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When you run an scenario a second time, your characters don't get credit, unless you use a nova replay. And you get your first nova after your 10th scenario GM'd.

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miteke wrote:
My [ooc] tags stopped working on my character sheets. What's up with that? I may have to swap in the color tag for all of them if this is a permanent thing. Pain in the arse.

The color tags are not from Paizo's code, so anyone without the PCT won't be able to see color, they'll only see the tag.

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Hi! I can't provide the info yet, I'm trying to get my PC freed from a near complete PbP game that's turned long.

If I can't make it, I'll have to use a PreGen. Any suggestions guys? Or should I wait to find the roles not covered?

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Adding my voice to the region's legion! =)

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Posting here to let you guys know that I'm all caught up, but can't take the lead on the current scene =)

So I'll follow your lead =)

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Out of topic even for Discussion, but, I wanted to let everyone know that Shifty has taken the 666th post in this thread... Coincidence?

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Hi, Khaoz here! I do have some pending reports for my character, but he'll be ready before we begin. I'll go and ninja for over there.

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OG3 wrote:
I'm really interested in outpost but my characters are locked up in other games or there are no spaces for new characters. i guess i could pre-gen but is that generally cool with people?

Using a PreGen is cool with people. I've done it =P

But, playing a PreGen to get credit for a character that is currently locked in another game is not cool with people, well... not people, that's not cool with them rules.

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I think I'm in the HMM's school of "Throw everything but the kitchen sink in those tags" xD

When you want to use all of them, they will show up in Race Gender Class order, those are the only three text boxes that transfer from your character profile to your tag. Each one has a 250 character limit (IIRC), and I like to have them in pretty different colors (so... Two colors, regular and ooc).

Also.. using ooc tag in the tag will eat your space, you can even put spoilers in your tagged spoilers for that "Yo' dawg" feel...

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Bluff: 1d20 ⇒ 1 "LemGem, see this button? You should press it when that angry ryphorian is coming at you! She says she wants to win, no holds barred."

[Ooc]No Culture for that roll. Also... Guys I failed the Bluff xD[/dice]

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Perception: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (20) + 4 = 24

"It's only a guess, but if we're close enough to see them, they are close enough to have heard us coming, be prepared for their nasty demonic surprises.

"Sir Ilidan, how should we proceed? I understand we are to follow your orders in this incursion."

Val tugs at some of his armor's straps to make sure it's not coming apart anytime soon.

Don't forget Val, you need to study how to destroy demons before coming back to Mendev.

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I don't have any particular choice, so I'll leave my vote to the dice =)

1 = Belkzen
2 = Lastwall
3 = Ustalav

Location: 1d3 ⇒ 3

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I'm in the same spot as Otha, I was also planning of using a level 6, and I didn't mind the leser OOT rewards, as long as didn't push us to high tier, don't want to complicate the game for everyone.

So while Our Mysterious Benefactor starts with prep, I'll figure out the one playing through by Sunday =)

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caps wrote:

Hmm, how long ago did I sign up for this game? I don't remember doing it.

How soon are we starting?

Sign up was on a Google Sheet around the middle of December, I think

This is the Silver Crusade arc if it helps to jog your memory.

Based on the comments above maybe we'll dive full force in 2 weeks? I'm just a player, but a few other characters are still tangled up in other missions around Golarion.

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I'm guessing Batpony's issue is less the bandwidth to play and more the 'no double-dipping' characters thing in PFS.

But I'm allowed to guess wrong every now and then, I'm not a prophet an oracle xD

I have no issues to keep waiting for those with games rounding up, can't really play this character often in meat-space.

EDIT: I thought I had answered the Chronicle info, it seems that something ate my post, will fill it tomorrow. =)

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Zin Z'arin wrote:
I'm DMing In Your Closet wrote:
I'm DMing In Your Closet wrote:

Operating System: Windows 7

PDF viewer: Firefox, apparently (I don't really understand it; that's just where it chooses to show up)

Still need help with this, thanks.
I'm surprised that Adobe Reader doesn't have the functionality that you're looking for.

The thing is that scenarios have security features that prevent them from being printed as a PDF from Acrobat Reader AND Acrobat Pro, but a few third party PDF readers circumvent this lockout, what most of us do (I think) is print from Chrome to PDF, for this you need a PDF Printer plugin, I'm not sure if it's already installed in Chrome or Firefox by default but they get installed with most versions of a PDF reader.

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Turns out my group got Module crazy in the past (Holiday) weeks, a level 2 is going to make it to 5, I'll update his sheet and fill out the questionnaire no later than tomorrow. =)

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I just found out that I've following this thread for nearly a year, and never posted my location..

So whoever is hiding in my closet, you need to know it's located in Zapopan, Jalisco, México

Sovereign Court ** Venture-Captain, Mexico—Guadalajara aka KhaozKnight

Pizza is always welcome, although it's greasy, drips and stains, so it might not fulfill those expectations =P

In my groups we don't consider a PC to be complete until it gets its first drop of tomato sauce on the sheet, at that point it graduates from an idea to a full fledge character xD

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Thanks for the reply Simon! So my google-fu wasn't weak, the answer was nowhere to be found =P

Sovereign Court ** Venture-Captain, Mexico—Guadalajara aka KhaozKnight

So I'll ask here because I haven't found a way to do it, is there a way to search for a GM and see only the Scenarios s/he hasn't run?

I'd also like to add my voice to the list of grateful users =)

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That's what I loved about this game, bringing people from any walk of life together to enjoy some plain old murderhoboing fun and dice rolling.

Then I got to PFS, and suddenly whatever boundaries or limits I thought our friendly RPGs had were lifted. And I've never seen a more helpful and hands-on community than the right here, calling these forums home. =)

So to all that read this, keep being awesome.

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I'm not sure how I ended up in this thread, but I'm glad I did!

I'm not usually what you'd call an emotional person, but reading this... (word-that-the-forum-will-censor) I'm welling up here...

It brought back some memories... an uncle of mine had an accident the left him bedridden, he was an extrovert and always found his way around to make friends, he was charismatic to say the least. But not on his bad days, on those he was gloomy, he wanted to be alone and not leave his room.

I know that it was hard for him, and his mood swings (more like mood see saw) were even harder for my grandma, but every now and then he'd find a way to cope (or go back to a forgotten one) music, painting, reading, preaching, every now and then he'd see a light and cling to it, and let the fun joking guy shine through for a while.

I'm glad that you gave PFS a chance, and even better it gave YOU something back.

For those times when you want to get a healthy dose of PFS from your desk/PC here are some links for Online Society play.

Flaxseed Lodge - Home of PbP PFS Play

Castamir Station - Home of PbP SFS Play

Discord Server for Organized Play

P.S. Sent you a PM

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Then again Rob, didn't you finish 6 chapters of an AP ('slayer?) on PbP in LESS THAN ONE FRIGGIN YEAR?

That's like 18 Scenarios in length, right? =P

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I have one level 7 Zen Archer, and a two level 2 that I can get to 3 in one or two weeks =)

xyz-4 Ozrus - Div-Spawn Tiefling Sorcerer - Because of his high spell DCs I've been pulling him towards Charm-Enchantment-Debuffer, just don't trust a word that comes out his silver tongue, he's a consummate liar.

xyz-6 Bock - Tengu Rogue/Swashbuckler - I haven't played him above 1 yet (GM Baby) so I'm not sure if he'll end up a Rostland Bravo or Fighter instead of 'Buckler.

Take your pick, I'll make sure the PC is ready =) (If we're going low tier, Karl (the zen archer) might be overkill for combat, I think)

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vlaovich88 wrote:
GM Granta wrote:
Is this version A? I am not sure when version B comes out and couldn't find any information on that.

It says B on #8-99B (might be overlooked, though)

EDIT: Ninja'ed by dien.

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Llama_Bill wrote:
What is the best way to play a character that you know you'll be changing the name of? I don't want my guy to get locked into the wrong name.

Using an alias for the game instead of the PC.

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You don't need to slot a Champion Boon on the Quest because the Chronicle Sheet says "You can assign the Reputation to any faction that you possess a Champion boon for."

I also remember a post by Thurston about the Race Slot, but can't seem to find it to copy it to this thread.

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To the array of personas in your my closet, (how'd ya get in there?), in Your PFS page you'll find the new-ish Player Sessions and GM Sessions, that's where all Sessions info is hiding right now. =)

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Keeping yourself busy I see =P

This past week I just realized that other than running games (went from 2 stars to 3 in about 3 months), I haven't played S/PFS outside PbP in nearly 3 months xD (I kinda blame you, for doing a great job as my first PbP GM and getting me hooked =P)

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btw, how are you GM T? Long time no.. read? xD

Core Chock says hi =P (he almost died on the game after yours, and his hard hitting arrows kept surprising people =P)

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@DM Livgin: try this link here

there you'll find your aliases and if you can still delete them, you'll see a Delete button

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GM Hmm wrote:
By the way, Khaoz, your Denture Captain line.... I am DYING here. That was magnificent!

Maybe this is a note as both player and GM, once it's evident the tone a scene is taking (and DMS made it clear over here) I feel that being able to provide a short line, quip or quote that can help with that mood will enhance immersion, player/GM to PC/NPC, and characters to story.

On the few games I've run here the players have told me that they appreciate the humor injected in some scenes. But I fear that if overdone it can derail the experience of the scenario, so just a pinch of sugar every now and then to the adventure's pound of salt?

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Shaudius wrote:
KhaozKnight wrote:
The enemy's job is to, hopefully, stand there and look pretty while your allies get the bonus, but if the enemy runs, your allies still benefit from the bonus even if a chase breaks out (at least until your next round xD)
Then why does it also need to be within 60 feet of you in the first place? If the only requirement is that it has to stand there and look pretty why does it need to be within a certain distance, note that the ability doesn't even appear to even initially require you to have line of sight to the enemy. So does the enemy even need to look pretty?

The enemy needs to be within 60 feet so you can direct your allies to whichever enemy you want them to get.

Shaudius wrote:
KhaozKnight wrote:
(And I managed to type this out on the phone without saying target until now, just like the ability.)

Alright, then how about Dispiriting Taunt. It is also a Mind-Affecting, Language-Dependent, Sense-Dependent improvisation.

Dispiriting Taunt wrote:
As a standard action, you can taunt an enemy within 60 feet. Attempt an Intimidate check with the same DC as a check to demoralize that enemy (though this isn’t a check to demoralize, so you can’t use abilities that would apply to a demoralization attempt, like the rattling presence expertise talent). If you fail, that enemy is off-target (see page 276) until the end of your next turn. If you succeed, that enemy is instead shaken (see page 277) until the end of your next turn. This is an emotion and fear effect.

Dispiriting Taunt does not use the word target once (although it does make the creature off-target, a specific condition), is the enemy not the target of this ability? In fact, the only Envoy Improvs that do use the word target are Clever Attack (attacking a target within 60 feet), Draw Fire (attacks that don't target you), and Improved Get 'Em(again, attacking a target within 60 feet.)

So it seems the only time the Improvs use the word target is in connection with attack rolls. But its pretty clear from the rules that things besides attacks that require attack rolls have targets, and I would hope people wouldn't argue...

Yes, more things than attack rolls have targets, but for Get'Em the envoy's targets are her allies, as they are the ones getting the +1 morale bonus to attacks to the chosen enemy.

wraithstrike wrote:
Nathan Monson wrote:
I think RAI, Get'em effects the players, not the monster. I think the "Out of hearing" clause is something that got messed up in editing.

I don't think it was a mistake.

I agree.

The idea behind the ability is that you are telling them to "get someone". An argument could be made that since they are out of sight or hearing range the ability on longer effects your allies, similar to how some bard performances require the bard to be seen or heard. In order to avoid this the clause would say that even when the allies can no longer hear or see you, they still get the benefit.

It should have said that if the allies move out of sight or hearing range that it still works.

I think we should FAQ the OP's comment because that is the only way to get this edited.

Hitting the FAQ button to see if they can make this any clearer.

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Each of your allies need to understand whatever language you're speaking when activating the Improvisation, need to have at least INT 1 (not unconscious or immune to mind affecting), and have a way to hear your character to benefit from this ability.

The enemy's job is to, hopefully, stand there and look pretty while your allies get the bonus, but if the enemy runs, your allies still benefit from the bonus even if a chase breaks out (at least until your next round xD)

(And I managed to type this out on the phone without saying target until now, just like the ability.)

For this bonus, it's irrelevant if the enemy is deaf, unconscious AND mind-affecting immune, if it stays put or starts running.

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@DMS: My sleep deprived past self didn't realize that Redelia made such an obvious link to this campaign, I was supposed to chime in here over a week ago, and I kept looking for the campaign's start date everywhere... except the right place xD

Can I still jump in with the last Pregen? I'll make the alias tomorrow in case you give me the go ahead =)

(Yes, I read you would be offline when I sent this)

Sovereign Court ** Venture-Captain, Mexico—Guadalajara aka KhaozKnight

Thurston Hillman wrote:

So, please be sure to post your (spoiler tagged) thoughts on the forums!

As a related note, this scenario has no special scenario tags.

Does this count as a special spoiler scenario tag? xD

On topic.. is sending an elf to Apostae a good idea?

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Wei Ji the Learner wrote:
GeraintElberion wrote:
GM Hmm wrote:

Hey Everyone,

GMs Poblano Peppers and Khaos Knight are working on converting the PFS Pregens to BB Code for PBP. It’s a big project and we could probably use a couple more people to help with it.

Interested? If so, check in here!


If you have herolab, that’s a few clicks. Isn’t it?

One: Not everyone has HeroLab.

Two: HeroLab can be wrong.

Three: Not all the pregens fit normal mechanics for their class, which would give HeroLab fits.

In the middle of prepping two tables for a local convention in just over a week, so unable to provide bandwidth for the project at the moment, but appreciate the effort being put in on it!

Emphasis mine.

Points two and three are actually what slows the process down, I can use HL to create a 90% accurate statblock in a few clicks, but these are Pregens, we need 100% accuracy to the sheet, not the piece of software.

Where Hero Labs insert their 'short descriptions' we need to change it for the one on the actual Pregen sheet =)

Wei Ji, the best of luck in your Con! Don't worry if you can't help out this time around.

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GM Hmm wrote:
GM Poblano Pepper wrote:
Little by little I am creating BB coded pregens. The true dragons I do not have yet but soon will. I will let you know when I finish some.

I just suddenly realized what you said here.

How many of these do you have converted? Can we get them in the PBP GM Kit? Is it possible to get a couple volunteers to help on this project?

It suddenly occurred to me what a great resource this could be.


We may need to move this out of this thread to coordinate the effort, but I'm willing to help, with HeroLab I think I can get one or two Pregens each day (all levels).

Sovereign Court

Hey guys, I don't have neither my PC or iPad with me tonight, so I won't be able to update until tomorrow morning, sorry about the delay, 110% on me =(

Sovereign Court ** Venture-Captain, Mexico—Guadalajara aka KhaozKnight

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Mike, I remember Tonya mentioning that they were working on a way to fix the accidental "permanently" deleted xx-1 characters so you'd need to send an e-mail to a certain address, let me see if I can find it.

You have a very rare opportunity most veterans won't have =P
A chance at a fresh -1

Edit... lo and behold.. it was in this thread xD


Sovereign Court ** Venture-Captain, Mexico—Guadalajara aka KhaozKnight

Thank you! I will certainly help spread Thursty's good word =)

Sovereign Court ** Venture-Captain, Mexico—Guadalajara aka KhaozKnight

*starts the Queue for the newest Fruitcake delight*

And this is an amazing update =)

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Earl_Parvisjam wrote:
Players aren't able to get useful info from it and Paizo doesn't seem to be using the data for anything.

That we are unable to see the sessions on our end of the website, doesn't mean that they don't get the information they need out of our reports.

Some of the missing sessions in the characters can be found over at GM Sessions. And if I'm a Wizard, that link should work.

So these sessions are still there, not in a way accessible to us,but they're there. =)

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Iseph Pregen wrote:
I alread made the piolot check to move

Apologies! I did miss that part, that means you were faster than all the goblins. So I'll move Gob#3 to an inconvenient location.

I'll be at my computer in one hour or so, the goblins have another surprise in store for you, so don't shoot yet. =p

-Posted with Wayfinder

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Navasi. wrote:

We are always glad to help our friends, and in this case we're even more as with our donation you'll continue making such delicacies for all the future guests. Do you think a thousand credits is enough to be sure you'll have enough ingredients?

Diplomacy: 25 = 25

Raia_Danviri wrote:

"We were told that you expected us! Surely you understood the nature of our visit? We only need a small amount of time with the prisoner."

Diplomacy: 20 = 20

Defi wrote:
"Im not a diplomat but if its maintaince concerns your are having I'd be willing to take a look for you. Maybe if I can fix your problem as could make an arrangement to talk with you "guest"?"
nilesr wrote:
Surely perhaps there is some need for an experienced mendicant priest of the Lady here? Some last rites that need performing?

After hearing your response and willingness to assist the Mining Camp the Warden is taken aback, you can hear, in almost nervous tone, We were joking! Of course we would not show the audacity to take credits from friends in exchange for a favor.

Warden bluff: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (8) + 2 = 10

Altronus The Solarion wrote:

Diplomacy: 15 = 15

sense motive: 11 = 11

But Altronus knows the Warden is lying about the joke part, it was their intention to make some credits out of you but your words have turned their thoughts around.

From your kind words and offers, I can sense your urgency. We will have a flotilla of guards escort you to Livewire. We promise you our eternal friendship. The Warden shifts slightly towards the door, opening to the group of four guards that came in with you earlier. The guards make a gesture similar to a nod.

They will accompany you inside and keep you safe will you speak to the prisoner.

You have a parting conversation with the Warden, before being lead deeper into the compound.

Whereas the stench within the Warden’s office was bad, the stink in the common area is almost unbearable. Several half-naked, sweat-drenched workers of various species crowd around here. The barathu guards combine to form one larger, menacing amalgam creature, ensuring you remain safe from confrontation.

After several minutes traversing through this sweat-slicked region, the barathu guard amalgam stops at a table where a ysoki sits. The ratfolk constantly licks her paws uncomfortably while grooming her drenched and matted pelt. With the guard’s arrival, she looks up and acknowledges an unspoken communication between herself and the barathu collective. In an instant, the barathu collective splits into its separate entities and floats off in independent paths throughout the complex, leaving the investigators alone with the sweat-soaked ysoki who looks up with cautious interest amid a timid introduction, “Hiya, the name’s Livewire. What can we do for each other?” she says with a small wink towards Defi.

Sovereign Court

This is what a Barathu looks like.

The halls and rooms of the Sauna are entirely organic, comprised mostly of fleshy blue walls replete with pulsating green veins. Tunnels take odd angles, sometimes sloping up or down, which is a nuisance to humanoid creatures but not an impediment to the floating barathus. Inside the Sauna the heat is more manageable, even removing your helmets and respirators. When your group arrives at the Warden’s office, several hard, plastic chairs await arranged in a semicircle around a matching table.

Opposite the table floats the Warden, an almost comical creature that looks like a dozen of the barathu guards mashed together into a floating mass of iridescent flesh and tentacles.

Life Science DC 15:
You identify the Warden
as being a combined barathu—a group of barathus who merged
to form a superior being.

Inside your mind you hear, Welcome, please make yourselves comfortable. We've taken the liberty to prepare some refreshments to make your visit more amicable. The Warden telepathically offers several trays of a gray mush and glasses of an opaque, milky substance as refreshments. While the food looks welcoming, especially the drinks to help cool off, the ever-present stench makes the idea of eating difficult.

Sense Motive DC 14:
You discover that the Warden eagerly waits for the investigators to sample his offered wares, and anyone failing to accept this meal or showing any signs of obvious disgust will have a harder time getting on the Warden's good graces.

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Iseph Pregen wrote:
I am new to star finder period. Been reading core book and guild guide, but this is first mission. I am assuming for most part very similar to pfs, but if i do something wrong please just let me know -Posted with Wayfinder

Starfinder is still new to most of us, I hope that we can all chime in if we think something's not the way it's supposed to be. Since that's how we can better learn the system.

(So if you think I'm wrong somewhere, just PM me)

-Posted with Wayfinder

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Altronus The Solarion wrote:
Right, I know that we get paid through the chronicle sheet. I asked in game for RP reasons.

Asking in game for RP is awesome, I just wanted to clarify in case we had someone new to Society Play (either), to know that those 10K won't be on the actual sheet.

(And Wayfinder doesn't let me post with my GM alias)

-Posted with Wayfinder

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Completely out of topic. Not only OOC. But Isirah's ten ten ten reminded of this old thing YouTube Link

-Posted with Wayfinder

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