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Verik Vancaskerkin

kinevon's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 3,262 posts (4,422 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 27 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Also note that there are some magical banners/flags that would work well with the Flagbearer feat, and increase the overall bonus.


@Xelnagahunter: I don't think you can cast a 3rd level spell if your effective caster level is below 5th level.

You can cast a spell at a lower caster level than normal, but the caster level you choose must be high enough for you to cast the spell in question, and all level-dependent features must be based on the same caster level.

So, since you have to be at least 5th level to cast a 3rd level spell, if your effective caster level is 4th, even if you don't lose the spells or slots, you cannot access them until you have the minimum caster level needed.

@My2Copper: Negative levels in PF are a lot less annoying, and a lot less wealth-affecting, than in 3.5. In 3.5, actually, they could be used to get your wealth above level norms.


There is one thing that can break Diego's answer about only being able to deliver one touch during the first round, and that is a Magus using Spell Combat and Spellstrike...

Andoran ***

Belabras wrote:
Mystic Lemur wrote:
Why do so many people care what terms we use, as long as everyone at the local group understands what's going on? When someone in my group says "We Greyhawk the bodies." I know what they mean, even though I never played Living Greyhawk, and even though that isn't how wealth works in PFS.
Okay, I'll bite. What is 'Greyhawking' a body, and how illegal is it?

Basically, in order to get all the possible gold from a Living Greyhawk scenario, you had to make sure you took everything that wasn't nailed down, and, if you could pry it loose, it wasn't nailed down. That process, where you searched an area extensively, stripped all the dead bodies, etc., came to be known as greyhawking the bodies.

Of course, that can be important because of a couple of oddball rules interactions in 3.5, too.

First, LG had what was known as overcap gold, the extra gold in a scenario that was above what was awarded to the PCs for successful completion. It could be spent during the scenario for certain things without affecting the final gold received from the game.

Second, dying was a way to, with overcap, increase your character's Wealth by Level, independent of crafting.

Anecdotally, I had my 9th level Fighter/Barbarian/Pious Templar die during a scenario, and got raised, making him 8th level. At the end of the scenario, it turned out that we had underestimated the amount of overcap gold, rather than just enough to raise my PC, there was enough overcap to have resurrected him, 25K instead of 5K, so we still got full gold rewards for the scenario, despite paying for a raise dead during the course of it. And, of course, that meant my PC was now 8th level with what amounted to 9th level gold...

Andoran ***

I think this is the wrong forum for this, as this is for PFS GM discussion, not general PF discussion, or advice.

Note: On the fighter, depending on the rest of his build, if he concentrates on AC, then there is a chance that ignoring him is the best short-term option, as he is a turtle but not a snapping turtle. If he can't do significant damage, come back to him after you deal with the squishies.

Andoran ***

FLite wrote:
In all cases, be careful to check it over. These tools sometimes have bugs and can give you wrong results. Also remember that you still need the sources for anything your character has.

Seriously, it never hurts to be able to explain to the GM or another player how your PC got the numbers s/he was using for X effect.

For my online play, in my notepad document for a PC's macros, I also include the breakdown, if needed, for how I got the modifiers used in the macro. I do not copy that part into the macro, just copy&paste into the chat if asked about it. Some of the numbers I can get seem odd, even to me, so I like to know how I got there, to make sure I got to the right "there".

Andoran ***

Jiggy wrote:
TOZ wrote:
I just walked into a room of PFS and asked 'Hey, do you need another GM?'
I walked into a room of PFS and was told "Hey, we need another GM." ;)

I walked into a room of PFS and determined that we had 8 players and 1 GM, so I volunteered to run First Steps...

Andoran ***

Jiggy wrote:
Will Slave Ships be any less "murderhobo or lose" than Slave Pits was?

I guess, sometimes, that really bad GM is a blessing instead.

I played this with my archer PC, but didn't get many arrows loosed, since one of the other players was running his PC nicknamed "Captain Charm", a Wizard setup to use the Charm family of spells.

If they are friendly to you, you can usually talk them into interesting things, as long as you give the right approach.

I think we only had two fights in that scenario. The bar fight ended quickly with a sleep spell, we got ambushed by a bunch of rogues, and I think we had the final BBEG fight below decks. Because of the creative way the fight in the bar was handled, the GM gave us the gold in a different fashion, using the Creative Solutions option, so we didn't get penalized for not beating up the bar owner when we didn't have to.

Andoran ***

It should be, it was supposed to be added, it was announced, and I thought Paizo was using it themselves to ease reporting for GenCon and PaizoCon this year...

But I cannot find where to add delegates, either. :(

Andoran ***

Carla the Profane wrote:
Even if it's on your own spell list but a lower level spell on the cleric/wizard list?

Not totally sure I understand your question, but let me see if this answers it:

When determining the level of a spell for purchasing it as a potion, scroll, or wand, you start by seeing if it is on the Wizard, Cleric and Druid spell lists. If it is on only one of them, you use that instance to determine level for costs, and whether it is legal for inclusion as a potion or wand.

If it appears on multiple lists of these three classes'lists, like, for example, Continuous Flame, you would use the lower level version from those lists to determine purchase level, including caster level, cost, and whether it can be potioned or wanded. CF, for instance, would be priced as the second level Wizard spell, rather than the third level Cleric spell.

If a spell does not appear on any of the three lists, you then check the other spellcasters' lists for it, and use the lowest level version of the spell for purposes of pricing and determining wand and potion legality. Bless weapon, for instance, is only a first level Paladin spell, so that is how it would be handled.

So, if you have spell X at 5th level on your classes' list, but it appears on the Wizard list at 4th level, it is treated as a 4th level spell for purchase price, caster level, etc.

Remember that wands, even in regular PF, are neither arcane nor divine.
Scrolls, in PFS, also don't care if you are arcane or divine, just whether the spell is on your spell list.
Potions, of course, don't even care if you are a spellcaster. And, in some cases, can be a better option for the use of some spells. Enlarge Person, for instance, is a 1 round casting time spell, including from a scroll or wand, but only takes a standard action to get from drinking a potion. Lesser Restoration improves even more, since it is a 3 round casting time, but, again, only a standard action to drink in potion form. Out of combat, who cares, but, in combat, when you are about to get transformed into a Shadow...

Andoran ***

<<_>>_<< But he is sloppy. Why else would he need the Pathfinder Society to come bail his ass out so often?

I mean, really, he is a spellcaster, IIRC, but he fails an easy Will save the first time we meet him. And things seem to go downhill from there. He loses one of his employer's, later spouse's, family members in the museum. He doesn't keep an eye on an arcane researcher in the museum. And he is bypassed entirely when the Blackros's want to get out of a longterm commitment...

At least half the Pathfinder Society members want to destroy his place of employment. Most of the rest haven't joined that bandwagon, mainly because they have never been there on one of Nigel's bad days...

And then there is this fiasco. "Let's dump all the potentially bad stuff into a single container, so if something goes wrong, it can go really wrong." All your eggs in one basket? Seriously?

Andoran ***

I would also advise the Free RPG Day module Master of the Fallen Fortress as a simple one to run, as well.

Both MotFF and First Steps, Part 1: In Service to Lore (long name, usually just called First Steps, like in BNW's post above), are available for free, as is the Guide he referenced.

For a beginning group, until they are sure they like it, you can use the Paizo PRD (left side pane, above, shows as Rules Archive (PRD) under Pathfinder Game System) as a rules and information source. After that, someone should pick up at least the Core Rulebook (CRB) and the Bestiary.

Andoran ***

Jeremy Chapman wrote:

Its not my interpretation, it is a direct quote, but I don't follow what your saying. (Reading through the thread linked may shed more light)

A 1st level PC applies the sheets:
Tier 1-3 (putting them at 2nd level)
Bonus Chronicle 2,4,6 (putting them at 3rd)
Tier 3-5 (putting them at 4th)
Must apply other credits to get to 5th
Tier 5-7 (putting them at 6th)

A 2nd level PC applies the sheets:
Tier 1-3 (putting them at 3rd level. *4th chronicle is a bonus, so would be applied in order, meaning you apply Chronicle One first)
Tier 3-5 (putting them at 4th level)
Bonus Chronicle 2,4,6 (putting them at 5th level)
Tier 5-7 (putting them at 6th)

A 3rd level PC applies the sheets:
Tier 1-3 (putting them at 4th level)
Tier 3-5 (putting them at 5th level. *4th chronicle is a bonus, so would be applied in order, meaning you apply Chronicle Two first)
Tier 5-7 (putting them at 6th level)
Bonus Chronicle 2,4,6 (putting the at 7th level)

It is defined as an extra chronicle you get for applying all 4 chronicles to the same PC, nowhere does it state when it needs to be applied, except in John's post.

Players who play through the entire module (not just the sanctioned portions) using the alternate play option detailed above and apply all three Chronicle sheets to the same Pathfinder Society character earn a fourth Chronicle sheet that must also be applied to that character.


However, the Evangelist Cleric archetype, IIRC, gets Inspire Courage as an ability.


Just remember, if you want to use Greater Trip and Vicious Stomp, you will need Combat Reflexes and a Dex of 12 or higher to be able to make both AoOs granted.

Then again, Greater Trip is also a great way to let your allies beat the crap out of your target, too. Especially if they have Combat Reflexes and Vicious Stomp, too. Sort of like getting caught out by a bunch of clog dancers, death by sabot.


Horselord wrote:

I think of AOOs provoking AOOs like a game of Magic: the Gathering...

Every action goes on the stack and when the last action is placed they all go off in reverse order.

There is one AoO trigger that doesn't, quite, work like this. Greater Trip.

Gotta make a successful Trip attack, then the target provokes AoOs from everyone who threatens him...

Discussion has occurred on whether the trip target is still standing when the AoOs go off, or is prone.

There was also discussion on the tripper using his AoO from Greater Trip to trip the target again, provoking another round of attacks...

Andoran ***

Jeremy Chapman wrote:
John Compton wrote:

When playing in the home game or "campaign mode" style, the player should receive the Chronicles all at once. In this way, the Chronicle sheets apply immediately as soon as each one is applicable. The only way to add Chronicle sheets in between would be to have applied all of the sheets that you could and still need to gain another level to qualify for the next.

– I play the whole thing and apply the credit to a 1st level character.
– I must immediately apply sheet #1 (Tier 1–3) and sheet #4 (Tiers 2, 4, or 6 only), bringing me to level 3. Once that happens, I qualify to receive sheet #2 (Tier 3–5), bringing me to level 4.
– I cannot yet apply sheet #3 (Tier 5–7) because I am only level 4. I can now play whatever I want until I reach 12 XP, at which point I am level 5, and sheet #5 applies immediately.

Think of it sort of like applying GM credit to a character who is not yet of the appropriate level. You apply everything you can and then hold the rest in reserve until you would legally qualify for them.


Doesn't work with the chronicle sheet, since there is no way, under your interpretation, to ever apply the 2, 4, or 6 sheet at level 6.

1st level PC: must apply the sheet at level 2, as the second chronicle
2nd level PC: must apply the sheet at level 2, as the first chronicle
3rd level PC: must apply the sheet at level 4. as the second chronicle

So, per this, no one could ever apply the 2, 4, or 6 chronicle at 6th level, as the PC cannot be higher than 3rd level to get the bonus chronicle.

Andoran ***

Usual Suspect wrote:
How do I report sessions for an event that has already been created and has an event code? I was asked at the last minute to run a session at a local event and still have the session sheet; but when I try to report the session the system wants to create a new event #. Out local Venture Lt set the event up so I don't want to create a new Event #.

Contact your VL, he will either get the sheet from you to enter, or set you up as a delegate to be able to enter information into his event.

Andoran ***

Selter Sago de'Morcaine PFS wrote:
kinevon wrote:

Actually, as one of the promoters of darkwood for the bow, for my archer PC it was mainly for the weight reduction.

I literally had him at the last ounce of weight he could carry as a light load, and the darkwood bow helped in that. ...

Ok, I see it brought up so much especially in the context of backup weapons that I thought it had to be something more significant than saving 1.5 lbs.

Nothing wrong with saving a bit of weight. Just seems kinda expensive for a standard choice unless you are running right on the edge. I can't imagine doing that with a character because then I couldn't hardly pick up anything during the course of an adventure.

Once he could get a handy haversack and efficient quivers, it eased up. Even the masterwork backpack in the interim helped.

It just doesn't take much, counting armor, backup weapon, arrows, adventuring gear, etc., to hit 70+ pounds carried.

For adventuring, it would be sacks full of stuff, dropped at the beginning of combat, if PFS even tracked that kind of thing, at all.


Paulicus wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

If she is trained in Sleight of Hand, have her "present" the PC's Holy Symbol in an obvious fashion, while using SoH to use her own unholy symbol. Or Stealth, in default of trained SoH.

That would be if they are supplying the holy symbol of the deity she is falsely claiming to serve. If not, just have her tell them it won't work. If they give her her actual deity's unholy symbol, she can fake failing to cast with it, using a Bluff vs Spellcraft check.

Or, just have her get into a snit about it. "I have traveled all this way, to honor a fallen friend by presiding at her funeral. Now you presumptuous Pathfinders are being a pain. Go away, and stop bothering a poor, old woman." Modify the speech as appropriate, that one just matches the scenario I think you are referring to.


Well, just checked in Cleric in the CRB, nothing about opposing holy symbols.

Checked the CRB in the Magic chapter, under components, and divine foci specifically, and nothing.

My vote would be that it is something from either a home game rule, or maybe, from an early Deities, Demigods and Gods type book, something long gone from the game.

To be honest, there are a whole slew of stories, and game hooks, involved in finding and dealing with, one way or another, holy or unholy symbols from other faiths. All those hooks would fail if the Cleric couldn't handle the symbol, and deal with it as appropriate.

Would a cleric of Desna not be able to cast if they had a Cayden Caillean symbol in their possession?

Feast of Ravenmoor:
This whole module includes divine types carrying Desnan symbols when their source of divine power is a different deity.


Howie23 wrote:
Is there any rationale to see this anything other than a standard action?

Probably because most Summon spells take a 1 round casting time, so people tend to associate that with any summoning ability?

Agreed with Standard, though, since there is nothing in the quoted text that says it takes longer.


Remember, though, that "A magical durable arrow with an enhancement bonus or magic weapon special ability applies these magical effects only the first time it is used—afterward, the durable arrow becomes nonmagical, and it can be reused or imbued with magic again."


They can use their own holy symbol, not that of another deity. I know of no rule turning off their spellcasting if they have another faith's holy symbol on their person, as long as they have, and utilize, their own holy symbol, when needed.

After all, if that holy symbol is in, say, a handy haversack, is it even "on" the cleric or paladin?


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Wouldn't that be lesser evolution surge at 4th level, and 2 evolution points?

I don't see anything against it, except that each evolution would have to be a new evolution, cannot grant the eidolon any natural attacks above their normal maximum natural attack cap, and meets the spell requirements.

Might be good for a last-ditch effort, but it burns up those precious level 2 slots when you won't have a heck of a lot of them, for a minutes per level buff.

I can see it, since you would have to give up the same level spell slot as casting a 4+ person haste would take....


lance4494 wrote:

heres a puzzling question, would a masterwork arrow +1 bonus stack with the +1 bonus from a whetstone?

P.S. cure light wound arrows? that sounds expensive and very useful! combine with rapid shot.

Masterwork is a +1 enhancement bonus to hit. Whetstone is a +1 bonus to damage. Other than the discussion about whether you can actually whet individual arrows, they affect different properties, so they are not subject to any sort of stacking issues.

Note that the damage bonus from the whetstone explicitly says non-magical only, so it wouldn't work with magic arrows, nor arrows fired from a magical bow.

How do you have cure light wound arrows made?

Andoran ***

Tony Lindman wrote:
And note that the bonus chronicle fits into the first gap in the character's progression, based on what level the character is when you apply the chronicles - ie, is the character a brand new, 0xp, or already 1st or 2nd level? Based on the level when you apply each chronicle, you will hit a gap where the next "regular" chronicle can't be applied yet, so that is where you put the bonus chronicle.

I have never seen that rule, but the rule I know about is that the bonus chronicle only supports being applied at 2nd, 4th, or 6th level, not at 1st, 3rd, 5th or 7th.

2, 4, or 6

You will usually apply the chronicles in the following orders:
PC level 1 at at start:
1-3 (2)
2, 4, 6 (3)
3-5 (4)
5-7 pending non-DD level

PC level 2 at start:
1-3 (3)
3-5 (4)
2, 4, or 6 (5)
5-7 (6)
2, 4, or 6 (3)
1-3 (4)
3-5 (5)
5-7 (6)

End result is almost identical, although the second one would have less gold at the end.

PC level 3 at at start:
1-3 (4)
3-5 (5)
5-7 (6)
2, 4 or 6 (7)
1-3 (4)
2, 4, or 6 (5)
3-5 (6)
5-7 (7)

Again, same end result, but the second one would have less gold at the end than the first one.

bonus chronicle:
That is because the optional chronicle gives a different amount of gold for each sub-tier, while the other chronicles are standard module chronicles, so the gold is the same for the whole tier range.

Andoran ***

Finn Kveldulfr wrote:
joeyfixit wrote:
Are Darkwood items allowed in PFS?

Yes, darkwood items are allowed, and you can have a darkwood light or heavy wooden shield made for your character.

Under PFS, you cannot get a darkwood buckler though, because RAW explicitly defines bucklers as constructed out of metal.

I beg to differ:

Darkwood Buckler

Of course, it is really just a named darkwood light shield, but still...

Andoran ***

Just as a note: Even if it is the first AC, it is possible, due to events/leveling, that it could have opened up more trick slots, like the player raised its Int from 2 to 3 at 4th level, so it would need to train those additional, new trick slots.

Andoran ***

Mike Bramnik wrote:
Unseen Servant to take it from you and hold it? Quick Draw feat to be able to put it away just as quickly as drawing other things?

Quick Draw is for Drawing weapons, not sheathing them.

It also explicitly excludes, among other things, wands from being the target of Quick Draw.

Andoran ***

Ascalaphus wrote:
@thejeff: "intended" is fuzzy with cursed items anyhow. Many of them are uber-powerful weapons if you know what they are, because they don't allow saving throws. There's more than a few discussions about players trying to make cursed items intentionally because they're actually way OP, but not for sale due to being "cursed" and lacking shop prices.

Can you imagine a Bard, with the beguiling gift spell, and a Necklace of Strangulation?


Andoran ***

jon dehning wrote:
June Soler wrote:

Could it be possible that some GMs (like myself) forgot to put the scenario number/name on top and those unknown scenarios have not been reported?

Possible. But the only tables of mine not reported are 5-99 and 6-00.

Plus, I put the scenario number on every sheet after being "mildly chastised" after turning in my first session sheet, sans scenario number.

Does "mildly chastised" mean that you can tell us the difference between a whip and a scorpion whip, now? ;)

Andoran ***

BigNorseWolf wrote:

Well X happened to you , you should have had Y item on hand...

If you add all of these up, its 10 times your wealth by level. The bead is just too expensive for something that someone can dispel magic off of you.

Okay, by the time they know they need to do a dispel magic to get rid of a bead of newt prevention, the bead is already gone.

The bead is an unslotted item, so it does not need to be any place visible, it can be in your belt pouch or any other non-extra dimensional container to work.

Sure, it has a magic aura, but the potential dispeller has to spend three rounds, probably in combat, concentrating on a detect magic in order to have a chance to figure out his potential target for baleful polymorph, or similar spell, has said bead. And deal with all the other items that said target probably also has, like a headband, a belt, a necklace, a ring or two, a magic weapon, magic armor, a wand or two, and who knows what other magical items, scrolls, wands, potions, equipment, yeesh. Three rounds per item, IIRC. Even with identify, it isn't either quick or easy.

It may be expensive to get at low levels, but you won't, usually, need it at low levels. By the time the spells and/or effects it would work against appear, it is a fairly insignificant expense.

Andoran ***

Actually, as one of the promoters of darkwood for the bow, for my archer PC it was mainly for the weight reduction.

I literally had him at the last ounce of weight he could carry as a light load, and the darkwood bow helped in that.

An archer may not need to move often, but being able to really move, when you need to, can be the difference between living and dying.

"Okay, this round I double move away. Next round, single move and shoot. I can keep this up as long as he wants to follow me. Note that every so often, due to moving 90' over two rounds, and he is only moving 80' in the same time frame, I can stop and do a full attack when I have the extra distance on him."

Of course, my PC who uses this bow also has a 40' move, so he gets to move and fire against heavily armored opponents every round...

Andoran ***

Mike Lindner wrote:
James Krolak wrote:

Bead of Newt Prevention
1,000gp, UE pg282
Negates failed save vs hostile polymorph effect, consumed when triggered. Useful at higher levels when you might encounter a Baleful Polymorph.
Sure, this might seem great but there's nothing like a story of being turned into a squirrel.

Unless it is the story of how, just when the evile spellcaster thought he had turned you into a squirrel, it turned out you weren't. Ba-da-doom!


Trizcondronius wrote:
As i read it ranged weapons have a max range of 10 increments so maximum distanxe should be range + range x10...stated that range of the weapon us not an increment

10 increments = range x 10, not range + (range x 10), as that would be 11 increments, not 10....

Andoran ***

TriOmegaZero wrote:
And I support the ability being used as a balancing factor, perhaps noted in the scaling sidebar. Use it only on swallow whole and defensively for an easier challenge, and on grapple checks for a harder challenge.

My 5th level Bard, with 33 hit points, would have supported this ruling, rather than going from full health to dead dead in one hit.

There comes a point where "challenge" is not equal to "one hit the PCs", which is what allowing the heat on the grapple does.Not all PCs are 7th level Barbarians with 20 Cons, Toughness, FCB to hit points, and all PP spend on retraining hit points...

Then again, there is plenty of stuff in this scenario that allows table variation, and /or unfun experiences.

Andoran ***

Sure, they bypassed encounter B which has the information that gives them the line to encounter C. Creatively, you, as the GM, are allowed to add an NPC informant to give them the missing information that they bypassed.

The rules for PFS include NOT penalizing the players for creatively avoiding encounters or combats.


Andrew Christian wrote:
Yup, which makes it prohibitively expensive, unless you can buy only a few. Make sure they are durable!

Unless they changed Durable, the arrow would become non-magical, but remain masterwork, on a hit, so no great benefit, there.

Weird Words, right now, is sort of in limbo. The PDT posted an in-progress revision of the ability, to make it clear that each word is supposed to target a different creature, but it appears to have gone into a holding pattern for the final update since Sean left.

The PDT proposed version would also change the cost, to one round of performance per Word used.

The whole thing was a nerf to a sub-par ability, which cost too many die rolls to use anyhow.

Remember that, currently, even if used with a conductive what-have-you, the target would still get a Fort save for half damage.

Each Word, as currently written, has a to hit roll, a damage roll, and the target gets a Fort save for half damage. Potentially 30 die rolls. All the conductive thing would do would be substitute a normal ranged attack for a ranged touch attack...


Jeff Merola wrote:
Eridan wrote:

The fluff text from 'Disrupt Undead' says 'undead creature' but the spell itself is a ray and not limited on targeting creatures. Basically a haunt is a undead phenomenon that can be fought like a creature.
That's rules text, not fluff text.

Which is also why I asked about negative energy affinity, since the creature with it is not necessarily undead, but could be living, like a dhampyr...


Diego Rossi wrote:

Because most of the times a player will chose a flaw or drawback with a minimal negative impact on a character in exchange for a powerful feat.

To make an example:
"Shaky takes a -2 to all ranged attacks. That is worth a feat in 3.5."
I make a melee monster or a controlling spellcaster, a shapechanger druid or a summoner.
How often shaky will affect my play? How often the extra feat will benefit me?

Heck, even just using spells like magic missile, since it is an auto hit, would bypass this drawback entirely.

I recall building an archer in 3.5, and taking the similar drawback for melee attacks in exchange for getting some benefit to his archery early. Run away from melee, so not much real effect on the PC. Especially since I think the campaign allowed some Pathfinder feats, specifically the Point-Blank Master feat, so using a bow, without provoking, against an adjacent target is still not melee...


Conditionally, possibly. ;)

Positive: disrupt undead is a ray of positive energy, so that is a yes.
Negative: As a ray spell, it requires a target, and it also specifies the target as an undead creature.

A haunt, usually, won't be anything targetable, and may not qualify as a creature.

Then again, would disrupt undead harm a living creature with negative energy affinity, like a standard dhampyr?


1 person marked this as a favorite.
Loengrin wrote:

Mmmh as I have said this ability things is strange, whan you make a skill check you do this : 1d20 + skill ranks + ability modifier + racial modifier.

Let's take Bluff which use Charisma Bonus, I can have a "add your int to Bluff skill" but not a "add Cha to your Bluff skill" ?

You already have a "add Cha mod to your Bluff skill" as a default.

Now, is there a feat, trait, class ability or anything else that gives the ability to "Add your Charisma modifier to your Bluff skill" out there?

Not for that specific thing, but you get a few things for other checks.

CMB, for instance, normally uses BAB and Str mod.
Weapon Finesse lets you use your BAB and Dex mod, instead of Str mod, for CMB when using a combat maneuver with a Finesseable weapon.
Agile Maneuvers lets you do the same thing, but doesn't require a Finesseable weapon, or even a weapon-based maneuver.

Fury's Fall, a feat from the Cheliax book, lets you add your Dex mod to your CMB when making a trip combat maneuver.

Now, the question that comes up is whether the Dex mod added from Fury's Fall has Dex as the source, or Fury's Fall as the source. If it is Dex, many feel that you cannot use it in combination with the Dex substitution provided by Weapon Finesse or Agile Maneuvers, as Dex would be the source for the mod in both cases. Others look at it as the bonus comes from Fury's Fall, in which case it doesn't matter that the user's Dex provides the numeric value, as the source is Fury's Fall, rather then Dex, and it would stack.

Which is what the whole question for this thread is, is what defines source for this kind of thing, as that defines what can stack,m and what cannot.

FrozenLaughs: Su, Sp, and Ex are not really sources, they simply give some rules for interactions between those abilities and certain other game effects, like whether the ability functions in a no magic zone, and whether it provokes an attack of opportunity by default.

Yes, two abilities, with the same name, but with different types (Su, Sp and/or Ex) will qualify as different abilities, but that is the whole thing taken together. Two different abilities, with different names, but the same type (Su, Sp, and/or Ex) can still stack, if their bonus type allows it.

The Dodge feat, for example, gives a +1 Dodge bonus to AC.
The Mobility feat gives a +4 Dodge bonus to AC in certain circumstances. In those circumstances, you would have a +5 Dodge bonus to AC, not a +4.

Now, if it were possible to take either feat twice, the bonus provided would not stack, since they would be a +x Dodge bonus from source feat X, even though, normally, Dodge bonuses stack. The feat, in this case, would obviously be the source of the bonus.
The type is Dodge, the source is the Dodge feat.

Hope that makes sense, and explains where some of us are coming from, and why we are confused when some people say that Dex is the source of the bonus from Fury's Fall...

Andoran ***

FLite wrote:

You missed an asterisk. Humans get +2 to one stat, gm's choice. You also missed "add +1 to a stat for every four levels"

so since these are barbarians, thy should probably have 18 str or 16 str, 16 con.

What I get for rushing and doing this at work.

I am only human. Usually. And mostly harmless. Usually.

Give me the wrong scenario/module, and the wrong party, and you can see the PC Died checkboxes filling up.

2 or 3 dead in Shipyard Rats
1 dead in Black Waters
TPK in Crypt of Fools
TPK in Accursed Halls

Makes me afraid to run the topmost level of Emerald Spire, since, with the wrong party, it can be ugly...

And, in three table credits, I will have access to Bonekeep. Fear me, ye players!

Andoran ***

Muser wrote:

Did some tier 1-2 checking:

Before the Dawn part 1: two slams for d8+6, can use Power Attack
Darkest Vengeance: two short sword attacks d6 + 2d6 sneak attack + poison
Penumbral Accords: 4 natural attacks
Murder on the Throaty Mermaid: 2d6+3 vs touch
Dalsine Affair: 1d6+2 twice + 4d6 shocking grasp
Frostfur Captives: 3d8+3 touch
ToEE: one particular room just kills you, the boss is cuhrayzee too
Severing Ties: two slams for d8+5, a certain save or die
Night March: 2 pincers 2d8+10, 2 claws 1d6+10, bite 1d8+10
Horn of Aroden: d8+9+d6 nonlethal

Bring out yer dead! Bring out yer dead!

That said, like with Trial by Machine, some of these won't necessarily ever hit given their tactics, position or player choices.

And, in others, it just gets ugly.

Shipyard Rats:
2d6 Will save DC 12, 6 times
1d6 Will DC 13, 4 times

And, in Season 0, there are nasty sub-tier 1-2 scenarios, as well.
Black Waters, for example, 3 natural attacks plus paralyze

Andoran ***

C Overton wrote:

Strictly from my perspective, the swashbuckler stunning the big bad makes me turn to the rest of the party and say, "Let's get him, guys!" Because even a stun locked dragon needs a halbred shoved in his face.

The Paladin or mage trivializing the whole scenario is another player basically saying, "You kids sit down and let the adults talk this out." In other words, not fun.
As for my two cents on GMing, I'd rather make sure the players are having fun rolling dice.
Just my opinion.

To be honest, once the BBEG is perma stun locked, unless he has minions, I would just end the encounter right there. "Okay, guys, since the BBEG is unable to act, you can just slice and dice him while the swashbuckler holds him in stasis. No need for any more die rolling for this encounter. Any day jobs?"

Andoran ***

Note: The best way to get the complete session history for a PC, if you GM and play, is to click on the Sessions button by the PC's name on the Player page of My Pathfinder Society. That will show just the sessions for that PC, but include both Player and GM credits on that PC.


Lifat wrote:
kinevon wrote:
Kalridian wrote:
Afaik, taking the aoo against the wizard would "discharge" your readied action, since you can't do anything else while having an action readied, so Cyrads idea wouldn't work.

AoOs and Readied Actions are separate things. Taking an AoO, unless it leaves you in a state that invalidates your trigger for your Readied Action, won't disable your Readied Action.

Indeed, depending on circumstances, it is possible to get both your Readied Action and an AoO against the same target.

Pole arm wielder, readies an attack against an enemy moving out of his threatened area. Enemy charges the PAW, moving from 20' away. As the charger exits the 10' square from the PAW, he triggers both an AoO, for moving out of a threatened square, and the Ready, for meeting the trigger for it. Even more fun, depending on the feats/build of the PAW, there is the possibility for the target triggering more AoOs,

The PAW could use the AoO for a trip attempt, and assuming he has the feats, if he trips the target that would trigger another AoO.

In total the PAW could trip him with his AoO, hit him with the readied action and then AoO hit him while he is down. Lesson is: Don't walk away from a guy with reach weapon who has a readied action.

Yep, my post was implying the Greater Trip feat, and its corollaries.

Then again, a trip focused non=PAW, IUS user can be ugly, too.
Trip, AoO from Greater Trip, then another AoO from Vicious Stomp.

We won't go into collaborative builds, where a crit from one AoO can trigger additional AoOs from allies on the same target...

Nor will we mention the debate on using the Greater Trip AoO to trip the same target again, along with allies with Combat Reflexes...

Andoran ***

Nefreet wrote:

How do you propose we quote or cite something that doesn't exist?

Day Job checks are the same regardless of whether you are playing Slow or Normal.

Which works really nicely if you have a certain boon for managing a Keep as your Day Job...

Edit: Lol, what are the odds that two people decide to post the same reply over an hour after the thread was created?

But for that one, you give up your Day Job roll for the other result...

Andoran ***

No, your day job check is normal, even when on slow track.

The citation is that it is not mentioned in the things that slow track reduces by half.

Somewhere there is a post about it that someone with a name responded to, in the PFS forums.

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