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jlighter's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Tales Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 817 posts (2,873 including aliases). 1 review. 1 list. 3 wishlists. 3 Pathfinder Society characters. 43 aliases.

Shadow Lodge

Undead masquerading as Human

Welcome to the PBP for the campaign. This thread is for all out-of-character comments, conversations, etc. The first post is up in the gameplay thread, rewinding a tiny bit for where we left off. Post when you're ready, and make sure that you'll be able to find your way back to this thread, and the gameplay thread.

There are houserules listed in the Campaign Info thread, as well as guidelines for available resources for current and replacement characters.

I'll also need you to re-structure your characters slightly to fit a 25-pt. point buy generation method. The current array maths out to a 33 pt. point buy, which is rather absurd. Post here when you have an alias ready and such, and I'll send you information from your character sheet as needed. New characters and characters without backgrounds, I refer you to the following for assistance: Character Background Generation. The links on the bottom are especially helpful.

The inscrutable bluff overlooks the small lagoon on Smuggler's Shiv. Next to you, four standing stones surround a small, black pyramid with a bowl carved into the top. As you watch, the doors to the ancient temple close, and the water that was held at bay by powerful forces is released to thunder back into the lagoon. Eight of you had entered that temple, while only five of you returned. The bodies of Aerys Mavato, Ari'ana, and Sasha Nevah remain in the temple, along with the remains of ancient corpses and the body of a strange serpentine humanoid.

The sun rises high in the sky, promising another hot day followed by afternoon drizzle.

Kenabres Underground Map - Part 1

Dawn breaks crisply on the 16th of Arodus. At several points around the city, a call goes up from Sarenite worshipers to welcome another dawn to Kenabres. As the sun rises, it casts the shadow of the city across the Sellen into the tainted lands of the Worldwound. The greatest of these shadows come from the Kite, the great stone shield that guards the Wardstone of Kenabres, and the Cathedral of Saint Clydwell.

Soon excited murmurs fill the city, for today is Armasse, the great festival day. Clydwell Plaza begins to fill with stalls and shopkeepers setting out their wares, along with pavilions and fenced areas where new soldiers in the Crusades will be inducted and receive their first training. As the sun warms the city, the air is filled with happiness and excitement. Most of the residents are released from normal duties, although all are required to be present in Clydwell Plaza by noon for the traditional blessing of the festival by Lord Hulrun.

Kenabres Underground Map - Part 1

Welcome to the OOC Discussion Thread for Fury of the Rightous. We'll be doing a quick meet and greet here, tying up any loose ends in character profiles, and then we'll get Gameplay under way. Congrats, all of you, on making it here.

So something a slight bit troubling has occurred. Some folks and I were recruited into a Wrath of the Righteous campaign, but due to various dropouts, we appear to have lost the ability to continue. Towards the end, I was both running and playing. I'm content with either role, but we'd like to try and reboot this because we're very interested in playing this campaign through to the end.

With that in mind, I'm going to post a recruitment for this to try and drum up some support for a group that will help make this work. Applications need the following:


Abilities: 15 Point Buy

HP: Max at level 1, roll or average every level after

Class: Any Paizo (gunslingers not recommended, but accepted; see Player's Guide)

Race: Core Races and Featured Races of 15 RP or less. Other races of similar power will be considered upon request.

Alignment: This campaign has high benefits for “good” aligned characters, so anything not good will require a good reason. CE is right out, NE is unlikely, LE and CN can be justified.

Traits: 2, one of which must be from the Player’s guide. Each trait ties in with a Mythic Path.

Mythic Path: Will not come into effect until book 2. However as it would benefit the party that each character was a different Mythic Path, you may want to choose a Path in your planning before you choosing a class and working backwards.


A paragraph explaining a bit about how your character came to be in Mendev, and came to join the 4th Crusade, where applicable. More is accepted, less is not preferred. Motivations, goals, etc. are encouraged but not required. Helps me to personalize things in the campaign to the characters.


I prefer that you be able to check in once per day, even if you don't post that day. I'll be checking in that much. Missing a day once in a while happens, but try to avoid it where possible. If you know you'll be out for a day, let us know and pre-post the kind of things your character might do given the knowledge you have. A Tactics section in a character statblock helps with such.

I'll leave this open until 7PM PST Monday February 10 for recruitment. The current player (assuming that I run) is a Human Paladin. We would be starting over from the beginning, and we haven't delved too deep into the adventure yet.

With that, let's see some options for new characters. If you're interested in GM-ing, please send me a PM.

Shadow Lodge

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Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

So I'm curious. I'm sure this has been answered somewhere, but I can't find it. How does the Polymorph Any Object spell work as far as Fey/Outsiders/etc. that are not mentioned in that spell, Greater Polymorph, or the description of the Polymorph subschool?

I'll take a link answer or if somebody can point me to where the errata is? I saw one thread in my search that said that it had been answered in errata, but I haven't been able to find an answer.

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

So just a quick clarification. I tried searching for this in the Rules Questions thread, but I didn't find an answer. When Crafting ammunition (arrows, shuriken, etc.), do you assume that you're crafting a standard sale lot (20 for arrows, 5 for shuriken, etc.), crafting 50 (standard magical lot), or crafting individually?

I ask because I have a Ranger in one of my games who's crafting arrows during watches, and so I was trying to figure out progress by the hour for arrow crafting. So far, I've been assuming lots of 50 is the standard arrow crafting, so I have the following formula for hourly arrow crafting:

Check result * 12 (arrow craft DC) / 7 (days in week) / 24 (hours in day) * hours crafted = completed sp of arrows

I have some other modifiers in there from circumstances, but that's the gist of the formula I've been using for ammunition-crafting. Anybody find anything particularly wrong with it, or am I wrong in assuming that basic ammunition crafting is in lots of 50?

As a note, on a 4-hour watch, the most I've seen him craft was 12 IIRC.

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

So question: how powerful is the Mending spell? My party in my RL game had thoughts of using it to repair a wrecked ship to escape a deserted island. I figured it would take several thousand castings, if it worked at all.

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

Good evening, all. I find myself in need of a replacement player for my new Council of Thieves PBP. We're still in the introductory stage, but it's about to take off into the adventure, so I'd prefer to find this replacement sooner rather than later. The party currently consists of

Auriona: Half-Elf Ranger
Claire Evans: Skinwalker (coldborn) Barbarian
Kareta Ajie: Half-Elf Fighter
Lyall Silverhunter: Skinwalker (witchwolf) Monk (hungry ghost)

As you can see, we're rather deficient in the caster department. I'll need one or two persons to fill that gap, depending on what is available from posts. I think I can give folks a couple of days to create something. I won't expect huge amounts of posting across Thanksgiving, but after that I'd hope for the ability to check in once-per-day.

Creation Guidelines:
  • Available Races: Core Rulebook (all), Bestiary (Tengu, Orc, Kobold, Drow (NOT NOBLE), Goblin, Hobgoblin), Bestiary 2 (Dhampir, Grippli, Ifrit, Oread, Sylph, Undine), with material available from the Races of Golarion line and Blood of Golarion line (please ask before using Blood of the Moon material as I haven't had a chance to read it), all must be 14 RP or less; alternate racial features from the ARG will be considered. Yes, this means that normal Aasimar are off the table, but variant heritage Aasimar are on. Possible modifications using the Race Builder rules will be considered for severely underpowered races (Ex: Kobold).
  • Available Classes - Core Rulebook classes only, with archetypes from the APG only being available. No other classes or archetypes will be considered.
  • Feats/Spells - Core + APG, Races of Golarion, Blood of Golarion, Faiths of Golarion.
  • Traits - one Council of Thieves Campaign Trait, and one other trait (APG, Races of Golarion, Blood of Golarion, Faiths of Golarion). No drawbacks. The Additional Traits feat is available.
  • Ability Scores - Elite Array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8)

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So I got into a discussion with one of my players over Arcane Trickster and how I was going to rule as far as the FAQ regarding Scorching Ray and Sneak Attack. He's a newer player, and part of his build depended on what spells he focused on using. If I ruled against the FAQ, he'd go Evocation focus and use Scorching Ray. If I ruled with it, he'd go Conjuration focus and use Fiery Shuriken.

My question is in interpreting the ruling for Scorching Ray.

Spell Sneak Attack FAQ:
PDT wrote:

Sneak Attack: Can I add sneak attack damage to simultaneous attacks from a spell?

No. For example, scorching ray fires simultaneous rays at one or more targets, and the extra damage is only added once to one ray, chosen by the caster when the spell is cast.
Spell-based attacks which are not simultaneous, such as multiple attacks per round by a 8th-level druid using flame blade, may apply sneak attack damage to each attack so long as each attack qualifies for sneak attack (the target is denied its Dex bonus or the caster is flanking the target).

—Pathfinder Design Team, 06/19/13

Now the argument that has been made is that, according to the ruling, any spell that grants multiple attacks per round can gain multiple Sneak Attacks per round. I think the intent of the FAQ was along the lines of you can't gain Sneak Attack more than once an Action, or once a Standard Action, or once per iterative attack granted by your choice of Action, or somesuch. The example that they use in the FAQ is a spell benefiting from iterative attacks.

My question, then. For the purpose of the Sneak Attack FAQ, what does simultaneously mean?

As far as I can tell, possibly definitions include:
- spells that include the word simultaneously (i.e. Scorching Ray)
- multiple spell attacks made in a single action
- multiple spell attacks made in a standard action
- multiple attacks that ignore normal iterative rules

Here's an example that looks a bit absurd to me, if the definition of simultaneous is "spells that use the word simultaneously."

A Rogue 3/Wizard 3/AT 10 is caster level 13. Add in Magical Knack to bring it to caster level 15.

Player casts Fiery Shuriken, generating 8 shuriken. All can be launched when they appear, at the same or different targets, as Ranged Touch Attacks.

If the FAQ refers only to spells that use "simultaneously" as part of the wording, then the damage breakdown follows:

At level 16, that's 8*(1d8+7d6) = 8d8+56d6 damage against a single target if they all hit touch AC (Avg 232 damage).

At level 20, assuming 4 more Rogue levels, it turns into 8*(1d8+9d6) = 8d8+72d6 if all hit (Avg 288 damage).

So, just throwing it out there. I'm not trying to nerf anybody's Arcane Trickster build, I'm just wanting to clarify for my own sake (and for others who have this question) how far the ruling actually covers, and what "simultaneous" means in context of the ruling. Dev response appreciated if possible, but I know this is a semi-repeat thread.

Chapter 1 - The Bastards of Erebus

As your ship tacks into the harbor, the usual morning port sounds reach your ears: fishmongers hawking their wares on the docks and the streets, whores doing the same from upper story windows, and the familiar sounds of dockworkers loading and unloading ships. The smells of being in port come creeping into your nose, as well; in addition to salt and unwashed bodies, the smells of fresh and rotting fish, perfume, and that indefinable city-stink pervade the air. Strangely, the usual smell of sewage is mostly absent here.

You sign off with the captain, getting all the paperwork in order, and make your way across the dock toward the city so you can begin making your way toward Delvehaven. You're stopped at the dockside and brusquely (and none too gently) searched by a guard in highly polished black-grey armor. Around you, you can see others just entering the city undergoing similar treatment. You seem to pass inspection, and you head off to find the Lodge.

As you are standing in front of the Lodge, you hear a female voice from behind you. "Saw what they did to you back there. No way to treat people, is it? Still, that's the way things work around here." You hear somebody spit.

Claire Evans:
The sun is just beginning to descend the bowl of the sky when you reach a line to enter Westcrown's gates. Joining the queue, you make your way forward until it's your turn to present papers and declare any cargo going into the city. One of the city guards inspects your food and skins, while the other checks your person. "Back again, she-bear? Whenner ya gonna wrestle one of Josep's beasts? Yer wossname did that, right? Hey, becha couldn't take me inna fight. Bring it, she-bear."

He continues this way for some minutes as your gear and possessions are searched, but then his partner moves up to him and whispers in his ear. He shuts up immediately, and stamps your papers and waves you through. As you head through the gate, you see a tall figure in black-grey armor wandering in the direction of the pair of guards.

As you make your way toward your usual buyer, a figure detaches itself from a wall ahead of you. "What a joke those two are. They do that to you often?"

Kareta Ajie:
During the afternoon, after another round of unsuccessful attempts to hire yourself out as a bodyguard, you find yourself standing outside the Horn and Fife. Walking into the tavern, you see a number of your late father's acting troupe standing on the miniature stage at one end of the room, playing a scene from one of the Aroden sagas that was all the rage some years ago. Steelhorns slides a mug down the bar, and it coasts to a stop right as you step up to the bar. The Minotaur always did have perfect aim.

You take the mug to a table as the actors conclude their scene, and sparse applause fills the room, led by the Minotaur bartender. As you sip the frothy brew, a rather blurred patron stumbles closer to you. "Hey, encha tha' Elf's get? Ajay, Ajey, summat like dat? Howsit feel knowin' he diesd inna orget? Orgie?" His tongue fumbles over the words, in the process tripping over a chair leg and spilling his brew all over you. "Hey, whadja do that for!"

As he tries to sort out his arms and legs to line up a punch on you, a large hand picks him up off your lap and hauls him to the door, tossing him into the street. "Too early to be that blind stupid drunk, Tesso. Don't bother coming back until you're good and sober." Steelhorns nods to you in sympathy, then heads back behind the bar.

A dark-haired woman ambles over to your table and sits down. "You do really look like him. Been having trouble finding work?"

Lyall Silverhunter:
As dawn rises over the city of Westcrown, you return from yet another fruitless hunt for the shadow beasts that plague the city at night. You managed to get closer to one tonight, but you were still a half-block away when it turned down a blind alley. You made it to the alley shortly after, but the thing had disappeared, just like the last few had.

"Pssst!" You turn, and you see a figure waving you over from the door to a tavern. As you move slowly toward her, she looks around to see if there's anybody nearby, then gestures for you to come inside. Once inside, she closes the door. "Don't see many folks brave enough to walk the streets at night. You're either stronger than you look, or a damn fool. Don't you know about the beasts?"

Shadow Lodge

Undead masquerading as Human

Welcome to those who made it. As I mentioned in my initial post for the recruitment, I also have one other person who will be joining us. I'll have him post here, you can introduce yourselves, and I'll put up the initial gameplay thread as soon as I have a chance to sit still for long enough to type it up. Congrats to all of you.

Claire Evans:
Just wanted to double-check something. I believe you put your favored class into HP, yes? Or was it Skills? You have 4 skills trained, but by my count you would only have 3 unless favored class was there as well. Just wanted to check on that.

Sarianna Vi:
Just wanted to remind you of what I had put in the recruitment thread that your chosen spells weren't on the available list. Core Rulebook, APG, Races of, Blood of, and Faiths of lines. Otherwise, looks like a great character.

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

Good evening, all. After a rather lengthy chunk of time where I was trying to get life vaguely in order (something I still have only achieved in the vaguest sense), I'd like to start another PBP campaign. I have on interested party already, looking to play a Ranger in a Council of Thieves campaign. I wanted to gauge interest for said AP in a PBP here on the Paizo boards. If there was an overwhelming push for another AP, I'd potentially be game as well, although I'd also be checking with the previously interested party for his interest. His first PBP as a player, and I'm looking to show him the ropes so he can get an idea of how it works, which will then lead to him running a PBP in future for all of you.

APs I will not consider at this time: Reign of Winter, Rise of the Runelords, Shattered Star, Skull & Shackles.

Anyway, as far as a Council of Thieves game. Character creation guidelines:

  • Available Races: Core, Tengu, Orc, Kobold, Drow (NOT NOBLE), with material available from the Races of Golarion line and Blood of Golarion line (please ask before using Blood of the Moon material as I haven't had a chance to read it), all must be 14 RP or less; alternate racial features from the ARG will be considered. Yes, this means that normal Aasimar are off the table, but variant heritage Aasimar are on. Possible modifications using the Race Builder rules will be considered for severely underpowered races (Ex: Kobold).
  • Available Classes - Core classes only, with archetypes from the APG only being available. No other classes or archetypes will be considered.
  • Feats/Spells - Core + APG, Races of Golarion, Blood of Golarion, Faiths of Golarion.
  • Traits - one Council of Thieves Campaign Trait, and one other trait (APG, Races of Golarion, Blood of Golarion, Faiths of Golarion). No drawbacks. The Additional Traits feat is available.
  • Ability Scores - Elite Array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8)

Maps will likely be done through GoogleDocs or similar, unless I can figure out how Roll20 works and that works for people.

Available Resources:
Core - all materials available
Advanced Player's Guide (APG) - Core-class archetypes, feats, spells, Traits
Races of Golarion - traits, feats, spells
Faiths of Golarion (Balance, Corruption, Philosophies, Purity) - traits, feats, spells
Blood of Golarion (Angels, Fiends, Night) - traits, feats, spells (ask before using Blood of the Moon)
Advanced Race Guide - alternate racial features
Council of Thieves Player's Guide - recommended reading

As a note, I'm not afraid to go off the rails on this PBP if it happens. I'm not saying derail it immediately, just that I'm open to what occurs naturally in-game changing the course of things.

I request that your character be formatted in a traditional stat block, along with a paragraph or two of backstory. I don't discourage longer backstories, I'm just setting a minimum. I like to have some sense of who characters are beyond what they can do. I also once had a player write a 17-page backstory. Very in-depth, which made it somewhat tragic when the character died rather explosively. I don't require you to create a character forum profile prior to being accepted.

Example formatted characters: Kaylen, Nelossë, Sarenth, Enshi

So, with all that said, let the submissions begin. I'll be taking 4 or 5 of the submissions, depending on what is offered up. I'll probably close submissions 11:59:59 PM PST on Tuesday, 12 November. I know how quickly these can fill, so I don't think that's unreasonable. I may extend the submission deadline at a later date, depending on submissions. Good luck to all.

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Pathfinder Tales Subscriber
Sean K Reynolds wrote:

First of all, unarmed strike can't be *any* body part you want. It's undefined for non-monks, but the monk class specifically calls out "a monk's [unarmed] attacks may be with fist, elbows, knees, and feet," so it's reasonable that non-monks have to follow a similar restriction (otherwise the non-monk has more versatile unarmed strike options, which is silly).

So a human holding a barrel with his could make a kick or knee unarmed strike (his arms are busy holding the barrel, so no fists or elbows). If he had TWF, he could make two unarmed strikes, one with the left leg and one with the right leg.

So I had two questions on this one. Specifically, related to several quotes below:

(Monk) Unarmed Strike wrote:
A monk's attacks may be with fist, elbows, knees, and feet.
(Monk) Unarmed Strike wrote:
This means that a monk may make unarmed strikes with his hands full.
(Combat) Unarmed Attacks wrote:
Striking for damage with punches, kicks, and head butts is much like attacking with a melee weapon, ...

Now, if we go off of what you said above, then parts of these three quotes stop making sense.

  • First, the "head butts" listed under Unarmed Attacks from the Combat section. If Monks can't use them, who can? If Monks can't use them, does this mean that anybody else with IUS can? I agree with you that such would be silly, but otherwise why is it there?

  • Second, the second quote from Monk's Unarmed Strike. It says that a Monk may may unarmed strikes with his hands full. My normal interpretation of that would be that a non-Monk could not do so, so the Human with IUS and TWF in your above example could not make any kick attacks because his hands are full. If that's not the case, then why the extraneous wording in the Monk description?

    If SKR happens to see this one, I'd very much like to get his answer, since the origin quote was him in a different thread about Vestigial Arms, but I'm not going to hold out for it. I'm just hoping for clarification in general by the population at large.

  • Shadow Lodge

    Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

    So this issue came up in one of my games, and I wanted to verify that my ruling is, at present, and accurate one. Wizards, Clerics, and Druids all suffer from an issue with recent casting if their rest is interrupted. Clerics/Druids don't, strictly speaking, have to rest before preparation, but they do need to go 8 hours without casting spells to get the full preparation benefit. But Alchemists don't seem to have that particular limiter on their Extracts. The only limiter on an Alchemist is that their extracts last for 24 hours from preparation, and they can only prepare so many extracts within any given 24 hour period. Relevant quotations from the Core chapter on Magic spoilered below.

    Recent Casting Limit/Rest Interruptions: If a wizard has cast spells recently, the drain on his resources reduces his capacity to prepare new spells. When he prepares spells for the coming day, all the spells he has cast within the last 8 hours count against his daily limit.

    Recent Casting Limit: As with arcane spells, at the time of preparation any spells cast within the previous 8 hours count against the number of spells that can be prepared.

    My original instinct was that an Alchemist would suffer from the same limitation as a Wizard in Extract preparation, and so if rest was interrupted, new extracts would count against the next day. But then, on further reading, I changed my interpretation to this: that the extracts prepared the previous day would last until the 24 hour mark, when they went inert, and so they could be used if rest was interrupted and they hadn't already been used up.

    Scenario: Alchemist can prepare 4 1st-level extracts per day. He prepares 1 Bomber's Eye, 1 Illusion of Calm, and 2 Cure Light Wounds infusions. During the day, he uses the Illusion of Calm, and 1 of the Cure Light infusions. He has 2nd watch during the night, and the party is attacked (random encounter). He uses the Bomber's Eye from the previous day, and the remaining Cure Light Infusion. After his watch is over, he gets 3 or 4 hours of sleep, and can prepare Extracts as normal, regardless of those expended during the night.

    Shadow Lodge

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    Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

    So this question was raised recently in a game that I'm running. A new character is coming in, and the player is fairly certain that if a character is using a two-handed reach polearm (such as a glaive) and has armor spikes or a spike gauntlet, he threatens both at reach and adjacent for purposes of Attacks of Opportunity. At present, given what I know of the Two-Hander/Armor Spike ruling, I'm inclined to say no, he has to choose which he threatens with at the end of each turn. Am I wrong on this one, or is my interpretation correct given the present rulings with regards to two-handers and armor spikes?

    Shadow Lodge

    Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

    So I just had this come up in a game I was running. While it is defined as a Swift Action for some uses of Mythic Power, what kind of actual action is entailed? I'm curious because my player used the Fast Healing Guardian power under the assumption that expending Mythic Power wasn't a visible action, or was more an action like taking a deep breath and wasn't exactly identifiable. I treated it a little bit more like spellcasting, and while I gave him a Stealth roll to conceal it, the NPC who distrusted magic made his Perception to see him do whatever he did. I'm just curious about the opinion of what using Mythic Power actually entails. Is it more along the lines of what he said, and not readily observable, or is it more obvious, like an invocation to a god?

    Shadow Lodge

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    Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

    So I wanted to ask a question comparing two Mythic Abilities.

    Heirophant wrote:
    Sustained by Faith (Su): You require no food, water, or sleep. If you have abilities or class features that require rest before they can be regained, you can choose to regain them once per day by spending 1 hour in uninterrupted meditation. If you are 3rd tier or higher, you can expend one use of mythic power in order to also not need to breathe for 24 hours.
    Universal wrote:
    Sleepless (Su): You no longer require sleep, don’t become fatigued or exhausted from lack of sleep, and are immune to sleep effects. If you have abilities or class features that require rest before they can be regained, you can choose to regain them once per day by spending 1 hour in uninterrupted meditation.

    As far as I can tell, the way these two are written indicate the the former does not remove the fatigue/exhaustion effects from lack of sleep. That then begs the question:

    What does "not requiring sleep" actually grant as a benefit? If you don't require sleep but still suffer fatigue/exhaustion from not sleeping, then that sucks. If you don't regain HP/Ability damage since you aren't sleeping (or "rest"), what is the benefit?

    Shadow Lodge

    Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

    Howdy, there. Several players and I are currently taking part in a Skull & Shackles campaign, and unfortunately our GM has caught a slight case of the disappeared. If there's anybody who's willing to step into the campaign to GM, we would greatly appreciate it. We've got a pretty good group together (although one player disappearance), and we're hoping we can keep things going and not fizzle. Might there be somebody who could step up to assist us in our hour of need?

    Gameplay Thread
    Discussion Thread

    Hey, there. So a couple of the PBP games I'm in have fallen through, and I'm looking to see if there's any GM interest out there in running one of the APs. I'm currently in a Carrion Crown and a Reign of Winter, and I'm running a Skull & Shackles in RL. Is there any interest on the GM side for running a PBP for one of the others? I'm particularly interested in either RotRL or Serpent's Skull, but I'm open to any of them. Game to play most any class as well, but in particular I've been wanting to try out a couple of Prestige Class builds.

    Shadow Lodge

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    Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

    So I've had something come up in one of my campaigns. One of the characters is intent on building a Magus into Hellknight Signifier. I've been trying to figure out the special requirement for that Prestige Class and for Hellknight. Just to review the requirements, they are as follows:

    To qualify to become a Hellknight signifer, a character must fulfill all of the following criteria.
    Alignment: Any lawful.
    Armor Proficiency: Proficient with medium armor.
    Feats: Arcane Armor Training or Warrior Priest (UM).
    Skills: Intimidate 2 ranks, Knowledge (planes) 5 ranks, Spellcraft 5 ranks.
    Spells: Able to cast 3rd-level spells.
    Special: The character must slay a devil with Hit Dice greater than his own. This victory must be witnessed by a Hellknight.

    As far as the special requirement, when does it need to happen? Right before taking the level in Signifier? At any point before taking a level in Signifier? Could he, as an example, at level 2 slay an Imp with 3HD, or does he need to wait until he's level 7 (when Magus gets the Medium Armor Proficiency and level 3 spells) to slay a devil, thus necessitating an Erinyes (9HD) or something stronger?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

    So I just had one of my players bring this up to me. There appears to be no functional benefit to bedrolls, blankets, winter blankets, and other bits of sleeping paraphernalia. Just going off the rules I can find, it seems that one can get the same benefit from sleeping naked in the snow as from sleeping in a bedroll under a winter blanket on the beach.

    Anybody know of anywhere where I've got this wrong? The only rules I know of regarding sleep are the following:

    -sleeping for 8 hours recovers character level HP for the night
    -resting for 24 hours can recover double the normal number of hit points
    -having a character using the Heal skill to provide care while resting doubles the normal amount of HP recovery

    --sleeping for less than 6 hours causes the character to become fatigued (optional rule from Carrion Crown)

    Nothing regarding needing any sleeping gear, no mechanical benefit from sleeping gear, etc.


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    Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

    So I've had this idea for a while of a gag to run in-game. A University for associates of villains and heroes, with degrees available according to desired rank. The problem I'm running into is classifying different ranks of subordinate/associate. I was thinking that each one might be a different sub-school within the university, with the associated rivalries and such, and each one holds a very clear place in the hierarchy. Kinda like how in older large estates, there was a very clear hierarchy among the servant body, with each level answering to the level above until you reached the head butler or some such. Different ranks that I'm thinking of are:

    • thug
    • grunt
    • henchman
    • minion
    • cohort
    • mook
    • Igor
    • lieutenant
    • acolyte
    • follower

    Any thoughts on organization? Igor and lieutenant obviously pan out to higher ranks, but what about the underlings?

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    Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

    So I tried searching the messageboards, but I didn't see a definitive answer to my question. Regarding the Cavalier's Mount ability.

    Cavalier wrote:
    Mount (Ex): A cavalier gains the service of a loyal and trusty steed to carry him into battle. This mount functions as a druid’s animal companion, using the cavalier’s level as his effective druid level. The creature must be one that he is capable of riding and is suitable as a mount. A Medium cavalier can select a camel or a horse. A Small cavalier can select a pony or wolf, but can also select a boar or a dog if he is at least 4th level. The GM might approve other animals as suitable mounts.

    Is the Cavalier's Mount free, or do they have to pay for it? Does it strictly have to be from the Druid list, or could a Cavalier at level 1 take a heavy horse as a Mount? If Mounts are purchased, do you have to pay for the combat training, or is it granted?

    If these questions have already been answered, I apologize for re-asking it, and ask if somebody could direct me to the appropriate answers. Thank you in advance.

    Walking through Ravengro toward the Restlands, a chill breeze whistles in the tree tops and makes them shiver. The rustle of leaves falling gives off an eerie skittering sound, almost like a swarm of rats in a dark alley. As you come around the bend and begin treading the final stretch toward the Restlands, a small group of people comes into sight near a gate in the fence surrounding the cemetery. One is an older gentleman, portly, with slicked hair, a slender mustache, and a small patch under his lower lip. He is talking with a shorter man, broad shouldered, with a large nose and a generous mustache. A slightly skinnier, taller version of himself sans mustache stands nearby. Another older gentleman stands with the group, but his manner and behavior is more energetic and less restrained than his peer. He's chatting with a woman younger than he, a shorter, stouter woman with shoulder-length hair worn loose and several flasks and vials at her belt.

    The most striking person ahead of you is the tall woman standing next to the coffin. The young woman's hair is dark, worn in a high bun. A thin veil covers her face, but her attitude and manner suggest she is quietly weeping over the coffin.

    The 4th of Neth dawns cold, hinting at the coming winter facing Kassen. In the chill morning air, the town begins to wake with faint hints of excitement. On this day, the annual quest to the crypt of Ekat Kassen is to take place. The town lantern will be lit from the Everflame, and the town will be bountiful and safe for another year. As the sun clears the horizon, four young people are roused from their sleep by excited friends and family.

    A knock on the door draws your attention. Outside stand your adopted father and Guard Captain Gregor Wisslo. Both are smiling broadly. Wisslo reaches out a hand to you and speaks. "Come, lad. It's time to get ready. The Quest is today, and I'd like you to take part this year."

    Behind him, your father holds his treasured sword. "What he means is, today's the 4th of Neth. The annual Quest for the Everflame will be setting off at noon, and it's time for you to take your turn. You won't need much. The basic supplies will be provided. Just take your necessaries and make us proud." With that, he extends the bastard sword to you.

    The morning begins with quiet meditation, greeting the dawn in the outdoor chill. Once the meditation begins, Ilimara places the posts for a sparring square and gestures you to step into one corner of the ring. She steps in opposite you. Initial bows are followed by a well-worn series of moves, but there's a difference this time. Instead of the usual silent sparring, Ama talks between strike and counter-strike.

    "You're a stubborn apprentice, I'll give you that much. You've outlasted most of the fools who think they can keep up with me. Today's the day we see how much you've really learned. I'd like you to take part in this year's Quest for the Everflame. Think you're up to it?"

    As you're tending to your breakfast duties, Holgast walks into the kitchen with a book, absent-mindedly mumbling to himself. His attention is so focused (or his eyesight so poor) that he walks right into you before he notices you're there. "Oh, 'scuse me my boy." He pushes his oversized spectacles up his nose, then looks at you. "I came in here for a reason. What was it? Something about eggs. Or was it legs? Tea?" He blinks, then looks at the title of the book he was reading. "Oh, yes. Ekat Kassen. So, youngster, you know the old tale, yes? Ekat Kassen, buried in the crypt -mumble mumble-, annual Quest for the Everlame, -mumble mumble-'d like you to go this year. You're a growing lad. It's time you took part."

    As the sun rises over the forest, Arnama shakes you out of a doze and gestures to begin cleaning up the campsite. "Come on, Gregor. Up and at 'em. We need to be getting back to town today. It's the Quest for the Everflame, and they're doing things a bit different this year. Supposedly they're sending a bunch of kids to old Kassen's crypt. I think you should be going with them this year. Keep the kids from getting lost on their way or from being eaten by wolves or something. You're ready for something like this. And it might show people that you're not all troublemaker like they think you are. Whadday say, Roach?"

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    Question 1: I just thought of something based on a PBP I'm starting up. One of my players has a character using a Scizore with a class not normally proficient with martial weapons. He has a class feature granting him proficiency (Swashbuckler), but it got me to thinking about what happens to the shield effect of a Scizore if you aren't proficient. The text reads as follows:

    Adventurer's Armory wrote:
    Scizore: Also known as a Taldan scissor, the scizore is a hardened tube that fits your forearm, ending with a semicircular blade at the end. The scizore gives a +1 shield bonus to AC, but if you attack with the blade, you lose the AC bonus that round and take a –1 penalty on attack rolls with the scizore. While wearing a scizore, you cannot use that hand for anything else. Donning the scizore is a full-round action.

    My first instinct is that if one isn't proficient, there's no penalty to the shielding function of a Scizore if you aren't proficient with it. My second instinct is that one could make the case for a non-proficient user suffering ACP issues as with a Buckler or Light Shield. I'm 90% sure that my first instinct is correct, but I figured there was no harm in getting another opinion to answer the other 10%.

    Question 2: So I had a character purchase a mule for a PBP, and I went to look for stats for it. The official response (although not Errata), seemed a bit odd. Official Response

    Based on that response, I put together the stats. A Mule uses the Advanced Template (+4 all ability scores; +2 nat armor) on a pony. Going off of that, a Mule has 6 Int. RAW, it appears correct, but it seems odd to me. Theoretically, based on that, wouldn't Mules be linguistically capable? Or is there a step I missed somewhere along the line where its Intelligence score would have stayed at 2? Heavy horses would run into the same question.

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    Undead masquerading as Human

    Good evening to all of you. Welcome to the OOC thread for our Carrion Crown adventure. Once you've all posted here as ready to go, we'll do a quick mechanical check of sheets and open things up. I know all your characters were written for Crypt of the Everflame. Part of the initial circumstances of that module include basic equipment being given to you. I'll do something similar here. I tend to gift the basic gear to characters in my games, so it works out fine. So, equipment to add to your sheets, free of charge:

  • backpack
  • bedroll or hammock
  • waterskin
  • 1 day's rations
  • flint & steel
  • dagger
  • sack

    If you need to make some additional equipment purchases, you can do that now or wait until we're in-game. Should work either way. House rules will be posted here if/when they come up, and I'll keep a running list in my GM profile as well.

    I'm looking forward to running this AP with you. Thanks for signing on.

  • Shadow Lodge

    Undead masquerading as Human

    Welcome, all. We should have an IC thread up shortly, and we can get going. Going over character sheets, I just have a few notes to hand out for things to look at.

    Alexander Fellblade: Movement speed 50'? Probably not with the Hide Armor. Other than that, good to go.

    Ama Freewater: Seems you haven't purchased any peripheral gear or weapons. You going without? Also, description tab is blank. Otherwise, good to go.

    Boomer, the Mad Bomber: Your formula book gets one more formula. And just a check on the alchemist's sling, where is it from? Otherwise ready.

    Gregor the Roach: Darkvision 60 ft, not 30. Otherwise, also ready.

    Just some stuff to check. I'll have the IC thread up soon, and we'll go then.

    Hey, there. I'm interested in playing in a Carrion Crown PBP. I have some experience playing in other PBPs, and I'm running two as well. I have a few character concepts I can throw, including the profile I'm posting under. I currently have him listed using 20-point-buy, and as one of the variant Tiefling options listed in Bastards of Erebus. I also have what changes would be made were I to switch him to standard Tiefling, Tengu, and Changeling, all assuming 20-point-buy. I can also throw a few different character ideas out, including:

  • Human Necromancer
  • Elf Rogue
  • Changeling Bard
  • Half-Orc Witch

    If anybody is looking to start up a Carrion Crown PBP, or is interested in playing in one, count me in. I'm willing to purchase PDF copies for the GM if somebody is interested in running it but doesn't have the books.

  • Hello, there. I'm running a Serpent's Skull PBP here, and we've had one character drop out due to RL concerns. We're still early on in the AP, so we'd be able to work in a character at first level. The current party make-up includes Fighter, Oracle, Rogue, Sorcerer, all Human. If somebody is willing to put together a character for this AP and can commit to at least check the thread once every day, perhaps two, we'll see about working you in.

    By popular request, we're looking for something with a bit of a Divine flavor. Cleric, perhaps, possibly Druid or Ranger. Priority goes to those who build something within that general idea, then first-come-first-served. For those wishing to apply, please put together at least a general idea of character background (can be fleshed out later) and an idea of the build at 1st level (if not a prepared character page).

    If you are preparing a character page, I prefer that you format your information to cover at least all the bases of the basic stat blocks. Here is a sample of how I tend to format my character blocks for PBP.

    I suspect this will be opening will be inside the next 8 hours, based on what I've seen of previous PBP recruitments. I wish you all luck, and I look forward to seeing your submissions.

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    Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

    So, in looking at the Pathfinder Changelings as introduced in Carrion Crown, I've noted a couple of interesting things that aren't made entirely clear. Here are the stats as a reference:

    Changeling Stats:
  • -2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma: Changelings are frail, but possess a sharp wit and unnatural beauty.
  • Hag Trait: A changeling possesses one of the following traits, depending on the type of hag her mother is.
    • Hulking Changeling: A changeling who was born of an annis hag is much more physically formidable than other changelings. You receive a +1 trait bonus on any damage you inflict with a melee attack.
    • Green Widow: A changeling of green hag descent is naturally able to lure in potential mates and effectively trick them into pursuing her. You gain a +2 trait bonus on Bluff checks made against characters that might be sexually attracted to you.
    • Sea Lungs: A changeling with a sea hag mother can survive underwater for longer than usual. You gain the ability to hold your breath for a number of rounds equal to three times your Constitution score instead of two.

  • Claws: A changeling’s hands and fingernails tend to harden and become sharp as she reaches adolescence. This gives her the claw (1d4) natural attack.
  • Natural Armor: Hags and their offspring have uncommonly tough skin. A changeling begins play with a natural armor bonus of +1.
  • Darkvision: Changelings can see in the dark up to
    60 feet.
  • Languages: Changelings begin play speaking the primary language of their host society and Common. Changelings who have high Intelligence scores can choose from among the following bonus languages: Aklo, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Giant, Gnoll, Goblin, and Orc.
  • According to their ecology, they can resemble member's of any race, dependent on the father's race. My questions related to that are this:

    1) What aging scale do they use? Do they age as a member of their father's race, or do Changeling's have their own aging scale?

    2) What subtype are they? According to the sample stat block given, Changelings are Humanoids without a subtype, meaning they might not be affected by Favored Enemy or Bane abilities. Do they have the same subtype as their parents, a Shapeshifter subtype, a combination thereof, or something new?
    3) Could a Changeling with an Elf father take the Arcane Archer prestige class, would they be hurt by Elf-Bane weapons, and would a Ranger with Favored Enemy Humanoid (Elf) have bonuses against them? Can they take Race-specific feats or traits? Do they change size to be Small if fathered by a Gnome, Halfling, or Goblin?

    If there's another thread or blog post that talks about this, could somebody re-direct me to it? Thanks in advance.

    Hello. Just a quick post to indicate to user Xane that a space did open up in the Serpent's Skull campaign he was interested in. If you're still looking, Xane, we can get you in. Current party make-up is Fighter, Rogue, Sorcerer, Oracle. The creation rules are in the OOC thread, and we currently have an easy spot for you to pick up in. Links in my profile.


    The journey from Magnimar to Eleder is a long one, taking on average just over a hundred days each way. Captain Alizandru Kovack and his family have been making the North-South run for generations. His ship, the Jenivere, has a reputation as a solid vessel and has a healthy capacity for cargo and passengers. Kovack has skillfully captained the vessel through many runs. He always seems to avoid any kind of trouble or entanglement in spite of the troubled waters he must sail through. Some of his sailors, although grateful for his record and his abilities, wonder if the Jenivere may have had just too much good luck.

    This journey has been an average run for the Jenivere and her crew. There haven't been any unfortunate events. The ship has taken on passengers at a number of ports. The only really unexpected event took place in Corentyn when a Sargavan agent asked Captain Kovack to transport a prisoner back to Eleder for trial and conviction. Captain Kovack agreed, and Derindi was placed in the brig belowdecks. By captain's request, he is left alone and undisturbed.

    The other passengers for this voyage have their own little quirks. Ieana tends to keep to her room and her books, but the joke among the crew is that she's the captain's secret lover. Gelik Aberwhinge spends a lot of time writing in the common areas, but is always ready to set his pen aside to tell a long-winded story or other. He boarded the Jenivere in something of a rush at Magnimar. Sasha Nevah came aboard at Ilizmagorti. Although depressed for the first day or two of the voyage, she perked up considerably once the ship was out of sight of the island. Several stops later, there was an interesting incident involving a Half-Elf woman and one of the sailors. It resulted in her throwing him into the harbor. The woman was Aerys Mavato, and it seems the sailor had made a fairly crude suggestion to which she didn't take. At the next stop boarded Ishirou, a quiet man who nonetheless seems eager to reach Eleder.

    About a week out from Eleder, the captain called for a course change. Over the two days since then, the crew has been getting progressively more edgy. The mutterings among the sailors have increased. Speculation about Ieana and her connection to the captain begin to take on a harder tone. Some suspect her of being a Chelish agent, others of being the Jenivere's secret owner. Many, though not all, agree that there is something odd about the bookish Varisian woman. Regardless of the truth about the woman, the general mood about the Jenivere is tense as you all take your seats in the galley for supper. The meal is soup, again, although slightly less watery than the cook's normal fare.

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    Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

    Howdy, Internet. The title pretty much says it all. I tried to put together a Serpent's Skull campaign a few months back, but a few of my players fell out. I still have two of the original five, and I don't want to have to cancel the entire run on them. They haven't got far, so we're probably going to restart the campaign, but we need two more party members for them. They're both willing to create new characters depending on the coming party dynamic. Otherwise, we have one existing Sorcerer. We'd be starting at level 1, right from the beginning, with a little bit of character introduction.

    Details as far as character creation goes.

    Ability scores: One 18, one 8, 10 or 15 points to spend on the remaining four scores depending on what I gave them last time (don't remember right this second).
    Starting gear: Average starting gear for class, plus and additional starter kit (backpack, bedroll, waterskin, 1 day rations, dagger, flint and steel, sack; total value: 6.7 gp).

    So, we'll move quickly. First two people who throw me solid character concepts will be accepted. Good luck.

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    Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

    I'm opening an old-ish can of worms here, but I'm not quite finding what I was looking for Searching the boards.

    I was reading some of the fiction about Radovan and Varian Jeggare recently, and it got me to thinking about Tieflings, and Aasimar to a degree, as player races. According to the Core book, they're roughly on a level with the base races. I was wondering what forum pulse is on that implication. Going through some of the threads from the Playtest days, it seems like a lot of people were saying Elves should be more powerful than Tieflings, so I went through and did a side-by-side of them to see what the differences were.

    Planetouched Traits:
    There seem to be a handful of things that are ineffective when used against the Planetouched races since they are Outsiders. I put together the following list of what does and does not have an effect on Planetouched races as a result of them being Outsiders instead of Humanoids.
    Ineffective vs. Planetouched:

    Antilife Shell (ineffective)
    Atonement (partial, negates Redemption/Temptation usage)
    Charm Person (ineffective)
    Daze (ineffective)
    Dominate Person (ineffective)
    Enlarge Person (ineffective)
    Enlarge Person, mass (ineffective)
    Ghoul Touch (ineffective)
    Hold Person (ineffective)
    Hold Person, mass (ineffective)
    Reduce Person (ineffective)
    Reduce Person, mass (ineffective)

    Magic Items:
    Elixir of Love

    Effective vs. Planetouched:

    Holy Water
    Unholy Water

    Chaos Hammer (higher damage)
    Detect Chaos/Evil/Good/Law (more powerful auras)
    Holy Smite (higher damage)
    Nightmare (applies)
    Order's Wrath (higher damage)
    Raise Dead (applies)
    Reincarnate (applies)
    Resurrection (applies)
    Unholy Blight (higher damage)

    Magic Items:
    Mace of Smiting
    Sword of the Planes

    In addition to the above differences from not being humanoids, they have the following traits:

    -Fairly normal ability mods
    -+2 to two Skills, which seems fairly normal
    -Resist 5 to three energy types, which is a point I've seen raised multiple times as breaking them.
    -A single spell-like ability
    -Darkvision (normal)
    -Fiendish Sorcery (Tiefling Sorcerers only)

    Elven Traits:
    To contrast with the Planetouched races, here are what Elves get:

    -Normal ability mods
    -Low-light vision (normal)
    -Elven Immunities
    -Elven Magic
    -Keen Senses
    -Weapon Familiarity (elven)

    In response to the people who say that being Outsiders makes Planetouched have unfair spell resistances, I respond with the following list of things that are completely ineffective when used on Elves and things which they are resistant to, all based on the Elven Immunities racial feature:

    Ineffective vs. Elves:

    Gentle Rest
    Master Strike (sleep version)

    Binding (partial, negates Slumber/Bound Slumber usage)
    Deep Slumber
    Symbol of Sleep

    Magic Items:
    Sleep Arrow

    Mildly Resistant To:

    Fascinate (bardic music)
    Suggestion (bardic music)
    Suggestion, mass (bardic music)
    Enchanting Smile

    Calm Emotions
    Charm Person
    Command, greater
    Confusion, lesser
    Crushing Despair
    Deep Slumber
    Dominate Person
    Geas, lesser
    Good Hope
    Heroism, greater
    Hideous Laughter
    Hold Monster
    Hold Monster, mass
    Hold Person
    Hold Person, mass
    Irresistible Dance
    Mind Fog
    Modify Memory
    Song of Discord
    Suggestion, mass
    Symbol of Insanity
    Symbol of Persuasion
    Word of Chaos (partial, confused condition)
    Zone of Truth

    Magic Items
    Screaming Bolt
    Staff of Charming
    Staff of Enchantment
    Candle of Truth
    Elixir of Love
    Elixir of Truth
    Eyes of Charming
    Harp of Charming
    Helm of Telepathy (partial)

    Cursed Items
    Vacuous Grimoire

    So, I'm curious what you all think. Planetouched races are immune to a few spells, both harmful and helpful, because they are Outsiders, and they have Outsider energy resistances. They're also affected by a handful of things Humanoids aren't because they are Outsiders. On the flip side of the coin, Elves are resistant to an entire School of Magic (Enchantment), and are resistant to or immune to a handful of class abilities. Likewise, Gnomes are resistant to an entire School of Magic (Illusions).

    My question, then, is this: What do you think as far as how balanced these racial abilities are against each other under the Pathfinder rules?

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    Hey. I'm looking to try out the PBP idea from the other side. I'm currently running two campaigns: a Second Darkness and a Serpent's Skull. I'm hoping to start/join another PBP as a player. Anybody else interested in joining in on this, and anybody interested in running it? If it comes down to it, I'm open to paying for the PDFs and copying them for the GM and not looking at them. I probably shouldn't play either of the above two campaigns since I'm currently running them.


    As you approach the Gold Goblin, you see crowds of people standing near to the old gambling hall, talking excitedly. Evening is coming on, and things are ramping up for the night's big event, the Cheat the Devil and Take his Gold Tournament. All around you, you hear excited whispers and boasts of people eager to take part in the Tournament.

    As you approach the front doors, you can tell that this place has seen better days. Although it has been recently repaired and refurbished, definite signs of age indicate that this was one of the earliest gambling halls in Riddleport, particularly the weathered brass half-dome on the roof that has turned a rather flat shade of greenish-brown. Guarding the front doors is an over-sized golden statue of a Goblin. Potential players are rubbing the pile of coins at his feet as they head past into the hall.

    As you walk through the main doors, you see two women wearing horns, tails, and bat wings flirting with the patrons as they register contestants for the tournament and take their entry fees. Behind each of the two faux-succubi, an armed guard stands, keeping a watch over the large treasure chest into which each contestant's gold piece is being tossed and over the two women to make sure that a look, don't touch policy is kept in place.

    Past the registration table, the hall opens up into a large gaming floor. The hall is already half-full of gamblers losing their money to the sharp-eyed dealers and croupiers. More succubi-dressed waitresses travel the room, taking drink orders and delivering drinks to the gamblers, and several bouncers alternately lean against the wall and wander the floor to keep an eye on things.

    In the center of the room, a large podium stands with an immense chest chained to it. It is flanked by the largest pair of bouncers in the room, who stand bare-chested with exotic pants and sashes and a large scimitar apiece. Above the chest is an over-large birdcage hanging from the cloth ceiling. Inside the cage crouches a devilish little creature with bat-wings and a pointed tail who spits curses at gawkers and glowers at everything and nothing.

    Your entry fee of 1gp doesn't count against your actual money possessed. Where do you go from here?


    Captain Alizandru Kovack walked onto the Magnimari dock and took a look at his beloved ship. His father had sailed her, as had his before him, and so on. They'd be making another run down to Eleder, same as they had since the colony was established ages back. As he contemplated his ship, a gnome in somewhat flamboyant pink garb dodged around the corner, bumped into a tall woman carrying a load of books, and ran aboard the ship just behind a large barrel of salt cod. Kovack shook his head, and started walking down the dock toward the woman who had dropped her books. He helped her pick them up and was struck speechless by her striking green eyes. She thanked him and walked aboard the ship as he stared after her, her hips sinuously moving back and forth.

    Getting a grip on himself, he walked up the gangplank behind her and signaled his first mate to wrap up loading the supplies so they could cast off with the evening tide. He headed for the passenger cabins to handle the new arrivals, thinking:

    Looks like another interesting journey for the Jenivere.

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    Undead masquerading as Human

    Hello, members of my Serpent's Skull group. That would be John Spalding, Torolf, RaFon, Sir NotAppearingInThisFilm, and Strella (pending response). If you are not one of those people and I have not authorized you to be here, please leave this thread immediately.

    As far as the Serpent's Skull Player's Guide. It's a free download here at Paizo, so I'd recommend you download it and get to know the possibilities and beginning information. It includes recommendations about ways to idealize each class (including the APG classes, although not including Magus) for this campaign. It also includes the campaign traits for this campaign, all relating to the Jenivere, the ship you will start on. If you do not want to download it, I can send it to you as a file or I can re-create the necessaries here. Here is also where you can discuss how you'd like the party make-up to go, who's doing what, back-story ideas, etc. I give bonuses for good back-stories.

    I won't open up the campaign thread until you all have declared yourself ready here. So, with that in mind, go for it. Put together your party, decide relationships, etc.

    Shadow Lodge

    Undead masquerading as Human

    Hello, members of my Second Darkness group. That would be Barnabus, Patrik Ström, Lynore, Alexander Kilcoyne, Severed Ronin. If you are not one of those people, please leave this thread immediately.

    So, as far as the Player's Guide for Second Darkness. There is one, but it's a purchase-only one since it includes other information. I don't want you to have to spend money on it, so I think I'll try to send it to you all as an attachment. Please send a message to so that I know where to send the file to you. If you feel like purchasing it, the PDF or text versions are available here. If you don't feel like purchasing it, I can re-create the information here or send you the file. Here is also where you can discuss how you'd like the party make-up to go, who's doing what, back-story ideas, etc. I give bonuses for good back-stories.

    I won't open up the campaign thread until you all have declared yourself ready here. So, with that in mind, have at it. Put yourselves together.

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    Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

    Hey, there. Interested in playing or GMing a Pathfinder game. If I GM, I have the necessaries to run Second Darkness or to start running Serpent's Skull. I also have a homebrew setting in the works, although it would use Pathfinder rules with some slight modifications. I'm open to handling any role as a player. I have a few ideas based on some of the "exotic" races, if that's permissible. Shoot me a message if you or people you know are interested.

    Another alternative would be to maybe do a PBP, although I've never done one before.

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    Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

    Hey. I'm looking to GM a Serpent's Skull or a Second Darkness campaign for people in or around San Francisco. I'm in Marin County, but I'm willing to drive a reasonable distance for gaming. I have minis people can use, flip mats and pens and that good stuff, and I have dice enough that I can provide a set or two for people who don't have their own. Anybody interested in joining? I'd prefer gaming in person to PBP or via IM.

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    Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

    Anybody in the area interested? Still looking around for people in or near SF or Marin County. Ideally, meeting once every week or two would be nice.

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    Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

    I ordered this not too long ago. It got here just the other day, and when I opened it up, I noticed that the sorcerer of the pair doesn't quite look like it does in the picture. It has no body from roughly the waist to the ankle, and all the material seems to have gathered in a rough blob hanging off the front of the mini. I'd offer pictures if I knew how to include them. I think there may have been a bad batch in the production, though.

    Shadow Lodge

    Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

    How would I go about offering a sample painted picture of this model?

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