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kaid's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 32 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


If they are not able to release them prior to gencon one can only assume that post gencon people will be posting all manner of pictures of their pregens to look at.

It does make a lot of sense though for tech weapons. A photon foil(totally not a light saber) the damage being done is by the energy and the size of the blade overall would have little impact on the damage it does.

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
Something I've been wondering since the reveal game on Tuesday, are there any differences between weapons sized for small, medium, and large races?

All weapons are scaled for use by Small and Medium creatures, since those are the two most common sizes of things with money to buy weapons.

Small and Medium creatures can try to use weapons built for Tiny or Large creatures, but take a -4 to attack. However, such weapons don't do any more or less damage, and there is no change in handedness. In other words, there is no benefit to trying it as a tactic, though it can be done if you are in a spot.

OOO very nice to know for my future space ratman.

Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
Something I've been wondering since the reveal game on Tuesday, are there any differences between weapons sized for small, medium, and large races?

I to am curious about this. I mean I would assume a halfling is going to have trouble using some large pole arm just physics wise but for laser pistols/rifles as long as they are capable of lifting them no real reason to have different small/medium/large damage differences.

Even for melee weapons if you have dimensional slicer sword I am not sure how much if at all the size of the blade actually matters for final damage it is doing.

Lemartes wrote:
Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Advance melee weapons range from then humble 1d8 longsword at 1st level, to sintered longswords, grind blades, zero-edge weapons, all the way to the two-handed 12d10 slashing (6d6 bleed on a critical) dimensional slice curve blade and 14d10 bludgeoning and fire (knockdown on a critical) mach III swoop hammer at 20th level.
And melee weapons just add Strength bonus, regardless of number of hands, but that does boost their damage output. Soldiers can take a melee gear boost that adds another bonus equal to half their Strength bonus... again, regardless of number of hands.
So is there ever a purpose to wielding a weapon two handed beyond the obvious of it must be used two handed? Thanks.

I would assume that two handed weapons have higher base damage than 1 handed weapons. And given how attacks work now with one attack normal or two at -4/-4 having a big two hander may be more efficient damage wise than two small one handers if they are not improving your attack speed much.

Well given I assume most of the tech weapons will turn into things like force lances and plasma pokers I assume they scale at a similar rate or even faster than ranged. I believe it was mentioned that melee attacks tend to be higher damage attacks than ranged ones. So some benefit if you can close range to bring one to bear.

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Vic Wertz wrote:
Archmage Variel wrote:
...I can just barely make out perception as a skill on the operative's skill list.
If only there were some sort of skill you could have to make spotting that sort of thing a little bit easier...

Optometry skill confirmed!

Lanitril wrote:
Sketchpad wrote:
Can anyone confirm that there'll be stats for folks to play Spaaaaace Goblins? My wife REALLY wants to play one. ;)
Supposedly Spaaaaace Goblins will be in "Starfinder: First Contact". Or thats what someone on that product discussion stated.

I would expect them to be in the alien archive as well.

Thurston Hillman wrote:

'Starfinder Society: #1-00: Claim to Salvation' is a pregenerated character event and all necessary information will be provided. This event, and the first quest pack, debut on Thursday. Subsequent scenarios don't start until the following day, giving players a full day to get their hands on a Starfinder rulebook. These events allow players time to create their own PCs from the Starfinder Core Rulebook, since the rulebook would be 'out in the wild' for a day.

We're preparing to have a large number of pregenerated characters available for use at Gen Con, but we also want to make these events open to players interested in creating their own characters. Scenarios #01-01 to #01-03 are also part of the 'standard season' and will see play at local events, so they're intended for any type of character within the Starfinder Society.

In other words; expect to have pregens available, as well as custom characters (assuming they follow the rules in the to-be-released Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide).

We'll have more announcements on exactly how the roll-out for the Organized Play Guide and Starfinder Society character creation rules will work in the near future.

That sounds excellent hopefully I will be able to see you guys down there I am looking forward to some gen con fun as I have not gone in 5 years.

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Rysky wrote:
Slothsy wrote:

I am not certain it can be called polyamory for a coupling that requires three sexes to procreate.

And while a dark bargain given they were fighting a swarming enemy having undead on your side becomes an advantage of being able to throw literally disposable undead pawns to offset numeric advantages of your opponents.

Archmage Variel wrote:
So I get that Eox imports bodies from other planets to raise for their population, but how is it that they convince other species (and the individuals of that species) to donate or sell the remains? Is there some sort of monetary incentive or agreement? That seems like a hard thing to incentivize.

I have zero doubt with enough money they could get what they want from the poor, greedy, desperate or evil people. How many homeless people disappear in our big cities every day. And for corpses its even easier its pretty easy to tell somebody you have cremated their remains as per your wish and hand you a box full of random ash whilst shipping the body elsewhere to be put to use.

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Damanta wrote:

I am amazed by the character art.

Would love to have a robe like that.

They seem like an interesting part of the Pact worlds.


TheGoofyGE3K wrote:
Just noticed he has a tail cuff/ring. That is awesome!

If you love it you should put a ring on it!

Crusader3025 wrote:
So how does this cloaking field ability work? Is it magic, some sort of "force" power, or tech? Because while I can wrap my head around a thief's sneak attack I can't figure how this cloaking field works. I've never seen this sort of thing work without the three things I mentioned. So I'm curious to hear how this works.

Well given the setting it could be magic or tech or a combination of both. May even depend on the characters choice for how to describe it.

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Tom Kalbfus wrote:
Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
JakBlitz wrote:
But it clearly states that they are a Matriarchal Society. Which means it's still "Problematic" and "Sexist".
When the majority of historic societies and governments are patriarchal, having one or two matriarchal ones does not make the matriarchal ones "problematic" or "sexist".
A colony of insects is usually Matriarchal because it always has a Queen and never a King, and it is sexist, because males are reduced to the role of carriers of genetic information from one female (its mother) to the next (its mate) and with some species it sometimes ends up as food for its mate. Is that sexually dimorphic enough for you? I believe the creature from the Alien Movies is based on that of insects, there is a new movie out called [u]Alien Covenant[/u] which is the latest in the Alien series. Do you want any of those in your Starfinder series? I think the alien from the movie Alien is problematic for a lot of people, most would not want those on their starship!

I would guess for elves the younger generations will be the ones among the forlorn and people leaving their homes. If they are young enough to not be directly impacted by the memory loss of the gap they won't have that much more trauma about it than any other race/society does. It is understandable the ones who lived through it and were directly impacted by the memory loss felt violated and afraid and reacted accordingly.

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I think where did golarion go probably shouldn't be answered. The main reason to do that in the first place is so people playing the campaigns do not feel like the future is already written. This way nobody has any idea what really happens going forward.

Vrog Skyreaver wrote:
I am actually a rather large fan of the Kineticist. I find them to fill the nuker role in a party just fine, with the caveat that you have to have at least a plan to deal with resistances/DR (depending on the type of energy you throw about). You can go single element, but I would recommend that if you are doing that you pick a physical blast as opposed to a energy blast, as they will be dealing with DR, which doesn't tend to go higher than 15.

There seemed to be some decent options for at least some of the elements to get upgrades that let them lower/ignore resistances/DR. If you chose a single element option probably strong recommendation to pick up one of those options so you don't wind up utterly stymied vs something of your element.

I would be pretty surprised to not see some form of ramming rules in game. It is one of those things that tends to pop up in anything where people fly around.

Chakat Firepaw wrote:
Fardragon wrote:
Mine all mine...don't touch wrote:
My problem is with the fact that presumablely space combat would take place in three dimensions. There appears to be no consideration for attacking from above or below. Space combat in two dimensions feels like it loses something important.

Pretty much every PnP game with space combat I have played (Traveller, Star Trek, Star Wars D6/Star Warriors) uses one or two dimensions only.

Without a computer it's pretty much impossible to keep track of a 3rd dimension.

Quite a few PnP games over the years have used 3-D space combat, they all found the same thing: If you houserule down to 2-D, the gameplay doesn't really change.

It's not that it can't be done, it's that there is little to no benefit in doing it for most fights.

Especially in space. Most areas of space just are not going to have enough "terrain" that depth winds up having that much impact. Generally if you are fighting you eventually are orienting near each other and that effectively is a plane. The game also seems to allow you to cross directly over/under/around somebody with a manuever so you still get the tie fighters strafing the falcon sort of options. Unless one side or the other is so horribly outnumbers they can be fully englobed you just don't gain much but slowing the game down for fully modeling 3d.

Luna Protege wrote:
IonutRO wrote:
Luna Protege wrote:

IonutRO wrote:
Technomancers are BOTH hackers and Wizards with an iPad.

Took me a while to notice that was true. If they're capable of any of the high end stuff Wizards are, I could switch to saying "Wizards have evolved into Technomancers"... But if they aren't, then well...

If they're missing some of the really fun spells like Create-Demiplane, Mind-Swap, clone, Polymorph any Object, or any other of that fun stuff that allows for bending all of the lines of space, bodies, and minds, I will be disappointed, and probably end up trying to ram a packet of Wizard into it.

Yes... I am the kind of person who would probably cast Polymorph any Object on a human just to turn them into a Kobold.

IIRC the kind of high end magic high level wizards do in Pathfinder no longer exists, it's lost knowledge because technology has replaced most of its uses.

For one, the assumption they can just "lose" that knowledge is silly in the face of "IMMORTAL WIZARDS!" who never seem to forget; especially when some of them spend the rest of their immortal lives in quiet hermit like calm in their private demi-plane, meditating on their arcane art so that their art will never be forgotten.

And second, try to think for a minute the scale of energy required to create a hole in space. Do you really think a power source of that scale is as portable as, say... A book or Ipad? If you have to call in a tank-sized generator in order to summon the highest level of angels in a sudden and unexpected emergency, you're not doing it right.

Meanwhile, there's Polymorph, which has no way you can get that to work and not just be "kill the people and use the matter to build a new thing" unless you're working on an essentialist model of reality, which is not something a physical technology can do, and in order to create a technology that does work under that principle, it requires being designed as a magitech device by a wizard who understands that process in order to...

Also why bother spending years of your life for how to cast a fireball when you can just buy a rocket launcher or plasma gun. I think a lot of magic is going to specialize in more utility buffs/debuffs and stuff that is hard/impossible to create via tech. For a lot of things that magic currently gets used for in pathfinder it is basically just trying to recreate something that is better done via other means faster/easier and more cheaply.

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Pet rust monsters on a spaceship are a bad idea? who knew.

Matthew Shelton wrote:

Want a reason for grandfathering 'archaic classes' into modern society?

Medieval dungeoncrawling as a sport. If someone has levels in barbarian, samurai, druid, ninja, monk, cavalier, shaman, etc., it's because they are involved in the Starfinder equivalent of the Society for Creative Anachronism. They are reenactors and LARPers, keeping it 'old school' for the sake of nostalgia and tradition.

With god knows how many planets some are going to wind up likely being still pretty primative so in exploration coming across stone age type people or barbarians/shaman what not does not seem totally weird.

Velr-Fex wrote:
My biggest question is: Are spaceships getting stat blocks? Thanks.

Given that there seems to be starship combat options I would assume that starships will be getting full statblocks.

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Dominar Rygel XVI wrote:
If there's ever an inclination to do a Free RPG Day module for Starfinder, I'd be totally psyched for Ratfolk vs. Space Goblins.

The battle for space shinies!

Bluenose wrote:
nomotog wrote:
Morgen wrote:

How much do we know of spaceships so far? I haven’t read every post on the forum.

I’m just worried because they always seem to be either priced outside of any PC’s possible ability to buy, require some kind of extreme number of crew members that it removes some/all the ships out of most games or even without thousands of crew you need to have 4-6 PC’s specialized in just running it. It can really throw a wrench into things especially when players start to just steal them.

I’m just hoping that people are thinking about and looking at that. It’s hard enough to rope 4-6 people together as a unit without them needing to know how to use sensors or things after all.

For my take, they should only have small ships focused around catering to player teams.
I think small PC-focused ships should be the primary concern, but there should also be some larger vessels. Yes to the Millennium Falcon, Serenity, T-65 X-Wings, Starbug and their like; but also yes to the SSV Normandy, USS Enterprise, Liberator and others.

The Normandy is really not much bigger crew wise than a fully crewed serenity or falcon. Most of the normandy versions are sub 20 crew with some extra space for passengers. But yes I think a lot of focus on fighters to mid sized frigats/freighters/low end corvettes is likely what most players would have reason to interact with. Although something like an wing commander, robotech adventure based off some big capital ship and being an elite strike team can be fun too.

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CorvusMask wrote:
Lemartes wrote:
This brings up a question. I'm going to guess there is no difference in the sound of each genders voice? Both gruff and intimidating or?

Well, its difficult to tell from alien reptiles, but if we go by earth reptile noises its either one of following:

1) they don't really make sounds 2) that noise when you empty your lungs 3) that high pitched sound geckos make 4) that thing alligators do

And yes, I just wanted an excuse to post cute reptiles

Weird anecdote we have a pet turtle who is allowed to wander about the house. Normally the only noise you hear from her is a hiss if she thinks you are blundering to close to her suddenly but once in a while she hums. It is by strange and really cute to see a little turtle wandering about the living room making a very distinctive humming sound. She only does it when its really sunny and she is in an active cycle.

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Archmage Variel wrote:
Umbral Reaver wrote:
The old 'noble adventurer romances beautiful foreign princess from an otherwise brutish race' is a pretty old racist trope, too.
A lot of the closer planets and their alien life seemed to be based off of early fantasy authors interpretations of the planets in our solar system. Many of these authors were, to put it bluntly, really racist. It doesn't make the history any better, but it doesn't necessarily have to ruin the trope itself so long as it doesn't propagate the same stereotypes. The themes of Lovecraft's works were very often condescending in their portrayal of woman and race, yet the creatures he created have made their way into the pathfinder Mythos. I have my disagreements on how the Lashunta should have been originally portrayed, but I think that building off of such a trope while still paying homage to its creators can be a difficult task.

Lashunta males now dress in flannel shirts and have tastefully trimmed beards.

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Ravingdork wrote:

Why wield a lightsaber axe or a flamethrower when you can wield a longsword? Many kudos to the lady on the left for keeping it classy.

This cover has a very "Guardians of the Galaxy" feel to it, which I imagine is how most Starfinder adventuring groups are going to resemble in their eclectic party makeup. I approve.

Sometimes it pays to use a blade as to not blow holes in the hull of your own ship. Melee weapons actually make a fair amount of sense in ship to ship combat when a lot of stuff in a space ship presumably reacts badly to high energy weapon fire.

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RJGrady wrote:
If folks want a bone-nose druid, I think that would be better accomplished by creating druid archetypes than trying to shoehorn the shaman concept into a dedicated nature-caster.

I find it odd that shaman are getting druid spells. It is really weird to me that a class that is part oracle and part witch wound up with the druid spell listing. Either cleric or witch spell casting lists would make sense but druid seems like an odd choice unless they want to redo shaman into being a druid/witch cross or a oracle/druid cross. The later almost makes some sense as the last time I checked the hexes shaman had did not really seem like hexes at all and really had nothing other than that to do with witches.

Something like that enveloping darkness power would be situationally very useful but probably in most dungeon fights unless the room is very large you are unlikely to find much to effect with it simply due to most things living in dungeons/underground would have darkvision.

Skerek wrote:

i played a PFS with a gunslinger(1st level) using a musket. They do alright damage (1d12+1), the reloading is a pain, generally always hit, but when they crit... daaammmnnn, 4d12+4 is quite nice at first level. Although they have no real way to boost this damage till 5th level.

also misfiring hurts.

this gunslinger found themselves filling the 'ranged support' role which isn't surprising

One thing I was curious about is in play how easy is it to keep enough ammunition enough to keep shooting.

Just looking at it even if you are making your own it appears work out to about 1gp per time you fire the gun. In my last few adventures which typically are a bit lean on the cash front especially in the first 3 or 4 levels how can you afford to keep shooting. And if you spend your money on it how do you buy anything else?

Also do you have any issues with NPC using aoe flame attacks blowing your gun powder kegs to kingdom come.

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