and which you have now managed to break so thoroughly there is no longer a playbook.
Joe, a devout Cleric of Desna takes it as a point of pride, that when a fellow pathfinder gets grappled, their next action is to delay until after Joe.

Ummm, why delay? Liberating Command is an immediate action spell...

Grand Lodge ****

Katisha wrote:
Tim Statler wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:

He demands tripple what you're paying him now.

But will give in if you offer him double.

And 3 nights at the local Calistrian Temple

(what? It's a learning experience.)

As long as he takes notes (with sketches). After all that's what a scholar does right?

Actually, he was offered a separate job, something to do with a succubus in a grapple, and the experimental discussions involved thereto.

Grand Lodge ****

And it looks like a change that was made to the language either got removed, or accidentally got bypassed.

The language was changed for Season 6 to remove the "newly created" part of the line.

Grand Lodge

James Risner wrote:

Kinevon, type 3 also includes things like Bard Soundstriker's Weird Words.

SKR confirmed that Weird Words (and the ranged touch attacks) get the benefit of Point Blank Shot, Arcane Strike, and more bonuses to ranged weapon attacks.

Some GM's may choose to exclude type 3 from these benefits and penalties, but that isn't the understanding of a developer at the time (he was still on the developer team at the time.)

Actually, because of the discussion, and SKR's post, and the phrasing of the FAQ updating the ability, is why I included Weird Words in the Type 2 spell list, rather than the Type 3 list.

Grand Lodge

First thing, we need to make sure everyone understands that there are, currently,m three kinds of spells that can be used to directly attack or damage others. All of them will break invisibility if cast.

Type 1) Target or targets must make a saving throw, spellcaster does not make an attack roll.
This type of spell includes fireball, lightning bolt, flame strike, cone of cold, and even color spray, among many others.

Type 2) Ray spells, which make (usually) a ranged touch attack against a target or targets.
Per earlier FAQs, these spells, as a type, are treated as ranged weapons, with the penalty for firing into melee, and the benefits of feats and abilities that affect ranged attacks, whether it is Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, or Bardic Inspire Courage.
This type of spell includes Ray of Frost, Ray of Enfeeblement, Scorching Ray, Weird Words, etc. Most of them are either "ray" spells, or explicitly say they are treated like ray spells.

Type 3) Ranged spells that are not defined as rays, but make ranged touch attack rolls to hit.
This is the group of spells that this FAQ request is seeking clarification about.
These spells include any spell which makes a ranged touch attack, but is not a ray.Examples include Acid Splash.

As the rules are currently written, and as the FAQs stand at this time, it is unclear whether these Type 3 spells should suffer the penalties of firing into melee, and gain the benefits of feats and abilities that give bonuses to ranged weapon attacks and ray spells.

So, to put it in cantrip form:
Does Acid Splash take a penalty for being used to attack someone in melee?
Equally, would Point Blank Shot negate that penalty?
Does it gain a benefit to hit and, in this case, damage, from buffs like Inspire Courage?

Note that, while I can only think of Acid Splash off the top of my head, there are other spells that fall into this classification, some of which have been mentioned up-thread.

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3P rules, so wrong forum for this one, I think.

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Mulgar wrote:
Thea Peters wrote:

For all the advice of "don't run a 7 player table", I'll tell you what they aren't. 7 player tables happen. I've run tons of them because there wasn't another option. In this case .. if one of the other players steps up to run a 2nd table; you'll have a table of 4 and a table of 2 do you'd need someone outside the group to come in and run a table.

No, 1 gm + 7 players = 2 gms + 6 players.

So, 2 legal tables with each gm controlling a pregen.

A perfectly legal and much more fun solution for everyone.

I think Thea had a "needs more caffeine" moment with her post, there.

Or maybe some purple sparkly bunnies....

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Fromper wrote:
countchocula wrote:
I was hoping for 25 different types of cookies.. :(
There's only three types of cookies: lawful, neutral, and chaotic... but they're all chocolate.


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LazarX wrote:
apbrake wrote:
Side note, isn't warrior an npc class? I didn't think those were legal for play in PFS.
Why in tarnation would you want to?

IIRC, nosig wanted to run a PC with Adept levels....

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I think you can pull it most of the way in, just leave the tag end hanging. A lot less obvious, while not hiding the rope, just making it less obvious.

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On a related note, the Trusty Buddy, despite not having it stated, should bypass any hardness under 20, just like an adamantine weapon.

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