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katelynscarlett's page

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Erik Freund wrote:
Abraham spalding wrote:
I'm sorry they are all listed as evil alignment? I didn't realize that.

Actually, yes. As per the Inner Sea World guide, the "average" alignment of the common citizen of Ustalav is, in-fact, Neutral Evil.

Each city/town has its own base alignment as well. Ravengro in Haunting of Harrowstone is a Neutral Good town. Here's a breakdown on what the stat blocks for towns are.

Helaman wrote:

One that cracks me up was the Fashionista Gamers over on RPGMP3 - download the first ep off the forums, its funny as.

GM asks them to share their recollections of the professor...

The male half orc decides to share...

"The Professor was Morkills (Morkill always refers to himself in the 3rd person) first lover..."

The GM did a great job of conveying that you could hear a pin drop!

Laughs all round, especially when the GM controlled Cleric tried to comfort the distraught Kendra...

"He loved the ladies!, oh yes he did, I remember we were out one day... and I said, Oh please Professor that one is young enough to be your daughter...".

...I don't think I'll be able to run that part of the game with a straight face now. This is going to be awesome.

I discovered this royalty-free (and free to download) horror music soundtrack awhile ago that you guys might like.

Scoring: Horror Themes by Kevin MacLeod

It's mostly just chilling piano with percussion added in.

There is one in particular called "Children's Theme" that takes the tune of "This Old Man" and makes it the creepiest thing I've ever heard and will probably play during the children's skipping rope scene.

Here's a link to his horror music, since he has multiple albums in the horror genre. Dig around, some of it is brilliant.

He even has a version of Chopin's Funeral March, mentioned in Riptide777's list, called "Final Count".

I'm about to run this game soon and this is how I'm going to handle research:

1. I'll determine if any of the time spent with the Professor would bring about one of the research topics. (For instance, if a fighter was his bodyguard while the Professor was traveling, he could have conceivably heard ghost stories about the Prison from the Professor.)

2. The "once-per-character" knowledge check would only be able to recall knowledge DC 10-15. If they have a back story that might work with it, DC 20 would open up for that character, otherwise it would be research-only.

3. All DC 25 knowledge checks require research. Unless the character is a scholar or heavily experienced in the matter, they probably aren't going to know that high of a DC offhand.

Furthermore, you aren't going to find any specific information on the Five Prisoners anywhere except the Ravengro records and the in the records of the towns these Prisoners are from, and it's already clear that "gather information" (ie, word-of-mouth) only gets DC 15 or lower in the very town that experienced it. So being a stranger to Ravengro and most likely NOT from one of the areas where the Five Prisoners were active, it is highly unlikely they would get that information.

Does this make sense? Research is my job as a journalist so I think all of these would be realistic and be able to stagger out the information gathering.

This question was posed earlier but never answered.

In the information on Father Charlatan's haunt, it says that "the haunt targets a single person (either the first person to touch Father Charlatan’s journal or his remains, or the last person to attempt
to leave the cell)..."

This is the only mention of Father Charlatan's journal. Was it removed from the adventure and this was overlooked?

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