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Me and a friend are discussing this, I think not, he thinks yes, I figure ask the collective

So under full attack you can decide to end the full attack action after your first attack depending on how it turns out, now my question is with manyshot, when you make a full attack action you're first arrow hits twice, but if after you fire that arrow you decide to use a move action instead do you still get your manyshot arrow.

The full attack rule in question:
After your first attack, you can decide to take a move action instead of making your remaining attacks, depending on how the first attack turns out and assuming you have not already taken a move action this round. If you've already taken a 5-foot step, you can't use your move action to move any distance, but you could still use a different kind of move action.

perfect ^_^ thanks

The ability Quarterstaff Defense adds the quarterstaff's enhancement bonus as a bonus to AC does this count just one end of the staff or both since a quarterstaff can be enchanted as a double weapon. Clarification would be handy, I think know but a friend thinks yes.

thanks ^_^

is there any way to cast a spell as part of an AOO like quicken or something?

So speed, if it's on an amulet of mighty fists does it grant each nat attack and extra attack or just one extra attack?

sorry I mixed up the ability name I ment:

Crafting Mastery: You can craft any magic item as if you had the necessary item creation feats. If you actually have the item creation feat needed for a magic item you're crafting, whenever you attempt a skill check to create that item, roll twice and use the higher result, and you make twice as much progress on the item for any time spent. This ability does not reduce the item's cost or any other requirements.

not Mythic Craft

ok thanks I could have sworn reading somewhere that it worked like this but I couldn't for the life of me recall

can you qualify for a feat if another ability grants something that's basically the same as the pre-req feat for instance could I take "Mythic Crafter" be taken if you have the Mythic Crafter path ability which allows you to craft items as if you had the feat? clarification and a referance would be helpful

remove curse by a 12th level caster cures it, wolfsbane too (assuming you don't kill yourself in the process) I know the ways to cure... it's control I'm looking for

So my oracle has just contracted lycanthropy and we do not have a way to heal it currently (without finding wolfsbane or something) and I do not have strong enough magic to cure it (for two more levels) and I out power any known divine caster we've met so curing it quickly not likely. I am looking for ways to control said affliction, I know in 3.5 there was a skill but is there anything (skill, feat, item etc.) that allows an afflicted person to gain control of their shifting? or am I just going to be making con checks to save my ass?

And it's also a feat that comes in handy vs invis thing since blind sense doesn't negate the concealment

The feat was a bonus from the bloodline but ya I'm sure there's an item for it

Especially since all of your other party members are capable front liners alchemist with his bombs (ranged AoE) and ranger with a bow (and maybe a falcata/great sword just in case)

You seem to be lacking a skill monkey, which can help, rogue, ranger, or alchemist are my suggestions, urban ranger for the ranger (they get disable device), bard would be good too, skills and party buffing, those are where I would start

Something I LOVED as a DD was an ever smoking bottle, you get blind sense, get blind fight as a bonus feat option, so pop that bottle you have a smoke cloud, which blocks dark vision, and scent (smoke is a stronger scent then your own so a creature with the scent ability doesn't pick you up) it's a great GTFO item, it also levels the playing field when you're caught alone, and detect magic won't pick you up like it would where you invisible, taking the spell that also lets you change the aura is handy too make all your items ping as non-magical for a few days per cast. As you can guess my DD was very stealth minded, but still tore things to shreads

The cane part works as an offhand bludgeoning weapon hence the 2-handed need

So I had a character idea today, a guy who fakes a limp and walks with a sword cane, few other things involved of course and I have a few ideas for how to go about it but I think I'm going magus because I like the ability to use magic, now I just need some suggestions if there are ways to spell combat/strike with 2 weapons?

Character wise he's a Sylph who when young caused a building to blow up while trying to learn his arcane magic, so for "community service" we went to live and work in the temple of Ironi, he stayed there for the long term (70 years) shying away from all his magic afraid he might hurt people again, eventually Sylph itchy feet had him travel, and eventually became comftorble with his powers and learned control, now he likes to think Ironi has had a subtle hand in moving him to accept who he is, his innate powers, and teach him the dicipline he lacked so he could become a Paladin of Ironi, even giving him a Holy Avenger when the time came (the shift to LG came about the time the party found the sword, hence the thinking of taking the class and making sence in character like a sign from Ironi herself) the sylph has Dragon diciple levels and is actually capabable in melee combat so it's not a huge stretch him going toe to toe with someone using his sword

oh I already have story reason for the pally thing, that's not an issue, just working in the code without being the stereotype

Hello all, so I'm thinking of dipping into the Paladin class for my sorc, (yay cha to saves)but I'm trying to figure out changes to personality, my character started out as a sorc who acted like a rogue (sneaking, ease dropping, stealing, etc. etc.) but he's evolved as a character since then so much that his alignment shifted from CN to LG, now he's not going to suddenly become a stick up his ass lawful stupid paladin cause ya that makes no sense, I'm trying to figure out ideas for being a pally without breaking the code. So obviously the lying and stealing is out, but other ideas, can I still do things like taunt the enemy/insult them etc. etc. other suggestions or personality ideas for non-traditional pally's would be fun

ah see I thought the feat was too handy

so the feat says as follows:

Benefit: You are considered to be flanking an opponent if at least two of your allies are threatening that opponent, regardless of your actual positioning.

it says nothing about having to be adjacent to the creature yourself so would you get flanking if you attack at range? because if so that would make a ranged rogue a bit more viable.

I'm trying to decide on my familiar, I'm thinking of picking up improved familiar and I'm trying to remember, I read something about familiars being able to take UMD any suggestions for which familiars are best for this?

so I'm working on a synthesist (I am aware of all the op-ness of the class but I'm sort of building the hulk and it works for that)

my idea is a halfling or gnome, when it fuses with it's eidolon does the halfling become medium or stay small?

I am trying to remeber the feat for the life of me, and it's not specifically magic missile but it increases the max level cap for the spell many magus builds use it with shocking grasp so that it does more then 5d6 damage.

actually ignore Touch of Idiocy unless you pick up a ring of spell knowledge or your DM let's you make an exception since it's not a magus spell, chill touch could be fun 1d6+str damage

I've heard force punch used, the reason for shocking grasp is because numbers wise there isn't a better touch option especially low level.

Touch of idiocy could be fun, damage the targets mental stats, actually thinking about that as I type it I really like that idea... hmm...

sorry trailed off in thought, there are of course other usable spells, and I say go for them, just cause numbers wise shocking grasp is best for damage output doesn't make it the best spell for what you want, the force push is cool because knock back, pick up toppling and you can knock them back and flat on their ass

spell suggestions would be helpful, I'm thinking haste will be very helpful for the second one.

So I have too ideas in mind:

1st working pretty much only with force spells I feel that this is mostly evocation which'll likely be my specilized school if wizard but not sure on my prohibited ones, suggestions helpful, I'm thinking necromancy and something else.

For sorc a handy bloodline with this would be helpful.


A build that does not do any direct damage (or little) likely focused on magical combat manuvers, I'm thinking undine with hydraulic torrent and the feat that gives it multiple options when used by an undine (sorc, elemental water bloodline)

Magic Missle ^_^ throw toppling and whatever that metamagic feat that increases the missile limit. No save, trip attacks on each hit (if their tumbled) and it's just a classic spell that's fun, I currently play a sorc who isn't specilized but two things my DM hates that I do:Toppling Magic Missle (I have a rod not the feat sadly) and Pilfering Hand to steal things from the enemy (especially when they have a nice weapon since I steal it, take it in hand and kill them with their own weapon cause I'm also great in combat for a sorc) both of which are really fun spells in my opinon

ah I didn't see the arcane in the spell area, that's depressing, welp scrap that idea then thanks ^_^

So after looking over classes for a game I'm joining and realizing no other player has any healing ability what so ever, I've decided to play an Oracle, now while looking at oracle ideas and the fact I've always kind of wanted to make an Arcane archer (never did because in 3.5 it made no sense) I'm looking it over and I notice that's it's spell casting boosts "existing class" not "existing arcane class" so I figure why not enter it as an oracle, (I'm thinking elvan lorekeeper as my archtype) I get the pre-reques for the class after 7 levels (that's how long an oracle takes to get the right BAB) I just need a way to pick up the arcane caster level (assuming the DM doesn't let me use my divine casting in place of the arcane for the prereq) any suggestions? tips? advice? or am I just crazy?

I'm also looking into this but with the bladed scarf archtype which looks like fun personally.

So I'm building an undine water singer because it sounds fun, I'm thinking of working with the Hydraulic push spell-like ability, and the feat Hydraulic manuver. I'm looking for suggestions to improve it, or ways to get more first level spells per day, or any other ideas people might have.

the spell like abilities always count as arcane or does it alter with the specific ability?

really? okay that makes some ideas I've had significantly more viable

I keep seeing something about early entry to this class because of some re-right or edit or something, can someone please tell me what this is?

That seems odd... because it seems like the same reason for vital shot to not be doable for a charge or spring attack would apply for a shot on the run.

"Vital Strike can only be used as part of an attack action, which is a specific kind of standard action.Spring Attack is a special kind of full-round action that includes the ability to make one melee attack, not one attack action. Charging uses similar language and can also not be used in combination with Vital Strike."

so I don't see why that would apply to spring attack and not shot on the run, I'm not complaining if so just seems... odd

well vital strike says it can't be used during a spring attack

I didn't think so, it'd be nice if there was, but I'm still happy with my idea so far.

can the feats manyshot or rapid shot be done during the use of "Shot on the run"? if not are there any ways to get more then one attack using shot on the run or spring attack, I'm working on an idea I have and it would be nice to get an extra attack

Can a wild shaped druid increase the size of the creature it becomes, for instance could they become a small wolf? or a huge wolf?

that's what I figured and thought but I couldn't remember exactly thanks ^_^

So I was wondering about extracts that normally target more then one person, for instance the Haste Extract's targets are usually 1/lvl, does this still work when an Alchemist down the extract or is it still single target?

So I play a stealthy character who at times slips away from the party to do something the party "Lawman" would not approve of, or to sort of watch goings on without him being there or whatnot, as well as stalk enemies, sneak in for information etc. but I was recently noticed (and almost caught) by someone with scent, now I'm trying to find ways to mask my scent any suggestions? (the creature at the time was a werewolf)

So the Scout rogue archtype has interested me, and I was thinking combine that with Tengu's natrual weapons (2 claws and a bite) and a way to get pounce so I can full attack after a charge, now I just need to figure out a way to get pounce.

any ideas?

So a player in the group I'm in wants an item such as bracers or something of enlarge person that is use activated (preferablly without charges) now I'm wondering the cost of such an item, I know on one hand it's just caster level times spell level, times other things but I feel because of the size alteration and the str bonus to compensate that it falls under the stat alteration section. Any suggestions or ideas? (He can't use wands so the want of enlarge person is out)

I'm having isues finding items that add a bonus to crafting do you know the names of any?

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