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Galenna Icethrone

katherinethegreat's page

4 posts. Alias of tcavagne.


Did you have a good Thanksgiving, James?

Since Golarion is round like Earth... Have the people of Golarion discovered how time zones work? Does teleporting to Tian Xia give you jet lag?

I want to make a trickster-type NPC for the PCs to fight in a game. The setting is Ancient-Chinese style, and the NPC should be CR 14, with a CN alignment. I'm interested in either a Sun Wukong (monkey-king) style trickster, or something similar to the Trickster from "Supernatural." I want him to be able to survive a few fights with them so he can become a recurring obstacle.

Hopefully he'll have some melee abilities, as well as spells. The most important thing is that he have flashy tricks up his sleeve that will amuse the PCs while making their lives difficult.

Any suggestions for good class combinations, or Bestiary entries to start from? Spells/special abilities I should look at giving him? He can be any race or monster type, as long as he's able to appear as a humanoid.

What's the word for "from Irrisen"? (e.g. China is to Chinese as Irrisen is to...)

Do any of the Paizo staff play the iconics in their home games? Have you played Merisiel in a game?

A few questions about stacking enchantment spells:

1) Can you use charm person on someone who is already charmed? If so, what happens--does the first charm wear off, or does the person simply think he is best friends with both casters?
2) Can you use a dominate person-type spell (magic jar, etc.) on someone who has already been dominated? Does this transfer complete control of the target to the most recent caster?
3) Therefore, if my ally has been affected by an enchantment spell, is it possible for me to cast an enchantment spell on him and then release him so that he regains his original personality/opinions?

Thanks for answering all these questions, James. You're pretty awesome.

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