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Verik Vancaskerkin

kinevon's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 3,159 posts (4,318 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 27 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Andoran ***

@gnoams: Maybe you want the crapshoot that was the end of Living Greyhawk, where, if you weren't a crafting Wizard, with multiple deaths under your metaphorical belt, you were underpowered, no matter how well you were built, to handle the so-called challenges? Gotta love magic item crafting coupled with overcap gold, so the death doesn't count, other than losing a level...

One of the goals of PFS is an attempt to make sure that everyone has approximately the same experience when playing a scenario.

Consider the difference in experience levels for normal GMs, as based on the classes they prefer to play normally. Would the GM whose primary PCs are all complex Wizard builds do a better job running a free-form Krune, or the GM whose primary play experience is with simple melee builds?

Also, if the GM preps the scenario, there is, almost invariably, a section, right up front, with the adventure background, which also usually covers the BBEG's motives and viewpoint, so you get a lot right there to handle things when the scenario, as they invariably do, goes off the rails.

@David Bowles: Some NPCs are, indeed, easy. Some, on the other hand, are not. Several scenarios have "death count" threads, testifying, usually, to an NPC's effectiveness in combat. However, even for those NPCs, some PC builds can be devastatingly effective in shutting them down.

NPCs have the problem of, usually, being armed humanoids standing on their two feet on the ground. That opens them up for an effective martial close range battlefield controller to, essentially, shut them down. We won't even go into what a well-built caster can do to them.

Often enough, even something as simple as going second in initiative can be fatal to an NPC's threat level.

Ledford's true bane isn't a gazillion hit point Barbarian build, but a PC with a good attack mod using a reach weapon with Combat Reflexes. "Never charge someone or something with a larger threatened area than you have." Sure, if the Barbarian gets there, it can hurt. But it hurts more, for the Barbarian, if he gets tripped on the way there. Especially if that happens after they have charged more than one move action's distance.

Andoran ***

Chris Clay wrote:

Neon Galaxy has changed it's name to "GalaxyCon", and we've still got room for player and GMs! Reward tiers remain the same.

Please let me know if you'd like to volunteer or attend.


Any updates on the status?

Location change?
Date change?


Improved Precise Shot wrote:

Your ranged attacks ignore anything but total concealment and cover.

Prerequisites: Dex 19, Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, base attack bonus +11.
Benefit: Your ranged attacks ignore the AC bonus granted to targets by anything less than total cover, and the miss chance granted to targets by anything less than total concealment. Total cover and total concealment provide their normal benefits against your ranged attacks.
Normal: See the normal rules on the effects of cover and concealment in Combat.

Seeking wrote:
Only ranged weapons can have the seeking ability. The weapon veers toward its target, negating any miss chances that would otherwise apply, such as from concealment. The wielder still has to aim the weapon at the right square. Arrows mistakenly shot into an empty space, for example, do not veer and hit invisible enemies, even if they are nearby.

Notice the difference in the wording. While it is not as clear as it should be, IPS only removes miss chances from concealment less than total concealment. Seeking removes miss chances from any source.

IPS is better against cover, including soft cover; Seeking is better against miss chances, including blur, displacement, and blink.

Andoran ***

IIRC, for spells, if there is both an attack roll and a save, it is a really nasty spell. Disintegrate, for instance, is one such spell.

Ranged touch attack, then the target gets a Fort save to reduce the damage from (2xCL, minimum 26, max 40)d6 to only 5d6. And the really nasty effect only requires bringing the target to 0 hit points, rather than negative Con...

Somehow, this doesn't really compare.
Attack roll, while burning a limited resource (Stunning Fist attempts)
Target gets a Fort save against a usually relatively low DC (10 + 1/2 character level + Wis mod)
And then target gets the final Fortitude save against a DC of damage done plus 10. Not inconsequential, unless your build only does 1d4-2 or worse. Seen that on a CdG, Sorcerer or Wizard with a dagger.

But it only requires a raise dead, rather than a resurrection...

Andoran ***

From my experience, it goes to Mike Brook for first perusal. If the issue takes some effort, beyond a quick & easy fix, he forwards it to your closest VC to do the detail work, who then emails or otherwise contacts you for any details needed, including, possibly, a photocopy of any related chronicles. That is assuming it isn't a website side issue, which would go on to the IT team for them to get to... "soon"(tm)

When Mike is in the office, and not buried by various other functions, it usually doesn't take long for him to do his initial steps, in my limited experience.

Soon (tm):
At least POaizo is quicker about it than one company I used to play a game from. Online game, still running, still good, but their idea of "soon" can be glacial.

In 1998, they announced that they were going to be introducing a new class for the game, the Necromancer. IIRC, after two total reboots of the write-up, due to personnel changes, the class was finally released in 2008...

"Real soon now" took on a whole new meaning...

Andoran ***

BigNorseWolf wrote:
kinevon wrote:

You can, easily, have the gold for a Cloak of Resistance +1 or Muleback Cords before you finish 1st level. You won't have the Fame for either one, though, until you are halfway through 2nd level, at the earliest.

Ok, but are you really going to make the cloak or cords your first purchase? You're not going to buy anything else first? No masterwork weapon, masterwork armor, scrolls, wands etc?


My 4th level Oracle has somewhere north of the 5K+ GP needed for a magical staff, but not the Fame needed to allow that big a purchase.

Heck, my 7th level Rogue, because of the way he got there, had a bunch of money, and not enough Fame for some of the items that he would have found appropriate...

Buy something already. The economy depends on it. Gnome children are drowning in the puddles because they can't afford snorkles because of the inflation you're causing! :)

Actually, on one of my PCs, yes, muleback cords were one of his highest priorities. He used Prestige to buy the wand(s) he wanted, in the meantime.

And my Rogue bought stuff, just not always the items he wanted to purchase.

And the way he got there, from 3rd to 7th in one easy chronicle application, was that he was my GM credit recipient for my Dragon's Demand chronicles. 12 XP, 16 PP, a bunch of gold, all at once.

Andoran ***

Database issue. Hopefully it will get fixed, but, right now, it is a reporting issue, and, as long as the players have their chronicle sheets, shouldn't have any real effect.


James Risner wrote:
Oscar Mild wrote:
Well, most agree that Weird Words is unbalanced, at least as most have been interpreting it.

Fun times! I play a PVP competition every year at GenCon and this year I played a Sound Striker Bard using the "all on one" interpretation as set out by the GM of the competition. I won.

I never took a single point of damage and never failed a save (AC 40 Touch AC 34, saves Fort +28, Ref +38, Will +33) due to Cha to AC/CMD/all saves (Nerid's Grace/Bestow Grace.)

From what I could tell of the other 11 entrances, the only one that out did me in damage is a Named Bullet Gunslinger and that was only by a small margin.

10x 1d8+18 attacks is devastation. Strips 10 mirror images quickly and outright kills pretty much every person who entered whether or not they made their save. For reference, I missed only one attack when attacking. Touch AC is hard to optimize and I had +18 to hit.

If there was any doubt the ability needs changed, then I can demonstrate to you how there should be. ;-)

James, I suspect that the results of the competition would have been vastly different without the use of the Nereid's Grace/Bestow Grace combo. +18 to most everything defensive? All you would need with it is a Ring of Evasion, and your damage from spells would drop to just about nil.

At that level, with an AC of 22, Touch AC of 16, saves Fort +10, Ref +20, Will +15, your PC would have been missing saves, and probably found out that there are plenty of things that could take you out in one "shot", as well. How much does a Disintegrate at that level do if you make the save?


jabberwoky wrote:

@Bob Bob Bob & @Some Random Dood: Thank you for your responses.

@kinevon: That may work, but I think my DM would throw things at me if I did something that cheesy.

Depends on why you are doing it. If the DM cheeses you into a corner, where you can't 5' step out to longspear range, then he is just asking you to do something to the horse's rear end that caused the situation to begin with.

But, yes, it runs into the GM may limit the number of free actions someone can take in one turn.

And there is always the option of free action dropping the longspear, and then full attacking with your claws. The downside is it leaves your longspear as an unattended object at your feet, vulnerable to Area Effects, or being grabbed by an opponent, although that last should provoke an AoO from you.

Speaking of AoOs and reach weapons: If he is provoking from you by moving from 10' to 5', and he doesn't have reach (which is assumed, since otherwise he wouldn't need to move to 5'), doing a trip as your AoO is probably fairly close to optimum, if the target can be tripped. Sure, you provoke, but, if he doesn't have reach, and he wouldn't provoke if he did, then it is a "free" trip, and a prone enemy can't finish his move to get next to you, he has to spend his Standard action to stand up, or crawl 5'.

Either way, he is not in a good spot.


Some Random Dood wrote:

If an enemy left s square threatened by your spear, you would make an aoo with your spear.

Yes, you can still wield a weapon while you have claws. But you be unable to use the claws while the hand is holding something.

Well, you could use free actions to allow the claw attacks, but that would be instead of the longspear attack.

Free action: Let go of longspear with one hand (longspear is no longer considered wielded)
Full attack start: Make a claw attack with the free hand.
Free action: Swap which hand is holding the longspear (still not considered as being wielded)
Full attack complete: Make a claw attack with the other hand, now that it is the free hand.
Free action: Grasp longspear with that second hand, making the claws unavailable for AoOs, but making the longspear, again, a wielded weapon for making AoS.


1) No. It doesn't provoke, but it doesn't say you can pass through enemy squares. Even the Mythic version refers to enemies you pass, not enemies whose square you go through. So, no way past that big monster, unless you can make a CMD+5 Acrobatics check against it... Or it is so big you could maneuver past it due to size differences to begin with.

2) Usually, if something is blocking your line of sight, it is also blocking line of effect. If you cannot fit through an obstacle on your route with normal movement, you probably can't get line of effect past it, either.

3) Sure, but bear in mind that there will be consequences, as you are likely to wind up standing in mid-air at the end, so dash, attack, fall. I guess that is one way to avoid a full attack...

Note on 3: If they have a readied action, they can still trigger it on you if meet the trigger conditions. Also note that falling, if farther than 5', will provoke as you leave the threatened square...


Splendor wrote:

Both of the link you provided link to the same FAQ "When do I count as having a class feature?".

The monk's robe does specifically call out about not having levels in monk and it is the only item that does such (as far as I know). However the monk's robe is almost a word-for-word copy of the 3.5 monk's belt and not a specific pathfinder item.

If you can't use the item without the class feature then you couldn't use the belt's armor training until you were already a 3rd level fighter (if were going off the FAQ sited in the above post applying to magical items). If the item doesn't affect you if you don't have the class feature, and fighters don't gain Armor Training till 3rd, then you have to be a 4th level fighter to use the Armor Training ability of the sash.

I don't think this was the intent.
"The wearer treats his fighter level as 4 higher than normal for the purpose of the armor training and bravery class features."

If the sash said something similar to what the spiteful armor enchantment said "This armor’s ability functions only if its wearer has the panache class feature." I would agree wholeheartedly that it couldn't be used by someone without the panache class feature. But the belt says you treat your fighter level as 4 higher. Four higher than none is four, not zero.

Four higher than none is still none, in Pathfinder.

Just like having an 18 casting stat does not grant you bonus second level spells until you have at least a 0 in the list of spells per day for second level, rather than --.

Andoran ***

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Stressing the fame for access mechanic is pointless. By the time you have the gold, you probably have the fame anyway.

Not always, in my experience.

Even with "good" Fame, I have PCs with the gold for an item that don't have the Fame for it, yet.

You can, easily, have the gold for a Cloak of Resistance +1 or Muleback Cords before you finish 1st level. You won't have the Fame for either one, though, until you are halfway through 2nd level, at the earliest.

My 4th level Oracle has somewhere north of the 5K+ GP needed for a magical staff, but not the Fame needed to allow that big a purchase.

Heck, my 7th level Rogue, because of the way he got there, had a bunch of money, and not enough Fame for some of the items that he would have found appropriate...

Andoran ***

wakedown wrote:

Thumbs up for Everflame.

I've run it twice and would gladly run it multiple times in the future. I honestly am fairly tapped out on any more PC concepts that I'd need and have enough level 2s waiting for some sort of epiphany at this point to put them to paper.

We're way off topic now, and it's not all entirely my fault, which is good.

On the level 2s: I use PFS for playing the stuff I don't know so well, or likely wouldn't want to go near in a home game; so, as a way-too-prolific GM, I have a bunch of 2nd level PCs I have never played, built with classes and/or archetypes I am weak on.

And, now, I am thinking of building a PC who will never see play before he gets retired, just as a credit dump for a complete GM run of Emerald Spire... Heh.

Andoran ***

Pink Dragon wrote:
And to follow up, I also think that the practice of listing mundane items on a chronicle sheet should be eliminated entirely except for special items and boons that are tied to achieving the primary success condition.

What do you consider a mundane item?

Other than some older chronicles, from early season stuff, most newer chronicles only list magic or limited access stuff.

And remember that, thanks to a few rules, it is possible for even a 7-11 chronicle to wind up, active, with the gold reduced appropriately, on a 1st level PC.

Add to that, especially at lower levels, access to some staples is limited to what is on a chronicle sheet. A Cloak of Resistance +1 takes having 9 Fame. A Handy Haversack is at 18 Fame, IIRC.

Where do you draw the line? At the point of "At this sub-tier, the average PC would have this much Fame"? What about the lower level PC playing up? What about the PC who never gets the second PP, except in rare circumstances?

Andoran ***

claudekennilol wrote:
What part says he must? What if he likes being deaf?
All conditions gained during an adventure, except for permanent negative levels, ability drain that does not reduce an ability score to 0, and conditions that provide no mechanical effect, must be resolved before the end of the session

Deafened, since it has a mechanical effect, must be resolved before the end of the session.

Also note that page 37 apparently contains some legacy language, and material from the time before the section on page 20 was added.

Basically, if your PC was turned purple, you don't have to clear it. If you took hit point damage, or ability damage, they clear up on their own between adventures. Usually.

If you took permanent negative levels, or ability drain that does not render your PC dead or otherwise unplayable, you don't have to clear it right away.

Any other condition that has a mechanical effect needs to be cleared before the end of the session. Deafened, blinded, diseased, all have mechanical effects. Some of them are easier to clear than others. Some of them may only allow clearance through gold expenditure (or a lucky party composition), others, with the help of your party, may be cleared with a few good die rolls and some time.

Andoran ***

andreww wrote:

HeroLab is not a valid rules source. It is also not a valid source allowing you to access materials outside of the core assumption. You must still own anything you want to use out of additional resources and if a rules query comes up you should be looking at the primary source, either the book or the PRD. Having said that HeroLab is still extremely useful and is often far more accurate than doing stuff by hand so it is a useful tool, as long as you remember what it is there for.

You can use print outs of PDF's to establish ownership provided they show your watermarked email address. Be aware, some pdf's have banners which obscure it, Cheliax Empire of Devils for example does this. What you cannot use is a photocopy of pages from a physical book as that does not establish ownership.

I tend to store copies of all of my books on my dropbox account which I can access via my phone or tablet if I need to as well as keeping a folder of print outs just in case.

Note: The ownership part is for Paizo's benefit, so that they make money form their Marketing arm, which is what PFS falls under.

The other reason, and why you don't need to print the cover page, just the page(s) with the stuff used by your PC, is to have the rules for non-Core material available if needed for adjudication.

"How does <such-and-so> work?"
"What kinds of damage won't your PC heal, when under the effects of <this> spell?"

That kind of thing.

Andoran ***

Sebastian Hirsch wrote:
Well as far as I understand, a dead body is an object, so the shrink item spell would reduce your average dead body to 1/16th of its size. So a 200 pound dead body would weigh about half a pound. Just throw that one in a river somewhere, and it will be someone elses problem.

Had that happen to one of my PCs, in a home game, once. Kilt and shrunk, and the body stolen by the NPCs, for garnering the equipment from later.

All because I couldn't roll higher than a 3 on my Reflex saves...

As to what to do about the bodies, later, that is for <redacted> to handle. I am sure he is feeling less hungry, now....

Andoran ***

There is a possibility, remote but there, that the coordinator for the game you played might still have access, one way or another, to the missing information.

The place to start, for that option, would be to contact the GM for your game, and see if they were the coordinator, or knows who supplied the PFS new member cards for the event. I think it is possible to do a reverse lookup on the Paizo site using the GM's PFS number to find them, and then use their PM link to start the ball rolling.

Overall, though, it would probably be easier to do as Tony suggested, and just get a new number, and have CS merge the two.

Andoran ***

Well, there are pieces that are still "live" from the Faction Guide, but, yes, the OP reads better if you take it as Pathfinder Society Field Guide...

Andoran ***

James Wygle wrote:
Surtyr wrote:
Nefreet wrote:

So, if you can play in a 16-18 mod at 18.2, level up to 19.2, and finish up with Race for the Runecarved Key, you'd have a level 20 PFS character.


RRK only gives on xp tho right? That won't take us to 20?
When he said "19.2", he was saying "level 19, with two additional experience points". The one XP from Race would be enough to push the character up to level 20.

This basically, also, presupposes that the PC was run through the Eyes of the Ten, or otherwise wound up with 2 XP toward the next level, once they passed 11th level.

13.2 after Eyes of the Ten (Tier 11-13, 12-14, or 13-15 to be played)
14.2 after module/AP segment (Tier 12-14, 13-15, or 14-16 to be played)
15.2 after module/AP segment (Tier 13-15, 14-16, or 15-17 to be played)
16.2 after module/AP segment (Tier 14-16, 15-17, or 16-18 to be played)
17.2 after module/AP segment (Tier 15-17, or 16-18 to be played)
18.2 after module/AP segment (Tier 16-18 to be played)
19.2 after module/AP segment (Special to be played)
20.0 after Special (RKK is the only option)

Andoran ***

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Traits you keep no matter where you go.

But remember to keep a copy of the Season 5 Guide, so you have the rules text for the trait available, if needed.

Andoran ***

Finlanderboy wrote:
Jiggy wrote:
Finlanderboy wrote:

The brokeness of this feat is not a soul character doing it, but with a partner.

One person stunns them and then the Mericles butcher kills them.

The ability to have your caster buddy let you do the "die" part of the save-or-die that they could have just done themselves is not "broken".

I would agree for ht emost part. But stun debuff is easier to inflict then helpless.

It is nothing compared to something that takes them out completely.

And even one round of stun tends to mean that NPC is dead. Unless you get a really weird situation.

Silent Tide:
Had a wizard in it color spray a batch of the mooks in the first encounter, but then everyone else, besides the wizard, jumps into the water to save the NPCs. Which left the wizard to handle the remaining mooks who were conscious. And took long enough that the other mooks fully recovered, instead of being removed from play.

Glad I was GMing that one, as playing it, as anyone but the wizard, would have been embarrassing, except, maybe, for the first PC who went into the water to rescue the NPCs. This is about the only time, in a sub-tier 1-2 game, that I have seen anyone, other than a PC after his allies took out the caster, recover from a color spray.

Andoran ***

Also note, there are several scenarios that are archaeology-oriented, but some of them include some of the nastier combats around.

I believe there is one scenario where you get stuck into a bad situation, risking an important NPC's life versus taking out a baddie, or letting them walk with some of the things you have been sent to discover; another includes a rather nasty undead to deal with along the route to historical information of some interest, and another gang after the same things you are.

We won't even go into the visit to the Worldwound before Season 5 in search of ancient writings...


@downerbeautiful & UndeadMitch: That is not a ruling I would be willing to sit still for, but your mileage may vary. The main issue I have is that the original post on the limitation was phrased in such a way that it made my hackles rise, and think that I wouldn't want to sit with such a GM.

As mentioned, it wasn't the ability but the player causing an issue. By the time you finish banning everything that slows that player down, you are probably playing Amber rather than Pathfinder.

One of the problems I have, as a player and GM, is when someone has to calculate, from scratch, for the umpteenth time, their attack bonus. "I rolled a 5, I am at +6 from BAB, +5 from Str, +1 from Weapon Training, +1 from Weapon Focus, +1 from the weapon's magic, etc." Yeesh. I am holding myself back, usually, from giving their total from just a glance at the die and previous turns.

For my PCs' more complex stuff, I usually try to setup cheat sheets beforehand, or have the numbers used to get the final modifier avaialble iuf asked, but I will usually, at that point, be looking at the die, and telling the GM, "34 to disarm, not counting cover or prone. Is that modified total 10 or more higher than their CMD?"


A couple of things:

Potions can only be made for spells up to third level, and those potions cannot be Personal spells. Drinking a potion is a standard action. Forcing a potion down an unconscious target's throat, or coating someone else with an oil, is a full round action.

Wands can only hold up to 4th level spells. Using a wand takes a minimum of one standard action, or the normal casting time of the spell, whichever is longer.

As long as a Ranger or Paladin don't take an archetype (variant of the base class) that sacrifices spellcasting, they are able to use wands of spells on their class list, even before they gain a caster level.

Use Magic Device (UMD) is a skill that allows non-spellcasters, or spellcasters without a specific spell on their class list, to use items that can cast those spells. Depending on the spell, it might require mnultiple UMD checks to succeed.

Be extremely careful with any magic item creation outside of the items in the books, already. Some items are severely underpriced if you aren't paying attention (continuous True Strike, anyone?), and some items are overpriced.

Even the company can miss the mark, for example, there is a wondrous item with the Ranger spell Aspect of the Falcon on it that are underpriced, by a factor of 3, IIRC, at 4,000 gp.

Andoran ***

BigNorseWolf wrote:
apparently Kingdom of Loathing was raised by dwarves...

Oddly, when I read the quote, it wound up sounding like a Jewish mother joke, with the accent and all.

Andoran ***

Grogimus Wilsnatch wrote:

My hellknight, my gunslinger, every single character that lost the nation tie is now "shadow lodge" except for one whos a noble and a sob and the snobby new faction works for him....


Intensified fireball!: 15d6 ⇒ (2, 5, 2, 6, 2, 1, 1, 2, 4, 2, 6, 6, 1, 2, 5) = 47

Andoran ***

As I said, it makes my head ache. Does that mean that my questions, previously noted, are actually questions that need to be answered, instead of Marty being pedantic and confused?


Yeah, I would recommend, as part of your character introduction something along the lines of, "Hey, guys, I can also, once per person, give out a reroll to you if you are within 30' of my PC. Let me know if you are interested, and I'll even leave the choice of when to use it up to you."

Andoran ***

Nefreet wrote:

The argument against that being, since you can replace the tips of other arrows with different materials, you could also do so with these.

But, if I'm sitting at your table, I will happily abide by your rules.

Heh. Not my rules, but the rules that someone pointed out to me, since, at the time, I had silver-blanched cold iron blunt arrows in my archer's inventory.

Adamantine wrote:
Items without metal parts cannot be made from adamantine.
Cold Iron wrote:
Items without metal parts cannot be made from cold iron.
Mithral wrote:
Items not primarily of metal are not meaningfully affected by being partially made of mithral.
Alchemical Silver wrote:
The alchemical silvering process can't be applied to nonmetal items, and it doesn't work on rare metals such as adamantine, cold iron, and mithral.

Since, for a normal arrow of this tech level, only the arrowhead is typically made of metal, and, in the case of blunt arrows, it is replaced with a rounded wooden tip, it doesn't appear that it could be made of a metal-replacement material, or have a material that only bonds with metal able to bond with it...

Now, blunt arrows should be able to benefit form being made of darkwood. Wonder if they would heal up if made out of greenwood? Never lose an arrow again...

Andoran ***

Spooky Kid wrote:
very odd, why would blunt arrows have to be wood, that actually makes no sense

Because the description of the blunt arrow explicitly states that the arrowhead is wood.

And, since that makes the entire thing wood and feathers, no metal at all, it cannot be made of cold iron, mithril, adamantine, viridium, etc.

Arrow, blunt

These arrows have rounded wooden tips.

Andoran ***

James McTeague wrote:

Wait, what?

It just says "treat it as if it was untrained", not "you lose your ranks in that knowledge skill." It clarifies afterwards that it means that you can't make certain checks because they're untrained, not that your bonus goes down.

To me, treat it as untrained might mean that you lose your ranks in it, as it is treated as untrained, which is 0 skill ranks....

The language can be interpreted in two ways, apparently...

Andoran ***

Agreed with Nefreet on all of the above.

For that last issue, abundant ammunition is your friend...

Also, just as a friendly reminder, you cannot buy cold iron blunt arrows, as blunt arrows are specified as having a wooden ball as the head. They can still be blanched with cold iron, adamantine, silver or even ghost salt, of course.

Andoran ***

"Greetings! I am Kinevon, Eagle Knight Captain, working with Liberty's Edge to ensure that there is freedom and liberty for all."

We won't go into the fact that my PC Kinevon includes multiple Captain titles in his stock:
Eagle Knight Captain
Ship Captain
Venture Captain

Andoran ***

James McTeague wrote:

Fortunately, the Technology Guide is on the prd. The feat is here.

As far as I can tell, that works. The Technologist feat says that normally the skill checks would be untrained if they didn't have the feat, but bardic knowledge allows you to make skill checks untrained.

But would the Bard get the benefit of any ranks in that skill when making a check that would normally require the Technologist feat to make?

Knowledge (Engineering)
+ 1/2 Bard level
+ Int mod
+ skill ranks?
+ class bonus? I would guess that if the actual skill ranks wouldn't count, neither would the class bonus for being a trained skill.

Would that reactivate the benefit of certain feats, like Dilettante, that only give a benefit if you have less than 6 ranks in a skill?
What effect, as well, would it have on the variable benefits of feats like Skill Focus?

I think this whole thing is going to be a prime example of the Law of Unintended Consequences...

Andoran ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Given the existence of scanners, printers, and graphic editors, there is no way to truly secure any chronicle from someone who wants to cheat. Most of us operate under the honor system, in general. It usually works fine.

Andoran ***

David_Bross wrote:
pauljathome wrote:

The last part was overstated, but generally PCs hate status conditions, and real threats of death. Besides Bonekeep, can you think of a particularly deadly scenario that reviewed well?

Most negative reviews for scenarios come from PC deaths and/or being unable to contribute to a fight.

Actually, what I, as a player, hate, is the "Hi! You're dead!" situation with no chance at all at the beginning of combat.

When my Magus died in a scenario, due to this, I felt upset. It really stinks that a good die roll wasn't even able to help.
{spoiler]Rolled a 20 on initiative, +3 modifier. NPC, after getting a mandated surprise round, rolls an 18 on initiative, with a +5 modifier, gets to make a full attack, 3 attacks, with sneak attack, on my PC despite acing initiative. That was upsetting, because it meant that there was absolutely NOTHING that I could have done to stop it. THAT is what is a bad thing.[/spoiler]

When my Rogue recently died in a scenario, it was because of less than perfect tactics. There were things I could have done that would have helped, I just decided not to do them. It was just bad luck that the final attack, of a 4 attack sequence, was a crit when my PC was down to 3 points after the first three attacks. But that was a situation where I was able to do something.

So, boning the PCs, with situations where they never get to act before dying, is a bad thing. Bad. Imagine how bad the reviews for In Service to Lore would have been if Ledford and company had all had initiative modifiers of +10 or higher?

Andoran ***

Don't forget to get a copy of the free Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play, currently v6.0, as that will answer a lot of your questions on building a PFS PC, including point buy, starting gold, allowed races, classes, alignments, and traits.

Andoran ***

Some people have a slight issue, where they take a mechanical limitation of some programs, like Hero Labs, as the LAW. Hero Labs only allows non-standard arrows in lots of 50, because they are assuming that you are planning on making them masterwork/magical, rather than just buying them as non-magical throw-away arrows.

For most arrows, they are sold in lots of 20. As mentioned above, Durable arrows, as an example, are sold in lots of 1. If you are planning on using weapon blanch, that covers a pseudo-lot of 10 arrows, so you either have a partial quiver of blanched arrows, or used two "doses" of blanch.

Later in the game, when your archer fires lots of arrows per turn, and frequently needs to overcome DR, large quantities of special arrows is usually not an issue, between plenty of money and the potential number of efficient quivers to manage weight...

I know of several people who, once they get some money on their archer PCs, start using silver-blanched cold iron arrows as their normal ammunition.

Andoran ***

Benrislove wrote:
i'm hoping Zen archer gets banned to I can rebuild into a more fun class, instead of this super broken monstrous thingy...

Heh. I keep hoping the "clarification" for the Sound Striker Bard comes through, so I can rebuild out of it for free. The clarification is definitely errata, not just clarification, and, for some of us, changes the fundamentals of how the archetype works.

Andoran ***

Chaosorbit wrote:
So can you apply a GM Star replay at 19.2 to replay Race of the Runecarved Key or Seige on the Diamond City to make it to 20 lvl?

Yes, as long as the PC you are playing it with/applying GM credit for it to does not already have a chronicle for that scenario already.

Which sort of sums up my problem with wanting to replay the Ruby Phoenix Tournament. All of my PCs in the appropriate level band already have chronicles for it. GM credit on one, bringing him to 12.0; and player credit (under the old grandfathered rules, when it first came out) for my other PC at 11.2. My next highest PC, 12th level or below, is at 8th, so won't be legal for it for some time to come...

Andoran ***

Dorothy Lindman wrote:
kinevon wrote:

Note: On those traits, you want to make sure you are using the version from the Faction Guide, as the versions printed in the Shattered Star Player's Guide are slightly different, and not PFS legal.

Which reminds me, I need to apologize to the HeroLab folks, and ask them if there is any way to setup an option to let the user decide which version of those traits they want to use.

Under "Configure Hero", one of the options at the top is "Pathfinder Society Organized Play Character".

Turning that on adjusts the content to use the legal resources and special rules for PFS (like wizards getting Spell Focus instead of Scribe Scroll, etc.).

And if you see anything wrong, turn in a bug to Lone Wolf Development.

Nah, the problem is that HL updated the traits to the Shattered Star versions, which eliminates the class restrictions that are there in the Faction Guide versions. Everything else is the same.

Mea culpa, since I was the one who pointed out the difference, before I knew they weren't updated for PFS. Sigh.

Andoran ***

terry_t_uk wrote:

Sealed Gate has a hard mode

You REALLY want to play it in hard mode at high sub-tier :-)

With a 7th level PC...

Andoran ***

Note: On those traits, you want to make sure you are using the version from the Faction Guide, as the versions printed in the Shattered Star Player's Guide are slightly different, and not PFS legal.

Which reminds me, I need to apologize to the HeroLab folks, and ask them if there is any way to setup an option to let the user decide which version of those traits they want to use.

Andoran ***

To add to TOZ's post:

VTT Game Day 4 is August 30th, IIRC.

I have seen games posted as starting anytime during the day, some starting as early as 10 or 11 pm the night before, and others starting at various times during the day.

Note that, since it hasn't been explicitly mentioned, the membership of the PSOC is, itself, international. Members, including both players and GMs, are from all over the world. Some of them are members mainly because they don't have much of a local player base to pull from. Others do, but may be in the PSOC because it gives them the rare chance to play instead of GM.

Hope to see you online!

Edit: Forgot to comment on some other peoples' posts:
Some of us have very little disposable income, due to various issues in our lives. Myself, I have been watching my money pogo around the number 0 for the past several months. I am hoping, this month, to stay in the black. I almost got to go to PaizoCon this year, but the person who was arranging transportation and board wound up with real life interfering, so I wound up with a week's vacation at home, instead of traveling to Seattle.

The local scene is pushing it, at present, to get three concurrent tables of PFS at the same time. It has happened once in the past few months at the local game day. Our most recent local Con was pushing to get a few tables at all in. The next local Con on the schedule is sort of in limbo, as they appear to have decided to change venues, due to an ongoing labor dispute, and that may cause them to change dates, as well. Then again, one of the organizers for the Con told me that I was one of the few people who had actually registered for the Con to begin with.

Due to a recent change in my work schedule, the regular game day is at a bad time for me. It is, effectively, in the middle of my night during my work week. I am attempting to run some games at my home, at a good time for my schedule, but that may be a bad time for most of our local players. The results are currently to be determined, as the first game I have scheduled is for next week...

Andoran ***

The Morphling wrote:

Awesome! That's a relief. I have a guy whose ultimate goal is to die in battle and join the Risen Guard.

Sadly he is a tank, and thus far has resisted being killed, despite his best efforts. He gets very, very angry if someone attacks his friends companions - not because he wants to protect them, but because he should be the one who gets to die in battle, not them!

Tell him he needs to wear a red shirt. ;)


Trekkie90909 wrote:

Spells with a cast time of immediate do not provoke attacks of opportunity (see feather fall as an example). Spells which take a standard action or more do, and the AoO interrupt them because they take extra time to complete. Same idea as with standing up.

I hear your argument; this is not how the trip combat maneuver works. As soon as the trip is a success you are prone. This is RAW.

The flavor text for the action would be something like "The trip is not successful until the enemy has finished falling to the ground." (at which point they are instantaneously classified as prone). Something like catching your balance partway through would be a description for a failed trip maneuver; something in between might be used to describe coming close to the DC and either just barely passing or failing.

From a rules perspective that's irrelevant, but from a GMing/gameplay perspective it's important.

A successful trip maneuver (not the same as being tripped i.e. having a trip attempted against you) == prone. At this point the AoOs go off, because the trip has been confirmed successful. Prior to this the trip has not been successful so RAW you can't take the AoO yet.

Last time: Successful Trip maneuver = successful trip maneuver.

Benefit: After the trip attempt succeeds, your target gains the prone condition.

So, successful trip gives you and your allies who threaten AoOs against the target of the trip.
After the AoO, which is provoked by the successful trip maneuver, the target then gains the prone condition.

Note that this is actually less beneficial for the PCs than your version. It is also closer to how the rules are written.



Trekkie90909 wrote:

Actually it is different; standing up is a move action, falling prone -as per the trip combat maneuver- is an instantaneous action. The reasoning from the FAQ is "the trip provoked from standing up happens as soon as the person starts getting up, if successful they fall back down but retain enough time to stand up again without penalty."

RAW the FAQ says it's not that the trip doesn't immediately knock the defender prone a second time (it supports this), it's that he has enough time to stand up again anyway.

Here it's:

-> attacker's trip success: true
-> gain status: prone
-> Attacker has greater trip: true
-> provoke AoO from threatening enemies

Steps 2 and 4 happen simultaneously and instantaneously -> neither disrupts the flow of combat.


-> attacker's trip success: true
-> Attacker has greater trip: true
-> provoke AoO from threatening enemies
-> gain status: prone

Because AoOs interrupt the flow of action.

Caster starts to cast spell, non-defensively

Now, what happens next?
Threatening enemies get AoO
Spell completes

Spells, per your definition, are instantaneous. Heck, some of them include that as duration: Instantaneous

Now, consider: Being knocked prone from a trip is NOT instantaneous. It takes an appreciable amount of time between being tripped and landing on the ground, prone. Believe me, I used to trip all the time in real life. Some of them were even from someone else tripping me. As my agility improved in real life, unlike the game, where this option does not exist, I was even able, in the time between being tripped and landing on my hands and knees, catch my balance, and stay on my feet.

Being tripped is not equal to being prone, there is a brief but noticeable span of time between being tripped and being prone. That is when the Greater Trip AoOs go off, in many posters' opinions, including mine.


Trekkie90909 wrote:
No it doesn't. The triggering condition for the AoO is that the target is tripped. AoO's go off before the triggering condition. (It is not clear that that is RAI in this case, but the RAW is the AoO goes before the trip occurs).

You're still arguing that the AoO goes off before the trip action succeeds. From greater trip.

Whenever you successfully trip an opponent, that opponent provokes attacks of opportunity.

You CANNOT cause a secondary condition which is dependent upon a primary success before the primary condition succeeds. Otherwise greater trip would read "when you perform the trip action the target enemy provokes attacks of opportunity." This is RAW.

EDIT: @Kinevon bb ninja'd you, but yes he (and any nearby allies who can take an AoO) gets the bonus vs a prone target.

Greater Trip wrote:
Benefit: You receive a +2 bonus on checks made to trip a foe. This bonus stacks with the bonus granted by Improved Trip. Whenever you successfully trip an opponent, that opponent provokes attacks of opportunity.

As compared to:

Vicious Stomp wrote:
Benefit: Whenever an opponent falls prone adjacent to you, that opponent provokes an attack of opportunity from you. This attack must be an unarmed strike.

And it has been stated that if you have both Greater Trip and Vicious Stomp, you get two AoOs as a result.

Being tripped is not the same as winding up prone after after being tripped.

So, event: George trips Robert. Robert starts to fall. George and friends get to whack Robert as he loses his balance. Robert winds up prone on the ground, at which point friend Kevin gets to take another AoO and play whack-a-mole on the now-prone Robert with an unarmed attack.

Trip succeeds
Greater Trip AoOs activate
Trip target falls prone
Vicious Stomp AoOs activate

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