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john wood's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 80 posts (88 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 6 Pathfinder Society characters. 2 aliases.


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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

My group defeated Nebta and the paladin is now wearing the Mask. Treasure seems to be a little light for this installment so we will be taking the next game night to allow them to wrap up any loose ends, explore areas they have not, kill off any remaining undead.

Some thoughts so far:
-Revisit Shardizhad in her lair, trade out some of their jewels for more expensive magic items.
-Undead versions of the unfortunate adventuring parties who did not fair so well in the Necropolis exploration from the Half Dead City, having been raised by the ka pulse.
-Old Eye Taker (since he has the deathless quality meaning after they defeated him he rose again.
-The party has come to both loathe and fear festrogs, so I was thinking of an advanced unique festrog leading a pack of advanced festrogs.
-Forgotten Pharaoh cultists doing their best to recover the mask, perhaps a well equipped cell.

Does anyone have any suggestions other than just dolling out the appropriate treasure for their level?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Okay, here's a questions that has been bugging me. Nebta has been busy in the Sanctuary of the Goddess's Hand, which was originally "protected by a powerful hallow effect that prevented [Shepses] corpse from animating and Nebta has spent most of his time unweaving the holy magic that protected the priest's body, destroying the hallow effect."

I remembered a thread I read a while back that talked about the whole removal of hallowed vs unhallowed:

My question (Crystal Frasier or Rob McCreary) is how did Nebta manage such an act?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Grey Alchemist wrote:

What is the dimensions of the battlefield in the fight with Ajin Ra Baqa and his "dogs" in Event 4?

Knowing that Ajin's favorite tactic is to fight from the Wing, the dimensions of this battle should be supportive of his tactics.

I was thinking 50 x 50 x 30 high, as a congregation space within the Grand Mausoleum. But I wanted to see if I was missing something in the module.

When I ran this I had it take place on the steps of the Grand Mausoleum, I couldn't see this taking place inside.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I am preparing for the Chariot Race and reading up on "vehicles" in the Ultimate Combat Guide pages 170-180. It states the following:
Driving Check: When a driver takes a driving action, she must make a driving check to determine the maneuverability and speed of the vehicle that round. The vehicle's propulsion determines what skill is used for the driving check. A driver can always make a Wisdom check in place of a driving check. The base DCs for all driving checks are DC 5 and DC 20. Use the lower DC when the driver is not in combat and the higher DC when the driver is in combat.
My question in regards to this race; can any character use a wisdom check in place of any of the other represented checks for these race cards? Or are the variant Chase Rules from GameMastery Guide somehow altering the drive check?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I put together a soundtrack for the half-way point, inspired by @Darthgaul original Grooveshark play list. This is comprised of Senmuth, Arcana, Hossam Ramzy and Philip Glass. Still has a desert feel, some Egyptian influence and some epic movie soundtrack feel to it.!/playlist/Mummy+s+Mask+2/102505755

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Phineas where is your group in the AP? They have been to Tephu already?! That's pretty incredible.

I would use some NPC's like Sebti the Crocodile (or one of the other significant NPC's) to fill them in on some background info about the Plague of Madness. It truly holds no bearing on the final outcome of the AP.

The undead rising quickly becomes obvious that there is a source of great power emanating from the Necropolis, as the Church of Pharasma becomes involved. Your party should become so occupied with dealing with the uprising that they will have little time for anything else. Once they meet with Sebti, Pteminib and Nakht Shepses it will become clear what they must do.

Finally, I would ask if the players characters would actually think that way. If they are native Osirions then what is the line of thought that the character has. If they are not native then there is little chance they would go down that path. You have every right to question their actions and motivation.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

As Talos the Talon mentioned, knowledge skills play a incredibly significant role in this campaign.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

We are on the verge of Part 3 of Empty Graves and my players have said this is the best adventure they have played in for some years. They are committed to the story line and their characters. They love the mystery of the story line, the diverse NPC's and the unique feel that the writers have created.

It has been challenging for them, a very close TPK when they were at Windward Wends Oil Company and faced The Fading members, Bheg and the parties paladin was on the roof fighting Velriana in her revenant form. Needless to say a 5th level paladin has a hard time solo against a CR6 creature, especially when the dice are in the favor of the GM. Four other NPCs, no melee characters and things went bad quickly. I used Quasin who had established a relationship with the paladin early on to heal him and it balanced the scales.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I think your gut instinct is a good one. Velriana and her cohorts are going to suspect that the PC's might have been one step ahead of her. In my experience it is important that your players search the lower levels of the temple and perhaps have The Scorched Hand ambush them there, after the PC's have gotten past the guardian. Remember that Velriana is still controlling the Akhat unless the party finds the keystone.

Either way your party should have the chance to exact revenge on Velriana, her death is a fun component to an encounter in the next installment. In my campaign it even went so far as the temple of Nethys (a major religious influence in Osirion) considering the PC's to be criminals for invading the Temple and killing faithful servants of Nethys.

Good luck, and remember to have fun with it!

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
PhineasGage wrote:

I found the multiple encounters listed sequentially (by necessity) but playing out in a non-sequential manner to be a bit confusing.

Add to this the red herrings, and I began to lose track of what the paths the PCs could take.

To make things a bit easier for myself, I created a visual map of the encounters. It's not super accurate and not always clear, but I know it's helping me understand connections between sites and encounters at a glance, rather than flipping around through the book, or scrolling through the pdf.

I've published the google docs Wati First Events, and Wati Second Events, in case others would like to use them or are interested in making something similar (since deciphering my own map could be tough if you didn't build it).

For me, it allows the PCs to have a non-linear approach to the problem, while allowing me to have a connected sequence of events quickly at hand!

Great charts Phin, thank-you for sharing!

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Cintra Bristol wrote:
john wood wrote:
Is it possible for the PC's to narrow down the location of Nefra with two operating elegiac compasses? I am looking at the map of the Necropolis and it would seem that the small area two of the compasses would easily bisect right over the Temple.
Yes, I think this would work. However, if I remember correctly, there is only one elegiac compass that is possibly repairable, so the PCs will need to locate and obtain that one, and then fix it, to be able to do this.

You are right Cintra, my objective was to allow the party to follow their own path in the Necropolis. In the notes that lead up to Part 2 it is suggested "Don't be afraid to go off the beaten track, changing [things] to alternative strategies. Perhaps the PC's decide to repair enough elegiac compasses to triangulate the location, in which case the parts they need may be in the hands of the dark slayer, concealed in the Pyramid of Arithmetic Bliss or possessed by the undead revenant. Or they make a deal with the ghouls of Acrid Street, (etc.)"

Knowing my group I was prepared for them to go after all options in regards to the compasses, and they did. They have repaired one and are about to set out tonight on repairing the one at The Shiny Bauble. Once they get that up I am assuming it will be a b-line to the Sepulcher.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Is it possible for the PC's to narrow down the location of Nefra with two operating elegiac compasses? I am looking at the map of the Necropolis and it would seem that the small area two of the compasses would easily bisect right over the Temple.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Reviewing the options for "Continuing Campaign" and looking at Ulunat Stirsi outlined on pages 64 & 65. Under special attacks it lists disease but no indication in the stat block or description as to what that is. Any input availabile?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Just an update, I added the Ahkhat in the hall leading to the chamber and Mad Dog Marnn to the Scorched Hand as a cavalier 2/ranger 2 on his dog. Having pushed straight through the Sanctum the PC's were somewhat wearied and used half their resources. It was a tense combat but much more thrilling than the Scorched Hand as they are written.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I am wondering if anyone has used a higher level Scorched Hand party? At the current levels four of these NPC's will go down in under four rounds against my current PC party of six. If so would you be willing to share and if you ran a higher level how did it go?

As a side note I get that The Scorched Hand isn't supposed to be a big challenge, and it could be a great opportunity for the party to feel heroic. Knowing my group they will be disappointed with the current stats and the subsequent fight. Thanks!

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Rob McCreaCrystalOTE="Crystal Frasier wrote:
john wood wrote:
I am looking for information on the raging shade on page 17. I understand that it is an advanced shadow, but not sure what raging has to do with it unless its just colorful descriptive text. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
"Raging" is just a descriptive term; it's not a special class of monster.
What Crystal said: "Raging Shade" is more exciting than just saying "Advanced Shadow," even if that's all it is.

Thank-you so much Crystal and Rob, I often feel silly asking questions about things like this. Your quick responses are greatly appreciated, please don't ever think your work isn't significant to our community.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I am looking for information on the raging shade on page 17. I understand that it is an advanced shadow, but not sure what raging has to do with it unless its just colorful descriptive text. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Jim Groves wrote:
Tangent101 wrote:
Small question: would pulling the gold leaf off of the tombs be considered desecration by the Church of Pharasma? Because I notice the module includes information on how much gold could be removed by doing this... but I'm not sure if that was considered desecrating the resting places.
That's a good question. I will give you my opinion, even though I wrote it and I deliberately made it vague. I don't think there is a correct answer, other than how the GM feels about. If confronted with it: I think the Church would cringe, make a face, and consider it a minor violation. I don't the Goddess herself would mete out any punishment or withhold spells over it—that doesn't mean she won't frown at the thought while sitting on her throne. I don't think the Ruby Prince would care at all.

How refreshing Jim Groves, to hear the response "I don't think there is a correct answer, other than how the GM feels about." One of the things lost in our more current/modern format of roleplaying is that there seems to be a rule for everything, and hence the arguments ensue.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I would have to say it's a tie so far between the encounter with Darl's party in LoLR and the first fight with Brazzamel in KoTR. I greatly buffed and optimized the red dragon.

I ran the encounter with Darl as suggested, at a moment when you're party might be at it's weakest. Not only had they spent much of their spells but the group seperated in the Den of Harrowdroth, and in wind walked Darl and his (in my opinion) coolest NPC party ever! Things turned ugly very quickly, without my using The Hand of Vecna to his utmost potential. Darl took all of the items for the required quest, plus pretty much all of the parties best gear, and left them alive. They had a whole new respect for Darl that lasts even now into 21st level when he still plays a major role.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
armnaxis wrote:
We'll see how that goes *evilgrin*

Well, how did it go? Must tell!

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Well, Lich Loved it sounds like you handled the situation brilliantly. I have a group of rather savvy players, who are crafty about spell usage and creative about resources. I have not encountered the issues you have encountered with the use of etherealness or wind walk.

Which brings me to my point, as good as the writers are at Paizo they cannot prepare for every method players might use, even if it is basic core spells. Have I met with some similar circumstances in running AoW? Absolutely! Have the players tried "signature tactics"? Yes, but only for so long before the situation, environment, or bad guys adapt and create new obstacles (as you have so deftly done) to those tactics forcing them to change their approach.

Did Necrozyte survive? I hope so, such a cool dragon! If so then he can pass on information as to the groups tactics, perhaps even taunt the party about the fact that he "knows" their tactics. Suddenly dargons are casting wind gust or other spells that foil those well laid plans.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Turin the Mad wrote:

The Spell Compendium provides a great many nasty, nasty spells that Kyuss can make use of. One of these is Greater Consumptive Field. I would have Lashonna fire off a rod-extended time stop of her own, summoning vast hordes of low-hp mook times that are to remain at the upper edge of Kyuss' greater consumptive field. Get, say, 30 or so mooks flapping around in the air above Kyuss' noggin. Lashonna can also arrange - combined with gating in the much tougher critters that you have mentioned - to 'transport in' support critters such as various higher-end fiends, the cleric worm critters and so on.

Once Kyuss is able to act, have him zap the 30 'back ground' squid bats that are 'decorative' and not in the characters way with a quickened mass inflict of sufficient damage output as to insta-kill the lot. Slurp 30 critters' worth of bonuses from the greater consumptive field, THEN proceed to stomp on the characters. As other mini-onions buy the farm, Kyuss gets MORE bonuses. Anything that the characters slaughter while Kyuss benefits from that field is to Kyuss' benefit. If possible, have that field widened via another rod in a pocket. Combined with an anti-life shell he can pick and choose his melee targets, once he runs out of mass harms, implosions and the like to soften them up with. He and any allies should work to obliterate the support critters that the characters have - especially...

See, that's "optimizing" Kyuss! Being a rooky high level spell caster this seems a lot to keep track of, but highly effective. That could get ugly really fast. I will dig deeper into your suggestion and see what I can do with it, thank-you!

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Rathendar wrote:
My only input (because groups vary extremely with 'typical' damage output, tactics and style) is that the astral/plane shift stuff should not be used because if i recall the whole purpose of Tensor/Manzorian etc etc operating in the background was to have all planar shifting and related effects not work for Kyuss and those who worship him which is what gives the PC's the chance to kill him in the first place. So astral contingency should be right out. I know the blessed angels can still teleport/etc because they don't worship Kyuss himself, but they were listed as a specific exception.

Thanks Rathendar for your input, I thought of that too. However in the module it leads me to believe that Manzorians dimensional lock only last one week, and "Once Kyuss emerges as a god, the effects of this spell quickly become meaningless. Certainly it'll help keep his other minions form calling upon aid or escaping."

I am going to play it that once Kyuss emerges that spell is null and void.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
armnaxis wrote:

Spell Immunity only works against spells that are SR=yes; so Spell Immunity: Greater Dispel Magic is out. Kyuss biggest fear should be Mordenkainen's Disjunction, anyways. That, and pesky adventurer's gear is seriously f*ed by antimagic field, centered on self. Remember, "artifacts and deities are unaffected by mortal magic such as this", so he still could use his divine blast, his artifacts, possibly his spells, and under very liberal interpretation even his buffs.

Also, he should be able to use miracle to good effect; for instance heal himself and allies from all afflictions or such. Or infest all in Alhaster at once, so that the PCs have only 2d4 rounds to prevent total desaster when the worms reach all brains...

If you want to keep his class level, hit dice, divine rank and such, but change spell selection, you are "optimizing" him instead of "adding things". In that case, you might want to look at feats, too. He qualifies for some very nice epic feats, such as spell stowaway (time stop) and/or Multispell. Epic Spellcasting is also nice, if you want to develop your own unique signature spell for him.

Good luck and have fun! Oh, and please post your vict... err, findings.

Doh! Thanks, everyone, for clarifying the Spell Immunity for me. We've been using it wrong.

I had contemplated the anti-magic field, and will keep that suggestion in mind. I REALLY like that evil idea of using Miracle to infest all of the brains in Alhaster!

I am committed to sticking with Kyuss being stripped due to the events the party put so much energy into. Besides, if he can tan their hides without his Divine "extras" then that makes him even more fierce-some.

Yes, optimizing him is my goal. Thanks for clarifying that. I am not a player/DM who uses spell casters very often or even very effectively. So this is a big learning curve. The more I delve into the use of things outside of the 3.5 PHB the more my head spins. So, I have tried to K.I.S.S. Keep It Silly Simple.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
armnaxis wrote:

I like gating in the wormdrakes. Good, flavorful beasts. The dream larva (epic monster from SRD) might suit your taste as well.

Do not forget to buff death ward! You don't want to fail on a nat 1 to destruction or slay living, and enervation might give you headaches otherwise.


As of right now the party believes Kyuss to be undead, I can say with confidence that they haven't prepared any negative energy spells. Is there any other reason you feel I should prepare for this alternative?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Lathiira wrote:
Kyuss looks like he's going to spend the whole fight on defense. There's some magic for support of his minions in there, but when is he going to actually kill the PCs? Nine rounds gives your party a lot of time to do in his minions and then turn around and focus on him if they have to. Sure, his defenses will be great, but when the PCs have a sphere of annihilation, even prismatic sphere isn't going to be enough to save you.

Thanks for your input. The nine rounds I have outlined are under Time Stop. The PCs won't be able to act for those nine rounds and Kyuss can't cast offensive spells in those nine rounds per the spell description. He will certainly go on the offensive once this opening salvo is done.

I am counting on that a Disjunctioned mage won't be focusing on the Sphere as much as his "Oh Sh*t!" response once all of his spells have been stripped. (And the rest of the party is losing their buffs.)

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
wraithstrike wrote:

I am assuming they have the talisman of the sphere. If someone were to use Telekensis to remove the talisman and bring it over to Team Evil's side, things might get interesting, but if the holder of it has really high will saves then I would not worry about it that idea. I would however procure a rod of cancellation to get rid of the sphere itself.

If the party has 7 players and its only Kyuss and Lashonna then economy of actions still puts them in a lot of trouble. I would have some lesser bad guys there to even things out. They should not be BBEG level, but they should be enough of a threat that the party can't just ignore them. That stops the party from focusing fire on Lashonna or Kyuss because that is what I would do if I were a PC. I know you have Kyuss bringing in other monsters, but that means Lashonna is on her own for the time being. That is a waste of a really good ally.

Yup, they have the Talisman and the Sphere. I am very concerned about how this is going to play into the scene. I plan on having Lashonna working with her Pit Fiend and calling in at least three more Blessed Angels, one of them will be equipped with a rod of cancellation, (someone else on the boards use this idea and I like it.)

I am figuring the use of two Wormdrakes, a pit fiend, and the Blessed Angels will be enough to have the party needing to spread their resources. And if the need arises Darl can take advantage of the situation and turn on the party >:-)

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I am playing in one week; the final showdown with Kyuss! Anyone who can tear down and rebuild my plans that would be great! I have 4 players/4 NPC's all 20+ level, with a sphere of annihilation, and the Hand of Vecna, using the core rule books and the Spell Compendium as books. Is there a better way to prepare Kyuss, RAW?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Wraithstrike, thank-you! The wall of force would have to come from somewhere. And since (I invoke the great name) James Jacobs has said, and I quote; "Kyuss can't cast spells out of the monolith." it would be difficult to reason the WoF in the final encounter. Thanks for saying things looked pretty tight for Kyuss thus far. I look forward to your more coherent response :)

Tip-Sniffer, Mr. Snorting, I agree about the splat books. However my group only uses the core books plus the Spell Compendium. My players are of the utmost quality (though they lack in quantity)and have up to this point played a VERY good game.

I hope you enjoy the arena half as much as we did. Part of me wishes the flavor of the game continued in this vein for the rest of the campaign. Another part of me truly appreciates the diversity the path offers. If you need any help with the arena or the adversaries I have saved everything I have done and found valuable from the boards, let me know I can forward you what I have.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

In case anyone is thinking, "Geez, is he trying to kill his players?" The answer is no. In the past I have thought that using an NPC to it's fullest potential would be somehow dangerous or result in TPK, they always seem to pull out of it. Or worse, they make it look way to easy.

If things start to go awry, and the party begins to crumble I have a back up plan. Prince Zeech sees his opportunity and comes to "save the day". By himself he won't add much to the fight but he could bring along his own "adventuring party" to solidify his position as sovereign ruler. I think this will add to the flavor of the final ecnounter with the Prince of Redhand at the end of the module.

Also, they have Darl there with them. He's not necessarily on thier side, afterall he is still a "BBG" in his own rights. So if the fight swings too far in the parties favor he could take advantage of the opportunity in his own right. Or converesely he could call in his old adventuring party from LoLR, most of them survived, if Kyuss kicks too much mortal a$$.

I just want an Epic fight with Kyuss, not the disappointment I have read about so many times on the boards.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I have read many threads that Kyuss was pretty much whooped. I have read some where the DM has changed or fudged Kyuss to make him better. My goal is to use him as written, change a few of his spells
and make him the worst nightmare any of the players have ever met.

So first things first Kyuss won't have to be alone since the party failed to destroy Lashonna ;) That is key to him surviving more than four rounds. The module as written has him taking two rounds to emerge from the monolith before he can take any actions. With events the party has taken the writers have had him stripped of his level 1 deity status and reduced to a 0 level deity. He would be left with 660 HP Dr 10 Epic (which the party is) His AC would be 38, Spell Resistance of 40 and saves in the 30's. No special immunity's to speak of. He's not undead, (which should take the party by surprise) he is an aberration, and definitely evil.

His spell casting abilities are great! If he can get them off. His attacks were nerfed so his attacks with a +5 vorpal unholy vicious executioner's mace, for a ECL 30, are +26/+21/+16/+11, come on! He's supposed to be a God!

I am going to allow him to have a metamagic rod of maximize.

My plan as it stands now are to have him cast a maximized (rod) Time Stop!
Round 1: Cast Shapechange. He would then Shapechange into a Chronotryn for duel actions.
Round 2: Gate in two Wormdrakes (from the tabernacle of worms (these things are 20HD, have greater dispel as a spell like ability and are pretty tough)). Prismatic Sphere. Quickened Spell Immunity, (30 levels = 7.5; one 8th lvl spell) against Greater Dispel Magic
Round 3: He casts a Contingency that goes off if he is ever unable to act for any reason. This Plane Shifts him to the Astral Plane. Maximized Spell Turning reflects 10 spell lvls back at caster. Quickened Displacement 50% miss chance.
Round 4: Unholy Aura; +4 deflection to AC +4 to resist bonus to saves for all creatures (wormdrakes, lashonna and balor) w/ in 20' radius. Time Stop, (again)
Round 5: Summon Monster I (100 ft down in spire) Fiendish Monstorous Spider, small. Misdirection; misdirect information from divination spells that reveal aruas (party mage's Arcane Sight) sees Kyuss as aforementioned spider.
Round 6: Phase Door on monolith as an escape route. Permanency on Phase Door.
Round 7: Obscure Object on Monolith hides it from party mage's Arcane Sight. Moment of Prescience; +25 on any roll. Quickened Shield
Round 8: Maximized Mirror Image eight images. Iron Body DR 15/adamantine +6 to STR -6 to DEX. Quickened Divine Agility, (Spell Compendium) +10 enhancement bonus to DEX
Round 9: Haste; Wish, self and all allies go top of intitiative order next round. Shapechange back to self, Quickened Harm.

Time Stop over. Kyuss uses Mordenkainen's Disjunction centered on party mage(s). All allies hit the remaining party members with targeted Greater Dispel Magic.

Crunchy, crunchy, crunchy...

The party has about 7 PC/NPC's all level 20 or higher. Very resourceful group. They have the Sphere of Annihilation, Darl Quethos with the Hand of Vecna and a I believe two wishes left to use. They will be coming at Kyuss fresh.


Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Almost two years later, but thank-you Pygon!

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Thanks Jeremy! Yes, Filge survived. The list above is only the NPC's that have survived in my campaign.

Yes, Lashonna is a given. And I had completely forgotten that Celeste makes an appearance in STAP.


Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Okay, I am running Dungeon 134, Wormcrawl Fissure. I want to introduce some of the old bad guys(or good guys if needed) in this module fight with Dragotha and some in the last module fight with Kyuss. Here are a bunch that have survived...

Shag Solomon dungeon 131 p71
Vercinabex Tor Dungeon 133 p80
Necrozyte (fiendish ancient greem dragon) Dungeon 133 p61
Xyzanth (Fang dragon exiled to outer plains for a time by party) dungeon 133 p 65
Krekie (Kenku) dungeon 132 p69
Darl Quethos Dungeon (intrigue & party patron) 132 p81
Mahazar Eiled Flame "
Jalagar and Salabar Sinfire "
Nalhazzarath "
B'Kuruuss (flind captain fo the gaurd Alhaster) Dungeon 131 p58
Hemriss (Prince Xerxes daughter) Dungeon 131p68
Prince Xerxes
Kilraven (Captain of the West Alhaster; ally) Dungeon 131 p69
Professor Montague Marat Dungeon (ally)131 p70
Mizen Mitchwillow Dungeon (intrigue/lover) 131 p71
Mariss Quemp Dungeon (potenital ally)131 p71
Captan Vulras (Captain of Rangers of the North; ally) Dungeon 131 p71
Val Pur Izu (a.k.a. Manzurian) (patron)
Celeste Dungeon (ally) 130 p62
Eligos (ally) Dungeon 28/130 p62
Cymria (Manzorian confidantes; ally) Dungeon 130 p62
Edwin (Brynn's brother' associatte) (not in AoW adventure path)
Kelvos the Wormtouched (corrupted ghaele eladrin) Dungeon 130 p73
Sruggut (worm naga sorcerer SoLS) Dungeon 130 p78
Barhnos Kyuss Knight Dungeon 130 p84
Kahrdic Kyuss KNight Dungeon 130 p84
Markhath Kyuss Knight Dungeon 130 p84
Eviscerator Beetles Dungeon 130 p83
Wormcaller Dungeon 130 p87
Worm Naga Dungeon 130 p88
Flycatcher Dungeon (ally) 129 p48
Raknian Dungeon 128 p37
Ekaym (Sponsor of The Champions Belt; ally) Dungeon 128 p40
Pitch Blade members (2)
Arcane Auriga (Champions Belt team) Dungeon 128 p43-44
Badlands Revenge (Champions Belt team) Dungeon 128 p44
Sapphire Squad (Champions Belt team) Dungeon 128 p45
Hishka (lizardfolk druid from BWK; ally) Dungeon 126 p34

Anyone have any interesting thoughts on how to involve any of these folks in an ongoin story line? Perhaps ways of tyeing up lose ends?

Thanks ahead of time to any who answer!

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I've been doing some more research and though I still haven't found the answer this should help formulate some opinions or encourage some debate.

Since the doors have 90 hp and fast healing 20,and repel vermin does 2d6 damage,(and we need to consider the door a "swarm" it's safe to say at least a 12hd swarm), repel vermin won't do enough damage. I suppose you can also assume that the door is like any other "door", and you can't just walk through it. However, they're magical in nature, recognizing faithful worshippers of Kyuss.

Any more thoughts?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Good question!

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

“Doors in the The Tabernacle of Worms are in fact made of writhing sheets of Kyuss worms. To other creatures, the worm doors cannot be physically opened. Contact with a door brings the threat of infestation …
Although composed of worms. The doors are held together by magical forces as hard as iron.”

Will repel vermin work on these?

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I think that there a lot of things to consider in regards to your question. Are your players experienced? Are they using just the core rule books or are splat books allowed? Are you an experienced DM? Can you make adaptations on the spur of the moment? Is there anyway you can more effectively play the creatures as they are? Better tactics, strategies, or use of feats?

I have been running AoW for two years now with a group that shrinks and grows from 4 to 8. I have added extra creatures when necessary, improved bad guys when I needed, and fudged a few dice rolls when the occassion called for it. The overall lethality of this campaign will keep a party of six average, core rules originated, characters challenged. In my humble opinion.

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OBTW Mr V. Yank!

Consider that idea being used by yours truly.

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I have been having Lashonna visit the party mage in his dreams. She is alluring and always sympathetic to his plight. The smell of jasmine always preceeds her. She does her best to comfort him and always sings a song, with some romantic slant to it, but still elusive enough to leave him guessing.

I have toyed with the idea of having her let him know there is a piece of her that wants out of the evil business. But how to do it without the cheesy cliche's? That's a god question.

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Well, I advanced Brazzemal one level of sorcerer and fit him with a good selection of magic items. Based on a couple of suggestions here I upped his saves and his AC. I made his "armor" (I was thinking that over time an ancient red dragon could weave magic into his own scales) the equivelant of +5 studded leather, major cold resistance, improved sonic resistance. Amulet of mighty fists +5 gave him quite the melee boost, bracers of armor +4, cube of frost resistance as one of the jewels in his hide, a vest of resistance +5, almost evert ioun stone, a ring of counterspells, a pearl of power and a stone of luck. For stats he had a headband of intellect +4, gloves of dexterity +6 and a periapt of wisdom +4.

Looks like this...

Brazzemal the Burning, Male Dragon, Red, Ancient Dragon34/Sor1: CR 24; Gargantuan Dragon (Fire); HD 34d12+340(Dragon) , 1d4+10(Sorcerer) ; hp 575; Init +7; Spd 40, Fly, Clumsy 200; AC:51 (Flatfooted:48 Touch:10); Atk +54/49/44/39 base melee, +42/37/32/27 base ranged; +57/+57/+57/+57/+59 (4d6+12, Bite; 2d8+12, 2 Claw; 2d6+12, 2 Wing; 2d8+12, Tail Slap; 1d8+20, Unarmed strike); +59 (4d6+27, Crush); +59 (2d6+27, Tail Sweep); +59 (20d10+5, Breath Weapon); +59/54/49/44 (1d8+20, Unarmed strike); +59/54/49/44 (1d8+20, Unarmed strike); +59/54/49/44 (1d8+20, Unarmed strike); +59/54/49/44 (1d8+20, Unarmed strike); +59/54/49/44 (1d8+20, Unarmed strike); SA: Breath Weapon (Su) , Spell-like Abilities Locate Object 15 10 Suggestion 15 3 Find the Path 15 1 , Frightful Presence (Ex) , Spells Sorcerer 15 , Breath Weapon Type: 120 ft. Cone of Fire , Frightful Presence DC: 34 , Frightful Presence Radius: 300 ft. ; SQ: Subtype: Fire, Immunity: Fire (Ex), Immunity: Paralysis (Ex), Immunity: Sleep Effects (Ex), Keen Senses (Ex), Blindsense (Ex): 60 ft., Darkvision (Ex): 10 ft., Vulnerability: Cold (Ex), Damage Reduction (Su): 15/Magic, Low-light Vision (Ex); AL CE; SV Fort +36, Ref +29, Will +33; STR 41, DEX 17, CON 31, INT 28, WIS 25, CHA 24.

I included Necrozyte and 2 other green dragons who occasionally breathed into the room. The Ominous Fabler did his thing, infesting the party barbarian with worms beofer being turned to a brown smudge. Vercinabex Tor freaked out and mazed himself, but didn;t return until it was too late. I also let the party run the two raam giants, since they were pretty much against the dragons anyway.

Brazzemal's breath weapon, clinging, is brutal. Second he managed to get a hld of the brabarian and the paladin with his grab feats and pin them both. After his SR and the cube of frost resistance foiled the first major attempts at tharming him the party kind of knew they were screwed. One thing led to another and it was time to hit the escape button, and the party teleported out.

I failed to strike the balance here and the party got whooped, but they did destroy the phylactery. They were waltzing through most of the module, (except mother worm) I thought for sure I needed to buff the big red guy. There's got to be a happy medium. Just hard to find in AoW 3.5.

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Thanks Crust, I think that sounds pretty cool. What I am really looking for is a classic skin of your teeth battle with the big red, who is supposed to be so drawn to the phylactery that he abandons self preservation and rips the side of the citadel off and attacks the party physically.

Doc, I will be sure to up his AC and his saves. Right now I have him with an AC of 53 without buffing spells and have his saves improved by 5.

One of the players is an archamge and has the habit of changing energy types on his spells, so I need to be ready for that. After all, I am thinking that Brazzemal has found out what the party has been doing to his dragon troops and will be at least a little prepared.

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Wow! I have wanted to do something like this with AoW all along. My hats off to you for all the thoughtful work!

Well done!

We use more atmosphere music, and trying to come up with something that will last 4 to 6 hours without geting on your nerves after a couple of weeks can be hard.

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I am preparing for the last encounter of KoTR. After handling the multiple dragon encounters, the easy giants and considering the lack of loot in this module I am contemplating equipping Brazzemal with several magic items. After all why wouldn't an ancient dragon use some of his hoard as items to enhance his abilities? Say a pearl of power embedded in his hide? An amulet of mighty fists or a cube of frost resistance?

I don't want to unbalance the encounter, just make it last more than three or four rounds. My group has a way of springing surprises on me and brilliant use of everyday spells and feats. However if I make it too hard they will suffer greatly, and I don't want anymore unnecessary deaths in AoW, we've had a good share of those already.

Has anyone else allowed Brazzemal access to his hoard or have thoughts on great core rules magic items he might use?

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I concur! We had an awesome time with the feast. There was now ay I could have prepared all of the food nyself, so I emailed one recipe to each player who was responsible for making the food. They were sworn to secrecy and were not divulge the ingredients until after the feast. We served some mead and one of the guys made dandelion wine. A good time for all!

Many accolades to Vyvyan for the original concept and the recipes!

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Nice job Terry. I'm a big fan of intiative cards as well. I can't imagine being able to effectively manage turns without them.

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We just finished this segment. Number of deaths; 14. Number of Sundays gaming; 12. Number of original party members from the 9 to walk away from Kuluth Mar; 3. Cost of stopping the Age of Worms; priceless.

Let me start by saying my group started with 6 characters and 3 cohorts. We use only the core rule books, I have heard it said elsewhere on the boards that the accessory handbooks can throw the game balance out the window.

My experience was this. First, once you slap your players down they come back harder and more determined. I couldn't go back once they had overcome the first level and nerf the future encounters.

Second, killing player characters is exhausting. If this is your style then it should be no problem, if it's not then be prepared.

Third, for me this reperesented the place of evil rising, of Kyuss's ascension, of absolute malevolence and by measure needed to be deadly. I had to keep reminding them of that throughout the adventure. I think it made it more beleivable.

Fourth, I warned them before hand that this installment was the hardest and most deadly thing written since Tomb of Horrors, they expected the gauntlet. They tried to prepare for undead and were hit with tainted angels, or worm naga. Everytime they would prepare for one thing the challenges would change.

Fifth, spellcasters are so important. Buff spells, protection spells and dispel magic.

Sixth, as it has been said the harbringer is in need of something to help him out. I put him in a 30x60 room that had trap runes across the floor, but before they could get to him they had to pass over a bridge in an antimagic room. That really did the trick.

Seventh, I would provide a way back and forth from Kuluth Mar to Manzerian's as a regular thing, this really helps them rest, recruit and re-outfit.

Seventh, I wouldn't use the exterior encounters too much, it just drags things out. Unless you need the xp, I would skip them.

Finally this modules brutality taught me a lot about the mechanics of the game. It also taught my players a lot about how to effectively use their characters and work together as team. The only downside to that is that it could have them min/maxing if I'm not careful with future modules.

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You shouldn't feel bad, I have searched the module time and time again and I had no luck. I don't even have the excuse of glasses. Thank-you for asking this question!

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In general negative energy hurts the living, says so in the definition at the back of the PHB. The warforged whether juggernaut or not is still considerd a living creature, even though it's also a construct. I have ruled in my game that the juggernout takes half damage from negative energy, to balance the scales in their inability to utilize positive energy.

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daysoftheking wrote:
I agree with the above poster. Take the PC and add Favored Spawn abilities to it, but leave the majority of the PCs abilities intact.

This is exactly what I ended up doing, a favored spawn. Tough challenge but still not enough to stand up to the rest of the party without some support. I will try to poast how the encounter goes.

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