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kinevon's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 4,647 posts (5,814 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 37 Pathfinder Society characters.


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PFS Online:

There are several options available in this general ballpark

1) Play by Post (PbP): This is a fairly slow but intense option, as you are basically using a dedicated forum thread to run/play your game. These usually take days or weeks to play out, and tend toward more RP than "live" games, as the time limits are vastly different.

2) Virtual Table Top (VTT): Due to improvements in computers and Internet service, these games usually use a set of programs to simulate the tabletop with maps on it, dice rolls, and a voice chat/conference call to allow regular discussion.

These typically run in about the same time frame as a face-to-face game these days, due to a mix f improved technologies, and the ability to prebuild commonly used dice rolls using macros. James Wygle, one of the VOs who has started playing online more often, has a short overview of some of the things that Roll20, one of the commonly used VTTs, can help to automate play.

For online play like this, it is recommended that you have a headset/microphone, especially in a public location, but as long as you can mute your input, you can get by without.

One advantage, in my opinion, of any of the online play options is that you get to play with people allover the world. I am running the Rise of the Runelords AP online, and my players include a young lady from Singapore, while I live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I have also played or run games with people from almost all other parts of the world. That has also included playing and GMing several of the multi-table specials online.

For one of the more active groups for online PFS games: Pathfinder Society Online Collective.

Grand Lodge

Devilkiller wrote:
When a caster has been hit by multiple Acid Arrows and subsequently attempts to cast a spell I wonder if folks generally call for a separate Concentration check for the continuous damage from each Acid Arrow or add all of the continuous damage for the round into one total and use a single Concentration check with a DC based on that total.

Depends. How would you handle that caster trying to cast a spell, but gets hit by a CL9 Magic Missile, which is 5x(1d4+1) damage each. Do they roll 5 concentration checks, one for each missile, or just one against the combined total damage from the 5 missiles?

Grand Lodge

I believe it is from Seekers of Secrets.

Pathfinder Pouch

I think this is subject to the standard rules on putting a non-dimensional space into another such space, where the one inside doesn't work. That is assuming you are putting the haversack into the hidden holding area...

Extradimensional Spaces

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Jeff Merola wrote:
kinevon wrote:

Note: Because of the hardness increase from magic, this weapon's hardness is not bypassed by someone else trying to sunder it with an adamantine weapon.
Slight clarification: Adamantine ignores less than 20 hardness, not 20 or less. Without another ability adamantine doesn't bypass the hardness of base adamantine.

You are correct, my memory, yet again, failed me. Sigh. At least I can forget THAC0....

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GM Lamplighter wrote:
The Fox wrote:
To paraphrase Big Norse Wolf from another thread, some characters are built with the precision of a finely tuned watch. One small change to one cog and the whole thing is thrown off.
I suppose, but in this case the cog was replaced by a similar cog with only a slightly-reduced effect. It's still a watch, it still keeps excellent time, it has just lost... well, it has lost its ability to be better than every other watch out there. I think this should be an easier mechanical change to still enjoy playing than some other ones we've seen.

Similar cog? Yes.

Only a slightly-reduced effect? I gotta seriously disagree.

Original cog: +1/2 or +3/6 revelation per level
Replacement cog: +1/6 revelation per level.

That is a reduction by 66%, which qualifies as a loss of the majority of the cog. Try doing that on a gear on your bicycle or car, and let me know if it still works.

TMI, probably:
I have a PC who has been affected by this change, and he loses at least one die from his Channel form it, and he is, in general, an irreplaceable PC, as he is my Standard Campaign PC with a unique boon. One of the reasons I played him through the module which gave that boon is because he had the ability to help the party, with support abilities, even while playing cautiously in Slow mode.

I have used up all my GM Star replays. Don't have access to the GM Star recharge boon. Am not likely to ever reach that 5th star. So, now, I have to see what all is affected on him, including all the feats spent on the ability which is no longer as good, by a 66% reduction of bonus, as it was.

Previously, at 5th level, he was channeling as a 7th level Cleric. Now, he will be channeling with a 2/7th reduction in that ability. When he, eventually, levels to 6th level, he will, once again, be channeling as a 7th level Cleric, when he was on-track to Channel as a 9th level Cleric at that time.

Note that this hurts even worse if you were planning or building toward using it on a revelation that can't be taken at first level, since the other FAQ means that you couldn't take the FCB for it until you actually have it. If it doesn't become available until 6th level, you get the benefit for only one level in normal PFS play. If it requires higher than 6th, you can only gain any actual benefit from it if you are playing at Seeker levels.

Oh, and just to give a small numeric representation of how the 1/6th version effects the Channel Energy revelation:
1 - N/E (1/6)
2 - N/E (2/6)
3 - N/E (3/6)
4 - N/E (4/6)
5 - N/E (5/6)
6 - +1 level (+1d6 for Channel, +6/6)
7 - +1 level is N/E (+1 level does nothing, +7/6)
8 - +1 level (+1d6 Channel, +8/6)
9 - +1 level is N/E (+1 level does nothing, +9/6)
10 - +1 level (+1d6 Channel, +10/6)
11 - +1 level is N/E (+1 level does nothing, +11/6)
12 - +2 level (+1d6 Channel, +12/6)
Note that even when you reach 6/6, the effect is intermittent, since the Channel is affected only by odd numbers of levels. It is only after 12 levels of the FCB that you are guaranteed for it to have an effect every level thereafter, and even then, the effect will never be more than guaranteeing one extra d6 of Channel every level. To me that counts as 8 dead levels for the FCB.

For the old version, at 1/2, it would be N/E at 1st level, starts the bounce at 2nd level, N/E again at 3rd level, and at 4th would become a guaranteed extra die. Even that gives two "dead" levels for the FCB.

So, the new version gives 4 times as many dead levels as the old one for the Channel Energy revelation. That is a change from 16% of your PFS career, to 66% of your PFS career.

So, I'll ask you, is that something that counts as only "slightly reduced"?

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Markov Spiked Chain wrote:
I hope there's more guidance than "expect table variation." This is basically whether an entire class is valid in PFS (without taking the Relic Channeler archetype.) If there's any reasonable chance that I'll show up with a Wizard and get told I can't prepare spells this mission, I'm not playing a Wizard.

Note: As a wizard, unless the intro gives you the time, you are assumed to have just a generic prepared spells list.

Example: You probably wouldn't have time to sit down and prepare a customized spell list for what the VC tells you regarding the Museum situation for Mists of Mwangi. For wizards, of course, there are a couple of feats available that can make it easier to customize spell lists, even with minimal prep time written into the scenario.

Grand Lodge ****

Sell +1 greatsword, no problem, 50% of cost to purchase it, which would be 50 gp for the greatsword, 300 gp for masterwork on it, and 2000 gp for the +1, so 1175 gp.

Enhance adamantine greatsword to +1 is 2000 gp, since adamantine weapons are automatically masterwork.

Cost difference: 825 gp

+1 adamantine greatsword:
Hardness: 22
Hit points: 23 (if I understand it correctly)
Note: Because of the hardness increase from magic, this weapon's hardness is not bypassed by someone else trying to sunder it with an adamantine weapon.

Grand Lodge ****

It sounds like a variant on the Wizard's Arcane Bond, and that has a provision in PFS rules that it is only for items that are Always Available, so no Arcane Bond firearms, and I would assume the same clause would apply to the Panoply Bond.

Do Occultists suffer from ASF?
Even without it, you are trading off some things to get a really nice armor at the start, but getting a fairly nasty ACP and slowed movement in exchange, if you go for the heavier options.
Also, what armors and weapons are Occultists (Battle Host archetype, in particular) proficient with? I would think you could only get an item which you already have proficiency with, as an additional limiter.

Grand Lodge

You also cannot ignore the Crafting feat requirement.

Grand Lodge

No, it is worded that way because there are various things, including at least one trait, and several magical items, that can increase effective caster level.

Magical Knack, for instance, is a trait that lets you add up to two levels to your caster level, to a maximum equal to your character level.

There is an Ioun stone, orange, I think, that adds one to your effective caster level, and that is not limited to your character level, but costs something like 30,000 gp.

The Candle of Invocation adds several effective levels to your caster level, for a limited time.

Similar classes, unless they says that they do, don't add to caster levels in other classes.

Some PrCs explicitly add one level per level to effective level in a spellcasting class, like most levels of Eldritch Knight and Dragon Disciple. They add not just to effective caster level, but to things like spells known and spell slots, etc.

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And that now, despite what the scenarios say, XP is awarded for each scenario, 2 for part 1, 1 for each other part.

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If you can swing it, there is that 800 gp Ioun stone that gives a +2 competence bonus, but can be retuned once per day to a different skill....

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Joe Ducey wrote:
Paladin of Baha-who? wrote:
That's more of a fighter with a magus dip, albeit a big one.
Which I believe is exactly his point.

Yep. Bruno is a fairly high Int PC, Str-based Fighter, but with 16 Int, and he (I) ran across some nice wands in an adventure, so dipped into Magus, since it had the spells on those high CL wands, so he can use them, while still using his favored weapon.

Indeed, his levels of Kensai Magus synergized so well with his existing Fighter levels that he was able to retrain something like 4 feats, so going from improvised trip & disarm, against non-adjacent foes, to having Improved & Greater Trip, and Improved Disarm, so able to use at any range with his primary weapon, his whip.

I wish I had started dipping Magus earlier, but he still gets some use out of his spells, and is still obscene on the combat maneuvers...

Grand Lodge

Except that it is cold damage, so some undead are just flat out immune to it entirely.

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Smoke & Mirrors wrote:
kinevon wrote:
Smoke & Mirrors wrote:

heck - I could see him saying he would join. Greatest way to keep tabs on what the other side is doing is to "defect" and see what they ask you about... then in a few months "come to your senses" and switch back, bringing a lot of inside information with you...

just a thought...

Isn't that the excuse so many claim for GMT?
Worked for him didn't it?


Grand Lodge ****

Smoke & Mirrors wrote:

heck - I could see him saying he would join. Greatest way to keep tabs on what the other side is doing is to "defect" and see what they ask you about... then in a few months "come to your senses" and switch back, bringing a lot of inside information with you...

just a thought...

Isn't that the excuse so many claim for GMT?

Grand Lodge ****

Eric Clingenpeel wrote:

A couple of things:

1) Hardness/HP/Break DC are listed for doors and other objects on page 175 of the CRB

2) Energy damage to an object is halved before applying hardness. Since the locks is part of the door an acid flask would do absolutely nothing. The max damage (unless it was an alchemist) after halving it would be 3 and a door's hardness is 5.

Unless, of course, you as GM decide that the lock is vulnerable to acid, in which case the damage could be doubled, rather than halved, and even, at your discretion, ignore the hardness as well.

To be honest, as a GM, I would probably rule in that direction, since so many spy/theft movies/TV shows use acid to eat away the mechanisms of locks and such.

Grand Lodge ****

Crystal Sight (Ex) wrote:
You can see through stone, earth, or sand as easily as if it were transparent crystal. Your gaze can penetrate a number of feet equal to your oracle level, or 1/12th this thickness of metal. You can use this ability a number of rounds per day equal to your oracle level, but these rounds do not need to be consecutive.
Earth Glide (Su) wrote:
You can pass through stone, dirt, or almost any other sort of earth except worked stone and metal as easily as a fish swims through water. If protected against fire damage, you can even glide through lava. You glide at your base land speed. While gliding, you breathe stone as if it were air (you do not need to hold your breath). Your burrowing leaves behind no tunnel or hole, nor does it create any ripple or sign of your presence. A move earth spell cast on an area where you are flings you back 30 feet, stunning you for 1 round unless you succeed on a DC 15 Fortitude save. Activating this ability is a free action. You can glide for 1 minute per day per oracle level. This duration does not need to be consecutive, but it must be spent in 1-minute increments. You must be at least 7th level to select this revelation. You can bring other creatures with you when you glide, but each passenger costs an additional minute per minute of travel.

Then again, maybe I misunderstand his "During Combat" section, since melee appears to be part of his goto preference, and earth gliding, especially since he is loath to give up, seems to be contraindicated in his general tactics.

Then again, maybe I am not the most deadly GM. Which seems odd, since I have trouble not killing PCs, sometimes, and generally, within an NPC's tactics, wind up with combats running long....

Grand Lodge ****

I had a party of 3rd and 4th levels, no AFs, acid, etc., at all. None. No arcane with area effect spells, nothing.

It was ugly.

And, of course, the parties where my PC is the only one, with a single one, and I miss with it. :( A lot of those swarms have pretty good touch ACs, especially at low level. Touch AC 17 is hard to hit with a BAB of 0 or 1...

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You could contact the Australian group, and see if they can let you know what DB they us for their online tracker/search engine at

And try and talk them into letting you have a copy of it.

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Kigvan wrote:
Totes McScrotes wrote:

Can a Magus still benefit from Dervish Dance during Spell Combat?

The way the FAQ reads, it appears not.

Consensus points to no, the off-hand is considered occupied by the spell effect.

Dervish dance isn't stopped by all things in the off hand, only weapons and shields

So, would a weapon-like spell being cast count as a weapon for Dervish Dance?

Grand Lodge ****

Chris Mortika wrote:
Messenger bags count for re-rolls, as of Guide version 7.0

Makes me wish I hadn't already killed mine. Poor things just aren't up to the kind of abuse I put them through. And that the pretty picture were on the non-flap side, so I could more easily show the picture off....

Grand Lodge ****

Galnörag wrote:

I have a Lore Master Fighter who is trip/disarm focused, but sometimes that just isn't relevant, so he always has some alchemical items, and a bigger weapon up his sleeve in those cases, oh and the extra skill points from the archtype to smooth out the out of combat stuff.

Really though, I haven't met someone who didn't appreciate getting the AoO from greater trip, or the AoO from standing up, or the +4 from prone. I'm like a free haste!

Main thing to remember, if your thing includes Trip, is to ask, especially if the party is heavy on ranged attacks, and always have a backup plan.

Took me until I got a certain cursed item to get my original trip build to be fully able to have a damage backup plan, but my later trip build is Str based, although his damage plan got hurt by UE.

Grand Lodge

Julian Swifthands wrote:

If your enemy is holding a ranged weapon, bow, can you move through his space without an acrobatics check?

there isn't an unarmed attack listed .....

No. Also don't forget to check for armor spikes, boot blades, barbazu beard, etc.

Grand Lodge ****

tchrman35 wrote:
kinevon wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

If they learned anything from the bats in MotFF, they *should* be prepared for swarms. If not, a kind GM could use the briefing at the beginning to remind the pathfinders that they're going into the basement of a troubled museum, where they should be ready for anything. "Why, I've seen swarms of vermin in better places than that."

(Maybe with a more creative approach that would seem a little less ham-handed!)

Can't argue with that, but, typically, having one or two Alchemist's Fires is sometimes worse than not having any.

If the target has a high touch AC, you just wasted 20 gp for minimal damage. And, even for a CR1 swarm, it can take multiple AFs to get the hit and take it out.

Then again, I am probably biased, since a recent run I did of it should have probably ended with a TPK, as the party in the basement set it off, with no anti-swarm stuff at all. I relented, and let them talk me into believing they could get oil from lamps on the main floor, after I knocked the cleric out.

Grand Lodge

So, just FYI, Sir Cowdog:
Any weapon an be used to trip, and any feats, enhancements, etc., that are appropriate wiukll apply to the trip attack.

Unlike Disarm, the Trip keyword does not give a bonus to making trips, its main use is that yu can drop such a weapon if you fail a trip attack by 10 or more so you don't get tripped yourself.

The Blog post adds that the Trip keyword allows the weapon to be used for Reposition and Drag maneuvers, as well as trips.

Grand Lodge

Freddy the Fighter has obviously never hung out with anyone who uses Summon Monster, has he? A lot of those summonses come with Smite as part of the spell...

Grand Lodge

Also, don't forget that when you cast a new spell, any charges held from previous spells go away.

Holding the Charge

If you don't discharge the spell in the round when you cast the spell, you can hold the charge indefinitely. You can continue to make touch attacks round after round. If you touch anything or anyone while holding a charge, even unintentionally, the spell discharges. If you cast another spell, the touch spell dissipates. You can touch one friend as a standard action or up to six friends as a full-round action. Alternatively, you may make a normal unarmed attack (or an attack with a natural weapon) while holding a charge. In this case, you aren't considered armed and you provoke attacks of opportunity as normal for the attack. If your unarmed attack or natural weapon attack normally doesn't provoke attacks of opportunity, neither does this attack. If the attack hits, you deal normal damage for your unarmed attack or natural weapon and the spell discharges. If the attack misses, you are still holding the charge.

Grand Lodge ****

VitV Concerns:
VitV is a great scenario, but it might be a bit difficult for them that early. It has a lot of stuff that can be really ugly for a first level party, especially if they haven't got any way to deal with swarms. Or deal non-lethal damage.

Except for GM leniency, it can be extremely easy to TPK the party in the next-to-last room, if they open that box, and have no way to deal with the contents.

Running away is not a real option, since the spiders have a climb speed, and the entryway there is slimy, requiring the PCs to have to make acrobatics or climb checks to go that way. "Sure, there are torches and lamps upstairs. So, what's your speed? 30'? That becomes 7.5' per move action. Along with a skill check. The spider swarm has a climb speed of 20'." Not good.

Grand Lodge ****

trollbill wrote:
Brother Fen wrote:

When I GM a session at the local game store, I carry in three boxes of books, two boxes of props and maps and a laptop computer.

Stop whining and bring your books to PFS.

And what do you do when you have to hop on a plane to GenCon?

One option, of course, is to ship those boxes to the hotel you are staying at, for pickup on check-in...

Grand Lodge

I think we need a picture of the succubus wearing a Robe of the Faerie Queen. Such lusciousness in a nearly invisible robe? Yes, please.

Grand Lodge ****

Well, you could always do 7th level on slow instead of normal, so you could get 5 7-11s in before Assault.

Of course, you would then need another 3 scenarios added into the mix, to cover the 6-for-3 for the slow level.

Grand Lodge

Andrew Christian wrote:

Animal companions like this are only road kill if you treat them as a bag of hit points or the tank.

I've seen a standard ranger AC survive Eyes if the Ten.

@Grey_Mage: Worse, that 9th level Ranger would have a 6th level AC without Boon Companion.

@Andrew: Even if they can be useful, with skills 4 levels behind anyone in the party, and hit points even worse, they are still fairly fragile, so an AoE that includes them can turn them to toast, even if they are lucky enough that it is a Reflex save so EVasion applies, if they fail the Reflex save.

Grand Lodge ****

Mark Stratton wrote:
Lamontius wrote:
does this really come into play all that often outside of Cons

I've seen it at game days, and I myself have asked for materials from players. In many cases, when the player base is relatively the same, we get to know, generally, who has what resources, etc. But, we sometimes get new players, or we see someone with stuff they haven't used before.

I think it is true that it comes into play less for local and regular events than it does at conventions, but it does come into play now and again.

For local games, if I am familiar with the feat/ability/spell/etc. already, I usually don't ask to see it, unless we are heading into the special territory part of it. Like Infernal Healing and how it reacts to certain types of damage.

If it is something I haven't run into before, or not very often, and haven't looked into for one of my own PCs, and something seems odd, I will ask to look at it, so I can understand what is happening better, and can smother my defensive reactions to being surprised.

@Ryzoken: Only 30? Wish I could get away with so few...

And, even then, I got caught by someone providing a 1st printing of the CRB, and not having the errata document for it, so we were operating under obsolete rules for his sunder build....

I tend to look at the hardcopy first, and only then, due to wifi issues, go to PDFs. Which is also why I have a 6th printing CRB and 4th printing (IIRC) Bestiary that I now carry with me to Pathfinder games.

Grand Lodge

chad gilbreath wrote:
Exactly these rules were written before other class can use spell books. So I believe RAI it should apply to anyone who has access and the mean to do it.

Unfortunately, the last official word, before the Bookish Rogue feat came out, was a flat "No." from Mike, IIRC.

Grand Lodge

HeHateMe wrote:
Necro-ing a 6 year old thread, that's gotta be some kind of record lol

It's only 4 years old, and there is an answer in an FAQ and a blog post, now.

Grand Lodge

Do NOT, absolutely NOT, apply the Undead template. That one just ruins a good monster.

Also, and I am sure this doesn't apply to the Tarrasque, be careful when applying certain templates on certain creatures.

The Young template is one of the prime culprits for having CR be way off. It is, nominally, a -1 CR. And I am sur eit works that way on many monsters, if they are Strength based. Apply it, however, to a monster that already uses Finesse and equivalent, and it usually increases the difficulty, not decreases it.

Imagine, if you will, a 3rd level Young Halfling Unchained Rogue. Maybe higher level, to get the Whip Mastery feats, so she still has the ability to attack from a different square. Size to AC, Dex to AC, Dex to hit, Dex to damage, size to Stealth.

Grand Lodge

Usual order I see it done:

Base speed (20/30)
Add enhancements/adjustments to it (e.g. +10 = 30/40)
Adjust for encumbrance/armor (e.g. 30 becomes 20, 40 becomes 30)

Permanency doesn't have a real bearing, other than tracking durations.
Type of bonus or penalty is much more important, remember that bonuses of the same type (other than dodge and untyped) don't stack, and penalties form the same source (encumbrance/armor, for example) don't stack.

Also remember that some penalties may be bypassed. A dwarf with boots of striding and springing always moves at 30', as long as he is not so encumbered that he cannot move at all.

Grand Lodge ****

DesolateHarmony wrote:
Malikjoker wrote:

but applying it later when my 2nd level reaches 4 is Bueno?

Actually, I can't think of a subtier 4-5... Hmm, perhaps that is a module range. Usually, you will be applying the chronicle played by a 4th-level pregen immediately, if the scenario is a 1-5, or when the character reaches level-3 (which might be immediately) for a 3-7 scenario.

Do I need to mention that a 4th-level pregen won't get you a credit in a 5-9 scenario? :)

GtPFSOPv6, page 6 wrote:
If you play a non-1st-level pregenerated character, you apply the credit to your character as soon as she reaches the level of the pregenerated character played.

So, playing a 4th level pregen is either reduced gold applied to a 1st level PC, or held for the assigned PC to reach 4th level, at which point the chronicle is applied. Same for using one of the 7th level pregens.

1st level pregens can be used for:
Tier 1 scenarios
Tier 1-2 scenarios or modules
Tier 1-3 modules
Tier 1-5 scenarios
Tier 1-7 scenarios in sub-tiers 1-2 and 3-4

4th level pregens can be used for:
Tier 1-5 scenarios
Tier 1-7 scenarios
Tier 2-4 modules
Tier 3-5 modules
Tier 3-7 scenarios
Tier 4-6 modules

7th level pregens can be used for:
Tier 1-7 scenarios
Tier 3-7 scenarios
Tier 5-7 modules
Tier 5-9 scenarios
Tier 6-8 modules
Tier 7-9 modules
Tier 7-11 scenarios

There are no pregens available for use in:
Tier 8-10 modules
Tier 9-11 modules
Tier 10-12 modules
Tier 11-13 modules
Tier 12 scenarios
Tier 12-14 modules
Tier 13-15 modules
Tier 14-16 modules
Tier 15-17 modules
Tier 16-18 modules

Note that module or AP segment can be used interchangeably.
There are, currently no modules or AP segments in Tiers 17-19, 18-20, 19-20, or 20.

Grand Lodge ****

Also, many, if not most, Improved Familiars would be fairly useful in combat. And, at higher levels, using some of the various polymorph spells, like Form of the Dragon, on your familiar can give a fairly capable combat familiar.

Grand Lodge ****

EricMcG wrote:
LazarX wrote:
trollbill wrote:

To be honest, it is probably a good thing they didn't make them function similar to real life. Otherwise everyone and their brother would carry one, fire off a volley in the first round, then drop the gun and switch to normal tactics. I can see why that might no be desirable.
I don't see the problem. It's how I've handled things. Open up with gun, finish with sword. The class DOES have full martial proficiency after all. It's basically how the Musketeers fought as well.

My opinion is that double barrelled pistoleros just want to Uzi the encounter and move on.

While I think it is great for role playing, the feat selection makes Clustered Shot less desirable and Weapon Finesse a requirement. Guns are Dex based, swords Strength based, so you tend to not be very good at one or the other. However it is a reasonable interpretation of RAW in that you are not limited in the number of free actions (GM discretion of course), but it doesn't say that you can use the same free action twice. Not that anyone has ever adjudicated it that way.

Same free action twice? 6th level full BAB class, using a bow with Rapid Shot and iterative.

Shoot first shot from bow, full attack, rapid shot
Free action: Draw arrow
No action: reload bow
Shoot second shot form Rapid Shot
Free action: Draw arrow
No action: reload bow
Third shot, first iterative.
Free action: Draw arrow
No action: reload bow
Ready to take AoOs from Snap Shot, if taken.
And you can add even one more shot from Haste, along with the free action draw arrow.

Edited for clarity.

Grand Lodge

I would say the bonus applied is set at the start, but by each recipient, otherwise you get strange situations, where a bonus does not apply to someone's weapon, like Seeking to melee weapons, or Keen to bludgeoning weapons.

Grand Lodge ****

Jeff Merola wrote:
kinevon wrote:
Nick Greene wrote:
I definitely forgot to buy a spell component pouch on my bard for four levels... Ouch... Turns out, it's not in the bard kit.
Then again, IIRC, the vast majority of Bard spells are V, S.
A quick search shows that out of 506 published Bard spells, 226 of them require a material component.

Is there a breakdown by level? Inquiring minds want to know. ;)

Grand Lodge

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Nefreet wrote:

You resurrected a thread from 5 years ago, when the rules were different.

You haven't needed an X+1 weapon for several printings now.


Grand Lodge

BadBird wrote:
kinevon wrote:
HeHateMe wrote:
Thanks guys, wow Vital Strike + Felling Smash seems like a good combination for a polearm fighter.

Add in Greater Trip to the feat chain and it can get really ugly.

Attack: Vital Strike, Power Attack, Felling Smash
Swift: Trip from Felling Smash
AoA from Greater Trip: Attack for damage or disarm....
Vicious Stomp can grab yet another attack, though only if adjacent.

But you would also need Combat Reflexes, in that case.

Grand Lodge

What? No Greater Weapon Focus?

BAB: +16 (16)
Str +8 (24)
ImpTrip +2 (26)
Gr Trip +2 (28)
WF +1 (29)
WT +5 (34)
GoD +2 (36)

Given the information, yes. 36, 38 with flanking (assuming nothing improves the bonus from flanking)

+3 or +4 weapon, as mentioned, also add to the number, so 39 or 40, possibly 41 if +5.
If the weapon has the Dueling enhancement from the Pathfinder Society Field Guide, that would add not just the weapon's normal enhancement, but also an additional double that as a luck bonus.

Some other enhancements or abilities can improve that still further. The Lore Warden archetype for Fighter, also from the PSFG, for example, would add another +6 or some such, IIRC.

Grand Lodge

DM_Blake wrote:
kinevon wrote:
DM_Blake wrote:
Lakesidefantasy wrote:
Kinevon, I thought the time to create a magic item was based off of the base price rather than the cost, so it would take 4 days to create a scroll of gate.

This is correct.

Pathfinder SRD, Magic Items, Scrolls wrote:
Time Required Scribing a scroll requires 1 day per 1,000 gp of the base price.
You'll also note that the chart on that same page says "Table: Scroll Base Costs By Scriber's Class" (and you'll find the price of 3,825 listed for wizards' 9th level spells on that chart.

Sorry, I don't often deal with the item creation stuff, mainly play PFS, and my home game doesn't have much item creation going on yet.

But that means that, essentially, in order to create a scroll of a spell that you are casting from a scroll, it costs a minimum of one scroll (for lower level spells) to 4 scrolls (for 9th level spells) to create a single scroll. There's a loss leader for you.

"Sure, you can create a scroll of Gate, but, since you are only 5th level, it will cost you a minimum of 4 scrolls of Gate, plus the possibility of missing one or more of the DC 18 caster level check, where you have a d20+5. And, if you miss by 5 or more, you then get to make a Wisdom check (DC 5, IIRC) or suffer a spell mishap that also ruins the scroll you failed on. Eyup."

"And then the doctor says 'Don't do that...'"

That's where I was heading, yup.

I figured it spoke for itself.

Depending on how irritated you made your GM, I could see a spell mishap on a Gate scroll as winding up in one of the outer dimensions yourself, in front of something that could be Gated... And probably has a hate on for those who would use that spell...

Grand Lodge

HeHateMe wrote:
Thanks guys, wow Vital Strike + Felling Smash seems like a good combination for a polearm fighter.

Add in Greater Trip to the feat chain and it can get really ugly.

Attack: Vital Strike, Power Attack, Felling Smash
Swift: Trip from Felling Smash
AoA from Greater Trip: Attack for damage or disarm....

Grand Lodge

Note that having three ranks in Acrobatics changes the Dodge bonus from +2 to +3.....

Grand Lodge ****

Qstor wrote:
thejeff wrote:
I think the argument is that you couldn't take the Core XP and make a magus, for example.

I'm playing an adventure path (non PFS parts but for PFS credit) with my only Core character who hasn't finished. After the 1st part he'll be level two. So for part 2 of the AP if the chronicle which I'm assuming it is, is for HIGHER than level 2...I CAN'T apply the chronicle to a NON Core PC? I have to wait to level the character or apply it to a different new CORE PC?

Just wondering....

Not quite sure I understand your post. Let me see if I am understanding, first:

Playing an AP in Campaign Mode, so using non-PFS PCs, although the PCs were built on the same rules as a PFS Core PC?

Applying the AP Chronicles to a Core PFS PC?

And your Core PC won't be high enough to have played the section, below the lowest level on the chronicle sheet?

You can still attach the credit to him, he just won't be able to apply it until he reaches the lowest level on the Chronicle.

If your group has agreed to apply the chronicles for the AP in Core mode, then you definitely don't want to give the coordinator/GM/reporter the number for a non-Core PC, as that could, if they aren't paying attention, cause all the PCs reported to no longer be Core.

Attach: Assign a chronicle to a PC who is not high enough level to be able to have played the session, without switching it to a first level modification.
Apply: When the gp, XP, PP, item list, and boons become available to the PC, as he is now high enough level to have played the game.
Core: PFS mode where little more than the CRB is legal to use for PCs without chronicle access.
Standard: Regular PFS, but moving a PC to STandard form COre is (usually) a one-way street.
Campaign or Home Game mode: Playing the entirety of an AP or 64 page module with a single set of non-PFS PCs, including both sanctioned and non-sanctioned material, with character creation rules as determined by the GM, rather than PFS. In this mode, chronicles for each completed sanctioned section can be applied to a PFS PC, either Standard or Core, as long as all PCs belong to the same PFS sub-campaign.

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