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jwtelesio's page

45 posts (55 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. 1 wishlist. 5 aliases.


Guess I got too excited about Double Crossbows.

For Crossbow Mastery I meant the Bolt Ace Feature that adds Dex to damage which most likely wouldn't work with the Crossbowman .5 dex to damage.

If you're just talking about trying to interrupt spell-casting then I suppose there isn't really anything to add then.

Why Vital Strike? Bolt Ace gives you the Dead Shot Deed which is like having all the Vital Strike Feats Plus rolling one crit can make all of your Dead Shot dice crit. Which combines greatly with the Bracers of Falcon Aim and the Crit multiplier increase from Bolt Ace. Only downside i can see is the Full Attack action, which shouldn't be too much trouble.

Another note is that the Deadshot feature from Crossbow fighter won't stack with Crossbow Mastery (Unless there's something i missed).

Huge fan of the Double Crossbow, I'd suggest some Named Bullet Shenanigans with Dead Shot.

Apparently there is a $5 player version, but yeah having to pay to play a campaign isn't super attractive.

Though honestly I'm really not a fan of how much these guys charge for their systems.

Add the fact that you have to subscribe on top of the $50 in order for people to connect to you.... yeah no.

Took me forever to find but. -amazing-tools-of-manufacture

Allows you to do 2,000gp worth of crafting in one hour once per day. Really helps on the mundane stuff, but might have trouble finding the exact one you need since it's randomly determined when created.

Sent ya an email. Fan of actually playing Kingmaker for once instead of DMing the first session for 4 different groups of friends lol.

Please cancel my Player Companion subscription.

"Reagents" are materials for Spontaneous Alchemy that can also be used as "Power Components" for casting. You're limited to 1 "Reagent" as a "Power Component" per spell casting.

There is no written limit on non-reagent power components as far as I could tell.

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CommandoDude wrote:

Nowhere does it say Sneak Attack requires an attack roll, so people insisting it does need to cite something if they want me to buy that.

Now, can Precision Damage be applied to an AoE spell? That is a separate question. RAW is a little murky since it doesn't say outright, but the language "must be able to pick out a weakspot to attack" seems to mean RAI the answer is No. ster

The level 10 Arcane Trickster feature Surprise Spells allows you to deal sneak attack damage with ANY spell that deals damage. With the associated FAQ specifically calling out Fireball and Magic Missle. AoE and Single Target spells that don't make attack rolls.

Since there are specific call-outs to Melee and Ranged touch attack spells adding sneak attack damage and a precedent for AoE and Single Target non-attack roll spells requiring Surprise Spells to deal sneak attack damage that only Spells that make attack rolls qualify for sneak attack damage.

The problem is that you don't have two of them with Sohei 1 and Weapon Master 3. You only have 1 of them. you have Weapon Training from the Fighter Class which does not grant flurry of blows.

While Sohei 6 grants Weapon Training as the Fighter Class Feature and additionally allows you to perform Flurry of Blows with any weapon you have the Weapon Training feature.

Floor and Ground are the same word. In some languages quite literally. Though Floor is most often used when describing the bottom of a structure.

The idea behind Ground Breaker is that you're putting enough force into the floor below you that it destabilizes the area around you.

Maybe for dirt floors it causes random piles of dirt to form and leaves small divots in the ground that make it hard to walk over.

For Mud it most likely displaces a large amount of mud making it more difficult to get through properly.

"Reagents do not stack with either themselves or one another"

Looks like that's a nope on using multiple reagents.

As for the other question it doesn't say you can't use multiple power components just that you can't use a single item as multiple Foci/Material.

They aren't made. They're collected.

Purifying something isn't some kind of special expensive magical process it's just removing foreign elements from a material.

For example. Purifying Silver would just require someone to melt the silver down and separate the slag from the silver. Just like when making anything else out of metal.

It could be boiling a liquid to evaporate weaker elements.

It could be bathing a sprig of Myrrh in alkali bath to remove foreign elements.

Point is that you're looking a little too much into it. The cost for the materials to process raw reagents and the time needed to do so is negligible. If you want a discount of the reagents go and collect them manually and they're free.

Well, All but a couple of the SLAs are really things you'd only use occasionally. Commune is really not all that bad since it's actually pretty vague in it's answers, can be a tad misleading and is actually pretty coven...y?

Control Weather is pretty iffy. Only because you can get it really early on. After a bit it loses it's charm.

Forcecage is really the only one that i find issue with. It's extremely effective since you can get it so early and generally I think you should be required to have the highest CL hag be at appropriate CL to use the appropriate SLAs period. Despite what ones they are.

But back on topic. I honestly don't think i could recommend anything aside from some divination spells like the ones above, Locate Creature, Scrying, Locate Object. Maybe some Illusion spells like Hallucinatory Terrain, Shadow Conjuration/Evocation.

It's actually really hard to balance it if you're allowed to use any of the SLAs with any level coven. The spells basically need to be things that you'd normally only use occasionally to prevent from becoming a major pain to the DM. That or spells that are actually worse off by requiring 3 people to spend a full round action to cast one.

How exactly do these SLAs break the AP?

None of the spells are particularly strong, especially not in combat since it requires them to all be within 10 feet of each other and all have to spend a full-round action just to cast 1 SLA.

Maybe i'm missing something though.

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Bloodspecter wrote:
How do you take the "primary" into account? you seem to just ignore it

A "Primary" natural attack is just a natural attack made at full BAB with 1x strength. 1.5x strength if it's your only natural attack.

"Secondary" natural attacks are made at full BAB -5 and only add .5 strength to damage.

If you only have 1 natural attack then it becomes "Primary" even if it says it's a "Secondary" natural attack and adds 1.5x strength to damage.

If you combine a natural attack with an attack from a weapon then the natural attack becomes a "Secondary" natural attack. No matter what it's description says it is.

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No, Normally when climbing something you move at 1/4th speed, but you can move at 1/2 speed by taking a -5 penalty to the climb check. You also normally can move 5 feet by crawling while prone.

Monkey Moves just lets you climb at 1/2 speed without penalty and crawl at 1/2 speed instead of just 5 feet while prone.

Khrysaor wrote:
jwtelesio wrote:
Khrysaor wrote:

Can alchemists and bards get familiars? I like the added action economy it comes with for a rogue. I'm fearful of using them as flank buddies, but they can be good wand wielders and assistants.
Alchemists can get the Tumor Familiar Discovery which grants a Familiar.

Is the tumor like a real familiar that can give you added action economy?

I do know the Eldritch heritage for arcana can get you one regardless of class which makes it easy for bards especially humans with that bonus skill focus set.

It's 100% just like a normal familiar. With the added benefit of being able to absorb it and store it inside you for safe keeping. Also giving it fast healing 5.

Khrysaor wrote:

Can alchemists and bards get familiars? I like the added action economy it comes with for a rogue. I'm fearful of using them as flank buddies, but they can be good wand wielders and assistants.

Alchemists can get the Tumor Familiar Discovery which grants a Familiar.

As far as i have checked the only ways to occupy the same square as someone are.

Monkey Shine Stunning Fist. Tiny or smaller size. Swarm/Troop Subtype. Whirlwind. Maybe Gaseous Form.

Problem is that Swarm, Whirlwind, and Gaseous Form prevent you from making Opportunity Attacks.

So Monkey Shine, Tiny size, and Troop are the only way to get it and good luck getting Troop somehow.

Monkey Shine Stunning Fist being limited to once per round and Tiny and smaller size having 0 reach and being limited to Small and smaller enemies brings up some problems.

A new Poison from the Alchemy Manual "Liquid Persuasion" adds 1 step to Diplomacy and Intimidate checks to improve attitude. So with that and either or those other options you could get a 4 step improvement.

Missed that again.

That only let's you use it against small or smaller sized creatures though and you now have no reach. So if you did bull rush the creature you'd have to move them and not follow them in order to get the op attack, which you couldn't perform because you have no reach and they're not in the same square anymore.

Didnt notice the detail that says it provokes regardless of movement type.

Being able to occupy the same square as the opponent is still part of Monkey Shine's effect. You can't normally occupy the same square as something else. You'd have to gain the Swarm subtype in order to do that, but you'd lose your ability to perform op attacks.

The rules for size and overrun only apply for moving through squares occupied by other creatures; Not occupying the same square.

You'd also have to be no more than 1 size smaller than them to attempt a bull rush maneuver.

You're able to enter your opponent's square as part of Monkey Shine's effect so you don't need to worry about that.

The real problem is that Bull Rush (Even Greater Bull Rush) doesn't provoke OP attacks from you. So you could Monkey Shine with a Shield Bash and enter his square, then bull rush him the appropriate distance, but you wouldn't be able to get a followup Monkey Shine Shield Slam.

You're also limited to 1 Stunning Fist attempt a round. So even if you could manage to meet the appropriate conditions you wouldn't be able to do it.

CathalFM wrote:
jwtelesio wrote:

You also need to spend 2 standard actions to use it. 1 to conjure it and the other to throw it.
Eh, is this the case? I thought the throwing of it was part of the standard action to cast. I mayyyy have been doing this spell wrong, ah well at leasts my character is just starting out.

Most likely It's not the case. Was confused by the wording since it doesn't explicitly state that you fire the snowball as part of the spell like how acid splash does.

Either way it's still not that great of a spell damage wise once you get level 2 spells and at level 1/2 you have things like Color Spray and Sleep which kind of stomp the 1d6/2d6 single target damage.

I really don't see how it's that overpowered.

By the time you get enough spell levels to amp up the damage and DC to not be completely useless for mid-level encounters it's already overshadowed by much more powerful spells.

As for early levels it only seems like it's overpowered. It's slightly more damage than other 1st level spells but it's also single target. You also need to spend 2 standard actions to use it. 1 to conjure it and the other to throw it. You then need to hit with it and i have no idea what the actual weapon's range increments are so you have a chance at missing. Then you have to hope they can't beat a level 1 spell's DC.

If we're talking best case scenario then Burning Hands can do 20 damage to 9 people at level 5 and they can only save for half damage.

If you want something comparable then Frigid Touch as a level 2 spell does 4d6 dmg and also staggers for 1 round. If it's a crit then it's a 1 min stagger. It's a touch spell and doesn't have a saving throw.

The Madu is already equivalent to a light spiked shield. Just that if you're proficient with it you get access to all it's features and it's performance quality.

You get it's bonuses by using it as either a weapon or a shield since it's listed as both a weapon and a shield and both entries include the bonuses.

You'd use the one listed under the specific insanity they contracted since the insanity is a separate effect from the spell that cast it.

Though the insanity is now also a curse and it could be dispelled by remove curse using the spells DC.

Effects related to number of HD use either the Master's character level or the Familiar's HD whichever is higher.

Also it's important to remember that for PFS you have to get an NPC to make the Homunculus. Effectively doubling the cost of the extra HD and abilities. So it'd cost you 1000 gold for a level 1 spell like ability once per day and 4000 gold per Homunculus HD.

You have to use 10 of the same potion to give it the SLA.

Correct. while underground you don't leave a trail and cannot be tracked.

I recommend the Sleeves of Many Garments. for 200g you can get any non-magical outfit you want whenever you want it. Like the Swarmsuit that gives DR10/- against swarms of Fine creatures and DR5/- against swarms of Diminutive creatures. You can also magically take it off removing the half speed penalty whenever you want.

No, You leave no trail while underground and cannot be tracked. As per Pass without Trace, Scent trails are trails and you leave none.

Blood of Dragons adds your Dragon Disciple levels to your Sorcerer levels for determining your bloodline powers.

So a level 5 Sorcerer/level 5 Dragon Disciple would have 3 Bloodline Powers just like a level 10 Sorcerer.

You would also gain Bloodline Spells as appropriate.

For Bloodline Feats. At Dragon Disciple 2,5, and 8 you would gain your choice of Bloodline Bonus Feats. This has nothing to do with your Sorcerer levels.

"if an archetype replaces a class feature that is part of a series of improvements or additions to a base ability (such as a fighter's weapon training or a ranger's favored enemy), the next time the character would gain that ability, it counts as the lower-level ability that was replaced by the archetype."

From the Archetype SRD.

So yeah, It would become +4.

You can either learn a spell by purchasing the level 1 scroll for 25g and spending 10g to scribe it for a total of 35g.

Pay another wizard to let you copy the spell for usually half the cost of inscribing it. Costing you 15g.

Or you could do the insanely expensive way of paying 1000g and learning it that way.

You only suffer the initial effect of the poison once at the initial save. Every round after that you suffer the secondary effects.

The 1 Con damage would take effect the moment you were successfully poisoned. Every round after that would be a save against the secondary effect.

You retain the nauseated condition until it wears off or you remove it with magic. Every save you fail simply resets the duration of being nauseated.

Heading to bed so this is the end for me.

Unfortunately again Claw states it can only be applied to Legs once. As many times as you have arms though.

The centipede would also do only 1d2 damage with that claw attack so it's not terribly worth it.

Unfortunately, Since Evolved Familiar still requires you to conform to the limitations of the evolution you couldn't get Slam since it requires a pair of specifically Arms.

Considering a 20 BAB homunculus in PFS would cost you aroud 74k gold? I don't think you'd be able to afford it.

The half price rule is just for upgrading your Arcane Bonded item. You upgrade it at cost instead of price.

Also as a familiar despite the fact that they keep their BAB they use your BAB for their attacks. Yeah, i know.

They also get half your health and their AC is going to be pretty blech.
You also have to find ways to repair their health since they don't heal naturally or from spells.

One of the big things is that while you may be able to boost yourself up defensively, Your familiar isnt going to be outputting alot of damage. especially with small and tiny sizes.

Well, like you said swarms are immune to spells that target specific numbers of creatures (Try picking out a single bee in a swarm and attempting to touch it), but even if you could there are a few problems.

1. Swarms must occupy the same square as their target so at best you'd deal the 1 splash damage to the swarm.

2. The "Swarm" attack deals untyped damage and wouldn't proc Blood Blaze.

3. It already calculates multiple members of a swarm being damaged in the swarm type where they take 50% more damage from area effects. So it wouldn't proc multiple times.

4. Blood Blaze specifically states that a creature can only create one Blood Spray per round. So no massive blood explosions.

Yes, a swarm is considered a single creature.

Your natural attack only becomes a primary with 1.5x str/dex if it's the only natural attack period. Not the only natural attack form. or else all those creatures with only claws, slams, or wings would be significantly more dangerous.

So if you did get a phooka through whatever means you possess all of it's tentacles would be secondary attacks.

So at level 7 with Witch 1, Rogue 2, Fighter 4. Your familiar could have at best 3 tentacle attacks at a +4 to attack each that deal a whole 1d3+1 damage. Not very threatening at level 7. even if it crit with all it's attacks.

As for the homonculous? Yes it would gain feats as appropriate for it'd HD. Though you'd have to be it's creator and it's a bit of an investment to get one and i don't know about making it huge.

Edit: Forgot about crafting rules in PFS. You'd have to pay an npc to craft it for you in order to get one with more HD and it's at 4k gold per HD. That's a whole lot of money for something that'd be hard to fix and deal very poor damage.

Maximize Spell only maximizes the Spell's Variable, Numerical effects.

For Vampiric Touch the Sneak Attack damage is maximized because you're making an attack with the spell and the Sneak Attack is part of it.

For Magic Stone the Sneak Attack damage is NOT maximized because the Sneak Attack is not made with the spell it's made with the stones created from the spell that are used separately.

There is no DC to Constrict because it is activated on a successful grapple check. Ability Focus (Constrict) can be ignored.

As someone who previously DMed a Kingmaker campaign and went waaaay too into creating a system and UI for the players to use to control the kingdom I'm extremely interested in being a PC in your game. (Unfortunately I ended up losing everything when massive driver corruption forced me to wipe my HDD)

My schedule is currently extremely open (Much to my dismay) so just about any time on any day is good for me.

Looking forward to getting into contact with you some time tomorrow.

Yup, ducts_id=3184

Already bought the pdf and been reading it over. played shadowrun once before so the new priority system confused me lol, but been trying to find a game.

Might run my own, but i dont know about pbp.

I've got a couple ideas prepared. But im turbl at making decisions. Leaning towards an alchemist or a summoner, mostly the summoner cause i've been writing him up for awhile. Though i'd like to see if the other 3 people have chosen anything yet before i work too much on them.

Sounds pretty interesting. Forgotten Realms Kingmaker would make it alot easier for me to remember names lol.

Aside from what the ability score system is and any limitations i've got no questions and am totally up for this.

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