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Verik Vancaskerkin

kinevon's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 3,957 posts (5,123 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 33 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Liberty's Edge ****

Ferious Thune wrote:
Walter Sheppard wrote:
In this case, however, leadership has basically said that Core is new and that we're still figuring out what works best for it. Given that, making changes like this right out of the gate are not likely to happen. This is why I encourage anyone that has issues with Core at the moment to hold off, play a few games of Core, collect your thoughts, then consider posting proposed changes.

While I think it's unlikely that Mike and John will decide to allow mundane items to be written into chronicles, or that they will ever be fully included on chronicles, I do think that it's worth pointing out that people speaking up and explaining their issues with different aspects of Core has already resulted in some significant changes. If people hadn't spoken up about the lack of Golarion specific languages, those wouldn't have been added. If people hadn't spoken up about non-Wizards being able to learn non-Core spells from scrolls, that wouldn't have happened.

Your advice for anyone seeking a change to collect their thoughts is good, because a well formed case in favor of a change is more likely to get attention. I just thought it was worth pointing out that campaign leadership has shown that, when faced with a good enough reason, they are willing to make a change right out of the gate. In fact, in some instances, it might make more sense to make certain changes now.

I don't see a strong enough argument for listing all non-Core mundane items on chronicles. It's a lot of bookkeeping for items that, for the most part, don't have a large mechanical impact (a few weapons and armor excepting). While that does mean they're unlikely to be game breaking, it also means spending a not insignificant amount of time keeping track of them. Plus, not doing that by default means mundane items can be included as special items on future chronicles. Something like including a sawtooth sabre in a scenario centered around the Red Mantis Assassins, or possibly a boon like the several out there which...

Main thing I was thinking about was for the group I am going to be doing Core with, online, where we are going to be doing Season 0 & 1 on the road to Eyes with all the right backgrounds, if you know what I mean.

But, since we are staying with the relevant scenarios for Eyes background, none of them will offer much chronicle access for non-Core stuff.

@PeteZero: Some of it harks back to the Potion Sponge question and its relatives. If the source for Potion Sponges is not legal for Core, can you still drink a potion underwater without a problem?

Liberty's Edge ****

@Sarvei: That is probably why your VC has a VL, to cover an area that is difficult for him to reach regularly.

@Roger: If there is a nearby VC, you could discuss with him/her becoming a VL for them in your city. That would give you additional support you can call on, if you need it, without breaking the Paizo model. VCs cover a lot of territory. So much, in fact, that a recent VC retirement included splitting her territory in two.

Liberty's Edge

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pickin_grinnin wrote:
I don't believe that everyone should always have an equal amount of wealth at any time, just as I don't believe that everyone should get a trophy in a competition (like they do in schools today). The first set of players earned the money, the second set didn't. I don't see what the problem is. If I joined a campaign that was already in progress, I would expect to have the same wealth and magic items as people already playing in it.

Did you mean you would NOT expect it, or you would expect it?

On a more serious note, the best option would be to discuss the situation with your players.

Whether that is privately with the existing players first, or with all of the players at once, is up to you.

Explain the situation, and see if you can all come to a satisfactory resolution, whether it is the existing PCs pooling the money and sharing it out, so that even their new allies get a share, or if they want to go with the "You get this as a deed.... to a haunted house/abandoned keep/etc." type thing.

That can lead into a new setup for future adventures.

At third level, giving them a title to, say, Fangwood Keep, but they have to clear it out, might be a good thing on all sides...

Liberty's Edge

Magda Luckbender wrote:
It's very common for players contemplating reach weaponry to be very concerned about threatening adjacent. Oddly, while it seems like this should be important, it's not tactically important for a reach weapon wielder to threaten adjacent. Again, it seems like this should be important, but experience teaches that it just ain't so. Consider this: do characters who only threaten adjacent worry about how they can threaten at reach? If not, why should characters who threaten at reach worry about how they can threaten adjacent? After all, a reach weapon threatens 16 squares, while a non-reach weapon only threatens 8 squares.

Mainly because they don't always understand the best tactics of their weapon, or they are getting overwhelmed by sheer numbers.

If you don't use the reach to do battlefield control around yourself, having a local combat option is important.

And, of course, if you have other issues with opponents over multiple rounds, it can be important to have adjacent options.

Round 1: Trip opponent moving in on you.

Round 2: Opponent stands up, AoO doesn't kill them or incapacitate them.
5' step adjacent to you.
At this point, if you don't have some sort of adjacent attack ability, you can be in serious trouble. In the same way that, as long as your target doesn't have reach, you don't have to deal with the AoO for tripping or disarming them when they aren't adjacent to you, they don't have to deal with the AoO provoked by disarming you, tripping you, bullrushing you, grappling you, or even casting a spell with a ranged touch attack for two AoOs you will never get to take.

Reach is great. Being able to deal with the issues that can arise if someone still manages to base you? Priceless.

Liberty's Edge ****

Tsriel wrote:
Michael Brock wrote:
Preston Hudson wrote:

My thanks to all involved for getting these out there with all that has been happening in preparation for Season 5 start. I agree with all who have posted before, you all are amazing!!!

Is there any chance of seeing the return of the Advanced Player's Guide iconic pregens?

These were originally on my list of goals to accomplish when I was hired. Step one -- check!

I would love to eventually add the APG pregens back. But, we have other things with a higher priority currently.

Not intending to necro a thread, but I would very much like to complete my pregen binder. ^_^


CRB? Check
APG? Limbo
UC: Check.
UM: Check.
ACG: Check
OA: In the haze...

Magic 8ball says that, even once all current classes have PFS pregens, there are more classes down the turnpike, coming to run your binder over. ;)

Ah, well, at least we don't need to worry about pregens for all the archetypes...

Liberty's Edge ****

PeteZero wrote:
If you find a non-core weapon, they should be allowed, and allowed to upgrade.

This is where the current issue is.

Right now, other than firearms, any mundane, masterwork, or +1 weapon, are Always Available, and, therefore, won't be listed on the Chronicle sheet, especially for older scenarios.

So, want a fauchard? Not only does it need to be found during a scenario, but it has to be "better" than a +1 fauchard, so it gets listed on the chronicle.

And, although I am not sure, I suspect that it won't be upgradeable in Core, in any case.

Liberty's Edge ****

Sebastian Hirsch wrote:
kinevon wrote:
Cebo wrote:
The more they sell I would assume they'd charge less. I don't see the scenarios as exceptionally better or worse then LG and I think that was mostly volunteer - or at least really low pay. Sorry.

Living Greyhawk used a very different model for scenarios.

Core was done by group-of-authors-A. Later seasons of LG Core were, seriously, brutal. Both in quality and in content. Even moderate optimization was nowhere near survivable. Some of the content I had experienced in LG Core made both Krune and the part of Bonekeep I have played look friendly. Where else would you find a mummy in an APL 1 scenario?

Each region had their own stable of authors, and the quality was all over the place. Material was vetted by the region's Triad, IIRC, and that was always something to behold. Especially when a convention came up, with their own Battle Interactive, and someone wanting to do a special Quest for one reason or another.

Heh. I remember a scenario where you almost automatically either had to get an Atonement, or retire the PC. And that applied to all the PCs, not just someone with Cleric or Paladin levels. Not to mention that some regions were downright Paladin unfriendly.

That sounds like it would be preferable to put your foot in a bacon slicer, rather than subject your self to something so antagonistic and impenetrable to new players.

Heh. I was "lucky" enough to be in the Theocracy of the Pale when I joined LG. That is, pretty much, on par with having your PCs living in Razmiran, but with worship of any other deity being illegal.

And, actually, from what I saw, there were worse regions, like Iuz, where the region's deity/god-king was evil, and the best you could hope for during scenarios was to avoid needing an atonement to remain LG playable. That scenario I mentioned was an Iuz scenario that we got to play under a special LG rule, where we had a convention allowed to run out-of-region scenarios. Otherwise, you were limited to Core, your region, and your meta-region for scenarios.

Liberty's Edge ****

Cebo wrote:
The more they sell I would assume they'd charge less. I don't see the scenarios as exceptionally better or worse then LG and I think that was mostly volunteer - or at least really low pay. Sorry.

Living Greyhawk used a very different model for scenarios.

Core was done by group-of-authors-A. Later seasons of LG Core were, seriously, brutal. Both in quality and in content. Even moderate optimization was nowhere near survivable. Some of the content I had experienced in LG Core made both Krune and the part of Bonekeep I have played look friendly. Where else would you find a mummy in an APL 1 scenario?

Each region had their own stable of authors, and the quality was all over the place. Material was vetted by the region's Triad, IIRC, and that was always something to behold. Especially when a convention came up, with their own Battle Interactive, and someone wanting to do a special Quest for one reason or another.

Heh. I remember a scenario where you almost automatically either had to get an Atonement, or retire the PC. And that applied to all the PCs, not just someone with Cleric or Paladin levels. Not to mention that some regions were downright Paladin unfriendly.

Liberty's Edge ****

pH unbalanced wrote:
Kurthnaga wrote:

Wait...WHAT?! Did I miss something?

Read Monday's blog post...thoroughly.

The relevant bullet point from the blog:

The "Serpents Rise" Special in which the PCs are agents of the Aspis Consortium bent on sabotaging the Pathfinder Society. Special pregenerated characters are provided for this event on Sunday morning.

But, indeed, there are some other, very interesting pieces in that blog. Like a reference to playing kobolds....

Liberty's Edge ****

Sebastian Hirsch wrote:
I had not considered, that the shield could be available from another source, what a weird situation.

Just as a side note:

The Celestial Shield is not the only thing that shares a name between sources in Pathfinder.

Dueling as a weapon enhancement.
Dueling 1 is from the APG, reprinted in UE
Dueling 2 is from the Pathfinder Society Field Guide.
Timewise, APG came first, then the PFSFG, then UE, so it is not a case of one replacing the other, they are separate enhancements with the same name, leading to a +1 Dueling, Dueling whip....

Liberty's Edge ****

Soluzar wrote:
What you get for being a Venture Lieutenant: The dubious distinction of being known as "Number Two".

Yes, but is your shirt red?

Remember that when the VC for an area changes, it can change the VL's responsibilities, as well.

Liberty's Edge

Nah, me just being simple-minded.

Liberty's Edge

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Some of the rules, pulled from the PRD:

Full-Round Action wrote:

A full-round action consumes all your effort during a round. The only movement you can take during a full-round action is a 5-foot step before, during, or after the action. You can also perform free actions and swift actions (see below). See Table: Actions in Combat for a list of full-round actions.

Some full-round actions do not allow you to take a 5-foot step.

Some full-round actions can be taken as standard actions, but only in situations when you are limited to performing only a standard action during your round. The descriptions of specific actions detail which actions allow this option.

Restricted Activity wrote:
In some situations, you may be unable to take a full round's worth of actions. In such cases, you are restricted to taking only a single standard action or a single move action (plus free and swift actions as normal). You can't take a full-round action (though you can start or complete a full-round action by using a standard action; see below).
Start/Complete Full-Round Action wrote:
The “start full-round action” standard action lets you start undertaking a full-round action, which you can complete in the following round by using another standard action. You can't use this action to start or complete a full attack, charge, run, or withdraw.

Liberty's Edge

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Well, there is an item in existence, in the CRB, that does something similar to what you want, and that is an AMULET OF PROOF AGAINST DETECTION AND LOCATION.

It uses Nondetection instead of Mind Blank, it is always on, and it only costs 35,000 gp, so 17,500 to create. CL 8, uses the neck slot, so trying to scry on you would take a caster level check against a DC of 19.

Nondetection is Sorcerer/Wizard 4, compared to Mind Blank's Sorcerer/Wizard 8.

You can talk with the GM to see if he would allow customization to raise the caster level, and therefore the opposed caster level check, for a higher price.

Edit: Mind blank is too high level for a wand, but scrolls, if you can cast it yourself, would cost: 3,000 gp apiece.

For an item that can cast Mind Blank once per day:
Use-activated or continuous: SL * CL * 2,000 gp, so 8 * 15 * 2,000 = 240,000
Charges per day: 1 divide by (5/1) = 240,000/5 = 48,000 gp
Neck slot = 48,000 gp, 24,000 gp to craft
Unslotted would be 96,000 gp, 48,000 gp to craft.

I would probably increase the cost, since the duration per cast is already 24 hours, so that is not accounted for above.

Liberty's Edge

I would rule it as a yes, otherwise you are at risk for hitting a random target, including, possibly, yourself.

Edit: Best option, if you have iteratives left, would be just to fire it at the person you just took it from, if that is a good idea.

Liberty's Edge

Jiggy wrote:
kinevon wrote:
I looked, couldn't find the reference, but I thought there was something in the FAQ that said treat anything with a "--" weight as weighing half a pound for determining Mithril cost.
It's in the Ultimate Combat FAQ.

Thank you Jiggy.

And I swear I looked at every one of the Pathfinder book FAQs, before I finished my post.

Liberty's Edge

I would think it means that your lasso attack roll, if you succeed on the attack, would then be checked against the target's CMD to see if you succeeded well enough to use the Strangler effects on them, as well.

Given the difference likely between Touch AC and CMD, at higher levels, I would suspect that getting the strangle would be a rare event, compared to how often you get the entangled condition.

Liberty's Edge ****

John Francis wrote:

A wizard doesn't even need to have run through the scenario where the non-core spell is found on a scroll or in a spell-book; he just needs to adventure alongside a wizard who has acquired the spell somehow.

Martials don't get to do that, either - they have to earn their access by participating in the adventure, not by sharing a beer with somebody whose second cousin's best friend met a guy who took notes at a lecture.


It is actually even worse than that. At present, that martial can only buy the weapon if it appeared in the adventure, and it was +2 equivalent or better.

Otherwise, it won't appear on the chronicle, even for the martial who fought the <redacted>, so he won't be able to pick up that cool weapon/armor/consumable.

Want a fauchard? Not only do you have to, probably, fight Derros to get it, but you have to fight Derros where at least one is using a fauchard that is better than a +1 weapon. I would suspect that, therefore, you probably won't find that kind of thing before the 7-11 tier.

And you will never, at this point, be able to pick up any form of weapon blanch, since it is never something that would have been listed on a previous chronicle, except, on rare occasion, during the time period it was being introduced.

Makes the chronicle for the crazy module valuable in Core, since I think it is probably the only source for access to fireworks in Core.

Liberty's Edge ****

Abadari wrote:

you know, I have seen Boon Chronicles listing weapons from Non-Core books... For example, wouldn't Tien Weapon Training open almost any eastern weapon to a Marital PC?

I don't recall a Boon Chronicle offering spells from Non-Core books... Is there one?

Would Clerics be the Marital PCs in Core?

More seriously, @Walter Sheppard:
Wouldn't this be the correct thread to ask for the access mentioned by the first poster, or to have the lack of said non-Core mundane items to have some method of access granted, similar to spellcasters and non-Core spells?

At present, the problem is due to a limitation of the existing scenarios, where anything on the Always Available list, which includes for Standard/Classic PFS, anything in a non-Core book that is mundane, other than firearms and their ammunition, would never have been listed, since the items were, as mentioned, Always Available.

However, for the Core campaign, any non-Core mundane items are no longer on the Always Available list.

Gnoams, understandably, was a bit upset by the double standard currently in use in the Core campaign, where non-Chronicled non-Core spells can still be learned by a Core PC, even though there is no Core documentation for this on the Chronicle.

So, since the GM will already have to annotate the chronicle for special access for spells, is it that much of a further step for them to also annotate access to mundane non-Core materials found?

I could even see putting in purchase limits, limiting access to the number of said item found in the scenario.

I am sure there are volunteers available, I would even volunteer to do it myself, to help research a document, similar in appearance, to the Secondary Success Conditions document, for Non-Core Item Access.

Liberty's Edge ****

From Season 0, Mists of Mwangi has already been converted, and is fairly simple.

Maybe the whole first three or four seasons worth of Blackros Museum scenarios.

Mists of Mwangi
Voice in the Void
Penumbral Accords

Liberty's Edge ****

Shroud wrote:
I was glad to see them go as a standard available race. It gets boring and implausible running games for party after party comprised completely of Aasimars and Tieflings. That said, I wouldn't mind if they were available as a Scenario boon from time to time, but IMO, most characters should be from the core races in the main rulebook. Maybe a new guideline for the funky races could be created which allows you to select one non-core race for each DM star you have. That way those who help make the game fun for everyone would have the chance to pick out a couple of odd races like Ratkin, Dhampir's, etc... and try them out, without there being a tsunami of them in the general gaming pool.

Is that new non-Core PCs, or including existing ones from various boons?

I have four stars, but, due to boons, a lot more than 4 non-Core PCs.

Aasimar (2)
Teifling (2)

I think that makes the rest:
Human (22 or more)

Liberty's Edge

Isn't that what sovereign glue is for? To make two separate items into a single item?

Liberty's Edge

If you think keep watch is bad, the cantrip create water has been known, in my experience, to break whole adventures.

In 3.5, it was use it once, and it is gone.
In Pathfinder, it is a source of virtually infinite water.

A chase through a swamp for multiple days? No problem with obtaining fresh water.
I used it once, in a module, to clean a fireplace, and it turned a DC 30 Perception check into a freebie, which gave our party some very powerful items early.

Liberty's Edge

Devilkiller wrote:

I was surprised to see this thread active again. Maybe kinevon felt that since it seems like old FAQs are being changed it might be a good time to bump Weird Words up into PDT's awareness again.

While PDT's intent was evident it might be nice to get an official FAQ answer so that players and DMs seeking guidance on Weird Words will be able to find it in the Ultimate Magic FAQ instead of slogging through this thread for something semi-official.

Wasn't me. My bump was back in November. Tels bumped it this time. I gave up, and have just spent the PP and gold to rebuild my PFS Bard back to a non-Archetyped Bard.

At least he was only 5th level, so only 5 PP to retrain the one swapped ability.

Of course, if I ever get to play or run The Ruby Phoenix Tournament again, and it may happen, it would be nice to know how to handle that one combat with the group of Sound Striker Bards....

Liberty's Edge

Something else to think about, if your GM allows the feat, and your party includes at least two other melee types:
Gang Up

While it require Combat Expertise as a prereq, it allows you to flank an opponent as long as two of your allies are threatening it. It can be amusing, "I have backed into this corner, so none of those three are flanking me! How is that Rogue getting sneak attack damage?"

Liberty's Edge

Mithral: What weight do I use to determine the price of a mithral weapon or non-armor item?


To determine the additional price for the mithral (as compared to the normal item's price), use the non-mithral item's original weight and multiply that by 500 gp per pound.

For example, a steel dagger for a Medium creature weighs 1 pound. For its mithral equivalent, multiply that weight (1 lb.) times 500 gp/pound, or +500 gp. When added to the original item's cost (2 gp), the mithral dagger's total price is 502 gp.

There are likely some inconsistent mithral item prices in print, and these will be addressed in future printings of these books, as appropriate.

I looked, couldn't find the reference, but I thought there was something in the FAQ that said treat anything with a "--" weight as weighing half a pound for determining Mithril cost.

Liberty's Edge ****

@GM Lamplighter: Would you have the same talk with a party of all Druids, all with Animal Companions?

@nosig: And how would the townsfolk know whether it is a Sorcerer with Handle Animal bringing a trained cat, or a Druid with his Animal Companion?

I kno wther ehave been discussions on this board, in the past, about GMs gimping PCs with an animal class feature in at least one of those scenarios you cited, by a GM fiat saying, "No AC.".

Liberty's Edge ****

David Frahm wrote:
Nefreet - They used to show as three things as of starting this campaign, but now they only show as one.

Until they fix what broke when they added Core. At that point, it should go back to showing DD Pt 1, 2 & 3 again.

Liberty's Edge ****

The Druid's name, IIRC, is Lini.

And there was another thread, a while back, with an even more bizarre version of this, where the player was only actually ever playing the actual pregens, never made their own PC, even modeled on the pregen.

Liberty's Edge

Another note, especially for most first level PCs: Don't go to them, especially in a restricted area. Going one -on-one with a ghoul at low level, when your PC only has one attack, gives the ghoul the action economy.

Some things to remember:
Elves and half-elves are immune to the paralysis effect. They can stoil die form damage taken, however.

A ghoul, having such a high intelligence, can split its attacks among multiple targets, if it so desires. Hit front liner, who fails his save. 5' step forward, do next attack on the next guy in line, maybe both attacks left. See if he fails his save, as well.

I was running an encounter at low level, and the ghoul involved had 4 PCs and an eidolon locked down during most of the combat. Until the half-elf and his friend finally joined the fight. Until then, the ghoul was just doing some small damage while keeping his lunch locked down for later.

Liberty's Edge ****

So, does that mean that there are at least two Ioun stones available on chronicles with what happens when they are put into wayfinders?

Liberty's Edge ****

Aleksandrs Zdancuks wrote:
DM Kludde wrote:

The wording that confused was this:

I would fully intend to run all six books, but even by very optimistic estimates, a PbP would take a year-and-a-half to finish (and the best I've every heard of is two years, with very dedicated players.). So, even if I intend to run all six books, I'm not sure if a game would even survive that long.
I think that your willingness to GM all six parts is enought to hand out chronicles as soon as part is finished. On the other hand, if party dies, game stops and you are not willing to continue after part two, you should not provide a chronicle for that, since it contradicts statement of undertaking the entire Path.

Even if the game dies, as long as they have finished a full sanctioned section, I wouldn't see why they should not receive the PFS rewards that they have earned.

Liberty's Edge ****

Mattastrophic wrote:

I would hope that my tablemates enjoyed having me around while I was moving up the levels with my unoptimized socially-focused PC.

Just when did this idea of "playing suboptimal PCs is a troll behavior" start propagating, anyways?

Also, I would suggest adding "embrace teamwork" and "think outside the box" as tips for 8-9 and 10-11 play.


Well, IIRC, while your PCs might not be the biggest (or even much of a) damage dealer, you still provided some input during combat.

There is a serious difference between, "My socially-oriented PC has only ever done damage to themselves, but still contributes to combat." and "My Int 9 Wizard is unable to contribute meaningfully during any encounter, in any fashion."

And, seriously, playing badly built (and badly run!) PCs has been, in my experience, a social faux pas since 1979.

And those are good suggestions, by the way. And, to quote an old DC Comic: "Expect the Unexpected!"

Also, in my experience, a lot of issues can crop up that shouldn't have been issues, if the Players/PCs had just thought about the VC speech, and asked the VC questions. "So, we are teleporting into an area under an illusion? What would be good for that?"

Liberty's Edge ****

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GM Lamplighter wrote:
Charon's Little Helper wrote:
The cheapest one is a battle trained bison for 50gp. A group of level 1's can simply trample their way to victory with ease.

Keep in mind, characters have to participate in 3 encounters to get XP, and don't get any loot for encounters they miss. Standing back and watching your purchased pets do stuff does not count as "participating" at my table. Of course, I would tell the players that up front, not surprise them with it at the end.

(Sidebar: on the issue of "carnivore feed" - it's simpler to just buy goats, since goats can carry themselves and don't encumber you or your T-Rex...)

So, does "participate" include the Cleric, who rolls low on Initiative, at least relatively, every combat, so he never gets to act because the high Initiative blaster or TH meleer kills everything in one hit? How about if all the Cleric does is activate his wand of Bless, or the Bard does his performance?

If yes, how is it different if the meleer is a class feature (AC) or something someone in the party spent their gold on?

How about the goat/sheep trap finders? You know, where someone in the party buys a herd of sheep, then drives them through the dungeon in front of the party, to set off traps and ambushes.

Liberty's Edge ****

More of the Tales of the Shadow Lodge:

End of Season 1, Season 2: The Shadow Lodge is a group of various NPCs, working toward one of two goals. The "Evil" Shadow Lodge was working to either take over the Pathfinder Society, or at least get access to all the interesting bits the Society has collected over the decades, while the "Good" Shadow Lodge was working toward being a Pathfinder Society Field Agent Protective :League.

In Season 3 & most of Season 4, the Shadow Lodge was mainly composed of regular Pathfinder Society agents, working as the Protective League version. There were occasional outings against so-called rogue Shadow Lodge agents, remnants of the "Evil" lodge form Season 2.

Near the end of Season 4, a group of Pathfinder Society agents was sent on a mission to capture a Shadow Lodge leader that had been encountered before, the Spyder. On capturing her, and returning her to custody to Grandmaster Torch, Torch finalized her, grabbed some notes she had made, and tried to get away from the PFS agents there.

As a result of this, the Shadow Lodge got disbanded, but the Decemvirate pledged their resources to attempting to continue the good works the group had done for a while.

While not seen frequently, there are tales that some Pathfinder Society agents have had contact with the former faction leader. What the results of that contact were, have been widely divergent...

There are also tales that the members of a different faction are actively looking for him. Whether, and when, they have encountered him, is a tale I do not know.

Liberty's Edge ****

Game Master wrote:
pauljathome wrote:
Michael Eshleman wrote:

I'd also advocate for a campaign mode-only PFS sanction of Wrath of the Righteous. I think that the main challenge would be constructing the chronicle sheets. I haven't read the AP, so I'm not sure how much mythic treasure there is and how much would/should be added to the chronicle sheets, or what special boons might be added.

I really, really, really do not want anything mythic leaking into the regular campaign (the little that has leaked is already too much IMO). Which means that the chronicle sheets would have to be very boring or I (and at least some others I know) would be unhappy. And I expect the really bland sheets that would make me happy would make many of the receivers unhappy.

probably more work and trouble than its worth.

Not everyone has the same ideas about what is badwrongfun. You are welcome to avoid any scenarios whose chronicle sheets are too interesting for your PFS experience.

I suspect it is more that he would have to participate with home-game players, who also play PFS, who would have those chronicles and items on PFS PCs he either has to play with, or GM for.

To be honest, there should be a middle ground available, probably, like the final boon from the scenario mentioned previously, for a limited use (1-3 uses) access to Paragon Surge or other minor mythic ability.

Liberty's Edge

Durngrun Stonebreaker wrote:
For an Arcane Duelist, I probably wouldn't give a free weapon. They get arcane bond at fifth level, not first level like a wizard. The arcane bond ability says you get the free item when you start play.

So, does that mean that if I am going for EK, and start with a level of Fighter, that when I go to second level, and take my first level of Wizard, I wouldn't get my Arcane Bonded item in your game, but that I would if I swapped the class levels?

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The drinker of a potion with a (D) can dismiss it, using this part of the Dismissable rules: If the spell has no verbal component, you can dismiss the effect with a gesture.

Drinking a potion does not require a command word to complete, and uses no V component, so it is dismissable with a gesture.

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graypark wrote:

What if, at the start of a scenario that requires extensive travel, the PCs manage to persuade an alchemist or gunslinger or summoner to travel with them and teach them the skills of that class. Can the GM make a note on the Chronicle Sheet that said class is now open to the PCs because they learned it in scenario?

Of course not; that's ridiculous.

My point being that this is the Core Campaign and I had thought one of its purposes was to strip down the game and limit non-Core material. There are already mechanics in place for allowing some non-Core material (wizards learning non-Core spells; non-Core material becoming available if printed on Chronicle Sheet, etc.). Do we really need more?

How many times and how wide do we want to crack open the door to let a few more non-Core items into the game? Open it often enough and wide enough and the only difference between the Core and non-Core games will be the types of characters that can be created at 1st Level.

Actually, this was about access to those items from non_Core that would NOT be listed on older chronicle sheets, the stuff that qualifies as mundane, and is therefore "Always Available" in Standard, so it wouldn't be listed on older chronicles, and probably not on newer chronicles.

Things like weapon blanches. Blunt arrows. Bandoliers.

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tchrman35 wrote:
kinevon wrote:
Tsriel wrote:
CireJack wrote:
It is now available.
One option out of 16 chronicle sheets? I wonder how many will come up as "already accredited" once I start plugging in my backlog of accreditation for this thing?
It is a single checkbox in the Edit area, but in the Reporting area it shows all 16 levels as separate options to report.
I'm not seeing that. Hmm. Well, the game's tomorrow. It will either report correctly, or it won't. I'm not going to worry too much about it. But if I'm doing something wrong, I'd love to know!

There are a few threads about it, but the reporting site has been having some ... issues ... since they added the ability to report Core mode games.

They are working on a fix for all the issues, but, once done, it should go back to click on one box to get all 16 levels for Emerald Spire to show as individual options when reporting.

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Tyler Beck wrote:
Kevin Willis wrote:
Cao Phen wrote:
So if you really want, you can buy that 6th level Bard Scroll for 2400gp.
Assuming it doesn't appear on the cleric, wizard, or druid spell list as well.
It's an 8th level Cleric spell.

I think it was hyperbole, since the spell in question was not listed as being a Bard spell of any level, just a Cleric 8 or Paladin 4 spell.

Now, if you find a Bard/Summoner/Paladin/Ranger spell of highest level, that is not on any of the three "primary" classes' lists, you could buy it, even at lower level, as it wouldn't be a 7th, 8th, or 9th level spell.

A backdoor, as it were, to an inappropriately-powered spell for pre-Seeker play. But putting in a safeguard for it would add a significant amount of verbiage to the Guide, and potentially require a significant amount of work for the volunteer GM force.

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deusvult wrote:
Sammy T wrote:

1) 'Munchkinism' is quite the pejorative term to be throwing around. Let's avoid that, shall we?

It's the same thing whether it's called "System Mastery" or "Munchkin". They mean the same thing, far as I'm concerned the two terms are completely interchangeable and if one is offensive, then so is the other one.

What, what?!

System mastery and munchkinism are barely, and only distantly, related.

Munchkinsim, at its heart, is min-maxing past min-maxing. System mastery is working within the system for the best results for what you want to do.

System mastery would be knowing that your Power Attacking, Vital Striking PC would benefit greatly from Furious Focus.

Munchkinism would not be working on a Vital Strike build to begin with, but working toward a Pounce build instead.

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TOZ wrote:
I would have gotten the message "don't play at Mike Brock's table".

Strange, I would have gotten a slightly different message: "Don't play a Kyle Baird scenario at Mike Brock's table."

Then again, in the past, I have played at one of Mike's tables, and survived:

NeonCon 2011:
Nov 3, 2011 889 Neoncon 2011 22 Michael Brock Pathfinder Society Scenario #2-24: Shadow's Last Stand—Part II: Web of Corruption 3836 -2 Kinevon PC Liberty's Edge

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Jeff Merola wrote:
Maybe, maybe not. But if someone shows up with a hand-written note that they totally can have an item that they wouldn't otherwise be able to have, when we've been explicitly told in the past not to do that, well, I'd be inclined to disallow it. And they've had a problem with said GMs messing this kind of thing up before, so...

I understand that, really. Still waiting on getting a real chronicle for one of my higher level PCs, although the "custom" chronicle doesn't have anything not on the real chronicle...

And that was why I suggested that Paizo document, since it would be something that any GM could have on hand, to verify any items added from X, Y, or Z scenario.

One of the issues I see for Core is going to be that a lot of stuff won't be listed, due in part to complaints about things like Cloak of Resistance +1 being listed on Tier 7-11 chronicles, so why would they want to use up space listing anything that would already be Always Available?

So, either a separate document to track the items, or a second set of chronicles with non-Core stuff for Core PCs... And I think they have already said no change to chronicles...

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Jeff Merola wrote:
Okay, now how am I as the next GM supposed to figure out if the previous GM was correct to put an item onto the sheet, assuming I don't have access to the scenario in question?

Ummm? Is there a reason to distrust the previous GM?

In that case, maybe another document available from Paizo, like the Secondary Success Conditions, called something on the nature of "Core Access Additions to Chronicle Sheets"?

That way, it would be standardized, no need to purchase scenarios you don't want to, and would cover this issue for the older scenarios, from pre-Core.

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There was a 3.5 item, the quiver of endless ammunition or some such, that provided infinite ammo, with some ammunition limited in quantity (e.g. 5 adamantine arrows per day, IIRC), at a cost of 18,000 gp

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Damanta wrote:
I've been giving the resonance power a bit of thought, and while my initial feeling was to say no, I'd say they'd be able to benefit from it provided they have saddlebags or something similar to carry the wayfinder in.

Could you hang the wayfinder on a rope or chain, and wear it as a necklace/belt or similar?

And that goes back to the sunrod on a rope around the 2H fighter's neck...

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Legowaffles wrote:

Makes rather clear that the things that get FAQed are things that involve PFS.

Disappointing, though not surprising, to effectively be told that PFS determines what needs to be FAQed and how.

That is not what Mark said.

Mark is the Designer concerned & working on PFS.

I am fairly confident that Mark is not the only Designer at Paizo.

So, for Mark, because that is his job, PFS takes precedence.

For the other Designer(s), their priorities will be different, based on their job responsibilities.

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Shame you can't get Brawling Celestial Armor in PFS.

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Tels wrote:
kinevon wrote:
137ben wrote:

Hey, guys, does Weapon Focus apply when attacking a magical beast?

The actual text says
Weapon Focus wrote:
Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus on all attack rolls you make using the selected weapon.

It does say "all attack rolls", and there is no text restricting you to only being able to attack humanoids. However, there is also no next explicitly granting you the ability to use it when attacking nonhumanoids. So, it's a case of "the rules don't say you can" vs "the rules don't say you can't"! To be safe, it's better to assume that the intent was that weapon focus only applies when attacking humanoids. After all, you can just use common sense: if the designers intended for it to apply to attack rolls made against magical beasts, they would have put that in the feat text. They didn't, so obviously it is only intended to work against humanoids.

It's the same thing as this argument over spells. You can read into restrictions that aren't there, but you have to directly contradict what the text actually says

No, Ben, you don't. Really, if you read the item, nowhere does it say you can take a spell that isn't from your own class's spell list.

It says you can add a cantrip or orison, it doesn't say you can add ANY cantrip or orison.

There is a way to get it to work, by the way, but it requires spending a trait as well as buying the item, and there are still cheaper ways to do it.

Does it say I can add an orison? Yes.

Does it say I can add a cantrip? Yes.
Does it say I can only add an orison if I have the orison class feature? No.
Does it say I can only add a cantrip if I have the cantrip class feature? No.

And, if you did that in my games, even before this FAQ, it wouldn't have worked, because it doesn't make any sense.

If it worked in your home games, you can still rule that it works, no matter how nonsensical it seems to other people.

But, RAW, it never said you could cast the spell if it wasn't on your spell list.

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