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kinevon's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 5,267 posts (6,440 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 37 Pathfinder Society characters.

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Nessa Meretrix wrote:
Didn't you know, they're succubearin' it all now.

You would think, by now, that the succubus would be a succubare...

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Should have summoned a fiendish dolphin, which is on the same SM1 list, IIRC.

Would recommend Celestial, instead. And the "rescue drowning person" would not, IMO, even require pushing, but just a DC 10 Handle Animal check.

From the Dolphin Bestiary entry:
Dolphins are social predators that hunt shallow seas and rivers in large family groups called pods. Sailors are fond of dolphins and frequently tell tales of dolphins saving drowning fishermen or killing sharks with blows from their powerful snouts.

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Yes, as Joe mentioned Adopted is a trait with no uses, at present, in Core play. Whether there may be boons on any scenario sheets that give an option for any Race Traits is unknown, I don't recall any. Do keep in mind that it allows the taking of a Race Trait (like the Elven Warrior of Old trait), not a Racial Trait (like the Human Skilled Racial Trait).

As Joe wrote, the faction traits are not the ones in the Faction Guide, but the ones listed in each faction write-up in the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide, currently v7.0, on pages 13-18, listed under the <faction name> Traits headings. Each faction should have 5 traits listed in that chapter, usually as the last item under the faction's write-up.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
UndeadMitch wrote:
Doing a Deific Obedience in Rahadoum won't get you killed. Almost certainly deportedif they catch you, but not killed.
That might depend on the obedience. Doing Lamashtu's might get you sentenced to a burning at the stake.
Thats why that one managed to get called out as an exception, as there is no reformed church of the mother of monsters option available. Which is a shame, a lamashite monster affeciondo could make a great pathfinder.

Rise of the Runelords:
"Hello, my name is Nualia. I am a new member of the Pathfinder Society, recently journeying here from Sandpoint. My apologies for my ... deformities, they were incurred when some mad adventurers assaulted me a short time ago, and, in their madness, drove me form my home, and my father's resting place, in Sandpoint. I do not know all of what they have afflicted me with, so these deformities may increase in the future. Shall we adventure onwards?"
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DM Livgin wrote:
My first death was due to weak character builds, combined with robot beat down, combined with bad luck on the dice. It is a blessing in disguise that those characters (mine included) died at lvl 3, so that they did not go on to endanger more experienced field agents. The part that really hurt was that I'd just finished modelling and painting that miniature...

And, this, IME, is one of the most common causes of character death, usually permanent character death.

"Hey, guys, I just finished painting my customized mini for my PC. Let's play!"
"Gosh, I only got to use my newly painted mini for my PC once, and now he is perma-dead."

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Let's see. You have Standard and Core, plus a GM Star replay, so 5 times through an adventure for credit, plus additional GM runs for table stars.

For more than that, within PFS rules, I am going to wait and watch for the results, since you have cast the "Summon Drogon" spell......

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Jason Wu wrote:

With run speed enhancement, some characters get pretty impressive charge distances.

If you can get the Pounce special ability, via several possible sources, you can even make a full attack at the end instead of just one attack.

More than a few bad guys have been startled by an axe-wielding barbarian hurtling in their face out of nowhere.

Evil overlord list number 5, i will not be in a charge lane from the entrance

Evil overlord list number 5a: Given some heroes' abilities, I know that the only way to not be in a charge lane is to be behind a Wall of Minions (tm).

Charge distances can be, with some builds, well over 100', possibly 200'.
Travel Domain (untyped 10' movement increase)
Barbarian's Fast Movement (another untyped 10' movement increase)
Monk's Fast Movement (variable enhancement bonus)
Haste, Blessing of Fervor, Boots of Speed or Boots of Striding and Springing, Expeditious Retreat, Longstrider (Most of these won't stack with each other or Monk's Fast Movement, as they are mainly enhancement bonuses)

So, with only a little bit of work, you can get a charge distance of 80' with drawing a weapon during the charge, or 160' if already armed. Add in a pounce build, and it is really difficult to stay out of the charge lanes/death zones of some of these builds.

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Murdock Mudeater wrote:
Jared Thaler wrote:
Along side stun: Miss a turn, *and* drop everything you are holding. So, functionally, miss 1.5 - 2 turns and take 1 - 2 AoO
Fortunately, stun is uncommon by comparison to blinded or dazed.

Not as uncommon as all that. Color Spray, for one common example, will apply at least one round of stun, at a minimum, if the target fails its Will save, no matter what level the target is.

And Color Spray, as well, is an AoE spell.

5 or more HD: The creature is stunned for 1 round.

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trollbill wrote:
Marak Cobbler wrote:
trollbill wrote:
Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
The PFS setting is fairly good, although I have seen a few options slip through the cracks here and there.
I find it to be mostly accurate, as well. Only problem I am currently having with it is that it keeps telling me my Ranger's Dire Rat animal companion isn't legal for PFS.
That's okay, it keeps telling me my race isn't legal. But I have the convention boon to be an aasimar.
That makes sense that it would say a Boon only item was illegal. (Though I suppose some sort of Boon exception button might be nice). Dire Rat is one of the listed legal ranger animal companions in the CORE rules.

There is a way to add in various PFS exception options, using ShadowChemosh's free add-on for HeroLab. It gives a way to add adjustments for feats, races, archetypes, and something-or-other else to a specific PC. Makes most of my non-standard PCs not show errors for boon races, unlocked-by-boon archetypes, etc.

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Got it, responded to it. Note that, as my PM says, just because a PC has a retired trait, does not mean the PC is not PFS legal, as many of us have PCs with grandfathered options on them.

I started playing PFS in 2008, and my first PC actually had to be updated from 3.5 rules to Pathfinder rules before I could play him starting with Season 1. However, as he was a member of a national faction, and the trait I took for him from that faction is no longer offered by the non-national version, it was grandfathered in for him.

Also, if you switch factions, you retain any faction trait from your old faction, not your current faction.

Of course, knowing what I know now, I would rather have been offered the option to retain it or change it to a currently-allowed trait...

Note: You may want to put in some form of tracking for factions, where a player can annotate if and when their PC changed factions, either due to personal change, faction retirement (Shadow and Lantern Lodges, and Sczarni), or faction name/focus change (All the national factions to non-national versions, Cheliax/Dark Archive, Andoran/Liberty's Edge, Qadira/The Exchange, Osirion/Saphhire Sages, and Taldor/Sovereign Court), etc.

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Grumpus wrote:
I found this annoying as my party TPK'd in the last chapter (room F8) before completing all the required sections, thus no chronicles for anyone.

All sorts of possibilities, there.

First, the GM should still have issued chronicles for the completed sections.
second, you should still have received a chronicle for partial credit for the incomplete section, as long as your party started the PFS sanctioned portion. How much credit depends on how much of that third part was completed:
Less than 3 encounters = No XP, no PP, only the gold related to the parts completed.
At least three encounters, you should get 1 XP and 2 PP, and 1/3 gold.
If 2/3rds completed, 2 XP, 3 PP, 2/3 gold.

Depending on how much of the rest of the monastery was completed, it probably qualifies as 1/3rd to 2/3rd.

The GM could also let you complete it with a batch of new PCs, although that is easier to do without a TPK.

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Andrew Christian wrote:
You can run individual, sanctioned AP books for credit as though the sanctioned portion were a module. And you can do this in campaign mode or Normal PFS credit mode.

Note, however, if you are running only the PFS sanctioned portion of the AP book, and the Tier of the section is higher then 7-9, you need to do it with 4-6 actual PFS PCs in the level range, as there are no PFS approved pregens higher in level than 7.

Caveat: You will lose, however, much of the flavor of the whole AP, along with whatever part of the book you are playing the PFS sanctioned portion of, as, nominally, none of the rest of it is legal to play with a PFS PC.

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Just remember, whatever you do, do NOT disturb the orange traffic cone!

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Mike Kimmel wrote:
Christopher Rowe wrote:
Makes sense. Thanks for the suggestion! It's an excellent scenario!
Thank you! I hope you and your players have a good time. Let us know how it goes.

Mike, my group, not related to Christopher Rowe's group, had some fun with it. We played it Core, and only had three players.

Group was:
PC Barbarian, much the normal beatstick
PC Cleric, fairly normal positive channeler
PC Rogue, standard Dex build, but only single weapon build.
NPC Ezren, to complete a fairly "standard" D&D adventuring party

We went after the Alchemist first, he was there, the Rogue managed to get fairly close before setting off combat. The combat lasted a couple of rounds, but the Alchemist had rather limited options, given we had him based most of the time on his turns. Found the materials, and a coup-le of vials of refined whip.

After that, we decided to hit the bar next, since it was getting close to noon, and we thought we would at least take a look at it. Our plan, once we got there, went off fairly well, including using the whip in a couple of drinks sent to the agents. Only the Aspis agent drank it, while the Kortos agent was off cleaning himself off from the spilled drinks, and we then spirited the Aspis agent out, relieved him of his badge, and left him sleeping off the whip (which, amusingly, also deprived him of his memories of the last hour, so he went to the Inn afterwards, after the Kortos agent gave up).

For the warehouse, we blocked most of the doors, setup a dart trap for one of the secret doors, and waited. Using the Aspis badges picked up earlier, we were able to convince the Kortos group that we were already on top of the incident at the warehouse, speaking truth instead of lies, so they left quietly.

The Aspis came in, through the main door and the trapped secret door, and found we were a bit more than they could handle. The trap missed the cleric, but he got bashed the next turn by the Barbarian, rolling max damage. In the meantime, we had tanglefooted the Sorcerer, who had trouble making the concentration checks. The Barbarian did a Raging hit on the fighter-type, which, with other damage done, left him reeling, and down shortly.

We enjoyed it, and the GM enjoyed seeing us going weird at times during it. The Cleric pushing for using the drug on the agents in the Inn, for instance. No fatalities until the Aspis encounter at the warehouse, for another. Yeah, we even talked her into joining the Pathfinder Society. Old acquaintances, and all that.

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Jared Thaler wrote:
Draco Bahamut wrote:
I allways wandered why Pathfinder Society does not have a Master of Secrets, someone must teach subtly.

You imply that pathfinders value subtlety...

"Assembled the Sky Key and activated it to see what would happen."

Only the pathfinders would assemble an artifact that powerful, and turn it on *just* to "see what would happen"

You are correct. The Aspis Consortium would assemble it, then sell it to the highest bidder. "Let them deal with it!"

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Ashe, from my perspective, those early season faction missions were just a horrendous drain on the GM, the players, and the storyline, when they just weren't outright spoilers on the story itself.

The GM had to be aware of which faction could possibly fulfill faction mission X or Y in this room, while the players were constantly going, "Is it here?" instead of paying attention to the actual mission they were on.

To be honest, from the early days, I remember stupid goals someone was trying to fulfill, "Is there a tea set here?" instead of our actual mission. Or other faction missions which were, essentially, "Kill the BBEG.".

No, just no. Overall, those faction missions distracted too much from the game and actual Pathfinder Society mission we were there to do, rather than enhancing the gaming experience.

Also, for the early Season 5 scenarios, while the factions were not yet included in the blurbs, there was a section or post on the forums with the information included that was supposed to be given to the players, as well.

Grand Lodge

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There are a bunch of ways around this issue, honestly.
Alchemist infusions have been mentioned.
Some of them are available through things like the various Cloaks of the Apprentices.
Use a Spell Storing item to hold it until needed.
Example: Vibrant purple prism Ioun stone, flawed, can hold a single level of spell. This spell can be True Strike, Shield, CLW, etc.
Hand of Glory gives the wearer see invisibility and daylight as once/day casts.

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Andrew Christian wrote:
Ragoz wrote:
Considering this isn't a closed topic and we are still awaiting the results I also agree these posts should be cleaned up by moderators. It bothers me that this has to happen so frequently. Just make an Off-topic forum thread and call it PFS banter or something.
Moderators don't usually delete off topic posts. Not sure I'd want to participate on a forum where just a little bit of fun gets moderated either.

I cannot imagine the Rules Forum without a succubus in a grapple in it.

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graypark wrote:
Jessex wrote:
Just so you're aware, in the real old days there were no D10's. The first polyhedral dice sets were D4, D6, D8, D12 and D20 (although tbh the D20 was numbered 0 to 9 twice so it sort of was a D10).
Dice? If only we'd been so fortunate. We had to settle for numbered chits in tiny Tupperware bowls!

You had tupperware? We used teacups...

Grand Lodge

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Scythia wrote:
kinevon wrote:
Just to add to the "It weighs what it weighs." side, remember non-magical Elven Chain armor, which weighs 20 pounds, whether it is in an Anti-Magic Shell or not, where normal chainmail weighs 40 pounds. Admittedly, it openly states mithral, but neither Anti-Magic Shell nor Dispel Magic would change its weight, nor its classification as light armor, even for proficiency.
The bolded section is the point. This faq attempt is trying to establish if celestial armor is made light by magic, or by material. If it's material, then the popular combo of making it mithril won't work.

How do you make it mithral? You are into homebrew when you do that, no longer in the Rules section.

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GM Lamplighter wrote:

Players who show up with fully-tricked-out but illegal PCs are going to have a hard time understanding Valeros? Really? I think you have too little faith in players.

In my experience, when someone gets told they have to play a pre-gen, but that we can help them after the game fix their real character, AND the pre-gen credit can be applied so they aren't even "behind", no one walks away in a huff. And, the other players see that GMs follow the rules and don't just let things go when it's inconvenient.

There is no reason for a mature player to walk away because he's not allowed to cheat break the rules. If between the player and the GM this can't be avoided, there are bigger issues than how complicated a pre-gen is.

First time Pathfinder player equals "fully-tricked out"?

And, honestly, even if you have fully-tricked out your greatsword-wielding Gnollish Barbarian, that does not say that you even looked at the Two-Weapon Fighting feat, nor understand how Standard Actions are different then Full Attack Actions, if you wind up running Valeros.

Grand Lodge

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Just some random responses, not quoting the original post:

There are lots of spells where, if the target makes the save, the spell has absolutely no effect. Charm Person/Charm Monster, Hold Person/Hold Monster, Color Spray, and on and on.

There are an abundance of spells that are very situational. Glitterdust is of no use on a blind target, Contagion is of no use on a 3rd level or higher Paladin, Element X spells are of no benefit on a creature immune to element X, like Ray of Frost on a skeleton. Any Reflex save spell on a target with a good Reflex save and Evasion. Protection From Y against spells cast by a caster whose alignment is not Y.

One of many reasons why the Arcane Bonded item is such a nice thing, since it lets you pull out that situational spell when the situation arises. The same for scrolls or wands.

So, again, Grease is a great spell, in the right circumstances. 5' or 10' wide corridor? Terrific. Target with a nasty weapon and a bad Reflex save? Again, terrific. Golem on the way? Again, terrific. A limited access area, especially with a non-standard entry that can be Gresaed? Again, terrific.

Fighting a dragon outdoors, while it is flying? Not so good. You would be better served by pulling out a tanglefoot bag and readying an action to throw it at the dragon when (and if) they get close enough to you.

Fighting a swarm? Again, not good. Pull out that alchemist's fire, instead, and hit it with that.

Seriously, though, grease is a great spell when it is used tactically. It is a lousy spell, when it is used without consideration.

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Tonya Woldridge wrote:

Sorry to disappoint, but the New Player boon it is for new -1 characters. It is not retroactive. Besides, if your 12th level, I'm sure you've learned some of the tricks of the PFS trade ;)

** spoiler omitted **

Not needed if you have another way to get an AoE of use against swarms, especially at higher level where the swarms may be immune to fire... My -1 picked up a way to fly fairly early, but never needed them until Year of the Shadow Lodge, where he used it on another PC to allow them to fly. Somehow, as an archer, he seldom needed to fly to deal with enemies, and, with his level of Cleric of Desna, he seldom had issues with normal movement. That one, if only via some way of getting darkvision, I can agree with.
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Actually, there is a provision in Energy Drain and Negative Levels which should cover the situation:
A creature whose permanent negative levels equal its Hit Dice cannot be brought back to life through spells like raise dead and resurrection without also receiving a restoration spell, cast the round after it is restored to life.

So, it needs two casters, since Restoration is a three round casting time, and is not a cheap option, since you have to pay for both the Raise Dead and the Restoration at the same time.

Then again, Raise Dead on a second level PC is going to be a rarity, anyhow.

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nosig wrote:

I got a theory on this now...

Access will be given on a Chronicle - one for playing

#9-11 Whips and Midgets... an adventure dealing with the Chalaixian comedic opera of the same name, set in the Oppara/Talden court of Stephan the III...

...though access will only be for a SMALL whip...

I thought it was going to be a Season 69 Dark Archive boon, for fulfilling a certain (ah-hem) set (ah-hem) of Darkive goals during that season. Foremost among them, of course, is grappling a succubus with a naked PC. ... Ooops .... wrong thread?

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Another idea, if there aren't enough beginner Core tables, is to offer to GM one....

Grand Lodge ****

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I think he is referring to the Xenophilia and Xenophobia boons, which let you put things from a race boon on a PC who is not a member of that race.

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Fromper wrote:

Wait. Does that mean all pregens are available in Core, or just for pregen scenarios like 6-98?

If I'm playing or especially GMing a Core table, I really don't want to see the pregen arcanist or medium show up. I thought it was Core class pregens only, other than the special pregen only scenarios.

The discussion was about the pregens (and chronicle stuff, which includes access to use the pregen once for some of these scenarios) in the pregen-only scenarios, like 6-98 Serpents Rise.

For regular games, including the Quests, you would only use the Core pregens, as they use the normal pregens, not module/scenario-specific pregens.


Core Pregens Only:
Phantom Phenomena
Silverhex Chronicles

Module/Scenario/Quest--provided Pregens:
We Be Goblins!
We Be Goblins Too!
We Be Goblins Free!
Fane of Fanes
6-98 Serpents Rise
6-99 True Dragons of Absolom

Edit: Removed section on Dawn of the Scarlet Sun as Tonya's post covered it, as well. If I understand Tonya's post, the pregens from that module were only legal for use on Free RPG Day, when it was released.

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Rogar Stonebow wrote:
kinevon wrote:
Just remember, you have to rub the ring the right way, too. ;)
If I am not mistaken, the ring isn't just an ordinary ring, in fact it is a nipple ring!

And here I was thinking tongue ring, so you have to give her a licking, to see if she keeps on ticking...

Grand Lodge

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Just remember, you have to rub the ring the right way, too. ;)

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My Self wrote:
Pathos wrote:
alexd1976 wrote:
Taja the Barbarian wrote:
noble peasant wrote:
There's a bit in the charge section that says if you are limited to a standard action on your turn you can charge but can't move double your speed, so can I ready an action to do this type of charge??

No, you are not actually 'restricted' to a standard action for the round: Otherwise, characters could 'charge around corners' by taking a move to get properly lined up, then take a 'partial charge' because they only have a standard action left.

Technically, if you were slowed, you could ready a partial charge, but that is silly enough that I'd expect a GM to just say no.

No need to nerf melee any more than it is already.

If you are slowed, by the rules, you absolutely can ready a partial charge.

Saying otherwise is a house rule.

Huh... So, one could conceivably still do a charge while staggered then?


Still do? No, you can't still do, because you can't regularly ready a charge without a feat. This is a weird case where you can do something while staggered than you could otherwise. You can *only* ready a charge while staggered (or with the Rhino Charge feat), not *still* do it.

Ladies and gentlemen, Pathfinder logic at its finest.

Might want to check out the rules for charging wrote:
If you are able to take only a standard action on your turn, you can still charge, but you are only allowed to move up to your speed (instead of up to double your speed) and you cannot draw a weapon unless you possess the Quick Draw feat. You can't use this option unless you are restricted to taking only a standard action on your turn.

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robertness wrote:
MisterSlanky wrote:
Hmm wrote:
Other players have even asked that I run him into traps because I could "always get another one." (This is an idea that I can't even fathom. You don't do that to your buddy.)
Every GM knows that all CFEs are just soulless entities ripe for the reaping.
I thought that was every PC.

No, just everything not run by the GM. Or was that supposed to be everything run by the GM?

Grand Lodge ****

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Da Brain wrote:
MisterSlanky wrote:
Sees-Far-Ahead wrote:
Flutter wrote:
So clinical. They should just be called friends.

So emotional. The term is "livestock."

You should never give a name to something you might eat later.

No, no, no.

The term is "fodder".

"Luke, I am your fodder..."

"Hello Mudder.

Hello Fodder.
Here I am at
Camp Grenader."

Grand Lodge ****

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Rigby Bendele wrote:
Eric Ives wrote:

Thanks, Waron. You are not far off from the truth. This conversation is probably the death throes of the dream I had to make the PFS experience in central Illinois different than how I found it a couple years ago. That’s why the third sentence of the first post was about resigning myself to that reality. That said, I probably used the term “linear” more than I should have above, when what I really meant was providing an engaging narrative with a minimum of anachronisms. I want to provide something engaging so that new players will want to stick around. But yes, I’m definitely feeling burnt out and defeated on the scheduling aspect of my position. Some of the suggestions above may prove useful, though.

CigarPete, I will have to give more consideration to breaking up modules. Are there rule for what happens if someone doesn’t show for the second half?

Essentially, they receive a partial chronicle that notes what they completed. Typically, this is divided into thirds, since each sheet grants 3 XP for modules.

Complete information is in the Guide, on page 31.


If a character dies and is brought back to life, the GM must determine the rewards for that character. The minimum possible reward is 0 gp, 1 XP and 1 PP on the medium advancement track or 0 gp 1/2 XP, and 1/2 Prestige Point on the slow advancement track. If a character participates in more than 2/3 of the module, she should receive the full rewards. GMs and active players are encouraged to hasten the return of any characters waiting to be raised from the dead.

Players who do not complete each game session earn 1/3 fewer gold pieces, 1 less XP and 1 less Prestige Point for each session missed. This also applies to players who join later sessions; they receive 1/3 fewer gold pieces, 1 fewer XP and Prestige Point for each session missed. In both cases, players earn a minimum of 1/3 gold pieces, 1 XP and 1 Prestige Point. If a character earns more XP than she needs to reach her next level, she may not choose to switch advancement tracks at the new level earned.

That last line should probably read "If a character earns more XP than she needs to reach her next level, she may not choose to switch advancement tracks at the new level earned on this chronicle." No switching back-and-forth on a single chronicle, in other words, but the new normal "Choose for each game." otherwise.

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dagger or other one-handed weapon
alchemical grease (+5 to attempts to break a grapple, lasts an hour, IIRC)
Club or morningstar, probably silvered
Dagger or other slashing weapon, cold iron
Ranged weapon (ammo with various weapon blanches on them, many ranged users in higher levels will be using silver blanched cold iron arrows as their default, rather than plain arrows)
Potions of invisibility, fly, gaseous form (not required, but all some form of potential get-out-of-jail-free card, or negate such an enemy card)
Wand of CLW or IH (very few parties don't have someone who can use one or the other)
Potion of CLW (Wake up, Mr. Cleric! Once you are awake, you can heal us all!)
Wand of Mage Armor, Endure Elements, etc. (situational or build based)
Scroll of Comprehend Languages/Tongues
Oil of Daylight or item with Heightened Continual Flame on it
Tanglefoot bags (if you can hit, they are entangled, the save is against being glued down or losing natural flight)
Alchemist's fire or other AoE (swarmbane clasp in higher play)
Wand or potion of Protection from Evil (nothing sucks worse than having your party's BBDD attacking your party)

There is more, there is always more.

2 PP gets you a scroll with 5 castings of Lesser Restoration on it.

2,000 gp gets you a cracked purple prism (vibrant?) Ioun stone, which can hold a first level spell for anyone to be able to cast. True Strike for the Barbarian? Emergency CLW held by anyone? Shield for the Monk? Seriously, these things rock.

Edit: Add the various Cloaks of the Apprentice, which let you cast certain spells once/day....

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Lord Twitchiopolis wrote:

Late to the party, but I'm gonna weigh in on this.

Let me tell you the story of Ben Dan.

Ben Dan was rolled up and played back at DragonCon 2011.
He had his first mission DMed by one Mike Brock.
And he was a True Primitive.

Ben Dan was an ogre of a man. Massive. Dim witted. Clumsy. He wasn't part of the Society on his own.
No, Ben Dan was sent by his retainer, Minister Wang, to enrich himself in foreign culture and to help the allies of the Lantern Lodge.
He couldn't read, he couldn't write. he tried but never took to it.
He DID however retain fractions of his teachings of various things of the world, which he would gladly recite if he could remember them stating "Minister Wang says..."

He was a fun concept to play.
I had a letter from Minister Wang that I would hand the DM prior to the session explaining the situation.
I would read the faction mission once at the beginning of the session then hand it back to the DM, justifying that the venture captain or the messenger would read it to me once, then I was on my own.
I completed a Qadiran faction mission that required me to steal a ledger through brute force and ignorance, taking ALL the books, not just the right one.

Ben Dan was a genuinely fun character to play.
He was simple in some regards, complex in others.
Watching a DM double-take as I roll Knowledge(Nobility) after failing to read a book sitting on the shelf cracked me up.
I've been considering playing him when my hiatus from PFS.

And now he's unplayable.

Yeah, losing an option is't a big deal...IF you're not the one losing it...

As if he was ever a true Pathfinder? No, seriously, it was, is, and shall ever be: "Explore. Report. Cooperate."

The True Primitive got banned from PFS because it could not meet the minimum tenets of the Society.

He would probably be great for a home game.

Sczarni ****

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Andrew Christian wrote:
Keep in mind, Aroden and Razmir are not one of the PFS allowed deities. So by default you cannot worship them.

So, at your table, I guess my Priest of Razmir cannot worship Razmir?

Is he, perforce, an atheist or an agnostic?

You leave me with a headache, as this PC is, legally for PFS, a Razmiran Priest. Razmir is his god, yes?

With a skilled synthesis of glib lies and powerful arcane magic, Razmir sits atop a pyramid of faith behind an impassive mask—only the highest-ranking members of his cult know the truth, that their “god” is in fact a mortal man fast approaching the end of his life.

I would suspect, since Razmir himself is 19th level, that "highest-ranking" would probably be higher level than regular PFS scenarios go...

Grand Lodge ****

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rknop wrote:

Update: Here's the blog post that says we don't have to itemize purchases on chronicle sheets.

I really wish they'd fix the Guide to reflect that.

And here is one of Mike Brock's posts stating explicitly that the ITS does NOT need to be signed off on.

Mike Brock wrote:
You don't have to get your ITS signed off, as has been mentioned numerous times in this thread. You make sure your purchases are placed on the Chronicle, make sure the ITS is correctly documented as to which Chronicle the 25+ GP purchase was made, and you are golden. No need to worry about your ability to purchase gear depend on the GM's time management skills.

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@Drogon: I have to say that my experience with the early season faction missions and your experience are fairly much complete opposites.

My experience with them was that, usually, they were either so trivial they were ignored, they gave serious spoilers about the main mission, or they were fairly intricate, but pretty much isolated from everything else going on, and caused the attempts to find them to pretty much destroy any semblance of storyline that was supposed to be there.

I have several scenarios where my memories of the game were more involved with someone trying to do a faction mission than what the heck we were trying to do as Pathfinders. Broken teacups, searching every room for a banner, being told to kill the BBEG, etc.

I have had faction missions where all I had to do was play the scenario to succeed. I have seen others where you have to break the scenario to even find the mission.

Overall, as player and GM, the old-style faction missions just left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Sort of like trying to drive a car with a child in the back seat just old enough to know the words, "Are we there yet?" on a 4 hour drive.

Grand Lodge

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Gaymer wrote:

Simple solution for me...

I just won't have it.

Always having water, light, food, the ability to detect magic often ruins a good story.

So for me there will be no infinite cantrips. Period.

A: Thread necro, from 3 years ago.

B: In which case you are no longer playing Pathfinder, but a different game. This is the Paizo Pathfinder Rules Forum, where the actual rules, not homebrew rules, are being discussed. Homebrew, which you are espousing, has its own forum.

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brock, no the other one... wrote:
Sebastian Hirsch wrote:

Please consider that GMs who travel to a convention actually spend their own time and money to entertain other people (as well a sacrificing their time at the convention) while the players just have to be there and have fun.


That said I am not against a system for GMs who can't attend conventions, to somehow acquire boons.

Someone running a weekly game-day at a venue also has to spend time and money getting there.

Give VO's the ability to award a local-play specific GM boon (new one each season) to any person they deem has earned it. Has the side affect of encouraging people who run non-convention games to be in regular contact with their VO.

While I do not disagree with the first part, I have to ask for clarification on the second part.

What about areas without any VOs, nor conveniently located VOs?

To be honest, in my area, I am not sure if the nearby VO covers my area (Las Vegas/Henderson), or if he only works on the adjacent area covered by his VC title (North Las Vegas). YMMV.

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Many thanks! No more table variation worries for my Polearm Master wielding a fauchard!

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Scrapper wrote:
View of a Kitsune in Andoran? Almas vs a more remote location/frontier town/village?

Almas has probably seen a freed slave kitsune or two. You might get a few odd looks but Andorans are usually pretty open minded.

In the logging consortium areas they're probably eyeing you with suspicion as some sort of trickster fey or lycanthrope.

"Hey, John? Looks like those Druids are at it again! You wanna send for the Pathfinder Society? They took care of them the last time this happened."

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Also note that x3 XP is enough to go up a level, but that each chronicle will have a set of levels (listed as Tier) showing the minimum level your PC needs to be to apply the chronicle.

Unfortunately, even the first chronicle shows as 2-4, instead of 1-2 or 1-3. Working with your GM, you can still get credit for it on your new PC, but the gold gets reduced to 1398 instead of the 3711 listed, and you only gain access to the boons on the sheet once your PC reaches second level, which is sort of moot, since the chronicle will level your PC to 2 anyhow.

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Tony Lindman wrote:
The policy is that you must have with you the source for any material you are using. If it happens that two sources for something are legal but you only own one, then you can only use what that one gives you.

How about if there is a semi-stealth errata from a developer on the boards correcting the stats in the book you own?

In this case, it is the stats for the Vetala-kin Dhampir. They are different in Inner SDea Races than in Bllod of the Night, but, per Patrick Renie, ISR is correct, and BotN should be fixed as per the post linked.

So, I only have Blood of the Night, do I use the errata post linked to fix the stats, or do I live with the incorrect stats?

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Muser wrote:
Written by Kyle "You asked for this!" Baird and Ron "My home group likes it hard" Lundeen!

Spoilered for sanity's sake

Only open on October 31st:
Edited by Josh "Raging Barbarian Ghasts" Frost

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Nimrandir wrote:
I like how you assume that our characters aren't going to die before hitting level twelve, Andrew. It's adorable. ;-)

I don't think he makes that assumption, just that, for most PCs, dying after a certain point is little more than a speed bump.

I am fairly sure that all my Level 12 and higher PCs have died at least once along the way.

Kinevon, Fighter (Polearm Master) has been BoLed at least once there, too.
Callarek, Fighter with a longbow, has died several times, including early on in one SPecial, where he got raised before the next Act by one of his party members.
Bruno, Fighter (Lore Warden)/Magus (Kensai), has been down multiple times.

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Additional note: He should be able to get into his wireless router using an Ethernet connection, log in as admin, and check or even change the wireless password. Bring a LAN cable and your laptop, and offer to fix it yourself, for him. ;)

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Daniel Myhre wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:


If something comes up during the game its much faster to search for it on someone's phone.

Not an option for me. Local store where PFS stuff is held at has a free wifi connection. The store owner can't remember what the password is. He THINKS he knows the password, but I've tried every single variation of what he claims it is... including L33t Sp33k. Still no dice. As such I either need the PDF on hand, or a physical copy on hand.

But yeah, other then CRB you shouldn't need too much with you. Maybe the Ultimate Equipment Guide and a Bestiary or three. GM Guide is a good one to keep on hand too. Otherwise it's up to your players to provide a copy of any Additional Resource content they're using. They can't be bothered to supply that to you, or can't verify they have a PFS Legal copy of the book (IE either physical copy or watermarked PDF) then it's within your rights to say "no". And if they don't have a PFS Legal copy of the book in question, it's your duty to say "Hell no".

Well, maybe phrase it more politely. But same sentiment.

Just an FYI:

Smartphones typically don't need access to WiFi to access things like Google Drives or such. They need it to download applications and application updates. And, indeed, if someone has a typical smartphone, they can also use it as a hotspot for someone else to be able to use WiFi to connect.

At the store I typically play at, none of the WiFi networks visible are unsecured, none of them are accessible to the players or GMs, so...

I used to have a Hot Spot device, but my carrier sold out, and the new carrier is discontinuing that network. :( I recently upgraded my cheap flip phone to an actual smartphone with 4G, and use it as a hotspot, when I need to, for my tablet.

And someone with the PRD, Archives of Nethys, and the D20PFSRD bookmarked can get to them quickly, if needed.

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Wei Ji the Learner wrote:
captnchuck67 wrote:

Okay I am going to sound like a dope but I want to do this correctly and for the lowest cost.

I want to purchase a MW cold iron weapon. How do I do the math?
Do I add the MW cost then multiple for t he Cold Iron or the reverse?

We are all learning in life.

My understanding is you get the cold iron part first (as a construction material) and then the masterwork represents the forging of it.

It's a bit confusing, though, because the masterwork part for most other unusual construction materials is 'cooked in' to the price of getting the item of that material...

Not on all of them.

List of Pathfinder Special Materials:
Adamantine - Yes
Darkwood - Sort of, in that it requires the item to be masterwork, then add the cost per pound of darkwood to the masterwork item cost.
Dragonhide - only tangentially, but it also explicitly increases the masterwork cost.
Cold Iron - not masterwork, only doubles base cost. And costs an extra 2,000 gp to add magical enhancements to it, assuming it was masterwork to begin with. Just once, not every time, though.
Mithral - Yes
Alchemical silver - No
Darkleaf cloth - Yes
Wyroot - Uncertain, but not PFS legal.
Whipwood - Unspecified, but not PFS legal.
Angelskin - Yes, but not PFS legal.
Blood Crystal - Unspecified
Eel Hide - Yes
Elysian Bronze - Unspecified
Fire-Forged Steel - Yes
Frost-Forged Steel - Yes
Greenwood - Sort of, in that it requires the item to be masterwork, then add the cost per pound of greenwood to the masterwork item cost.
Griffon Mane - Unspecified
Living Steel - Unspecified, but not PFS legal
Viridium - Unspecified
Bone - No
Bronze - No
Gold - No, it looks like, nothing explicitly specified.
Obsidian - No
Stone - No.

These are the special materials form the PRD, not from all the splatbooks.

I know, off the top of my head, because I use it, that the silversheen material from the Qadira (I think, might be Osirion) sourcebook includes masterwork cost in its price.

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