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kinevon's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Venture-Agent. 5,578 posts (6,756 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 38 Pathfinder Society characters.

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Grand Lodge **** Venture-Agent aka kinevon

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As far as I can see, that rule does not apply to lesser restoration.

Lesser restoration dispels any magical effects reducing one of the subject's ability scores or cures 1d4 points of temporary ability damage to one of the subject's ability scores. It also eliminates any fatigue suffered by the character, and improves an exhausted condition to fatigued. It does not restore permanent ability drain.

As compared to resist energy: This abjuration grants a creature limited protection from damage of whichever one of five energy types you select: acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic.

LR does not include any select language, whereas RE does.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Agent aka kinevon

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Thurston Hillman wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
Druma adventure
DRUMA LODGE.... that is all.

Is that the Clerics' trying to Druma up business?

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Agent aka kinevon

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There is also a source for a couple of tower shields that the module even reminds us can be used as cover against the arrows.

Of course, acquiring those shields is its own problem, of course. ;)

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Agent aka kinevon

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Minor nonsequiter:
Minimum Damage: If penalties reduce the damage result to less than 1, a hit still deals 1 point of nonlethal damage.

Back on subject
Dealing Nonlethal Damage: Certain attacks deal nonlethal damage. Other effects, such as heat or being exhausted, also deal nonlethal damage. When you take nonlethal damage, keep a running total of how much you've accumulated. Do not deduct the nonlethal damage number from your current hit points. It is not "real" damage. Instead, when your nonlethal damage equals your current hit points, you're staggered (see below), and when it exceeds your current hit points, you fall unconscious.

Staggered and Unconscious: When your nonlethal damage equals your current hit points, you're staggered. You can only take a standard action or a move action in each round (in addition to free, immediate, and swift actions). You cease being staggered when your current hit points once again exceed your nonlethal damage.

When your nonlethal damage exceeds your current hit points, you fall unconscious. While unconscious, you are helpless.

Spellcasters who fall unconscious retain any spellcasting ability they had before going unconscious.

If a creature's nonlethal damage is equal to his total maximum hit points (not his current hit points), all further nonlethal damage is treated as lethal damage. This does not apply to creatures with regeneration. Such creatures simply accrue additional nonlethal damage, increasing the amount of time they remain unconscious.

Healing Nonlethal Damage: You heal nonlethal damage at the rate of 1 hit point per hour per character level. When a spell or ability cures hit point damage, it also removes an equal amount of nonlethal damage.

Above from the Combat chapter of the CRB/PRD.

Grand Lodge

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They should.

Definitely yes for spells and SLAs, wands are more questionable.

Edit: Improved Grapple and Black Tentacles is in the arena of "I dunno."

Grand Lodge

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Heh. Point him toward the iconic archer builds.

None of them would work at all in his game, since they typically use multiple feats simultaneously, even as early as level 1.

Point Blank Shot - +1 to hit and damage against targets within 30'
Precise Shot - No -4 penalty for firing into melee
Deadly Aim - like Power Attack for ranged attacks
Weapon Focus
Weapon Specialization - for Fighter archers
Rapid Shot - -2 to hit for an extra attack at full BAB
Manyshot - First shot from full attack fires two arrows as a single attack
Point Blank Master - using ranged weapon does not provoke AoOs
Clustered Shots - Combine ranged weapon damage against a single target and apply DR once
Improved Precise Shot - no penalty from cover or concealment
Hammer the Gap - Each additional consecutive attack that hits the same target does extra damage

And so forth....

Choose between Point Blank Shot or Precise Shot or Weapon Focus or Weapon Specialization? Seriously?

Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization are probably among the poster children for feats that are designed to work together.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Agent aka kinevon

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The more important thing on this, besides abiding correctly by the limited 1/2 PP purchases; is making sure your PC is fully legal at each level, so build them level-by-level for things besides the gold purchases, otherwise you may need to add costs for retraining, as well, for feats with requirements..

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Agent aka kinevon

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Try the Pathfinder Society Online Collective

Grand Lodge

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zainale wrote:

you can throw a diamond more then once if you can find it you cant throw a ball of water more then once. but you can find it every time. make whole would require most if not all the pieces to work. make whole can not double your profit. if used on bread in belly does that mean you get to be full twice?

what Paizo did with Pathfinder was eliminate XP cost, The subject of the spell gains two permanent negative levels when it is raised, seems your comment is false. lvls are exp. if i am 5th lvl and i die and come back i am 3rd but i still have to get 6th lvl exp to get to 4th lvl.

Incorrect. Your PC is still 5th level, but with 2 permanent negative levels. Permanent negative levels can be removed with several spells, starting with Restoration and working up from there.

Energy Drain and Negative Levels
Some spells and a number of undead creatures have the ability to drain away life and energy; this dreadful attack results in “negative levels.” These cause a character to take a number of penalties.

For each negative level a creature has, it takes a cumulative –1 penalty on all ability checks, attack rolls, combat maneuver checks, Combat Maneuver Defense, saving throws, and skill checks. In addition, the creature reduces its current and total hit points by 5 for each negative level it possesses. The creature is also treated as one level lower for the purpose of level-dependent variables (such as spellcasting) for each negative level possessed. Spellcasters do not lose any prepared spells or slots as a result of negative levels. If a creature's negative levels equal or exceed its total Hit Dice, it dies.

A creature with temporary negative levels receives a new saving throw to remove the negative level each day. The DC of this save is the same as the effect that caused the negative levels.

Some abilities and spells (such as raise dead) bestow permanent level drain on a creature. These are treated just like temporary negative levels, but they do not allow a new save each day to remove them. Level drain can be removed through spells like restoration. Permanent negative levels remain after a dead creature is restored to life. A creature whose permanent negative levels equal its Hit Dice cannot be brought back to life through spells like raise dead and resurrection without also receiving a restoration spell, cast the round after it is restored to life.

Relevant text bolded.

Grand Lodge

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Scythia wrote:
Murdock Mudeater wrote:
Scythia wrote:
So Clerics ought never invest in the Appraise skill?

Funny you mention that one, that and sense motive seem to be the two skills I get the most funny looks when I try to actually use in PFS sessions.

Anyway, when I was talking about what a character paid for the diamond is what it is worth, I hadn't really thought about stealing it. Yeah, a stolen 5k diamond is still worth 5k, at least for this spell.

I think the Pathfinder system of using GP values for spell materials is easier on the GM and the players, but I think in game mechanics, the old D&D system of charging XP was more balanced. Using GP value of items is kinda arbitrary if you start getting into economics related discussions.

Though, a point of note regarding Fabricate and Gems, bigger doesn't mean more expensive. The spell could just be carving more intricate cuts into the existing gems.

In all the years I've been a DM, I've never once had cause to call for an Appraise roll. Sense Motive though, that's a regular fixture.

I GM PFS, and have called for both types of rolls.

More amusing, Friday in my online RotRL game, was my 5 Star GM didn't know why I was rolling 2d4 as part of my Disable Device checks, as no one had ever done that before.... Updated my macro to include that the 2d4 was rounds needed for difficult and intricate devices...

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Agent aka kinevon

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And, again, you are assuming something implicit in the rules citations that is just not there. ALL those lines on Adopted in the Gnomes of Golarion do is reiterate that the Adopt trait exists, and, in NO way, override the normal restriction on taking multiple traits of the same type.

  • Gnomes of Golarion has text that overrides this, stating that ALL of its Traits are "Racial" Traits, and that a character of another race may select a Gnomish "Racial" Trait with Adopted.
  • The above is NOT what the line states. The line only says that Adopted would allow you to take A Gnome trait, with NO, repeat NO, text saying that the restriction on taking the same type of trait twice is removed.

    To be clear:
    Gnomes of Golarion includes text that all the following traits are Gnome traits, since they are not labeled, individually, as Gnome race traits.
    Gnomes of Golarion also includes text saying that you can use Adopted to take A Gnome race trait, not that you can use it to take ALL Gnome race traits.

    At the time Gnomes came out, IIRC, the APG had not yet been released, and the author of Gnomes may not have looked deeply into the rules on traits, as they were new, as well, from the pre-release document, the Character Traits Web Enhancement, which previewed some of the Trait rules from the APG.

    So, the situation is as follows:
    None of the other Race of Golarion books include race traits that are also in any of the basic trait categories from the web enhancement.
    The Gnome race trait reprinted from this book in Ultimate Campaign removed the non-Gnome designation.

    So, without requiring any one-shot rules changes, or making player and GM lives more difficult with unfounded exceptions, is it therefore intended that the Gnome race traits from Gnome of Golarion should, like Rapscallion, have any trait designations removed, other than Gnome race trait?

    BTW, all Mike Brock did was confirm that the rules were the rules, and that the text in Gnomes did not, in any way, constitute any sort of exception to the rules, either explicit or implicit.

    Grand Lodge

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    Rules question, not PFS specific, so flagged to move there.

    And probably needs a clarification, as I can see both sides on this one, but tend toward the +4 side as the "correct" answer.

    Of course, making it a +5 bow, and +1 Human Bane arrows complicates it further.

    Obviously, against non-Bane targets, it is +5 X Bane when it hits, so +5 to hit and damage.
    Against the Bane target is where it gets interesting, again.
    +5 or +7 to hit, +2d6+5 or +2d6+7 to damage?

    Edit: I assume it would depend on the order of application of Bane's effects, really.
    Does the +2 bonus apply when you fire it, or just when it is about to hit a Bane target?

    Grand Lodge

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    Fromper wrote:
    Duct tape is like The Force. It has a light side and a dark side, and it binds the universe together.

    I have co-workers younger than this one....

    Grand Lodge **** Venture-Agent aka kinevon

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    Zach Davis wrote:
    I hate to disagree as everyone else seems to be on the same page, but I really don't like the idea. It takes 5 because it's worth 2 of the other boons a few of which can take a few scenarios to complete. I don't think it's unreasonable to ask people to GM five slots to finish a task that's worth twice as much. Dropping it to 3 for 1 might be ok, but breaking it up is kind of worthless as it would still technically be the same number of boxes for the same amount of credit. Also, you can fully complete the Faction cards without the two points from the GM task so it really becomes your choice if those two points that you COULD use, but don't need are worth earning. I've seen plenty of GM's assign pure GM credit for the first couple of levels either to make them more survivable or so they can acquire something they wanted for their concept that couldn't be achieved at creation. So once again accomplishing this task doesn't seem unreasonable. I understand the OP's point here as I spread GM credit around as well, but the whole proposal sounds like a case of "Hey this cool free option you gave me isn't good enough."

    No, I think it is more, "Hey, great cool free option. Would it be possible to make it work a little differently for those of us who GM under either restrictions (once a month) or spread our GM credits out amongst lots-and-lots (tm) of PCs?" Or both...

    Note: I forget to fill out the cards on either side of the screen, just lazy on it, I guess, but I currently have 38 PFS PCs setup, all but maybe one or two of them with at least one chronicle. Most of them, by now, have enough credit, from before-the-cards, to be at least 2nd level; and many of them have credit from various evergreens, due to local issues.

    Took me over a year to find which PC had my GM Stars Boon Chronicle. And I have to go looking again, since I forgot, again. "Which PC number am I using purely to put Emerald Spire GM credits on?" I had to look it up, and it appears to be my -29. Yeesh. Someday I am going to actualy build him further than the "He's a Human Bard." stage...

    Grand Lodge

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    Murdock Mudeater wrote:
    _Ozy_ wrote:
    You don't need fabricate for diamond dust when you can just use a hammer.

    Hammer's really aren't very good for diamond dust, unless you just want bits of diamonds flying in every direction and dents in your hammer/anvil.

    For diamond dust, you are probably using the byproduct of the gem-crafting process for cutting the diamonds. It's unlikely that entire diamonds are being ground into dust, as the hardness of diamonds makes grinding them an expensive prospect (destroys tools quickly, in real life).

    Diamonds can be melted down and poured into molds. The act of melting them down ruins any polishing or cuts, but you can create bigger diamonds from smaller diamonds (in real life, without magic). With magic like Fabricate, you could transform several cut gems directly into larger cut gems.

    Which would make it a Craft (Gemcutting) skill check, I would think, then.

    Grand Lodge

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    Black Skeleton

    DR is fairly simple, if a bit arcane in writing.

    DR 10/bludgeoning or good means that either a bludgeoning weapon or a good aligned weapon will ignore that DR.

    DR 10/bludgeoning and good means that you have to have a bludgeoning weapon that is ALSO good aligned in order to ignore the DR.

    Other creatures have similar types of DR options. Demons and Devils are the poster children for this type of thing.

    Grand Lodge

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    Zahariel wrote:

    I last read this thread two years ago. The succubus is still grappling that PC?

    Imma buy that man a beer.

    I thought the PC was a naked wildshaped-to-bear druidess?

    Grand Lodge

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    Deadalready wrote:
    I thought I remembered reading that you couldn't take 10 on opposed checks.

    A lot of the pre-written stuff is already using Take 10 for many of those skills.

    DC 25 for your Sense Motive to see if that Aspis delegate is lying.
    DC 15 Diplomacy to convince Rogar One-Eye to join the Pathfinder Society.
    DC 20 Perception check to notice that Rogue hiding in the corner, or he gets to sneak attack you when his place in Initiative comes up, or even a surprise round.

    In a combat has started situation, no.
    If in a social encounter, like schmoozing someone at a wedding, sure.

    Some skills, even though Take 10 might be allowed, are hard to get that situation available. Can you Take 10 for Wild Empathy? I think it is allowable, but, since it takes a minute, and you would have to be in a situation where there is a hostile or wild animal to affect, but not be actually in combat with it, it would be a rare occurrence. Same as using Diplomacy during a combat encounter to turn it peaceful. Possible, but not easy.

    Grand Lodge **** Venture-Agent aka kinevon

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    Seeker of Secrets for flawed and cracked Ioun stones, as well as the basic Ioun stone/Wayfinder resonances used in PFS, Method 1, but only for flawless Ioun stones.

    Pathfinder Society Field Guide includes a bunch of stuff, including some PFS oriented archetypes, like the Lore Warden for the Fighter, Seeker for some of the caster classes, etc.

    Pathfinder Society Primer offers some more Ioun stones, and their imperfect variants, and the standard resonances for them.

    Grand Lodge **** Venture-Agent aka kinevon

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    Stephen Ross wrote:
    BigNorseWolf wrote:
    year of the monkey?

    maybe Year of the Monkey Shines!

    ... back to Scenario 05 Mists of Mwangi...

    Year of the Nigel!

    Grand Lodge

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    Matt Goodall wrote:
    kinevon wrote:
    5 & 6 have a special case: If your ally is standing closer to you (being the archer) than they are to the enemy you are targeting, they do not provide soft cover to the target. This will mainly apply if you are standing right behind your ally, and they are using a reach weapon against their target, so there is a 5' gap between them.

    It's worth actually quoting the exact wording for this:

    Combat wrote:
    Low Obstacles and Cover: A low obstacle (such as a wall no higher than half your height) provides cover, but only to creatures within 30 feet (6 squares) of it. The attacker can ignore the cover if he's closer to the obstacle than his target.
    So if the PC with the reach weapon is half the archer's height or less then no cover, otherwise there is cover.

    If you are mounted, and your ally isn't, he is probably low cover. Same if he is one of the Small races, and you are one of the Medium races.

    Grand Lodge

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    Deighton Thrane wrote:
    To be fair, it doesn't say you can't take a feat more than once. What it says is that unless the feat says so, the effects from a feat does not stack, so if you take it twice, you only get the effects once. So you can take it, but it's useless to do so. So the only feats where it makes sense are the feats where you can select different options, like weapon focus or skill focus. Though most of these feats will also mention you can take them more than once.

    Actually, most of the Extra X feats all say you can take them more than once, and that their effects stack. Extra Channel is the only one of them without the special text, and this question/observation has been raised in the past. I remember starting a threat about it, several years ago.

    Grand Lodge

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    And Masterwork Transformation is a special case within the special cases, as you can, technically, have multiple of them, as any item under the effects no longer counts against the limit once it is enhanced...

    Grand Lodge **** Venture-Agent aka kinevon

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    7-20: Out of the Shadows (7-11): The final, and dramatic, reappearance of an old ally/enemy of the Pathfinder Society, along with the reveal that all members of the Shadow Lodge are evil. (Even those who bear a certificate that allows them to remain members of the Shadow Lodge find that there is a Geas in their membership).

    As a result, the Society either remains the Pathfinder Society, after defeating the leader of the Shadow Lodge, or the Shadow Society, after the Decemvirate are murdered instead.

    Grand Lodge

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    Until 5th level, a Gunslinger, without massive hijinx, is weaksauce.

    Sure, he can hit fairly well, assuming Point Blank Shot and Precise Shot, but his damage is low, and he fires fairly slowly. If he takes Rapid Reload instead, he will fire more often, but his chance to hit goes down. At low levels, low CR stuff frequently has Touch AC around the same as regular AC.

    At 5th level, the Gunslinger's damage goes up, since he now gets Dex-to-Damage. Meh. Keep guns fairly controlled, and use the errata for things like the double-barreled firearms, where they get the choice of firing both barrels, at -4 to hit, as a Standard, or fire the barrels individually, at normal to hit, as regular iteratives.

    It is really at high levels, well past where your game is going, that Gunslingers get ridiculous, and most of that is that high CR monsters usually have no Dex mods, and penalties to AC because they are Large or bigger, and use Natural Armor to compensate. CR 20 Red Dragon has a normal AC of something like 39, even flatfooted, and a Touch AC of 5. At that point, with the magical enhancements expected at that level of play, the Gunslinger really shines. But probably not as much as before the double-barrel firearm errata, and probably not as well as a God Wizard.

    Grand Lodge

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    True neutral, since he would be just an animal with some bizarre templates that don't raise Int...

    Grand Lodge **** Venture-Agent aka kinevon

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    Many of my PCs have died, usually at a high enough level to afford raise dead. My 5th level Bard, due to dying not long before, was only raised due to the party donating for it.

    Many of the deaths have been to having to tank or making a priority target of my PC. My 8th level Rogue died due to being the only one to hit and damage an enemy during the surprise round, but not having enough AC to prevent the last attack from confirming a crit, when he was down to 3 hit points.

    My worst death, as a GM, was when a new player built an Elf Witch, and spent no points on Con, then moved up to try and save an ally who was unconscious with a CLW, but got crit by the enemy, going from uninjured straight to Con dead.

    Equally, my archer, having to frontline an encounter in a 5-9, was hit by a threat from the leader of a band of enemies, saved from a confirmation by the enemy rolling a 4 (a 5 would have confirmed, only to have the damage be something of an anticlimax, 1d4.

    @nosig: Katisha has been extremely lucky, IMO, not to have gone down multiple times. AoEs are a thing, targeting the PC who is healing is a thing, targeting the least armored, or a certain race is a thing. That archer Ranger with Favored Enemy Human, who deliberately targets human PCs, with Rapid Shot, in a 1-5 scenario, is real.That Magus using a keen rapier, with Shocking Grasp[, out of invisibility, against a probable squishy, is a thing.

    We won't even go into things like enemies with "see in darkness" who also get Deeper Darkness as an at will SLA, and have sneak attack...

    Grand Lodge **** Venture-Agent aka kinevon

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    Finlanderboy wrote:

    He claimed you can not audit it. He would allow a normal continual flame, but not a hieghtened one unless you can do it yourself.

    I do not agree, but I understand where he comes from.

    The guide does not say anything about metamagic spells carrying over. But once he said that since he is who he is. Other people i know now enforce that.

    So you may get table variance on it.

    Kyle Baird is not now, nor has he ever been a PFS authority. He is a PFS GM, a scenario author, and, presumably, a PFS player, but his rulings have nothing to back them up.

    The closest thing he has to a real ruling, and it is still waiting confirmation from above, is what to do about the missing wand (not on the chronicle sheet) from The Confirmation.

    As mentioned, getting a spell cast for you by another PC (the only way for most Martial PCs to get one) is perfectly legal. If the spell is one of the ones explicitly designated as lasting past the current scenario, it remains in effect, whether it is a simple Masterwork Transformation or a Heightened Continuous Flame.

    If I ever run into one of the GMs you are warning me about, I will simply leave their table, since they would have to object early on, since I tell the GM about it right out of the box; and pass on the information to their local Venture organization to discuss with them off the clock.

    Grand Lodge **** Venture-Agent aka kinevon

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    Be careful, since there are scenarios where killing all the Aspis folk is not going to help you succeed.

    Sometimes, you have to work with them, or one is your informant, or you are trying to turn one or two....

    Grand Lodge

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    Diego Rossi wrote:
    thejeff wrote:

    Do you actually give out that information? Or assume that all the players have it memorized and will metagame it?

    And falling back to DM Blake's "obvious" point, if we run into a troll and you tell me it's a humanoid and don't mention the fire/acid thing, I'm not going to be happy.

    1) I gave my players a printout with the basic information about types an subtypes, so yes, when I say that a creature is a elemental they can look the abilities granted by the elemental type.

    2) Read Three Hearts and Three Lions by Poul Anderson. The troll regeneration come from there. And it wasn't at all a common information.
    If you barely make your check (i.e. you beat the DC by 0-4) you get the basic information: name and type.
    If you beat by 5-9 you get a new piece of information: it has regeneration can normally can be beaten by acid or fire.

    If you pretend to get more than the basic information from a barely beating the DC you are simply greedy.

    And Humanoid (Goblin) is NOT useful information, because it is something you shouldn't need a roll to get. That little creature has a big head, lots of zits, and has a crazy look in its eyes. After all, does the sub-type include any templates applied to it? And I have seen a goblin in a module which has an added bit, which pretty much renders the humanoid stuff uncertain. Is there a standard write-up for mutant or variant as a sub-type?

    And not all type/sub-type information includes enough to make a difference. Undead, as a class, have certain characteristics. Yay. Is it incorporeal? Included in some sub-types, but may not be present in all. Is it intelligent?

    Again, from the Knowledge skill write-up, right here on the PRD:
    A successful check allows you to remember a bit of useful information about that monster.

    And the reason so many of us use the question-and-answer mode is because we sometimes run for different players, different characters, and different groups.

    Even in a home game, what was useful for John's character last week may no longer be relevant, because John retired that PC, or it died, so he is running a totally different PC this week.

    In addition, you would need to know a lot about the Knowledge PC to even have a good chance to guess what might be useful. Not just class, archetype(s), and level, but current spell load-out, if applicable, whether they have a golf-cart of weapons or some other way to handle that, and so much more. And that information can change just from adding a level.

    Grand Lodge **** Venture-Agent aka kinevon

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    Nefreet wrote:

    A Tiny-sized creature could wield a Tiny-sized Lance in one hand while mounted.

    A Small-sized creature could wield a Small-sized Lance in one hand while mounted.
    A Large-sized creature could wield a Large-sized Lance in one hand while mounted.
    A Huge-sized creature could wield a Huge-sized Lance in one hand while mounted.
    A Gargantuan-sized creature could wield a Gargantuan-sized Lance in one hand while mounted.
    A Colossal-sized creature could wield a Colossal-sized Lance in one hand while mounted.


    Grand Lodge

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    Maybe consider going Summoner with your PC, instead?

    You get to make an eidolon, so make it a combat monster to support the Ninja and Slayer, something that can take a hit. Then when it goes away from damage, you can spam your SLA Summon Monsters that are always level appropriate and last 1 minute per level, and are only a Standard action to use.

    Grand Lodge **** Venture-Agent aka kinevon

    1 person marked this as a favorite.
    Nefreet wrote:

    Your categorization is your own. There are no "four basic traits", Ultimate Campaign does indeed have Race Traits, and it being the "newer source" has nothing to do with anything (it's also not the "newest source").

    The error in Gnomes of Golarion is a well recognized misprint and should not have any bearing on interpreting other sources. Plus, Stephen Radney-MacFarland clarified the difference in the post I linked.

    It's been settled. Since the book won't be reprinted, it's the best we'll ever have.

    Actually, his characterization is not his own.

    From the Pathfinder RPG Character Traits document:
    Basic Traits: There are a total of 40 basic traits—ten each, split among the categories of Combat, Faith, Magic, and Social. Note that each of these four categories roughly equates to the four modes of adventuring, but aren’t tied to specific classes. It’s perfectly possible to have a religious rogue, for example, or a magic-obsessed fighter. Basic traits are “generic,” and should be able to fit into any campaign setting with a minimum of customization.

    So, going back to the days when Season 1 was starting up, and the only traits available were the ones in this document, before the APG was published, many of us learned that the categories of Combat, Faith, Magic, and Social traits were all Basic traits. It still hangs on. Oh, and the quote above, is from page 3 of the document, which is, even now, the only always available source for traits, besides the campaign (faction) traits, for the Core campaign.

    Grand Lodge **** Venture-Agent aka kinevon

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    It would be like a module chronicle sheet, so reduce the gold to 1398, IIRC, and any boons owuld not kick in until your PC reaches the normal minimum level for the chronicle.

    Grand Lodge

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    Maybe you should consider how the feat Channel Ray changes Channel Energy, and the words in that feat, as most of them would also be applicable to a Reach modified Cure X Wounds spell:

    Channel Ray
    You can focus your channeled energy on a single target.
    Prerequisite: Channel energy class feature.
    Benefit: When you channel energy, you can project a ray from your holy symbol instead of creating a burst. You must succeed at a ranged touch attack to hit an unwilling target; your target is then affected by the channeled energy as normal and receives a saving throw. You need not make an attack roll to affect a willing creature with the ray. The ray has a range of 30 feet per channel energy die, and its save DC is increased by 2.

    I mention this because changing a touch spell into a ranged touch spell would seem to carry the same proviso.

    Would you require a caster using Reach Spell on Fly to need to make a ranged touch attack on his ally that is not adjacent to him to affect them?

    Grand Lodge

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    @TOZ: Got a definition, somewhere, for a permanent wound? Closest I could find was about the condition of lameness being caused by a permanent wound.

    As to the Tarrasque, it appears that it is missing the sub-type of creature it should be, or the sub-type for it was created afterwards: behemoth sub-type
    Regeneration (Ex) No form of attack can suppress a behemoth's regeneration—it regenerates even if disintegrated or slain by a death effect. If a behemoth fails a save against an effect that would kill it instantly, it rises from death 3 rounds later with 1 hit point if no further damage is dealt to its remains. It can be banished or otherwise transported away as a means to save a region, but the only way to truly kill a behemoth is to use miracle or wish to negate its regeneration (see below).
    * Vulnerable to Miracles and Wishes (Su) A spell effect created by a miracle or wish spell is particularly effective against a behemoth. A spellcaster gains a +6 bonus on its caster level check to penetrate a behemoth's SR with a miracle or wish spell, and the behemoth suffers a –6 penalty on saves against these spells. A miracle or a wish spell can negate a behemoth's regeneration, but only for 1d4 rounds per casting.

    Interesting, isn't it.

    Grand Lodge

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    Dave Justus wrote:

    I think letting you take 10 or 20 on a disguise rule is fine house-rule and if you want to use it more power to you.

    The rules of the game are you can only take 10 on rolls that you make and you can't take 20 when failing is a problem and you don't know how good your disguise roll was.

    Those are what the rules are. Other forums exist for not liking the rules or having different rules in your home games.

    Can you cite where it says you can only take 10 on rolls you make? Take 10 means you aren't rolling in any case, doesn't it?

    And Take 10, at least, doesn't cite YOU having to make the roll, just instead of rolling a 1d20, you can just settle for a 10.

    On skills saying Take 10 cannot be used:
    UMD explicitly rules it out, completely.
    Swimming includes a caveat for situations when you cannot do it.
    Disguise includes no such injunction.

    Just as a side note: On at least one of the VTTs, you can do a roll that only the GM sees, not even yourself.

    Grand Lodge

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    Kahel Stormbender wrote:
    A smart paladin uses detect evil before trying to smite. You know how many paladins I've seen people play over the years who forget they have that ability, thus frequently waste their Smite against a non-evil opponent? One guy tried to smite a celestial badger :)

    And they finally clarified how the ability works!

    Grand Lodge

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    Nessa Meretrix wrote:
    Didn't you know, they're succubearin' it all now.

    You would think, by now, that the succubus would be a succubare...

    Grand Lodge

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    Should have summoned a fiendish dolphin, which is on the same SM1 list, IIRC.

    Would recommend Celestial, instead. And the "rescue drowning person" would not, IMO, even require pushing, but just a DC 10 Handle Animal check.

    From the Dolphin Bestiary entry:
    Dolphins are social predators that hunt shallow seas and rivers in large family groups called pods. Sailors are fond of dolphins and frequently tell tales of dolphins saving drowning fishermen or killing sharks with blows from their powerful snouts.

    Grand Lodge **** Venture-Agent aka kinevon

    2 people marked this as a favorite.

    Yes, as Joe mentioned Adopted is a trait with no uses, at present, in Core play. Whether there may be boons on any scenario sheets that give an option for any Race Traits is unknown, I don't recall any. Do keep in mind that it allows the taking of a Race Trait (like the Elven Warrior of Old trait), not a Racial Trait (like the Human Skilled Racial Trait).

    As Joe wrote, the faction traits are not the ones in the Faction Guide, but the ones listed in each faction write-up in the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide, currently v7.0, on pages 13-18, listed under the <faction name> Traits headings. Each faction should have 5 traits listed in that chapter, usually as the last item under the faction's write-up.

    Grand Lodge **** Venture-Agent aka kinevon

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    BigNorseWolf wrote:
    Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
    UndeadMitch wrote:
    Doing a Deific Obedience in Rahadoum won't get you killed. Almost certainly deportedif they catch you, but not killed.
    That might depend on the obedience. Doing Lamashtu's might get you sentenced to a burning at the stake.
    Thats why that one managed to get called out as an exception, as there is no reformed church of the mother of monsters option available. Which is a shame, a lamashite monster affeciondo could make a great pathfinder.

    Rise of the Runelords:
    "Hello, my name is Nualia. I am a new member of the Pathfinder Society, recently journeying here from Sandpoint. My apologies for my ... deformities, they were incurred when some mad adventurers assaulted me a short time ago, and, in their madness, drove me form my home, and my father's resting place, in Sandpoint. I do not know all of what they have afflicted me with, so these deformities may increase in the future. Shall we adventure onwards?"
    Grand Lodge **** Venture-Agent aka kinevon

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    DM Livgin wrote:
    My first death was due to weak character builds, combined with robot beat down, combined with bad luck on the dice. It is a blessing in disguise that those characters (mine included) died at lvl 3, so that they did not go on to endanger more experienced field agents. The part that really hurt was that I'd just finished modelling and painting that miniature...

    And, this, IME, is one of the most common causes of character death, usually permanent character death.

    "Hey, guys, I just finished painting my customized mini for my PC. Let's play!"
    "Gosh, I only got to use my newly painted mini for my PC once, and now he is perma-dead."

    Grand Lodge **** Venture-Agent aka kinevon

    3 people marked this as a favorite.

    Let's see. You have Standard and Core, plus a GM Star replay, so 5 times through an adventure for credit, plus additional GM runs for table stars.

    For more than that, within PFS rules, I am going to wait and watch for the results, since you have cast the "Summon Drogon" spell......

    Grand Lodge

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    BigNorseWolf wrote:
    Jason Wu wrote:

    With run speed enhancement, some characters get pretty impressive charge distances.

    If you can get the Pounce special ability, via several possible sources, you can even make a full attack at the end instead of just one attack.

    More than a few bad guys have been startled by an axe-wielding barbarian hurtling in their face out of nowhere.

    Evil overlord list number 5, i will not be in a charge lane from the entrance

    Evil overlord list number 5a: Given some heroes' abilities, I know that the only way to not be in a charge lane is to be behind a Wall of Minions (tm).

    Charge distances can be, with some builds, well over 100', possibly 200'.
    Travel Domain (untyped 10' movement increase)
    Barbarian's Fast Movement (another untyped 10' movement increase)
    Monk's Fast Movement (variable enhancement bonus)
    Haste, Blessing of Fervor, Boots of Speed or Boots of Striding and Springing, Expeditious Retreat, Longstrider (Most of these won't stack with each other or Monk's Fast Movement, as they are mainly enhancement bonuses)

    So, with only a little bit of work, you can get a charge distance of 80' with drawing a weapon during the charge, or 160' if already armed. Add in a pounce build, and it is really difficult to stay out of the charge lanes/death zones of some of these builds.

    Grand Lodge **** Venture-Agent aka kinevon

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    Murdock Mudeater wrote:
    Jared Thaler wrote:
    Along side stun: Miss a turn, *and* drop everything you are holding. So, functionally, miss 1.5 - 2 turns and take 1 - 2 AoO
    Fortunately, stun is uncommon by comparison to blinded or dazed.

    Not as uncommon as all that. Color Spray, for one common example, will apply at least one round of stun, at a minimum, if the target fails its Will save, no matter what level the target is.

    And Color Spray, as well, is an AoE spell.

    5 or more HD: The creature is stunned for 1 round.

    Grand Lodge **** Venture-Agent aka kinevon

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    trollbill wrote:
    Marak Cobbler wrote:
    trollbill wrote:
    Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
    The PFS setting is fairly good, although I have seen a few options slip through the cracks here and there.
    I find it to be mostly accurate, as well. Only problem I am currently having with it is that it keeps telling me my Ranger's Dire Rat animal companion isn't legal for PFS.
    That's okay, it keeps telling me my race isn't legal. But I have the convention boon to be an aasimar.
    That makes sense that it would say a Boon only item was illegal. (Though I suppose some sort of Boon exception button might be nice). Dire Rat is one of the listed legal ranger animal companions in the CORE rules.

    There is a way to add in various PFS exception options, using ShadowChemosh's free add-on for HeroLab. It gives a way to add adjustments for feats, races, archetypes, and something-or-other else to a specific PC. Makes most of my non-standard PCs not show errors for boon races, unlocked-by-boon archetypes, etc.

    Grand Lodge **** Venture-Agent aka kinevon

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    Got it, responded to it. Note that, as my PM says, just because a PC has a retired trait, does not mean the PC is not PFS legal, as many of us have PCs with grandfathered options on them.

    I started playing PFS in 2008, and my first PC actually had to be updated from 3.5 rules to Pathfinder rules before I could play him starting with Season 1. However, as he was a member of a national faction, and the trait I took for him from that faction is no longer offered by the non-national version, it was grandfathered in for him.

    Also, if you switch factions, you retain any faction trait from your old faction, not your current faction.

    Of course, knowing what I know now, I would rather have been offered the option to retain it or change it to a currently-allowed trait...

    Note: You may want to put in some form of tracking for factions, where a player can annotate if and when their PC changed factions, either due to personal change, faction retirement (Shadow and Lantern Lodges, and Sczarni), or faction name/focus change (All the national factions to non-national versions, Cheliax/Dark Archive, Andoran/Liberty's Edge, Qadira/The Exchange, Osirion/Saphhire Sages, and Taldor/Sovereign Court), etc.

    Grand Lodge **** Venture-Agent aka kinevon

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    Grumpus wrote:
    I found this annoying as my party TPK'd in the last chapter (room F8) before completing all the required sections, thus no chronicles for anyone.

    All sorts of possibilities, there.

    First, the GM should still have issued chronicles for the completed sections.
    second, you should still have received a chronicle for partial credit for the incomplete section, as long as your party started the PFS sanctioned portion. How much credit depends on how much of that third part was completed:
    Less than 3 encounters = No XP, no PP, only the gold related to the parts completed.
    At least three encounters, you should get 1 XP and 2 PP, and 1/3 gold.
    If 2/3rds completed, 2 XP, 3 PP, 2/3 gold.

    Depending on how much of the rest of the monastery was completed, it probably qualifies as 1/3rd to 2/3rd.

    The GM could also let you complete it with a batch of new PCs, although that is easier to do without a TPK.

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