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Verik Vancaskerkin

kinevon's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 3,294 posts (4,455 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 27 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Starglim wrote:
I agree, so if a rule says "apply your whole DEXTERITY bonus to your Armor Class", should I not conclude that that is a typed bonus and its type is Dexterity?

Not necessarily.

It applies your Dex modifier, which may or may not be equal to your whole Dex bonus, if any. And there are abilities that can change even that. Some replace your Dex mod with a different stat's mod, others add another stat's mod to the Dex mod for the total AC bonus from stat(s).

Indeed, I could see an Oracle/Magus build that never goes near their Dex mod for AC, using Charisma and Intelligence, instead.

Andoran ***

Dragnmoon wrote:
kinevon wrote:
I would suspect that all the Season 6 scenarios that are in the pipe already have entries in teh database, and just need a switch thrown.

Maybe Emerald Spire is as well, but they used a Red button for it and no one wants to hit the red Button...

What am I saying! Everyone who works at Paizo would hit the Red button!

Uh, that's because, for Emerald Spire, it's a green button. Emerald green. ;)

Now, if only my local PFS scene weren't so hit-and-miss. Seems like it has gone on hiatus again....

Andoran ***

CireJack wrote:
jon dehning wrote:
Galnörag wrote:
Galnörag wrote:
Is emerald spire still not enabled?
for reporting that is.

Not yet.

I think it keeps falling to the bottom of the IT List of Important Things.

That happens. However, what I cant fathom is why it was important to add 6-06 and 6-07 before Emerald Spire given that those have not even been released yet. The list of important things seems to be in disarray.

I suspect it is the list of normal things in sequence (scenarios, for example), and the list of loose-timed add-ons (Emerald Spire, since it kept changing when the chronicles would be out).

I would suspect that all the Season 6 scenarios that are in the pipe already have entries in teh database, and just need a switch thrown.

Andoran ***

CireJack wrote:
nosig wrote:

This question has been around for a long time... here a thread from a little over a year ago on the same subject...

to Making new characters in PFS Optimized or Not.

.. in reply to a post that said...

I rarely start with a stat higher than 17 and nearly always start with a 14 CON regardless of class.

I just had to chime in with...

"I rarely start without at least one stat higher than 17 and never start with a 14 CON regardless of class/race (most of my PCs have 10 CON).

To each his own...

A lot of my characters start with a 20 in a stat (like my zen archer has a 20 wisdom, my ranger had a 20 dexterity, my sorcerer had a 20 charisma, etc). Heck, I even have a witch that started with 22 intelligence.


Andoran ***

Yep, for one source for the Kitsune, you get Tien and Senzar as racial, Common for free from the PFS Guide, and you would still get another three languages from Int.


Actually, there are Magus Arcanae which lets you use some of your stats/level for wands and rods.

Wand Mastery (Su) wrote:
Whenever The magus uses a wand, he calculates the DC for any spell it contains using his Intelligence modifier, instead of the minimum modifier needed to cast a spell of that level.


TGMaxMaxer wrote:

I usually set a composite bow bonus to the Str of the enemy that had it before it was looted.

For random rolls, you should roll 1d4+1 and use that, since most people wouldn't bother with a +1 version (cost vs gain), and most people (other than PC's) wouldn't be able to use more than a +5 version.

Anyone with a brain (and the levels required to really make use of anything higher than a +2-3) will pay the already mentioned 1000g flat cost enchant to add Adaptive though.

Actually, there would be, since Adaptive was created/released, a chance of running across a +0 Str bow with Adaptive on it. Some people can be really cheap.;)

But, overall, if your group includes a crafter with Craft Magic Arms & Armor, and access to the warp wood spell, it only costs 500 gp to add it to any magic longbow.


seebs wrote:
Blakmane wrote:
Also, according to the rulebook under UMD you "cast a spell from a scroll", using identical language to 'cast a spell from a wand'. I'm failing to see the precedent here at all. Can someone provide some actual proof that wand activation isn't 'casting' but scroll activation is?

I don't think there'll be a definite answer unless the Paizo folks decide to give one. I would let you do either, personally, the only thing being that I'd require that the storing be intentional on the part of the caster -- you can't use it to capture incoming spells.

The best argument for a distinction is from the differences between spell trigger and spell completion, where the latter is basically identical to casting a prepared spell, and the former is just pushing a button, pretty much. If we assume some need to do something as part of the casting process to make the spell get stored, then yeah, you probably need to be doing something more like normal casting. Maybe.

Maybe, if the wand didn't require having the spell on your list, or using UMD, maybe.

I would think you couldn't use a potion to put a spell into a spell storing item. Although it would be an amusing image to have someone pouring a potion of Infernal Healing on an Ioun stone..

But using a wand, other than not provoking, requires pretty much teh same prerequisites as using a scroll, but bypasses the need for a caster level check, if the spell is higher level than you can cast. Of course, since the cracked purple prism Ioun stone only holds one level of spell....


2 people marked this as a favorite.

Just a couple of notes, for those of you saying that the writer of the words on one thing actually knew what, exactly, the other thing referenced was going to be: False.

Pathfinder Core Rulebook:
Lead Designer: Jason Bulmahn
Design Consultant: Monte Cook
Additional Design: James Jacobs, Sean K Reynolds, and F. Wesley Schneider
Additional Contributions: Tim Connors, Elizabeth Courts, Adam Daigle, David A. Eitelbach, Greg Oppedisano, and Hank Woon

5 designers, 6 additional contributors

Creative Director: James Jacobs
Editing and Development: Christopher Carey, Erik Mona, Sean K Reynolds,
Lisa Stevens, James L. Sutter, and Vic Wertz
Editorial Assistance: Jeffrey Alvarez and F. Wesley Schneider
Editorial Interns: David A. Eitelbach and Hank Woon

Editing, if you count everyone listed: 11 people

Total pages: 575 through the Index.

You seriously think all 11 people went over every single word on every single one of those pages as a group?

Almost certainly not.

Someone was probably in charge of each chapter, but I would suspect that the coordination between chapters was fairly loose. Let's consider, the feat Brew Potions, and compare it to the Creating Potions section of the Magic Items chapter. Is the fact that you cannot make potions from spells with the Personal range in both sections?

Brew Potion (Item Creation) wrote:

You can create magic potions.
Prerequisite: Caster level 3rd.
Benefit: You can create a potion of any 3rd-level or lower spell that you know and that targets one or more creatures or objects. Brewing a potion takes 2 hours if its base price is 250 gp or less, otherwise brewing a potion takes 1 day for each 1,000 gp in its base price. When you create a potion, you set the caster level, which must be sufficient to cast the spell in question and no higher than your own level. To brew a potion, you must use up raw materials costing one half this base price. See the magic item creation rules in Chapter 15 for more information.
When you create a potion, you make any choices that you would normally make when casting the spell. Whoever drinks the potion is the target of the spell.
Creating Potions wrote:

The creator of a potion needs a level working surface and

at least a few containers in which to mix liquids, as well as a source of heat to boil the brew. In addition, he needs ingredients. The costs for materials and ingredients are subsumed in the cost for brewing the potion: 25 gp × the level of the spell × the level of the caster.
All ingredients and materials used to brew a potion must be fresh and unused. The character must pay the full cost for brewing each potion. (Economies of scale do not apply.) The imbiber of the potion is both the caster and the target. Spells with a range of personal cannot be made into potions. The creator must have prepared the spell to be placed in the potion (or must know the spell, in the case of a sorcerer or bard) and must provide any material component or focus the spell requires.
Material components are consumed when he begins working, but a focus is not. (A focus used in brewing a potion can be reused.) The act of brewing triggers the prepared spell, making it unavailable for casting until the character has rested and regained spells. (That is, that spell slot is expended from the caster’s currently prepared spells, just as if it had been cast.) Brewing a potion requires 1 day.
Item Creation Feat Required: Brew Potion.
Skill Used in Creation: Spellcraft or Craft (alchemy)


Psykenthrope wrote:
Chele wrote:
That rule has been errata'd out as of the sixth printing
What? Why? Wizards already have super good access to learning new spells, and the flavor of this rule made so much sense. Why did they make it so much easier for them?

Because some schools don't provide enough spells to support that rule, even if the wizard hasn't been going after the school spells actively.

It can be easy, for some of the smaller schools, to wind up without any spells in that school legal to pick up with the two free spells. Since the specialist still only gets an extra spell to memorize of that school, he still is ... interested .... in gaining spells of that school, but that shouldn't penalize someone in a smaller school, or who has picked up all spells from a school of any level he can cast, and the next level beyond....

Andoran ***

Velarrio Ileor the Faceless wrote:

I stopped by the Little Shop of Magic today and was told that a PFS group hasn't been scheduled to play for about two months (mainly because of people's own schedules and a couple other problems I was told about.) Though it did seem like they wanted a Pathfinder group back in the store again.

Oh well. I did leave my email so if there is any Pathfinder or Pathfinder Society group that starts up then my information is there to make it a bit easier to get in contact with me.

Ouch. I know that I haven't been able to get there for a while, and I know that John cancelled his last scheduled game that I know of there due to no one registering, but I thought it was still going on.

My Issues:
I work Saturday through Wednesday, now, from 5 pm to 1:30 am, and the game at Little Shop on Sundays was at 11 am, just about the middle of my personal version of night. I don't have a vehicle of my own, now, and my personal lift to the shop has been unavailable for a while, and LV public transit would take about 90 minutes to get there, not to mention leaving there and having to take the bus to work afterwards...

I have also been trying to start a game on my day off, as a home game for RotRL, but am having problems getting people to respond.

Andoran ***

Brian Lefebvre wrote:
kinevon wrote:

At least as long as you aren't trying to save drive space by deleting obsolete material.

I don't have any Shadow Lodge or Lantern Lodge PCs, so I no longer have a copy of the GtPFSOP that contains any of those traits. I have several Andoran PCs, at least one of whom has Hunter's Eye, but I almost didn't have a copy of the GtPFSOP with that trait in it, because I was cleaning out old copies when I got the new Season 6 Guide.

Now, if I had deleted all my copies of the older Guides, would I have to replace that trait with a current trait? Or would my 12th level PC with that trait now be considered illegal for PFS, without an older copy of the Guide available? No way to retrain it, since there are no retraining rules for traits....

If someone else at the table can't help provide a copy of the version of the Guide you need, it will result in one of two ways.

A friendly GM might let you play with that trait effectively being a dead trait. Since you don't have the rules for it with you.

A strict GM will tell you that you can't use that character, and either need to switch to a character you have all the rules material to support or a pregen.

Either result is the fault of the player, since they are the ones who are responsible for having the rules to cover their own character.

Heh, I have been playing that PC with that trait being effectively dead for most of his PFS career.

However, you are blaming the player because they figure that they only need the current version of the Guide in their possession? Sorry. I am likely to not want to play with your so-called "strict GM" because I want a GM who is interested in playing the game, not one who is so... <redacted> that he makes the whole thing unfun for everyone.

wall of text:
A while back, I got myself a new external hard drive, because it was inexpensive, and bigger than the multiple HDs I was currently using. I copied my stuff from the various locations onto that hard drive, and, when each source drive had been copied, reformatted it for other purposes.

After the first couple of drives had been copied over, and we are talking 500 gb to 1 TB drives, going to a 4 TB drive, I stepped away while the last one was copying over. Everything had gone swimmingly to that point. The final drive was the largest one, and had a lot of stuff to copy, and Windows was showing a couple of hours to do so.

I ran some errands, getting back a few hours later, and it appeared to have copied over, no big error messages, just that it had skipped a folder due to system files.

Later, after I had reformatted that drive, it turned out that Windows had played me a dirty trick, and, instead of skipping the files it couldn't copy, had stopped copying entirely, with about 2/3rds of the drive uncopied. I lost a lots of files, several of them pretty much stuff that I cannot replace.

Among the items lost:
All my files for WotC's Dawn of Defiance Star Wars Sage Edition campaign
All my scenario files I had from my LG GM days.
All my scenario files I had from my LFR GM days.
Many other, less identifiable files, some of which I have found from the original source, some I have not.

Overall, that means that I would have to start rebuilding my scenario files for LFR, if I ever start running it again. I no longer have any source for a Greyhawk-based 3.5 campaign. And, while I can probably find some of the DoD files, I am not sure if the original files are still available form WotC. Nor the various add-on files...

If this had happened to my Pathfinder files, it would have sucked, and I would have lost the older Guides, from that. I think I did, actually. Now, other than a copy of the updated 5.0 Guide, for a couple of faction traits, and the 6.0 Guide, as that is current, I have none of the older Guides.

Most of them would just be curiosities, but, as it turns out, some of them are now needed to make some PCs legal for the campaign. And, if you have a strict GM, you might not be allowed to play your primary PC, apparently. Meh.

Andoran ***

James Wygle wrote:

More to the point, you can't upgrade from one named thing to a different named thing.

The only exceptions to this are upgrading from a headband/belt that provide a bonus to one ability score to the versions that give the bonus to two or three; you can only do that because of an explicit exception for those items, though, so it does not apply to a headband of aerial agility.

Heck, there are more obvious straight upgrades we can't even do, like Bracers of Archery (lesser) to Bracers of Archery (greater).

Actually, the difference between the two is minor, the name change is inconsequentail, and the one item is subsumed in the other, which means that it should be able to follow the upgrade path in the FAQ.

Headband of Inspired Wisdom (+2) is just a plain vanilla item, generic name, that provides a +2 enhancement bonus to Wisdom.

Headband of Aerial Agility (+2 WIS) is a Headband of Inspired Wisdom (+2) that also gives a bonus to the caster level of spells or extracts that provide the ability to fly.

The difference is 500 gp, and a change of name.

In my opinion, this would qualify for the upgrading to a named item, so 500 gp, rather than 2,500 gp to sell back the one and buy the other.

Andoran ***

And, on that note, do I get to say my tanglefoot bags are actually syrupfoot bags? Either way, it is a sticky situation, although maybe I should go for molasses, instead.

"You, sir, have been blackstrapped!" Which also suggests a new alchemical power component for the black tentacles spell...

Andoran ***

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Brian Lefebvre wrote:
Serisan wrote:

Technically, the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play is part of the core assumption, so the player isn't technically required to bring that resource. It's only the Additional Resources that require the resource to be produced.

So says the Guide, at least.

The core assumption is what every participant is suppose to have, not the stuff just the GM is expected to have.

The Guide is a free download, so it should be easy for every player to save a copy of each year's guide during each season they play PFS. Which means if a particular item is removed from the Guide during an update they should have the older copy available to them.

At least as long as you aren't trying to save drive space by deleting obsolete material.

I don't have any Shadow Lodge or Lantern Lodge PCs, so I no longer have a copy of the GtPFSOP that contains any of those traits. I have several Andoran PCs, at least one of whom has Hunter's Eye, but I almost didn't have a copy of the GtPFSOP with that trait in it, because I was cleaning out old copies when I got the new Season 6 Guide.

Now, if I had deleted all my copies of the older Guides, would I have to replace that trait with a current trait? Or would my 12th level PC with that trait now be considered illegal for PFS, without an older copy of the Guide available? No way to retrain it, since there are no retraining rules for traits....

Hunter's Eye:
This was an incredibly wasteful choice for my PC who has it, as he started out with a level of Fighter, so he automatically had proficiency with both longbow and short bow. And, in the 11 levels I have played him, as an archer, only once have I been able to make use of the no penalty to attacks within the second range increment. 33 XP, one use of Hunter's Eye. Makes it about on-par with the banned Rich Parents trait, IMO.

Andoran ***

A few additional clarifications:

Adventures form Seasons 0-3 were written with 4 PCs in mind, Season 4 and later were written with 6 PCs, with an adjustment given if there are only 4. Note that, especially early in Season 4, the adjustments don't necessarily work out that well.

In Service to Lore is a Season 3 scenario, so it was written for a group of 4 PCs, so 5 players will still be fine in it.

The session stuff is mainly for Paizo tracking popularity,m and how much money to allocate for PFS, so it is not required, just recommended. As mentioned, there is a checkbox in the event setup for Public. Uncheck it, and only the people you notify will know about it.

You can have multiple events setup, I currently have one for public play at a local game store, one for private play at my home, and a third for online games I GM.

Note: If I misunderstood your 4 vs 5 player comment, meaning you have a GM and three players, you use one of the official PFS pregens to fill that 4th spot to make a legal table. The pregens are linked on the PFS GM Resources page.

Andoran ***

Just make sure that the Helpful race trait is not also a Social trait.

I think that issue mainly affected the Gnome race traits from the Gnomes of Golarion book, though.


Huh. I go in several different ways to my reporting.

The My Pathfinder Society way, My Account, click on the Pathfinder Society section title, which brings me to my PC list (27, 28, what?!), etc.

Depends on what section of the site I am on at the time.

Andoran ***

zefig wrote:
Curaigh wrote:
John Compton wrote:

This why it's important to accurately report those check box conditions at the end of recent scenarios. Only you can help us make the Bacon Sage real!
Waitaminnut!... this sounds like John is encouraging reskinning.
No, just re-flavoring.

I thought everything was supposed to be better with bacon?

So, I guess we will be the Baconfinder Society, next Season...

Andoran ***

Anthony DiDomenico wrote:
Dragnmoon wrote:
I am thinking it is a VO thing only because I am not seeing it on my created events.

Hmm, maybe so.

In that case if your VO created the event then they could delegate you as a reporter.

Yes, when I was checking events, the only ones I could check are the ones I created, as I am not a delegate on anyone else's events, so far as I know.

I also tried running through the process for creating a new event, and it didn't offer any option to add delegates, but I didn't complete the process, since I already have all the sessions I need for reporting purposes...


Grease? Another "if they can't stand up, or wind up flatfooted" idea.

Whips. Not for damage, but for tripping them from far away. Bards, for instance, so their melee buddies get the bonus to hit, in addition to the benefits of bardsong/Inspire Courage.


"PRD' wrote:

Caster Level

A spell's power often depends on its caster level, which for most spellcasting characters is equal to her class level in the class she's using to cast the spell.

You can cast a spell at a lower caster level than normal, but the caster level you choose must be high enough for you to cast the spell in question, and all level-dependent features must be based on the same caster level

In the event that a class feature or other special ability provides an adjustment to your caster level, that adjustment applies not only to effects based on caster level (such as range, duration, and damage dealt), but also to your caster level check to overcome your target's spell resistance and to the caster level used in dispel checks (both the dispel check and the DC of the check).

Moved the bold to illustrate the place I am coming from. The minimum caster level needed to be able to case a fireball, for instance, would be 5, since that is the minimum caster level where 3rd level spells become available.

So, a 20th level caster could cast a 5th level CL fireball, doing only 5d6 damage, but not a 4th level CL one, since that is below the minimum caster level for the spell.


Gwen Smith wrote:
Acedio wrote:
Haha you can take someone's grappled condition?

That's an interesting question. There are multiple ways for characters to get the ability to grapple without gaining the "grappled" condition and its associated penalties, so I would say this is probably valid.

However, it would not change the fact that you are still held by the grappler who can still maintain the grapple and move you, do damage, pin you, etc. It would just mean that you don't take the penalties (-4 to Dex, -2 to attack, can't move, can't make AoOs, can't cast without concentration check, can't use two hands, etc.). Note that this is a really bad deal for the cleric, because for next X rounds, he has made himself really, really vulnerable and can't cast spells effectively.

There are more useful ways to free someone from being grappled.

Still held by the grappler, sure.

Maintain a grapple? No, since you no longer have the grappled condition and are, indeed, immune to it.
Move the not grappled but held target to a pin? I don't think so, since you have to have your target grappled before you can pin them.
Move you? No, because you can only do that to a grappled target, and you aren't grappled.
Damage you? Can't maintain agrapple and do damage as part of a maintain, if you aren't being grappled.

Now, the silly part is, can the grappler maintain his grapple, and do any of the maintain stuff to the cleric who has the condition? And how do you determine what the DC is for that?

Would he have to let go of the now-immune former grapplee, which would, presumably, also end the effect on the Cleric, and move to the Cleric to start a new grapple?

I think the ability is not well written, and needs serious errata before someone suffers a head injury form trying to figure out these corner cases...


fretgod99 wrote:

The language is from the GameMastery Guide. Found it via Gauss, so I'll just copypasta his post.

Gauss wrote:

Archmagi1: It is NOT priced as you just stated.

First, it is a command activation item so uses 2(SL)*3(CL)*1800(command word) pricing (which puts it at 10,800 by formula).
Second, since it is a command activation item footnote 2 does not apply.
Third, footnote 2 applies to continuous, not use activated. It states this in the footnote.

There are sources via WoTC and Paizo that state what the Ring's pricing is. Here is the Paizo one:

GMG p117 wrote:
Pricing a magic item is more art than science. Guidance on item pricing is given in Table 15–29 on page 550 of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook, but a trip through the magic item section shows the formulas are often not applied exactly. An example is the ring of invisibility, with a calculated price of 10,800 gp, but a book value of 20,000 gp. This is because the at-will nature of the ring offsets the biggest drawback of invisibility, namely that it ends after attacking. When pricing new magic items, watch out for any item that counteracts a basic weakness of an ability, class, or spell.
- Gauss
As can be seen, it was created as a command word item, but would be underpriced. Thus, they increased it to 20k. It comes directly from 3.5 where it worked the same way, so 1st Ed. and 2nd Ed. are irrelevant here.

You got a rules citation for 3.5 that shows it works that way? I only ever saw it as a continuous item, with the invisibility suppressed when someone attacked, not as something that needed to be activated, in whatever fashion, every three minutes.

Oh, and the main reason a ring of greater invisibility would be expensive as all get out is that it circumvents one of the few weaknesses of a regular ring of invisibility, going visible when attacking.

No, having to reactivate a hat of disguise every 10 minutes is definitely against the spirit of the item, and should be something mentioned in its write-up, since that would be a fairly significant curb on its use, even above and beyond using the head slot.

And this discussion has come up with the ring of feather falling. How does that work? Is it a duration, with additional activations each X rounds, if you haven't landed yet? Or does it just go off when you fall more than X feet, and stay active until you land?

Andoran ***

TriOmegaZero wrote:
KestlerGunner wrote:
Where's the Kobayashi Maru?

The haranguing of the campaign staff for doing exactly what people asked them to do.

That being said, I completely support Paths being classified as a season special.

If I remember correctly, what was being asked was the removal of any sort of table minimum requirement, not that it be removed from Special status, so that even smaller areas could run it for people. Some of us would have trouble getting more than a single table together, and most of us agreed that this should be something that even a small PFS group should be able to experience.

And, to be honest, I thought John's agreement was that it would have the table requirement removed, but stay classified as a Special. I guess I misinterpreted that.

I still have yet to be able to afford to purchase it, or run it, so it doesn't much matter to me. I have a long way to go to get into the consideration area for 5 star, anyhow.

Andoran ***

Undone wrote:
So what you're saying is Nigel is morally grey normal elf who wants to earn a living and cares about other people normally and is capable for seeing the murder hobos as the pathfinders they truly are!

No, he is a less-than-capable person, who has managed, through luck, to buy in to a wealthy family, who has risen well past his level of competency, and has had a mixed experience with the Pathfinder Society, starting with his old friend, Adrim Hestril.

Nothing here to see, move along:
Having Adrim Hestril as your friend has got to be one of the dumbest things Nigel has ever done. And that is even after making a deal with Lugizar Trantos or whatever his name was.

Andoran ***

The only public sessions I know of in Vegas are in the Las Vegas area, rather than in North Las Vegas, at a game store named Little Shop of Magic, on Sundays from 11 am to 3 pm.

We do have a Warhorn site, although it isn't always used, nor does everyone know to sign up yet, as Las Vegas Pathfinder Society. I am at work, so I don't have access to Warhorn to post the link, sorry.

Little Shop's web site is at Little Shop of Magic

There are a few regular GMs, although a couple of us have gone missing recently, due to either moving (Michael) or lack of ride/work schedule (me).

It tends toward low-mid level games, usually a 1-5 and a 3-7 being run in the time slot.

Give me a PM or email (kinevon at gmail dot com) and I will see if I can hook you up when you are in the area.


Andoran ***

Finlanderboy wrote:
I swear officer I am the Oregano Sage, that is not what you think it is.

Remember, when you write your memoirs, that it must be titled "The Oregano Sage Saga, a Tale of Injustice and Spice"


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Pugwampis have an unluck aura, which is one of the roll twice, take the worst roll effects. There are some things that can make one immune to this aura, though.


Actually, now that I think on it, an amusing tactic, for a prepared enemy who had researched the party, would be to cast a Widened grease in the Fighter's area, preferably so that he has to try walking through at least one square of the grease, no matter which way he goes, in order to get out. Acrobatics check? Sheeya, right.

If the caster can frontload it right, black tentacles.for the win, but it has to have a high enough CMB to have a chance to catch the fighter, who should have a fairly good CMD, in it.

And, of course, simple auto-hit stuff, like a Dazing or Toppling magic missile.

Is his AC high because he is in heavy armor, or because he has a high Dex?

Andoran ***

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Okay, a little history is in order.

Season 0, where it all started, you only got PP for completing faction missions, none for completing the Pathfinder mission. At that time, as well, most scenarios only had a single faction mission available, so a "good" result was getting a single PP for a scenario.

With Season 1, they added a few more scenarios with 2 faction missions, one "easy", one "hard", to get the possibility of getting two PP.

A while later, due to comments and complaints, it was decided to make a serious change in how PP could be earned. It was also, in part, a result of the Society getting the number of factions doubled from five to ten. 20 faction missions would have, pretty much, used up the word count available for the scenario. ;)

So, at that time, you could earn one PP for completing the mission that the VC gave you at the beginning of the game. Earlier seasons were retconned to do the same thing, along with allowing you to gain another for completing the faction mission, which worked fine for scenarios where each faction only had one mission. It was under a lot of discussion as to which mission to use for the scenarios where each faction had two missions...

Now, as of Season 5, the way to earn PP was, yet again, updated. Now, you earn one PP for completing the mission you are given at the beginning of the game, usually by a VC. You can earn a second PP for completing a semi-secret goal, not usually explicitly given in the briefing, although it is frequently hinted at there.

For earlier season scenarios, those secondary missions could be as simple as completing the primary mission, or be denoted by actually being told to give out the old faction mission slips. Many of them are in the spirit of helping the Pathfinder Society change its image from MurderHoboBums to the League of Civilized Adventurers.

Andoran ***

Tamec wrote:
Bill Dunn wrote:
I'm thinking along the lines of a bunch of Animaniacs and not D&D or PF characters
What game are you playing, every night I game I tend to find people playing pfs characters like Yacko Wacko and Dot...or Pinky and the Brain

Heh. I was GMing a game of Champions, and, I wish I were kidding, but the three PCs were human forms of Yacko, Wacko, and Dot. Totally out of control. It was, overall, fun, but my silliness grew in direct proportion to theirs.

I forget who the president was, back then, but he wound up kidnapped, brainwashed, and fighting the PCs dressed up in a fully functional Dr. Destroyer outfit....

On other things that can be abbreviated PC: Police Constable


Also note that there are some magical banners/flags that would work well with the Flagbearer feat, and increase the overall bonus.


@Xelnagahunter: I don't think you can cast a 3rd level spell if your effective caster level is below 5th level.

You can cast a spell at a lower caster level than normal, but the caster level you choose must be high enough for you to cast the spell in question, and all level-dependent features must be based on the same caster level.

So, since you have to be at least 5th level to cast a 3rd level spell, if your effective caster level is 4th, even if you don't lose the spells or slots, you cannot access them until you have the minimum caster level needed.

@My2Copper: Negative levels in PF are a lot less annoying, and a lot less wealth-affecting, than in 3.5. In 3.5, actually, they could be used to get your wealth above level norms.


There is one thing that can break Diego's answer about only being able to deliver one touch during the first round, and that is a Magus using Spell Combat and Spellstrike...

Andoran ***

Belabras wrote:
Mystic Lemur wrote:
Why do so many people care what terms we use, as long as everyone at the local group understands what's going on? When someone in my group says "We Greyhawk the bodies." I know what they mean, even though I never played Living Greyhawk, and even though that isn't how wealth works in PFS.
Okay, I'll bite. What is 'Greyhawking' a body, and how illegal is it?

Basically, in order to get all the possible gold from a Living Greyhawk scenario, you had to make sure you took everything that wasn't nailed down, and, if you could pry it loose, it wasn't nailed down. That process, where you searched an area extensively, stripped all the dead bodies, etc., came to be known as greyhawking the bodies.

Of course, that can be important because of a couple of oddball rules interactions in 3.5, too.

First, LG had what was known as overcap gold, the extra gold in a scenario that was above what was awarded to the PCs for successful completion. It could be spent during the scenario for certain things without affecting the final gold received from the game.

Second, dying was a way to, with overcap, increase your character's Wealth by Level, independent of crafting.

Anecdotally, I had my 9th level Fighter/Barbarian/Pious Templar die during a scenario, and got raised, making him 8th level. At the end of the scenario, it turned out that we had underestimated the amount of overcap gold, rather than just enough to raise my PC, there was enough overcap to have resurrected him, 25K instead of 5K, so we still got full gold rewards for the scenario, despite paying for a raise dead during the course of it. And, of course, that meant my PC was now 8th level with what amounted to 9th level gold...


I think this is the wrong forum for this, as this is for PFS GM discussion, not general PF discussion, or advice.

Note: On the fighter, depending on the rest of his build, if he concentrates on AC, then there is a chance that ignoring him is the best short-term option, as he is a turtle but not a snapping turtle. If he can't do significant damage, come back to him after you deal with the squishies.

Andoran ***

FLite wrote:
In all cases, be careful to check it over. These tools sometimes have bugs and can give you wrong results. Also remember that you still need the sources for anything your character has.

Seriously, it never hurts to be able to explain to the GM or another player how your PC got the numbers s/he was using for X effect.

For my online play, in my notepad document for a PC's macros, I also include the breakdown, if needed, for how I got the modifiers used in the macro. I do not copy that part into the macro, just copy&paste into the chat if asked about it. Some of the numbers I can get seem odd, even to me, so I like to know how I got there, to make sure I got to the right "there".

Andoran ***

Jiggy wrote:
TOZ wrote:
I just walked into a room of PFS and asked 'Hey, do you need another GM?'
I walked into a room of PFS and was told "Hey, we need another GM." ;)

I walked into a room of PFS and determined that we had 8 players and 1 GM, so I volunteered to run First Steps...

Andoran ***

Jiggy wrote:
Will Slave Ships be any less "murderhobo or lose" than Slave Pits was?

I guess, sometimes, that really bad GM is a blessing instead.

I played this with my archer PC, but didn't get many arrows loosed, since one of the other players was running his PC nicknamed "Captain Charm", a Wizard setup to use the Charm family of spells.

If they are friendly to you, you can usually talk them into interesting things, as long as you give the right approach.

I think we only had two fights in that scenario. The bar fight ended quickly with a sleep spell, we got ambushed by a bunch of rogues, and I think we had the final BBEG fight below decks. Because of the creative way the fight in the bar was handled, the GM gave us the gold in a different fashion, using the Creative Solutions option, so we didn't get penalized for not beating up the bar owner when we didn't have to.

Andoran ***

It should be, it was supposed to be added, it was announced, and I thought Paizo was using it themselves to ease reporting for GenCon and PaizoCon this year...

But I cannot find where to add delegates, either. :(

Andoran ***

Carla the Profane wrote:
Even if it's on your own spell list but a lower level spell on the cleric/wizard list?

Not totally sure I understand your question, but let me see if this answers it:

When determining the level of a spell for purchasing it as a potion, scroll, or wand, you start by seeing if it is on the Wizard, Cleric and Druid spell lists. If it is on only one of them, you use that instance to determine level for costs, and whether it is legal for inclusion as a potion or wand.

If it appears on multiple lists of these three classes'lists, like, for example, Continuous Flame, you would use the lower level version from those lists to determine purchase level, including caster level, cost, and whether it can be potioned or wanded. CF, for instance, would be priced as the second level Wizard spell, rather than the third level Cleric spell.

If a spell does not appear on any of the three lists, you then check the other spellcasters' lists for it, and use the lowest level version of the spell for purposes of pricing and determining wand and potion legality. Bless weapon, for instance, is only a first level Paladin spell, so that is how it would be handled.

So, if you have spell X at 5th level on your classes' list, but it appears on the Wizard list at 4th level, it is treated as a 4th level spell for purchase price, caster level, etc.

Remember that wands, even in regular PF, are neither arcane nor divine.
Scrolls, in PFS, also don't care if you are arcane or divine, just whether the spell is on your spell list.
Potions, of course, don't even care if you are a spellcaster. And, in some cases, can be a better option for the use of some spells. Enlarge Person, for instance, is a 1 round casting time spell, including from a scroll or wand, but only takes a standard action to get from drinking a potion. Lesser Restoration improves even more, since it is a 3 round casting time, but, again, only a standard action to drink in potion form. Out of combat, who cares, but, in combat, when you are about to get transformed into a Shadow...

Andoran ***

<<_>>_<< But he is sloppy. Why else would he need the Pathfinder Society to come bail his ass out so often?

I mean, really, he is a spellcaster, IIRC, but he fails an easy Will save the first time we meet him. And things seem to go downhill from there. He loses one of his employer's, later spouse's, family members in the museum. He doesn't keep an eye on an arcane researcher in the museum. And he is bypassed entirely when the Blackros's want to get out of a longterm commitment...

At least half the Pathfinder Society members want to destroy his place of employment. Most of the rest haven't joined that bandwagon, mainly because they have never been there on one of Nigel's bad days...

And then there is this fiasco. "Let's dump all the potentially bad stuff into a single container, so if something goes wrong, it can go really wrong." All your eggs in one basket? Seriously?

Andoran ***

I would also advise the Free RPG Day module Master of the Fallen Fortress as a simple one to run, as well.

Both MotFF and First Steps, Part 1: In Service to Lore (long name, usually just called First Steps, like in BNW's post above), are available for free, as is the Guide he referenced.

For a beginning group, until they are sure they like it, you can use the Paizo PRD (left side pane, above, shows as Rules Archive (PRD) under Pathfinder Game System) as a rules and information source. After that, someone should pick up at least the Core Rulebook (CRB) and the Bestiary.

Andoran ***

Jeremy Chapman wrote:

Its not my interpretation, it is a direct quote, but I don't follow what your saying. (Reading through the thread linked may shed more light)

A 1st level PC applies the sheets:
Tier 1-3 (putting them at 2nd level)
Bonus Chronicle 2,4,6 (putting them at 3rd)
Tier 3-5 (putting them at 4th)
Must apply other credits to get to 5th
Tier 5-7 (putting them at 6th)

A 2nd level PC applies the sheets:
Tier 1-3 (putting them at 3rd level. *4th chronicle is a bonus, so would be applied in order, meaning you apply Chronicle One first)
Tier 3-5 (putting them at 4th level)
Bonus Chronicle 2,4,6 (putting them at 5th level)
Tier 5-7 (putting them at 6th)

A 3rd level PC applies the sheets:
Tier 1-3 (putting them at 4th level)
Tier 3-5 (putting them at 5th level. *4th chronicle is a bonus, so would be applied in order, meaning you apply Chronicle Two first)
Tier 5-7 (putting them at 6th level)
Bonus Chronicle 2,4,6 (putting the at 7th level)

It is defined as an extra chronicle you get for applying all 4 chronicles to the same PC, nowhere does it state when it needs to be applied, except in John's post.

Players who play through the entire module (not just the sanctioned portions) using the alternate play option detailed above and apply all three Chronicle sheets to the same Pathfinder Society character earn a fourth Chronicle sheet that must also be applied to that character.


However, the Evangelist Cleric archetype, IIRC, gets Inspire Courage as an ability.


Just remember, if you want to use Greater Trip and Vicious Stomp, you will need Combat Reflexes and a Dex of 12 or higher to be able to make both AoOs granted.

Then again, Greater Trip is also a great way to let your allies beat the crap out of your target, too. Especially if they have Combat Reflexes and Vicious Stomp, too. Sort of like getting caught out by a bunch of clog dancers, death by sabot.


Horselord wrote:

I think of AOOs provoking AOOs like a game of Magic: the Gathering...

Every action goes on the stack and when the last action is placed they all go off in reverse order.

There is one AoO trigger that doesn't, quite, work like this. Greater Trip.

Gotta make a successful Trip attack, then the target provokes AoOs from everyone who threatens him...

Discussion has occurred on whether the trip target is still standing when the AoOs go off, or is prone.

There was also discussion on the tripper using his AoO from Greater Trip to trip the target again, provoking another round of attacks...

Andoran ***

Jeremy Chapman wrote:
John Compton wrote:

When playing in the home game or "campaign mode" style, the player should receive the Chronicles all at once. In this way, the Chronicle sheets apply immediately as soon as each one is applicable. The only way to add Chronicle sheets in between would be to have applied all of the sheets that you could and still need to gain another level to qualify for the next.

– I play the whole thing and apply the credit to a 1st level character.
– I must immediately apply sheet #1 (Tier 1–3) and sheet #4 (Tiers 2, 4, or 6 only), bringing me to level 3. Once that happens, I qualify to receive sheet #2 (Tier 3–5), bringing me to level 4.
– I cannot yet apply sheet #3 (Tier 5–7) because I am only level 4. I can now play whatever I want until I reach 12 XP, at which point I am level 5, and sheet #5 applies immediately.

Think of it sort of like applying GM credit to a character who is not yet of the appropriate level. You apply everything you can and then hold the rest in reserve until you would legally qualify for them.


Doesn't work with the chronicle sheet, since there is no way, under your interpretation, to ever apply the 2, 4, or 6 sheet at level 6.

1st level PC: must apply the sheet at level 2, as the second chronicle
2nd level PC: must apply the sheet at level 2, as the first chronicle
3rd level PC: must apply the sheet at level 4. as the second chronicle

So, per this, no one could ever apply the 2, 4, or 6 chronicle at 6th level, as the PC cannot be higher than 3rd level to get the bonus chronicle.

Andoran ***

Usual Suspect wrote:
How do I report sessions for an event that has already been created and has an event code? I was asked at the last minute to run a session at a local event and still have the session sheet; but when I try to report the session the system wants to create a new event #. Out local Venture Lt set the event up so I don't want to create a new Event #.

Contact your VL, he will either get the sheet from you to enter, or set you up as a delegate to be able to enter information into his event.

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