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juggermunk's page

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As silly as it sounds you forgot the damage reduction. But otherwise I really like it, and I would give it a 30 possibly.

I have been running into many of the same problems everyone else is talking about. I have ran several higher level campaigns. At one point I sent 3 great wyrms vs a team of 5 twentieth level pcs and it was game over for the dragons. Currently I ran an encounter against a CR 17 creature and the pcs were 14th and they won. But the players have always had fun with it.

Wildebob wrote:
16. You are shocked to learn that your idyllic valley home is actually a demiplane created by a magnificent gold dragon in order to rescue a handful of survivors from the apocalypse. The dragon now believes the devastation is over and needs a few scouts to return to the world to find out what's left.

I like this one a lot.


Type: Humanoid(giant) 0rp

Size; large 7 rp

Speed; normal 0 rp

Abilities; human heritage 0 rp

Language; standard array 1 rp

Racial abilities
Natural armor 2 rp

Skill bonus intimidate 2 rp

Dark vision 2 rp
Total 14

Azure_Zero wrote:

Size Mod(? not really sure)

"You possess a truly impressive stature for a medium creature."

Jotun (4 RP):
Prerequisites: Medium size;
You gain a +2 on ALL CMB, and CMD checks, you carring capacity is 2.0x greater than for a medium creature, your land speed is 35ft.
You gain a +1 to intimidate checks, but take a -1 to stealth checks and a -3 on disguise checks.

If you wish to determine you character's height and weight randomly, your base height is 6'4"(male) or 6'0"(female) and your base weight is 210lb (male), or 170lb (female). Another method is that you determine the character randomly as if they were a humanoid race and then take the height result and times it by 1.25 and take the weight result and times it by 2.

I was thinking about a powerful build ability like the one the Goliaths recived in the races of stone book. I think it would look similar to this.

I agree, I would love to see some epic level content for PF.

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