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Rich Diver

jwood314's page

Goblin Squad Member. 122 posts. 6 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist.

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I wanted to thank the entire team at FGG and this seemed a pretty good place to do it. I am currently deployed to Afghanistan and have been trying for weeks to download the concluded KS Northlands Saga Complete PDF. I couldn't do it, for whatever reason, time out, or corrupted file, it was no go. So I shot an email to FGG, explaining my situation, and Chris, and the entire team at FGG, sent me a package with the PDF in it. I can't share with you how AWESOME this was. I can't wait to read me some FGG goodness, and this will keep me occupied for a long time, 600+ pages is a lot of reading!!!!

My deepest thanks to the entire FGG family for brightening up my holidays!


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Kickstarters. The main thing is that KS is not a store. I have always looked at it as a gift for someone, to hopefully get me something in the future, that approximates what they originally promised. So far, batting 85% or so on getting that stuff. I have backed every FGG KS and Tsar and have never been disappointed, actually, blown away is a better description.

Also, when a KS is a few weeks late, who cares. In 5 years time, are you going to remember and be angry that it was two weeks late, or that the authors delivered an amazing product, and an amazing experience for you and your dead players, err, depends on the product.

FGG makes wonderful products and I try to support at the highest level I can. I have ZERO doubts that we will get all of what we paid for in the KS and all of the add on the subscriptions.

Patience, Orcus wasn't built in a day.


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Hopefully we will get to the hardcover, glad to support.

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I purchased base ball card sheets, that have 9 pockets per sheet. They hold the pawns from the beginner box perfectly, are cheap, and will let me alphabetize them all.


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I don't have any pictures, but I use minis, pawns from the beginner's box and Pathfinder Paper minis, from different artists to represent everything. They all work well together, at least in my opinion.


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3pp stuff I have purchased

0one Games – Urban adventures, I have flipped through it but not really digested or used

4 Winds Fantasy – Luven Lightfinger’s Gear & Treasure – great resource, working on integrating it into my current Kingmaker campaign I am running

44 Productions – Names for RPG Settings – Free and I use it all of the time!

Dreamscarred Press – Psionics, I have a player running a Wilder, which is really cool, although Mind Thrust seems a little OP, don’t know if this was nerfed a bit or not, d8 instead of a d10

Frog God Games –Slumbering Tsar, I want to run this, and Tome of Horrors complete – an awesome resource. I have also just purchased the Tome of Adventure Design – have not been able to digest it though, and looking at some of their other products. I have loved everything I have purchased from them.

Goodman Games – DM Campaign Tracker – I used this as a basis to build my own

Jon Brazer Enterprises – I have purchased all of the Kingdom building supplements, a little sad that I ended up buying it twice, but I did get to support a good 3pp with twice the $s.

Open Design – Tales of the Old Margreve, I own and have not read, so no real comment on this.

Raging Swan – many of their PDFS, I really like their Villains I and II. I have been setting up future conflicts in my current campaign with these fleshed out NPCs. Plus I have read through their other ‘stuff’ and will try working to incorporate their modules as one offs in the middle of the Kingmaker campaign.

Rite Publishing – I own a ton of their stuff, all of the 101 spells, boons, grudges, coliseum morpeuon, some evocative city sites, all of their fantastic maps. I use the maps as cool site locations for some of the larger encounters in Kingmaker, easy to translate over, I love all of the spells, some of my NPCs will use them, and have offered them up to the players, the boons and grudges was a cool idea that will come in handy as the PCs level up and will interact more on a scale that facilitates these types of interactions, and I plan on using the clock tower as a one off in the campaign and put the rogue’s gallery tavern into their capital city of their Kingdom.

Super Genius Game – I bought the Time thief and was looking forward to using it as a player, but it didn’t pan out that way, so waiting to be used. Plus nice artwork in the product.

Spes Magna Games – Making craft work, I need to digest these and see if they will work well in the Kingmaker setting.

I also own other assundry products from various 3pp, but not enough or like enough to mention here.

So to boil it down my top three are:

Frog God Games – I will pretty much buy everything they put out, and I am working on collecting all of the back stuff I don’t already own.

Rite Publishing – I own a lot of their products and have been very happy with what I have purchased

Raging Swan - Great products and eagerly await more

And 4th place would be Dreamscarred Press with their Psionic stuff


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