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kinevon's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 5,240 posts (6,413 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 37 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Grand Lodge

There may be specific locations that have custom DCs for swimming.

Emerald Spire:
I think the DCs for Level 5: The Drowned Level, may have other numbers. Been a while, so I might be wrong, there. I do know my Sorcerer, using a spell that gave him a swim speed, however slow, was able to make the DCs easily, due to the +8 it gave his Swim skill.

There could also be other hazards that cause Swim checks. Anyone know what the DC is to not get sucked into a whirlpool?

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Yes, as Joe mentioned Adopted is a trait with no uses, at present, in Core play. Whether there may be boons on any scenario sheets that give an option for any Race Traits is unknown, I don't recall any. Do keep in mind that it allows the taking of a Race Trait (like the Elven Warrior of Old trait), not a Racial Trait (like the Human Skilled Racial Trait).

As Joe wrote, the faction traits are not the ones in the Faction Guide, but the ones listed in each faction write-up in the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide, currently v7.0, on pages 13-18, listed under the <faction name> Traits headings. Each faction should have 5 traits listed in that chapter, usually as the last item under the faction's write-up.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
UndeadMitch wrote:
Doing a Deific Obedience in Rahadoum won't get you killed. Almost certainly deportedif they catch you, but not killed.
That might depend on the obedience. Doing Lamashtu's might get you sentenced to a burning at the stake.
Thats why that one managed to get called out as an exception, as there is no reformed church of the mother of monsters option available. Which is a shame, a lamashite monster affeciondo could make a great pathfinder.

Rise of the Runelords:
"Hello, my name is Nualia. I am a new member of the Pathfinder Society, recently journeying here from Sandpoint. My apologies for my ... deformities, they were incurred when some mad adventurers assaulted me a short time ago, and, in their madness, drove me form my home, and my father's resting place, in Sandpoint. I do not know all of what they have afflicted me with, so these deformities may increase in the future. Shall we adventure onwards?"
Grand Lodge ****

Fromper wrote:

As much as some of the old faction missions were silly, pointless, or downright nonsensical, I still miss them.

They helped get combat focused players to pay attention to room descriptions and NPCs outside of combat. They provided regular direct contact from your faction leader, so you'd actually know something about that NPC's personality. Some of the faction missions were actually plot relevant.

And some of them were just friggin hilarious, even when they made no sense. Or maybe I should say, especially if they made no sense! ie "I do this for Taldor!"

I don't know why, but Taldor always seemed to have the goofiest faction missions. Other than that famous quote, I also remember the one from part 3 (I think) of Eyes of the Ten, which was just as weird and fun. Or the first part of The Devil We Know, where you have to push a guy off a ship into the bay, to embarrass him - I had to do that with my 7 strength gnome sorcerer from Taldor.

And you hit a couple of nails on the head, there.

"plot relevant" is not the term I would use. Giveaways and blatant spoilers is closer to what it is.

And some of those missions, Taldor or otherwise, were just PITA for anyone not in those factions. People sneaking away form the party to do something "no one knows about" or having to do stupid things (set fire to a granary? Seriously?)

And, of course, there were those faction missions that were just so stupid that they couldn't be failed, even if you weren't trying to do them. "Kill the guy who turns out to be the BBEG for this scenario." is what a couple I have seen basically translate as, when you connect the fluff (Kill the evil bard) with the scenario (BBEG is an evil Bard)

And I won't even go into a couple of games where I don't remember what our Pathfinder Society mission was, as it got completely ignored by everyone trying to do their various and sundry faction missions. I know I spent a significant portion of one scenario, while we were completing it successfully, looking for the people who matched what one part of my faction mission said. Turns out that we ran across them early,m and completed the mission successfully, but didn't find out about it until the wrap-up.

Hall of Drunken Heroes:
Andoran faction mission included one part where we were supposed to not kill anyone who was under a compulsion effect from an outsider, or something like that. Turns out that the priests/bartenders who kicked us out of the bar were the ones under a Charm Person. Yeah.

Grand Lodge ****

BNW: I think the problem is that you are assuming that you have to schedule 4 tables all-at-once in order to have both Core and Standard PFS.

You don't.

I help coordinate a small location here, and we usually are only able to get one table going any particular day. We just schedule the table as either Core or Standard, depending on how everyone, including the GM, is feeling.

We do have limits on some of our players on Standard mode scenarios available (myself being one of the worst culprits here). In order to open things up, we tend to wind up alternating, at present, between low-to-mid Core (1-5, 3-7) games and higher Standard games (5-9, 7-11). That gives the GMs a chance to run "easier" stuff, with the low-to-mid tier games, with games that take more preparation (5-9, 7-11).

For a larger group, with multiple tables, find out if you have enough people to run a Core group as an occasional insertion in place of one of the Standard tables, as a way to ease the scheduling for Standard games, maybe give a GM an easier (in terms of PC capabilities, at least) game to run.

Grand Lodge ****

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DM Livgin wrote:
My first death was due to weak character builds, combined with robot beat down, combined with bad luck on the dice. It is a blessing in disguise that those characters (mine included) died at lvl 3, so that they did not go on to endanger more experienced field agents. The part that really hurt was that I'd just finished modelling and painting that miniature...

And, this, IME, is one of the most common causes of character death, usually permanent character death.

"Hey, guys, I just finished painting my customized mini for my PC. Let's play!"
"Gosh, I only got to use my newly painted mini for my PC once, and now he is perma-dead."

Grand Lodge ****

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Let's see. You have Standard and Core, plus a GM Star replay, so 5 times through an adventure for credit, plus additional GM runs for table stars.

For more than that, within PFS rules, I am going to wait and watch for the results, since you have cast the "Summon Drogon" spell......

Grand Lodge ****

Pink Dragon wrote:
Zach Davis wrote:
Where I see the distinction, and I understand this strictly my interpretation of the situation and is no more valid than anyone else's interpretation, is that on the one hand the player places themselves in the midst of combat, goes full defensive and gets attacked. This makes the character a target, eats up enemy attacks, which means someone else isn't taking the attack/damage, and can continue attacking the enemy combatants. In this case it would be unfair to say they didn't contribute. On the other hand the character stands off to the side where they are unlikely to get attacked, and goes full defensive on the off chance a ranged attack comes their way. If no attacks are made against that character events play no differently than if they had simply never been there, and I don't think its unfair to say that person didn't contribute.
She may not be contributing much, or effectively, but denying her the xp, pp and gp rewards at the end is not fair to her. If the players at the table have no trouble with her character doing this, then any one else's opinion does not matter. If the players at the table have a problem with her play, then they need to talk it out.

Actually, I could see where she might not only not be contributing positively to the party, but actually contributing, if you want to call it that, negatively.

If she is the 5th player at the table, she is ramping up the difficulty (removing the 4 player adjustment) without contributing enough to compensate for said change in the scenario's difficulty. Equally, her PC's level is also affecting things like the APL calculation to determine sub-tier.

Explore! Report! Cooperate!

Grand Lodge ****

James Anderson wrote:
I'm sure I've seen this somewhere before, but can't find it now. If you bought something using the Master of Trade vanity for 10% off, but later want to sell it (because you realized you can't actually use it while you're wild shaped, for instance), what return do you get? Half of the listed price or half of what you actually paid?

Don't have the link handy, but it would be half of what you paid.

Grand Lodge ****

Nohwear wrote:
I do not know how much of it is reporting bias, but I hearing a lot of death by one or two bad rolls. I am not sure what that means though.

Usually means that you roll bad when a good roll, maybe even only one or two numbers higher, would have meant survival.

Example, although this is actually a "good" roll, just not "good enough".
Magus, +3 init, caught in a cavern, monsters sneaking around.
Surprise round, one of the critters moved up on the Magus.
Magus rolled an 18 for Init, total 21.
Monster rolled a 16 for Init, total 21.
Monster, due to rules, goes first, against the flatfooted Magus.
Three natural attacks, plus sneak attack, for three hits.
After the first two hits, Magus is down to 3 hit points.
Third hit, of course, is a crit, confirms due to crappy flatfooted AC.
Well past dead, of course.
So, encounter happens, PC dies without being able to do anything but track damage, not much fun there.

Of course, he does get better, and next level, his Init mod goes up by a bit, as he gets the Kensai initiative bonus at that time. Meh.

Grand Lodge ****

Christopher Rowe wrote:
Stephen Ross wrote:

What else is at the table, Faction mission, location, culture, and language all play into character selection.

Most people wait until they sit at the table.
Wai, are you saying most PFS players wait until they're at the table before deciding which of their characters to play? Because that doesn't map onto my experience at all.

Check out some of BNW's posts, referencing "What happens when you get to the table" with the PC Sodoku mentioned by him and several others.

I have 37 defined PFS characters, 5 of them Core, the rest Standard, levels ranging from 1 (I think I have one in the batch without any XP), to 16, with most tiers having multiple PCs available, other than 16.

Level 12: Fighter with a bow, Fighter (Lore Warden)/Magus with a whip
Level 9: URogue
Level 8: Fighter (Weapon Master) with a bow
Level 2: Whatchawantmetoplay? (I have run a lot of low level stuff, so have a bunch of PCs sitting at run-and-lock level 2)

Grand Lodge

IMO, Channel Ray alters the ability, as it alters the burst into a ray.

Grand Lodge

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Jason Wu wrote:

With run speed enhancement, some characters get pretty impressive charge distances.

If you can get the Pounce special ability, via several possible sources, you can even make a full attack at the end instead of just one attack.

More than a few bad guys have been startled by an axe-wielding barbarian hurtling in their face out of nowhere.

Evil overlord list number 5, i will not be in a charge lane from the entrance

Evil overlord list number 5a: Given some heroes' abilities, I know that the only way to not be in a charge lane is to be behind a Wall of Minions (tm).

Charge distances can be, with some builds, well over 100', possibly 200'.
Travel Domain (untyped 10' movement increase)
Barbarian's Fast Movement (another untyped 10' movement increase)
Monk's Fast Movement (variable enhancement bonus)
Haste, Blessing of Fervor, Boots of Speed or Boots of Striding and Springing, Expeditious Retreat, Longstrider (Most of these won't stack with each other or Monk's Fast Movement, as they are mainly enhancement bonuses)

So, with only a little bit of work, you can get a charge distance of 80' with drawing a weapon during the charge, or 160' if already armed. Add in a pounce build, and it is really difficult to stay out of the charge lanes/death zones of some of these builds.

Grand Lodge ****

Nefreet wrote:
They removed Mana Burn?!

Yes, they did.

From what I have seen, as an antique (Unlimited, and the tail-end of Arabian Nights), it makes a change in tactics. I know it would massively affect my old Urza deck, as it would make the scaling Mana production of the Tower/Mine/Power Plant much less of a hassle to handle...

Grand Lodge

SCPRedMage wrote:
kinevon wrote:
It was a level 3 fighter, not 2

No, it was level 2 fighter; the list in his original post shows she took fighter at levels 1 and 3, and wizard at level 2 and 4+.

Moot point, seeing as she clarified that it was Weapon Focus.

Odd, I took it as a list of PCs, myself.

Too many PFS PCs, I guess.

Grand Lodge

SCPRedMage wrote:
How do you have Weapon Specialization when you only have two levels of fighter?

It was a level 3 fighter, not 2, but the question is still relevant, since Weapon Specialization has a prerequisite of 4th level Fighter...

Also, to verify, you are planning on retraining all three levels of Fighter into 3 levels of Wizard (Transmuter)?

That will, of course, take 21 PP to do, since I don't think Fighter and Wizard have any sort of synergy...

Feats mentioned during this discussion:
Weapon Focus (Longbow)
Weapon Specialization (Longbow) - probably illegal
Point-Blank Shot
Arcane Armor Training

Since Weapon Specialization is, under regular rules, illegal for the current build, you would have to change it to a legal feat anyhow.

Weapon Specialization
Prerequisites: Proficiency with selected weapon, Weapon Focus with selected weapon, fighter level 4th.

Grand Lodge ****

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Liberating command still isn't bad as a standard action sometimes. It scales with level even without the spell scaling with level

Since it is based on the caster's level, and scrolls are minimum caster level, I would think a scroll of it would be practically worthless, since it would be CL1, so +2 to an Escape Artist check.

Maybe for a Rogue?

Grand Lodge ****

@nosig: For masterwork tools that apply to all uses of a skill, like Masterwork Thieve's Tools, it includes the bonus, and removes the penalty, when applicable, if you have it checked.

For a situational bonus, like a masterwork tool that only applies in certain circumstances, it will add a note about it.

For both, however, if you hover over the skill on a Windows box, it will bring up a pop-up window showing the full breakdown for the skill total shown, any situational modifiers that might apply, and even the actual text from the skill from the CRB, including any standard DCs listed.

To be honest, many people just add the tools because they apply to many situations they use the skill in, and don't always remember when it doesn't.

It also reduces Horibilimus Skillimus Decriptionomus, like the following, an actual skill description I have to include for my Unchained Rogue:
Human Unchained Rogue 9, Strength based
Perception +13
Trapfinding: +4 to locate traps
Danger Sense: +3 bonus to avoid being surprised by a foe
Canny Observer: +4 bonus to hearing the details of a conversation, or to find hidden or secret objects, including doors and traps
Rogue's Edge: +1 per 20' distance modifier to the DC, +5 instead of +10 for DC modifier when sleeping
Breakdown: 9 ranks, 3 class skill, +1 competence bonus (cracked incandescent blue sphere Ioun stone)

Grand Lodge ****

bdk86 wrote:
Worse, it turns out the Purple People Eaters also have levels in Mesmerist now.

I thought they had levels in Bard or maybe Skald. Did they retrain?

Grand Lodge ****

Nohwear wrote:
There has been a new development, it would seem that only one person of the group I thought that I had could join. Thus I could use two other people then those who have responded here.

I am still interested, but the link you PMed me didn't work. :(

Grand Lodge ****

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Murdock Mudeater wrote:
Jared Thaler wrote:
Along side stun: Miss a turn, *and* drop everything you are holding. So, functionally, miss 1.5 - 2 turns and take 1 - 2 AoO
Fortunately, stun is uncommon by comparison to blinded or dazed.

Not as uncommon as all that. Color Spray, for one common example, will apply at least one round of stun, at a minimum, if the target fails its Will save, no matter what level the target is.

And Color Spray, as well, is an AoE spell.

5 or more HD: The creature is stunned for 1 round.

Grand Lodge ****

The Fourth Horseman wrote:
thecursor wrote:
Nefreet wrote:
As GM you're given leeway to include random encounters of Purple People Eaters (specifically of the one-eyed, one-horned, flying variety).

Oh. I did not know that.

I guess if they ever legalize Dusk Elves or Half Drow, I can help thin the herd.

Oh, no, he was joking. You're not allowed to alter scenarios in PFS. Please don't add monsters.

Sorry, just like local Town Guards, you can always bring in a one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater of the Drowinator variety.

Whether you can also force the Drow to wear a yellow polka-dotted bikini is a different question...

Grand Lodge ****

TOZ wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

Not absolving the Decemvirate, just pointing out that GMT is at least equally at fault.

GMT has too many apologists who ignore every time he has screwed over individual Pathfinders and/or the whole of the Pathfinder Society.

Then again, due to GMT, I have had at least one PC die. And it wasn't even the real GMT.

Grand Lodge

Just to supplement the scribing thing:
Int 20 = +5
Rank = +1
Class = +3
Assuming nothing else, he starts with a +9 for his Spellcraft skill, so he can, by taking 10, scribe spells up to a base DC of 19, or up to 4th level spells, 2nd level opposition spells, and 6th level specialization spells.

He gets 3 cantrips (0 level) and one (1) 1st level spell slots from Wizard.
He has the potential to get bonus spells of two (2) 1st level spell slots, plus, eventually one (1) of each level from 2-5, when he gets access to them from his class.
As a Specialist Wizard, he gets an extra 1st level spell slot.
So, as a first level specialist Wizard, with an Int of 20, he get 3 cantrips and 3+1 first level spell slots. That +1 must be a spell from his specialization school. The other three slots can be any spell known, with the proviso that it costs two slots to prepare a spell from one of his two opposition schools.

Grand Lodge

Yep, it is in the Additional Rules chapter of the CRB, as part of the Carrying Capacity rules.

Oh, and it gets fun if you have multiple things that increase your base speed, and you have encumbrance or armor slowing you down.

Barbarian, Cleric with the Travel Domain, Haste, etc.

Grand Lodge

Silbeg wrote:

Many oozes and the like have ACs around 5.

No, there is no minimum AC

Got ya trumped: Gelatinous Cube, our old iconic monster, has an AC of 4.

As a corollary, it is also possible to have fairly large Initiative penalties, like a Cleric wearing full plate and using a tower shield, both without proficiency:
Full plate: -6 ACP
Tower Shield: -10 ACP
Dex 7: -2 Dex mod
Gives an Init mod of -18, so last, dead last, or probably last, with no better than a 2 (20-18) as your initiative count...
Of course, that leaves your flatfooted AC equal to your normal AC, both at 21 before magical enhancements, or other AC items, and touch as a lovely 8...

As an add-on, there is a cracked or flawed Ioun stone that gives a +2 Perception bonus, at the cost of a (minor) -1 penalty to Initiative.

Grand Lodge

Something like that. The Shaman wouldn't have to worry, at that point, for other things like the Shadow, and its relatives, Strength damage, as it is called out as negative energy:

Strength Damage (Su) A shadow's touch deals 1d6 points of Strength damage to a living creature. This is a negative energy effect. A creature dies if this Strength damage equals or exceeds its actual Strength score.

Grand Lodge ****

Kahel Stormbender wrote:

Good to know. But here's a question I'm now wondering... Why the frell is Hero Lab telling me to pick a spell my flawed tourmaline sphere ioun stone grants 3 times per day? The stone's suppose to just give me +2 effective con before dying (but a -1 penalty to stabilize).

Or is that a bug I should report? It's something that's easy enough to ignore if it's a bug. If not, it's something kinda useful.

That is a bug you should report, since it shouldn't be doing that.

Grand Lodge ****

TOZ wrote:
kinevon wrote:

At some point, if your group leader never tells you anything, your group is in trouble. That, however, is an issue internal to the group, not something that you should blame your employer for.

** spoiler omitted **

"Hey, guys. I have heard a rumor of some interesting stuff over here. No real information, but... " YMMV.

Of course, the leader of the group personally violated one of the basic rules of exploring ancient ruins: Never split the party
Another party member was left isolated from the rest of the party, again, in violation of the same, basic rule. Other than GMT, he was probably the party member who survived longest.
And, of course, abandoning your party members is just a variation of that, as the leader got into an argument with his party, then ran away on them.

It is a wonder, with the way that group worked together, that they made it through the desert...

Oddly, given the way things work, it is a wonder that they didn't set the trap off before they got to the final room, rather than when running away from the final room. Maybe the Rogue activated the trap, rather than deactivated it?

And, of course, the question comes up as to [why Ven Lorovox left a healthy party member behind when he fled the scene...[spoiler]

[spoiler=Way to give out the background to the players]As to giving the players the background, the GM, when I played it, used the sarcophagus to provide that info. Helped that the questions we asked were about what had happened to them, so...

Grand Lodge ****

Jeff Merola wrote:
Michael Eshleman wrote:
Sammy T wrote:
As a GM I've only had two players ever use DT on a regular basis and I only thing I required was that they explained how they were enacting the DT (i.e. if they said "I blind it with DT" and I would simply ask "how are you blinding it with DT?" and 99% of the time accepted the explanation unless it was undoable against the creature
IMO this is just like requiring a player to describe how their character uses Disable Device to disable a trap. It shouldn't be done.
Except that Dirty Trick explicitly calls out the GM to arbitrate what can and cannot be done with it. Disable Device doesn't.

The rules basically make it more-or-less a cooperative effort between the GM and the player as to what the Dirty Trick can do against a particular opponent.

Probably easiest to use in a gaming group that tends toward more cinematic descriptions of combat (I take a fairly good swipe (I hit AC 19) on the goblin, bringing my sword down on his shoulder (doing 7 points of damage) making him fall down, unconscious) than in the more basic roll-and-tell (I hit AC 19 for 7 points of damage, is it down yet?) game group.

"I am going to use Dirty Trick to use a dagger slash to my target's forehead, if a 19 beats his CMD, and he now has blood gushing from the minor head wound, blinding him for a round."

Grand Lodge ****

Luke Parry wrote:

Well, to fair, it looks like the Decemvirate are at least partially responsible for the creation of 'Torch'... after all, his current incarnation really only came about because the Society screwed him over, and then he decided to do the same thing to them as well, but also to make a slightly snarky career out of it...

The other faction heads, after all, aren't exactly squeaky clean.

** spoiler omitted **

I'm sorry, I have played and run that series, and, IMO, GMT was the creation of an adventuring group who ignored several of the Society's tenets. Explore! Report! Cooperate!

At some point, if your group leader never tells you anything, your group is in trouble. That, however, is an issue internal to the group, not something that you should blame your employer for.

"Okay, guys, we are leaving Eto for an undisclosed destination. I can't really tell you anything about the place, however, as is obvious, we are going to be travelling through the Osirian desert. Some of the aspects common to deserts are heat and dryness, so pack plenty of supplies, including water. And, of course, Osiria is a place deeply into ancestor worship, and tends to wind up with a lot of undead roaming around, due to all those violated tombs. So, maybe, bringing along some stuff to help deal with the restless dead might not be a bad idea."

Sorry, GMT has always come off as being a little ... isolated from reality, even as far back as Silent Tide. That isolation and resulting disconnection is why I have no problems seeing him doing what he did in that scenario. And, also, why he has trouble with some basic cause-and-effect type stuff.

Grand Lodge ****

Serisan wrote:
Fromper wrote:

Seeker of Secrets isn't that obscure.

And it's not just the resonant powers of ioun stones that you'll want the book for. There are actually a TON of ioun stone options introduced in that book, which are useful for all kinds of PCs.

I have around 16 of Paizo's soft cover "splat" books, and SoS is the one that I've used options from on more of my PFS characters than any other. I highly recommend it.

Agreed. The +1 initiative ioun stone is always a popular sale.

Don't forget, that book is also where the rules about imbedding Ioun stones are.

Grand Lodge ****

Nohwear wrote:

It seems that there will be one or two openings for my run of Iron Gods for credit. It will be starting in a few weeks. There will be a session zero so that we will have an actual group. Please let me know if you are interested.

I am sorry if this is in the wrong section.

If that is "run of Iron Gods for PFS credit", this is the correct forum.

Will you be doing this every Friday?

I admit to interest, but my bi-weekly Friday RotRL group would prevent me from being able to do this if your plan is for weekly games.

Grand Lodge ****

RealAlchemy wrote:
Due to certain actions later in the Destiny of the Sands series, I'd be surprised to see him come back, and if he did members of at least one faction would want his head.

Due to certain actions before the Destiny of the Sands series, I would not be surprised if certain Pathfinders already wanted his head.

Grand Lodge

Anzyr wrote:
Silver Surfer wrote:

Prerequisite(s): Skill Focus (Linguistics).

Benefit: You can attempt a Linguistics check in place of a Use Magic Device check to activate a scroll, or in place of a Spellcraft check to identify a scroll. You must still have (or emulate) the ability score required to cast a spell of the desired level, and you cannot use Linguistics on the check to emulate the required ability score.

I dont see the point - you need to invest a feat just to qualify, you cant use 'take 10' usefully a lot of the time for scroll casting and you cant use linguistics to emulate the ability score (ie WIS).

Why not just stay CHA based for UMD..... for a sorceror its their casting stat!!

Prestige classes for a Razmiran are dodgy (and rightly so!).... you lose out on your FCB (so likely no extra spells known) and you dont progress in your class abilities... no Bloodline Feats, Powers or Spells!.... Ouch!

When a ...... gains a level, he gains new spells per day as if he had also gained a level in an arcane spellcasting class he belonged to before he added the prestige class. He does not, however, gain any other benefits a character of that class would have gained.

SUMMARY - If you want to optimise a Razmiran... stay a Razmiran !!!

INT gives you a ton more skill points making you a very effective skill monkey. The benefits of a Sage Sorcerer taking Esoteric Linquistics are many:

1. Your UMD for scrolls is now based on your highest Stat.
2. You can take ten to guarantee you can succeed on out of combat buffs/condition removal/etc.
3. You no longer automatically fail on a 1.

It's really pretty impressive.

I do agree that if you have the FCB that lets you add to your spells known you should stay in the Sorcerer Class. If you want to do a 1-2 level dip in Cypher Mage that might be ok, but I certainly would not take any levels until after you get False Channel at 9th. Even the most useful ability for a Razmiran Priest enhance scroll is on a very limited use...

Let's see.

1: It takes one of your traits to allow you to do what you naturally did before taking the archetype, since Sorcerers use Charisma as their casting stat, and UMD is a Charisma-based skill...
2: Where do you get that? If you are emulating UMD, don't the restrictions on UMD still apply?
3: Skill checks do not suffer automatic failure on 1s. UMD includes a rider if you don't succeed on a 1, but I would think, if you are emulating the skill, that, again, the restrictions would still apply.
After all, if something gave you the ability to emulate a climbing check with, say, Knowledge (Dungeoneering), wouldn't you still fall if you failed the check by 5 or more?

Grand Lodge ****

Christopher Rowe wrote:
kinevon wrote:
Robert Reine wrote:
For personal reasons, I wish they moved to New Orleans.

For personal reasons, I wish they moved it to Las Vegas.

And, note, Vegas has a lot of available hotel rooms and convention spaces.

There was some chatter about Vegas on a GenCon writing track list I'm on. Folks there said it had been proposed in the past but that there were two big reasons (I have no idea how valid these really are) for making it a non-starter--competition for dollars from other activities and the perception, at least, that Vegas isn't "family-friendly."

Like any tourist-oriented place, Vegas will have a lot of options to draw people's interests. How else do you make money in tourism?

And, honestly, while there are plenty of adult activities, there is plenty of family-friendly stuff, as well. Amusement parks, kid-friendly places and shows, all sorts of stuff.

Heck, Vegas is one of the few places I know of where not only is there a restaurant open for any holiday, there are a variety of restaurants open for any holiday.

Grand Lodge ****

Robert Reine wrote:
For personal reasons, I wish they moved to New Orleans.

For personal reasons, I wish they moved it to Las Vegas.

And, note, Vegas has a lot of available hotel rooms and convention spaces.

Grand Lodge ****

GMT is in a sort of limbo right now, due to <events>, although he has been encountered since that time by some Pathfinders.

So, right now, he is a cameo NPC, as anything more would be a bad thing, due to causing PvP in many parties.

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trollbill wrote:
Marak Cobbler wrote:
trollbill wrote:
Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
The PFS setting is fairly good, although I have seen a few options slip through the cracks here and there.
I find it to be mostly accurate, as well. Only problem I am currently having with it is that it keeps telling me my Ranger's Dire Rat animal companion isn't legal for PFS.
That's okay, it keeps telling me my race isn't legal. But I have the convention boon to be an aasimar.
That makes sense that it would say a Boon only item was illegal. (Though I suppose some sort of Boon exception button might be nice). Dire Rat is one of the listed legal ranger animal companions in the CORE rules.

There is a way to add in various PFS exception options, using ShadowChemosh's free add-on for HeroLab. It gives a way to add adjustments for feats, races, archetypes, and something-or-other else to a specific PC. Makes most of my non-standard PCs not show errors for boon races, unlocked-by-boon archetypes, etc.

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Gary Bush wrote:
kinevon wrote:
Gary Bush wrote:
TOZ wrote:
That is certainly a conclusion you could draw.
That is too bad.
That you jump to conclusions based on incomplete information? Yes, it is too bad.

Lets be honest. I was not given complete information. So yes, it is too bad that I was directed into a conclusion.

What was your conclusion for that conversation?

Please reframe from attacking me. I will defend myself.

Thank you,

You were not directed to a conclusion, you decided, independently, to draw a conclusion based on insufficient information. Whether the conclusion you draw is correct or not is immaterial, it is formed on a basis of air.

My conclusion for that conversation? That TOZ was trying to be cute, in his own, inimitable, fashion. I did not have enough information, at that time, to draw a conclusion. I did form a hypothesis, but that has, privately, been dis-proven. Live and learn.

I did not attack you, I simply stated that, in my opinion, it was sad that you showed a tendency, in this thread at least, of jumping to unfounded conclusions. Oh, and by the way, I believe the word you want to use is refrain, reframe would be something a painter does to a picture...

My apologies if my reaction to your post or posts is negative. Maybe that is my response to how you present yourself in writing on the forums.

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DM_Blake wrote:
Jiggy wrote:
...why are you bringing up CWI and elixirs/philters in a discussion of the potion/oil rules? What's that got to do with the topic?

I was not the first in this thread.

I was responding to this:

Dr Styx wrote:

I would say Potions and Oils, ext. are made by the Brew Potions Feat.

Oils could be made with the Craft Wonderous Items Feat, but could not make Potions.

But not only to that poster, but to the idea in general that it's OK to craft potion-ish wondrous items.

I was trying to give useful advice on that front, as well as on the potion vs. oil question.

Various Elixirs and Salves/Unguents in the Wondrous Items section pretty much kick that idea in the can.

Elixir of Hiding
Restorative Ointment

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Bronsonfu wrote:
Lemmy wrote:
Yeah, when you level up you can put ranks in whatever skill you want. All that being a class skill does is give you a nice +3 bonus.
Thanks for the fast response! Any ideas why my friend thought this as RAW. Was it maybe ruled like this in DnD 3.5 (I have only played Pathfinder thus far so I wouldn't know).

Actually, IIRC, in 4th Edition D&D, you could only put ranks in skills that were explicitly listed for each class. And only at first level. After that, skills improved based on level, but even included the untrained skills.

5E gives more sources for which skills can be trained, class, race, backgrounds, but once you are done, you are done, and improvement mainly comes form leveling up, again.

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Christopher Rowe wrote:

Preparing for my second run through of this tomorrow, and digging in a little deeper this time on prep (snowed in!), I find I have some questions about the Diplomacy options on the ship and with the Kortos agents at the warehouse. In both cases, there are directions for what to do (and DCs provided) if the PCs use diplomacy in making requests of the NPCs--asking the first mate to get on to the ship in the first case and asking them to leave the warehouse and not raise an alarm in the second.

However, the starting attitude of both the first mate and of the Kortos agents is listed as Unfriendly. And the rules for Diplomacy state outright that "[i]f a creature's attitude toward you is at least indifferent, you can make requests of that creature." Now, I've always interpreted that as meaning that if the creature's starting attitude is NOT at least indifferent (that is, unfriendly or hostile), then you CAN'T "make requests of the creature," by which I mean, you can't use Diplomacy to get it to do stuff.

Thoughts, Pathfinders?

Usually means you have to use Diplomacy, first, to improve their attitude toward you, before you make the attempt, again via Diplomacy, to request the favor.

You can change the initial attitudes of nonplayer characters with a successful check. The DC of this check depends on the creature's starting attitude toward you, adjusted by its Charisma modifier. If you succeed, the character's attitude toward you is improved by one step. For every 5 by which your check result exceeds the DC, the character's attitude toward you increases by one additional step. A creature's attitude cannot be shifted more than two steps up in this way, although the GM can override this rule in some situations. If you fail the check by 4 or less, the character's attitude toward you is unchanged. If you fail by 5 or more, the character's attitude toward you is decreased by one step.

DC: Unfriendly 20 + creature's Cha modifier

If a creature's attitude toward you is at least indifferent, you can make requests of the creature. This is an additional Diplomacy check, using the creature's current attitude to determine the base DC, with one of the following modifiers. Once a creature's attitude has shifted to helpful, the creature gives in to most requests without a check, unless the request is against its nature or puts it in serious peril. Some requests automatically fail if the request goes against the creature's values or its nature, subject to GM discretion.

DC: As listed in the scenario, I would suppose.

So, initial Diplomacy, schmoozing the Kortos agents, trying to make nice with them. Under standard rules, the roll could make them hostile (DC-5 or less), no change (DC-1 to DC-4), make them indifferent (DC to DC+4), or even make them friendly (DC+5 or higher), in some rare cases (Diplomancer Bard with the right feat or ability, IIRC), it can even make them helpful (DC+10 or more).

If you are lucky enough (or just plain good enough) to make them indifferent or better, then you get to make the check to get the appropriate assistance.

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IT looks like it is mostly going to be a blank map, for the area where that encounter is. Given that the path is going to be fairly wide, and there is just the tree and the hearse there, not much in the way of terrain needed.

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@Gary: Remember that, in many cases, using the right pregen as a replacement can keep the game in the same sub-tier.

Lost a 3-5 level PC? Try a 4th level pregen, odds are fairly good that the party can opt to continue playing at the same sub-tier. Same holds true for a 6-8 level PC, use a 7th level pregen.

Sometimes the APL will change, then you take a few minutes too discuss the situation with the players, and get their buy-in on how to proceed.

"Okay, guys, Bart had to leave to take Kenny to the hospital. We can pause the game for now, and start it back up when Kenny gets better, or we can sub in a couple of pregens for their PCs. The scenario is a X-Y, you have been playing in X tier. A X level pregen for each of their PCs would change the APL to Y. If we do that, and continue in the lower sub-tier, you would only get the rewards appropriate for the lower sub-tier, even though you played part of it at the higher sub-tier. How do you all want to proceed?"

The only difference is if the player was using their tablet for something that drained their battery earlier, and doesn't have some way to charge it or provide backup power, they can have an option to let them stay at the table. (Part of my kit, now, includes a couple of backup batteries, chargers really, that can recharge my phone on the go. Despite being up-and-out, sometimes, for almost 24 hours, I have seldom had to pull out the second charger.)

This also covers an issue another coordinator mentioned ion a different thread, where his site has a couple of people who can only stay for the first two hours or so of a slot, and they do it consistently. Now, he has an option to let the game continue for everyone else, with appropriate replacements and challenge level...

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For the Norgorber one, just say that you do the prayer, but don't suspect anyone heard you. No need to follow anyone, poison them or what-have-you.

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Got it, responded to it. Note that, as my PM says, just because a PC has a retired trait, does not mean the PC is not PFS legal, as many of us have PCs with grandfathered options on them.

I started playing PFS in 2008, and my first PC actually had to be updated from 3.5 rules to Pathfinder rules before I could play him starting with Season 1. However, as he was a member of a national faction, and the trait I took for him from that faction is no longer offered by the non-national version, it was grandfathered in for him.

Also, if you switch factions, you retain any faction trait from your old faction, not your current faction.

Of course, knowing what I know now, I would rather have been offered the option to retain it or change it to a currently-allowed trait...

Note: You may want to put in some form of tracking for factions, where a player can annotate if and when their PC changed factions, either due to personal change, faction retirement (Shadow and Lantern Lodges, and Sczarni), or faction name/focus change (All the national factions to non-national versions, Cheliax/Dark Archive, Andoran/Liberty's Edge, Qadira/The Exchange, Osirion/Saphhire Sages, and Taldor/Sovereign Court), etc.

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nosig wrote:
MadScientistWorking wrote:
nosig wrote:

re-posting the thread purpose (as I see it)

nosig wrote:


Reading thru the Blog post I notice the following point of interest...

... Pathfinder Society Campaign Clarifications Document...

...Pathfinder Society characters have many options....
...some of these options can be interpreted in different ways...
...these ambiguities can lead to substantially different rules interpretations from table to table...
...created this document to ...
...provide an equitable gaming experience to players all over the world. The Clarifications Document is a centralized place for us to offer official rulings for ambiguous rules....

...these are not official errata...
...principally addresses rules material that appears in softcover sources...rather than the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game hardcover books. ...

...What rules ambiguities have you seen in your Pathfinder Society games that you would like to see resolved?

SO, it looks like this post is mainly dealing with "rules ambiguities" when dealing with PFS Character options in softcover books. Is that correct?

No. Its any material.

Why do you think that?

Where does it say it deals with anything other than what it says it deals with?

The Clarifications Document principally addresses rules material that appears in softcover sources such as the Pathfinder Campaign Setting and Pathfinder Player Companion lines, rather than the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game hardcover books.

Note that this does not prohibit them from dealing (or having to deal) with rules ambiguities that crop up when using softcover books and rules interactions with material in hardcover sources.

Example: Wand Wielder arcana for the Magus. Explicitly allows the Magus to use Spell Combat with a wand. Does not cover the interactions with Spellstrike, if the spell would be one that could normally be used to Spellstrike with, like a wand of Shocking Grasp.

Do you have to track the source of a spell, on later rounds, to note if the Magus has to use a non-weapon touch attack with it, or a regular weapon Spellstrike with it, even if the spell is on their list, if it was cast from a wand, staff, scroll, or other class spell slot?

How about if the spell came from a spell storing item, that the Magus originally cast the spell into? How does that work with Spellstrike?

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Murdock Mudeater wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:

Books are listed as permissive or exclusive depending on what would be shorter. If it listed everything the additional resources document would be an encyclopedia. It really has to be listed that way...

Also note the archives of nethys method, which is what I use 99% of the time.

They are not always correct. I've found it pays to double check the additional resources.

Anyway, just a wish. Especially for things like legal classes, deities, and such, a definitive list of what was legal would be wonderful.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Single use and generally not worth it in my experience. Most things don't live long enough for it to go into effect...
Totally agree. But as a class feature, definitely seems like something worth knowing how it works.

Steve Lau/Dragnmoon has a post around here, thought it was stickied, with a link to a Google document with a bare bones listing of all PFS legal deities.

Most classes, true classes, are legal for PFS. Archetypes (case-by-case), and evil classes (antipaladin) and PrCs (assassin) are not legal.

I admit I would love a list of classes and legal archetypes. I know I listed the legal pregens somewhere, and there were a lot of them, even without there being pregens for some classes/books yet. Of course, that egal archetypes list would be even nicer as a matrix (class x archetype) and include compatible archetypes (Blade Bound & Kensai, for instance) as their own entries, as well.

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Tabletop Giant wrote:
Christopher Rowe wrote:
Good luck!

Thank you for that :)

I put up an introduction that describes what we're currently offering as well as what we would like to do in the future.

Feel free to share with friends/neighbors/social media/etc - we'll need all the attention we can get!


Congrats on getting it open.

Of course, it just shows my timing sucks. I had sent out a batch of emails with the codes you gave me less than a day of you opening the site up. It was amusing. I have, since, sent out a general email to the local players about the site.

I also sent you a PM on the site about a minor issue I ran into with one of my older PCs, where the older Faction traits are not available, although he has one grandfathered in...

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