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Verik Vancaskerkin

kinevon's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 2,965 posts (4,122 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 27 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Andoran ***

Nefreet wrote:
kinevon wrote:
And the Bestiary is "another legal source", yes?
Additional Resources wrote:

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Bestiary

Animal Companions: ankylosaurus, aurochs, brachiosaurus, dire bat, dire rat, dolphin, elasmosaurus, electric eel, elephant/mastodon, frog, goblin dog, hyena, monitor lizard, moray eel, octopus, orca, pteranodon, rhinoceros, roc, squid, stegosaurus, triceratops, and tyrannosaurus; Familiars: all familiars listed on pages 131–133; Feats: none of the feats are legal for play for PCs, animal companions, or familiars unless specifically granted by another legal source. Other: all creatures in this book are legal for polymorph effects (including a druid's wild shape ability) within the boundaries of each spell or ability's parameters.

So, Additional Resources says yes.

Andoran ***

w01fe01 wrote:
prd? sorry guess im tired lol

Look up, and to the left. It'll look, and link, something like the below:

Rules Archive (PRD)

Andoran ***

SCPRedMage wrote:
kinevon wrote:
Mike Brock only mentioned the Paladin, Cavalier and Nature Oracle, not the Ranger.

Yes, but the FAQ answer for those classes uses word-for-word identical language as the entry for the ranger.

As a paladin or cavalier, what mount can I have? wrote:
No additional mounts are legal in Pathfinder Society Organized Play except when granted from another legal source.
As a ranger, what list of companions can I select my animal companion from? wrote:
No additional companions are legal in Pathfinder Society Organized Play for Rangers except when granted from another legal source.

And the Bestiary is "another legal source", yes?

Rocs taken as animal companions by druids or rangers are typically newly hatched birds—a baby roc is the size of a person and ready for flight and hunting within minutes of hatching. Unfortunately for druids seeking animal companions of legendary size, an animal companion roc is limited to Large size—still large enough for a Medium druid or ranger to use the flying beast as a mount.

Emphasis added, but that is from the Roc entry from the Bestiary.

Additional Resources cites Roc from the Bestiary as being a legal Animal Companion. Bestiary is therefore a legal source.

Ipso ergo, Roc should be a legal AC for Rangers.

Andoran ***

Jeff Merola wrote:
kinevon wrote:

Owie. My eyes hurt.

Someone turned on the red "this has changed" just above the Pathfinder Rulebook ssection, and never turned it off. Everything from that point on is red.

Including stuff that I am fairly sure has not changed in years....

The page still looks normal to me. I even cleared my cache and refreshed a couple of times to make sure.

Just did the refresh on it, still shows as red starting from Deadly Dealer in the Varisia book section, all the way to the bottom of the page.

Probably related to a few ... things that we do at work, such as using Internet Explorer, and my PC at work still being on IE 8....

Microsoft. Meh. Probably other browsers just automatically end the red definition at the end of the paragraph, but IE doesn't, or something simple like that.

Edit: Just went in through Chrome, which we have for access to a specific web site, and it shows the red ending at the end of the Varisia book citation.


Anzyr wrote:

Clothing is Clothing. Unless it's trying to take over your world and detonate it to propagate itself. Then its COVERS. A swarmsuit cannot transform your clothing into COVERS.

Swarmsuit is clothing. Sleeves of Many Garments can transform your clothes into it. Simple. It's multiple sets of "clothing" you say? So is a jacket over a shirt, deal with it.

Actually, you are ignoring at least one part of the Sleeves text: set of clothing. Not shirt, not pants, not jacket, but a set of clothing.

So, the real questions are whether it lives down to the spell used to Craft it, or up to the item's own text. Item's own text, by PF general rules of specific overriding general, should be the way you use it. As written, not as you think it should be, so transform wins over appears.

And, indeed, if "any non-magical clothing" means only things from the Clothing item list or not.

Explorer's outfit? Yes
Snowshoes? According to the "items in the Clothing list" set, yes

Note that, if it were an illusion, in itself, it would give information, like Disguise Self spell, on how it works as a +X to disguise, but allows someone who interacts with it a Will save. No Will save mentioned, so it is not in itself a disguise, it is a different set of clothing.

Andoran ***

CanisDirus wrote:
Just a tiny request, to put statblocks in formats other than herolab, for the people who don't use it. Thanks very much, all, for prepping all of this!

Um. HeroLab stat blocks use the PF standard formatting.

And, I am fairly sure, the person who said he is going to use stat blocks exported form HeroLab is either going to export them in PDF or text format, so that the user won't need HeroLab.


You might want to check out the Ruby Phoenix Tournament module for ideas. Lots of good stuff in there, including how to handle buffs.

Andoran ***

Owie. My eyes hurt.

Someone turned on the red "this has changed" just above the Pathfinder Rulebook ssection, and never turned it off. Everything from that point on is red.

Including stuff that I am fairly sure has not changed in years....

Andoran ***

SCPRedMage wrote:
kinevon wrote:
Another legal source could also be an entry in a bestiary that says that "This animal is also available as a Ranger's Animal Companion."
That was my initial thought, too, but my research led me to believe otherwise.

To be honest, given the answer he quoted, and what the Roc itself says, if the PRD has the current correct text, Secane drew an incorrect conclusion.

Mike Brock only mentioned the Paladin, Cavalier and Nature Oracle, not the Ranger.

The Roc explicitly mentions Rangers as being a class that can choose one.

That, to me, qualifies, just like the mention of Improved Natural Armor in the Druid Animal Companion Feats section of the CRB, as another legal source.

Just verified that the Roc is a legal AC per Additional Resources.
Roc says that Druid and Rangers can take it, in the write-up in the Bestiary.

Andoran ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I would treat an enemy escaping, if the players allow it within their RP, as under the creative solutions:

Pathfinder Society Organized Play never wants to give the impression that the only way to solve a problem is to kill it—rewarding the creative use of skills and roleplaying not only make Society games more fun for the players, but it also gives the GM a level of flexibility in ensuring players receive the rewards they are due.

As long as they defeated the encounter, and having the NPCs run away is surely being defeated, they should receive the full rewards for the encounter.

Step 5: Determine the Max Gold for the scenario based on the PC’s advancement rate and the subtier played. Circle the applicable value (F). If the PC’s level is not within the subtier played (such as a 1st-, 2nd-, or 3rd-level character in Subtier 4–5), circle the Out-of-Subtier gold value or calculate the Out-of-Subtier value for Seasons 0–4 by taking the average of both subtiers and rounding down. Write this value beside area F and circle it. This value represents the total gold piece value a character may receive for defeating all enemies and finding all treasure in a scenario. If the player is playing a non-1st level pregenerated character, he may choose instead to apply this Chronicle sheet to a 1st-level character by reducing this value to 500 gp (or 250 gp for the slow advancement track). If the PCs failed to earn any of the rewards listed for an encounter, deduct the amount listed for the applicable subtier from the value circled in area F. If the resulting value is negative, use 0 instead. Place the result of this calculation in the shaded GP Gained field and initial the adjacent box (Q).

As long as the PCs defeated the encounter, give them full gold. As to access, if the NPC running away has something that grants access, use the creative solution solution, and give them a chance to find it along the way.

Andoran ***

Another legal source could also be an entry in a bestiary that says that "This animal is also available as a Ranger's Animal Companion."


CalebTGordan wrote:
Starglim wrote:

... a DC of 40 + distance penalties...

How did you get 40?

I made the assumption that he was referencing Invisibility, as the creature is out of line of sight, not moving, and not making any serious active noise.

So, 40 + Stealth skill + 10 + distance modifiers = nominal DC to notice.

A bit harsh, though.


Note that there are items, feats, and other things thats, along with race, that can change how much rest someone needs in PF.

Get everyone a Ring of Sustenance, and you get everyone down to 2 hours rest. Elves get their trance ability, which I think is 6 hours. There is a vanity in the Pathfinder Society Field Guide, I think, that is a place where a party can rest for 6 hours, but get the benefit of 8 hours rest.

Get some way to spam Lesser Restoration, and the party can go for as long as the spam lasts, as Lesser Restoration removes the fatigued condition, and can lessen exhausted to fatigued.

Lesser restoration dispels any magical effects reducing one of the subject's ability scores or cures 1d4 points of temporary ability damage to one of the subject's ability scores. It also eliminates any fatigue suffered by the character, and improves an exhausted condition to fatigued. It does not restore permanent ability drain.

If your GM allows the Paladin version to be used to make wands, a 750 gp wand will give 50 castings. Without the Paladin version, the price goes up to 4500 gp. And, unless the party includes a Cleric, Druid, Paladin or Oracle, your Sorcerer would need to use UMD to use it...


Note that you are worrying about what is a far-out coprner case, where someone takes a trait, Magical Knack, that is, for 8 levels, of no value to them at all, and doesn't buy anything, or take any feat or other trait, that increases their caster level on its own, for the few times this would apply?

Gah. The times when this would apply would be fairly rare, except, possibly, for the bard themselves.

Magical Knack is mainly taken when it is already going to be used, for, say, a MT build, or an EK build, not somewthing you would likely takle at first level, and not get any benefit from until 9th level. And that for only a limited number of times a day.

The caster is more likely to have already taken feats like Varisian Tattoo, traits like Precocious Spellcaster, and bought the Ioun stone that adds +1 caster level, by this time. And then you run into the rule clarification, maybe from JJ, that Magical Knack is applied last, and cannot be used to raise your CL above your total HD. Meh.

This is so far out into corner case that it isn't worth worrying about, or the extra caster level boost is not worth worrying about for less than three minutes of adventuring time.


FLite wrote:
So lets not bring physics into this. (Lets also not bring up the fact that a fighter in full plate might be less affected by shocking grasp, not more, because the metal would act as a lightning rod, routing the electricity around him.)

Note: Shocking Grasp does not do more damage to the person in metal armor than the person in plain clothing.

It is using the metal as though Shocking Grasp created a magnetic effect, and used that effect to allow ferrous metals to let the spell target them better.

Now, PF doesn't go into such detail, unfortunately, so it doesn't say, "These metals, in quantity, provide a +3 to hit; these other metals, no matter the quantity, provide no bonus to hit."

Probably because some of the fantasy metals aren't defined as ferrous/non-ferrous, like mithril and adamantine...

Andoran ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.


It is insane that the target of a hex can save, still be affected, then get cackled to death. Literally.

You saved versus the effect, why are you still suffering from it round after round after round?

Where, in that, is there anything that increases the fun for the GM who has to deal with that kind of BS?

Andoran ***

RND, I think he is not looking for ways to bring that underpowered PC up to Uberpowered PC, but to bring it up to where it is able to make a solid contribution at tier.

Playing a 7-11 with 4 mid-optimum PCs and Harsk, for instance. What can you do to help Harsk step up and provide to the table, rather than get a weak attack every turn?

For prepared casters, this is usually a fairly easy thing to do, just suggest some spells that might work better for them. Maybe burst of radiance instead of a DC 15 Charm Monster, or other spell substitutions, like party buffs in place of low DC attack spells.

For martials, it can be tougher. Especially if they are the frontline type, where their options are more limited by their current build. But, if they have a high AC, and a crappy damage roll, maybe they can make trips or disarms, and, with a high enough AC, they won't have to deal with getting hit on the AoO in return, if they don't have the feat chain.

For spontaneous casters, the answer, since they can't easily change their known spells, is either somethign like a Page of Spell Knowledge, or wands for things they can do when their regular spells just won't cut it.

Overall, the best thing to do is ask them leading questions if you can, about situations you know their PC has problems dealing with, and help them figure out a way to handle it.

But, in order to do that, you need to have an idea of what their PC is built to do, and what it struggles with.

My highest level PC, for instance, has a crappy Strength score, only 14 now, and he is a Fighter (I mean crappy Strength for a Fighter, not that bad for other types of PCs). For most of his career, he has been doing combat maneuvers, trip and disarm, using Agile Maneuvers to get his Dex instead of Str for CMB. Now, he has been able to add Weapon Finesse, and an Agile rapier to his supplies, so he can step up and do some actual damage, if he needs to. He also has a few consumables to fill out his options in other circumstances, so he can "cast" a few spells, too, now.

Andoran ***

Yeah, if I had seen this in time, I would have mentioned first aid gloves.

A cracked purple prism Ioun stone with Expeditious Retreat in it? "I don't have to be faster than the monster, I just have to be faster than you!"

Andoran ***

Jeff Mahood wrote:
kinevon wrote:
So, while I have a few of the boons, and boon races, what should I do when I exceed the total number of PCs supported by having 2 of each race?

*shrug* You make another one. Including only the races that are open starting at season 6, that's 22 characters. If you have 22 different characters, then you've got good reason to have more than 2 of at least 1 of them, and probably more. I consider that to be a corner case - I don't get to play outside of my local community, but I can comfortably say that I can count the number of players I've met with more than a half-dozen characters on one hand, myself included.

That said, I'll reiterate that the "2 characters per race" is a personal opinion, as I'd rather have a variety of different characters, and I try to encourage other players to step out of their comfort zone and not to have a half-dozen slightly different dwarven fighters.

Heh. My last character who received credit is my -27.

Human (14?)
Dhampir (1)
Kitsune (1)
Ifrit (1)
Oread (1)
Sylph (1)
Undine (1)
Aasimar (4?)
Tiefling (3?)

Until the announcement, I had 1 aasimar, no tieflings; but I looked through my 1-3 XP PCs, found three of them that might work as aasimar or tiefling, have played First Steps with a tiefling cleric, GMed Confirmation, and have a Confirmation game coming up this Sunday.

Currently at 95 tables of credit, although some of that is from various modules, and a bunch of the Tier 1/Tier 1-2 games. We have had a bunch of churn in local gamers, so lots of startup games.

Although I do have PCs leveled up through to my highest, who is 14th level.

And it is possible to have a half-dozen "dwarf fighters" using different races and classes to get the same result.

Wall o' Text:
My preferred PF PC is the archer. I have restrained myself, so I have a human fighter with a bow (12th level, first PFS PC); a human (now planetouched) Zen Archer Monk; a human fighter (weapon master) with a longbow (wierd case, PC played at first level, all three First Steps when legal, as a fiughter (archer), got hit with GM credit for a Tier 2-4 module, and all 4 chronicles from my playing in Dragin's Demand in campaign/home mode, rebuilt, therefore, at 7th level as weapon master instead of archer, but using the final "before being played at 2nd level or higher" lock-in rebuild, played once as weapon master.

I may have other archer style PCs, but I am also tryiung to use PFS to experiment with builds and/or classes I am less comfortable with, like arcane casters. Two different sorcerers, one at 4th level (human), and one at 6th level (my kitsune). One wizard, using the boon to make him a Thassilonian Specialist, at 3rd or 4th level now; an 8th level Magus, and a couple of disarm/trip reach builds; one my 14th level PC, fighter (polearm master) using a fauchard, and the other at 10th level, fighter (lore warden) 8, Magus (Kensai) 2, using a whip.

Andoran ***

Yep, there are only a few things that can prevent you from taking 10:

Combat or heavy distractions. Note: Being high on a cliff while climbing is not a distraction on making a climb check. Also, having a climb speed usually means you can take 10 when others cannot.

UMD: The skill itself says that you cannot take 10 on it at all.

Swimming: Bad weather prevents taking 10, but swimming in something fairly placid shouldn't be an issue. And, if you have a swim speed, you can take 10 when others cannot.

Also, you cannot Take 10 when doing an Aid Another action, you have to roll.

There are a few things that overcome these limitations, like the Bard Jack of All Trades ability.

But, overall, when doing crafting or crafting-like things, you are going to be in a non-combat, placid environment.

Andoran ***

spectrevk wrote:
Related question: do trait bonuses stack? For example, could you have the Bad Reputation faction trait (Sczarni) and the Bully trait?

Note to clarify the responses:

If the bonus is a +X Trait Bonus, it will not stack with another +X Trait Bonus to the same target.

If the trait gives an untyped bonus, and a few do, they will stack.

Without looking up the two traits involved, as I am at work, I cannot say with authority that they are both Trait bonuses, but the odds favor it, since most are.


Gilarius wrote:

Kinevon's description matches how we play it.

The only part of the spell where the fluff doesn’t seem to tally with the mechanics is where it says the effects get worse with each failed save. Eg failing the first save doesn’t actually make the 2nd round of effects worse.

I don't know about that. I would consider stunned to be strictly worse than staggered, as you still get AoOs when staggered, and can do an attack or other standard or move action on your turn, but stunned means you don't get AoOs, and you lose your next turn.

Even one turn of stunned can mean game over for a BBEG, especially if he is a solo. This spell, with Persistent metamagic, or an ill fortune/misfortune type effect? Ugly. Especially if you maximized your DC for it, as well.

Bard DC: 10 + 5 + Cha mod (min +2), possible Spell Focus/Greater Spell Focus, DC runs from 17 on up.

Wizard DC: 10 + 7 + Int mod (min +3), possible SF/GSF, DC starts at 20, and goes up from there.

Wizard level 13 to get this spell, so starting Int of 20, 3 level bumps, +4 stat headband, so 27 Int, SF & GSF, not counting any other modifiers, so DC 10+7+8+1+1, for DC 27. Add other modifiers, like Spell Perfection, Persistent metamagic, etc.


wraithstrike wrote:

It seems to work like constrict to me. It says upon a successful grapple check which is what grab allows.

I don't like the idea of releasing someone and grabbing them again, but I also understand that if a monster is fighting alone from an OoC perspective it is efficient to do so.

Yeah, but some uses of it breaks both verisimilitude, and any distant vision of proper challenge.

There is a creature with 4 attacks that have grab in a module. It has a rider on a successful grab, where it can do stat damage to a stat of its choice. Using the grab/release method for a full attack with it moves it way beyond its CR, honestly. And, from a player perspective, makes that encounter very unfun.

After all, it is possible, in a worst case scenario, for it to knock out an opponent per round with stat damage alone.

CR 8 opponent
4 claws +14 (1d4+4 plus grab)
Special Attacks evisceration, sneak attack +2d6
Evisceration (Ex) A mi-go’s claws are capable of swiftly and painfully performing surgical operations upon helpless creatures or creatures it has grappled. When a mi-go succeeds at a grapple check (in addition to any other effects caused by a successful check), it deals its sneak attack damage to the victim. A creature that takes this damage must succeed at a DC 18 Fortitude save or take an additional 1d4 points of ability damage from the invasive surgery (the type of ability damage dealt is chosen by the mi-go at the time the evisceration occurs). The save DC is Dexterity-based.

With a series of claw/grab/drops, you get 1d4+4+2d6 times 4, and a DC 18 Fort save each time or lose 1d4 ability of its choice. Ugly


Spell cast on target.

Round 1, target makes first save:
Failed: 5d6 sonic damage plus staggered, see A2 below
Succeeded: 5d6 sonic damage halved, not staggered, see B2 below.

Round 2, target makes second save:
A2, failed: 5d6 sonic damage, stunned for 1 round, see A3 below.
A2, succeeded: 5d6 sonic damage halved, no stun, see B3 below.
B2, failed: 5d6 sonic damage plus staggered, see C3 below.
B2, succeeded: 5d6 sonic damage halved, not staggered, see D3 below.

Round 3, target makes third save:
A3, failed: 10d6 sonic damage, stunned 1d4+1 rounds
A3, succeeded: 10d6 sonic damage halved, no stun.
B3, failed: 5d6 sonic damage, stunned for 1 round.
B3, succeeded: 5d6 sonic damage halved, no stun.
C3, failed: 5d6 sonic damage, stunned for 1 round.
C3, succeeded: 5d6 sonic damage halved, no stun.
D3, failed: 5d6 sonic damage plus staggered.
D3, succeeded: 5d6 sonic damage halved, not staggered.

Spell needs a flow chart, it does.

Acts like it is a Witch hex, with Cackle around. Blech.

So, best case scenario: 15d6 sonic damage, saved for half damage. Since it is Fortitude, not Reflex, Evasion/Improved Evasion need not apply for for the job. Mettle (from 3.5) or equivalent ability would come into play.

Worst case, failing all three saves: 20d6 sonic damage, staggered the first round, stunned for the next 1d4+2 rounds. Ugly.

Of course, that assumes the target is not immune to sonic damage, and, as all rider affects, that at least some sonic damage gets through any energy resistance or hardness it may have.


Also, you missed the part of Readied Action where it changes your place in the initiative order. You give up your original place in initiative, and wind up just before the person/creature/situation that triggered your Readied action in initiative, and that is your turn until it comes back around, as it is still the actual turn of the creature you interrupted with the Ready.


Dhampir requires a boon in PFS.

There is a Cleric Domain (Undead, IIRC) that gives Negative Energy Affinity for a limited time, through a melee touch attack, based on Cleric level, number of times is standard 3+Wis mod, IIRC.

Yep, Undead subdomain:

Death's Kiss (Su): You can cause a creature to take on some of the traits of the undead with a melee touch attack. Touched creatures are treated as undead for the purposes of effects that heal or cause damage based on positive and negative energy. This effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 your cleric level (minimum 1). It does not apply to the Turn Undead or Command Undead feats. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

Andoran ***

I think th eproblem is that some people appear to be equating the rule of, "Thou shalt not turn away a player with a legal PFS character from an available seat, simply because the PC is of a class you don't want to allow." with "You may run a table from 3 to 7 players, with less than 7 preferred."

That last one, other than the 3 minimum, and the 7 hardcap, is a range, not a limit of 6 players, and 6 players only.

As mentioned, earlier season (0-3) stuff usually is more fun/plays better with smaller groups, 4 or 5; while Season 4 and later are written for 6 players, and the 4 player adjustment is usually less than optimal, so 6 players would be best.

James, is there something in the rules for the PSOC that says 6 players only as the cap, or is that just recommended/advised? I know I have seen games advertised with less than 6 seats, and, as Jesse posted, there doesn't seem to be a PFS rule against that...

Andoran ***

Jeff Mahood wrote:
Walter Sheppard wrote:
Hey Jeff, I like the math. I didn't realize how many 12s a person could have if they played it all out perfectly. Just remember that some people slow track PCs, and not everyone want's their PCs to reach level 12.

That's fair. Slow track means fewer characters, though, and I'm not certain whether only playing to level 7 or so would increase the total appreciably, as you then lose access to some modules, some adventure path XP, and the 7-11 scenarios.

Paul's point about GM credit is well-taken, though, and increases the number of characters to 16.

As to my last point, as I said, that's my opinion - and anyone who knows me IRL (as Paul does) will also know that the criteria I impose upon myself for character creation is a lot more stringent than I expect from other people. While I believe that more than 2 characters of a given race is excessive, I fully recognize that not everyone is going to agree with that. It's only my personal opinion, anyway. :)

And FWIW, I didn't see any snark in your post, Walter, but thanks for clarifying all the same.

Just as a question for you, and understanding that I have run a lot of the Tier 1 replayables, for one reason or another, how many non-boon races are there?

Race list:


Open, going to boon:

Boon, going to open:

Boon only:
Dhampir (Dhampyr?)

I think some other races may have been available via boon?

So, while I have a few of the boons, and boon races, what should I do when I exceed the total number of PCs supported by having 2 of each race?

New player comment:
Locally, at times, we keep getting a reset with an influx of new players, and the experienced players going to home games/non-PFS, so we have to start off a bunch of new PCs to be able to play with the new guys, especially since we frequently have only one table's worth of players...

Goblins were limited to 37 people, IIRC; and Suli requires having all 4 elemental race boons, unused, so...

I have 27 PCs in PFS, all with at least one XP, up to a 14th level PC.

Most of them are Human. Does that qualify as too many humans?

Andoran ***

Fomsie wrote:
trollbill wrote:
David_Bross wrote:
Shifty wrote:

Dwarves, it's the dwarves that are special snowflakes - ever since 2nd ed.

They start all the trouble with their drunken ways - and they only have two clans, the 'Scottish Accent' Dwarves, and the 'Pirate Voice' Dwarves - both are obnoxious.

Don't be hating on the Scottish sounding dwarves...
Pirate dwarves, though...that's just not right.
You would hate my Dwarven Zen Archer Monk/Inquisitor of Asmodeus with Profession:Sailing who served with the Chelaxian Navy...

Please tell me his first scenario was Silent Tide.

Andoran ***

Mark Stratton wrote:
I didn't read it that way, Jiggy, but maybe you're right. I hope that's actually the case.

I parsed it out about the same as Jiggy did.

1) The player is unhappy that Aasimars and Tieflings are being returned to boon-only status.
2) He is trying, I hope, to get a bunch of low-tier games in to lock in, campaign-legally, a batch of aasimars for later use.
3) His local VC, knowing his preference for aasimars, is trying to find some spare, if old, aasimar boons for him, as a backup to grandfathered PCs.
4) He claims he is willing, if he runs out of grandfathered aasimars, and boons to create more legally, to cheat and fake-grandfather more aasimars.

Hopefully, number 4 is hyperboly, rather than a stated action.

And, for number 2, he can, if he is willing, be able to get in a bunch of Tier 1 repeatables through the Pathfinder Society Online Collective. I know there are a bunch of them going on because of the blog post saying they are going away on August 14th.

Andoran ***

Collin Lane wrote:

A masterwork longbow or greataxe would be nice if those are your main weapons. Assuming you have a relatively high strength a composite longbow is good because it allows you to add your strength mod to attacks with that weapon.

Masterwork weapon: weapon cost + 300gp

Composite longbow : 100gp + 100gp for each strength modifier.

Which is where the option mentioned previously came from:

Masterwork composite longbow, Str +3, darkwood comes to 730 gp.

Masterwork composite longbow, Str +2, greenwood, IIRC, comes to 750 gp.

The greenwood option, like some of the items mentioned by Quadstriker, requires books beyond the CRB.

Andoran ***

Nefreet wrote:

Ah. Then please, enlighten me, which page of the Inner Sea World Guide is "Minkaian"?

I'll take notes.

As SCPRedMage quoted:

Languages wrote:
all languages on pages 49-51 may be learned via the Linguistics skill

means that languages from sources other than the ISWG are PFS legal.


Azten wrote:
If you miss by 5 or more, you actually hits an image anyway.

Isn't that 5 or less?

If the attack misses by 5 or less, one of your figments is destroyed by the near miss.

Andoran ***

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GM Lamplighter wrote:
We run 7-player tables when it is a new player, but otherwise don't.

I have reconsidered, and will run 7 player tables, if necessary, for Season 4 and up, the scenarios written for 6 players, since they shouldn't have much trouble with a 7th player.

For earlier seapon scenarios, and modules, I prefer 4 to 5 players.

Andoran ***

1) On the Chronicle sounds about right.
2) Not sure, but it can be pretty much ignored, as it doesn't affect the chronicle attached ot the PC.
3) Well, let the GM know that you have already played the scenario once, and might have GMed it, and then do your best to not metagame.

Andoran ***

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DM Beckett wrote:
The thing about Kitsune is they just beg to be "unique little snowflake" characters. The kind thats all about RP (as long as its about them and how cool/special they are and the spotlights on them).

Really? That's all you see for Kitsune?

Ummm. I have a now 6th level Kitsune Sorcerer, who spends much of his time being the quiet one, given that he doesn't understand non-Tian culture. He does support stuff, along with occasional Sorcerer blasty stuff, but he usually avoids the spotlight. Other than during his Day Job, when he proselytizes with Perform (Oratory) to gain converts for his god, Razmir...

Not all Kitsune need to be Starfox, or the center (centre?) of attention.

And scottish accent dwarves are just the ones that failed when they tried to be pirate accent dwarves... ;) Arrrrh, matey!

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Valkya wrote:
kinevon wrote:
Valkya wrote:

I saw a few years old thread that said the backlog was pretty bad on this. I'm just curious how the current backlog is.


Well, not sure if this applies to everyone, but the last couple of times I used that link, I got a reply from the local VC within just a few days.
Wow, okay, thanks for the info. I did not realize it was your local VC that was the one to fix errors.

I think that was a (fairly) recent change. VCs get the power to touch the play history, so play history problems, especially since they can approach you in person with questions or documentation requests, makes sense, especially since that moves the stuff out from Mike's queue, and gets it taken care of much quicker.

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Another thing that can help with ugly effects is a potion of Remove Sickness instead.

You quell feelings of illness and nausea in the target, giving it a +4 morale bonus on saving throws against disease, nausea, and sickened effects. If the subject is already under the influence of one of these effects when receiving the spell, that effect is suppressed for the duration of the spell.

Casting it, when possible, is more effective, but pouring the potion down your nauseated companion's throat, sort of like a dose of pepto, can be amusing...

Andoran ***

blackbloodtroll wrote:

Goodness, I don't know I missed that it wasn't Cleric specific.

Thank you for the quick response.

Originally, it was, but then this question has been asked before, so they updated the FAQ to cover it.

Andoran ***

No, he gets a commission in bottles of player tears...

By the way, I currently have 26 (yes, 26! With a 27th due to gain GM credity for The Confirmation tomorrow) PCs with one or more XP. A significant number of them are at 3 XP, or equivament. Most of them, currently, are defined as humans.

However, since many of them are GM blobs, I could, just as easily, go into each of my PC files for them, and change their race before the deadline into Aasimar or Tiefling. Are they now legal A/T PCs for the campaign, since they were "rebuilt" from human blobs into aasimar and tiefling blobs?

Or is my 4th level aasimar PC, played only as an aasimar, and the tiefling I played yesterday, online, in In Service to Lore, the only legal aasimar and tiefling I have?

GM blob:
By the way, in response to various GM blob comments, I present my PC named Kynevon, a 7th level Human Fighter (Weapon Master).
Played as a human fighter (archer) through all three First Steps when they were legal. (reached 2nd level, not played since 1st level)
Given my GM credit for running Feast of Ravenmoor. (Reached 3rd level, not played since 1st level.
Given my player credit for playing through Dragon's Demand in campaign/home game mode. (Reached 7th level, not played since 1st level)
At that point, he was a 7th level blob, fully entitled to retraining, since he had never been played above 3 XP.
I retrained him into the Weapon Master archetype, and, finally, played him in a game online, so, at 7th level, he finally got locked into race and class.

But, because of the way local games run, and my health and work hours, I am unlikely to play my -26, the definite tiefling, anytime soon. Partly because I mainly GM locally, but also because my list of player credit 1-5s is short, 6 scenarios, including the start of Season 6, and my list of player credit 1-7s is empty. So who knows when my tiefling cleric of Desna will next see the light of day...

Andoran ***

Kyle Baird wrote:
SKR Blog wrote:

"Disarm, sunder, and trip are normally the only kinds of combat maneuvers in which you’re actually using a weapon (natural weapons and unarmed strikes are considered weapons for this purpose) to perform the maneuver, and therefore the weapon’s bonuses (enhancement bonuses, feats such as Weapon Focus, fighter weapon training, and so on) apply to the roll.

For other maneuvers, either you’re not using a weapon at all, or the weapon is incidental to making the maneuver and its bonuses shouldn’t make you better at attempting the maneuver"

I guess I should ETV with this one. I would argue that a "bite" natural weapon with the grab ability is not incidental to the grapple check.

Question for clarification: If you are grabbing with a bite, how do the Gloves of the Skilled Maneuver, which presumably add their bonus to the appropriate combat maneuver made with your hands, add to a bite grapple?

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Valkya wrote:

I saw a few years old thread that said the backlog was pretty bad on this. I'm just curious how the current backlog is.


Well, not sure if this applies to everyone, but the last couple of times I used that link, I got a reply from the local VC within just a few days.

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I believe in the other thread mentioned, John Compton stated that each boon can only be applied once, so having 2-3 copies is not needed.

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LazarX wrote:
Imbicatus wrote:
claudekennilol wrote:

What about the mount from

** spoiler omitted **

I've never used a mount, but just assumed that that one would work...would it?

You could also ride the ** spoiler omitted **.
I don't think it gets Animal Companion benefits though.

It does get something if you spend the right feat for it, from one of the splat books.

Andoran ***

roysier wrote:
Dragnmoon wrote:
I would rather a game did not happen so it could happen another day with a better experience.
Yep, I'm in this boat also. I'd rather go home then have a bad experience due to a GM not being prepared.

I agree with the above, but with one proviso:

I would see if the table would be willing to play something I had available that I had prepped.

"Hey, guys, I haven't prepped 5-98 Pie Masters of Doom, but I do have all my GM stuff available for any of these <insert list here> replayable scenarios. Would you be willing to play one of those, instead?"

I did this a while back, when our Sunday game day went from 4-5 players one week, to having 8 players and a GM. I ran a table of First Steps, while the original GM ran what he had listed.

Since that day, we usually have two tables listed, and usually have them both go off. I thiunk we actually had to split into a third table a few weeks back for one session... Someone else got to run that table, though, I was already scheduled to run...


Oddly enough, my mini I use for my kitsune PC is an unpainted one I bought from Paizo. Wish I could paint, or knew someone who did...

Of course, that is because he is a Razmiran Priest, and fully dresses that way, so his mini is the one for a Razmiran Priest...

Andoran ***

Seth Gipson wrote:
I have a demon-spawn Ninja/Paladin. He's lots of fun to play, and the guy you actually WANT at the front of the party. Quiet, tough, good perception, and can actually disable the traps he comes across.

Unless there is something I am missing, your Ninja/Paladin still cannot disable magical traps, other than by faceplanting...

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Its not that aasimar are game breaking (they're not) its just that they're head shoulders, and halo above all the other choices for just about everything. You're telling people either play an aasimar or be less effective, and that has resulted in people playing these in droves almost to the exclusion of other options.

I must be really odd, then.

I have 25 PCs with at least one XP right now.
The majority of them are Human.
One is an Aasimar, built deliberately to be a semi-breaker, as a support PC, an Oracle of Life. And he needs to ge a Persistent Rod, at some point, to use with his "offensive" spells, like ghostbane dirge. I have used that spell twioce, once from a scroll with a different PC, and once cast by this PC, and, both times!, the target saved. <grumble>
Four consist of the four elemental races (Oread, Ifrit, Undine and Sylph) from GM boons.
One is a Kitsune, from the triple race boon.
One is a Dhampir from a GM boon for BBB.
I think that means that the other 18 PCs I have are Human.

Also, using one of the alternative racial setups for Humans allows you, at the expense of the feat and skill points, to get +2 to two stats of your choice.

Andoran ***

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9a) Do not force anyone else to roleplay. If someone is just there to kill goblins, let them. Some of us aren't deep into RP, and play to let off steam...

9b) Let others roleplay, even if it isn't what you want to do.

Andoran ***

Daniel Schwab wrote:
So is it expected of all the GMs at an event to own a copy of the scenario they are running? Unless one of them prints it off for them(which I am guessing they must get rid of it after)? Or is only a VC supposed to be able to share them like that?

1) Every GM running a scenario needs to have some sort of copy available to run the game as it should be run.

2) The GM can purchase their own copy, or be gifted a copy, of a scenario they will be running.

3) Anyone who owns the scenario themselves can print out a copy on paper to leand to someone who is going to be GMing it. Typically, you can lend it to them a few days in advance, so they can prep it.

After the game has been run, unless they are going to be running it again shortly, they have to return the printed copy to the person who actually owns the scenario.

Typically, the print & lend option is used by coordinators, organizers and VOs.

The gift option is frequently used by some VOs and organizers, along with Paizo themselves for their big cons.

Some of us GMs, especiallty if we somehow wind up as an organizer, wind up buying most of the scenarios ourselves.

I have a couple of scenarios that were gifted/given to me because I was going to be running them, I have some of the more recent scenarios waiting for my funds to open up enough to purchase, but, otherwise, I own all the scenarios from Season 0 through 5-23... Some of them are even printed out, usually ones I have or plan to run...

Andoran ***

Avatar-1 wrote:
Eyes of the Ten 1 gives more than 1 xp???

Yes. At the end of the 4th Eyes scenario, your PC, if everything has gone right, should be sitting at 13.2 XP (38), having started at 12.0 (33) XP.

And, of course, only the gods, and your GM, will ever be able to figure out how much Prestige you earned over the 4 scenarios.

Now, if only I could get a chance to play my protege some more...

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